4 Foods That Fight Thrush by anamaulida


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        <p>You might be surprised to learn that there are some foods
which can help you to combat thrush (yeast infection) naturally. This
is especially crucial for those of us that suffer from thrush because we
have unwisely used pharmaceutical cures that don't really give us a cure
at all. Here are four different types of foods that you can use to
fight thrush in your body and to get it under control.<br><br>Yogurt -
One of the most important foods that you can eat if you have a problem
with thrush is yogurt. You need to make sure that you aren't simply
eating the type of yogurt that is available at most grocery stores, which
may actually have the opposite effect for you. Yeast loves sugar and if
you are eating or using yogurt with sugar in it, you are not going to be
doing yourself any good. Use natural yogurt or perhaps even make your
own and eat it every day. If you are suffering from thrush, you can
also apply it directly to the area or perhaps dip a tampon in it and
insert it for 20 minutes or so. It will help to promote good bacteria
growth in your body that will naturally combat thrush.<br><br>Apple Cider
Vinegar - This is one of those foods that you can use on a regular basis
in order to improve your health overall. It should not be used
topically in the case of thrush but you should be drinking about two
tablespoons every day in a large glass of water. Don't try to take it
directly, always mix it in water. This will not only help you with
thrush, it will help you to feel better overall.<br><br>Garlic - All-
natural garlic patents should be used whenever you have a problem with
thrush. You should eat garlic every day but if you suffer from vaginal
thrush, inserting a tab of garlic can provide you with some instant
relief.<br><br>Water - Although it is not really a food, you should make
sure that you are drinking eight to 10 glasses of pure water every day.Â
Dehydration is a major cause of thrush and you need to reverse the
process in order to cure the problem from the inside out.</p>
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