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                      Updated 2/17/2009
                       Connecticut Yankee Council, Boy Scouts of America
                                District Project Sales Chairman
                                         Job Description

1. Accept the responsibility of raising a total value of $____________ through budgeted projects.
2. Build an organization by recruiting two to five project sales team members.
3. Attend council information and orientation meetings.
4. Conduct an orientation meeting with district team members to:
        a) Build a prospect list and identify special interests of prospects.
        b) Assign prospects and specific projects to team members.
        c) Provide team members with timetable and project sales materials.
5. Conduct team meetings as necessary.
6. Ensure that the project sales effort keeps on schedule.
7. Arrange for the presentation of recognition items to contributors.
8. Thank team members for their work and accomplishments.


As with any charitable organization, Scouting            operating support. In fact, many councils find it
survives and grows because of gifts from its             as practical and effective to conduct a project
friends and supporters. In its early years,              sales campaign as to conduct a Friends of
Scouting got the materials it needed to                  Scouting campaign, a special event or activity,
administer the Scouting program and build                or use other council fund-raising strategies.
camp facilities from the generosity of                   Project sales continue to take two forms: gifts-
merchants, manufacturers, and suppliers in that          in-kind and specific project support.
community. Lumber, paint, hardware, and
medical supplies were contributed in support of
Scouting. New and used office equipment,                                   Gifts-in-Kind
computer paper, and other supplies always
found their way into new and renovated council           Gifts-in-kind -- a council accepts a gift of goods
service centers. It seemed that almost everyone          and services, rather than cash. The best gifts are
in town tried to help ensure the success of              gifts of goods and services that the council
Scouting in that community.                              would have needed to purchase in any event;
                                                         these types of gifts provide “budget relief” for
As councils grew, their needs also grew.                 the council. But even gifts that are not
Councils did a better job identifying their needs,       immediately needed for council purposes can be
figuring out their costs, and finding donors to          sold, traded, or kept for future needs (assuming
help the council purchase the product or service.        that storage costs, insurance, liability, etc. don’t
Sometimes, they received these gifts every year;         become issues).
other times, the gifts were just one-time
contributions. But it worked well for capital and
operating needs.
This is termed project sales. It continues to
grow in size and importance for capital and
            Specific Project Support                       something specific that matches their personal
                                                           interests and ability to give. Every donor – but
Specific project support is where the council              especially new donors – want to know where
identifies and attempts to “sell” specific, line-          their money goes and what it is used for. If the
item costs for a particular program or activity.           donation is used for something of particular
The costs are separated and written up as a                interest to the donor – even better.
“project” for potential donors (or underwriters,
in some cases). This helps donors understand
exactly what they’re asked to support, and how                  People Will Not Always Contribute
much it will cost.
                                                           People will not always contribute to an
This, too, is an excellent way to match donor              operating budget through a general campaign.
interests with specific needs and expenses that            That’s obvious, but even some donors who love
are already a part of a council’s operating                Scouting feel that their small gifts will just get
budget.                                                    lost in a big bucket. Those donors need a little
                                                           more reassurance about their gift and, in
                                                           particular, want to see it used for a specific
      Upgrading Current Contributors                       purpose or used in a particular program. “I am
                                                           not going to give any money to the council just
The opportunity to upgrade current contributors            so it can be spent on salaries.” Sound familiar?
is one of the most important reasons to conduct            These donors especially see their gift as an
a project sales campaign. Many councils find               investment in Scouting; by seeing how their gift
that some Friends of Scouting donors are                   is used, this is their “return on investment.”
interested in giving larger gifts if we appeal to
their specific areas of interest. (This assumes
that their current low level of giving is not just                    Project Sales Committee
because the wrong person is calling on the
donor). Thus, the project sales approach is for            The council project sales committee should be a
donors who you think can substantially increase            subcommittee of the council finance committee
their gifts – if they just had the right motivation.       – just like the Friends of Scouting, planned
This is particularly good for donors who may               giving, special events, and product sales
find it easier and cheaper for them to make a              committees. The committee chairman should be
large, gift-in-kind contribution instead of a              able to recruit others with:
smaller cash gift. For instance, if an office                   a) Sales abilities
supply store now donates $100/year to a Friends                 b) Knowledge of people, and
of Scouting campaign, they may prefer to give                   c) Project sales skills.
the council $250/year worth of paper. Or                    The committee should focus on project sales
perhaps a board member who loves fishing                    efforts during a specific time of the year. Also
would rather donate to your camp needed                     select a project sales chairman for each district.
fishing equipment that is worth far more than               The primary function of the committee is to
his or her current cash contribution.                       develop prospects and match them with
                                                            projects. All prospects for potential projects
                                                            must be cleared with the council before any of
                 New Prospects                              them are approached for gifts.

