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									            A PROJECT REPORT







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             SUMMER TRAINEE

                 M B A -II





Chapter Chapter Name                                                             Page no.
1       Executive summary                                                        1
2       Introduction of subject                                                  2
3       History & Profile of hospital                                            7
4       Objective of Project                                                     12
5       Research methodology used in project                                     13
6       Per for m a n ce   a p p r a is a l       s ys t em   in   Lila va t i
6.1     HRD systems in Lilavati                                                  16
6.2     Pr es en t s ys t em   of p er for m a n ce a p p r a is a l in          19
6.3     Introduction of performance appraisal in Lilavati 20
6.4     Training programme for performance appraisal                             21
6.5     Analysis & interpretation of data                                        36

7       Observations & Findings                                                  60
8       Conclusion & Suggestions                                                 61
9       Annexure
        Annexure 1                                                               65
        Annexure 2                                                               68
        Annexure 3                                                               68

10      Bibliography                                                             69


      It s a great privilege that I have done my project in such a well organized

and diversified organization. I am grateful to all those who helped and supported

me in completing the project.

      First and foremost I would like to thank Dr. Narendra Trivedi (Vice

President) And Mr. D. P. Yadav (General Manager HRD) for giving me an

opportunity to work as a summer trainee in Lilavati hospital & research centre

and thereby fulfilling the requirement of our MBA course.

      I would also like to extend my thanks to Mr. Dinesh Bandarkar (Jr. Officer

HRD) and all the staff of HRD department for their help in gathering relevant data

needed for the project work.

I am also thankful to our director, Dr. Sharad Joshi and my project guide Dr. Mrs.

Vandana Gote and Prof. Gandhe for helping me in completing the project.


This is to certify that Mr. Abhijeet S. Gawankar is bonafide student of our

institute. He has successfully carried out his Summer Project titled Performance

Appraisal System At Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.

This is the original study of Mr. Abhijeet S. Gawankar, and important sources

used by him have been acknowledged in his report. The report is submitted in

the partial fulfillment of two-tear full time course Master In Business

Administration (2004-2006) as per the rules of the Pune University.

Dr. Sharad L. Joshi                            Dr. Mrs. Vandana Gote

   (Director)                                     (Project Guide)

                         EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

       Lilavati hospital & research centre is very well known hospital in Mumbai &

in India also with its excellent research facilities & world famous researchers.

This project is titled as performance appraisal system at Lilavati hospital & tries

to find out the different aspects of performance appraisal in the hospital.

       Different officials working in the HRD department have provided very

important data in this respect. Formal & informal interviews as well as the

research (through questionnaire) are the basic methods of data collection used in

this project work. Also secondary data provided by the hospital officials is of

immense importance. Every effort has been made to understand the long term

plans of hospitals for implementing performance appraisal program.

       As the hospital is a service industry; the employees serving in the hospital

are the most important elements & that is why performance appraisal becomes

very important in the long run. Taking into consideration this aspect, the

performance appraisal program currently being carried out is been observed.

Also the training given to employees is studied & suggestions have been

suggested to improve quality & implementation of performance appraisal


       From this project work; hospital officials will get new insights about

performance appraisal program & I have also acquired the knowledge of how the

performance appraisal program is carried out in hospitals.

                    INTRODUCTION OF SUBJECT

Performance Appraisal:

       In the fast changing trend towards globalization, today many organizations

are striving hard to modernize themselves. One of the most important hallmarks

of a modern organization is to have a performance appraisal system.


       Performance appraisal can be defined as A process of evaluating an

employee s performance on the job in terms of its requirement

According to Flippo, performance appraisal is A systematic periodic and so far

as humanly possible. An impartial rating of an employee s excellence in matters

pertaining to his present job and to his potentialities for a better job.

According to Dale Yoder, Performance appraisal includes all formal procedures

used to evaluate personalities and contributions and potentials of group

members in a working organization. It is a continuous process to secure

information necessary for making correct and objective decisions on employees.

Appraisal Procedure Involves:

   1. Setting work standards

   2. Assessing the employee s actual performance relative to these standards

   3. Providing feedback to the employee with the aim of motivating that person

       to eliminate performance deficiencies or to continue to perform above par.

              Performance appraisal is variously known as employee evaluation,

       employee efficiency rating, performance rating, merit rating, employee

         development program, development report, personnel development

         employee ability rating etc. and they all mean the same thing. It is a

         systematic orderly and objective method of evaluating the present and

         potential usefulness of the employees to the organization.

Objectives Of Performance Appraisal:

         Performance appraisal essentially helps to identify employees who are

performing their assigned tasks well and those who are not; and also the reasons

for such performance.

The main 5 objectives of Performance appraisal are:

   1. To assist management in promotion, demotion, and transfer problems.

   2. To improve job performance.

   3. To increase analytical abilities of supervisors.

   4. To reveal areas where training is needed.

   5. To prevent grievances.

The objectives of performance appraisal could be broadly described as:

   i)       Judgmental

   ii)      Developmental

Judgmental objectives focus on evaluation;

   -     Providing feedback to employees to know where they stand.

