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                                           Dear Team
                                           As we head into the height of the busy
                                           Christmas trading season, our great
                                           company will achieve another milestone.
                                           On December 5 this year Woolworths
                                           celebrates its 85th birthday.

From the day the doors first opened, Woolworths’ offer was built on the simple promise of
convenience, good range and fair prices.

Percy Christmas, our first Managing Director, put it like this:
“Every city needs a Woolworths. Every man, woman and child needs a handy place where good things are cheap”.
Over the years, we have found different ways to express that sentiment, but all in all, we would stay true to it.
I wonder if Mr Christmas could possibly have known that so many people, now nearly 200,000 in total, would deliver on his
I wonder if he dreamed that 85 years later we would be celebrating a spectacular business success story. We are here because
every one of us, and so many that came before, understood what that promise means to our customers and worked to deliver it.
It means today what it meant when we opened in 1924.
That when our customers shop at any store in the Woolworths Group, they can be sure we have worked hard to give them the
best possible deal. No matter whether it is a supermarket, a BIG W, a liquor store or hotel, a consumer electronics store, a petrol
station or hardware store, our customers can be sure that they are in a relationship built to last.
I thank everyone in our business for their efforts over this year, and wish you and your
families the very best for the festive season, and a safe and prosperous 2010.

Kind regards

                                                                                                 Celebrate our 85th anniversary!
Michael Luscombe                                                                                 Visit www.woolworthsway.com.au
Chief Executive Officer                                                                          from the 5th December 2009.

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Full Year Profit Results 2009
Woolworths’ full year profit results announced in August highlighted the
underlying strength of the business.
Woolworths CEO, Michael Luscombe                    stores, created jobs, added services, delivered     goal is to continue to grow our business and
announced a net profit increase of 12.8% to         value, created an even better experience for        deliver opportunities to our employees and
$1,835.7 million for the 2009 financial year.       customers and enhanced shareholder value,”          value to our customers and shareholders,”
Michael said the result reflects the                Michael said.                                       Michael added.
increased acceptance of Woolworths retail           Woolworths also continues to improve
offers underpinned by continued investment          shareholder returns with a 13.0% increase in
across all businesses.                              Dividend per Share to 104 cents from 92 cents        “ We worked as a team, took an
“Our entire team has achieved this record result    in the 2008 financial year.                            extremely positive attitude and
in the most challenging year most of us can         Michael said Woolworths will remain focused            delivered a result that not only
remember. This demonstrates that Woolworths         on building sustainable growth over the longer         surprised, but delighted the
is built for sustainable results over the long      term.                                                  marketplace. The result is a
term, and that our strategies are being delivered   “Despite the strength of this result, we cannot        tribute to the wonderful team
consistently across our divisions.                  afford to rest on our laurels, take our customers      that we have in every business
“Our ongoing investment has improved                for granted, or to use short-term thinking. Our        right across Australia, New
                                                                                                           Zealand, China and India.”
  Results snapshot                                                                                         – Michael Luscombe, CEO
  •   12.8% Net Profit After Tax growth at upper end of target range
  •   Sales of $49,595 million, up 7.5% on a comparable 52 week basis. Excluding petrol sales increase 8.5%
  •   Total sales for 52 weeks this year compared with 53 weeks last year up 5.4% to $49,595 million
  •   11.5% increase in Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation
  •   11.3% increase in Earnings Before Interest and Tax to $2,815.5 million
  •   12.8% increase in Net Profit After Tax to $1,835.7 million
  •   11.7% increase in earnings per share to 150.7 cents
  •   13.0% increase in Dividend per Share to 104 cents
  •   Six basis points increase in Cost of Doing Business - greater than 20 basis points reduction after normalising for petrol,
      hotels and prior year property profits
  Read more about the full year profit results and the first live employee webcast on page 13.

                                                                                                        WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                     1
Events                                     b

Woolworths to enter hardware sector
Fresh competition is coming to the home improvement sector in Australia.
In late 2011, Woolworths will open the doors of its first destination home
improvement store at Coolaroo in suburban Melbourne.
Woolworths CEO and Managing Director,                a Woolworths store because our teams and our
Michael Luscombe, said Woolworths believes           people are very much alike.”
there’s a wonderful opportunity to increase
                                                     In fact, Lowe’s make two promises to their
choice and value for consumers in the home
                                                     customers which are very familiar to the
improvement sector.
                                                     Woolworths and BIG W businesses. Lowe’s is all
“This is a major initiative for our business and     about ‘Everyday Low Prices’ and ‘Brands You
one which we are very excited about. The             Know and Trust’.
hardware sector offers a great deal of growth
                                                     Michael said the Lowe’s team also brings a
potential for our business,” Michael said. “At the
                                                     wealth of industry experience and insight as
moment, the sector is dominated by one major                                                                    From left: Don Stallings, Graeme Danks and Michael Luscombe
                                                     well as a great understanding of building up a
big box player, so there is a real opportunity for                                                              a key priority for us. We’ll look at how we
increased competition. Our offer will provide        new home improvement business.
                                                                                                                can use what we have learnt in our own
enhanced choice for Australian consumers and         “We’ll have access to Lowe’s systems, their                business and help improve their supply chain
a new offer in destination home improvement’’.       global sourcing ability, global pricing and some           systems, improve buying and increase their
Michael said the stores will be different to         wonderful unique private label lines that are              competitiveness.”
anything customers have experienced in               really exciting,” Michael added.
Australia and will meet the full spectrum of their   Growing the independent sector                              Do you have the tools of the trade?
home improvement needs.                                                                                          Woolworths’ entry into the home improvement
                                                     As part of the home improvement plans,
                                                                                                                 sector will generate exciting opportunities for
“In travelling the world and having a look at        Woolworths and Lowe’s have also offered
                                                                                                                 our employees and our customers. Stay tuned to
what’s done elsewhere, we believe there is           to buy Danks Hardware which is Australia’s
                                                                                                                 www.wowcareers.com.au for more information.
a gap in the offering in the marketplace in          second largest hardware distributor.
Australia,” he said.                                 Danks services around 600 independently
                                                     owned and operated retailers and has been
                                                     operating in Australia for 150 years. The Danks
                                                     business is better known as the company
                                                     behind the Home Timber & Hardware, Thrifty-
                                                     Link and Plants Plus brands.
                                                     Michael said Woolworths aims to grow and
                                                     improve the Danks distribution business and
                                                     deliver a better offer for independent retailers.
                                                     “Supporting independent retailers will be
Coolaroo store site
                                                                                                                Victorian Premier John Brumby with the Minister for
Lowe’s down under                                                                                               Industry and Trade Martin Pakula and CEO Michael
Woolworths’ entrance into the home                                                                              Luscombe, at the first Woolworths and Lowe’s home
                                                                                                                improvement site at Coolaroo in Melbourne
improvement sector is being supported by a
joint venture with Lowe’s, the second largest                                                                    Some fast facts >>
home improvement retailer in the world.                                                                          • Home improvement is a $24billion sector
Michael said Woolworths and Lowe’s will work                                                                     • First store in Coolaroo, Victoria to open
together to grow the new home improvement                                                                          in 2011
business in Australia. “We’re very pleased to be                                                                 • 10,000sqm home improvement stores
                                                     Victorian Premier John Brumby, CEO Michael Luscombe,
working with Lowe’s. From the first meeting I        Minister for Industry and Trade Martin Pakula and CEO of    • 150 store sites within the next five years
had with Lowe’s, I felt like I could have been in    Home Improvement at Woolworths Don Stallings

                                                                                                              b                                     Events

The hardware team
                                                                                                         Don Stallings, Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                         - Home Improvement
                                                                                                         Don Stallings, formerly President of Lowe’s
Melinda Smith, Chief Operating Officer              Graeme Danks, Managing Director, Danks               Canada, has been appointed CEO of the home
- Home Improvement                                  Graeme Danks has been Managing Director of           improvement venture. Don has more than
Melinda Smith has been appointed Chief              Danks since 1996.                                    35 years experience in the hardware sector
Operating Officer, building on her successful       “For our retail customers and employees,             including 14 years with Lowe’s in the USA and
retail career within the Woolworths Group.          this marks the start of an exciting new era          most recently in Canada.
Melinda has been with Woolworths for 22             for Danks, building on 150 years of history.         “The consumers’ needs overall are not being
years in a number of buying, operations and         Woolworths and Lowe’s will give us increased         fully met today by anyone that is in home
supply chain roles and most recently was the        resources, expertise and sourcing from both          improvement retailing in Australia. We will
project leader in developing Woolworths’ home       local and overseas suppliers.                        offer something that is not out there today.
improvement strategy.                               We believe Danks will become a leading               We’ll start with a blank canvas and there’s
“We’ll compete keenly on price. We can’t expect     hardware distributor in Australia and continue       likely to be products and brands that have
our customers to pay more for the same items.”      to support and grow independent retailers.”          never even been seen in the country before.”

