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					   Officer Learning Continuum
                     01-03 Primary                                     03-04 Intermediate                       05-06 Senior
Education/DUINS      Officer Indoctrination School                     Command & Staff College                  War Colleges (full-time and off-campus)
                     Amphibious Warfare School                         Baylor                                   Command & Staff College
NSHS                 Outservice Training                               Outservice Training (Masters/PhD)        Industrial College of the Armed Forces
                     Baylor                                            Tuitition Assistance/after hour degree
                     Monterey NPS                                      Monterey NPS
Short Courses        Basic Leadership Courses                          Intermediate Leadership                  Advanced Officer, (PXO) Leadership
                     C-4, NMCOD (Org development),                     Joint Planners                           Executive Medicine Education
                     Fleet Hospital/Hospital Ship                      Advanced Officer (non XO)                SMRCC
                     Management Development                                                                     Senior Military Justice
                                                                                                                Interagency Instit.Fed'l Healthcare Exec.
                                                                                                                MHS CAPSTONE

Focus of:            Military Protocols/Courtesies: Pride & Professionalism, Customs, Navy Core Values          Staff Development/Mentoring
Military Education   Military Organization: Chain of Command , DOD Organization, Joint Service Integration      Command Mission/Vision
(competencies        Leadership: Planning Skills, Teamwork, Prote'ge, Prioritization                            Command Policies/Philosophies
developed)           Staff Skills: Communication, Electronic Media, Navy Correspondence, Admin. Mgmt.           Command Skills (CO/XO)
                                   Personnel Mgmt., Contracting & Outsourcing                                   Exec. Medicine Competencies
Link                                                                                                            Strategic Planning

Joint                Military Introduction, U.S. Armed Forces Capabilities                                      Joint Services Doctrine
                     Military Health System Organization                                                        National/International Health Affairs

Billets              Assistant Division Officer,                       Department Head                          Director
                     Division Officer, Staff Officer,                  Officer In Charge                        Officer In Charge
                     Section Leader, Detachment                        Intermediate Staff                       Senior Staff Officer
                     Commander                                         Joint/operational staff                  Joint/operational staff
                                                                       Company Commander                        CO/XO (2XXX positions)
  Years of        2        4         6         8   10    12        14       16       18     20         22      24     26   28   30
 Promotion       ENS                                    LCDR
                       LTjg                                                       CDR
                                     LT                                                                       CAPT

 Mentorship                                                                                  Provide Mentorship
                 Choose your mentors

                 Patient Admin Course            Professional Activity
  Specialty                                                          Asst Specialty Leader/Specialty Leader
 competency             Board Cert in Healthcare Mgmt or Admin
                                                                           SME: National Professional Assoc
                         BMDOC             MEDREG/POMI/FMMTC                                               Capstone
  Naval               C4/Disaster Management                                       AMDOC
Competency                                                                                  Inter Agency
                                               Command & Staff
 Leadership           Flt Hospital                          Any Service War College
  Courses                                                          Serve on Board Any Capacity

                                   Master Degree
  Education                                                                             PhD/MD
                           DUINS/Internship/Director Programs
                         Lg/Teaching MTF as DIVO           Dept Hd Lg or Teaching MTF
                         Sm/Med MTF (CONUS or                       DFA/OIC
 Preference               OCONUS) as Dept Head
                          HQ/BUMED or NAVMED                  Director BUMED PAD
Duty Stations
                                                               Executive Medicine

                         MAO Carrier or AMPHIB
Alternate Duty          CASEVACOfficer/GPMRC
 (on and off                                                                     Disaster Management
                                           Bus Case Analysis
    ramps)          RVU                                                          Information Mngt
                                         Preparing Business Plan
                 Clinic Mngt
  Business                       Analytical Decision Making                                 Project Management
                                                                        Financial Management
MSC All HCA Roadmap

                      DUINS – Further
                      specialization of HCA in
                      technical filed
MSC All HCA Roadmap
                        Navy Medical Department Officer Executive Medicine Matrix - Draft 19 OCT 2000
                    TREATMENT                       EDUCATION/ACADEM
                                                                                                  RESEARCH                          OPERATIONAL                               OTHERS

                                                                                                  NMRC-CO/XO                        FSSG, MEFS, USMC,                   NOMI-CO/XO
                                                             NSHS-CO/XO                           NHRC-CO/XO                    CINCLANTFLT, CINCPACFLT,
                   CO/XO Hospitals,                                                                                                  2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, Flt
                                                       NHCorps School-CO/XO                     NAMRU-2 & 3-CO/XO
                   Dental Facilities,                BUMED-various staff positions                NSMRL-CO/XO                         Surgeons/Dentists,                   NOSTRA
  BILLETS          Clinic Commands                    Dir., Naval Dental Postgrad                 NAMRL-CO/XO                     CINCUSNAVEUR, CNSRF                      HSO-OIC
                                                                School                             NDRI-CO/XO                   NORLEANS, MARFORLANT,
                     some NACCs                       Flt. Medical Service School               NHRC-EMRDET-OIC                     JAWP, MARFORPAC,                     OP-093-staff
                      (list NACCs)                    NSHS-various staff positions                NMRCDET-OIC                          Fleet Hospitals                   BUMED-staff
                                                                                                NHRC-TOXDET-OIC                         Hospital Ships                Lead Agent-Director
                                                                                                                                                                        Navy IG, OSD
                      Interagency Istitute,                                                     PhD in research field,          Operational Medicine Courses,
                                                     Masters in Education, SMRCC,                      SMRCC,                          Service Colleges,                         SMRCC  ,
                       MHS Capstone     ,             Interagency Institute, Senior             Interagency Institute,                      SMRCC,                         Interagency Istitute,
                Senior Officer Course in Military   Officer Course in Military Justice,    Senior Officer Course in Military    Senior Officer Course in Military            MHS Capstone,
 EDUCATION                  Justice ,               Senior Officer Leadership Training                  Justice,                             Justice,                Senior Officer Course in Military
               Senior Officer Leadership Training               continuum                 Senior Officer Leadership Training   Senior Officer Leadership Training                 Justice,
                     Continuum, Graduate                  Instructor experience                       Continuum,                           Continuum,               Senior Officer Leadership Training
                    managementeducation,              CO/XO Shore Station Course             Graduate mgmt education            Joint Medical Planners Course,                  Continuum,
                       Service Colleges,                                                    CO/XO Shore Station Course           CO/XO Shore Station Course           CO/XO Shore Station Course
                 CO/XO Shore Station Course

