Stage 4 Prostate Cancer by anamaulida


									The origin of prostate cancer is the prostate gland but if not detected
right away or not treated immediately it will affect the various organs
nearby like the rectum, testicles and others in first three stages.
However, when the cancer cells scatter to several organs like the liver,
lungs, or bones then it is already known as stage 4 prostate cancer or
metastatic. Medical treatment requires various therapies that need to be
administered aggressively, at least to stop the rapid growth of cancer if
not to treat it and to ease the pain.Treatment for stage 4 prostate
cancerWhen a patient had reached stage lV prostate cancer and passed the
other three stages then he should had tried operation, radiation,
chemotherapy and others but unsuccessful. In this instance, therapies
like Androgen Deprivation Therapy or ADT tries to shrink to prostate
gland and slows down the development of cancer. However, this medication
is controversial because of different opinions of some doctors; they
claim it does not cure but just a way to delay the rapid growth of cancer
cells.To boost chances successfully, secondary hormone medication can be
tried through the change of hormone suppressors that had been tried
before. Patients can also go for aggressive chemotherapy in desperate
move to ruin cancerous cells that had spread to several organs.
Chemotherapy includes medicines that can lessen the pain and anxiety,
specifically in patients that have no chance of coming back.For patients
who has no response to some therapies, doctors might advice them to
partake some clinical trials wherein new treatments or medicines can be
tried to them. It could be the last chance of patients to fight the
ailment and could aid the researchers to complete the treatment that can
be used in future patients who suffer from stage lV prostate
cancer.Prostate cancer diagnosed as stage IV is hard to treat, although
several patients can stay for more years with positive medication.There
are two categories of Stage 4 disease which depends on the extent of the
tumor:Stage IV or D1 - The tumor had scattered to pelvic lymph nodes
otherwise had obstructed the ureters.
Stage IV or D2 - Tumor scattered (metastasis) to lymph nodes outer the
pelvic area, involvement of bone, or scattered to far portions inside the
body.Medications for Localize Stage IV (D1 Prostatic Cancer)When the
tumor has entered near organs, like to the rectum otherwise bladder, or
scattered to lymph node in the pelvic region, surgical procedure is not
helpful. The combination of the external beam radiations therapy or the
EBRT with the hormone therapy is highly recommended for treatment. Male
hormones that are needed for prostate tumor to grow are removed by
hormone therapy. Hormone therapy with radiation therapy is sometimes
given together if the tumor is localized.Medications for Metastatis Stage
4 (D2 Prostatic Cancer)Prostate cancer which scattered to far organ and
bones can be treated but cannot be cured with the present standard
therapies. Metastatic prostate cancer has been treated by hormonal
therapy for many years. Metatatic cancers can be stopped by hormonal
therapy for some time.

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