 Would you like to save money on your shopping?
 Are you a Woolworths Limited employee who works on a
 permanent full-time or part-time basis and an Australian
 resident for tax purposes?
 Do you…
 • Have a taxable income of $17,000 or more per year?                            • This year you can submit up to
 • Plan to purchase items like gifts, groceries or liquor                          five receipts.
   in a Woolworths Limited store during the festive                              • You have to submit your application
   season?                                                                         form and receipts between:
                                                                                   1 Dec 2009 – 12 Feb 2010.
 If the answer is YES, you need to know about the
                                                                                   (ONE application form per eligible employee)
 In-house Salary Sacrifice Benefit.
                                                                                 • All eligible applications will be processed by 31 March 2010.
 This benefit allows eligible employees to purchase goods with
 their pre-tax income, which saves you the tax that you                          Keep your eye out in November for the brochure with
 would otherwise have paid on that income.                                       all the details and an application form.
 Eligible employees can apply to salary sacrifice any amount                     Employees should seek independent financial advice before
 between $100 and $1,000 on eligible products in participating                   participating in any salary sacrifice arrangement. This benefit is
 stores owned by Woolworths Limited.                                             available for the 2009/2010 fringe benefit tax year only.

  Example: Sam has spent $180 in BIG W, $210 in Dick Smith, $120 in a Woolworths Supermarket and $100 in liquor. Sam earns $60,000
  per annum and is paid fortnightly. These four receipts add to a total amount of $610 and the benefit to Sam is calculated as follows:
                                      Without salary sacrifice        With salary sacrifice                                Notes
   Gross Pay (before tax)                      $2,307.69                       $2,307.69
   Deduction from Sam’s salary                     _                            $554.55           This is the $610 purchases less GST
                                                                                                  (GST is not included in the deduction)
   Taxable Gross                               $2,307.69                       $1,753.15
   Tax                                           $492.00                        $308.00
   Reimbursement                                   _                             $610.00          This is the amount reimbursed after staff discount and
                                                                                                  including GST (although GST is not included in the
                                                                                                  deduction, it can be reimbursed to the employee)
   Net Pay                                     $1,815.69                       $2,055.15
   In this example, Sam saved $239.45
   Note: based on current income scales, this example would apply to all employees earning between $35,001 - $80,000 per annum.

                                                                                                            WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                     3
  Events                                     b                 13-16 Sept 2009 Annual
The Annual Company Conference brings
together managers from across the business
to showcase Woolworths’ achievements,
share the vision, and preview initiatives and
opportunities for the coming year.
This year approximately 3,000 employees attended the Company Conference
at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 September.
During the opening ceremony, CEO Michael Luscombe discussed this
year’s Built on Trust theme. Michael observed how much our Company
had grown ‘’from humble beginnings as a discounter in an arcade
basement to a flourishing enterprise that services the needs of millions
of customers across two countries’’. He also discussed the qualities that
have been instrumental in Woolworths’ history. “One quality stands out
above the rest, trust’’ said Michael.
Highlights of the Conference included:
• An update on our Food Rescue Program in stores. 580 stores now
  participate in the Program.
• The new Petrol Prime Sign/Price Board featuring the Woolworths icon.
• Petrol’s interactive sessions on customer service, leadership, our
                                                                             Michael Luscombe, CEO at the
  customer loyalty program and a mock court session which dramatically       opening ceremony
  brought to life the consequences of a serious workplace injury.
                                                                             The Conference gave
• BIG W unveiled clothing from the new Morrissey line which will be in
                                                                             attendees an opportunity to
  selected stores mid October.                                               reflect on our achievements
• The Woolworths Liquor Group launched Dry Dock, the first beer              throughout the year with
                                                                             Michael ending his opening
  brewed from Gage Road Brewery in Fremantle, a business in which            address with “in truth, every
  Woolworths owns a 25% stake.                                               good result is a result built
                                                                                                               Business Manager of the Year award winner Jim Stephan
• The unveiling of the new Supermarket uniform.                              on trust.’’
                                                                                                               and Greg Foran, Director of Supermarkets, Liquor and Petrol

CEO Safety Award 2009
The Annual CEO’s Safety Award recognises divisions that have
delivered outstanding performance in safety during the past year.
At the annual Woolworths Conference, CEO Michael
                                                             Nominations are evaluated against the
Luscombe announced BIG W and Logistics as the
                                                             following criteria:
winners of this prestigious award.
                                                             • Visible Leadership    • People
BIG W achieved a 39% reduction in their Lost Time            • Hearts and Minds      • Innovation
Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) and demonstrated               • Results
a high level of visible leadership commitment,
                                                             The following nominees were short
while winning the hearts and minds of their front
                                                             listed for 2009:
line teams. Through engagement and innovation,
                                                             • Dick Smith              • Supermarkets
they’ve made safety personal and visible
                                                             • Design and Construction (Supermarkets)        Logistics accepting the $100,000 cheque
throughout their operation.
                                                             • Logistics               • BIG W
Logistics achieved a 39% reduction in their LTIFR            • India (Dick Smith)      • PEL
and a further 29% improvement in their new
claim frequency rate. Through their leadership and commitment to safety they’ve made significant
improvements by demonstrating that the power of safety and caring for each other goes well beyond
an LTIFR; it has been instrumental in turning around a whole workplace culture and performance.
Julie Coates, Director of BIG W and Geoff Thomas, General Manager Logistics accepted the award
on behalf of their divisions and a $100,000 cheque to be spent on safety initiatives.
Our team in India and the Supermarket Design and Construction team both received a Highly
Commended Award.                                                                                             BIG W accepting the $100,000 cheque

Company Conference                                                                                                               b                                          Events

               2009 Company Heroes

Woolworths Liquor Group launches Dry Dock                                                                 A new range of premium beef was launched at the Conference and will be available
                                                                                                          in selected stores from October. There are seven sku’s in the range: Rump Medallion,
                                                                                                          Porterhouse, Fillet, Rump Eye Roast, Scotch Fillet, Rib on Bone and Beef Fillet Roast

Highlights from PEL included
the naming of Store Manager
of the Year and the Safety
Shield Award.
Peter O’Connor from Countdown
Bethlehem was named
Progressive’s Store Manager of
the Year.
Jonathan Devonshire from
Countdown Whangarei was
                                             From left: Southern Region Manager Mark Brosnan, Keith Whiteman, Shane Langton, Jonathan Devonshire, Warwick Holmes, Dave
named top Store Manager for                  Chambers and Phil Guilford. Front row: Luke Stock, Chris Watkins, Peter O’Connor (Store Manager of the Year), Wayne Law, Trish Mansfield,
the Southern Region.                         Rob Andrew and Northern Region Manager Robin Pinner

The Supermarkets Director’s safety award winners from Region 2.2       The new Supermarkets uniform was modelled in an unusual fashion

                                                                                                                               WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                                5
    Events                                                b                     13-16 Sept 2009 Annual

Company Hero Damien Andreou, Jenkins and Fifi Box               Steve Greentree, General Manager Woolworths Liquor Group discusses results

“Every man, woman and child needs a handy place where good things are cheap’’ first Managing Director of Woolworths, Percy Christmas

The Qantas boys choir made a special appearance singing, ‘I still call Australia home’

                                                                               A BIG THANK YOU to the
                                                                               Conference organising
                                                                               team for making this
                                                                               an unforgettable event.
                                                                               Thank you to our many
                                                                               suppliers and all our
                                                                               teams who continued
                                                                               to work in our stores,
                                                                               DCs and support offices
                                                                               to keep our business                          At the finale of the BIG W fashion show, Peter Morrissey unveiled his
                                                                                                                             new line Man and Woman. Check out the range in selected BIG W stores
    6    WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009
                                                                               running smoothly.                             from Thursday 22 October
Company Conference                                                                                 b                                 Events

 The year in review
                                                                                                  • Introductionof Paid Maternity Leave – Since
                                                                                                   the introduction of paid maternity leave in
                                                                                                   July 2008, more than 1,080 women at all
 The Conference provided an opportunity to look back on some                                       levels of the Company have accessed this
 great ideas and major business milestones. These include:                                         benefit
                                                                                                  • Woolworths Limited Shareholders – 389,551
 • The launch of the Woolworths Qantas              six stores have been re-branded with the       shareholders in total FY09 and 40,000 of
   Frequent Flyer partnership which allows          remaining two to open by January 2010          these are employee shareholders FY09
   customers to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer              Smith re-branding ‘Talk to the
                                                   • Dick                                                     Zero – Lost Time Injury
                                                                                                  • Destination
   points as part of their everyday shopping        techxperts’                                    Frequency Rate (LTIFR) – achieved a 28%
 • Everyday Rewards – four million cards are                                                       reduction compared to last year
                                                   • Community  Investment – In the 2009
   now registered and 1.4 million are linked to     financial year our community investment       • Dan   Murphy’s 100th store
   the Qantas Frequent Flyer program                and funds raised with the help of customers
                                                                                                  • ProgressiveEnterprises – announced in
 • Everyday Mobile Credit Card – offering simple    and employees totalled more than
                                                                                                   February that we will invest up to $1b
   value for money calls and text messages          $27 million in Australia and New Zealand       in New Zealand over the next five years,
 • Thomas  Dux expansion: eight stores will        • Purchaseof Langton’s a specialist, online-    opening three-five stores and refurbishing
   be re-branded as Thomas Dux through              based wine auction business for premium        about 20 stores every year for the next five
   the Macro acquisition. At the time of print,     wines                                          years creating 2,000-3,000 new jobs.

