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									       DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
                                                                           14) Council. Mary's. 09/11/00
1. Steering Report [5]                                                     15) GM. Fonteyn. 08/02/01
   Hello everyone, hope everyone's having a good first term.               16) Council. Mary's. 06/03/01
                                                                           17) GM. Fonteyn. 02/05/01
   As the deadline for this report comes before the last meeting,          18) Additional Council. Fonteyn. 04/06/01
   I'm not sure what we'll have done since said last meeting yet.          19) GM. Fonteyn. 07/06/01
   Hopefully it'll be really interesting and won't involve any midges
   whatsoever. More to come as and when it happens.                        20) Council. John's. 14/06/01
                                                                           21) Council. Collingwood. 18/10/01
   ~ Freya & Steering Committee                                            22) GM. Fonteyn. 25/10/01
   Further to this, we have been making the voting cards for               23) Council. Hatfield. 07/11/01
   tonight, and refining the new sign in sheets, so please use             24) GM. Fonteyn. 22/11/01
   them properly. We apologise for the length of the agenda                25) Council. Holliday Building. 28/11/01
   tonight. Welcome to anyone who hasn‟t been to a DSU
   meeting before, you don‟t know what excitement you‟ve been              26) Council. Trev's. 23/01/02
   missing.                                                                27) GM. Fonteyn. 31/01/02
   Please stand for University Committees. You‟ll be able to have          28) Council. Collingwood. 13/02/02
   your voice heard on lots of significant issues.                         29) EGM. Collingwood. 18/02/02
   Please wait for the microphone to reach you before speaking             30) GM. Elvet Riverside. 28/02/02
   and then state your name and college for the minutes.
                                                                           31) Council. Applebey Lecture Theatre. 06/03/02
   Rob, Vice Chair of Steering
                                                                           32) GM. Fonteyn. 06/06/02
                                                                           33) Council. Mary's. 18/02/04
2. Announcements [2]
                                                                           34) Council. Hild Bede. 10/03/04
                                                                           35) Council/EGM. Holliday Building. 10/06/04
3. Approval of General Meeting Decisions                                   Answered 15 June 2005
   [5]                                                                     1) The current Steering Committee has fulfilled all obligations
                                                                           set out in A.4.4.1 since its members took office.
                                                                           Since as you note there are gaps in the minutes in our
                                                                           possession, it is clear that in the past, Steering has at times
4. Approval of Minutes [5]                                                 failed to fulfill this Standing Order. This is regrettable.
                                                                           However, it is impossible to fill these gaps; minutes which
                         th                                                failed to be preserved at the time of production cannot be
4.1.     Council, 14 June 2005
                                                                           replaced so long after the fact.
4.2.     Additional Council, 13 October 2005
                                                                           2) The listed minutes which are in Steering's possession are:
4.3.     General Meeting, 25 October 2005
                                                                           GM. Fonteyn. 22/10/98
5. Questions of Officers [6]                                               Council. Chad's. 11/11/98
                                                                           Council. Mary's. 03/02/99
5.1.     Steering Committee (2)
                                                                           GM. Elvet Riverside. 04/03/99
   Submitted by Matt Bristow 14th June
                                                                           Council. Aidan's. 05/05/99
   1) Is Steering complying with SO A 4.4.1 in regards to minutes
   of Council and General Meetings.                                        GM. Fonteyn. 10/06/99
                                                                           Council. Hatfield. 16/06/99
   2) See Appendix of Meetings listed. What minutes do Steering            GM. Debating Chamber. 24/11/99
   actually have in some form or another?                                  Council. Van Mildert. 10/05/00
                                                                           Council. Fonteyn. 19/06/00
   Appendix 1: Missing Minutes.                                            Council. Collingwood. 18/10/00
   Records on the Steering website start with a meeting on 30              GM. Hild Bede. 26/10/00
   Oct 1996. No records prior to this are on the Steering website.         Council. Mary's. 09/11/00
   1) Council. Stockton. 03/12/97                                          GM. Fonteyn. 08/02/01
   2) GM. Fonteyn. 22/10/98                                                Council. Collingwood. 18/10/01
   3) Council. Chad's. 11/11/98                                            GM. Fonteyn. 25/10/01
   4) Council. Mary's. 03/02/99                                            Council. Hatfield. 07/11/01
   36) GM. Elvet Riverside. 04/03/99                                       GM. Fonteyn. 22/11/01
   5) Council. Aidan's. 05/05/99                                           Council. Applebey Lecture Theatre. 06/03/02
   6) GM. Fonteyn. 10/06/99                                                GM. Fonteyn. 06/06/02
   7) Council. Hatfield. 16/06/99                                          Council. Mary's. 18/02/04
   8) GM. Debating Chamber. 24/11/99
   9) Council. Van Mildert. 10/05/00                                       i.e., on your original list, we have numbers 1-9, 11-15, 21-24
   10) EGM. Fonteyn. 10/06/00                                              and 31-33. We lack numbers 10, 16-20, 25-30, 34 and 35.
   11) Council. Fonteyn. 19/06/00
                                                                        5.2.     Steering Committee (2)
   12) Council. Collingwood. 18/10/00
                                                                           Submitted by Matt Bristow 15th October 2005
   13) GM. Hild Bede. 26/10/00

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         DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
   I sent an e-mail to Steering at the end of August (28/08/05 to        4) Is it really necessary for a student to ask questions about
   be precise) asking the following:                                     every single possible issue that could be raised from their main
                                                                         query in order to get a reasonable answer back from a DSU
                                                                         committee? Is it beyond people to look at the issues behind an
   "I‟m writing to ask steering to re-organise some of next year‟s       official question, and give a complete answer to the problem
   general meetings and councils, as I‟ve noticed that that the          rather than only answering the very specific direct question
   vast majority are going to be held on Tuesdays. I‟m sure I can‟t      that was made? If so why?
   be the only person in the Union who already has a regular
   commitment on a Tuesday evening, and so would prefer
   meetings to be spread out more evenly over the days of the            As for the dates of meetings:
   week. It has to be a fairer system that way."
                                                                         5) How many people do steering imagine look at the steering
   I haven't heard a word back since, and so that's why I'm              notice board?
   asking this now as an official question. Will steering please re-
   organise the dates of this year's meetings to have a fairer
   spread of days of the week?                                           6) How many people do steering imagine even know where
                                                                         the steering notice board is?
   Answered 15 October 2005
   Due to the way our database system is designed, meeting               7) Do Steering concede that most people will find out the dates
   dates need to be picked about a year in advance. This year we         of meetings from the Intranet?
   picked the same day of each week simply in order not to give
   ourselves migraines when sorting out which weeks meetings
   needed to be held on. As you will notice, the majority of the         8) Are steering aware that DSU senior reps did not receive e-
   meetings have not been given locations yet. Once we have              mails publicising dates of meetings last year (2004-5 Senior
   found locations in which to hold meetings, which is always the        Reps) and therefore found out meeting dates from the steering
   primary limiting factor, the meeting dates will be updated.           website?

   We would like it noted that the Steering website, where the           9) Will the fact that these dates are provisional be made very
   provisional dates are to be found, does not by itself constitute      clear on the website? At the moment, the index page on the
   official notice of the dates of Union Meetings; in accordance         DSU intranet simply says
   with Standing Orders, official notice is given via email to Senior    “Future meetings
   Reps etc, and via the Steering noticeboard. Until a meeting
                                                                         A full list of this year's meetings is available. The next
   has been publicised in this fashion, nothing about it - including
                                                                         meetings are:“
   its existence - is final.

