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					A healthy body can overcome prostate cancer because we all posses a
superb system of natural defenses against all diseases, and it is called
the immune system. The causes of prostate cancer are known but our
orthodox treatments never address them but instead focus solely on the
problem itself which is the growth alone. Before you can successfully
overcome prostate cancer you need information on its causes so you can
address and remove these causes and assist the body to heal again.There
are four characteristics with every person diagnosed with prostate cancer
and they are; a weak immune system, a lack of oxygen in the cells,
excessive toxins and acidity. Are we fixing those with our current
treatments? No, there are only natural ways to remedy those. Reversing
prostate cancer is all about correcting the reasons why it first
appeared.Nutrition is very important to a person with prostate cancer and
by making changes to your diet and consuming mainly fruit and vegetables
in their natural state will automatically strengthen a weak immune system
and turn an acid diet into a more alkaline diet. The typical western diet
which is high in animal fats is a more acid diet. By making changes to a
plant based diet you are consuming healing foods and it's well known that
many of them have cancer fighting properties. Fresh fruit and vegetables
are man's natural food, for instance research has found that both
tomatoes and broccoli contain phytonutrients that are beneficial in both
fighting cancer and keeping us cancer free. Also increase your
consumption of omega 3 fatty acids which are found in flax seed oil,
extra virgin olive oil, walnuts and especially fish, such as salmon, tuna
and sardines.There have been thousands of chemicals enter the marketplace
over the last couple of decades without adequate testing for human
health. We are surrounded by them as we breathe them in as in exhaust
gases and industry pollution; we apply them to our skin as in personal
care products and many contain parabens, a known carcinogenic substance.
They are also in our processed foods as additives, such as food
colorings, and most food colorings are from artificial sources. Then
there is bisphenol A also called BPA, a toxic substance widely used in
the manufacture of plastic products.Exercise will correct a lack of
oxygen in our cells but the main reason exercise is important is to
boosts our immune system. Prostate cancer is simply a disease of an
immune system that's been weakened and allowed cancer cells to become
established. Our immune system relies on muscular activity to function
properly because a healthy immune system defends the body against all
diseases and will eliminate bacteria, viruses and other foreign invaders
including cancer cells.It's important to realize that prostate cancer is
not just a disease of the prostate but a disease of the whole body. It's
actually a sign that something is wrong so surgically removing the
prostate or any other of our orthodox treatments doesn't solve the
problem. Many of these harsh treatments are causing incontinence and
impotence so it is essential to deal with the reasons why it became
cancerous and remove those reasons. By dealing with those four causes,
prostate cancer is an entirely curable disease.To reverse prostate cancer
cut back on meat, eggs and dairy products and eat a more plant based
diet. Avoid hot dogs, bacon and pressed meats because of the nitrates
they contain. Also avoid burning meat as with barbecue cooking because of
the cancer causing chemicals called heterocyclic amines or HCA's that can
form.By taking responsibility for your own health you can improve your
chances of reversing prostate cancer as the body strives to heal itself
automatically every single day. All you need to do is to assist it by
making these changes.Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist
specializing in nutrition. He has researched all aspects of cancer for
many years and has been educating people on how the typical western diet
and lifestyle is closely related to the disease. For further information
on more effective ways to overcome prostate cancer using the powerful
natural healing ability of the human body; please visit;

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