Project sales are also very helpful in finding
new prospect s for council gifts. Potential
donors are not simply asked to give cash to the
operating budget – they are asked to fund

           Gifts-in-Kind Donations                       Items received as gifts-in-kind must be properly
                                                         reported and journalized by the council
Gifts-in-kind are items received by councils in          accountant, and a report filed by the council
lieu of cash. In most cases, these are items that        bookkeeper for the council audit.
the council would have purchased if they hadn’t
been donated. A council needs to be certain that
all gifts in-kind are budget relief – even if the                Additional Gifts to the Council
council doesn’t need the donated item, but can
sell it or trade it. For example, if the council         \Gifts-in-kind are a great way for donors to
receives a gift of copier paper, that’s budget           make additional gifts above and beyond their
relief. If the council receives a new printer it         current cash support. Most in-kind donors make
doesn’t need, but can sell it or exchange it for         larger gifts than they could (or would want to)
something else, that’s also budget relief. Local         give you in cash. Also, when a donor’s first gift
councils are not in the appraisal business. Thus,        to Scouting is an in-kind donation, future gifts
gift receipts to donors should not state a market        from that donor tend to become gifts of cash.
value for any gift-in-kind. I t is the donor’s
responsibility to document the value of the gift.        In many cases, a gift-in-kind is the best strategy
It is also the donor’s responsibility to properly        for approaching certain donors. This is
classify the deduction as either a charitable            especially true if the prospect is in the business
deduction or a business expense (most                    of selling products, equipment, or services that
companies will claim the latter). The IRS only           your council would otherwise purchase.
expects the local council to provide a receipt           Another benefit for these donors is that their
that shows the date of the gift, and describes the       cost for the product or service is often
donated item but does not value it.                      substantially less than its value. For example, a
                                                         gift of software valued at $500 may have only
                                                         cost the donor $75.

                                        Sample Project
                              Gasoline for Summer Camp
                                    A project of ($ amount)

Connecticut Yankee Council                                        Boy Scouts of America

                               Especially prepared for ________

The Connecticut Yankee Council of the Boy Scouts of America serves more than 25,000 young
people annually in 37 communities in Fairfield, New Haven and Southern Hartford
Counties in Connecticut. To support these youth members with a quality outdoor program,
your council owns and operates two summer camp facilities, Camp Sequassen and Deer Lake.

Last summer, these two camp properties served over 3,000 young people. In addition, the
camps were used by an additional 10,000 youth during the off-season from the 37 communities.
This additional usage included schoolchildren who participated in a supplemental outdoor
education program.

To maintain these two properties on a year-round basis, the Connecticut Yankee Council owns
and operates two backhoes, three tractors, two pickups, and one flatbed truck. This vehicle
operation requires more than (# of gallons) of unleaded gasoline annually.

In order for the Connecticut Yankee Council to continue to provide a quality camping program,
we respectfully request a gift of 1,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline at a value of ($ amount).

Accepted by ________ Amount $ ________

Signature ________ By date of ________

CONNECTICUT YANKEE COUNCIL                                            BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

                                          Camp Needs

Underwrite Camp Staff Positions                                                    $900-$8,000 ea.
Our Council operates six weeks of Boy Scout Resident Camp and nine weeks of Cub Day Camp
each year. About 80 adult and youth Scouters are hired to staff key positions at these Council
Camps. Positions filled include Camp Directors, Program Directors, Camp Nurses, Chaplain,
Shooting Sports Directors, Waterfront Directors, Outdoor Skills Area Directors, Handicraft
Directors, and numerous assistants/instructors. Specific positions priced upon request.