5.3.       Steering Committee (2)                                        10) Will steering actually answer my original question? Will you
   Submitted by Matt Bristow 15th October 2005                           change the dates of this year‟s meetings? If so, when?
                                                                         11) If the DSU database is to blame – it always does seem to
                                                                         be a computer or a past steerer who is at fault, I find – for
   I‟m not really happy with the answer submitted by the Clerk of        making you put in meetings for the following year: why can‟t
   the Union, regarding the question I submitted to Steering at the      you either a) change the database or b) actually organise
   end of last term. Or in fact about the answer to the question I       venues for meetings more than a month in advance, if you are
   submitted earlier today. I just wanted to ask a few follow-up         going to publicise meeting dates for such periods of time?
   questions, and I'm submitting them to the Clerk of the Union
   because according to the website Steering (or any other
   committee) can't cope with more than one question from any            And finally, ...
   one person in a single day. I would prefer this to be answered
   by steering as a whole, however, if that can be achieved
   without the world ending.                                             12) Sorry everyone for asking a barrage of boring questions.
                                                                         But I am bored of people not answering questions, or
                                                                         answering them in a way that completely side-steps the main
   Firstly, about missing minutes:                                       issues. Which minutes are lost and when meetings are held
                                                                         are of little or no relevance to most Durham students. I don‟t
                                                                         even care that much myself, to be honest. I certainly don‟t care
   1) Is anybody in DSU capable of actually saying sorry as              enough to be at the Council meeting – I have more worthwhile
   opposed to „expressing apologies‟ or saying that something is         things to do with my Tuesday evenings to be honest. But what
   „regrettable‟? I realise it regrettable that past steerers have       I care about is the fact that things seem to get so cliquey
   failed to keep minutes of meetings. In fact it is very regrettable,   around here and that people forget they are representing a
   as it means we have no record of important decisions made by          diverse group of students with diverse needs and not some
   members of DSU. What I want to know is if anyone is sorry.            machine of bureaucratic administration.

   2) Sorry or not, surely we should also be looking at stopping         If people are wondering why maybe so few people give a shit
   minutes going missing in the future. Will Steering be changing        about DSU, maybe we should first look at does DSU actually
   any of its practices to ensure that minutes do not go missing in      give a shit about them? Discuss.
   the future, and that Council is aware of the status of all
   minutes and changes to Standing Orders? If so what changes            Answered 19 October 2005
   will be made?                                                         1) We did not intend any ambiguity in our previous reply. We
                                                                         are, indeed, sorry that this has happened.
   3) If there are all these minutes that steering apparently have,
   but are hidden away in the General Office (where lets face it,        2) Steering‟s current practices for ensuring minutes do not go
   few students in their right minds are going to go), do steering       missing have been in place since the meeting at Leech Hall,
   plan to publish them some online. If so, when? If not, why not?       St. John‟s, in January. Since then, no minutes have gone
                                                                         missing. Council will continue to be made aware of the status
                                                                         of minutes by whether or not they are presented for approval,
                                                                         therefore there are at present no plans to change current

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   DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
procedures. We will inform Council if we note that any minutes          date than to provide no information at all. Over the summer,
have gone unapproved for a prolonged period.                            Rob attempted to organise meetings for this year in advance.
                                                                        He was piloting our new strategy of “ask when colleges would
                                                                        like DSU meetings held in them”, as opposed to previous
3) There are at present no plans to publish the archives of past        strategies such as “announce the meeting will be happening in
minutes online. This is for two reasons:                                X college on X day, then shout at people until it does”.
Firstly, Steering is in possession of minutes dating back               Regrettably the response to the new, non-shouting approach
definitely to 1971 and possibly, if we go up to the Palace              did not yield the hoped-for results. To clarify, we are sorry that
Green archive and really search, earlier. The sheer amount of           this is the case.
work it would be to convert them all to electronic format is
mind-boggling, and would preclude Steering performing any
other duties, doing their degrees, or sleeping.                         12) We have been providing the information requested to the
                                                                        best of our ability. We apologise that we were not answering
Secondly, archived minutes dating before 2003 at the point at           our email for a portion of the summer, due to the Steerer
which the Constitution and Standing Orders changed are in               assigned responsibility for answering emails having dislocated
many respects of historical interest only, certainly insofar as         his elbow. Again, if you would like to discuss these issues with
the updating of Policy and Standing Orders is concerned.                us, we are happy to arrange a meeting.

4) In answers to official questions, we try to confine our
answers to the issues specifically queried; as a non-political
committee, it is not usually appropriate for us to speculate on      6. Reports of Officers [1h 9m]
the motives behind peoples' questions. If you would prefer a
more informal discussion, we'd be happy to meet with you;            6.1.       President (10)
email steering@dsu.org.uk or phone 0191 334 1786 to                     As I took office what seems an age ago, I thought I knew what
arrange a time.                                                         I was going to face. And about two hours in, I realised
                                                                        everything I had thought about this job was utterly wrong.
5 & 6) Steering do not, collectively, imagine anything, although
we do note that the Treasurer has recently granted us use of a          The summer was spent on three main issues.
noticeboard in a more prominent position, by the Level A doors
in Dunelm.
7) We do concede this point, however since discovering a                -DSU Governance
large number of blank posters to advertise meetings, we will            -DSU Corporate Operations
be printing on these and giving them to Senior DSU Reps to
place as they wish in their colleges.
                                                                        The wrangling over college ownership of bars, the role JCR‟s
8) Steering were not aware this was the case, as it appears             would play in the new system, the operating manual, the
not to be the case. We have investigated since this question            accounting system, the training, the bar assets, absolutely
was asked: our email archives show that on August 27th,                 everything was being debated. Rather than write the novel
2004, an email was sent to the Campaigns list (i.e. all Senior          relating to this, and re-visit ground covered in JCR meetings, I
DSU Reps), containing dates of meetings for the upcoming                will simply say that this issue has been a hard one, with many
year and asking for aid arranging locations. In addition, our           fights and many hours spent wondering what was going on. To
database should now by sending reminder emails for motions              sum up:
deadlines and meetings automatically; if this does not occur,
we would appreciate you informing us, so that we can resolve
the issue.                                                              -Bars will go through the University Oracle financial system,
                                                                        but under the terms agreed between myself, JCR Presidents
                                                                        and the Colleges Division. I am happy with the content of that
9) The website has now been altered to mark provisional dates           agreement and see this step as non-threatening to JCR
with (provisional). Thank you for alerting us to this issue.            ownership of bars.

