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									Dove Tales
    Women in Need Growing Stronger

                                                             Christmas 2010
Season’s Greetings from the Executive Director …
At Wings we are proud of being a part of the solution to ending violence against women and children.
One of our core goals and beliefs is: When women and children exposed to domestic violence are
given safe accommodation and comprehensive services and support they will thrive. This is what we do
every day by providing families with the tools and support to meet their basic needs, safety, a sense of
belonging and self esteem. It is through this continuum of support that families can improve their lives
and follow their dreams of independence and self sufficiency. Everyone works and heals at their own
pace as they journey towards a more stable life.
From April 2009 to March 2010 Alberta’s domestic violence shelters accommodated 6,169 women and
5601 children. These numbers tell us there is still much work to do to end family violence. The dedi-
cated Board of Directors and staff are committed to supporting the families we serve. No job is too big
or small. Working together we are making a difference to women and children who have endured more
than most of us can imagine.
This Christmas the families will be amazed at the gifts and Christmas activities and celebrations. They
won’t believe the generosity of the community! I often tell the women that people care about you and
want you to have a better life. This generosity gives women hope that perhaps my life can be better.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal supporters for making Christmas at Wings a
very special place. In closing I would like to share this Chinese Proverb:
                                           If there is light in the soul,
                                     There will be beauty in the person.
                                       If there is beauty in the person,
                                    There will be harmony in the house,
                                      There will be order in the nation.
                                         If there is order in the nation,
                                      There will be peace in the world.

Wishing you all the best during the holidays and a Happy New Year.

Patricia Garrett

Child Care Chatter …
          Here it is November already! Summer, Thanksgiving and Halloween have past. Now our
thoughts and plans turn towards Christmas.
          November is Family Violence Prevention Month and our theme is “Hands are NOT for Hitting”.
In Child Care we will be focusing on all the “positive” things our hands can do. Staff has been using this
theme to remind the children throughout their everyday playtime in Child Care, again stressing the posi-
tive side to this theme.
          As many of you know, every Wednesday morning we have a Mom/Child Play Group for all
Moms with pre-school children. This is an extension of the Parenting Program at WINGS. There is a
strong focus on interaction between mom and child through songs, rhymes and play. Play is such an
important part of a child’s development. Playing with your child encourages the tremendous benefit and
healing of a lifelong bond with your child which may have been interrupted when a family lives with fam-
ily violence.
          To compliment our Play Group, we are very excited about the “Helping Hands” project which
started in October. A Child Psychologist, Josee Ouellette, from the Family Centre, comes one morning
a week to facilitate “Theraplay” activities with the pre-school children and their mothers. Theraplay is
used to help strengthen the mother/child attachment, enhance the mother’s enjoyment in the parenting
role, increase the mother’s knowledge and understanding of violence and its effects, and strengthening
family wellbeing.
          One Wednesday morning during our Mom/Child Play Group, a mom was sitting on the floor with
her young son sitting on her lap and cuddling together. With a huge smile on her face, Mom shared with
us that her son never wanted to sit, cuddle or have anything to do with her. “This would never have hap-
pened” were her words. What a tremendous difference was made in such a short time! As Child Care
staff, I was even surprised at the change in their relationship and realized what a powerful tool Thera-
play can be to heal the broken bonds of attachment!
          As Christmas draws near, we are filled with excitement and anticipation. Decorating of the tree,
the tour of lights down Candy Cane Lane, a Christmas Party and our children’s favourite-a visit from
Santa are all the things we at Wings are looking forward to. I am thankful that our families may experi-
ence a Christmas filled with fun, joy and laughter this year.
          Thank you for your continued support and generous, caring hearts. Together we can help to
ensure that more and more children will have a life free of violence! What a priceless gift to give to
these precious children!!
          Have a blessed Christmas,

