It’s all about Two Stroke Engine and Four Stroke Engines

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					Both Two Stroke and Four Stroke engines are used with all different
applications. Below is the note containing all information regarding both
type of engines.

Two-Stroke Engine:

In 1881, one Scottish engineer Dugald Clerk invested two-stroke cycle.
However lots of addition and modification done later on with the original
two-stroke cycle.

A two-stroke engine completes the thermodynamic cycle in two movements of
the piston. It is twice in number than Four-Stroke Engine. This is
accomplished by using the beginning of the compression stroke and the end
of the combustion stroke to perform simultaneously the intake and exhaust
functions. In this way two-stroke engines often provide strikingly high
specific power.

Two Stroke Engines were very popular in early 20th century in small
engine vehicles like chainsaws and outboard motors. It was also used in
few motorcycles, tractors, ships and cars.

Two Stroke Engines are still in used for small specialized machine
applications like small capacity vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds,
scooters and small carts.

Four-Stroke Engine
Nowadays in most of vehicles four stroke engines are used. It includes
all the vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, aircrafts, machinery
used at construction sites. Four Stroke engines have mostly replaced two
stroke engines nowadays.

The four strokes are intake, compression, combustion (power), and exhaust
strokes. Details of all four strokes are as below.

1.    Intake:
In this stroke of Piston, it descends from the top of the cylinder to the
bottom of the cylinder, reducing the pressure inside the cylinder. A
mixture of fuel and air is forced by atmospheric pressure into the
cylinder through the intake port. After that the intake valve(s) close.

2.    Compression:
This is called compression stroke in which both both intake and exhaust
valves closed and piston returns to the top of the cylinder to compress
the fuel and air mixture.

3.    Power:
The Power stroke is the main source of engine’s torque and power. While
the piston is close to Top Dead Center, the compressed air–fuel mixture
is ignited, usually by a spark plug or by the heat and pressure of
compression. The resulting massive pressure from the combustion of the
compressed fuel-air mixture drives the piston back down toward bottom
dead center with tremendous force.

4.    Exhaust:
It is the fourth stroke. In this the piston once again returns to top
dead center while the exhaust valve is open.

This is all about Two-Stroke Engine and Four-Stroke Engine.

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