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									                 DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
                                                                         donate when using the bus, or indeed have any inclination
1. Steering Report [5]                                                   what so ever to do so. It should be noted the Nightbus service
                                                                         costs DSU a lot of money every year- so please do donate
   Hi There                                                              when you use the service!
   Welcome to the last Council of term here in Cuth's. Since our         RESTRUCTURING
   last report, Steering have been engaged in the preparatory            ****************
   work on the Standing Order changes passed by the EGM.                 Both the Part-Time Receptionist and the
                                                                         Receptionist/Accommodation Office Assistant have started
   Please note these changes DO NOT take effect until they are           work and are enjoying DSU. I have spent the last few days
   ratified by Council tonight (see later in the agenda).                inducting them and showing them around their new jobs.
                                                                         I am extremely optimistic that the Reception area will undergo
   Other than that, the new Steerers have been trained in the use        major improvements with the new staff, and that the extra help
   of the database system and other Steering functions.                  the Accommodation Office will now receive will make the
                                                                         service even more exceptional and accessible than it already
   If you have any questions, please ask.                                is. It is my hope the extra staff will allow time for current staff to
                                                                         pursue and develop a Landlord Tribunal System, something
   Rob Taylor (Vice-Chair of Steering)                                   which has been a long held ambition and manifesto pledge of
2. Election Result [2]                                                   The Welfare Services Manager position has been re-
                                                                         advertised after the unsuccessful interviews of previous
                                                                         applicants. We are casting our net much wider this time,
                                                                         having advertised in local papers including: Northern Echo,
3. Announcements [2]                                                     Advertiser and The Teesside Gazette. I have also sent
                                                                         advertising round various mailing lists and placed the advert
                                                                         on the University page again.
                                                                         The deadline for applications has been set as 20th March and
4. Approval of Minutes [10]                                              I will be short-listing all applications. I am also reviewing the
                                                                         interview process. Hopefully we may have a manager by next
                        th                                               term, or very shortly into it.
4.1.     Council 13 February
                                     th                                  DDA
4.2.     General Meeting 28 February                                     *****
                                                                         This has of course started work. The builders are in and work
4.3.     Extraordinary General Meeting 1 March                           should have finished by mid/late April. The works include
                                                                         ramps up to Level A and out of Fonteyn Ballroom. There will
                                                                         be stair platform lifts throughout the building, automatic doors
5. Ratification of Decisions [5]                                         at some entrances and hopefully a disabled toilet too. The
                                                                         works are really important and necessary… I have been
5.1.     General Meeting 28 February                                     liaising with various groups and people to make sure
                                                                         everything is completed correctly.
5.2.     Extraordinary General Meeting 1 March                           It is estimated the works should cost in the region of £189,000,
                                                                         up by around £50,000 from the original proposals made by the
                                                                         University thanks to our negotiating over issues. The works
6. Reports of Sabbatical Officers [40]                                   should help make DSU truly accessible, plus more
6.1.     Education & Welfare Officer (10)                                I have also met with the University Diversity Manager to
   Hello everyone…                                                       discuss staff training on Diversity – something which may have
                                                                         to be taken up by my successor.
   Quite a bit has been happening so here is a brief run down…
   NIGHTBUS                                                              ******************
   **********                                                            As mentioned earlier the new member of staff has started…
   It‟s running! Hurrah! Because of the lack of D1 Licensed              other than this everything seems to be going well in this area.
   drivers who actually applied we have more or less contracted          The only issue has been electrical certificates… earlier in the
   out the service. All the drivers are fully and correctly licensed,    year we decided to tighten things up, only accepting certain
   so not only do we have a good service running, but it meets all       electrical reports for code of standard housing, but since this
   the correct regulations this time round!                              the Deputy Prime minister has announced certain other
   The system we are using now has many benefits – i.e. we               company‟s that meet requirements, and as such I have a few
   have lots of fully licensed drivers so if one is sick it is easy to   companies ringing and complaining we do not accept them.
   make sure we have a replacement. Also the company has
   other buses so if our bus breaks we may use one of theirs to          After some research I have discovered that the University is
   ensure we maintain a service.                                         equally as tight as ourselves on this issue and have decided to
   It is currently running along the same route as before, though        currently continue to only use the same electrical safety
   reduced hours, from 21.00 – 03.00. I have to be honest and            certificates as we currently do. This is not only to make sure
   admit this is basically a cost saving decision. It should be          standards are the highest possible, but also to make life easier
   noted that at the end of term I will be reviewing the route the       for the Accommodation Office Staff during busy periods –
   service takes – looking at additional stops including Palace          being familiar with only a few types of safety certificates rather
   Green.                                                                than many different types of forms!
   I have also been speaking to the Master of University College
   about the possibility of running extra shuttles next term, for the    CASE WORK
   relocated students at the college, from Palace Green to their         ***********
   new accommodation. At the time of typing I am awaiting                This is of course ongoing, although I am starting to delegate
   costings from our Finance Department, then I will need to             case work that seems like could take a while to other staff
   speak to the master about funding, but I‟m extremely optimistic       members trained in various specialist fields.
   that DSU will be able to help Castle Students in this way and
   as low a cost as is possible.                                         RESIGNATION
   It has been brought to my attention that a lot of students do not     *************
                                                                         It has been well publicised that I have resigned and I am busy

