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									Chicago Bulls

  Robin Varghese
September 29, 2005
     Period 6

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Where It All Started                                                                            1976-1983

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   The Playoffs                         The End of the 1997
   (1986)                               Season
     Where It All Started

        Basketball had been played since the
    1800’s. The inventor of the sport was James
    Naismith a Canadian physical education
    instructor. James had made 13 rules of
    basketball. Basketball hoops and a basket
    was introduced in 1893. In 1959, James
    Naismith received Basketball Hall of Fame
    named after him, Naismith Memorial Hall of
    Fame. If it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t be
    any basketball.
                                       Chicago Bulls
 The Bulls began NBA play in 1966, and in the 1970s the team
won more than 50 games in four seasons. When Michael Jordan
 went into the NBA it was a big success for Chicago winning the
  NBA titles in 1991-1993. Jordan retired in 1993. But when he
came back to the NBA, the Bulls won three more championships
 three years in a row. But that was only a few years ago. Years
 back, Chicago hired Dick Motta to be the Chicago Bulls coach.              QuickTime™ and a
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Richard guided the Bulls to the playoffs for six seasons straight.
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                      The next three years

the Bulls recorded over 50 wins a season, and in 1974 the team
 had went to the Western Conference Finals before losing to the
                       Milwaukee Bucks.
      1976-1983 Season

In The 1976 season through the
  1983 seasons, the Bulls had
  success on two winning markings
  and winning the one of the playoff
                 The Playoffs (1986)
 Chicago went to the playoffs again in 1986. In three
  years the Bulls lost in the first round. Chicago had
  strengthened the “roster” in the 1987 NBA by picking
  Horace Grant and trading “rights” to Scottie Pippen. The
  two players helped the Bulls improve their skills to 50-
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  32 in the 1987 season and got to go to the semifinals,
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  where they had lost to the Pistons. Before the 1989
  season, Chicago had promoted Phil Jackson from
  assistant coach to head coach for the Chicago Bulls.
  Jackson was leading the team to the Finals, and the
  Bulls won the first NBA championship.
  The End of the 1997 Season
 Chicago had defeated the Lakers in five games in a row.
  Jordan retired from basketball in the 1993 season.
  Without Michael the team lost to the Knicks. Chicago
  finished the 1997 season with a 62-20 record. The Bulls
  finished the 1999 season with a record of 13-37 and
  didn’t make it to the playoffs. Bulls played many great
  seasons. Some of the seasons were really good and the
  players always had flashbacks of their past playoffs and
  the championships.

                I chose this event because I like sports and
    people who represent our state. I chose the Bulls
    because I like playing basketball, and they’re from
    Chicago. I have talked about information on how
    basketball was created and brief information on the
    inventor. I talked about when the Bulls started playing.
    I have also given information on the seasons the Bulls
    played and the championship they have won. What
    historical event catches you eye?

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