The Problem of Unwanted Teenage Pregnancy

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					In many modern societies, unwanted teenage pregnancy has been on the
rise. A girl who has not reached legal adult age and is pregnant with a
baby is defined as teenage pregnancy. Of course, the legal adult in
different countries differs. In some countries, the adult age may be 18,
while in others, the legal adult age may be 21.Teenage pregnancy causes
several problems for the teen herself, and for the people around her. The
most immediate concern is that the teenage is not financially independent
yet. So family members tend to worry about her livelihood. Without
financial independence, child rearing responsibilities often fall on
other family members like the parents.Furthermore, as teenage pregnancy
is often unplanned, the incident may throw all plans into disarray. For
example, the teenage may have made plans to pursue an education or a new
and exciting career. Now that a baby has come into the picture, all plans
may have to be shelved. The baby has to come first. Despite such
undesirable consequences of teen pregnancy, why are teenagers all around
the world still getting pregnant prematurely? Let's examine some
causes.In many third world countries, a large percentage of the
population is not literate. Without opportunities for a proper education,
they are ignorant of the consequences of teen pregnancy. Without an
awareness of the responsibilities that come with child rearing, many
teens engage in unprotected intimacy. As a result, they become pregnant
even when they do not have the slightest intention of having a baby.But
the teen pregnancy problem is not exclusive to third world countries
only. Developed countries have also been experiencing a rise in unwanted
teen pregnancy. In such countries, educational opportunities are
abundant. So why did teen pregnancy still happen?This has more to do with
the culture of the society. The culture of a society influences the
behavior of the population. For example, if loose intimacy is heavily
promoted by the media, the population will begin to think that such
behavior is acceptable. Without social constrains, teenagers, being young
and impressionable, are often the most easily influenced. They then
engage in intimacy and this gives rise to unwanted teen pregnancy.In
addition, teen pregnancy occurs because in many societies, intimacy is a
tabooed subject. It is not openly discussed in schools, and most parents
are too embarassed to talk to their children about the subject. Without
proper knowledge, the inevitable happens.Once a teenager becomes
pregnant, she has only two options. She can choose to abort the baby, or
she can choose to carry the baby to full term. The issue on abortion has
been debated by ethicists and scholars all over the world. It is never an
easy decision to make. But if the teenager carries the baby to full term,
other considerations such as financial implications makes the decision
making process even harder.Perhaps the only way around this problem is to
seek preventive solutions. As the saying goes, prevention is always
better than cure. This is especially true for the teenage pregnancy
problem. A human life is at stake here. Countries will have to adopt a
more active approach in educating their citizens about proper
contraceptive measures. Teen pregnancy is a serious problem, regardless
of race, language or religion. There is no need to shy away from the
subject. This will only cause more problems. The only right way to go
about the teen pregnancy problem is to engage the issue fully.

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