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        <p>There are two not dissimilar conditions which affect women:
one is <strong>leucorrhoea</strong> (whites) and the other is the dreaded
thrush which, it would seem, has only recently sprung into notoriety.
Both of them have more or less the same symptoms – a <strong>vaginal
discharge</strong>, fiery pain and fierce irritation. There is also pain
in groin and abdomen caused by the glands swelling in sympathy. Some
practitioners believe that the condition is contagious and therefore you
would be wise to seek professional advice in the first instance. After
that most of the answer is in self-help.</p>
<p>Stress, allergic reaction, excesses of junk food, alcohol, stimulant
drinks and yeast can all cause what is basically an incorrect balance
of flora in the gut, colon or vagina. In the case of thrush this flora is
known as Candida, a pretty name for a beastly nuisance. It is a fungal
parasite which most of the time lies peaceably undisturbed in the colon
and is kept in check by the immune system but it can, in the most
simplistic terms, be stimulated into action by the use of antibiotics and
the hormone pill. The many problems it may case range from the physical
to the psychological.</p>
<p>In the past herbalists prescribed herbal teas and douches as a method
of controlling leucorrhoea and associated complaints but little modern
research has been done to find an answer to thrush. There have been
remedies but because they were non-profitable they have been dropped from
professional use. Cystitis has often been thought to cause
<strong>vaginal thrush</strong> but in effect it may be the antibiotics
given to relieve this painful condition which actually do the damage, so
if you are ever taking antibiotics for any reason at all also eat copious
amounts of plain live yoghurt. Whilst our grandmothers, to protect us
against these female complaints, would have advised us most strongly
against eating fermenting jam or bread with mould on it, modern
practitioners believe that tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, sugar, bread
and mushrooms will also all exacerbate thrush.</p>
<p><strong>Self – Help</strong></p>
<p>Do not wear tight synthetic knickers and tights or figure-hugging
<p>Whilst you have thrush does not attempt to enjoy the pleasures of sex.
It will not be much fun anyhow.</p>
<p>When you go to the lavatory always wipe yourself from front to back to
avoid spreading infection – how many women can remember their mothers
instilling this precept into them from early childhood?</p>
<p>The best ways ofeasing the irritation and helping to clear the
condition are to eat a pot of live yoghurt every morning and raw oats
once a day and to take garic perles or capsules daily.</p>
<p>Wash thoroughly every morning and night with a weak solution of
hydrogen peroxide, dab gently dry on a tissue 9throw it down the lavatory
afterwards0 and smear well with white petroleum jelly (Vaseline). It
wrecks your undoes but prevents the discharge causing intense
<p>Before you rush off for professional advice on the cause or source of
this unbelievable thing which has happened to you, do check first that
you have not inadvertently forgotten to remove a tampon!</p>
<ul><li> <strong>Evening primrose oil </strong>Take this to relieve
stress rather than a vitamin B6 tablet which may be yeast based. </li>
</ul><ul><li><strong>Live yoghurt </strong>As well as eating this daily
it is suggested that a little can be inserted into the vagina on a
</ul><ul><li><strong>Honey</strong> Take it alone or in apple cider
vinegar every morning.</li>
</ul><ul><li><strong>Blackberry leaf tea </strong>This tea I to be taken
for cystitis, piles and leucorrhea as well as for thrush.</li>
</ul><ul><li><strong>Essential oils of juniper and lavender </strong>Add
either of these oils to the bat</li>
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