10) As our original answer said: "Once we have found                    -All staff will be JCR staff, but will have been trained to a
locations in which to hold meetings, which is always the                university standard. However, the exact nature of the training
primary limiting factor, the meeting dates will be updated.”            is still being debated.
Or, to rephrase– the meeting dates have not yet been decided;
once they are decided, the dates displayed on the website will          -The operating manual is nearly finalised and will go to
be changed; this will happen when Steering have arranged                University Executive Committee.
meeting locations, which we are currently working on, with the
help of Campaigns Exec and the JCR Presidents. If it helps,
once changed, not all meetings will be on Tuesdays; however,            -Assets are still being debated, but agreement is not as far
the Chair of Council cannot do Thursday nights, and we                  away as previously was the case. In particular, reassurance
understand nobody wants meetings on Fridays or weekends,                over the ownership of JCR assets such as projectors,
so at present it appears the meetings will be either on the days        televisions and stereo systems has been clarified in the JCR‟s
noted or one day either side. We do not believe this to be an           favour.
exceptionally significant alteration, but we apologise if this has
caused any inconvenience to anyone intending to come to the
                                                                        This issue has taken up a great deal of time over the summer,
meetings in question.
                                                                        but I feel we have made progress and gained in some areas
                                                                        from what the position was when I took over.
11) We cannot change the database, because we are not
computer programmers; when a change is needed, we contact
                                                                        2)DSU Governance
the DSU server administrators and request the change. They
inform us when a change is, for programming reasons which,
believe us, we don‟t understand, not possible. As mentioned             This started at the end of last year and has continued over the
above, the site has already been changed to mark provisional            summer. A new proposal was circulated, which will see a
dates as provisional. We feel that for the dates that are not           much smaller council and greater power being devolved to
confirmed it is more helpful for us to provide an approximate

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  DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
executives. However, this proposal is far from a final proposal,      South Western/Great Western Books.
with the implications of both University demands for greater          Responsible drink pricing in town.
scrutiny and the upcoming Charities legislation, which will have
a significant impact on the way DSU operates. I hope to have          Lighting between Aidans and Nevilles Cross.
a proposal ready to go to referendum with the NUS conference          The Elvet Riverside Study Room.
delegation elections in November.                                     Pratt‟s Taxis
                                                                      Residence Charge
3)DSU Corporate Activity.
Without wanting to cover the same ground as Tristan, it is            I will add detail to any of those to anyone who would like it.
important to stress the role the entire Sabbatical team has had
in this process. I have participated in the entire process of         Right, well I think that has covered everything up to here. It‟s
restructuring, but have also offered design advice for the new        been a strange few months, and there are still strange days
branding and marketing, the re-design of Kingsgate, the new           ahead. But I have enjoyed my work more than I‟d expected,
services we are offering and the development of new                   and I still look forward to going into the office.
opportunties and ventures, such as Saturday night Ents.
                                                                      Still, ask me that again at christmas.
-DSU Late License application                                         Thankyou to all the people who‟ve helped out since I took
I have spent a good deal of time on this issue over the               over, as per please do grab me if you want to discuss
summer, and it is yet to be resolved. Briefly:                        anything, or drop me an email.
-I prepared and presented DSU‟s case for the license                  Nickx
application, following discussions with the Police licensing
officer and our solicitors. The statement I submitted is on my     6.2.        Treasurer (10)
noticeboard.                                                          Hi all
-The hearing on the 21st September resulted in the granting of
a license with extended alcohol hours on a Monday, Tuesday
                                                                      My report is split into the following sections. It is worth stating
and Thursday until midnight, and 1am on Saturday. The 1am
                                                                      at the outset that the changes seen have been throught the
license on a Wednesday and Friday was maintained.
                                                                      combined efforts of the whole sabbatical team.
However, the council granted entertainment hours in line with
the alcohol hours, which is below the level we already have.
-This was an error of law on the councils part, as under the          1) Restructuring and Budget
Grandfather rights of the new law you cannot loose which you          2) Kingsgate and Bars
already have.
                                                                      3) Riverside and Coffee Corner
-We submitted an appeal to the magistrates court on the 20th
                                                                      4) Retail
October, both against the decision and to recover costs of the
appeal. A date for the hearing has yet to be set.                     5) Building Improvement and DDA Compliance
                                                                      6) Marketing and Promotions
There was a certain amount of local and regional press                7) Media
relating to our application, most of which was fairly negative        8) New Website
about both our application and students in general. In my
                                                                      9) Entertainments and Late Licence
opinion, it would have been a mistake to try and respond via
the press and a protracted debate until our license had been          10) Leasing arrangements
granted, so I issued a statement internally to the Union and          11) A strategic challenge to our future debt
students, but did not direct any specific PR activity at the
                                                                      1) Restructuring and Budget
There have been many other issues which I have spent time
on:                                                                   DSU has made a trading loss in the year to July 2005 of £81k,
                                                                      following smaller losses in the previous two years. As of 31st
-Mo Mowlam – I wrote and issued a press release following
                                                                      July 2005 DSU had a negative net liquidity position of £263k.
the sad death of Mo Mowlam.
                                                                      This includes a debt to the University of £337k (6 months of
-University of the year – I wrote and issued a press release on       payroll refund outstanding) and a bank loan of £200k (that
behalf of DSU, and aided the university in their PR operation. I      DSU is due to commence repayment in October 2005).
was interviewed by the BBC, and photographed by the
                                                                      Investigation into the situation indicated that, Investment
                                                                      decisions, funded by the bank loan of £200k, had not
-College issues – Numerous college issues have arisen,                generated a return. An immediate improvement could not be
including College Crests, the Trevelyan Refurb, Castle JCR            identified. The level of commercial activity had fallen over the
VAT, the lack of refurb work at Mary‟s, and many more. I have         last few years such that it could no longer support the
tried to support the JCR Presidents as much as I have been            overhead costs of running DSU. Individual activities within the
able, and in particular on College Crests I feel I made a             commercial operation were making a loss (such as Catering).
significant contribution.                                             Over the years, the Union has lacked a clear business
-Residence Charge- While we still have one meeting                    strategy, (which has not been helped by the key officers
remaining, we successfully blocked proposals for differential         changing annually!!) which has prevented any long term
rent, differential catering and compulsory 32 week lets. We           decisions being made.
also gained an intial agreement to look into providing an extra
100 computers for hardship students.
                                                                      ACTION TAKEN:
Freshers Ball- I was involved primarily in booking Kubichek!
because I think they‟re great.
                                                                      A review of the commercial activities occurred with an aim to
                                                                      reduce overheads and improve commercial throughput. Our
Campaigns – At the moment, I am working on issues relating            target was to take immediate action to improve profitability
to :