   -     Developing valid data for administrative decisions concerning placement,

         pay, promotion, punishment, etc.

Developmental objectives focus on helping;

   -   Diagnosing individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses

       (SWOT analysis).

   -   Counseling, coaching, career and succession planning, employee morale

       and motivation.

   -   Developing positive superior-subordinate relationships.

Importance Of Performance Appraisal:

       Performance appraisal data is very useful in human resource development

in several manners. Ambitious subordinates, who are looking forward to an

opportunity for advancement, usually welcome an honest appraisal even if it is

adverse. A promotion minded individual can ask for the target programs of a

position he seeks and use the information given by performance appraisal to

prepare himself for the job and enhance his candidacy.

       Performance appraisal if used effectively can help the organization to:

          i)     To improve productivity.

          ii)    To promote internal control through appropriate feedback and

                 corrective actions.

          iii)   To diagnose individual and organizational problems.

          iv)    To foster positive work culture.

          v)     To encourage, recognize and reward achievements

          vi)    To seek an all round human resource development.

An effective performance appraisal system helps in overall improvement in the

quality of work life and overall organizational development.

Need Of Performance Appraisal System In Hospitals:

       Hospital industry is a service industry, where patient (customer) is the

most important person. So tremendous importance of people element has to be

given. So all the employees of the hospital has to perform their duties in a better

way in order to get customer satisfaction. As it is important how advanced

technology & drugs you use to cure the patient, but it is also very important that

how you deal with patient & their relatives (i.e. customer). So it is very important

that how the staff of hospital performs their duties in order to make the patient

satisfied. If the performance of employees is appraised, then it is very beneficial

for both the employees and the management to understand the current

performance level and making improvements in it. Also performance appraisal

helps to identify training needs so that employees can be trained to enhance their

performance. Which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction & overall

organizational development.

          1.        It will make lower post employees to understand how they are

                    performing & how they will be rewarded.

          2.        As the care of patients who are outsiders to the hospitals is

                    taken; the care of internal customers i.e. Employees is also


3.   It gives boost to the employees to perform better in the future.

4.   It can give birth to healthy competition among different levels

     of employees & then they will learn from each other &


5.   The total organization effectiveness will be improved & then

     the hospital will be able to compete with other hospitals.

6.   The most important thing is that self-motivation factor will be

     developed among employees & so they try their hand to

     perform & excel in their field.



Lilavati hospital is committed to provide best medical facilities in India. With its

state-of-the-art research facilities, researchers from all over world would explore

the future horizons of the bio-medical sciences for effective treatment and care.

Lilavati Hospital provides an environment where innovation and creative

enterprise will flourish to establish the highest standards in the Indian Health

Care system.

Address: 791, Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre;

            Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W)

            Mumbai     400 050

         It provides effective super specialty services in the following areas:

   1.       Cardiology & Cardiovascular

   2.       Chest Medicine

   3.       Neurology & Neuro Surgery

   4.       Physiotherapy

   5.       Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

   6.       Orthopedics and Replacement Surgery

   7.       Nuclear Medicine & RIA

   8.       Cancer Clinic

   9.       In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

   10.      All types of Diagnostic Services


        More Than Health Care Human Care.

Lilavati Hospital believes in :

        Excellence in Patience service provided in a learning environment with

dignity compassion and respect.

       Human care extends beyond the curative process and views an individual

as a holistic entity. The care provided here is not only physiological (medical) but

also looks after the sociological & psychological needs.

       Lilavati hospital s ultimate objective is for each patient and the family to

leave our centre with improved physical & mental health and the feeling that the

hospital exists only for the patient and the patient is always the most important

person here.

Motto of HRD Department at Lilavati Hospital :

Effective Human Relations & Maximum Satisfaction.

Day Care Surgical Unit :

       It is the first of its kind that brings in new concepts of reduced hospital stay

and thereby reduced costs.

       Lilavati Hospital provides not only medical treatment but also provides a

very safe and excellent environment for the patient and also to relatives attending

the patient. It is one of the best hospital not only in India but comparable with

many other hospitals elsewhere in the world. This is the reason why Royal

College of Surgeons chose Lilavati Hospital to conduct their first FRCS

Examination outside Edinburgh.


      A very spacious hospital with carpet area per bed of around 1100 sq.ft.

      A 300 bedded hospital, which includes 100 Intensive Care beds, with all

      its services.

      Highest Nurse : Patient Ratio of 1:5 due to which we are better equipped

      to handle patient's complex health conditions. This is one of the highest

      nurse patient ratios in India.

      The management comprises of highly qualified professionals, who have

      brought with them rich experience which enables the hospital to be run on

      truly professional lines.

A true world class Hospitality service which is a backbone of any world

class hospital.

In House Nationalized Bank for easy cash transaction.

Central Air-conditioning.

Central Music System.

Central Paging System.