                                                                                                  WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                      7
Events                                         b

Company Heroes 2009
The Woolworths Limited team is 190,000 strong. Every
year we recognise the unique members of our team that
make an outstanding contribution to our customers,
our team, our business or the community. At our
Company Conference we recognised 27 outstanding
individuals whose efforts inspire us and embody what
it means to be a part of the Woolworths Limited team.
Congratulations to all our Company Heroes for 2009.                                                         Ruth Krippner
                                                                                                            Assistant Business Analyst
                                                                                                            Progressive Enterprises, New Zealand

                                                                                                       As Chair of the Fresh Future Committee,
                                                                                                       Ruth is passionate about giving sick
                                                                                                       Kiwi kids a positive outlook and future.
                                                                                                       Ruth dedicates every spare moment to
                                                                                                       fundraising for Fresh Future and the list of
                                                                                                       fundraising activities includes head shaves,
                                                                                                       sausage sizzles, garage sales, bungee
                                                                                                       jumps, face painting, concerts and golf
                                                                                                       days. Our business is fortunate to have
                                                                                                       such an honest, dedicated person willing
                                                                                                       to invest so much of her personal time to
                                                                                                       improve the lives of others.
          Mark Parkes                                       Graham Cirson
          Store Manager                                     Team Member
          Region 10 Supermarkets, QLD                       Logistics, NSW

    After relocating to Weipa in 2003, Mark            Graham is an active member of the SES and
    became interested in preserving the                willingly gives up time during emergencies.
    natural environment of his new home.               Graham was part of the team sent to the
    Mark demonstrated this by encouraging his          Victorian bushfires and the recent floods
    staff to be “eco-warriors” in the store and by     in Queensland and NSW. Graham was
    developing a new initiative to recycle waste       personally responsible for saving a man
    cardboard. Previously cardboard was dumped         stranded in a tree by rising flood waters and
    into general waste at the rate of 28 pallets a     no other means of escape. Graham has also
    fortnight, adding a considerable amount to         made the workplace brighter by creating and
    landfill. This is now being returned by barge      caring for a small garden and worm farm at
    during the wet season to Brisbane for recycling.   the Sydney National Distribution Centre.

                                                                                                            Pierina Jarrett
                                                       Alison has been involved in fundraising for          Customer Greeter
                                                       children’s hospital wards across NSW since           BIG W, QLD
                                                       planning commenced for the Westmead
                                                       Children’s Hospital 16 years ago. During        Pierina is a well loved member of the BIG W
                                                       this time, NSW Supermarkets have raised         Carindale team and well known to our
                                                       $18.5m in support of sick kids, and Alison’s    customers. Pierina is constantly working
                                                       efforts on weekends, nights and lunchtimes      to raise money for the Royal Children’s
                                                       have been a major part of the success. Each     Hospital (RCH), and this year to the end of
                                                       year Alison takes a personal interest in our    May had personally raised $10,747 for the
                                                       Hospital Heroes and has formed a special        RCH. Pierina has undertaken a number of
                                                       bond with 109 of these remarkable kids.         innovative fundraising activities, including
                                                       Alison’s contribution has been recognised by    a bus trip to South East Queensland with
                                                       the Westmead Children’s Hospital where she      catering and entertainment for staff and
                                                       was made a benefactor, and the Rotary Club,     customers. Pierina’s passion for the community
          Alison Minassian                             where she was awarded the Paul Moor Award.      makes her a favourite with our customers.
          Business Analyst
          Supermarkets Support, NSW

                                                                                                 b                                    Events

     Malcolm Balkwill                                 Graham Booth                                    Shirley Hishon
     Area Manager                                     Head Reserve Stock Hand                         Sales Assistant
     Region 2 Supermarkets, SA                        Region 6 Supermarkets, NSW                      Dan Murphy’s, VIC

 Since Area 2.2 was named a focus Area          Graham has been a committed member               Shirley’s outstanding commitment to
 group for safety performance, Malcolm          of the Woolworths Nowra team for over 50         customer service is one reason why
 has led his team to achieve a 73%              years. For the last 46 years he has been         hundreds of customers travel to visit her
 reduction in the lost time injury rate         the Head Reserve Stock Hand. The Nowra           weekly at our Dan Murphy’s Nerang store.
 from 21.2 to 5.7. Although eight of our        store is a high trader, receiving between 70     Shirley’s recent feedback helped ensure the
 valuable team members sustained a              and 100 pallets of stock a day, with trucks      liquor wall planogram best met customer
 lost time injury this year, it represents a    queuing from 4.30am. The dock fits one           needs, and security cameras were re-
 significant improvement on 35 last year.       truck at a time and the stockroom has a 20       positioned to focus on high value items.
 Malcolm’s innovative approach included         pallet capacity with remainder pallets sent      Nothing is too much trouble for Shirley – she
 the appointment of a ‘Minister for Near        by lift to the top stockroom. No matter the      has supported numerous store openings,
 Misses’ to identify and share knowledge        obstacle, Graham faces every challenge           helped train staff, and without fail calls her
 of common store safety hazards.                with the same happy disposition.                 team on their birthday, Easter and Christmas.

     Donna Patchett                                  Kerrie Coffey                                    Kristy Fisher
     Personal Assistant                              Systems Specialist                               Site Manager
     Norwest Support Office, NSW                     Logistics, NSW                                   Petrol, NSW

Donna coordinates both the Woolworths           Kerrie’s initiative and commitment have          Kristy is an outstanding member of the
Carols in the Domain and the Carols at          substantially reduced the risk of material       Tamworth community and we are privileged
Norwest. A great deal of this was done in her   handling injury at the Sydney National           to have her working in the Petrol business.
own time and led to $150,000 being raised       Distribution Centre. Of her own accord Kerrie    Kristy has been a St Johns Ambulance
for the Salvation Army. Donna also provided     implemented a plan to reduce the number          volunteer since she was in Grade five, and
support for our friend and colleague Avner      of lines the Distribution Centre carries that    she commits over 200 hours each year to
Nahmani as he battled Pancreatic Cancer.        weigh over 16kg. Kerrie successfully worked      the organisation. Highlights of her service
Donna has been instrumental in establishing     with Business Managers and vendors to            include delivering an emergency birth and
and leading the fundraising effort for the      reduce the number of these heavy lines from      volunteering at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Avner Nahmani Pancreatic Cancer Fund to         187 to 14. After learning about Dangerous        Kristy is also a regular helper at the Tamworth
assist future sufferers and as a result the     Goods classification, Kerrie also worked to      hydrotherapy pool, and finds time to volunteer
fund has raised over $250,000 to date.          correctly segregate the lines in the DC.         with the Salvation Army and Rotary.

                                                                                                WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                         9
Events                                   b

      Paul McKinnon                                  Adrienne Charlier                              Judy Toynton
      Store Manager                                  Loss Prevention Associate                      Shop Assistant
      Dick Smith, VIC                                BIG W, NSW                                     Region 7 Supermarkets, NSW

 Paul manages a new concept Dick Smith          As a Loss Prevention Associate, Adrienne       Judy’s passion and commitment to keeping
 - Talk to the Techxperts store at Eastlands    Charlier has achieved some amazing             her customers is exemplary. When the
 in Victoria. On Black Saturday, the day        results. After apprehending and interviewing   Everyday Rewards program was launched,
 the bushfires started, Paul was in the         a shoplifter at the Campbelltown store,        Judy did not let the fact that the nearest
 Dandenongs. He knew the seriousness of         Adrienne obtained information on a stolen      petrol site was 100km away stop her.
 the situation and volunteered his services     merchandise operation. After carrying out      Judy explains to all customers she comes
 through his Rover group, a part of Scouts      surveillance on a residential address and      into contact with the benefits of Everyday
 Australia. On three days, Paul worked his      shop with a BIG W investigator, the Anti-      Rewards. The Scantastic competition
 full day at the Dick Smith store then spent    Theft Unit were contacted. The Anti-Theft      confirmed this – Judy’s scan rate for
 five hours cooking and serving food to         Unit executed search warrants on multiple      Everyday Rewards is the highest in the
 those in need near the Kinglake area. Paul     locations, and stock and cash valued at        country. Judy’s passion is infectious, and
 demonstrated an outstanding commitment         over $96,000 was recovered as a result of      several of her colleagues rank in the top
 to the community in a time of need.            Adrienne’s efforts.                            20 nationally.