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   DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
such that the £81k loss in 2004/05 can become a £20-40k             It is also the belief of Senior Management Team that colleges
profit in 2005/06.                                                  need to be on board with this change as it will affect the
DSU Council accepted the restructuring changes which will           purchase billing system and the provision of retro's.
see a change in Cash flow of £100k two weeks ago when
added to old job roles not being re-recruited. This should put      3) Riverside and Coffee Corner
us on a positive cash flow position of a +£20-40k.
                                                                    Riverside and Coffee Corner were one of the first areas
Budget                                                              examined in July 2005.
------                                                              A strategic analysis on our catering capability showed not only
The budget bid we have received indicated that before               that it was dated and out-of touch but it was actually competing
restructuring the Union was going to make a predicted loss of -     with our own retail capability!
£10-20k p.a for the new financial year 2005/06.                     The Catering provision in the Union has changed into a new
The new budget-bid will be presented to DSU Council in              Sandwich range which aims to undercut our competitors in
November 2005 once confirmed with Senior Management and             price and location. Other sandwich providers can not provide
placed online thereafter.                                           the space required.
An interim budget statement will be produced in Febraury            The new Sandwich range, though limited has been popular
outlinning the budget in light of the restructuring.                and the Union is awaiting Gross Profit results for the first
2) Kingsgate and Bars
*********************                                               Capital Expenditure
We have undertaken a limited improvement program to the             1) Sandwich Unit - £1.5k
Kingsgate bar. The costs are as follows:                            2) Fomaex Boards - £200
1) New Games Machines / Pool tables - FREE                          3) New Menus - £150
2) Painting - FREE                                                  4) Staff Uniforms - £200
3) Carpet - £3k                                                     5) Fridges - FREE from supplier
4) Decorations - £250
5) Furniture - £5k                                                  Coffee Corner has also seen notable improvements in its
                                                                    capability as a stand alone unit. We have introduced a new
                                                                    confectionary range and an extra large coffee cup size. In
I have queried the costs for 3) which was purchased in July         addition we have seen the introduction of promotional offers.
2004 and was not delivered until September 2005. This tome
lag was an absolute farce and was due to the carpet company         The 'Coffee corner' brand will be extended into all outlying
going into administration.                                          sites in the future. Coffee corner is a strong brand and we
                                                                    hope to expand good quality coffee provision into our outlying
The purchasing of furniture was also extremely dubious and          sites.
subsequent analysis could have seen a reduction in cost. A
purchase ledger system has been introduced to restrict
expenditure. The total cost of Kingsgate refurb was aprx £8k.       4) Retail
The cost on this years budget was aprx £3k.                         *********
                                                                    Retail has seen quite large improvements in its provision within
Bar Prices                                                          the Union.
----------                                                          We have introduced an EPOS system into the retail area
In line with our uncompetitive pricing structures we have           which should see a marked improvement in stock control and
lowered the prices on our key draught ranges to encourage           purchase.
greater occupancy and a higher turnover. We have also               The main project for retail was in the provision of clothing and
introduced a new cocktail pitcher range which is set for roll out   changing our suppliers so that it became more cost effective
next term.                                                          for our students. We were able to secure a cheaper supplier in
                                                                    August and have moved aggressively into Society clothing and
                                                                    a new provision in the shop.
Our prices are as follows per pint:
                                                                    There were some teething problems with the new supplier
STRONGBOW £1.50                                                     which affected delivery of products for DUCK but these have
GUINNESS £1.80                                                      been rectified for future purchases.
CAFFREYS £1.80                                                      We have had a very positive response from Societies in
CARLING BLACK LABEL £1.45                                           relation to college clothing.
GROLSCH £1.70                                                       In addition we are stocking the following new ranges
STELLA ARTOIS £1.80                                                 1) Cosmetics
WORTHINGTON £1.45                                                   2) Themed t-shirts and underwear!
We have also lowered prices on glasses and bottles of Wine          3) Oriental Food
and other key lines.                                                4) Posters
                                                                    5) Cold Coffee
NUSSL                                                               The opening of Pit Stop has been of limited success and we
------                                                              are reviewing the Gross Profit of the operation before making
We have also examined NUSSL pricing and we believe that
they are uncompetitive. We have been looking at alternative
buying consortiums such as TUCO.                                    Online sales
The effect from moving to TUCO would see a reduction in             ------------
purchaser price. This may be reflected in bar prices.               In light of the modernisation of website we have expanded
                                                                    DSU provision into e-sales which are accessible from the DSU
                                                                    Services Website at

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   DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
http://stuff.dsu.org.uk/                                          Freshers Fayre:
Online sales remain small but increasing.                         --------------
                                                                  Now officially a success with £25,000 income, a 60% increase
Vending                                                           on last year. We saw an additional 34 clients with confirmed
We have put prices up by 5p in Michaelmas and a further 5p
increase is due in the Epiphany term. This increase still makes   e-take up of ents
our sales competitive whilst securing extra revenue for the       -----------------
stability of the Union.                                           With more than 1000 responses, we can call our new Ents
We have introduced new machines in DSU and will be                Card + Ball ticket promotion a success. There‟s an 80% take
constantly updating our vending machine stock.                    up of the Ents Card so we we‟re selling the vast majority of our
In addition we have also increased our vending provision into     tickets at the highest profit margin.
Ustinov College and Parsons Field sites. We are also              A number of other respondents have been confused by college
negotiating with the University to secure vending in the new      ents cards promotions. This is likely to bring a branding
College.                                                          change to our offer for next year.
Should see a 10-15% increase in Gross Profit.
                                                                  Mailings: Term Time
5) Building Improvement and DDA Compliance                        --------------------
******************************************                        New arrangements with Lloyds TSB, the Sun newspaper and
On taking office in July it was noted that the Estates and        Real World magazine…a further £800 to take our total to
Buildings department of the University were treating DSU          £7,000.
improvements on a ad hoc basis. There was no concentrated
effort from either DSU or E & B to correct long term building     Your Union Services Marketing
As such I chaired the first E & B meeting in September which
saw an immediate strategic plan for the improvement of the        We have seen an increase in the use of A0+ advertisements.
building. The DDA Compliance issue is one which has been          The new website is paying dividends with 5 new sponsors
managed by the Ents and Venue Manager and it has seen a           including UBS Warburg.
large amount of movement in the last 3 months.                    We are now miving into ITS Advertisement much more
                                                                  aggressively. We have four confirmed bookings for November
                                                                  and we are looking to have a regular 2 bookings per week.
DDA Projects currently under work
                                                                  Our arrival mailings were more organised and our new
---------------------------------                                 publicity campaigns are working.
1) Disabled Ramps entering Level B
2) Electronic Doors for Level B entrance                          Promotions
3) Stair Lifts                                                    ----------
We are also pushing for Disabled toilets. The University has      * 50 p of sandwiches and pizza's
realised that we are behind with DDA Compliance and they
need to play catch up. All of these projects are FREE.            * free paper and extra large coffee
                                                                  * retail meal deal
Building Improvement                                              In the future we are slashing prices on pizza's for selective
                                                                  periods only.
On taking Office in July a paper was submitted to Senior
Management Team and DSU Officer and Finance Committee's           7) Media
on the future of the building and its 'image.' One of the main    ********
problems with the Union is the lack of awareness about what       Purple FM
the Union does, and its support remit. As such the Union has
consolidated existing activities under the 'DSU:Your Union'       ---------
branding.                                                         On taking Office we immediately produced a set of Guidelines
The ideas for improving the building confirmed the following:     for the station.
1) New Foamex Signs - £2k                                         Due to an insurance issues and the leaking of the roof Purple
                                                                  has been off air and will be until January.
2) Potted Plants - £450
                                                                  Purple will need to present a Business before the end of this
3) DSU Kingsgate Banner - £800                                    term. The executive have got to start working together for a
                                                                  case to be developed. Only once a business case has been
The improvements can be analysed per Level:                       developed can we hope to develop further.
LEVEL A: New welfare noticeboard and use of noticeboard           In the years Purple has been on air it has NEVER produced a
space for Union activities. New steering noticeboard and          profit. If the operation is to be viable it must have a business
potted plant                                                      case that is fair and obtainable.
LEVEL B: Removal of old noticeboards and placement of
Foamex boards. New Kingsgate banner. Movement of                  Palatinate
Reception and Societies Post. Potted plants in Bar and            ----------
External. New Gravel and exteral signage
                                                                  In light of negotiations with the current Palatinate editor we
LEVEL C: Movement of Photocopiers, Careers Noticeboard            have agreed a new financial arrangement, which not only
and Photobooth. New foamex signs for Riverside and Retail         incentivises profit making but also means Palatinate can
Shop. Placement of A2 noticeframes.                               improve its Capital equipment.
                                                                  The new deal allows a limited form of financial autonomy and
6) Marketing and Promotions                                       has been a great success.

