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        <p>Mini Stroke Warning Signs and How Resveratrol Can Help After a
Stroke<br><br><br><br>Listed below are some mini stroke warning
signs<br>Depending on the blood system and if it is a stroke on the right
side or stroke left side of the brain affected, symptoms of a transient
ischemic attack can include:<br>1. Vision problems in one or both eyes,
including double vision.<br>2. Dizziness, clumsiness and weakness.<br>3.
Speech problems, including slurring.<br>4. Inability to walk, known as
ataxia.<br>5. Sudden amnesia and/or loss of consciousness.<br>Although
these symptoms of a mini stroke are usually temporary, it is imperative
that you seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the
signs mentioned above.<br>Mini Stroke Symptoms<br>Common Cause of a
Stroke<br>Eating a high fat diet and not getting enough of the right
stuff in our diet, exercise, omega 3s, resveratrol supplements and
resveratrol has been proven to help even after a stroke. If you have any
of the symptoms listed above call 911.<br>Transient ischemic Attack or
TIA are the three letters that learning about can save your life.<br>Mini
Stroke Warning Signs and What is a mini stroke?<br>More accurately called
a transient ischemic attack, or TIA, it occurs when the supply of oxygen
to the left side of brain or to the right side of the brain is cut off.
It usually lasts less than ten minutes, and symptoms are temporary, as
opposed to a major stroke where the effects can be
permanent.<br>Degenerative Brain Diseases and Brain
Protection<br>Resveratrol is not only neuroprotective, it also improves
cognitive function after neurodegeneration.<br>_LI-HUEI TSAI, PROFESSER
OF NEUROSCIENCE AT MIT, 2007Are There Ways to Prevent a StrokeMini stroke
warning signs, as well as major attacks, strokes and heart disease are
the same. All of these conditions are brought on by blockage in the blood
vessels, so you must try to avoid this situation by reducing your risk of
an event.<br>Can You Recover from a Stroke<br>You will find ways to
prevent stroke and watch for mini stroke warning signs, even if you have
a stroke how to recover from it on this page, and new treatment for
stroke including supplements with important Omega-3 fatty acids, regular
exercise, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol, lowering cholesterol
and triglyceride levels with resveratrol and more.<br><br>Symptoms of a
Minor Stroke<br>A mini stroke or major stroke is also known as a brain
attack, and for a good reason. It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain
either on the left side or the right side is blocked and then bursts. The
brain is incapable of storing oxygen, and so it needs a constant supply
of it. So the brain depends on a network of blood vessels that provide it
with blood that carries the oxygen.<br><br><br>What are the Top Risk
Factors for Blockage Strokes<br>The risk factors include
arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, excessive-blood-clotting factors,
diabetes, which includes inflammation of the blood vessel walls, heart
valve defects, and aging.<br>Xeno Factors and Brain Protection<br>An
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Xeno factors (resveratrol
and polyphenols) are known to significantly help prevent and clot
formation within blood vessels in animals. Their effects as an
antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, a blood vessel dilator, and an
inhibitor of clot formation all should contribute to a reduction in brain
attacks. According to Joseph Maroon Ph.D.<br>Do These Polyphenols Protect
Before and After a Brain Attack<br>Knowing that these polyphenols like
resveratrol help the heart recover from the injury of a heart attack,
scientists were curious about the ability of these compounds to protect
the brain cells before and after a stroke. Numerous studies both with
cultured brain cells and in live animals have now demonstrated that
various xeno factors can protect animals brain cells<br>Studies Prove
Resveratrols Effectiveness<br>In studies done with rats pretreatment and
concurrent treatment with resveratrol significantly reduced the size of
dead tissue in rats after a major brain artery blockage.<br>January 2007
Studies on Resveratrol<br>Studies done on albino male rats with brain
trauma into three groups-an untreated control group and two treatment
groups-using different doses of resveratrol. They concluded that
resveratrol administered immediately after a traumatic brain injury
decreased the amount of free-radical damage and also significantly
reduced the area of tissue damage.<br>Resveratrol as a
Neuroprotective<br>Investigators have also found that resveratrol may be
neuroprotective in the spinal cord following injury. In 2004 researcher
Ugursay Kiziltepe reported in the Journal of Vascular Surgery that
Resveratrol protected the spinal cord from damage by enhancing energy
metabolism and decreasing the injury to axons and myelin.<br>Axons, the
projections from a nerve cell, connect with other neurons and are
insulated by a white material called myelin.</p>
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