      Joe Sirianni                                   Jodi Drake                                     Loui Tikellis
      Store Manager                                  HR Officer                                     Store Services Specialist
      Region 5 Supermarkets, VIC                     Progressive Enterprises, NZ                    Region 4 Supermarkets, VIC

 Joe spent 12 weeks working with the            Jodi Drake is a remarkable individual who      Loui definitely went above and beyond the
 Salvation Army assisting with the Victorian    is highly respected and truly cares for her    call of duty during the Victorian bushfire
 bushfire relief, and was responsible for       colleagues and the teams she works with.       relief. He coordinated donations and liaised
 setting up the warehouse to sort and store     It is the norm to have a ‘care parcel’ from    with the relevant relief organisations
 all donations. When Joe first arrived at the   Jodi waiting for you at work or home           on Woolworths’ behalf. Loui organised
 15,000 square metre warehouse, it was          when you have had a tough day or busy          the necessities for affected community
 packed with over 11,000 pallets of new and     week. As part of her never-say-never           members, including toiletry packs, batteries,
 used goods, with more arriving each day.       approach, Jodi is always there for her         water and other essentials. He thought of
 Joe divided the warehouse into sections, set   family, and contributes widely within the      everything, including watermelon for the
 up sorting teams and created an inventory      community by organising and participating      fire-fighters. Loui was the key liaison point
 register to keep track of stock.               in major events.                               for the community at store level in Wallan.

                                                                                                  b                                    Events

     Paul Pettit                                      Michael Borg                                     Diane Priest
     Store Manager                                    Senior Systems Analyst                           Recruitment Manager
     Region 9 Supermarkets, Pittsworth                IT, Norwest Support Office, NSW                  Region 1 Supermarkets, WA

Paul’s passionate support of the Pittsworth      As a Senior Systems Analyst, Michael is          Diane’s passion for developing community
community makes him a hero. Paul works           involved in testing and supporting store         partnerships is a key driver of Region 1’s
with the town ‘community calendar’               systems and IT environments. During the last     Diversity and Recruitment Strategies.
– personally ensuring Woolworths supports        12 months Michael has been focused on            Diane has been responsible for fostering
Pittsworth’s community events. These             the Petrol business, and has played a driving    Woolworths’ relationship with a number
include the Jump Rope for Heart and              role in delivering new projects such as “Pay     of community organisations in Western
healthy eating initiatives at local schools,     at Pump”. On a daily basis Michael performs      Australia. Woolworths’ partnership with
fundraising barbeques at the store and           above the required standard and goes the         the Swan Alliance led to the “Spice for
his role as Woolworths Ambassador at             extra mile to deliver. Despite a particularly    Life” Program, which links young people
the Australia Day celebrations. Paul also        heavy workload with Petrol projects over         with disabilities to the world of retail. The
meets with community organisations on a          the last 12 months he has always been            Program is recognised as an industry
regular basis and offers work experience to      available to assist with urgent needs. One       leading program in WA and was awarded
disadvantaged youth through a partnership        internal customer describes Michael as an        Best Program for a Local Community
with the local state school.                     E-S-A-T, extra significantly above target.       Partnership in WA.

      Kay Balcombe                                    Ross Collins                                     Kay Attard
      Store Trading Manager                           Hotel Manager                                    National Liquor Compliance Manager
      Region 3 Supermarkets, VIC                      ALH, QLD                                         Liquor, NSW

Kay has shown compassion and commitment          As the Hotel Manager of the Kirwan Tavern        Kay is responsible for ensuring the 740
to staff and customers to an exemplary level.    in Townsville, Ross is responsible for           liquor stores owned by Woolworths comply
In one example, two members of staff were        its day-to-day operations, including the         with all licensing laws in the eight states
hit by a car, and one team member, Carolyn,      continued success of its gaming operation.       and territories. During a recent incident at
had to be taken to the hospital. Kay stayed in   The Kirwan Tavern is a top performing site       our Villawood store, Kay supported staff
the ambulance with Carolyn, and remained         for ALH in Queensland. Ross has been at          through a rigorous police examination and
at the hospital with Carolyn for six hours.      the Kirwan Tavern for over eight years and       successfully argued for the charges that
Once Carolyn was ready to return to work,        has led his team to win numerous awards,         had been laid against those team members
but unable to drive, Kay continued to show       including the Chamber of Commerce                and the Company to be dropped. Kay’s
support by picking her up from home (40 km       Business of the Year, Best Customer Service      role also involves travel to remote locations
away) and driving her back for two months.       and Best Gaming Room.                            where she has been involved in work to
                                                                                                  address the issue of harmful drinking.

                                                                                                 WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                       11
Events                                     b

      Helen Dachs                                             Luke Taylor                                                     Damien Andreou
      Store Services Manager                                  3IC                                                             Trolley Collector
      Region 10 Supermarkets, QLD                             Dick Smith, VIC                                                 Region 1 Supermarkets, WA

 Helen’s tireless work for people who are less         Luke originally joined Dick Smith as a                         As a result of deteriorating vision, Damien
 fortunate and have not had an opportunity             casual but within 12 months he became                          received a guide dog in November of last
 to turn their life around is what makes her           a full time team member and is now the                         year. Adjusting to life with his dog Jenkins
 a Hero. Helen led fundraising that raised             3IC at Traralgon Dick Smith. During the                        has not been without its challenges for
 $38,000 to build a house for orphans in               Black Saturday fires in Victoria, Luke was                     Damien and his work mates. Jenkins is
 Uganda. But Helen’s commitment is hands               a tireless volunteer at the Traralgon Fire                     now a much loved member of the team at
 on. She took a team of 14 people to Uganda,           Relief Centre. He worked all day at the                        Murray St and customers and staff look
 where they built the house and spent time             Traralgon Dick Smith store then volunteered                    forward to seeing Damien and Jenkins
 in orphanages feeding and playing with the            at the Fire Relief Centre to help the Red                      each day. Damien is an encouraging and
 children. Helen is currently fundraising to           Cross sort donated goods to be distributed                     enthusiastic member of the team, and
 build another house in 2010. She and her              to those most in need. He also travelled to                    active in the community to ensure vision
 husband plan to stay longer in Uganda after           a number of businesses in town, including                      impaired people are afforded the same
 it is built to volunteer time in orphanages           Safeway, to collect goods and deliver them                     opportunities as sighted people.
 and work with Uganda’s stolen children.               to the centre.

                                                       Don’t miss out on earning
                                                       Qantas Frequent Flyer points
                                                       Follow the one to one rule and start earning points at Woolworths/Safeway Supermarkets,
                                                       BWS (excluding Tasmania) and BIG W stores – one Everyday Rewards card to one Qantas
                                                       Frequent Flyer account.
                                                       Check that you have joined/linked online by logging into your account at everydayrewards.com.au.
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                                                       Did you know...
      Dee Adams                                        • You pay NO JOINING FEE when you join Qantas Frequent Flyer through Everyday Rewards.
      Shop Assistant                                   • Points don’t expire – all you have to do is shop once in three years.
      Region 8 Supermarkets, NSW
                                                       • You can redeem points for
 As the OH&S Team Leader, Dee has been a                 thousands of items other
 vital driver of the cultural change that led to         than flights in the Qantas
 Kellyville celebrating over 500 days injury             Frequent Flyer online store.
 free. Dee continuously reinforces good and
 safe work practices, created a “why we                Remember – Your secondary
 work safe” board and mapped out the steps             cardholder must also join/
 to Destination Zero for staff to see. During          link to Everyday Rewards
 the 500 days celebration, Dee highlighted             and Qantas Frequent Flyer
 achievements with awards and certificates             to earn points.
 and said ‘thank you and keep going’ to staff
 members with yellow wristbands labelled
 “Kellyville on the way to Destination Zero”.      ^
                                                       Offer excludes selected purchases including smoking/tobacco products, gift cards, BIG W optical, DVD Kiosk purchases,
                                                       selected services and selected online purchases including BIG W Photo, BIG W Entertainment and BIG W Movie Rental.