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                 DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
   organising everything before I leave on 24th March. All
   ongoing case work will be passed over to a member of staff              n!ck.
   specialising in the field and I am talking to the University about
   getting a temporary advisor in case a Welfare Services               6.3.       Treasurer (10)
   Manager has not been appointed. Once an Education &
                                                                           Hi there
   Welfare Officer has been elected I will organise a good
   handover. I will also be up in Durham as much as I can over
                                                                           My report is split into the following sections. It is worth stating
   weekends etc during the summer term to help out with as
                                                                           at the outset that the changes seen have been throught the
   much as I can do. I have met with all the staff to make sure
                                                                           combined efforts of the whole sabbatical team.
   they know how things will work when I leave.
                                                                           1) Restructuring and Budget
                                                                           2) NUSSL/TUCO
   Richard x
                                                                           3) Building Improvement and DDA Compliance
                                                                           4) Nightbus and Charge
6.2.      President (10)                                                   5) Entertainments and Late Licence
   sooo                                                                    6) Absence Management within DSU
                                                                           7) Marketing Report
   another report, will try and keep it brief.                             8) Societies
                                                                           9) Catering Improvement Project
   Obviously, the biggest thing is Richards Resignation.                   10) NUS
   -I drafted a release, which went on the website and to d21 and          11) EWO Responsibilities
   Palatinate. We have been discussing how things are going to
   work next term, and it looks like that will mainly be me doing
   more work. oh well, where needs must. We have sat down                  1) Restructuring and Budget
   with the welfare staff and made sure they know how things are           ***************************
   going to work.                                                          As trailed during the Senior Management review, Catering has
                                                                           been reviewed and proposals have been formulated for a
   Q&A's in colleges.                                                      reorganisation of Riverside Catering aimed at matching service
   Ive done Collingwood, Marys, Hild Bede and Johns. Not                   requirements to staffing.
   inspiring turnouts, but usefull anyway.                                 The proposals are presently being discussed with GMB and
                                                                           Staff Representatives.
   - Have been working with Ellie and the University on this.
   Hopefully can get DSU and the university fair trade status this         Quarterly Figures
   year. Environment wise I am setting up follow up meetings on            ------
   individual areas, ie green energy and recycling. Im also writing        A report has been submitted to Senior DSU Reps, Presidents
   a policy for DSU as a company about sustainability, and                 and the University Executive Committee (UEC) on our
   setting up a group to meet with the chief Exec of Tradecraft.           Quarterly figures.

   Review Groups                                                           Key recommendations are:
   - I have worked on three, producing a)the UGM on the 1st                i) That the University allow us to form partnerships with local
   March b)a colleges policy and c)a HE policy.                            private firms.
                                                                           ii) That the University accept that structural changes are still
   Late License                                                            ongoing within the organisation and the completion of reforms
   -is sorted! Revolver starts on the 11th. Have also liased with          may take time.
   the university for their community newsletter about minimising          iii) That we accept that our core trading business is still a
   our impact on the local community. I also did some follow up to         matter of ongoing concern, but continued changes are
   our responsible licensing release last term, getting national           required in retail, catering and bars to increase GP.
   BBC news coverage, and on BBC radio cleveland.
                                                                           2) NUSSL / TUCO
   Stars in their eyes - I was an average judge, but i made a big          ****************
   impact as a member of Goldie Lookin Chain. Perhaps a littler            Attended a Catering focus-group meeting at NUSSL HQ in
   later than expected, but an impact none the less.                       Macclesfield on 27/02. Meeting was constructive but it was
                                                                           clear that many Unions were extremely unhappy with
   I met with the people responsible for headhunting a new VC,             provision.
   and outlined what I thought was important. Basically, likes             In addition NUSSL is pushing to restrict the catering operations
   students, colleges and isnt adverse to public appearances.              to either Brakes or 3663. At present we operate with both
                                                                           companies, and a move to Brakes over 3663 would restrict our
   Ive met with palatinate people on numerous stories.                     product choice.

   I met with a girl from the Push guide to universities and told          Report
   her what durham was like and answered her questions.                    -----
                                                                           The Finance Office are still compiling a document of
   Ive had numerous meetings with people about the proposals               comparison between TUCO and NUSSL. The aim is to review
   that will be discussed at the extra ordinary geneal meeting,            and compile a business case for staying or moving from the
   and have done a powerpoint to run through everything.                   current NUSSL arrangements.
                                                                           It was acknowledged that any operational changes would need
   I've been working on the AUT strike, which will have happened           to be completed in advance of October 2006 in readiness for
   by the time this is printed on an agenda.                               the new Term.
                                                                           Noted that Union would need to write a paper to DSU Council
   And odd bits:                                                           for consent to withdraw; therefore colleges need to be
   -Updating the societies website.                                        onboard.
   -Uni Wide email plugging various bits.
   -Im working on a summary of househunting.                               3) Building Improvement and DDA Compliance
   -Talking to the Academic Registrar about degree certificates.           ******************************************
   -Senior Rep training for next term's newbies.                           E&B have confirmed a total expenditure on DDA
                                                                           Improvements to Dunelm House at £189k. This is a significant
   ill add more as i do/remember things                                    sum of money for the first phase of improvements.