Central Fire Detection with interlined Central Sprinkler System.

Well controlled & safe climate with soothing ambience are special features

of the hospital.

100% standby power backup for the hospital with critical areas like

Operation theatres and ICU further backed up with UPS.

      Linen and Laundry Services

      A high class Cafeteria at 2nd Floor.

                i.    Pharmacy Services around the clock along with a well

                      setup 24hrs Chemist Shop.

                ii.   Gift Shop

               iii.   Prayer Room.

      Ambulance services.

Fully computerized system with high end Application Servers & Backup Servers.

                   OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT

       Every project report is carried out with some specific OBJECTIVE in the

mind. Objective is basically the purpose behind conducting a project and unless

the objective is certain or specifically defined it is not understood what data has

to be collected. Objectives of the project are nothing but what is to be learned

out of this project report.

Specific objectives of this Project Report

To understand:

    1. What is the scenario of Performance Appraisal in Lilavati Hospital?

    2. What practices are currently going on in the hospital?

    3. What is the long-term plan of HR dept. for conducting this practice?

    4. What is the attitude of employees towards this program?

    5. What type of training is given to employees for understanding this


    6. What suggestions can be given for improving effectiveness of this


       So in this project report I have made every effort to understand the above

specified objectives. And this data has been collected using different methods of

data collection as specified under Research Methodology.

                  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

        Research methodology is a systematic way of solving the research

problems. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done


        In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted by researchers

in studying his research problems along with the logic behind them. Researchers

not only know how to develop certain tests, how to apply particular research

technique but they need to know which of the methods are relevant and which

are not. A researcher will always need to understand the assumptions underling

various techniques and he / she needs to know the criteria by which they can

decide certain techniques and procedures will be applicable to certain problems.

        So it is very important to understand research methodology before

proceeding further for collecting any data for a project work.

        As this project explains the performance appraisal system in hospital; it is

very important to explain what are the sources of data, which is been collected,

analyzed & presented to come out with useful suggestions & recommendations.

      Mainly the data has been collected from HRD department of Lilavati

Hospital. And the persons / entities who provided this primary as well as

secondary data are:

                 i. General Manager

                ii. Junior Officers

                iii. Office Assistants

                iv. Trainer - Prof. Murty

                      These personnel are currently working in HRD department

                      and the trainer is a person who conducts the   performance

                      appraisal training programme for employees

                      Now the data collected from the above personnel is :

         i)     Primary data

         ii)    Secondary data


      Primary Data:

      Discussions, informal interviews of the above mentioned personnel

      revealed lot much data, which was first hand. This data collection method

      can come out with good quality data & also the non-verbal communication

      here plays important role as the information provider reveals the

      information to you in personal.

Secondary Data:       This is the data, which is provided by the above-

mentioned personnel; but the main point of differentiation is about the way

of delivering the data. This data is already collected & stored by the

hospital & made available to its employees as well as to the outsiders for

their official use & with prior permission of the hospital.

       This data is basically about internal HR policies & strategies which

is been developed & published by hospital itself. Secondary data also

consists of the data related to performance appraisal from various other

sources than hospital personnel. These other sources are mainly Internet

& reference books on HRD.

       So this is the basic research methodology used in this project

report. The primary & secondary data are both very important because

they both have their pros & corns. But the proper combination of these two

types of data can be very useful this project report.


                 LILAVATI HOSPITAL


        This Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual Incorporates the

Hospital s policies and procedures that regulate the employment remuneration

structure and other service conditions of its employees. However, they are non-

statutory conditions. It is the responsibility of H.R.D Department to keep this

Manual updated by incorporating modifications, additions/deletions as and when


This is a document compiled for consistent implementation of all employee

related policies, with a view to ensure clarity and provide a congenial work


The Management reserves the right to withdraw the Manual or make changes in

it at its sole discretion without assigning any reason thereof, if it considers

necessary in the interest of the hospital.

Health Care as one understands is the process of healing on an individual using

scientific means & methods.

Human Care extends beyond the curative process and views an individual as a

holistic entity. The care provided here is not only physiological (medical) but also

looks after the sociological & psychological needs.

The hospital is committed to Quality Health Care , which is based on the belief

that the best possible health care should be provided to the needy members of

the society without discrimination, regardless of social, ethnic, religious or

political affiliations. The quality of health care will compare well with the world

standard inpatient care and will be provided at a reasonable cost and in

deserving cases, totally free or at subsidized rates.

Our ultimate objective is for each patient and the family to leave our centre with

improved physical and mental health and the feeling that the hospital exists only

for the patient and the patient is always the most important person here.

The Human Resource objective consists of the following :-

1.     Building a culture, which would encourage excellence and add to the

       image of the Hospital (both internal & external).