Annual Cub Scout Day Camp Brochure (11,500 copies)                                        $3,500
Annual Cub Scout/Webelos Resident Camp Brochure (14,000 copies)                           $1,200
Annual Boy Scout Summer Camp (14,000 copies)                                              $1,200
All Scouting Families are mailed a colorful brochure featuring programs offered at Council
summer camps. Summer camp gives each Scout the opportunity to practice skills learned at
weekly meetings and to develop social skills and relationships with other Scouts with diverse
backgrounds. Scouts live by the values and standards they pledge themselves to as members of
the Boy Scouts of America.

Campership Assistance
To help needy youth attend a week of Boy Scout Resident Camp, Cub Scout Day Camp, Cub
Scout/Webelos Scout Resident Camp, and other special activities, and program opportunities.
Underwrite the Council’s annual campership allocation of $25,000 or fund a Scout’s
participation (see rates below):
                a. Cub Scout Day Camp
                        $185.00 to send one Cub Scout to Day Camp for five days
                b. Cub Scout/Webelos Scout Resident Camp
                        $265.00 to send one Cub Scout to Resident Camp for 4 days
                        $215.00 to send one Webelos Scout to Resident Camp for 3 days
                c. Boy Scout Summer Camp
                         $305.00 to send a Boy Scout to Summer Camp for one week
Camp Patches
To purchase patches for participants in the Council’s annual BS resident camp: $2,500
                                                             CS resident camp: $1,050
                                                             Cub Day camp: $ 750

Camp Sequassen Resident Camp                                                              $7,000
To purchase supplies to support Scoutcraft and skill development programs in resident and non-
resident camps. These items will be used to restock depleted supplies or replace unserviceable
equipment including 5,000 feet ¼” rope, 288 arrows, 1 archery back-stop, 20 paddles/oars, 20
personal flotation devices, leather/woodworking tools, 15 compasses, 10 cooking kits, 2,000 12
gauge shotgun shells, 5000 clay targets, 20,000 .22 caliber bullets, 75,000 BB’s, etc.

Equipment Rental                                                                             $500
To underwrite one year’s cost of renting/operating heavy equipment required to accomplish
major projects at camp properties, such as excavators, stump grinders, chippers, ditch diggers,
and mowers.

Water Tests                                                                         $960
To underwrite quarterly water tests at each of the Council’s four Camps (20 Water Tests at $60

Camp Site Upgrade Kit                                                              $970
Includes two mattresses, two cots, platform and a tent w/frame.

First Aid Supplies – Day Camps & Resident Camps                                     $1,200
Keeping 2,500+ Scouts and Scouters healthy and active despite the usual aches, pains, bumps
and scratches requires topical, medicines, band-aids and a caring health care practitioner.

Popcorn Sale Projects
Top Seller Council Prize (1) – Broadway Package = Approx. $800
Top Seller District Prize (6) – Week of Camp = $185 each (Cub Scout) - $325 each (Boy Scout)
$750 Club Prize (125) – 4 Packs to Lake Compounce = $100 each
“I Filled it Up” Prizes (6) – $50 each
Popcorn – $250,000
Trails End Prizes – $15,000
UCONN Tickets – $2,500-$5,000
UCONN Hats – $1,500
UCONN Shirts – $2,500

                    Camp Sequassen Resident Camp Miscellaneous Supplies

Item                                               Quantity                Cost
Paper hand towel                                                           $800
Toilet tissue                                                              $400
Dining Hall paper supplies (plates, cups, napkins,…)                      $2,000
Office supplies                                                            $500
Dishwashing detergent                                                      $700
Copier                                                                     $800
Cots                                        100 @ $60 ea.                 $6,000
Tent rental                                                                $600
Porto-johns                                                               $3,700
Mannequin face shields                              4 @ $60                $240
Fuel oil                                                                  $3,300
Telephone service                                                          $700
Gasoline                                                                  $1,800
Electricity                                                               $8,000
Staff uniforms                                     50 @ $80               $4,000
Cleaning supplies, sanitizers                                              $400
Personal flotation devices (PFD)                   12 @ $30                $360
Radio batteries                                     6 @ $40                $240
Mattresses                                  100 @ $40 ea.                 $4,000
Mattress Covers                                     3 dozen                $600
Rope 1/4 " x 600'                                                          $150
Service Contracts
   Fire Extinguishers                                                      $400
   Kitchen hood                                                            $400
   Kitchen stoves                                                          $500
   Septic system                                                          $1,000
   Cooler/Freezer                                                          $300
   Dumpster Fees                                                          $2,000