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              DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
The below is confirmed for installation:                            ---------
1) Disabled Ramps entering Level B                                  New bars menus, similar to the Riverside triptych will be
2) Electronic Doors for Level B entrance                            introduced for next term. To carry drinks and food information.
3) Stair Lifts                                                      Promotions, within minimum pricing guidelines will be run to
4) External ramps                                                   support events, particularly new nights.

The work is occurring at present.                                   Cost Savings
4) Nightbus                                                         Security now starts 1.5 hours later than previously. Saving
************                                                        appx. £120/week.
An opportunity was identified whereby an existing third party       No security on Jazz Café saving appx. £50/week.
private hire operator was able to source suitable drivers for       Rebate of appx. £20/week from cloakroom deal.
DSU. We concluded this was the most suitable option for the         Total net gain should be between £4.5k and 6k/year.
The opportunity to introduce a compulsory bus fare has been         Poster Contracts
aired. Although no decision has as yet been reached, it is          ----------------
envisaged that such a charge could be as little as 50p              New movies poster contract worth £4.5k (£3k net)…site visit
(consistent with most donations received from passengers)           went very well last Monday. Will be in place for April/May.
and as much as £1. A motion will need to go to DSU Council
soon.                                                               Mailings Contracts
5) Ents                                                             New mailings distribution deal worth £6k (£5.5k net) arranged
*******                                                             with the „Student People‟. Contract will be in place for
Licence                                                             September.
The confirmed Licence has been received by the Union.               Stalls and Conferences
Revolver                                                            Stalls and Conference bookings continue to go very well with
-----                                                               the building in use at most times.
Launch night, Saturday March 11th
10pm - 2am                                                          External Promotions
Dunelm House's new licence allows DSU to open its doors             -------------------
until 2am on a Saturday; with this opportunity the Union is         Summer interest from live music event organisers and the
planning something new and exciting.                                Beer Festival. We also plan to stage our own one-off music
Using other successes, such its own „ICBIN Cheese‟ and              event, licence permitting. Early thoughts are for a summer
Newcastle‟s „Bulletproof‟ as models, the Union aims to              party, dance night, charging £10/ticket and regular high street
establish revolver as the weekend indie night in Durham.            bar prices.
Music featured will be the likes of Green Day, The Bravery,
Maximo Park, Snow Patrol, The Killers, Gorrillaz etc. There‟ll      Sponsorship and Fundraising Office
also be giveaways and promotions throughout the night.              ----------------------------------
Saturday 11th has Aftershock at £1.20 all night.                    Following discussion on the potential for raising income
revolver, though predominantly a dj event, will also play host to   through sponsorship and donations it was agreed that a role
live, up and coming acts such as The Common Redstarts who           existed for a person to be actively involved in seeking and
are keen to get involved on one of the nights in May.               generating income. They would work purely on a Commission
revolver will show animations, stills and film backdrops with       basis.
students being invited to produce their own work to be
showcased at the event alongside work from                          Publicity
www.monkeehub.com www.lowmorale.co.uk and                           ---------
www.jcbsong.co.uk who are involved in the visual side of the        New posters for Accommodation and Oriental Museum will be
night.                                                              with us this week. Publicity for vending machine and other
The dj for the event is Steven Bird who, as well as being a         Retail and Catering promotions has been commissioned.
recording artist and original musician, has John Peel sessions
and back-stage Glastonbury sets to his name.                        8) Societies
The ticket price is low, (just £2 with an ents card) with the       *************
Union attempting to build the night and provide Durham with a       DSU now has a record 148 Societies, which makes Durham
real alternative Saturday. Tickets available now from the           the most Society friendly University in the country.
Student Shop, Dunelm House, priced £3 and £2(ents).
                                                                    Societies Representation
Other Ents                                                          ------------------------
------                                                              Thanks to the Comms team for modernising the Societies
We are examining the potential for a regular Wednesday Night        webpages to make them more accessible to our Societies.
entertainment for next term.
                                                                    9) Catering Improvement Project. - Starbucks!
6) Absence Management                                               ********************************************
*********************                                               The following points are presently occurring:
DSU wishes to demonstrate and refresh good management               i) We are changing the menu for the catering operation next
practice in respect of absence.                                     term with an expansion into Panini and fresh sandwich
In addition to drafting a paper on DSU‟s proposed procedures,       provision.
DSU are actively considering the introduction                       The new menu will reflect Market research from Mintel; this
of:                                                                 shows greatest expansion in catering in fresh sandwich, panini
(a) A common weekly timesheet for all staff to complete;            and fair trade provision.
(b) Time recording system for use within Dunelm House; and          ii) We are in consulation with the Unions on potential
(c) Extended use of the existing Corporate Time system to           alterations to contracts etc, which should be complete by June
Sabbs, Managers and Supervisors; and                                iii) We have opened up discussions with 'Starbucks - We
(d) Staff Appraisal system.                                         proudly brew' to supply Coffee Corner and outlying outlets
                                                                    from October 2006. If successful we will be in a position to
7) Marketing                                                        decimate opposition in town and elsewhere.
*************                                                       iv) Examination of NUSSL catering provision and cost price of
Bar Menus                                                           purchasing which should see a reduction in puchasing cost.

