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									                                                              The Scoop
                                                                                                       December 2007

                                                                                                       ser vice of the month
                                                                                                                       GifT CardS:
                                                                                                With the holiday’s fast approaching you
                                                                                               might need an unusual Gift for someone.
                                                                                                         Give the Gift of poop-freedom.
Dogs and Holidays
Because your dog is special to you,            • Holly,mistletoe and poinsettia plants are
you want him to share all the special           poisonous to dogs. Make sure they are
times in your life, including holidays.         kept in places your dog cannot reach.
But to your dog, every day spent with          • Donot put lights on the lower branches of             Save time and $$$
you is a holiday, and he may not be             your tree. They may get very hot and burn
                                                                                                  plus, eliminate bill paying hassles:
able to appreciate or understand the            your dog.
strange people, noises, things and
goings-on associated with holiday
                                               • Watch  out for electrical cords. Pets often         Take $10 off
                                                try to chew them and get badly shocked
celebrations. Here are some ways to             or electrocuted. Place them out of reach.           your Pet Butler invoice right now
keep your dog safe and happy during                                                                by getting started with Pet Butler’s
                                               • Avoid glass ornaments, which break                automatic monthly debit program.
those festive times.
                                                easily and may cut a dog’s feet or mouth.
General Tips:                                  • Do not use edible ornaments, or cranberry          Just call: 1-800-PET-BUTLER
• Stickas closely as possible to your           or popcorn strings. Your dog may knock              (738-2885) or enter your credit
  normal routine. Try not to vary your dog’s    the tree over in an attempt to reach them.          and/or debit card information at
  feeding, walking, and playtime schedule.                                                            the bottom of your invoice.
                                               • Keepother ornaments off the lower
• Don’tgive your dog scraps from the            branches; if your dog chews or eats an
 picnic table or holiday buffet. Cookies        ornament, he can be made sick by the
 and pies, macaroni salads and stuffing,        materials or paint.
 potato chips and fancy hors d’oeuvres         • Bothlive and artificial tree needles are
 are inappropriate foods for dogs and may       sharp and indigestible. Keep your tree
 make them sick.                                blocked off (with a playpen or other
                                                “fence”) or in a room that is not accessible        advice           fro m       t h e
   you host a party, remember that
• If
                                                to your dog.
 some guests may be uncomfortable
 around dogs. Your dog may, in turn, be        • Tinselcan be dangerous for dogs. It may
                                                                                                      doGGy Lama
                                                obstruct circulation and, if swallowed,                  There’s no place like home
 uncomfortable or frightened around a                                                                   You need to have a sense of
 large group of unfamiliar people. You may      block the intestines.
                                                                                                     belonging because the world can
 want to confine him in a crate or a room      • Keepburning candles on high tables or               be a large and lonely place. You’ll
 that will not be used by guests. Otherwise,    mantels, out of the way of your dog’s                 be at home any place you go if
 keep him by your side, or with another         wagging tail.                                          you care for others, keep your
 family member, to keep him from getting                                                            integrity, and have good character.
                                               • Review canine holiday gifts for safety.
 into trouble or underfoot.                     Small plastic toys or bones may pose
• Nomatter how fun the party gets, never        choking hazards.
 ever give your dog alcohol.                   • Yourdog may want to investigate
                                                wrapped packages; keep them out of

                         It’s all about our customers; we value your business!
   Winter Care
   for Canines
General Concerns:
Winter’s cold air brings many concerns for responsible dog
owners. Keep the following precautions in mind:
• Don’t leave your dog outside in the cold for long periods
  of time. Wind chill makes days colder than actual temperature
  readings. Be attentive to your dog’s body temperature, and limit
  its time outdoors.
• Adequate shelter is a necessity. Keep your dog warm, dry
  and away from drafts. Tiles and uncarpeted areas may become
  extremely cold, so make sure to place blankets and pads on             3. Provide plenty of fresh water. Your dog is just as likely to get
  floors in these areas.                                                    dehydrated in the winter as in the summer. Snow is not a
• Be extra careful when walking or playing with your dog near               satisfactory substitute for water.
  frozen lakes, rivers or ponds. Your dog could slip or jump in          4. Frostbite is your dog’s winter hazard. To prevent frostbite on
  and get seriously injured.                                                its ears, tail and feet, don’t leave your dog outdoors for too
• Groom your dog regularly. Your dog needs a well-groomed                   long.
  coat to keep properly insulated. Short- or coarse-haired dogs          5. Be very careful of supplemental heat sources. Fireplaces and
  may get extra cold, so consider a sweater or coat. Long-haired            portable heaters can severely burn your dog. Make sure all
  dogs should have excess hair around the toes and foot pads                fireplaces have screens, and keep portable heaters out of
  trimmed to ease snow removal and cleaning. If you do the                  reach.
  trimming, take care not to cut the pads or other delicate area of
  the foot.                                                              6. Like people, dogs seem to be more susceptible to illness
                                                                            in the winter. Take your dog to a veterinarian if you see any
• Feed your dog additional calories if it spends a lot of time              suspicious symptoms. Don’t use over-the-counter medications
  outdoors or is a working animal. It takes more energy in the              on your dog without consulting a veterinarian.
  winter to keep body temperature regulated, so additional calories
  are necessary.                                                        Don’t let Spot’s vet bills put you in the poorhouse. Here are
                                                                        five ways to care for your pet’s health without overpaying.
• Towel or blow-dry your dog if it gets wet from rain or snow.
  It is important to dry and clean its paws, too. This helps avoid       1. Consider a mutt. You may want to adopt a mixed-breed
  tiny cuts and cracked pads. A little petroleum jelly may soften the       pet from your local shelter rather than getting a pure-bred.
  pads and prevent further cracking.                                        Adopting a mutt costs less initially, and many purebreds suffer
                                                                            from genetic conditions that can be costly to treat.
• Don’t leave your dog alone in a car. If the car engine is left on,
  the carbon monoxide will endanger your dog’s life. If the engine       2. Schedule regular checkups. This can help ensure that
  is off, the temperature in the car will get too cold.                     illnesses are caught early and no ongoing problems go
                                                                            undetected for so long they become bona fide catastrophes.
Health Tips:                                                             3. Compare vet-care costs. Veterinarians charge different rates
Dogs cannot talk to us when they are sick. As a responsible                 depending on where they’re located, their level of experience
dog owner, it is important to pay special attention to your dog’s           and a number of other factors. Call several in your area to get
well-being during the winter season. Remember the following                 price quotes.
health concerns:
                                                                         4. Look for deals on medication. You don’t have to fill your pet’s
 1. Antifreeze, which often collects on driveways and roadways,             prescriptions at your vet’s office. Instead, call around to local
    is highly poisonous. Although it smells and tastes good to your         pharmacies or consider Web sites such as DrsFoster Smith.
    dog, it can be lethal.                                                  com, and

 2. Rock salt, used to melt ice on sidewalks, may irritate footpads.      5. Opt against pet insurance. Pet health-care plans are unlikely
    Be sure to rinse and dry your dog’s feet after a walk.                   to save you money unless you have an animal with a chronic


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