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   DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
Already this year, after the printing of the first edition, we can
report that we have already borken even on printing 11                   10) Leasing arrangements
editions at aprx £1k per edition.
Cost of Printing - £11k
                                                                         The University have rejected any opportunity for the Union to
Sponsorship gained - £10.5k                                              contract out key parts of the Union to outside contractors. If the
Sponsorship has been gained through a joint-arrangement                  Union is to contract out it must do so through 'University
with Palatinate where both bodies work to gain sponsorship.              Procurement.'
Sponsors Include: PWC, Deloitte, UBS and KPMG, Teach                     It is my belief that this is contrary to the spirit that the Union
First                                                                    would be given autonomy to make independent judgements on
Palatinate will be in a position to gain extra modern equipment          its own. The point is not that the University believes that
by the end of term.                                                      contracting out is wrong but that it only can occur if the
                                                                         University controls the negotiation and the profits thereof.
                                                                         I am not happy with this situation and it remains unresolved.
8) New website
                                                                         11 A challenge to our debt
Thanks must go to the Communications Officer for the swift
implementation of the new website in August 2005. This                   ***************************
website was introduced before a-level results day which                  Now that we have stablised our cash flow position and the
guaranteed maximum effect to our incoming freshers. The                  restructuring is almost complete, we now need to have a
website is still under development on consultation with the              debate on the future financial autonomy of our Union and how
President.                                                               to guarantee its future success.
The websites Commercial and Services remit has been                      Over the next two months i will be examining key measures
expanded:                                                                with which to bring in extra revenue to rid us of the debt that
We now have a dedicated Societies link with up to date listings          we have accumulated!
of Societies and downloadable forms.
Our Commercial service webpages are constantly updated,                  Any questions or queries please ask.
and though inaccurate in parts still, we have updated each of            Regards
the sections and have introduced online sales. We have also
completed a Marketing Opportunities page if any outside party            Tristan
wishes to give us sponsorship.                                           Treasurer and Director of Services
The Ents webpages have also been successful with new gigs
coming and NME rating 'Durham as an up and coming                     6.3.     Education & Welfare Officer (10)
location' we should be proud that our online provision is seeing         Hiya everyone… Firstly welcome to the first council of the year
a return.                                                                (they aren‟t that bad honest)! I‟ve really enjoyed settling into
                                                                         my role as Education & Welfare Sabbatical Officer this year,
                                                                         despite the stressful times, and it‟s been a really busy summer.
9) Ents and Late Licence
                                                                         Here is a brief run down of my main activities so far;
I have been working closely with the President and other
                                                                         Case Work
Senior Managers on the extentsion of our Licence.
                                                                         For those of you that don‟t know the role of Education &
On taking office we arranged a meeting with the Council
                                                                         Welfare Officer is primarily a managerial role (running the
Officer for Licensing which led to the Union re-assessing its
                                                                         Advice Centre, Accommodation Office and Nightbus), but often
position, and an agreement by the Sabs to go for a late licence
                                                                         they opt-in to do advice case work. This year I have decided
for the Union with closing times:
                                                                         that I will take on case work and have been doing a fair bit to
2am weekdays and Saturdays                                               help relieve pressure of my full time Senior Advisor member of
12 midnight on Sunday.                                                   staff.

This provision will not only give students a safe drinking venue         Field Work
after College bars close but in addition it will allow the Union to      One of the things I initially did when I took over office was to
have a market edge over its competitors.                                 visit several other Universities for research to see ways we
The Council rejected our application in extremely dubious                could improve our welfare service in Durham. Universities I
circumstances, and it is the Unions belief that they have made           visited included Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland. I
an error of law which we are challenging in the Magistrates              also had a lot of communication with Oxford and Cambridge
Court. We are confident of victory.                                      because of the way they share similar collegiate systems. I
A settlement of this situation should see the Union be able to           took many ideas away from these visits, as well as a lot of
take advantage of a late Saturday night provision for a new              useful contacts.
large ent which could change our financial situation. We have
been approached by several interested parties who want to                Welfare Strategy
organise a late night entertainment in the Union.
                                                                         One of the things I felt welfare was really lacking when I took
The Union has also held several large 'indie' gigs over the last         over was any sense of direction. As a result of my field work at
couple of months which have seen big incomes from bar and                other universities I leased with all the full-time welfare staff I
ticket revenues which could be expanded with the new licence.            work with to compile an over-arching strategy document for the
Freshers Ball was a success making aprx £23k. Drinks Offers              welfare services within DSU. The document is still in
this year were placed behind the bar so that cheaper drinks              „consultation‟ stage with the other sabbatical officers, waiting
were available. Comments on the night were mixed, many                   for their feedback at the time of writing, but I am hoping to take
thought that all the colleges enjoying a big ent was great and           the document to the university in the near future. How ever
others thought the event was overpriced.                                 some of the ideas I have floated in the document include:
The next large ent will be on the 14th November where                    • Tribunal System for Accommodation Office
Dunelm House will play host to Dogs (NME-"bug-eyed                       • Accommodation Office Manager drop-in office space
reprobates with angry hearts powering neurysm-inducing
                                                                         • Advice Centre client database system
buzzsaw pop") with support coming from Kubichek! (NME -
"f*ing monumental").                                                     • Various campaigns and long-term objectives

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   DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
• Administration Charge for landlords to advertise through             Advice Centre Leaflet Rack
Accommodation Office                                                   We have never really had any decent leaflet rack at the advice
The strategy is all budgeted, but will require more funding – we       centre and lots of people feel too intimidated to come inside
will just need to wait and see which ideas we go ahead with            the Advice Centre and ask for information or leaflets.
and where this funding comes from.                                     Therefore I have introduced a new large leaflet display area on
                                                                       the outside of the Advice Centre with clearly laid out leaflets
                                                                       and information.
Personal Training
I have attended a Teaching and Learning Committee away-
day on internationalization and also attended a training day on        Q.C. Advice
sexual health and campaigning run by the Terrance Higgins              Previously the Senior Advisor member of staff I work with has
Trust.                                                                 been doing one day a week in Queens Campus. How ever I
                                                                       have reviewed this and decided that she was not getting
                                                                       enough work to warrant spending a whole day every week
Welfare Management                                                     there and would much more useful to me in Dunelm House.
In line with the strategy document I have tried to develop a           Therefore I have changed the system so that she is now
much closer knit team of welfare services. To do this I have           available by appointment in Queens Campus for students who
introduced weekly „Operational Welfare Services Meetings‟              can email or phone to arrange to see her.
where all the full-time staff within the welfare services in DSU
can discuss ideas and help each other out, also helping stop
any duplication of roles.                                              DSU Welfare Executive
                                                                       Welfare Executive is going along very nicely and has just
                                                                       elected a new chair- Adam Lawrence, from Castle. I arranged
Accommodation Office                                                   a very productive training/bonding day before term which most
I have managed to gain a guarantee from the University that            people managed to attend. The day involved the counselling
they will again pay for the DSU livers out handbook and casual         service, some sexual health stuff, the careers service and lots
staff to help in the Accommodation Office during busy periods          of getting to know each other- it was really good fun. I also
in September and January.                                              distributed lots of posters, information and leaflets to the
                                                                       college welfare officers, including a newly updated „Big Black
                                                                       Book‟ which is basically a welfare directory of where to find
Nightbus                                                               advice. The signs look really positive that we are going to have
The Nightbus has experienced some teething problems, and               a much more interactive and proactive exec this year. I am
received one or two complaints that I am investigating. It has         trying to organise ongoing training for college welfare officers
also had one or two break downs! However I have appointed a            throughout the year such as a session on student financial
couple of new drivers and the bus is looking all shiny and             hardship – due on 18th November.
lovely down to the new graphic images I have had designed
and put on.
                                                                       Timetables & Registration
                                                                       The feedback seems to indicate that all this has gone an awful
LGBTA Training                                                         lot better this year. There were a few blips how ever such as
I helped organise some welfare training for the LGBTA                  registration was still taking too long and had too many time
Executive and LGBT College Reps to aid them with their drop-           table clashes for those students belonging to more than one
in and welfare service. I worked with the Counselling Service          department. I had a meeting with some of the college
for much of this.                                                      presidents on this, and they are working on a questionnaire to
                                                                       gain student feedback. The only other real problem was that
                                                                       the university had to pull the plug on one particular politics
Welfare Volunteer Scheme                                               module, however they did keep the students informed and
We are busily interviewing for new volunteers and hope to be           helped them choose an alternate module to the best of their
up and running to its best in the near future.                         ability.