                                                      Residency/program director,                                                FMF, SMO, SMDO,
                       Directors at MTF               Specialty Leader, Dept Hd in         Dept HD at Research                                                          Variety of levels of
                   OIC of large branch clinics                                                                                  SNO, MAO, Med/Den
                                                                                               Commands                                                                responsibility within
               Granch Directors of Dental Clinics
                                                       teaching facilities, Dir. GME,                                                     Bn
                                                      Dept Hd NSHS, Dept                  Research assignments,                                                         medical , research
               Dept. Hds of Large complex depts.                                                                                  Flt Surgical Team
               BUMED/TRICARE/PERS and other            HD Educ in large                    Tour at N931, N911,                                                               facilities
                      similar staff positions
                                                                                                                                Component or Unified                          EPMU
                                                       teaching facilities                   BUMED or ONR
                Evaluate which of the 40 EME         Evaluate which of the 40 EME          Evaluate which of the 40 EME         Evaluate which of the 40 EME         Evaluate which of the 40 EME
               Competencies you've met: link to     Competencies you've met: link to      Competencies you've met: link to     Competencies you've met: link to     Competencies you've met: link to
COMPETENCIES      NSHS Executive Medicine              NSHS Executive Medicine               NSHS Executive Medicine              NSHS Executive Medicine              NSHS Executive Medicine
                Competencies NSHS EME Link           Competencies NSHS EME Link            Competencies NSHS EME Link           Competencies NSHS EME Link           Competencies NSHS EME Link
                 Active Professional Affiliation      Active Professional Affiliation       Active Professional Affiliation      Active Professional Affiliation      Active Professional Affiliation
        40 Competencies
     Competency Based System
• Primary knowledge, skills, abilities,
  attitudes determined necessary for
  successful command
• Applicable to all services
• Required prior to assumption of duty
• Validated every 3 years
          Congressional Mandate
Congressional Direction: H.R. 251, SEC 8096, 3 Jan 1991: None of the funds
  appropriated in the Act may be used to fill the commander’s position at
  any medical treatment facility with a health care professional unless the
  prospective candidate can demonstrate professional administrative
  skills. The direction was broadened in 1998 when Managed Care (MC)
  Coordinators and Deputies were added.

Joint Statement of Managers: H.R. Ret 102-328, pp. 198-199: Formal training
   should be established to ensure that all commanders have consistent skills
   necessary for this important, complex task.

Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute: hosted by the AMEDD Center and
   School at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The Joint Medical Executive Skills
   Program began with studies in 1991/1992, and continues under the
   supervision of the TRICARE Management Activity and the oversight of the
   JMESP Oversight committee.
                 Military Medical Readiness Competencies
Medical Doctrine                                  Information Management and Technology
   Military Mission                           Ethics in the Health Care Environment
   Joint Operations and Combined Operations       Competencies
   Total Force Management                         Ethical Decision-Making
   NDMS Management/Department of Veterans         Personal and Professional Ethics
   Affairs Role                                   Bioethics
   Medical Readiness Training                     Organizational Ethics
   Contingency Planning
                                              Individual and Organizational Behavior
General Management Competencies                   Competencies
   Strategic Planning                             Individual Behavior
   Organizational Design                          Group Dynamics
   Decision Making                                Conflict Resolution
   Change and Innovation                          Communication
   Leadership                                     Public Speaking
Health Law and Policy Competencies                Public and Media Relations
   Public Law                                 Clinical Understanding Competencies
   Medical Liability                              Epidemiological Methods
   Medical Staff By-Laws                          Clinical Investigation
   Regulations                                    Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems
   External Accreditation
                                              Performance Measurement Competencies
Health Resources Allocation and Management
   Competencies                                   Quality Management
                                                  Quantitative Analysis
   Financial Management                           Outcome Measurements
   Human Resource Management                      Patient Safety
   Labor-Management Relations
   Materiel Management
                                              Italics designate the Managed Care Competencies (Navy
   Facilities Management                            only)
    JMESI Products and Services
•   40 competencies
•   Core Curriculum
•   Competency Catalog
•   Capstone Symposium
•   Distance Learning Modules
•   Website or
Core Curriculum
Course Catalog
          Capstone Symposium
• Established in 1998           – Higher level speakers
   – Senior 06-07s, MTF         – Community of Practice
                                – CME/CEU/ACHE/AMAA
   – To date 360 graduates
                             • 2004
• 2002
   – Changed name to            – Moved site
     symposium                  – Blended learning
   – Objectives                 – Roundtable discussions
   – Added a VA seat            – Coast Guard seat
• 2003                       • 2005
   – Complete curriculum        – Leadership staff ride
   – Added USPHS seat
Since 21 June 2003
646 Navy Students
3042 Applications
81% Completion Rate
1300 Hours of CEU
        Navy Data Base
E-Learning on NKO




Defense Medical Human Resource System - Internet
       Where To Go From Here
•   Honestly assess your needs
•   Locate those that can help
•   Set goals
•   Design a program
•   Act
•   Follow up

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