Jane Kooistra
Child Care Supervisor

2 WINGS of Providence, PO Box 32141, Edmonton AB T6K 4C2
Phone: (780) 426-4985 · Fax (780) 424-3625 · · BN 119300549-RR00012
                             Growing stronger and stronger ….
                               Tamara Third Stage Housing Graduate drew this beautiful picture for me.
                               She said it depicts her change.
                               When we met, two and a half years ago, Tamara kept saying, “I didn’t
                               know support like this was out there.” Since then she’s told me several
                               times, that we “literally, saved her life.” She says she was facing
                               “homelessness, hopelessness and nowhere to turn.” She had no idea how
                               to face her traumatic history of abuse and states The Third Stage Housing
                               Program helped her develop the skills she needed to cope. It provided a
                               soft place to land as well as a push to deal with what she needed to deal
                               Thanks to homeEd, Tamara continues to live in her rented townhome at a
                               subsidized rate, even though her Third Stage Housing contract has come
                               to a close. This is amazing because before the program, she was unable
                               to maintain a stable home. Family violence and homelessness often go
                               hand in hand.
When we first met Tamara, she was “completely alone.” Now she has a small support team and she
reaches out if she needs help. Her kids are happy and settled into a routine and the family enjoys crafts,
music, art and movies together in a home without violence.
Tamara has blossomed over the last couple of years. She is strong and happy. Perhaps most impor-
tantly she has grown spiritually and developed a sense of connectedness that brings her great satisfac-
tion and peace. What a wonder to witness!
We celebrate the miracle of change this Christmas season and the magic of hope. Thank you to all of
our friends and supporters. This picture and story represent what we can all do together. Merry Christ-
mas everyone.

Chantal Hunter, Transition Worker     Volunteer spotlight is on -- Extraordinary volunteers: Michelle Rousselle,
                                      Terry Rousselle and daughter Missy Rudyk SOLD 500 of our Grey Cup
                                      pool tickets. Thank you Michelle, Terry and Missy. Job well done!

Women in need … growing stronger …
          As I was shopping for Christmas cards, one in particular struck me with a very simple yet power-
ful message. “ No act of Love, however small, is ever wasted”. This statement seemed so affirming
and so hopeful and most importantly, so very true.
          This week I had the privilege of hearing a woman’s story. It was a story of how she came to
Wings. She was not recalling the abuse, for she had talked about that many times before, she was
sharing about the people in her life who had helped her and cared about her. She recalled the names of
friends and some shelter workers. She did not know all the names of the workers but knew what they
had said that touched her heart. She talked about the compassion and understanding she felt when she
met with Pat for her intake interview. She was full of gratitude. There were silent pauses as she would
fill with emotion and then share more of her story from her heart. Her spirit continues to be one of
strength, gratitude and joy. She would not have been this strong 6 months ago. It was a privileged and
sacred moment.
          Sometimes we do not see the result of the small act of love. Sometimes we do not even see the
result of great acts of love. We do however have faith that somehow they impact a woman or child to
make things better. Somehow we trust that the act of love will help that person feel love and feel hope.
          When I think of the people who support Wings from the community I know that it is through
many small and great acts of love that keep Wings open and keep our families healing and moving for-
ward in life. Your acts of love, though you may not see the result, always brings about a great good!
You always make a difference! Thank you for all your acts of love. They fill our spirits!
Merry Christmas!

Karen Kingdom, Program Coordinator

                                           Irene Huk and Chelsea Robinson of Ed-                  L-R Wendy Barrie has done some
David Humphreys adding tranquility to      monton Public Teachers Local 37, making a              serious shopping at Girls Night In.
Girls Night In at the Derrick Club. The    presentation to Patricia Garrett at Girls              DeAnna Maio offers her encourage-
sweet sounds of his harp were wel-         Night In Nov. 16.                                      ment to continue!

                  yee Benefits Assoc                 Celebrating co
Edmonton Emplo                   August.                            mpletion of H
EEBA held a  golf tournament in                     moms loved it                 umanities 101.
                                    neluik,                        – thanks Meb                    The
                  oceeds L-RBill Da                 Karen Kingdom                bie. Pictured
Presenting the pr          Atkins, Linda                             , Sarah Myles              are
                   Melanie                          and Mebbie Be                  , Patricia Gar
Patricia Garrett,                    Martin.                       ll.                            rett
                  Robichaud, Tony
Churchill, Shelly
                                                                                                         Jan & Morley Gabert on
                                                                                                         their regular Tuesday morn-
                                                                                                         ing delivery to Wings.