Advice Centre – General Tidying                                        Campaigns
I have tried to tidy the Advice Notice boards more – with less         This term there are going to essentially be two welfare
information, but what information is there is much clearer, and        campaigns. The first and biggest will be SHAG (Sexual Health
much more visible.                                                     Awareness & Guidance). This will be running across two
                                                                       separate weeks; 11th-17th November and 25th November- 1st
                                                                       December. In between there will be an accommodation
Advice Centre Marketing                                                campaign to try and encourage students to wait until January
I have launched a new branding for the advice centre that I am         for house hunting and to go through the more reliable DSU
gradually introducing. This is, hopefully, a much funkier,             Accommodation Office rather than estate agents. The SHAG
friendlier, approachable look and has been kicked off with our         campaign is the culmination of a University sexual Health
new posters and fantastically popular leaflet. The leaflet is          Strategy with the local PCT and massive thanks goes to them
particularly good as it details all the different advice I can offer   for all the help they are giving me with the campaign. The first
at the advice centre so students know what is on offer much            week will have an STI theme and the second week more of a
more readily- something that has never been done as yet by             campaigning/political theme. So far, at the time of typing, the
DSU Welfare services before.                                           SHAG campaign will include;
                                                                       • A new website with up-to date, relevant information,
Welfare and commercial working together                                concentrating on welfare sexual health services students can
From now on you will hopefully notice that many
commercial/ents posters will carry a small banner containing           • Chlamydia Pee-in-a-pot day on 16th November
welfare information. Similarly welfare information is on many          • FIRST EVER Queens Campus Chlamydia Pee-in-a-pot day
flyers and on the back of tickets such as that of the Freshers         on 21st November
Ball. This is a great step forward because the welfare budget is       • Hep B Vaccinations for Gay/Bisexual men
relatively small and cannot afford to advertise itself often
enough. Sharing space on commercial marketing allows us to             • Lots of relevant information and fun events
spread information for free!                                           I have set up a working group of keen welfare officers from
                                                                       DSU Welfare Executive to help me with the running of the

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       DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
   campaign (they seem to think we may dress Vincent in a giant         We currently have several high profile events running parallel
   Condom costume!).                                                    to one another which places a strain on our limited advertising
                                                                        capacity but all seem to be going well at the moment.
   Safe Drinking                                                        Applications for the Sri Lanka Community Trip must be handed
                                                                        in by Friday but there has been an excellent response to the
   Next term there may well be a drink safe campaign, for which I       whole idea and we hope to have the 15 candidates picked as
   am stock-piling freebies, of which there seems to be an              soon as possible. It promises to be a wonderfully rewarding
   abundance of! Yay! I was also filmed, with some other                trip and the first stage in a long collaboration between the
   sabbaticals for channel 5 news on the topic.                         University of Durham and Sri Lanka.
                                                                        The Charity Challenge and Grand Durham DUCK race both
   Disabled Accessibility                                               loom on the horizon but ticket sales are going well. Don‟t forget
   I have been working extremely hard with the University to get        to text the word „duck‟ to 60999 to be in with a chance of
   Dunelm House on the route to becoming accessible and it              winning.
   looks like it may have paid off. We are due to have around           We‟ve had some problems getting stash through DSU with all
   £130,000 of University funded improvements including ramps,          our clothing orders being late. We have had two of our orders
   stair lifts and disabled toilets to be started in late               through but are still waiting on another two orders, including
   December/January time. I am currently trying to work                 our duck t-shirts, of which we have pre-sold over 100.
   extremely hard to make sure all disabilities are taken into          Back2School is this Wednesday. All the posters and flyers are
   consideration so that the improvements are not simply for            out, we have a banner outside the union so hopefully it will be
   wheelchair accessibility.                                            a great Wednesday night in the union, inspite of some
                                                                        negative publicity in Palatinate.
   Sponsorship                                                          As I have already mentioned, the reps and exec have been
   For the first ever time we have produced a welfare                   working extremely hard to spread the word of DUCK. Events
   sponsorship document and are actively seeking sponsorship            on colleges have gone well to date and all the colleges have
   from companies for our welfare services. As yet we have had          now appointed their junior committees.
   little luck, but hopefully as the year progresses we may get         We will soon start recruiting for our Everest and Kili
   some money!                                                          expeditions and we are also trying to find clubs and ideas for
                                                                        the Naked Calendar so if and of you fancy getting naked for a
                                                                        good cause let me know…
   University Meetings
   Well some are useful and some are just dull, but I have been      6.5.     Campaigns (5)
   representing you all at loads of meetings with the University
   including;                                                           Hello everyone!
   • Senate
   • Equal Opportunities Sub-Committee                                  Ive been having a great time as Campaigns officer so far.
                                                                        Really excited about everything that is looming just around the
   • Admissions Advisory Group                                          corner and cant wait to get my teeth stuck into some hardcore
   • Teaching & Learning Committee                                      issues!
   • Multi Disciplinary Meetings
   • University Sexual Health Team                                      Got a Campaigns diary so that all the future campaigns can be
   • Careers Advisory Service Meetings                                  co-ordinated, its bright red! Hopefully this will get more packed
                                                                        full of stuff each week as the campaigns start kicking off
   • Key Skills Working Group                                           properly. Im really hoping that officers and senior reps can
   • Working Group on Collecting and Using Student Feedback             work together over campaigns to make them as effective as
   • Bursary Meetings where I sit on the panel.                         possible around Durham.

   Freshers Week                                                        Also had my first Campaigns exec meeting of the year with the
                                                                        senior reps, and I have to say that they seem a lovely bunch.
   Freshers week was just mad but at the same time a massive            Looking forward to working with them. Waiting for feedback
   success. I was involved in a few talks round some colleges           and ideas from the colleges at the moment. We had the idea of
   and ran the DSU Freshers Fair Welfare Stall which was a big          a Campaigns suggestion box in each college and maybe at
   success – we gave away loads of condoms (and sweets)!                Dunelm House so Im currently working on flyers to give to
   Thanks to all the officers that really helped out.                   senior reps to promote the idea of Campaigns in colleges. We
                                                                        discussed the problem of differential fees, 32 week lets, and
   General DSU                                                          rising fees in general. Im well up for a big campaign against
                                                                        this in the future if its needed and if theres sufficient support
   Obviously as part of the Sabbatical team I have spent a lot of       from students.
   time with the other two being involved with helping, supporting
   and making decisions where possible.
                                                                        Would very much like a link from the DSU website to a
                                                                        Campaigns webpage. There I could outline the various
   Well that‟s about it for now, if there are any questions please      campaigns underway and give links to websites providing
   do ask.                                                              more information for Durham students. We could also have
                                                                        online polls on issues of importance here, which would make
   Richard :)                                                           gathering the opinions of students much easier. Im working
                                                                        towards getting this set up soon.
6.4.     DUCK (10)
   The term seems to have started brightly for DUCK. The exec           A PR company working with the Tourist Board of Thailand
   and reps have been working extremely hard, many of them              have contacted me for help with their campaign to promote
   starting before they got back to Durham. Rag Raids have              ethical travel to Thailand. The aim of this is to try and target
   already bought in thousands of pounds through summer tours           students with flyers, beer mats and a travel competition to
   and our popular initiation raid to Edinburgh.                        boost tourism to Thailand after the tsunami disaster. So Ive
                                                                        just been liaising with them and Old Shire Hall about the finer
                                                                        details so far but the campaign should start in January around
                                                                        Durham campus and possibly Queens Campus too.