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                 DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
   We know that NUSSL is poor in catering, but we are stuck in           Politics. The issues regarding the politics module have been
   the NUSSL contract... grrr...                                         resolved as I informed the library of the problem and they have
   I agree that we need to examine the presentation of the               now placed a number of long loan books in the reserve section
   Riverside area as a whole, this is an ongoing management              for that module. I am still in the process of arranging action to
   challenge.                                                            be taken for the physics module. Basically, some 4th year MSci
                                                                         students feel that they should have the same library privileges
   10) NUS                                                               as postgrads, in terms of the length of time that they are
   ******                                                                allowed to borrow books at any single time. I am currently
   1) Affiliation Fee Revue                                              checking this out to see if this alteration can and should be
   ------------------------                                              made.
   It was announced by the NEC that NUS is currently re-                 Louise
   examining how it calculates the affiliation fee Constituent
   Members make to NUS.                                               7.2.     DUCK Director (5)
   In the past the fee was calculated on student numbers and
                                                                         Hello everyone,
   HEFCE grant contribution.
   In future the Financial income of the Unions Commercial
                                                                         DUCK continues to go from strength to strength; we have risen
   services will also be calculated.
                                                                         more this year than the same time last year and are well on
   ** DSU currently pays a relatively small sum; but with
                                                                         our way to our target of £250,000. Rag raids have been more
   Commercial income added in, next years NUS Affiliation Fee is
                                                                         successful this year than last year by about £10,000
   likely to be increased **
                                                                         so far. The Everest, Kilimanjaro, and Sri Lanka (in conjunction
   I discussed the affiliation fee with the NEC NUSSL member
                                                                         with the University) are all going well, people have started
   who did not know whether the contribution was going to be
                                                                         fundraising and we have even booked the flights!
   calculated as a proportion of turnover or GP.
   I am also concerned that the grant contribution will be
                                                                         This term sees the return of the Comedy Fest in conjunction
   calculated on the whole grant rather then on the 33% that DSU
                                                                         with Leeds and Cambridge University and another Back to
   currently receives.
                                                                         School, which we hope, will prove popular.
   If it were to be calculated on the total grant we could easily
   observe a doubling of our contribution affiliation fee to NUS.
                                                                         It is now possible for charities to put in applications for the
                                                                         allocation of DUCK money at the end of next term and we
   10) EWO departure
                                                                         already have many applications particularly from local projects,
                                                                         which would not be as successful without the funds that we
   I wish to pass on my best wishes to Richard and congratulate
                                                                         provide them. If anyone would like to apply for money for a
   his efforts in the restructuring and changes seen in Welfare
                                                                         specific charity then forms can be downloaded at
   and Education this year.
   From April 2006, the Treasurer will take Operational
   Management responsibility for the Accommodation Office and
                                                                         Special thanks must go to Ed Uff and all the exec for the hard
                                                                         work that they put in. So overall DUCK is continuing to go from
                                                                         strength to strength I just wish that the same could be said
   Thats it folks. Any question please do ask.
                                                                         about my dissertation.
                                                                         See you all soon
   DSU Treasurer
6.4.     DUCK Officer (10)
                                                                      7.3.     Fresher’s Week Director (5)
   Following the election of my successor the date for exec
                                                                         October 2005
   elections is being finalised (hopefully the 2nd May). We plan to
                                                                         Booking forms for this year‟s ReFreshers‟ Fair were made
   introduce more controls on the voting procedure on the night to
                                                                         available on both days of the October „05 Freshers‟ Fair
   make it fairer on the candidates.
                                                                         (Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October 2005). Forms were
                                                                         distributed to all stall holders to maximise attendance in
   DUCK week seems have to been a great success. A lot of
   great events have gone off in the colleges and the Stars in
   their Eyes Grand Final was a brilliant end to the week. I don‟t
                                                                         January 2006
   have a final total raised yet but it will be well in excess of
                                                                         The Fair took place on Wednesday 25th January 2006.
   £10,000 so massive thanks must go to all the college reps and
                                                                         Publicity included posters in colleges and around DSU.
   to everyone who helped to make all the events a success.
                                                                         Unfortunately the incorrect date featured in one DSU uni wide
                                                                         email. However, this was spotted and corrected quickly. It was
   Coming up we have the Durham Fun Run and the DUCK
                                                                         prominently displayed on the website and on the corrected uni
   Comedy Fest this weekend, both of which should be great fun.
                                                                         wide email. It was also plugged all day on Purple FM.
   It‟s not too late to sign up for the fun run and tickets are on
                                                                         The fair featured 60 societies and a few commercial stalls. It
   sale now for the Comedy Fest which will be one of best nights
                                                                         went to plan on the day and space was available for all those
   of the year as it always is.
                                                                         who booked.
                                                                         Turnout was as expected and society execs got the normal
   On the whole DUCK continues to lumber on towards ever
                                                                         number of additional members. Feedback on the day was
   greater fundraising totals and much thanks must go to the
                                                                         overwhelmingly positive.
   people who help everyday to make this possible.
                                                                         Particular thanks go out to those who helped us: Jamie Green,
                                                                         Andrew Linton and Alice Capel.
7. Reports of Non-Sabb Officers [35]
                                                                         This was our last duty so thanks and good luck to whoever
7.1.     Academic Affairs Officer (5)                                    takes it on next year.
                                                                         Andrew Scoones and David Thomas
   Hello everyone,                                                       Freshers‟ Week Directors 2005/6
   Since my last report I have completed my contact database.
                                                                      7.4.     Race Awareness Officer (5)
   I have also been contacted by a number of students regarding          We are in the process of organising a cultural awareness
   the availability of resources in the library. All were concerned      event to be held in the DSU. The idea is to bring together
   about the shortage of books on their course reading lists.            several different societies, each representing a different
   Those subjects of primary concern were Physics and                    culture. We are hoping that they will all be able to contribute