                                                                                                             b                                     Events

First live Webcast a success
Following the full year                             keeping the cost control and running a really
                                                    efficient business, they can deliver.” – Greg Foran,
profit results, our first                           Director of Supermarkets, Liquor and Petrol.
employee webcast                                    Liquor (Woolworths, BWS and Dan
direct from the Norwest                             Murphy’s)
                                                    “At Woolworths, a solid performance and with
boardroom took place.                               the 400 odd outlets we continue to deliver
Michael Luscombe was joined by Tom                  strong results. At BWS, the enthusiasm that
Pockett, Finance Director, Greg Foran,              I see day in day out from that team is pretty          BIG W
Director of Supermarkets, Liquor and Petrol,                                                               “We reached a really important milestone in that
                                                    much second to none. The tie up in stores, the
Julie Coates, Director of BIG W and Debra                                                                  we delivered $200 million of profit for the group
                                                    ranging, the planogramming and the private
Singh, General Manager Dick Smith.                                                                         which is fantastic. It was driven of course off
                                                    labels are a real credit to the team. And at Dan
Michael and members of the leadership                                                                      some wonderful sales figures and underpinned
                                                    Murphy’s, we opened our 100th store and
team were able to stream live on the web to                                                                by fantastic cost control by the [team] right
                                                    it’s just a tremendous result.” – Greg Foran,
employees from all around Australia, New                                                                   across the business. I know how hard everyone
                                                    Director of Supermarkets, Liquor and Petrol.
Zealand, China and Hong Kong. Employees had                                                                worked all year to deliver that result and it’s a
                                                    ALH (Hotels)                                           terrific result.” – Julie Coates, Director of BIG W.
the opportunity to submit questions and receive
                                                    “Our hotel business, ALH, had a terrific year. It
answers instantaneously.                                                                                   Dick Smith
                                                    was a tough year for sales, particularly around
We were overwhelmed with the amount of                                                                     “It’s been an amazing year of change and
                                                    restaurant sales and bar sales as all of the
questions received on the night. For a list of                                                             every single one of you have been part of
                                                    restaurant and entertainment industry actually
questions and answers go to wowcareers.com.                                                                this amazing story. Repositioning the brand,
                                                    suffered pretty hard under the economic
au and click on the WOW Noticeboard icon.                                                                  rejuvenating our stores, a whole new go to
                                                    circumstances that we faced. But the ALH team
                                                                                                           market strategy and yes Dick Smith is actually
Here’s what our leadership team had to say:         have done a marvellous job.
                                                                                                           starting to become a bit hip. With a 54%
Woolworths Supermarkets                             We’ve had a few new pubs join us in the last           increase in EBIT in the second half, that is a
“This result really is a reflection of the          year and we’re hoping that we’ll have a few more       result that the Dick Smith team can absolutely
wonderful efforts that all 110,000 people have      in the coming year.” – Michael Luscombe, CEO.          be extremely proud of.” – Debra Singh, General
put in day in and day out in our supermarkets.      New Zealand                                            Manager of Dick Smith.
A fantastic result and reflection of lots of hard   “What we’ve got here is really a tale of two           Logistics
work, and still lots more to do, but well done      halves in New Zealand and a business that              “It’s been a fabulous year and you served our
and congratulations to everyone.” – Greg Foran,     in the second half saw an EBIT increase of             stores marvellously well. We had record service
Director of Supermarkets, Liquor and Petrol.        17.3% as the team were able to deliver all the         levels, record cost efficiencies and in the past
Petrol                                              aspects that they put in place. The guys have          year we opened two new distribution centres,
“This is a business that’s pretty tough yet once    done a fantastic job and the results speak             so welcome to the teams from the Sydney
again Ramnik and the team have been able to         for themselves.” – Greg Foran, Director of             Liquor DC and the Melbourne Liquor DC.”
demonstrate that by doing the basics really well,   Supermarkets, Liquor and Petrol.                       – Michael Luscombe, CEO.

Director inducted into Hall of Fame
Woolworths Limited Director Roderick                country’s largest companies. In his business           chairs the People and Policy Committee and
Deane is among six new leaders to be                career, Roderick has an outstanding track record       is a member of the Corporate Governance
inducted into the New Zealand Fairfax               in corporate leadership and made a significant         Committee.
Media Business Hall of Fame this year.              contribution to society through his work in            Woolworths is proud to have
The award is a tribute to Roderick’s outstanding    charitable organisations. Roderick also played a       one of Australia and New
contribution to business in New Zealand. Prior      significant role through one of the most intense       Zealand’s most accomplished
to serving on the Board of Woolworths Limited,      periods of public-sector reform in New Zealand.        business leaders on its
Roderick was a pivotal figure at the Reserve        Since April 2000, Roderick has been a Director         Board.
Bank of New Zealand and also led one of             of Woolworths Limited. In this capacity he

                                                                                                           WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                        13
  About us                                                    j

Make the most of everyday with
Woolworths Everyday Mobile!
Everyday Mobile is the                                                With a great standard call rate of 15 cents                            Dick Smith,
                                                                      per 30 seconds (plus 15c flag fall – minimum                           participating
new, simple pre-paid                                                  call cost 30c) and 15 cents per standard text,                         Woolworths
mobile service with the                                               plus a generous 100 day credit expiry, your                            fuel outlets,
                                                                      pre-paid mobile offer could not get any simpler!                       Dan Murphy’s or BWS stores to enjoy a great
same great value that                                                 Purchase your $2 Pre-paid Sim Pack from                                low rate for standard calls and text.
you’ve come to expect                                                 BIG W, Woolworths Supermarkets and Dick                                For more information visit
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                                                                      Mobile at BIG W, Woolworths Supermarkets,

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now with even more benefits
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Woolworths staff member. Apply for an Everyday                        To apply, go to www.everydaymoney.com.
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simply shop with it to get an extra 5% off                            – Earn points doing the things you already
groceries and liquor after your 5% staff discount                     do Buying groceries or dining out, going to the                       if you are a regular Woolworths shopper and
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Liquor for three months. The extra 5% will be                         simply use the Everyday Money credit card and                         Financial services industry thinks so too. The
credited to your account each month(1).                               you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend(3).                     Everyday Money credit card has won four
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We’ve also introduced a preferential Balance                          Everyday Money shopping card loaded with                              rewards program and the inaugural Product
Transfer rate for staff at just 2.99%pa for six                       money to spend at Woolworths group stores, so                         Innovation award at Money Magazine!
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from other cards!(2)                                                  The Everyday Money credit card is great value                         au/wowstaff

Things you should know: Credit card issued by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162. HSBC lending criteria applies. Fees, charges and interest rates apply and are current as at
1 September 2009 and are subject to change. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.
1. The 5% discount is only available to new cardholders who apply between 1 September to 30 November 2009. Offer is not available to customers who apply through Dick Smith in-store finance. The 5%
   offer applies for 3 months from receipt of your credit card on all in-store purchases made at Woolworths/Safeway Supermarkets and Woolworths/Safeway Liquor stores (excluding Homeshop and CALTEX
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2. Interest Rate of 2.99% p.a. will apply for the first 6 months of your balance transfers from non-HSBC credit cards or store cards. After this period, any balance outstanding from the balance you transfer
   will accrue interest at the Cash Advance Interest Rate applicable at the time, currently 20.99% p.a.
3. No reward points are earned on business expenses, Dick Smith interest free promotions, interest free merchant purchases, balance transfers and cash advances
4. The Everyday Money Shopping Card is redeemable at participating stores only and expires 90 days after the date of issue. Participating stores may change from time to time. The shopping card is
   currently not accepted at some designated Dick Smith, Tandy, and CALTEX WOOLWORTHS/SAFEWAY co-branded fuel outlets. The shopping card cannot be used for online purchases (except Homeshop),
   at standalone photo kiosks, optical counters, DVD vending machines and mobile EFTPOS terminals. For a full list of participating stores where you can use your shopping card, details of the points you’ll
   need to obtain one, and to find out its value, please call 1300 10 1234.
5. As rated by CANSTAR CANNEX, May 2009

                                                                                                                j                                   About us

My job
                                                         both company standards and budgets, ordering         and early one morning on my way to work I was
                                                         stock, rostering staff and ensuring the highest      pulled over by a police officer who thought that
                                                         quality product is on show for my customers.         I had been speeding. After explaining to him
                                                         What do you love about your job?                     that I was on my way to work and I was a bit
                                                         As simple as this sounds, I love to see my meat      upset because I could not find the store he took
                                                         cabinet full of products of the highest quality at   pity on me and let me off with a warning. Then
                                                         the best available price.                            he noticed my tools of trade on the front seat
                                                         How has your career at Woolworths                    beside me and became very concerned, shining
                                                         evolved?                                             a torch into my face and demanding a reason
                                                         Woolworths employed me as a mature aged              for the large knives I was carrying. It took a bit
                                                         apprentice a few years ago. I had the chance to      of explaining that I was in fact a butcher. He had
  Carolyn Cliff                                          work with some very experienced and dedicated        never met a female butcher before.
  Meat Manager                                           Meat Managers in Area 6.3 who believed in me         What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been
  Campbelltown, NSW
                                                         and encouraged me to strive to reach the role        given?
                                                         of Meat Manager.                                     Be true to yourself and never lower your
What does your current job involve?                      What motivates you?                                  standards for anyone.
I am currently managing the meat unit in                 I really enjoy talking with my customers, getting    What is something that makes you smile at
Market Fair. Market Fair opened in July 2009             positive feedback from them and improving my         work?
and I was honoured to be selected as the                 sales.                                               Customers that return to the store happy
Manager to open this meat unit. My role                  What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to         because of the advice that I have given them
involves providing a clean and safe working              you at work?                                         about a particular product. When they come back
environment for my staff and customers,                  I have completed a number of reliefs around the      and tell you how great a meal was or how much
supervising and motivating my staff to achieve           Area group during my time with the company           they enjoyed a product, I really have to smile.