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       DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
                                                                          We think that we achieved this and that the Fair was very
   Think thats just about all for now!                                    successful. In all 118 societies attended and every society who
                                                                          wanted a stall was accommodated. This was possible because
   Lots of love to all,                                                   we spent a day measuring up the available rooms in Dunelm
   Alice xxxx                                                             House, and therefore were more aware how many stalls we
                                                                          could comfortably fit in various areas of the building. We then
6.6.      Communications Officer (5)                                      came up with an impressively effective arrangement of desks
                                                                          and chairs maximising the number of stalls that we could fit in
   Hi Council,
                                                                          the two largest available rooms, Vane Tempest and Fonteyn.

   Since getting back to Durham I have helped with the freshers'
                                                                          This year the map was very handily available online for the first
   fair my producing the map and helping the Freshers' Week
                                                                          time and this was a great help and allowed societies to check
   Directors Andrew
                                                                          where they had been positioned before the Fair. Riverside was
   and Dave set up and clear up. It was an excellent fair and a           also used for overflow on day 1, which relieved strain on the
   credit to Andrew and Dave's hard work.                                 rest of the rooms. It also meant that we could avoid having to
                                                                          place people on the balconies – with the exception of the Fire
   I had my first Comms Team meeting on Wednesday (19th Oct)
   which was really positive everyone contributed and we had              Of course last minute problems did occur and we apologise
   some really lively                                                     again to those who, for whatever reason, where left off the
                                                                          map. However, in the end everyone got a place and feedback
   ideas and discussion about some general ways to improve
                                                                          on the day was overwhelmingly positive.
   recruitment and perception of DSU. If you would like to know
   more about or come                                                     Particular thanks go out to those who helped us. Alex Duncan
                                                                          for the hours spent on the map which was the most accurate
   to the Comms team visit www.dsu.org.uk/comms/.
                                                                          ever (apparently!), Jamie Green and Andrew Linton for their
                                                                          hours of sweeping and bagging. Also Richard Hogg, Rebecca
6.7.      Environment Officer (5)                                         Ward and Roger Willis for their stints on both days.
   I have had a meeting with the Environment Committee
   (October 19th) to find out what progress has been made on
   recycling and found that even though more recycling bins have          An impressive turnaround from Fair to Bop in 2 hrs meant all
   been delivered by Cleanaway there still isn‟t provision for            was well with the Freshers‟ Bop as well.
   students to recycle as fully as they would like. To try and solve      The Ball was fantastic. Congratulations to Jez. The line up was
   this problem I have meeting arranged with a Mr George Dent             undoubtedly the best ever and thanks to everyone that helped
   for 28th October who is responsible for recycling in the               to publicise it and make it such a memorable night!
   university. Depending on what I find out from him I might also
   try and arrange a meeting with those responsible for recycling
                                                                          Andrew Scoones and David Thomas
   in the city so that Livers Out are also given more opportunity to
   recycle.                                                               Freshers‟ Week Directors

                                                                       6.9.       Handbook Editor (5)
   Another matter discussed at the Environment Committee
   meeting was energy efficiency; on which topic I intend to              Well, the handbook was printed, is still being distributed to 2nd
   speak to Estates and Buildings. I plan to suggest the creation         and 3rd years but I'm working on it.
   of an Environment Manager post leading to greater efficiency           As for cost, I brought in £3025 in advertising, and the
   in recycling, energy efficiency etc. I would also like to discuss      handbook cost £4195 for 10,000 copies.
   the possibility of green energy with them and may bring a
                                                                          So, hopefully every undergrad in Durham will get a copy at
   motion on the subject before DSU at some point later in the
                                                                          some point. We distributed nearly 500 in Queens too.
   term/next term. - Another motion coming up will be on the
   subject of formalising the Environment Committee so that it            The whole thing worked quite well, I had a crash course in
   becomes a more visible body within the Union gaining more              InDesign and Illustrator but I got the hang of it. And thanks to
   backing and respect.                                                   Phil Lawton for doing some seriously good proof reading.
                                                                          Only a few typos made it through, ironically the last written
                                                                          word and the first phone number being the two obvious ones.
   In other news, during Environment Week last term the Castle
   Environment rep, Sarah Moss, ran a collection for Rainforest           Thanks for all the college Presidents and Officers for getting
   Concern and raised £32.60. This money has been used to                 their photos and written bits to me early enough to get the
   sponsor an acre of rainforest (costing £25) on behalf of               thing done quickly.
   Durham Student Union. I will be placing the certificate on             Cheers
   display on the Officer‟s noticeboard, Level A of Dunelm House.         Nick.
6.8.      Freshers’ Week Director (5)                                  6.10.      Societies Officer (2)
   June 2005                                                           Steering Note:    This position is vacant, thus no report has
   Booking forms were printed promptly and were available from             been submitted. STAND FOR SOCIETIES OFFICER!
   early June. As intended, the majority of societies booked stalls
   before the summer vacation.                                         6.11.      Freedom of Information Officer (2)
   The incentive for Durham societies to make the journey to              Greetings.
   Queens‟ Campus was continued.
                                                                          I have had one FoI request so far this term which was
                                                                          answered within 24 hours. Otherwise all is quiet
   October 2005
   The Freshers‟ Fair Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October            7. Reports of Committees [14]
   This year we set out determined to get the balance of the Fair      7.1.       Finance & Services Committee (2)
   right. We wanted to maximise the number of societies who
   could attend whilst also accommodating significantly more           Steering Note:      This committee had no chair at the reporting
   commercial stalls, which take up considerably more space,               deadline, so no report is here. Hopefully they will have
   than we had done in previous fairs.                                     elected a chair by next Council.