2.     Manpower planning and organization structure.

3.     Recruitment and selection.

4.     Career development and succession planning.

5.     Effective implementation and monitoring of Performance appraisal system.

6.     Rewards and Recognition schemes.

7.     Effective Teamwork & Inter-personal relationships.

8.     Developmental     needs    analysis,   designing    &   conducting   suitable


9.     Employees welfare and quality of work life.

10.    Develop belongingness among employees.


                            General Manager



Junior Officers           Time Office            Central Dispatch     Attendants

     (2)                Office Assistants         Office Assistants      (2)

                              (3)                      (1)



      The hospital was started in the year 1997 but till January 2004 there was

no   formal   performance   appraisal   system   to   evaluate   the   employee s

performances. Till that period there was a very informal evaluation of the

employee s performances. At the year ending the supervisors use to make a

report about their subordinate & evaluate their performance, but not in a

systematic way. The employees who are recruited are kept on training period &

probation period. And then depending upon their performance, they are made

permanent. So there is a compulsory evaluation of the employees who are on

training & on the probation period. But still there is no systematic formal

performance appraisal system in the hospital.


                            APPRAISAL IN LILAVATI HOSPITAL

       In Lilavati hospital, formal performance appraisal was not there earlier.

Hospital started in the year 1997 and in the year 2003 the management thought

about introducing formal performance appraisal system in the hospital.

       Hospital employs around 1000 employees & that is why it is very

necessary to do their performance appraisal for continuous improvement. As this

profession is basically a service industry, so the people element becomes very

important for them. The skills of people are as important as the facilities &

technology advancement they provide. And this is why it is very important to

keep a close watch on employees, their appraisal and development.

       So from January 2004 the management started the performance appraisal

training programme in the hospital for the employees in order to make them

aware about the performance appraisal system. The management decided to

start with the appraisal of junior level staff (i.e. attendants, technicians, office

assistants, staff nurses.) and in the later stage they will decide about supervisor s



       For this reason, the hospital started with the training programme for Junior

level staff). Because management decided to start the performance appraisal

system with junior level staff.

       As these staff employees are not well versed with the concept of HRD &

performance appraisal; so it is very important to explain them the concept of

performance appraisal. As we know, performance appraisal activity will be useful

& successful only if the employee also understands the concept of performance

appraisal & if they respond to the programme in proper manner. It is an

interactive activity, which has to be done in co-operation with the employees.

       So the management started with training programme in January 2004.

Training details:

                      i.    Trainer- Prof. Murty. (Former Air Force Officer & now


                     ii.    Total employees     25 per session.

                     iii.   Total 509 employees have attended the training

                            programmed till 14/9/2005

                     iv.    Each session is on every Thursday from 9am to 5pm.

                     v.     Venue of training programme is Conference Room in


                     vi.    Observation period: 3 sessions.




            The training programme primarily explains why the work is important for

an individual. It is important to explain & understand what are the different

motives behind working in any organization. So the work done by an individual is

basically for:

      i.          For earning money.

     ii.          Don t want to become lazy.

     iii.         To use the time available.

     iv.          To gain more knowledge & experience.

     v.           To be independent.

     vi.          To keep ourselves busy & active.

    vii.          Work gives us a status.

   viii.          To get mental satisfaction.

     ix.          To make use of our abilities.

If We Are Not Satisfied; It Leads To:

     i.          Depression

     ii.         Tension / pressure

    iii.         Unhappiness

                 Mental satisfaction is very important. If we are not mentally satisfied

           then we get hospitalized at the age of 40. That it is why it is important to

           get satisfaction when we do our job. Because it keeps our mental as well

           as physical health very strong. And it leads to better performance, better

           earnings, rewards & good standard of life.

How to Get Satisfaction At Work?

     i.          When your job matches with your qualification.

     ii.         When your performance is good.

    iii.         Growth & Development.

    iv.          Your relationship with your colleagues.

                        These things can satisfy us because these elements can

satisfy for our search for growth, better prospect for career, excellence & status.

   Performance Appraisal System:-

           Before explaining them the performance appraisal system; it is important

           to explain & understand what is performance . And on which factors it is

           judged. Because until performance is explained, the further performance

           appraisal system can t be explained.

So the performance is basically:

1.   Ability to work

2.   Quality of work.

Performance       Is    Something    Which   Is   According    To   Result


       Performance is mainly result-oriented work, which can be

compared with expected results. It is basically matching actual results &

expected results.

Expectations again can be from different group of individuals:

      i. Management

     ii. Customers

     iii. Boss / supervisor

     iv. Self

     v. Department

     vi. Colleagues

                Expectations can be different from different people because

every person has its own role to be performed in any organization & that is

why he is suppose to do different things in the same role & so the

expectations are varied.

What patient expects from you?

           It is very important for employee to understand what patients

           expect from him; otherwise he/she cannot perform as per patient s

           desire & then the patients are dissatisfied with the person.

   What boss expects from you?

   At the same time it is very important to understand what boss expects out

of you. Because the boss tries to match employee s performance with set

performance standards & if an employee can work as per boss expectation,

then he can definitely improve himself & the complete organization will be

benefited. Subordinates can understand the boss s expectation by asking the

boss directly.