                                                         What do you love about your job?                     What motivates you?
                                                         Seeing our team members smile and actively           I am passionate about safety because of personal
                                                         discuss safety in the workplace really energises     loss. Seeing the human cost to my family through
                                                         me. I am also enthused at being able to deliver      a workplace injury drives me to look for alternative
                                                         on the job coaching and lead our team toward         ways to deliver products to our stores as simply and
                                                         Destination Zero. Being able to ‘go the extra        safely as possible. This passion and drive leads
                                                                                                              me to continuously improve safety and primary
                                                         mile’ excites me as it provides the ability to see
                                                                                                              care programs in and out of the workplace.
                                                         the process end to end and how each link in the
                                                         chain can effect SHE outcomes.                       What advice would you give someone who
                                                                                                              wanted to move into the same role as you?
                                                         How has your career at Woolworths
                                                                                                              Persistence, hard work and confidence in your
  Martin Bruni                                           evolved?
                                                                                                              ability. Skills to influence others and align them to
  Safety, Health and Environment Manager                 I joined Woolworths in February 2008 in my           the one common goal – Destination Zero are critical.
  Melbourne Liquor Distribution Centre                   current role. I was engaged to plan, develop,        Safety is a personally satisfying role dealing with real
                                                         implement and deliver every aspect of safety.        people who are our most valuable asset.
                                                         Critical safety programs and best practice           What is something that makes you smile at
What does your current job involve?
                                                         outcomes in traffic management, manual               work?
The delivery of best practice safety processes and
initiatives to prevent injury and incidents. Extending   handling, safety training and educational            Seeing the team members happy and
safety beyond the workplace to promote safe              programs are critical to a new site’s safety         discussing safety at lunch. Being a part of a
and healthy lifestyle choices and safe behaviours        performance and build a foundation for               culture that truly values safety and the key
for team members and their families.                     sustainable improvement in the future.               principles of working together as one team.

                                                                                                              WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                          15
 About us                                     j

Our DC Brisbane Regional Distribution Centre (BRDC) | Queensland
 BRDC afternoon shift                                                                                                                             BRDC day shift

First Opened? The Brisbane RDC is the               Longest serving employee? Trevor Chatterton                                                  BRDC night shift
latest addition to the Woolworths Distribution      who works in our ambient operation started
Network. The land was bought in mid 2004 and        with Woolworths on 7 April 1970.
construction started in April 2005. BRDC then       What makes your DC different? Our size and
progressively ramped up operations until all        volume! Taking into account the number of staff
produce, chiller and ambient operations were        on-site we are the second largest Woolworths
fully functional in early 2008. BRDC accounts       site after the Norwest Support Office. Our DC
for 25% of Woolworths’ total supply chain           distributes approximately 2.4 – 3.0 million
volume nationally.                                  cartons per week, approximately 420,000
                                                    cartons per day and receives between 35,000
Located? Larapinta in Southern Brisbane.                                                                       The team is also waiting to hear
                                                    to 42,000 pallets from our vendors.
Number of employees? We currently have                                                                         back from the Guinness Book
                                                    Biggest Achievement in the last 12 months?
1,098 permanent employees and 245 agency                                                                       of Records after picking and
                                                    When the DC was conceived, our sights were set             despatching over 600,000 order
casuals at BRDC. There are also approximately       on the goal of achieving 43.7 cents per carton             multiples in a 24 hour period on the
200 truck drivers and various other Buying and      (one of the ways we measure efficiency in a DC).           Wednesday before Good Friday. We
Marketing, Maintenance, Administration and          It was a big ask, but after tireless hard work the         understand it is a world record!
Security personnel.                                 team reached this milestone last financial year.

New Zealand’s trainees of the year
Eight Progressive team members
received Trainee of the Year Awards
at the recent awards night held at
the Ellerslie Convention Centre in
                                                                               Congratulations to the following winners:
“An increase in training programs and trainee numbers meant that we
                                                                               Store Manager trainee of the year             Andrea Tarrant, WW Paeroa
were able to double our award categories to eight this year. Twenty seven
                                                                               Senior Department Manager trainee of the year Shamila Lala, WW Dargaville
finalists competed in the two days of practical tests and panel interviews.
                                                                               Department Manager trainee of the year Christine Dridan, WW Waihi
Our thanks go to the large number of judges and helpers who coordinated
                                                                               Retail trainee of the year                    Aileen Finlayson, WW Bayfair
the event and helped to make the two days testing but also fun for the
                                                                               Seafood Retailing trainee of the year         Vincent Nama, WW Tawa
competitors,” says Sue Young, HR Manager Learning and Development.             Bakery trainee of the year                    Tineke Hopkirk, CD Bethlehem
“In the last 12 months the number of employees participating in formal         Seafood Processing trainee of the year        Veiao Katoa, Seafood Plant
training programs has increased by 17% to 3,909.’’                             Contact Centre trainee of the year            Reshma Singh, Auckland Contact Centre

                                                                                                            j                                       About us

Woolworths welcomed to NAIDOC
From the 5–12 July the National Aboriginal and
Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC)
week was held in Brisbane.
The NAIDOC week showcased Indigenous                 A special thanks to Anne Russell, our Deli
people’s achievements and contribution to            Manager in Toowong. Anne assisted us with our
the nation. The family fun day in Brisbane           many enquiries about a career at Woolworths
was on July 10 and Woolworths were                   and Anne was able to give a first hand account
privileged to be involved.                           with her Indigenous heritage. Our careers booth
A careers booth was managed on the day by            attracted a significant amount of attention as       Julia Harper, Val Coolwed (Aboriginal Council Elder), Anne
                                                                                                          Russell and Marc Roper
Julia Harper HR Officer, Scott Morison HR Officer,   the only major retailer on hand to support this
Emina Demirovic HR Officer, Tracy Taske Training     important festival.                                  supporting their community and were welcomed
Specialist and Marc Roper HR Specialist.             We were personally thanked by the Elders for         back next year.

Young Retailer of the Year
The Young Retailer of the Year Award has             Matthew has been with Woolworths for eight           backgrounds and gave a
been and gone with great success. This year          years and flew from Queensland to Sydney to          presentation on his career
Woolworths was represented by Matthew                take part in the two day competition after being     and personal successes.
Scott, a Store Management Trainee from               joined by candidates from other retail companies.    What a great way
Region 9. Matthew was one of eleven finalists        Over the course of two days Matthew attended         to kick start your
selected from 80 entrants to reach the final         a panel of three interviewees, a presentation        career, hope to see
stage, which was held in Sydney on July 22.                                                                                             Matthew Scott – Young Retailer
                                                     with guest speakers from a variety of                you there next year.          of the Year

Welcome to your
Woolworths online shop!
Woolworths online has been providing an online
shopping facility to our customers in
Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, the NSW
Central Coast and Newcastle.
Woolworths online has had some significant changes in the recent weeks!                                  Four easy steps to get started:
•   We have changed our brand from homeshop.         •   Receive your 5% staff                           1. Visit us at www.woolworths.com.au, click
    com.au to woolworths.com.au                          discount, Everyday                                 shop online and register your details to start
                                                         Rewards fuel saving and                            shopping.
•   We expect to be servicing Brisbane, the
                                                         Qantas Frequent Flyer                           2. Select the delivery window which best suits you.
    Sunshine Coast, Perth and Adelaide before
                                                         points when you shop                               Delivery windows range from $5 for six hours,
    the end of the year.
                                                         online with Woolworths                             $9 for four hours and $13 for two hours.
Why shop online with Woolworths?                         just like you do in store.                      3. Using our browse by section menu or product
• It’s a quick, easy and time-saving alternative
                                                     •   Once you set up a master list, your next           search, find the items on your shopping list
  to your weekly grocery shop.
                                                         shop will be even easier.                          and add them to your trolley.
•   Shop when it suits you from the comfort of                                                           4. Follow through to the checkout. Once your
    your own home.                                   •   Best of all, your first delivery is free!          order is placed, your items will be saved to
                                                                                                            your personal master list.
Visit us at www.woolworths.com.au or call us on 1300 666 377.

                                                                                                          WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                               17
 About us                                        j

A vision for Logistics
The Logistics team recently launched their new vision, guiding principles
and scorecard, with Geoff Thomas (General Manager Logistics) and
members of the management team visiting each of our DC teams to
launch the vision and talk about the future of Logistics.
The vision ties to the way we’ll work in              As a division, we have a
Logistics to support our supermarkets and             responsibility to our customers,
liquor stores in providing superior service to        our people and our community
our customers both now and in the future.             and it’s important that in all
                                                      of our interactions we are
“Our vision is about supporting each other to         acting safely, and making sure
achieve the best outcome for our consumers,”          we achieve a cost effective
says Geoff.                                           outcome.”
“To achieve our vision we need to:                    The vision and principles will be
• Work as ONE TEAM                                    linked to the way we measure
• Work LEAN                                           our performance in Logistics,
• Work WHAT WE HAVE                                   and how we can continually
• Work CONSISTENTLY                                   work to improve the outcome
• Work SAFELY                                         for our customers.