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       DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
7.2.      Presidents’ Executive (5)                                           (such as bars) and bring to the attention of the Presidents‟
                                                                              issues that may be of interest such as pay harmonisation and
   Bars                                                                       the innopac library system for college libraries.
   The Presidents‟ Executive has held lengthy discussions with
   representatives of colleges division on the status and
   operation of JCR bars with specific reference to the Bar SOP               Presidents Reports
   produced during the summer vacation while most students                    Each president continues to submit an oral report. There is
   were away from Durham. Disputes have centred on                            often discussion and sharing of ideas and best practice
   rechargeable costs to the JCR, costs and provision of training             between the presidents as well as debates on issues that
   for bar staff, bars fixed assets and the wording of the SOP                affect each college but are dealt with at a college level.
   (which affects the governance of the individual college bars).
   Agreement has been reached on these issues in the respect
   that it is likely that any outstanding issues will be dealt with at a      Dave Baldwin
   college level. A position statement has also been produced                 Grey College JCR President
   (agreement is imminent) clarifying some of the issues that                 Chair, Presidents‟ Executive
   arise from the bar SOP.
                                                                           7.3.     Welfare Exeuctive (5)
   College Crests                                                             We've met twice so far this term and have discussed several
   There were lengthy discussions between the Presidents and                  things including
   the colleges division over the „rebranding‟ of the college crests.         college reports from Welfare Officers, information about
   The university as a whole was made aware that the Presidents               welfare training,
   had concerns over not just the quality of the finished product
   but also over the lack of consultation and the fact that many of           publicity and meetings from Nightline and DSUSWD. A
   the colleges have a full grant of arms which cannot be                     number of committee members
   changed easily.                                                            attended the Freshers' Ball as part of the Welfare Team
                                                                              helping out. We've
   Training                                                                   begun
   Presidents have begun a training scheme organised by the                   discussions about SHAG week and have made plans for Hep
   colleges division to improve the skills required for the job and           B Vaccinations and
   to offer independent support to the Presidents.                            Personal Protections courses.

   DUST                                                                       Adam Lawrence
   The Presidents‟ Executive has started planning for Durham                  Chairman DSU Welfare Exec
   University Students Together (DUST) which is expected to be
   held during February 2006.                                              7.4.     Campaigns Executive (2)
                                                                           Steering Note:    No report was received by the agenda
   DSU Governance                                                              submission deadline.
   The Presidents‟ Executive has discussed the financial situation
   at DSU and has been given the chance to comment on any                  8. Elections (1h 11m)
   proposed organisational restructuring. The Presidents‟
   Executive remains fully committed to supporting DSU through             8.1.     Elections to DSU Committees [5]
   this difficult period.
                                                                           8.1.1.   Media Complaints Board [3 positions] (5)
   Residence charge
   The Presidents‟ Executive has discussed several aspects of              8.2.     By Elections of Officers [15]
   the residence charge. Specifically, the proposed increases for
   next year and the financial impact this will have on students,          8.2.1.   Postgraduate Officer (5)
   the proposed implementation of compulsory 32 week lets, the
                                                                           Steering Note:     Must be a postgraduate
   consideration of raising £1m for major refurbishment through
   residence charge, catering differentials and the proposed
   implementation of differential fees. The Presidents‟ Executive          8.2.2.   Queen’s Campus Ents Officer (5)
   will continue to argue for the fairest deal possible for all
   Durham students and to maintain the current collegiate nature           8.2.3.   Societies Officer (5)
   of this university.
                                                                           8.3.     By-Elections for Publications Editors [15]
   16th College
                                                                           8.3.1.   Web Pages Editor (5)
   We have also been asked to consider the best method of
   establishing a JCR for the new 16th college once it opens in
   October 2006.                                                           8.3.2.   Purple Radio Station Manager (5)

                                                                           8.4.     By Elections to DSU Committees [8]
   Working groups
   Working groups have been established to carry out work which            8.4.1.   Freshers’ Ball Committee (2)
   needs further thought and research. The working groups are              Steering Note:     Holds office until next General Meeting
   required to report back to the Presidents‟ Executive when
   directed to by the chair. So far working groups have been
   established for residence charge, sabbatical president‟s                8.4.2.   Rules Revision Committee [4 places] (2)
   contracts and student housing.
                                                                           8.4.3.   Societies Team [1 place] (2)
   Communication with colleges division                                    8.4.4.   Steering Committee [3 places] (2)
   The Dean of Colleges and the Divisional Operations Director
   have attended meetings fortnightly to discuss areas of dispute

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        DSU Council: 1st November 2005 at 8:30pm in University College Great Hall [Agenda]
8.5.      By Elections to University Committees                        601-750 5
 (28)                                                                  751-900 6
                                                                       901-1050 7
8.5.1.    Careers Advisory Board PG Rep (2)                            1051-1200 8
                                                                       1201-1350 9
8.5.2.    Careers Advisory Board UG Rep (2)
                                                                       1351 or more 10"
8.5.3. Council Fund for Students Travelling
                                                                    9.2.      Presidents’ Executive Minuting(10)
    Abroad Rep (2)
                                                                       Proposed: Nick Pickles for Presidents‟ Executive
8.5.4.    Equal Opportunities Committee Rep (2)                        Seconded: Presidents‟ Executive

                                                                       DSU Notes:
8.5.5. Faculty of Health & Social Sciences Rep
                                                                       1. 1. Presidents' Executive is an Executive Committee of the
    (2)                                                                   Union.
8.5.6.    Health & Safety Committee Rep (2)                            DSU Believes:
                                                                       1. It does not need to be an Executive Committee.
8.5.7.    Health & Safety Policy Committee Rep (2)                     2. It is in the interests of confidentiality for Presidents'
                                                                          Executive to appoint a secretary from among the voting
8.5.8.    IT Strategy Committee PG Rep (2)                                members of the committee.

8.5.9.    IT Strategy Committee UG Rep (2)                             DSU Resolves:
                                                                       1. To delete Standing Order D 5.2.4 (Presidents' Executive).
8.5.10. IT Users Committee PG Rep (2)                                  2. To insert as Standing Order D 5.4 text identical to the
                                                                          former Standing Order D 5.2.4, save with all instances of
8.5.11. IT Users Committee UG Rep [2 places] (2)                          "Executive" changed to "Committee".
                                                                       3. To change all instances of "Presidents' Executive" in
8.5.12. Joint Committee of DSU & the University                           Standing Orders to "Presidents' Committee".
    Rep [2 places] (2)                                                 4. To renumber Standing Orders accordingly.

8.5.13. Museums Committee (East Asian Studies)                      9.3.      Adjournment of Committees (10)
    Rep (2)                                                            Proposed: Freya Copley-Mills for Rule Revision Committee
Steering Note:      Must study at the Department of East Asian         Seconded: Rules Revision Committee
                                                                       DSU Notes:
8.5.14. University        Expeditions       sub-Committee              1.   That there is no provision in Standing Orders for Union
    Rep (2)                                                                 Committees to adjourn their meetings.
                                                                       2. That meetings often need to be adjourned.
9. Motions                                                             DSU Believes:
                                                                       1. That there is no reason why committee meetings should
9.1.      Voting Card Allocations: Correction (10)                        not be adjourned.
   Proposed: Rob Taylor for Rules Revision Committee                   2. That this is an oversight in Standing Orders.
   Seconded: Rules Revision Committee
                                                                       DSU Resolves:
   DSU Notes                                                           1. To add to Standing Orders:
   1. That voting card allocations have recently been changed.         D The Chair may adjourn a meeting for a period less
   2. That most allocations mainly change for every 150                than thirty minutes at their own discretion. Longer
      students.                                                        adjournments shall require a majority decision of the meeting.
   3. That at one point there is a 250 student gap to become           2.   To renumber Standing Orders accordingly.
      eligible for another voting card
   4. That no college or society will be affected by the proposed   10. Further Announcements [2]
      change, to their benefit or detriment

   DSU Believes
   1. That there should be consistency.
   DSU Resolves
   1. To remove the current Standing Order C and
      replace with
   "C Representatives of the College Representative
   Bodies and the Non-Collegiate Members elected in
   accordance with Standing Order A 1.2. The number of
   representatives shall depend upon the number of members of
   the Union that they represent:
   Members Representatives
   150 or fewer 1
   151-300 2
   301-450 3
   451-600 4

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