Item                                      Quantity     Cost
Camp license fees                                     $600
West Hill Lake Assoc. Fee                              $20
BB's                                        75,000    $200
Arrows                                         288    $450
Bows                                       6 @ $80    $480
Shotgun shells                     100 boxes @ $6     $600
Clay targets                       50 boxes @ $15     $750
Climbing/COPE equipment                              $2,500
Kayaks                                    3 @ $275    $825
Pitchers                                   20 @ $5    $100
Flatware                                              $100
Service ware                                          $250
Program expendables - Boy Scouts                     $3,500
Program expendables - Cub Scouts                     $2,000
Truck tires                               4 @ $200    $800

                                Summer Camp Food
Item                                  Quantity - *      Cost
Salami Genoa                                     5   $100.90
Mayonnaise                                       7   $103.15
Bun hamburger plain                              6   $104.62
Celery diced                                     4   $106.17
Detergent hand liquid                            4   $107.21
Chip potato regular                            21    $108.36
Coffee - 100% Columbian                          1   $108.88
Dressing - creamy Italian                        5   $117.70
Mix gravy brown                                  5   $118.64
Dressing - Italian mix                           4   $122.80
Bread - white Pullman                            6   $124.26
Onion diced 3/8" yellow                        11    $127.27
Applesauce                                       7   $127.68
Sauce sweet and sour                             8   $129.44
Oil olive blend                                  5   $131.30
Pickle slices - dill                             6   $135.18
Mix - cake white                                 3   $135.45
Cheese parmesan grated                           9   $139.05
Pepper green bell med. Fresh                     5   $140.23
Rice Mexican fiesta                              6   $142.34
Cereal - cheerio bowl pack                       6   $149.04
Chip potato regular                            10    $150.00
Vegetable blend Italian green                    6   $150.41
Popsicle assorted                              20    $152.80
Mayonnaise packet foil                           7   $153.47
Chip tortilla round yellow                     25    $159.25
Pea green                                        8   $164.40
Pasta rotini garden                              9   $169.11
Bread - garlic                                   5   $174.45
Sauce - BBQ                                      6   $174.72
Cup foam 12 oz                                   9   $174.98
Margarine                                      14    $175.06
Bean refried vegetarian                          7   $179.67
Cabbage shred                                  14    $180.74
Orange Valencia                                10    $191.01
Bean baked new eng style                       11    $201.19
Bean green cut                                 10    $201.60
Chicken breast w/stuffing                        5   $215.51
Cake - choc mousse 10"                           4   $217.72
Icing choc fudge                                 5   $224.80
Icing vanilla cream                              5   $225.18
Potato - mashed instant                          6   $227.30
Cereal Cap'n Crunch bowl pack                  10    $236.50
Apple red delicious                              8   $237.06
Chicken patty – heat & serve                   16    $238.24

Item                                 Quantity - *      Cost
Lid foil f/full steam pan                     12    $238.40
Potato diced                                  16    $239.04
Pasta noodle egg                              18    $244.26
Topping whipped non-dairy                       9   $247.56
Mix seasoning taco                            14    $249.98
Mix cake - chocolate                            6   $256.47
Salsa chunky mild authentic                     7   $272.30
Butter - solid                                  5   $276.93
Cereal special k bowl pack                    10    $280.20
Juice base apple pure 100%                      8   $283.52
Syrup pancake & waffle                        23    $290.97
Pasta penne rigate                            24    $291.12
Potato fry oven ready                         20    $296.00
Vegetable mix                                 14    $297.27
Potato tater barrel                           18    $304.56
Mix cake - gingerbread                          6   $307.92
Cereal corn flake bowl pack                   11    $307.99
Margarine spread cup                          23    $310.98
Brownie mix - fudge                             6   $313.44
Napkin 1/4f 11.5x13 1 ply                     10    $324.91
Sauce spaghetti marinara                      12    $333.60
Beef - rib eye boneless                         1   $336.52
Sauce mix cheese                                7   $336.91
Pasta macaroni elbow                          16    $338.70
Sauce spaghetti Italian                       14    $343.94
Cheese cheddar shred                          10    $347.84
Peach fresh                                   16    $354.68
Donut asst                                    15    $360.32
Cereal cheerio honey nut bowl pack            13    $365.04
Plate foam pearl 10 in                        11    $371.91
Lettuce romaine fresh                         10    $385.30
Drink mix grapeade                            27    $395.01
Cereal raisin bran bowl pack                  15    $420.30
Banana grn tip fresh                          29    $451.78
Beef - tender                                   1   $455.89
Butter cup soft                               25    $461.50
Ketchup squeeze bottle plastic                19    $462.61
Beef steak philly raw                         14    $464.94
Juice base grape 100%                         11    $481.28
Mix pancake buttermilk golden                 25    $498.94
Drink mix orangeade                           34    $500.78
Filling blueberry                               8   $506.91
Melon watermelon whole fresh                  48    $507.36
Cereal frosted flake bowl pack                19    $524.65
Muffin blueberry                              31    $538.26
Cereal froot loop bowl pack                   19    $544.59
Salad fruit combo                             14    $549.16
Cereal cocoa krispy bowl pack                 20    $573.70
Tortilla flour                                30    $573.93
Lettuce iceberg                               31    $586.92