  The Logistics Vision “We will work together to put the right products in
  consumers’ hands as simply and safely as possible.”

Voice Pick goes live at Sydney
National Distribution Centre (SNDC)
Our Order Selectors at SNDC pick and                  To promote and celebrate the coming of Voice
distribute approximately 1.5 million cartons          Pick, team member Charmayne Joyce (SNDC’s
each week to every Woolworths Supermarket             resident artist) painted a number of 1950’s
in the country. With this volume, it was time         retro style posters with the capability to write
for Yennora to convert to the new technology          different messages on them each day.
voice pick system.                                    Michael Luscombe recently visited SNDC and
SNDC is the tenth Distribution Centre in the          officially opened the equipment control room.
Logistics network to convert from a manual            A celebration BBQ was held to thank all of the
label picking environment to voice pick. Positive     staff at SNDC for their contribution towards the
feedback has been received from neighbouring          ‘go live’ success.
DCs who actively use voice pick.
As part of the implementation at SNDC an
Equipment Control Room has been established
where a small team allocate the voice units to
over 900 staff as well as receive, clean, maintain
and store voice pick equipment each week.
Training is an enormous task at any large site and
over 6,000 hours of training was attended by team
members across the day, afternoon and night shifts.   Michael Luscombe with team members of SNDC

                                                                                                                    r                            All the action

Second year in a row… a Woolies
employee wins the Joe Berry Award
                                                                                                                  Once each step of the process is completed, you
                                                                                                                  realise that you have learned a great deal. The
                                                                                                                  experience that the Joe Berry Awards provide
                                                                                                                  through the judging process is irreplaceable and
                                                                                                                  one you will take with you forever’’.
                                                                                                                  “If you are asking me, should I give it a go,
                                                                                                                  my answer every time would be, absolutely.’’
                                                                                                                  Brett won a $12,000 scholarship towards his
                                                  From left: Brendan Robinson, Kerryn Bullpit, Mitch Tanner and
Brett accepts his award                           Brett Griffiths
                                                                                                                  education and development within the industry.

Congratulations to Brett Griffiths, Promotional   Brett did a standout presentation on Private Label              Well done to our other Woolworths finalists:
Manager Supermarkets who won the                  and his ability to take the judges on a ‘journey’               • Mitch Tanner - Duty Manager Kilsyth, Victoria

2009 Joe Berry Award. This is an external         during the presentation was the difference in the               • Kerryn Bullpit - Store Services Specialist,
competition that acknowledges and                 final scoring. Brett said “deciding to participate                Cairns
recognises outstanding young (35 and under)       in the Joe Berry Awards is a huge undertaking,                  • Brendan Robinson - Assistant Communications
achievers in the retail industry.                 a lot of preparation, thought and work go into it.                Manager Supermarkets, Norwest.

Trust Dan Murphy’s to deliver
an unbeatable liquor experience
The next time you walk
into a Dan Murphy’s store
and see a sales assistant
wearing a special badge,
you will know they are
able to offer you their
specialist knowledge in
choosing a product.                               QLD Superior Wine Graduation                                    SA Superior Wine Graduation

Over 400 Dan Murphy’s employees across
the nation have completed the new Superior
Wine product education course. The course
was developed by our Talent Development
team in conjunction with Auction Manager for
Langtons, Caton Hicks. The course provides our
team members with basic product knowledge to
ensure they have the confidence and capability
                                                  NSW Superior Wine Graduation                                    VIC Superior Wine Graduation
to assist our customers with choosing wines.
The Superior Wine course is the first stage of    products we sell. Additional product knowledge                  and SA saw employees presented with their
a planned three phase approach to providing       courses will be rolled out in the near future. Our              certificate and badge which distinguishes the
our staff with a thorough understanding of the    first graduation ceremonies in QLD, NSW, VIC                    level of training they’ve completed.

                                                                                                                  WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                      19
All the action                              r

It pays to scan...                                                                                           Paul Simons
each and every time                                                                                          Award 2009
                                                                                                             The Paul Simons Awards recognise outstanding
Simply scan your registered Everyday Rewards
                                                                                                             young trainees within our business and
card for your chance to WIN 1 of 11 $11,000                                                                  gives them the opportunity to show their
holidays within Australia.                                                                                   potential. These awards commenced in
                                                                                                             1995 in recognition of Paul Simons who
Meet one of our lucky winners, Joseph Graf                                                                   was instrumental in making Woolworths a
from Region 1 in Western Australia. Joseph is a                                                              successful business during tough times while
second year meat apprentice and recently got                                                                 ensuring the development of our people.
married to Kristy. Joseph and Kristy also just had                                                           Candidates came from all over Australia,
a beautiful baby Dylan, a little brother for Holly                                                           including two from PEL in New Zealand, and
and could not afford a honeymoon. After winning                                                              represented all divisions of the business.
this prize through Everyday Rewards they are                                                                 Candidates were judged during a 30 minute
going to take the holiday to the Gold Coast.                                                                 interview with three judges from across the
Joseph’s key message is “carry your card with                                                                business.
you always, even when on holidays. Every scan                                                                This year there were 55 finalists and the 2009
counts!” With Everyday Rewards now launched                                                                  winners are:
at BIG W, make sure you scan your card..each                                                                 • Apprentices: Phillip Gagen, Supermarkets,
and every time.                                      Brad Bolin, Region 1 Regional Manager and Joseph Graf     Meat Region 8
                                                                                                             • Cert III: Stuart Paine, Supermarkets Region 8
                                                                                                             • Cert IV: Andrea Tarrant, PEL

Congratulations                                                                                              • Graduate: Matthew Teggins, Logistics
                                                                                                             • Trainee Buyer/Planner: Belinda Grice, BIG W

WECU winners!                                                                                                Winners from each category will be given the
                                                                                                             opportunity to participate in a development
                                                                                                             activity applicable to their position and
Congratulations to the winners of the WECU                                                                   business area.
Photo Competition! Thank you to all our
members who entered the photo competition.
Introducing our winners and their winning entries (to the right):
• At home > Penny Turner

• At play > Jason Halliday

• At work > Louise Ritchie                                                                At play

• On holidays > Debbie Cassar

• On the road > Roswitha Klingler
                                                    On ho     lidays

Each winner has won a $500 NetPlus account.                                                                  Paul Simon Award winners Belinda, Matthew, Phillip, Stuart,
                                                                                                             Andrea and Michael Luscombe
For more information about becoming a member
                                                                                     On the road
of WECU, visit our website at wecu.com.au
or call us on 1300 665 553.

                                                        At work

                                                                                    At home

                                                                                                             Finalists with Michael Luscombe

                                                                                                                          r                         All the action

Progressive Enterprises: One Brand
Progressive Enterprises is moving to one trading                                                                         moon with them. They love the huge fresh
                                                                                                                         departments, the open design, the incredible
brand in New Zealand, Countdown, over the coming                                                                         range of up to 30,000 items, and the
five years. This is one part of an investment of up to                                                                   Countdown pricing’’ says Managing Director,
$1billion that will see three - five new stores opened                                                                   Peter Smith.
                                                                                                                         “We are confident that our Woolworths and
and 18-20 refurbished and re-branded annually.
                                                                                                                         Foodtown customers will appreciate the
The new Countdown brand will proudly include                     stunning 4,400 square metre store will feature          improvements in their local stores as we roll
the new Woolworths Supermarkets logo, which                      an enhanced design suitable for the important           out our conversion program. We love the new
has already started appearing on re-branded                      Wellington site.
                                                                                                                         logo which speaks to ‘new growth and a new
stores.                                                           “We have had enormous success with our                 beginning’ – that’s perfect for New Zealand.
Progressive plans to build a Countdown                           new generation 2010 design Countdowns                   We have a bright future here, and growth is
“flagship store” in Newtown, Wellington. The                     in Auckland. Customers have been over the               absolutely on the cards.”

This is an artist’s impression of the “flagship” Countdown Newtown store planned for Wellington

Credit Card fraud                                                                                                 chip
Do you know that every year in Australia almost
$100 million of credit card fraud is committed?
In response to this, the payments industry has                   traditional magnetic stripe cards. This will
developed chip card technology on credit and                     further protect cardholders from unauthorised
debit cards. As part of the global initiative,                   use of their cards, and reduce the amount of
Woolworths stores are now accepting chip                         money our business loses each year to debit             If the front of the card has a chip, it will now
enabled cards at the point of sale. These cards                  and credit card fraud.                                  need to be inserted into the PIN pads at all
have a small microchip visible on the front                      This means that there is a change to the way            Woolworths group stores (except American
of the card which is much more secure than                       card payments are processed at point of sale.           Express cards).

