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					Prostate disorder is very dangerous of the human body especially the
male. There are a lot of things that can cause prostate cancer. Physical
disability often results to sexual dysfunction especially on men. It can
lead to prostate cancer in men with continued inattention. It normally
occurs to middle aged men and up, around 40 to 59 years old. It is the
time that cancerous cells are more likely to develop and lead to
enlargement of the prostate. Prostate is found below the bladder. This is
a gland with a walnut size which produces seminal fluid. This gland
surrounds the urethra that drains the bladders. Because of this, prostate
disorder usually affects urination. There are actually three common
prostate disorders. First is prostatitis which is an inflammatory
infection. Second is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which is a
prevalent but non-cancerous enlargement of prostate. And third is cancer,
the most severe and serious prostate disorder.Prostate disorders usually
are associated with the changes that occur because of age. These changes
are concentrated on the steroid sex hormones. When one reaches the age of
forty, the production of testosterone declines which causes the
dihydrotestosterone, a testosterone variant, and estrogen, which is a
female associated hormone, to increase. Once the dihydrotestosterone
grows, prostate enlargement develops. Even if there was an elimination of
dihydrotestosterone, it still has the same effect to the estrogen. This
dysfunction of the prostate is called the nutritional disease. This may
also come from animal derived foods, like red meat, eggs and dairy
products. These are foods that accumulate environmental toxins. The best
and effective remedy for this is to have a diet rich in vegetables and
fruits. There was proof in some countries that those who drink milk have
higher risk for prostate cancer, the calcium content being the culprit.
The excessive calcium intake, no matter what source it is, gives the body
excess vitamin D which inhibits prostate cancer.Those who consume guavas,
tomatoes, tomato based foods, watermelon and pink grapefruit have lesser
chances to get prostate cancer. These foods contain lycopene that are
powerful antioxidant agents. These lycopene also reduces the tumor size
that exists in the body. Fructose is another prostate protecting food.
This is sugar found in the fruits, sometimes used as a sweetener.
Consumption of fructose reduces prostate risks. They also stipulate too
much production of Vitamin D that inhibits tumor.Lack of zinc in the body
also affects prostate because prostate uses more zinc than any other body
parts. Zinc alters steroid hormone metabolism, and reduces prostate
enlargement. Selenium is another essential nutrient to having a healthy
prostate. With the increasing intake of selenium, the body would have
enough defenses to resist or reduce prostate cancer risks. Other
nutritional supplements that inhibit prostate disorders are Vitamin D and
Vitamin E which is an antioxidant. Also eat plenty of soy based foods
with genistein, a cancer inhibiting agent, and garlic. Garlic has sulfur
and cancer fighting compounds.There are also herbal remedies available to
fight prostate disorder, like saw palmetto. This saw palmetto is isolated
from the berries of the small palm tree commonly found in United
States.Prevention is always better than cure. Be healthy and eat
nutritious food to prevent incurring sickness like prostate disorders.

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