Item                                  Quantity - *                  Cost
Cheese cream plain cup                         38                 $588.52
Cookie choc chip                               36                 $610.72
Ice cream bar sundae strawberry                53                 $649.54
Tart shell                                     41                 $649.81
Pan foil steam 4" deep                         20                 $665.30
Corn cob petite                                35                 $693.99
Stuffing mix chicken                           14                 $704.48
Frank all-beef                                 41                 $711.76
Cheese - American                              20                 $748.64
Meatball Italian                               50                 $752.94
Cocoa mix instant                              19                 $800.49
Tomato bulk                                    30                 $865.75
Ice cream bar chocolate sundae                 72                 $881.80
Ham boneless hickory smoked                    28               $1,000.59
Drink mix fruit punch                          71               $1,059.85
Chicken breast strip                           24               $1,110.12
Chicken breast patty                           50               $1,113.22
Dough bread Italian                            66               $1,139.56
Bagel plain                                    60               $1,145.58
Potato red                                     45               $1,185.67
Plum fresh                                     28               $1,206.97
Beef ground bulk                               22               $1,395.85
Sausage pork link                              72               $1,409.08
Pizza cheese                                  127               $1,815.88
Beef patty pub burger                          79               $2,316.75
Pork loin boneless                             20               $2,371.68
Egg whole liquid fresh                         65               $2,387.01
Chicken breast strip                          106               $2,661.67
Turkey breast                                  55               $2,889.36
Beef round                                     67               $3,153.33
Chicken breaded                                85               $3,625.38

*-Minimum quantity should be sufficient to prepare 320 meals.

                               Cub Scout Day Camp Supplies

Item                                     Amount Needed              Approx. Value    Needed

Archery Targets & Facings                             2                   $300       June
Arrows                                                1 Gross             $250       June
Brochures                                            11,500 pieces        $2,400     December
Brochure Mailing                                     11,500 pieces        $900       January
Camp Shirts (Youth)                                    800                $3200      June
Camp Shirts (Adult Staff)                              300                $2400      June
Camp Shirts (Youth Staff)                              75                 $400       June

Cook-out Supplies (Hot dogs, rolls, condiments)    Enough for approx. 1,600 people   July
      - PNA – about 258 people                                                       July
      - Albertus Magnus – about 108 people                                           July
      - Eisenhower Park – about 258 people                                           July
      - Old Mine Park – about 459 people                                             July
      - Hoyt S.R. – about 359 people                                                 August
      - Camp Seton – about 128 people                                                August

Dumpster Rental @ Eisenhower Park                                         N/A        July
Dumpster Rental @ Old Mine Park                                           N/A        July
Dumpster Rental @ Hoyt S.R.                                               N/A        August
Patches                                                   800             $850       June
Pop-Up Shelters                                           5–6             N/A        June
Portable Toilet @ PNA Park                                4               $400       July
Portable Toilet @ Albertus Magnus                         2               $250       July
Portable Toilet @ Eisenhower Park                         6               $550       July
Portable Toilet @ Old Mine Park                           13              $1525      July
Portable Toilet @ Hoyt S.R.                               4               $555       August
Propane Canisters                                         2 – 4 Dozen     N/A        June
Refrigerator Thermometers                                 16 – 20         N/A        June
Refrigerator Rental @ Eisenhower Park                     2               $100       July
12 x 12 Tarps                                             2               N/A        June
Water Bottles                                              650            $650       June

                                      Training/Skill Development

Adult Boy Scout Leader Training                                                           $4,800
Six Boy Scout Leader Training courses are held each year. Boy Scout leaders are expected to
attend hours of training conducted by experienced Scouters according to the BSA syllabus. The
course consists of seminars, lectures, and an overnight practical where students apply the
knowledge and skills they learned. Graduates are prepared to assist in the development of Scouts
using the Scouting method. Scouting’s record for reaching boys at a critical time in their
development is sustained by this essential adult course. Boy Scout Leader Training is conducted
for 240 adults each year.