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                 DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
   something unique to their society, be it a dance, a film, food,       7.6.       Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer (5)
   drink etc. The event will be open to all. It is as yet undecided
   when it will be held.                                                    Bonsoir! Not much to report sponsorship-wise this term,
   Once we have heard from all the societies we will finalise all           though I am still looking. I had a meeting with DSU President-
   the details. We hope that this will be a fun event and that it will      Elect Alex Duncan (as reported on his website) to discuss
   make people in the university more aware and more tolerant of            sponsorship and he has many ideas about it. Do ask him if
   all the different cultures represented at Durham.                        you‟re interested/bothered. I‟m sure that conversation got him
   Maya and Phil                                                            elected, so sorry for that (only joking – though even as I‟m
                                                                            writing I realise it‟s not that funny a joke).
7.5.     Societies Officer (5)                                              Rich “Diversity” Freeborn has sent me an interesting idea from
   Apologies for length, there was no report submitted last term            Milkround about potential sponsorship for societies. Please
   as we hadn‟t yet been elected…                                           speak to the Societies Officers for more information.
   One of the unfortunate symptoms of undertaking a position
   unfilled for 3 months is the disgraceful mess you inherit,               Sponsorship team will be meeting soon, so if you want to join
   particularly when Tristan has been helping out in the interim…           our crazy, yet exclusive team, email me at
   But we have been working:                                                sponsorship@dsu.org.uk.
   On emails:
   1. Reduced the three separate emails published as our contact            Yours in Facebook-fuelled rage,
   email to one, to bring all of the Societies‟ Officers                    Toby.
   communication through „societies.officer@dsu.org.uk‟, we will
   still receive emails to a dur.ac.uk account and societies@dsu         7.7.       Postgraduate Officer (5)
   but these won‟t be publicised.
   2. Deleted about an email a day about penis enlargement, not             Initially attempted to organise meeting with all JCRs to discuss
   sure what‟s going on with previous use of this account…                  individual strategies for action in each college, however it
   On websites:                                                             proved too difficult to organise.
   3. Last term: rectified critical issues and simple erroneous             My main focuss has been at Ustinov College, which obviously
   details across the societies section of the DSU site.                    has Durham Universities biggest Postgraduate student
   4. This term: completely redesigned the societies section of             community, I have been in contact with Zu‟bi Al-Zu‟bi, to
   the DSU website, addressing the functionality divide between             discuss strategy for getting the college members more
   providing society information for browsing, and help, advice             involved in DSU, this has involved;
   and downloads for society organisers. This includes the                         Attempting to organise Union Council at Howland Farm,
   addition of loads of new content on running a society smoothly,                  Ustinov College – we are currently in talks for room
   as well as fundamental reorganisation.                                           booking etc. for the May Union Council.
   On meetings and times:                                                          I have also been using Ustinov Press Secretary to
   5. Our office hours are 10am to 12pm every Wednesday,                            highlight the postgraduate officer position and my role.
   come and say hello, bring some tea, and biscuits, not                            For any postgraduate students with a problem to contact
   bourbons.                                                                        me, to do so.
   6. We also have a weekly Societies Team meeting; we still                       I have also used Zu‟bi and the press secretary to
   have a vacancy in the societies‟ team, please stand for it.                      promote the current positions within the union that a
   On Filing and Databases:                                                         postgraduate student can take, such as college rep.
   7. Found an absolutely decrepit filing system at the heart of
   our administrative system. Much like a racehorse with a
   broken leg, we‟re not going to try to resurrect this system, we
   will just shoot it.                                                   8. Reports of Publications Editors [5]
   8. We‟ve also completely updated our financial recording
   system, which was horrible. All claims can now be easily              8.1.       Palatinate Editor (5)
   traced and queried.
   9. E-ratification! The ratification process has also been                This has been a term of transition for Palatinate. After the
   completely revamped, after negotiation with ITS we have been             resignations which occurred last December we have had to
   able to condense the entire ratification process into two files (a       recruit five new people to the editorial board; we held
   word document and an excel document) which can be                        interviews for each of these positions and successfully
   downloaded, completed and submitted electronically via email             appointed dedicated and talented individuals. What is more,
   to the societies‟ officers, saving time and trees. These received        over the holidays our network server crashed, leaving us
   forms will constitute the new filing system for DSU societies,           without a computer program to produce the paper, without any
   making information much easier to recover and much harder to             past templates for pages and with only two fully functioning
   lose. It also means we‟ll never have to go to that filing cabinet        computers. This combined with the fact that we had no elected
   in the dingy corner under the stairs ever again…                         editor at the start of term made the first half of the term quite
   In the future                                                            trying.
   10. We will be continuing the e-ratify idea by investigating             At the time of writing this report we have produced three
   electronic ways of submitting claims, and making the whole               issues with a fourth planned to come out in the final week.
   claim process much easier.                                               Four issues in a 9 week term (basically one per fortnight) is a
   11. We will run a campaign at Queen‟s campus to encourage                challenging feat, but necessary to raise the advertising
   their societies to ratify and flourish under DSU funding and             revenue to keep Palatinate in existence.
   guidance, this will be supported by the proposition of DSU
   changes to make it easier for Queen‟s campus societies to                Amber and I were fortunate to have an extremely competent
   ratify.                                                                  and dedicated pair of predecessors (Ed Rose and Rob
   12. Will finalise a brief guide to help next year‟s societies            Broadhurst) who laid down a lot of the infrastructure which we
   officer transition much smoother. That is, give them something           have used this term. We attempted to improve upon the
   to help so they‟re not spending the first three weeks of the             publication this term by emphasising the need for
   position learning how everything works.                                  professionalism from the editorial board and the writers, in
                                                                            terms of time spent in the office and attention to small details.
   Still, enough about us, this term so far DSU has the all new:            Also, to attempt to increase the professionalism we have
   Dodgeball, Arabic, Thai, Tea & Biscuit, Real Ale, Cartooning             organised two special editorial board meetings; the first of
   and Creative Writing societies amongst others; steadily                  these was attended by Keith Elliott, who runs PMA training for
   approaching the magic 150 society mark.                                  journalists. He went over the first issue of term with the
   Finally, thanks to Tristan, for single-handedly maintaining the          editorial board and helped give us ideas where we could
   unmanned post for the summer, a huge time drain.                         improve. The second meeting was attended by Alex Standish,
                                                                            a former Panorama producer and current editor of Jane's

