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					Developing a model for rollout –
Pragmatic approach
             Kerry Bloodworth
        Assistant Director of Nursing

       Laura Gascoigne & Pete Allsopp
               Project Nurses

       Nottingham University Hospitals
• Why NUH is taking part in “Releasing Time to
• Choosing multiple wards
• Developing a model which works for you
• Developing the “paper” model into a project
• Securing resources
• Communication
Nottingham University
Hospitals NHS Trust
  • No of beds; 2,200
  • 3070 WTE registered

   The 2 acute Nottingham
  NHS Trusts merged in April
Why NUH is taking part
• Fits with Strategic aims – best by 2016
  –   Patient experience
  –   Patient outcomes
  –   Teaching
  –   Research
  –   Value for money
• Reputation of delivering hospital wide
Developing a practical plan –
early days
 • Need to understand the concepts visited 2
   of the test sites, Barnsley and Luton

 • Takes a few weeks to “click” what the
   tools, lean thinking concepts are in relation
   to RTtC
Choosing multiple wards
• Following merger the DNS
  meets with all ward
  managers every quarter
  – 150 ward managers attended
  – Presentation about Releasing
    time to care was delivered by
    Deputy Director of Nursing
Choosing multiple wards

• ward managers were asked to complete an
  application form (42 completed application
  forms received in tight deadline of 3 weeks)
  – Why would you like your ward to be considered
    for Releasing time to care programme?
  – How would you release staff in order to deliver on
    the Releasing time to care programme?
Grid used to choose 1st phase wards
High Level Productive Ward Roll Out Plan

                         Sept 07
             No. Wards

                                                                                                                                             Sept 09
  Wave No.

                          Yr 0                                                    Sept 08
                                                                                   Yr 1                                                       Yr 2
                               LEARNING                                                       CHANGE MANAGEMENT

 Pilot           2         4 Months        D11 & Fleming

        2        8                    3 Months     B47, C29, D58, E16, Ashwell, Harvey 1, Hogarth, Loxley

        3        8                               3 Months                                                             KHWD
        4        8                                          3 Months                                                                         PSAAG

                                                                                                                         Process Modules         1     2          3

        5        8                                                     3 Months
                                                                                                                                           3 Months

        6        8                                                                3 Months

        7        8                                                                           3 Months

        8        8                                                                                      3 Months

        9        8                                                                                                 3 Months

   10            8                                                                                                            3 Months

              74                   TOOLS                                                     CULTURE
      Rollout template
   Pre start
                  KHWAD WOW                   PSAAG                             Process                                                               Status
   work list                                                                                                        Process
                                                                                   1                                                                 handover
 and briefings                                                                                                         2

3weeks prior to
  start date       1      2           3           4         5           6          7            8         9         10          11          12          13
Ward resources          WM, 2      WM, 2 WM, 2          WM, 2      WM, 2        WM, 2 WM, 2             WM, 2      WM, 2      WM, 2      WM, 2 WM, 2
   All staff           ward staff ward staff ward staff ward staff ward staff   ward staff ward staff   ward staff ward staff ward staff ward staff ward staff

                                                      Overview visit
                                                       To check for
                                                      and consistency

                                                                  Launch next
Developing a practical plan - rollout

• Project plan – developed as a “map” to best utilise time
  and resources
• Start small – learn and consolidate skills
• We developed a model to test – 8 wards every 9 weeks
• Need open and honest communication / feedback from
• Performance measures data needs to be accessible for
  multiple areas
Support for ward managers
• Preparation before the project starts
  – Network event for ward manager, matron, PDL
  – Experiences shared from the ward managers from
    pilot wards
  – Ward vision agreed
  – Data collection in place at the start of the calendar
  – Staff prepared, DVD, 5 “S game”, brief-ins
Support for ward managers -
• Action learning sets – ½ day sessions relating to
  project issues
• Input from the project team every week
• Project board chaired by CEO ward managers attend
  and share issues and successes
Securing resources
• Model needs to reflect resources our plan is
  – 2 full time project nurses
  – 1 part time Snr nurse
  – Access to data analyst (post to be advertised)
  – Accessed League of Friends for money for DVD’s
    and video camera
  – Estates budget for minor works
Issues so far
• Performance measures data needs to measure
  performance/data in the same format e.g. bed
• Align other hospital projects with RTtC e.g.
  Materials management
• Financial data a challenge!
• Opening can's of worms that require action
Next steps

• Test, refine and evaluate the model
• Continue roll-out to all wards
• Remember key aspect of success is
  sustainability - ensuring transfer of skills to
  embed in the organisation
 Aim of the project for NUH

• Every ward within NUH
  will “shine and sparkle”
Any questions

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