Curves gals after loading up loot for      L-R Susannah Staios, Jennifer
Wings’ families. Their initiative was      Bradshaw. Susannah's legacy to
superb!                                    Wings – Girls Night In - started it
                                           in her home 5 years ago. Once she
                                           moved to Calgary her friend Jen-
                                           nifer Bradshaw carried on the                      L-R Board Members Dan Wiart &
                                           tradition. What a great event.                     Bill Godfrey enjoying refreshments
                                           Nov 16, 2010.                                      after our Annual General Meeting.

4 WINGS of Providence, PO Box 32141, Edmonton AB T6K 4C2
Phone: (780) 426-4985 · Fax (780) 424-3625 · · BN 119300549-RR00014
Growing stronger …
Coming to Wings and having almost completed the 6 month program I have seen a huge change in my
life. Mine and my children’s. I was a bit scared but came in with full commitment. Very shy and really
didn’t want to get close to anyone. I came in very broken and torn apart. I cried all the time and felt like I
couldn’t do it anymore when all I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep the day away. But I knew that I
couldn’t do that if I wanted my life to start changing. I started to be able to open up and share the things
that happened to me and progress from there. It was definitely nice to have that one person you could
talk to as I have never really had that before. I was able to grieve and let go of some of the relationships
that have landed me here yet be able to also build healthier ones at the same time. I’ve learned so much
coming to Wings. I’ve learned a lot of new skills: to set boundaries, maintain a safe, clean, healthy home
for my children, to forgive myself for the bad choices I’ve made and that was a big one for me. I was
always too hard on myself and didn’t give myself enough credit for the good that I’ve done. I’ve become
happy through my days and also within myself too. I smile all the time now and have heard myself laugh,
and that’s awesome because I haven’t heard that in a really long time. My confidence grew. Basically I
rebuilt myself with the encouragement from people here at Wings.
I’ve noticed a change with my children. They are happier and are able to grow as little people with their
own minds exploring. Our relationship has definitely deepened as we were lacking that bond. I had to
relearn to interact with my children because they lost mommy for a bit and now are very happy to have
me back and I’m very happy to be back for them. My children were my motivators, they are the ones
who helped me go further. I’ve learned to be me and that is amazing because coming here I didn’t know
anything about myself, who I was or what I wanted in life. Before coming to Wings my priority was only
to survive and be safe and now that we have that stability we were able to grow. We are healthier than
ever. I mean I have lots more to do but we are feeling better than ever in the past few years. Wings was
the best program I could have signed up for. It was my stepping stone to greater success. I met great
people coming here people you thought wouldn’t have cared about you. As of now I am super excited.
I’m almost done and now ready to move on with a new beginning.
I really couldn’t have asked for any other way for my life to turn around. When I leave, here is what I will
take with me, hope, dignity, love, peace, laughter, and all the memories that were created here. This is
my story and I hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, Angelina
(a mom living at Wings – name has been changed)

Little women in need growing stronger ...
Erica Knutson, Wings Youth Worker says: If you ask any of the kids what they like about living at
WINGS, you can be sure that most of their answers will share one common theme. The kids like living
here because WINGS is fun. Whether they’re rocking out to wii’s “Just Dance”, playing “British Bulldog”
in the park, or dressing up to do skits, kids are always ready and willing to get out there and have a good
time. For some, WINGS provides new experiences through opportunities that wouldn’t have been avail-
able to them otherwise. For others this is the first time they have felt safe enough to really let loose and
have fun. Here are the responses of 2 sisters when we asked them what it is like to live at WINGS:
Here at WINGS we have kids groups for kids aged 6-8 and 9-11 and teens. Our group is called
“Heaven’s Angels”. Moms have group every day. The little kids go to childcare when their moms go to
group. Kid’s group is fun and the Wii is fun. We love shopping for donations. In Kid’s group we do some
fun experiments like making an anger volcano. We do fun stuff too like play with Erica in the park. The
park at WINGS is so fun. Every Wednesday we get suckers. We live in a building full of friends and little
babies and toddlers and mothers. We all know that WINGS is a safe place. We went on a trip to
YoWoChAs Lodge. We went camping there for 3 days. We went sledding, zip-lining, had campfires and
ate smores. It was so cool. There are always lots of things to do here!