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                 DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
   Weekly. Alex kindly took us through the legal ins and outs of          discussed in the future and increased charges noted.
   producing a publication, and gave us advice on how to avoid            6. Nightbus – hooray it works! We have considered funding
   libeling anyone mentioned in our articles. The latter meeting          options with JCR execs. This is an ongoing issue.
   was also attended by journalists from Durham21 and
   Performance (DUAU's newspaper). I believe                              As this is my last report to council, I would like to thank all of
   that the added professionalism these steps have allowed has            Campaigns for being such a great bunch to work with over the
   shown in the final product, and that the paper is looking              last year!
   sharper than before.
                                                                          Flo Herbert.
   Where content is concerned, we have added a picture of the
   fortnight competition which showcases the works of the best         9.2.     Presidents’ Committee (5)
   photographers in
                                                                          Open Days
   Durham and makes for a very visually striking page. We have
                                                                          The main University Open Days take place over the Easter
   also jumped on the bandwagon by adding a Sudoku and
                                                                          vacation. We have investigated the possibility of staging one
   started giving our designer a
                                                                          large event at the Union which would be available to all
   more central role on the centre-spread and front pages to
                                                                          applicants. It had been decided that cost implications and time
   make them more engaging to the eye. We have also increased
                                                                          restrictions would make such an event difficult to run this year
   the role of photography editor, attempting to get more photos
                                                                          but that it presents an excellent opportunity for future years.
   in the paper that were actually taken by Durham students,
   rather off the web.
                                                                          DSU Advice Night & CAS Working Group
                                                                          These projects remain work in progress!
   The circulation of the paper has remained constant this term.
   We have started sending bundles of the paper to the Riverside
                                                                          Environmental Policy
   Café, the Library Café and the Chemistry Cafe to try and get
                                                                          Representatives of PresComm have met with a number of
   people sitting around with a cup of coffee to read over the
                                                                          University personnel to discuss the University‟s new
   paper whilst doing so.
                                                                          environmental policy. The University aims to achieve „fair-
                                                                          trade‟ status in the near future. PresComm have discussed the
   In accordance with the wishes of DSU council we have
                                                                          various ways in which this can be achieved and are
   attempted to publicise how easy it is to get involved with
                                                                          investigating the input that individual JCRs can make.
   Palatinate. We included an advert in the first two papers letting
   people know how to get involved (we will include one in the
                                                                          Degree Certificates
   fourth issue as well, but had to remove the ad from the third
                                                                          We feel the current provision is inadequate. We have asked
   issue due to space problems). We have also had an advert on
                                                                          that Nick Pickles communicate our thoughts on this issue to
   the DSU website. As a result of these adverts we have had a
                                                                          the relevant persons and shall then take it from there.
   lot of emails from people interested to get involved, each of
   which has received a response. I would estimate that these
                                                                          Updated Policy
   emails have resulted in around 50-60 people being added to
                                                                          A working group has met and re-written the sections of DSU
   our mailing lists, and thus being
                                                                          policy that had become outdated. They are now ready for
   given an opportunity to contribute to each issue.
   On top of this we have held two 'Open Meetings' one in
                                                                          National Student Survey
   Stockton and one in Durham (publicised via DSU website,
                                                                          Beatrice Ollerenshaw (Deputy Academic Registrar) and Alan
   presidents and campaigns email
                                                                          Bilsbourough (Pro Vice Chancellor) met with us to discuss the
   and Facebook). Only one of these has gone ahead at the time
                                                                          above survey. They explained the importance of the survey
   of writing so if you want to know how successful they were you
                                                                          results to the University and our somewhat unique situation, in
   can ask me at council.
                                                                          that we are a collegiate institution. It was agreed that we would
                                                                          help publicise the survey in individual Colleges.
   Amber and I would like to thank everyone who has worked on
                                                                          N. B. Finalists – if you haven‟t already completed it, now is
   the paper this past term; their dedication has enabled us to
                                                                          your chance!
   continue producing a quality publication. We wish the next
   Editor the very best of luck in seeking to further improve
                                                                          EWO Resignation
                                                                          We have discussed this issue and wish only to register our
                                                                          extreme disappointment at Richard‟s decision to leave half
9. Reports of Committees [20]                                             way through his term of office. It is felt that he is letting down
                                                                          both DSU as an entity and the student body as a whole.
9.1.     Campaigns Executive (5)
                                                                          Kathryn Bruce
Steering Note:   It was still Campaigns Exec when the report              Collingwood College JCR President
    was submitted…                                                        Chair of Presidents‟ Committee
   Since the last Council meeting Campaigns Exec have been
   discussing the following:                                           9.3.     Finance & Services Committee (5)
                                                                       Steering Note:      No report was received by the time of agenda
   1. HE policy – selected senior reps and Nick met to re-write
                                                                           compilation. A report may be in the additional agenda
   this policy, which will be presented to Council.
   2. DSU reform – this has been discussed in Campaigns exec
   and senior Reps have sought opinions of their JCR execs and         9.4.     Welfare Executive (5)
   Junior Reps.                                                        Steering Note:      No report was received by the time of agenda
   3. Race Awareness Campaign – Maya Bhadeshia (Race                       compilation. A report may be in the additional agenda.
   Awareness Officer) joined Campaigns Exec to discuss the
   campaign and it was decided that taking a „hope not hate‟
   stance would be most constructive. Societies are being              10. Elections
   contacted and a working group is organising the event, which
   is provisionally set for next term.                                 10.1. Elections of Officers for next academic
   4. Welfare Campaign – on Friday 3rd March we are meeting             year.
   with representatives from Welfare Exec to discuss the a Non-
   Smoking campaign.                                                   Steering Note:      These take office on the first day of the long
   5. Sports Levy – Senior Reps were concerned at the increases            vacation.
   in the sports levy, and it was agreed that this issue should be