Self Image:

We have a self-image & we want a good positive feedback. Otherwise we feel

bad. We don t want negative feedback. All the time we appraise others and

get appraised, but in mind not face-to-face.

This kind of attitude can stop employee s growth & then employee starts

thinking that he is performing well but in reality it is not actually like that.

Employee should be eager to know where he is lacking so that he can correct


   Few small tasks to be performed:

o Handshake with any of the person & ask him what he felt?

o What you felt about me since morning? You are appraising me since last 2


o Why do you scare about appraisal?

   Appraisal: -

              Appraisal is basically to evaluate the performance, grade it / rank it

              & then compare it with the standard performance expected.


      Grade                       Standards


   Components Of Appraisal System : -

     i. Explanatory Note:

              It is about presenting the report of performance appraisal as on

              explanatory note where you explain how the performance is judged.

    ii. Self Appraisal (Appraisee):

              Here employee appraises / evaluates his performance by himself.

              But here the employee should understand that he should not

              overrate himself & take an un-biased appraisal.

iii. Appraiser s Appraisal:

         Here the appraisal of the appraiser (boss) is done by his superior.

         if the supervisors are also appraised then their subordinates will

         understand the importance of performance appraisal & they will

         take it seriously.

iv. Discussion / Interview:

         This component brings out more ideas & the performance appraisal

         becomes more real and unbiased. Here the two-way interactive

         action is possible. Because of discussions & interviews there is

         more interaction between the superior & subordinates. Which helps

         in making the healthy relations between the boss & his subordinate.

v. Review:

  Because of human nature, there might me bias decision. So it is better to

  review the performance appraisal by boss s boss. So review can help to

  avoid any bias decisions. There is one standard rule about review that the

  reviewer will not change the marking done by the appraiser. He will only

  give suggestions; in writing. Review can help to avoid any biased decision.

vi. Plan For Next Year

        There has to be a systematic plan for next year s performance

        appraisal system. So that the mistakes & shortcomings of current

        programmes will be avoided in the next plan.

vii. Developmental Recommendation

        Recommendations for further developments have to be suggested.

        So that employee understands his weakness & can improve upon

        those areas.

                             SESSION 2

   EXERCISE :                Managing Your Future.

      In the training programme, this exercise was given to employees. The

exercise was about managing your future .

      They were asked that;

How many of you will take this exercise to your boss & discuss with him?

   3 Alternatives:

  i. Go directly

 ii. Take trainer with you

 iii. Send envelope

   5 Levels Of Effectiveness:

             The hospital is a group of people who are skilled, unskilled,

             professionals, & what not. So all the employees should understand

             that not only individual but also group effectiveness. In the

             organization there are 5 types of effectiveness as under:

  i. Individual / Personal Effectiveness:

             When a person is effective & proves his efficiency in organization.

 ii. Interpersonal Effectiveness:

             Here there is effectiveness between two people when they interact

             with each other.

 iii. Team / Group Effectiveness:

             When there are departments then there are teams / groups of

             people who work in co-ordination with each other & then there is

             group effectiveness.

 iv. Managerial Effectiveness:

             Managers at all levels have their own way of effectiveness as they

             have different role which is more challenging & they also have


 v. Organizational Effectiveness:

             Organizations as a whole can have its own effectiveness & impact.

Fundamental Relationship In Organization:

Superior   Subordinate Relationship

For a good superior      subordinate relationship, there must be mutual trust,

confidence, understanding & respect on each other.

      Try to change mentality of the employees that boss is not good. Just

believe that boss is a very nice person and you treat him as a good boss. Try to

change your attitude so it will change your relation with your boss. Just presume

that your boss is good & behave with him accordingly.

      It is essential to have good relationship between these two personnel then

only they can work in co-ordination. If the relationship is not good & free; then

there will be different barriers in the mind of employee & these two won t be able

to share their thoughts with each other. They will loose every opportunity to

improve, change & grow.

After that the trainer plays some small interesting games to make them

understand the concept easily.

   Game 1 :

      Identify The Item And Name The Person Who Belongs It.

      Objective:     To test your observation power and sensitivity.


                     The trainer used to announce a thing & then the employees

                     were used to identify the person who belongs it.

                     Example: a person wearing blue shirt / black pant.

                     It increases the observation power & sensitivity of the

                     person. It is to check hoe the person can observe other

                     person, his skills, his attitudes, which is very necessary.

                     Observation plays very important role in understanding other

                     individuals. Those can be boss, subordinate or colleague or

                     patient also.

  Game 2: Follow the leader

      Explanation:          The trainer used to ask a person from group of

                            employees to go out of the room. Then he used select

                            a leader out of remaining people & then leader used

                            to do some actions which were followed by other

                            group members (like clapping). Then the person who

                            used to stand out, he was called inside the room &

                            was asked to find out who is leader among the group.

                From this game, you can understand how the leader-follower

                relationship should be. In any organization, the leader-follower

                should have a very strong relation & they should have good

                understanding between them so that when an outsider comes into

                organization then this relationship creates a very good impact.

