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Project on Work Stress


Project on Work Stress document sample

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									Hotel Room Cleaner Project –
 Holistic View of Work Stress

            Pam Tau Lee
  Labor Occupational Health Program
            U.C. Berkeley
1. Union finds that R/A injuries & early
   retirement were rising.
2. UNITE HERE SF & LV contact LOHP to learn
   what was happening to R/A.
3. UCSF researchers, LOHP & UNITE HERE
   conduct a health & safety study using
   Participatory Action Research (PAR).
4. Research findings help R/A improve working
5. UNITE HERE launches nationwide Education
   Program for Change to empower R/A to
   improve health & safety issues.
 Who are hotel room cleaners?

Low wage workers.
“Back of the house” workers.
                  General Health
General Population – 81

San Francisco Room Cleaners – 61.6

Las Vegas Room Cleaners – 34.8

Values are transformed to a 0-to-100 scale with higher values
   representing better health.
                Work and Health
               Vitality, Fatigue, Energy
General population – 60.9

San Francisco – 51.5

Las Vegas – 36.3

Values are transformed to a 0-to-100 scale with higher values
   representing better health.
                   Workplace pain
•   “Had pain/discomfort believed
    to be caused or made worse
    by work.”

•   “Pain/discomfort began after
    current job started.”

•   “Pain/discomfort began after
    current job started.”
“Had pain/discomfort believed to be caused
    or made worse by work.”

“Pain/discomfort began after current job

“Reported the pain/discomfort to supervisor
    or other management.”

Power, recognition & control
“I was encouraged to say what was
    bothering me at work.”

Yes – 17%
No – 83%
“I was usually able to solve the

Yes – 21%
No – 79%
“When I complained about the
   problem things improved.”

Yes – 13%
No – 81%
     Education & Empowerment
         Workshop Series
1. The Pain Has a
2. Why Does It Hurt?
3. Making The Job
4. If I Could Turn Back
   the Clock
5. Stress and Me
6. Speaking Up to
   Take Action
    Impact of Work on Family &

Home to work…..

                  Work to home…..

• Headaches
• Back pain
• No sleep
• Tense/nervous
• Eat: too much, too
• Skin rash
• Does not enjoy sex
   Throw Up Our Hands?
Is there anything that can be done?
       Taking On This Problem
1. Participate in meaningful activities
2. Build a support network
3. Believe in your power to improve
   workplace H&S conditions
4. Practice stress-relief relaxation

*Practice in combination with the other actions listed above.
     I need your support

Show support
for a healthy

R/A materials
to share with
family &
               Role Play
Wife (room cleaner) brings the laundry into
 the living room where her husband is
 watching TV.
Wife: I have a union meeting tomorrow.
Husband: Ah-huh, okay. Didn’t you just have
 a meeting?
Wife: Yes, but I’ll talk to you when you are
 paying more attention.......
Husband: Acting annoyed, turns off the TV.
               Role Play
Mom (room cleaner) goes into her
 daughter’s room.
Mom: Have you finished your homework?
Daughter: Just a minute, I’m just sending my
 friend an e-mail.
Mom: Well, I need to talk to you about
 something important.
Daughter: What? Is something wrong?
I can do that!
A potential barrier is removed……

Husbands are more supportive.

Children take on chores around the house.

Morale boost for the hotel room cleaners.
Reduction in workload

Establish joint health and safety committees

Health and safety experts to help address
 worker and union concerns
Lessons Learned

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