        - Demi (age 11) and Vanessa (age 9).

From the Fund Development Office …
Recently I read a quote which makes so much sense to what happens at Wings: “The re-
sults of philanthropy are always beyond calculation. “ Miriam Beard.
Let me take you quickly through a scenario – the names have been withheld but the story remains the
same. A family generously supports Wings for five or six years financially. They keep learning what
happens for the people living here. They keep supporting. One family member joins a committee.
Then she draws in her friends. Her daughter in law organizes clothing drives. She volunteers for Bingo.
Her sons promote Wings as an important charity. She becomes a Board member. She helps with so
many things. She and her friends donate many quality items to the on-line auction. Her extended family
know about Wings. They are all good ambassadors. I know she is just getting warmed up with her sup-
port for Wings -- the results are truly beyond calculation.
Working with donors and volunteers is a privilege of my work at Wings. Christmas is a particularly heart-
warming season. So many vibrant, creative and energetic people want to help in Wings’ success. It is
impossible to track the many people behind the scenes doing quiet work to help the women and children
move forward in life through the difficulties they are experiencing right now. To them you are angels.
I want to list some of these angels who helped with a flurry of fundraising activities this fall: Susannah
Staois and Jennifer Bradshaw – The Girls Night In at the Derrick Club was a huge success. Dr. Zimmer-
man and his team from Fort Saskatchewan Chiropractic Clinic had a Ladies Night raising funds for
Wings from the event. The EEBA team hosted a late summer golf tournament for Wings – Melanie and
Tony lead that show. We sold Grey Cup raffle tickets – a huge force of sellers but the job was com-
pleted. Northlands asked for our assistance to sell 50-50 tickets during the Chuckwagon races. Victoria
– what can I say – you were so helpful. So many volunteers needed to keep our operating funding in
good shape. The Make Believe Ball and online auction have come to an end with fantastic results. Oh,
newsflash. - you can still buy tickets to the make Believe Ball if you like. Just call me. Wendy Barrie
has been around the building a lot and wow – we sure know it! Thank you everyone who gives us their
time and their talent so willingly. Then there is Connie Lloyd and her legion of talent who assemble the
Bonnie Doon Christmas party. As I said … beyond calculation.

                                         Can you please help?
                      (Call Linda 780-426-4985 or email
                                      Important dates to remember:
                Gift wrapping for Christmas 2010 Dec 14 and 15. Please call if you can help.
                   Dec 13 we need 30 volunteers to sell 50 50 tickets at an Oil King game.
              We have 50 Oil King tickets for sale for Dec 13 at a discounted price of $25 each.
         March 18 and 19 Wings will be beneficiary of a Casino at Baccarat. We need 50 volunteers.
                 Would you like to know more about our Legacy The Wings Nest Egg Club?

We wish you all the seasons best for you and your family,

Linda Churchill,
Mgr Resources and Development.