Training Awards                                                                             $2,000
Certificates, pocket cards, training kits, syllabi, and uniform knots. These awards are provided to
volunteers who complete qualifying schools or experience and tangibly recognize leader

Youth Leader Training Course                                                                $16,575
This would provide an opportunity for 65 Scouts to attend a weeklong YLT course. Each year
the Council Training Committee conducts two leadership courses for Scouts who either hold or
are eligible for troop leadership positions. This course prepares Scouts to effectively serve in key
youth leadership positions and to better assist the adult leaders in managing the affairs and
activities of the troop. Highly qualified youth conduct classes according to BSA National
syllabus. Graduates of the course serve as instructors in the Council’s YLT.

National Advanced Youth Leader Experience                                                   $6,000

This helps underwrite the cost of NYLT at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. This is an
excellent opportunity for young men to develop leadership skills they can use at the troop level
and for their entire lives. This would underwrite the cost of five youth.

Adult Cub Scout Leadership Training                                                     $2,500
Cub Scout leader courses are conducted year-round. All adult volunteers are encouraged to
attend this course to develop the confidence and skills to deliver fun, developmental programs
for boys in the 1st through 5th grades. Courses are taught by experienced, qualified adult
volunteers to small groups of unit leaders. Graduates prepare for their first meeting and
everything that follows. 18 Cub Scout leader training courses to train 450 new volunteers are
funded by this gift. Each course cost about $125.

                                 Marketing / Public Relations

The Scouter                                                                       $5,000 ea.
The Council newsletter, The Scouter, is mailed to approximately 13,000 Scouting families
quarterly. The Scouter keeps Council volunteers informed on all aspects of the Council’s
operation, district events, camping and program updates, personal accomplishments, and other
items of interest. The Scouter holds us together.

Year 2009 Friends of Scouting Brochures                                                    $4,000
These 35,000 brochures are used to promote the annual giving campaign.

Urban Scoutreach Brochure                                                                  $2,000
To produce a brochure to promote the Urban Scoutreach Program. This program is for urban
youth that would not have the opportunity to be in a quality program if it was not for Scoutreach.

Donor Report & Donor Newsletters (“The Campsite”)                                        $7,500
There are three mailings each year at a cost of $2,500 for each mailings. These mailings help to
keep the corporate community and individual donors informed about the benefits of Scouting for
youth and citizens of their communities.

Learning for Life Brochure                                                                 $4,000
To produce a brochure to promote the Learning for Life Program. This is an in school program
designed to instill in young people the positive values of good character, citizenship, leadership,
and life skills.

Council Program Calendar                                                               $14,000
This is underwriting cost to produce 5,000 of the Council’s 18-month event calendar. The
Program Calendar is produced to assist volunteer leaders in scheduling unit activities and unit
participation in Council-sponsored events. The calendar ensures our entire community “gets the
word” on scheduled events and enables effective planning at the unit level.

Council Annual Report                                                                   $5,000
This is the underwriting cost to produce 1,500 of the Council’s 2008 Annual Report. The Annual
Report is produced each year to communicate to all our supporters the quality program that is
being offered.

“Drug Prevention 4 Teens”
This would purchase 1,000 Drug Abuse Prevention Guide books for Teens                      $3,000

Friends of Scouting – Scout Family Campaign

FOS Pens                                                                                   $1,000
FOS Patches                                                                                $2,000
FOS Ribbons                                                                                  $250
FOS Youth Patch                                                                            $2,000

                                 Field Related Project Sales

School Night / Fall Round-Up: Materials that are used as part of the School Night Recruitment
and the Fall Round-Up as well as items used to recognize youth and volunteer leaders for
recruiting new youth members.