Leader     Follower Relationship

         To be a good leader, one should have good followers. & to be a good

      follower one should have good leader. Both are two sides of the same


Ask   who s job are you doing?

      How did you come here?

How do we understand our job?

      The better you understand your job, better you can do it. Boss must make

      you understand the job.

Game 3:

  Trust fall:

  Explanation:        This game talk about trust element between two

                      individuals /groups /organizations. The game was like

                      this. The employees were standing in two rows with

                      the same direction.

                                                Row 1

                                                Row 2

                      And then the people standing in row 1 were asked to

                      fall down towards back & the employees in row 2

                      were supposed to catch their partners in row 1. There

                      were few partners who caught their partners in a

                      perfect manner; but few people couldn t manage that.

                      Now this game explains how the trust is built between

                      two partners when nothing is conversed between

                      those two. One needs to understand others need &

                      fulfill it. When this happens then the trust is built

                      among those two & then the job can be done in the

                      most effective manner.

           You Will Never Get Help, If You Want It But If You Don t Ask

          For It.

For Growth:

 i. An employee should ask every doubt & query about his job to his boss.

     An employee should ensure that his boss has explained him every detail

     about his job.

 ii. Or if he doesn t know his job then he should go to his boss & request

     him to explain.

 iii. An employee should ask his boss for giving more job responsibilities,

     and challenging jobs. Because if challenging jobs are given then

     employee can show his skills & grow. Which is beneficial for both

     employee and the organization.

For Promotion:

   Employees always try for promotion because they want a higher post with

   better rank. But its really not important to get just a good rank but an

   employee should look for better job responsibility which will give him an

   opportunity to perform better & grow in the long run.

         Promotion is not an easy task. It gives you more responsibilities &

   more results are expected from you. So you should have the ability to

   perform those duties if you are promoted, then you should be able to

   handle the job responsibilities of that position. You should have the

   adequate knowledge & skills required for that position.

         You Get Promotion On Consistent Performance.         .

                        Show Appraisal Forms.

                Summary of The Training Programme

             So, in this way the training programme is arranged for performance

appraisal to be introduced. It started with explaining what is performance & the

systematic information was given to employees.

             The trainer makes every effort to explain each & every term, which

has to be introduced to the employees before they actually, do or face

performance appraisal.


Research Conducted Of The Employees

    A research was conducted in the Lilavati Hospital.

    Sample Size: 45

    Employee Designations:     i. Junior Officers

                               ii. Office Assistants.

                               iii. Attendants

                               iv. Staff Nurses

    Method of Data Collection: Questionnaire & Informal discussion.

           Findings of the DATA collected

    1. Q 1 Meaning of performance is:

              a. Evaluate     b. Discipline to work           c.    Keep   records   of


    Options         a              b                  Total

response            35             10                 45

%                   78             22                 100





           From the above record it is seen that most of the employees understand

correct meaning of performance appraisal as evaluation. so there is conceptual


    2. Performance Appraisal is necessary at all levels :

            a. Not at all   b. To some extent         c. To great extent   d. Absolutely


Options           b           d               total

response          10          35              45

%                 22          78              100





       From the above record it is seen that most of the employees are of the

opinion that performance appraisal is absolutely essential at all levels.

    3. Meaning of performance is :

            a. Ability to work           b. Understand actual work to be performed.

            c. Result oriented work. d. Giving maximum dedication towards work

options             a               b                 c               total

response            5               20                20              45

%                   11              44                45              100

       45                       b            c
        5                b               c
                a           b            c


                From the above record it is seen that most of the employees say

    that performance is to understand actual work to be performed & also it is

    result-oriented work.

    4. Performance Appraisal should be carried out:

            a. Monthly       b. Quarterly             c. Half Yearly   d. Yearly.

Options            B            C                D            Total

Response           5            25               15           45

%                  11           56               33           100

               b            c            d


         From the above record it is seen that significant no. of employees feel that

performance appraisal should be carried out half yearly but considerable no. of

employees say that it can be carried out yearly.

    5. Performance Appraisal should be a secret document :

            a. Yes         b. No       c. Can t say

options         a            b             c          total

response        20           20            5          45

%               45           45            10         100


                                                  a                      a


       From the above record it is seen that half of the employees feel that

performance appraisal should be a secret document where as half say that it

should not be a secret document.

    6. Should superior discuss performance appraisal with subordinates :

            a. To some extent        b. Thoroughly discuss       c. Not at all

options           a             b              total

response          35            10             45

%                 78            22             100


    40                                                       response
                      a                  b


         From the above record it is seen that most of the employees that superior

should discuss performance appraisal with subordinates to some extent.

    7. Should performance appraisal be linked with salary :

            a. Totally linked        b. partially linked         c. Not at all

options          a              b               total

response         20             25              45

%                45             55              100

                                                     44%                   a
                   b                                                       b


       From the above record it is seen that all of the employees are of the

opinion that performance appraisal should be linked with salary. But 50% feel

that it should be partially linked where as 50% feel that it should be totally linked.