6 WINGS of Providence, PO Box 32141, Edmonton AB T6K 4C2
Phone: (780) 426-4985 · Fax (780) 424-3625 · · BN 119300549-RR00016
Thank You
                                                     Wish List (*** priority items)
                                                     (Wings has 20 furnished apartments)
                                                     ***Single mattress pads
Alberta Capital Trust                                  (ea. of 48 bedrooms have 2 single/twin beds)
B.J.Electric                                         ***Children toys (new Age 0-17)
Bradshaw, Jennifer                                   ****winter boots, coats, snow pants
Brkich Anne                                          *** Cookie sheets, rolling pins, cutters
Burns, Marta                                         Wall Clocks, alarm clocks, radio alarms
Carmelite Nuns of Western Canada                     Cd players
Cimolini, Ray                                        Non perishable foods, Baby formula, diapers
Control Flow Hydraulics                              Shampoo, deodorant, feminine products
Curves, Blue Quill                                   ***Turkeys or hams
Curves, Bonnie Doon                                  ****Christmas oranges
Curves, Old Strathcona                               ***Grocery Gift certificates
Dacro Industries                                       For trimmings for turkeys/hams
Dea, John & Ann                                      Movie passes for teens
Derrick Golf & Country Club                          Wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, bows,
Desrochers, Marcelle                                 ****Child care volunteers for mornings
Edmonton Public Teachers Local No 37                 Volunteers for Oil King 50 50, Dec 13
Filles De La Sagesse Du Canada                       Volunteers for Casino Mar 18, 19, 2011
Hermens, Petra
Hole, Muriel                                         Dream List
Impey, Shaune                                        No more family violence! Peace on Earth!
Keylor, Kris                                         Help finding employee:
Kinettes                                              for casual p/t cleaning/janitorial duties.
Kinsella, Elaine                                     We all dream a Photocopier will fall from the sky
Ladies Auxiliary to Strathcona                        soon and never ever need a service call
Local Union 488-Supplementary Benefit Trust Fund
MacLahlan & Mitchell Homes Inc.
Marchesin, Silvia
Merrick, Ellie
Miedzinski, Lilly
Mixcor Aggregates
Realtors Community Foundation
Robert Zimmerman Professional Corp.
Sembaliuk, Bruce
Shaul, Charles
Sit, Rose
Spartan Controls
St. Joseph’s Assembley-Knights of Columbus                            Statistics
Steele, Pauline                                           From April 1, 1987 to Oct 31, 2010
Telus                                               WINGS has accommodated 905 families including:
Union 52 Benevolent Society                                       905 women with
Valens, Margo                                                       2085 children
Webb, Jane                                                   For a total of 2990 persons
Wright, Donna
Wroblewski, Josef
Yeung, Stephanie
All donors to our Online Auction (Listed on Wings       Donate
                                                    We are trying to make it as easy as possible for donors. You
                                                    can now make monetary donations to Wings of Providence
                                                    online! Just visit our website and
                                                    click on the icon “Donate now’ through It
                                                    is that simple. Thank you for your support.

                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS              STAFF
                           Marta Burns, President          Patricia Garrett, Executive Director     Rhonda Janzen , Security/Reception f/t
                           Carole Noland, Vice President   Linda Churchill, Mgr Resources/Develop   Dionicio Barrales, Security/Reception
                           Dan Wiart, Treasurer            Karen Kingdom, Program Coordinator       Susan Sweetman, Security/Reception
                           Laurette Morris, Secretary      Chantal Hunter, Transition Worker        Marcela Lillo, Security Reception
                           Bill Godfrey                    Penny Giacomoni, Support Worker          Charlene Laplante, Security/Reception
                           Wendy Barrie                    Tracy Minnifee, Support Worker           Sarah Myles, Security/Reception
                           Joan Duhig                      DeAnna Maio, Facility Coordinator        Jessica Bogosoff, Security/Reception
                           Victoria Smith                  Jane Kooistra, Childcare Supervisor      Roger Malenfant, Maintenance/Security
                           Ray Taillefer                   Dianne Devereux, Childcare
                           Ellie Merrick                   Christie Rehill, Childcare
                           Sr. Christina Wong              Sharon Harding, Accounting
                           James Cregan, Q.C.              Amirtha Santhiran, Accounting
                           Jonathan Kitteringham           Patricia Clark, VON
                           Alice Keylor, Past President    Erica Knutson, Youth Worker

                           Families at Wings struggle constantly with poverty and all the barriers
                           that brings. This is especially a stark reality at Christmas. Please support
                           Wings. Cheques payable to: Wings of Providence, or you can donate by
                           credit card, or you can donate online at


  ____        $5 Membership                           ____        $25                 ___       $50

  ____      $100                                      ____      $ My preferred contribution

  ____      I would like to support Wings with a monthly contribution
           (tax receipt issued annually in December)

VISA/MC # _____________________________________ Expiry Date (Month/Year) _____________

Name (as it appears on Credit Card )_______________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

E mail ________________________________________________ Phone ______________________
                            THANK YOU for your gift. Together we can make a difference

8 WINGS of Providence, PO Box 32141, Edmonton AB T6K 4C2
Phone: (780) 426-4985 · Fax (780) 424-3625 · · BN 119300549-RR00018

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