                                   Quantity                Cost                         Value
Banners                                 8                 $50.00                          $400
Shirts                                 40                  $9.00                          $360
Recruiting Flyers                 250,000                  $.035                        $8,750
Recruiting Posters                  2,000                  $0.25                         $500
Recruiting Yard Signs                 500                  $3.00                        $1,500
   W/ Frames
Recruiting Postcards               20,000                    $0.05                      $1,000
Mailing to prospective Scouts                                                           $2,500
Recognition Lunch Boxes             1,000                    $2.00                      $2,000
Recognition Mugs                      500                    $4.75                      $2,375
Recognition Ribbons                   500                    $2.00                      $1,000
Recognition Stickers                1,000                    $1.00                      $1,000
Winner’s Circle Neckerchiefs          200                    $7.00                      $1,400
Winner’s Circle Ribbons               200                    $1.00                        $200
Tiger Mania Kits

                                     Quantity                                            Value
Drugs: A Deadly Game
Brochure and Leader/
Teacher Guides                     10,000                                              $20,000

Laminated Posters                     100                                                 $225

Support one Scout for one year in the Scouting program                                    $175

Support one patrol of 8 Scouts for one year in the program                              $1,400

Support one Urban Scoutreach Troop of 20 Scouts for one year                           $10,000

Support one in-school Learning for Life Group for one year                                $600
consisting of 20 participants

Support one Urban Scoutreach youth for one year                                           $500

Support an Urban Den or Patrol of eight Scouts for one year                             $4,000

Urban Troop Equipment                                                                   $6,750
For one Scoutreach Troop with 5 patrols this would include ten 4-man tents ($200 ea.); 5 patrol
boxes ($250 ea.); 30 backpacks ($50 ea.); 5 stoves w/tanks ($100 ea.); 6 gas lights ($50 ea.); 3
large flys w/stand ($200 ea.); and 30 individual cooking kits and canteens ($20 ea.).

                               Scoutreach Uniforms/Supplies

                            Quantity                   Cost      Value

 Cub Scout                    1,000                   $11.80   $11,800
 Webelos                        500                   $11.80    $5,900
 Boy Scout                      500                   $11.80    $5,900

 Cub Scout                    1,000                    $5.10    $5,100
 Webelos                        500                    $5.95    $2,975
 Boy Scout                      500                    $6.25    $3,125

Neckerchief Slides
 Cub Scout                    1,000                    $2.40    $2,400
 Webelos                        500                    $2.40    $1,200
 Boy Scout                      500                    $2.40    $1,200

 Cub Scout                    1,000                    $6.95    $6,950
 Webelos                        500                    $6.95    $3,475
 Boy Scout                    1,000                    $8.20    $4,100

Total Scout Uniform              1,000                $85.00   $85,000
(Shirt, Pants, Neckerchief, Slide, & Handbook)

Craft Projects               24,000                    $2.00   $48,000

Advancements and Awards         500                    $5.00    $2,500

Field Trips                    1,000               $15.00      $15,000
 Admissions (i.e. Cutters, Bluefish, Maritime Aquarium)

Transportation Cost              45                   $75.00    $2,000
 (to Camp, Field Trips)


Program Kick-Off                                                                           $2,500
Annually the volunteer Scouters come together to help develop a quality Scouting program for
the youth of the Connecticut Yankee Council. This underwriting cost includes printing, office
supplies, postage, and food for the 1,000 volunteers that participate in the Program Kick-Off.

Cub Scout Fishing Derby                                                                   $4,000
Covers the cost of 1,000 trout. Over 1,000 Scouts annually are introduced to the sport of fishing
at this annual Fishing Derby. Our well-stocked lagoon ensures every Scout goes home with a fish
story. The derby provides a special opportunity for everyone to develop fishing skills and have
family fun.

Good Turn for America—Scouts Can                                                       $1,300
Scouts collect deposit cans and bottles to raise money to build a home in collaboration with
Habitat for Humanity. Underwriting the programs includes publicity, participation patches and
campaign supplies.


District Award of Merit Recognition                                                     $600
$20 per Award. District Award of Merit (highest award presented by a district) for volunteers
who are recommended and selected by fellow volunteers for making outstanding contributions to
their community through service to youth.

Silver Beaver Recognition                                                         $500
The Silver Beaver is the highest BSA award presented by a local council. Recipients are
volunteer Scouters who have demonstrated extraordinary service in support of youth
development. Eight recognition kits are required each year.

