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									           Portfolio Management Initiative

 III. Operation,                                           I. Strategic Business
Maintenance and                                            and IT Planning and
  Replacement                                                    Budgeting
(Applications Portfolio
                             Life Cycle of                   (Investment Portfolio
                            IT Investments

                          II. Project Implementation
                          (Project Portfolio Management)

                          October 25, 2005
   Themes in Recent Legislation for
      Better Management of IT
1. Improve the planning for and budgeting of
   IT investments.
2. Prepare better researched and more
   thoroughly developed project plans.
3. Provide stronger project management and
   more appropriate oversight.
4. Improve the inventorying and analysis of
   major IT assets.
           North Carolina’s Portfolio
            Management Initiative
• With legacy analysis and other efforts, North Carolina
  is ahead of other states in the implementation of
  portfolio management
• Late 2004 – Purchased UMT software tool from
  competitive bidding process.
• January 2005 – Began software tool implementation
• August 2005 – Began using tool for project
• 2006 – Plan to have tool fully operating in management
  of projects and applications and in IT budgeting
              Portfolio Management in State
• Approving and monitoring IT projects (project
  portfolio management) – Streamline and improve the
  effectiveness of department and statewide approval and periodic
  (monthly) status reporting.
• Analyzing legacy business software (applications
  portfolio management) – Maintain a statewide database of
  current business systems and provide analytical capabilities for
  managing these, including the identification of those at-risk and
  the forecasting of long-term cost liabilities for replacements and
• Identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing potential IT
  investments (investment portfolio management) –
  assist departments in evaluating alternative IT investment needs
  and opportunities and preparing funding requests.
      Project Portfolio Management

Improve the management of IT projects:
• Clarify roles and responsibilities.
• Provide for well understood and comparable
• Ensure projects are:
   – Planned well and researched thoroughly prior to
     starting – business case.
   – Managed and monitored proficiently to achieve budget,
     schedule, scope, and quality expectations - dashboard.
   – Completed successfully so that business goals and
     objectives are realized - post-implementation
     assessment/closeout review.                            5
                 Applications Portfolio

Objective is to develop and maintain a comprehensive
database of major state software applications to assist in
managing them:

   •   Identify present technical and business status.
   • Determine best approaches and ascertaining the priorities and
   timeframes for remediation/renovation, retirement, or
   • Estimate associated costs – future liabilities.

       Investment Portfolio Management
• Since late 1990s, becoming popular in public and
  private sectors to help align IT investments with
  organizational missions and business priorities.
• Recognizes that the management of IT is a joint
  business and IT responsibility.
• Helps evaluate and rank potential investments using a
  variety of criteria, including agreement with business
  strategies and goals (governmental priorities), costs,
  financial and societal benefits/value, project and
  business risks and architectural fit.


Hands-on training sessions:
• Basic – half day, hands-on course on the project portfolio module and its
   functionality and their assigned roles within their agency.
• Intermediate – full day, hands-on course on the project portfolio module and
   its functionality, their roles, status reporting, approval flows, and business
• Advanced – additional 2 day hands-on course on using other functions of the
   Project Portfolio module.
• 135 attended

Theory training sessions:
• Project Portfolio Management Conceptual Class – three, half-day sessions on
   the concept behind Portfolio Management and business case development.
• Application Portfolio Management – Two, 2-hour sessions on the specifics of
   Application Portfolio Management were open to all agencies
• 295 attended

                Portfolio Management
Project approval and monitoring (Completed)
   – Streamlined and simplified old processes
   – No change in underlying concepts and principles, but better
     way of managing and communicating.
   – Immediate benefit to projects, departments, and oversight
Legacy applications (Next phase)
   – Transfer of study data to tool and update of information
   – Validate study findings, especially for immediate action
   – Begin cost estimating efforts for submitting long-term
     liabilities to General Assembly.

           Portfolio Management Tool
Planning and budgeting (Winter 2005-2006)
  – Involves more sophisticated techniques and analysis
    activities (portfolio optimization and staffing resource
  – Less pressing timetable, as follows budget cycle.
  – Some departments have volunteered to test these
    capabilities further before statewide rollout.

         Portfolio Management

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