    8. Should incentives be directly linked with performance appraisal :

            a. Yes         b. No         c. Depending upon task     d. Can t say

options         a             c              total

response        30            15             45

%               66            33             100

    30                                                       %
                     a                  c


       From the above record it is seen that all of the employees feel that

incentives should be directly linked with performance appraisal where as around

33% feel that it should be linked depending upon the task.

    9. Before performance appraisal individual key result areas should be

      defined :

            a. Yes.          b. No

options           a            b                total

response          40           5                45

%                 89           11               100





      From the above record it is seen that most of the employees are of the

opinion that before performance appraisal individual key result areas has to be

defined so that its better for the employees to understand the work clearly.

    10. Job description of each employee at various level is defined :

            a. Clearly      b. Not clearly              c. Vaguely defined    d.

               Can t say

options          a             c                total

response         35            10               45

%                78            22               100





    40                                                         response



                  a                    c


         From the above record it is seen that most of the employees feel that in

this hospital, job description of each employee is clearly defined at various levels.

    11. Should performance appraisal be used for punishment / penalty :

            a. Not at all     b. Some times         c. Always       d. Situational

options           a             b             d             total

response          30            10            5             45

%                 66            22            11            100


                b                                                      a


       From the above record it is seen that around 66% of the employees feel

that performance appraisal should not be used at all for punishment. But

considerable no. of employees feel that performance appraisal can be used for

punishment depending upon task.

    12. Whether performance appraisal should be done :

            a. Formally     b. Informally                c. Both ways   d. Can t say

options          A            c                  total

response         20           25                 45

%                45           55                 100




    30                                                     response


                A                  c


         From the above record it is seen that half of the employees are of the

opinion that performance appraisal should be done in the hospital only formally;

where as half of the employees feel that it should be done both formally &


    13. Performance Appraisal should be linked with the income of the hospital :

            a. Yes         b. No

options         A             b              total

response        20            25             45

%               45            55             100

                                             44%        A
           b                                            b


       From the above record it is seen that considerable no. of the employees

feels that performance appraisal should not be linked with the income of hospital.

    14. Should doctors appraise non-medical staff :

            a. Yes         b. No         c. If necessary           d. can t say

options            A           b             c             total

response           5           10            30            9

%                  11          22            66            100




    30                                                     %



               A           b             c


         From the above record it is seen that most of the employees feel that

doctors should appraise non medical staff if necessary.

    15. Because of turnover of medical staff (doctors) the performance is not

       stabilize :

            a. Yes           b. No          c. Can t say

options           A            b                c          d           total

response          5            20               15         5           45

%                 11           44               33         11          100

                        d             A
                       11%           11%

             c                                                 c
            33%                                                d


       From the above record it is seen that around 50% of the employees feel

that there is no effect of turnover of medical staff(doctors) on performance of

hospitals; where as some feel that it has effect but to some extent.


    1. Rate the knowledge & communication skills of the trainer :

            a. Poor             b. Satisfactory    c. Good      d. Very Good

                       e. Excellent

options           c         d            E          total

response          20        15           10         45

%                 45        33           22         100

    20                                                   %
              c             d                E


         From the above record it is seen that all the employees feel that

knowledge & communication skills of the trainer i.e. Prof. Murty is very good.

    2. Ability of trainer to make you understand :

            a. Poor             b. Satisfactory       c. Good   d. Very Good

                      e. Excellent

options        c            d             E           total

response       20           15            10          45

%              45           33            22          100


                                                     c                   c
                                                    45%                  d



       From the above record it is seen that all of the employees feel that the

ability of trainer to make them understand is very good. which implies that the

trainer is really very good in terms of conceptual clarity & teaching.

    3. Duration of training period :

            a. Short        b. Adequate               c. Long

options          A             b                total

response         5             40               45

%                11            89               100

    40                                                          %
                  A                    b


         From the above record it is seen that most of the employees feel that

duration of training period is adequate.

    4. Rate the physical facilities of the place where training programme is

       conducted :

            a. Poor         b. Satisfactory          c. Good       d. Very Good

                      e. Excellent

options        b            c              d         total

response       5            20             20        45

%              10           45             45        100


              d                                                b


       From the above record it is seen that all the employees feel that physical

facilities of the place of training programme is very good.

    5. Was the material given during training period was useful & effective :

            a. Yes          b. No          c. To some extent

options         A              b              c            total

response        30             5              10           45

%               66             11             22           100

    30                                                         %
               A              b               c


       From the above record it is seen that most of the employees feel that

material given during training period is useful & effective.

    6. Refreshment facilities provided during training session were :

            a. Poor            b. Satisfactory           c. Good       d. Very Good

                      e. Excellent

options        c           d             total

response       25          20            45

%              5           4             100

            44%                                                    c
                                                    c              d


       From the above record it is seen that most of the employees feel that

refreshment facilities are very good.

