What Are the Causes of Prostate Cancer by anamaulida


									Prostate Cancer (PC) is one of the most common diseases which has been
"hitting" men aged 50 and above. It's exact causes are unknown, yet there
have been noted contributing factors which have been pointed out by some
research as they have allegedly been affecting how cancer cells tend to
spread and grow. These are:Age. Men over 50 are at risk of Prostate
Cancer and the risk correspondingly increases with age. This doesn't mean
though that men aged below 50 are safe from this disease. They too can
get it but the probability is lower compared to those aged 50
above.Testosterone. The testosterone (male hormone) level can affect the
risks of having Prostate Cancer. Though testosterone itself does not
cause PC, it would feed its growth, which is the very reason why some
cancer treatments are aimed to block the body's production of
testosterone.Hereditary Factors. Like in any other types of cancer
diseases, hereditary factors play a significant role in developing
Prostate Cancer. Men who have Prostate Cancer-stricken relatives are at a
higher risk of developing it than men whose family doesn't have any trace
of relative having PC.Diet. This factor is said to contribute so much to
the development of Prostate Cancer. Yet this is the most controllable one
since it is influenced by one's food intake which must be free from
animal fats, which leads to a greater risk of PC.Given the contributing
factors leading to Prostate Cancer, one may ask if there could be a way
to avoid these risks or more so, keep himself from developing the
disease. There may not be anything we can do about age and hereditary
factors, so focus must be made on diet and testosterone, which are the
controllable factors.There are only three basic steps to prevent Prostate
Cancer. First, watch your diet. Avoid dairy food or those which have a
high content of animal fats. Work on a prostate-friendly diet. Second,
change your
lifestyle. Engage in a healthy lifestyle. Do some regular exercise which
could keep you and your prostate fit and healthy. Finally, take some
nutritional supplements. Your daily intake of food may not serve you the
adequate and appropriate nutrients you might need to maintain a healthy
prostate. Go natural. A dose of the right nutritional supplements could
do wonders for your health.As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is
better than a pound of cure". So what's the point of worrying? Go for a
healthy regimen, and go for it NOW.

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