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         Performance Management
         An effective performance management system can significantly improve business
         performance and enhance employee engagement and motivation. Performance
         management is about achieving business goals through people by helping them
         maximise performance, achieve their full potential and get the best from them. It is
         about aligning individual and team performance goals with those of the organisation as
         a whole, so that there is a shared vision cascaded throughout helping each person to
         understand how they contribute.

         Cascade of strategic plans to individual actions:

                           Mission statement, corporate or strategic plans

                                            Business Plans

                                          Departmental goals

                                              Team targets

                       Individual key results areas, objectives and standards

                                              Action plans

         There are three essential interrelated elements for effective performance management,
         each of which needs careful design and implementation:

                                            Goal Setting

                               Performance                   Performance
                                feedback                      monitoring

         Benefits of effective performance management systems:
            • Improves organisational, team and individual performance
            • Motivates, develops and retains people
            • Increases discretionary performance
            • Provides clarity on the organisation’s goals and values
            • Creates an opportunity for a dialogue with employees about their needs and

         Why MiM Human Resources?
         MiM’s Director Ian Day has significant experience of design and implementation of
         performance management systems, including training managers on objective setting
         and providing feedback, coaching lower performers to identify and resolve performance

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