    7. Was the training programme really useful to you :

            a. Yes         b. No           c. To some extent

options          A            c              total

response         35           10             45

%                78           22             100

    40                                                     response
    30                                                     %

                     A                 c


         From the above record it is seen that most of the employees feel that

training programme was really useful to them.

    8. How far you are able to practice the things in your work :

            a. To some extent        b. To great extent       c. Not at all

options          A              b              total

response         20             25             45

%                45             55             100

                                            44%                 A
                b                                               b


       From the above record it is seen that all of the employees are able to

practice the things taught in training programme in work. So the training

programme was beneficial for them.

                   OBSERVATIONS & FINDINGS

What I observed during the project work is :

   1. The management has understood the importance of systematic appraisal

      system & they are taking every effort to implement it properly.

   2. The training programme arranged for performance appraisal is good. The

      trainer is also very effective to make the employees understand the


   3. Most of the employees are slowly understanding the importance of

      performance appraisal.

   4. The games which were played in the training programme were helpful to

      understand that; how people understand & learn small things, which are

      useful for individual as well as organization effectiveness.

   5. These games induced them to think about small things, which they can

      easily develop in themselves without spending anything.

   6. And finally they understand how performance appraisal will help them &

      they were convinced that performance appraisal activity should be done in

      the hospitals.

   7. The performance appraisal training programme is appreciated by the

      employees & they are really benefited by it.

CHAPTER 8.1                      CONCLUSION

      It has been observed that the subject of Performance Appraisal in Lilavati

Hospital & Research Centre is in a nascent stage. And there is lack of awareness

among employees about the subject. But in this regard, the management has

already taken efforts to educate the employees & even the employees are giving

positive response to the management. & they are also in the favour of

implementing this performance appraisal system in the hospital.

Chapter 8.2                        SUGGESTIONS

Suggestions About Performance Appraisal System:

1.    Self Appraisal

      Before the boss doing the appraisal of his subordinate; there has to be self

      appraisal procedure. The employees should be given self appraisal forms

      to appraise themselves first.

The sample self appraisal form designed by me is enclosed in annexure 1.

2. Doctor s Appraisal:

      There should be doctor s appraisal also.

      Importance Of Doctor s Appraisal:

                         1. Hospital administration can easily understand whether

                            doctors are performing their duties as specified or not.

                         2. There might be less turnover of doctors.

                         3. If doctors are appraised regularly they can be made


                         4. Doctors will learn from each other & will try to improve

                            not only their professional skills (treating patients) but

                            also their relationship with other employees.

                         5. There will be healthy competition among doctors.

3. Supervisor s Appraisal:

           There should be supervisor s appraisal also.

           Importance of Supervisor s Appraisal:

                     i.     If the supervisors are also appraised then their

                            subordinates    will   understand    the   importance   of

                            performance appraisal & they will take it seriously.

                     ii.    Even the supervisors will be aware of the fact that they

                            are also going to get appraised.

                     iii.   There will be good co-ordination among the superiors &


Some Additional Suggestions Based On The Research Conducted Of HRD

Department :

     i.       Performance appraisal can be carried out half yearly also.

    ii.       Superiors should thoroughly discuss performance appraisal with their


    iii.      Performance appraisal should not be used for punishment.

    iv.       Performance appraisal should be done formally & there should be

              proper personal counselling by the superior with the subordinate after

              the appraisal.

Suggestions About Performance Appraisal Training Programme:

  i.    Before attending the Performance appraisal training programme, the

        staff attending this programme should be firstly convinced that this

        programme is being arranged mainly for their upliftment & benefit so

        that they will attend the training with a positive attitude.

  ii.   There should be LCD presentations and printed notes about the

        training programme.

CHAPTER 9.1                      ANNEXURE 1

                    Employee's Self-Appraisal Form

We will be meeting on ____________________ to discuss your performance

over the past year and to discuss the goals and objectives you pursued for FY

200__. Your input is very important part of this meeting. You can prepare for the

meeting, and help me to address your concerns, by reading over a few questions

that follow and writing down your responses. As you reach each question, think

about your performance; your progress; and your plans for the future. Please

return        the        completed          form         to        me         by

______________________________________. (Attach additional pages if





1. Which aspects of your job do you like best?

2. Which aspects of your job would you like to modify?

3. How has your workload changed during this appraisal period?

4. What major projects were you involved in during this appraisal period?

 5. What were your most successful accomplishment(s) during this appraisal

period, and what/who helped you to achieve them?

 6. What goals were not accomplished during this appraisal period, and what

would have helped you to achieve them?

7. In what areas of your job have you had training this year, and what areas do

you feel you need more experience and/or training?

8. To improve effectiveness in your job, what changes would be necessary?

9. What are your job-related goals for next year?

 10. How can your supervisor help you in meeting these goals?

9.2              ANNEXURE 2


9.3              ANNEXURE 3




   Human Resource Management

   -   Gary Dessler

   Human Resource Management

   -   Anjali Ghanekar


   HRD Manual of Lilavati Hospital


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