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                 DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
10.1.1. Communications Officer (5)                                  Steering Note:    Must be a Postgraduate
Steering Note:      This Officer may be renamed Publicity Officer
    by the time the election comes around.                          10.2.12.     Library Committee                    &   Library
                                                                        Users Committee UG Rep (2)

10.1.2. DUCK Director (5)                                           10.2.13.      Muesems                             Committee
                                                                        (Archeaology) Rep (2)
10.1.3. Ents Officer (5)                                            Steering Note:    Must study in the Archeaology Department

10.1.4. Environment Officer (5)                                     10.2.14.       Museums Committee (East Asian
                                                                        Studies) Rep (2)
10.1.5. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender                        Steering Note:    Must   study in the East        Asian Studies
    Officer (5)                                                         Department

10.1.6. Livers-Out Officer (5)                                      10.2.15.      University            Expeditions          sub-
                                                                        Committee Rep (2)
10.1.7. Mens Officer (5)
                                                                    10.3.    By-Elections of Publications Editors (5)
10.1.8. Postgraduate Officer (5)                                    Steering Note:    If AGM motion passed, these positions will be
10.1.9. Societies Officer (5)
                                                                    10.3.1. Alternative Prospectus Editor (5)
10.1.10.        Sponsorship              &       Fundraising
    Officer (5)                                                     10.3.2. Handbook Editor (5)
10.1.11.           Students With Disabilities Officer               10.3.3. Web Pages Editor (5)
                                                                    10.4.    By-Elections of DSU Committees (20)
10.1.12.           Women’s Officer (5)
                                                                    10.4.1. Directors of Services [2 positions] (5)
10.2. Election of University Committee Reps
 for Next Academic Year [30]                                        10.4.2. Freshers Ball Committee (5)
Steering Note:    These posts take office on the first day of the
    Long Vacation. If motion of AGM passed, will be appointed       10.4.3. Societies Team (5)
    by DSU Executive if left unfilled.
                                                                    10.4.4. Steering Committee (5))
10.2.1. Careers Advisory Board PG Rep (2)
Steering Note:     Must be a Postgraduate                           10.5.    By Elections to University Committees
10.2.2. Careers Advisory Board UG Rep (2)                           Steering Note:   If motion of AGM passed, will be appointed by
                                                                        DSU Executive if left unfilled.
10.2.3. Council Fund for Students Travelling
    Abroad Rep (2)                                                  10.5.1. Careers Advisory Board PG Rep (2)
                                                                    Steering Note:    Must be a Postgraduate
10.2.4. Equal Ops Advisory Committee Rep (2
    Places) (2)                                                     10.5.2. Careers Advisory Board UG Rep (2)
Steering Note:     If motion of AGM passed, this post will be
    abolished.                                                      10.5.3. Health & Safety Committee Rep (2)

10.2.5. Faculty of Social Sciences & Health Rep                     10.5.4. IT Strategy Committee PG Rep (2)
    (2)                                                             Steering Note:    Must be a Postgraduate

10.2.6. Health & Safety Committee Rep (2)                           10.5.5. IT Users Committee PG Rep (2)