Eagle Recognition Kits                                                                $6,000
Each year, over 225 young men earn the highest rank, Eagle Scout, and each is presented with
appropriate recognition of this achievement.

Volunteer Recognition for Fundraising                                                   $5,000
Good Scout luncheon/dinners, the sporting clay shoot and golf tournament all distribute awards
and/or trophies in recognition of individual achievements or honors.

Resource Center Needs

Office Supplies

8 ½ x 11” Copy Paper                       140 cases     $4,165.00
8 ½ x 14” Copy Paper                       14 reams       $101.50
11 x 17” Copy Paper                         6 reams         $65.94
8 ½ x 11” Assorted Color Copy Paper        15 reams         $97.05
8 ½ x 11” Card stock                       22 reams       $173.58

#10                                        27 boxes       $194.13
#10 window                                 17 boxes       $248.03
#6 ¾                                       22 boxes       $175.78
6x9                                        22 boxes       $173.58
9 x 12                                      5 boxes        $57.25
10 x 13                                     4 boxes        $47.96
11 ½ x 14 ½                                 1 box          $14.99
6 x 9 white gummed                          8 boxes       $135.92
9 x 12 white gummed                         3 boxes        $44.85
10 x 13 white gummed                        3 boxes        $38.97

Paper clips                                 3 sleeves
Paper clips – jumbo                         3 sleeves
Binder clips                                9 boxes        $24.84
Staples                                     7 boxes
File folders                                5 boxes        $46.25
Hanging folders                             7 boxes        $63.00
Note Pads (letter)                          8 packages     $35.92
Note Pads (5 x 7)                           3 packages     $10.23
Easel Pads                                  6 pads        $227.94
Scotch tape (10/pk)                         2 packages      $4.98
Highlighters                                3 boxes         $7.53
Dry Erase markers                           6 boxes        $24.00
Address labels (5160 & 5164)               14 boxes       $209.86
Pens                                       18 boxes        $42.66
Pencils                                     8 boxes        $23.12
Business Card Stock                         4 reams       $117.20
Dvd-r (100 pk)                              3 packs       $179.94
CD (100 pk)                                 2 packs        $53.98
CD envelopes (100 pk)                       5 packs        $29.90

Coffee Supplies

Coffee                    22 cases   $528.00
Tea                       2 cases     $12.00
Cream                     10 cases   $214.00
Sugar                     3 cases     $41.00
Coffee cups               3 cases     $87.00
Forks (1,000)             3 cases     $40.50
Spoons (1,000)            2 cases     $27.00
Knives (1,000)            2 cases     $27.00
Napkins                   9 cases    $126.00
Paper Plates              5 cases    $170.50
Stirrers                  3 boxes     $14.00
Hot Cocoa                 8 boxes     $87.00

Cleaning Supplies

Paper towel               11 cases   $330.00
Toilet tissue             9 cases    $286.50
Trash bags (large)        6 cases     $90.00
Air freshener             2 cases     $58.00
Hand soap                 2 cases     $56.00

          a. Scouts Can
                1. Promotional Fliers
                2. Scouts Can Patch
                3. Grand sponsor

             b. Council Calendar
                  1. Preview packets - $700
                  2. Calendar - $14,000 – Previously listed

             c. Training
                   1. Cub leader’s packets - $500
                   2. Scout leader’s packets - $400
                   3. Sponsorship

          a. Printing for Events
                Recognition booklet
          b. Printing
                Friends of Scouting
                Thank you cards
          c. Support Items
                Table Centerpieces
                Golf “T” items
                Raffle & Door Prizes

          a. Membership
               1. Printing
                      a. Spring recruitment flier                 $1,000
                      b. Fall recruitment flier                   $3,000
                      c. Training and support materials           $2,000
                      d. Youth reminder piece (sticker, etc.)     $1,000
               2. New Unit Kits
               3. Career Awareness Survey Forms                   $2,500
               4. Career Awareness Survey Data Processing         $1,000

             b. Printing Odds and Ends
                   1. Product Sales Materials
                   2. Special Event Flyers / Programs
                   See Marketing/PR

             c. Travel
                   1.    Gas
                   2.    Oil
                   3.    Airline Flights – Frequent Flier Miles
                   4.    Hotels
                   5.    Meals


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