                                                                    Steering Note:    Must be a Postgraduate
10.2.7. IT Strategy Committee PG Rep (2)
Steering Note:     Must be a Postgraduate                           10.5.6. IT Users Committee UG Rep (2)

10.2.8. IT Users Committee PG Rep (2)                               10.5.7. Joint Committee of DSU & the University
Steering Note:     Must be a Postgraduate                               PG Rep (2)
                                                                    Steering Note:    Must be a Postgraduate.
10.2.9. IT Users Committee UG Rep (2)
                                                                    10.5.8. Library Committee            &      Library     Users
10.2.10.       Joint Committee of DSU & the                             Committee PG Rep (2)
    University PG Rep [2 places] (2)                                Steering Note:    Again, must be a Postgraduate
Steering Note:     Must be a Postgraduate.

10.2.11.     Library Committee                    &    Library
    Users Committee PG Rep (2)
                                                                    11. Motions
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                 DSU Council: 8th March 2006 at 8:00pm in St. Cuthbert‟s Society [Agenda]
11.1.    Colleges
   Proposed by Nick Pickles
   Seconded by Presidents' Committee.

   DSU Notes:
   1. The Uniqueness of Durham‟s Collegiate system;
   2. The uniform residence charge across all colleges;
   3. The uniform 28 week let being the standard across the
   colleges in Durham;
   4. The repeated suggestion to move to a system of different
   5. The results of the 2005 opinion poll –
   o 82% Against differential rents, 72% against a compulsory 32
   week let;
   6. The current facilities for self catering in those colleges that
   are fully catererd in term time;
   7. The availability of hot food at lunch and dinner;
   8. Queens Campus colleges moving to a 32 week standard let;
   9. The availability of “opt-in” extended lets in all colleges;
   10. The expansion of self catered accommodation at Queens
   and in Durham with St Cuthbert‟s Society and Josephine
   Butler College;
   11. That many extended let periods are including a college
   shut-down period, where a student will not have access to their
   12. The inclusion of the old “ESOL” charge in Residence

   DSU Believes

   1. Durham collegiate system is based upon more than just the
   quality of a room;
   2. That Durham collegiate experience would be undermined by
   a system of differential rent;
   3. That a compulsory 32 week let would further undermine the
   collegiate experience;
   4. That the current self catering facilities in colleges catered for
   28 weeks are not of a sufficient standard to support a student
   cooking a healthy meal for themselves;
   5. That being able to have a hot meal at lunch and dinner is a
   strength of college eating, and that students prefer this to a
   cold lunch and hot dinner option;
   6. That the current advertising for extended lets does not make
   clear that for a period of the “extended” part access is not
   7. That a basic 32 week let at Queens campus is right for
   Queens campus, but at present is not right for the Durham
   8. That if all students are to be charged for an ESOL fee, then
   all students should have access to IT in their room;

   DSU Resolves

   1. To campaign and lobby against any attempts to introduce:
   a. Differential Residence charging;
   b. A compulsory 32 week let as standard in fully catered
   c. Catering which would lead to the loss of lunch as a hot
   2. To lobby for an increase in the number of computers
   provided by the University, aspiring to as close to a 100%
   connection rate on ESOL as possible;
   3. To lobby for an improvement in the Universities self catering
   provision in those colleges offering an extended let;
   4. To work with the Colleges Division and individual colleges to
   make sure that students are aware when access is restricted
   to rooms over an extended let period.

12.              Further Announcements

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