                                                                                                                         WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                         21
  In the community                               w

Technology in the Territory ALH in top 30
Technology in the Territory is an initiative of the
Richmond Football Club and Dick Smith to help local
                                                                                                            of Leukaemia
communities improve education outcomes and provide
guidance to young primary school students.
Dick Smith will supply educational equipment         Another important part of the initiative is to
to each of the eight participating schools.          ensure regular contact between the Richmond
This includes webcams, interactive                   players and the children via a webcam program.
whiteboards, projectors, laptops,                    There will be monthly 30 minute lessons from
microphones and prizes like iPods and                the Richmond Football Club’s players educating
digital cameras.                                     the grade four, five and six children on nutrition,
We will be working hard with the schools in          exercise, bullying, reading and writing, sharing
making education fun for all the kids and also       and caring, teamwork and the importance of
making sure attendance improves.                     going to school.

                                                                                                            Marc Azzopardi ALH Group Entertainment Manager, QLD
                                                                                                            receiving a plaque from the Leukaemia Foundation of

                                                                                                            Members of the ALH Group
                                                                                                            Queensland team were
                                                                                                            recently recognised for
                                                                                                            their fantastic efforts at the
                                                                                                            Leukaemia Foundation Top
                                                                                                            30 fundraisers function.
                                                                                                            ALH raised more then $15,000 for the
                                                                                                            Leukaemia Foundation in Queensland through
                                                                                                            collection tins on counters. A number of ALH
                                                                                                            sites also became dedicated ‘shave sites’
                                                                                                            where a number of customers and staff had
                                                                                                            their head shaved or coloured.

ALH donation to Women and Children’s Hospital
The ALH Group recently
donated a Fluoroscopic
Scan Machine to the
Women and Children’s
Hospital in South Australia.
The Scan Machine will be used for feet, hand
and wrist x-rays with the ability to give patients
instantaneous results of their injury, rather then
the slower x-ray machine previously used.
The Hospital was overwhelmed with the donation,
valued at $140,000.
                                                                            The Fluoroscopic Scan Machine   Peter Jones, State Manager SA with Sam Tolley – CEO
                                                                                                            Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation

                                                                                                                                   w                     In the community

BIG W supports
Children’s Cancer Institute Australia
BIG W stores, DCs and Support Office recently supported
the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA).
                                                                                                    The CCIA is an
                                                                                                    medical research
                                                                                                    institute dedicated
                                                                                                    to research into the
                                                                                                    causes, prevention,
                                                                                                    better treatment             Cairns Bike Ride, which attracts over 200
                                                                                                    and ultimately a             cyclists from throughout Australia. In 2007,
                                                                                                    cure for childhood           BIG W became the naming right sponsors
                                                                                                    cancer. For the last         of the charity bike ride. A number of other
                                                                                                    three years, BIG             fundraising activities occurred throughout
                                                                                                    W has supported              stores and the Norwest Support Office which
                                                                                                    the CCIA through             raised in excess of $30,000. Approximately
                                                                                                    the Townsville to            $240,000 was raised to support CCIA.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Walk
… and walk… and walk… and walk…
On a chilly Sunday morning in June 4,500 people                                                                                    Our Woolworths team:
participated in the MS Walk and Fun Run.                                                                                           Kim Schmidt, Jen Rogers,
It was a fun filled day with face painting,                       A big thank you to everyone who sponsored
                                                                                                                                   Maysoon El-Ahmad, Enid Carroll,
                                                                  Team Woolworths, whether it was through a
                                                                                                                                   Scott Gay, Ryan Liddle, Jon Flood
a jumping castle for the kids as well as
                                                                  direct donation, the purchase of raffle tickets or               and Cheryl Rae.
sausage sizzles and other food stalls.
                                                                  products in the sample sales - it was all greatly
The nine kilometre event achieved in excess                       appreciated. Team Woolworths raised $17,223
of its target and raised $566,802. This was a                     which will go toward a DVD for those newly
record breaking result for the MS Society and                     diagnosed with MS to give them an insight on
was well over $100,000 more than last year!                       how to live with MS.

                                                                                                                                 Kim Schmidt (Director HR) and Zoe completed the nine
At the finish line - Jen Rogers, and the Liddle family, Ryan, Anneka, Jaxon and Imogen (who is getting a piggy back from Mum!)   kilometre walk and raised $2,020

                                                                                                                                 WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                             23
Safety                                                    e

Celebrating Destination ZERO
Congratulations to the 1575 sites that have made the Honour Roll by
achieving a minimum of a year without a *Lost Time Injury (LTI)* for the
2009 financial year – some sites even going years without an LTI!
You have proven that Destination ZERO is achievable! We look forward to seeing many more sites featured next year.

                                                                                        Honour Roll
 Supermarkets                                                          Leichhardt, Lindfield, Lismore (Cool Rocks), Maddington, Maida         Parkwood, Anglers Arms DBS Runaway Bay, Anglers Arms Liquor
                                                                       Vale, Malaga, Maroubra, Maylands, Maypole, McLaren Vale,               Barn, Ashgrove (Newmarket Hotel), Australian National - Cav Rd,
Aberfoyle Park, Acacia Ridge, Albany Brooks Garden, Altona Gate,       Midland, Mile End, Mindarie, Moss Vale, Mt Barker, Mt Hawthorn,        Australian National - DBS 2 - Coorparoo, Australian National -
Armadale, Ascot, Athelstone, Barkly Square, Bass Hill, Batemans                                                                               DBS 3 - Carina, Ayr, Bacchus Marsh, Balaclava DBS Stockland
                                                                       Mt Pleasant, Mudgee, Murray Bridge, Narre Warren, Newton,
Bay, Bathurst, Beaudesert, Bega, Belgrave, Beresfield, Bexley                                                                                 Cairns, Baldivis, Ballarat (Blue Bell) Drive In, Ballina (Westener
                                                                       North Ryde (Cox’s Road), Oakhill, Palmyra, Parkside, Pasadena,
North, Blackwood, Booragoon, Boronia Park, Boyne Island, Bracken
                                                                       Pennant Hills, Penshurst, Perth, Plympton, Pooraka, Prospect,          Tavern), Bayswater Drive In, Benowa - DBS 1 - Benowa Gdns,
Ridge, Braybrook, Brunswick, Bulimba, Bullcreek, Bunbury Plaza,
                                                                       Randwick, Regent, Retreat, Riverstone, Rockingham, Roleystone,         Benowa - Drive In Benowa Tavern Sorrento, Beverley (Halfway
Bundaberg, Burleigh Heads, Burnie, Burpengary, Burwood,
                                                                       Rose Park, Roseville, Rouse Hill, Rutherford No 2, Salisbury Plains,   Hotel), Blackburn Drive In, Boundary Street Bottleshop (Stones
Caboolture South, Cairns, Camberwell, Cannington, Capalaba
                                                                       Seacliff Park, Seacrest, Sorell, Springvale, St Leonards, Stirling,    Corner), Boundary Taverner, Brass Monkey Walk In, Braybrook
Park, Carnarvon, Casino, Casuarina, Charlestown, Chelsea,
                                                                       Swan Hill, Swanport, Tamworth, Top Of The Town, Turramurra,            Hotel - Drive In, Bridgeport Drive In, Broadbeach - Drive In, Brook
Chermside, Chester Hill, Christies Beach, Collie, Cooma South,
                                                                       Wagga Wagga (Astor), Wahroonga, Warners Bay, Wellington, West          DBS McDowall Village, Brook Drive In, Brown Jug Drive In,
Corio, Corowa, Cottesloe, Cowra, Cumberland Park, Currambine,
                                                                       Leederville, Williamstown, Woodcroft and Yamba.                        Brunswick Hotel - George Street, Brunswick Hotel Drive Inn,
Darwin City, Deloraine, Derby, Dianella, Eaton Fair (Bunbury),
                                                                                                                                              Brunswick Merthyr Cellars - DBS - 2, Buderim - Liquor Barn, Bull
Elanora, Emerald, Ermington, Fairfield Heights, Felixstow,              PEL                                                                   Creek Tavern, Bunbury , Bundaberg Drive In (Melbourne Hotel),
Forbes, Frenchs Forest, Georgetown, Gilles Plains, Glenwood,
                                                                       WW@Gull Albany Highway, WW@Gull Albany-Pinehill, WW@                   Bundoora, Burleigh Heads DBS 7th Avenue~ Palm Beach,
Goolwa, Greystanes, Gungahlin, Hamilton, Hampton, Hastings,
                                                                       Gull Avondale, Blockhouse Bay FT, Blenheim CD, Broadway WW,            Burleigh Heads DBS Mermaid Waters, Burleigh Heads Pedestrian,
Hawksburn, Heidelberg, Hobart City, Hollywood Plaza, Hurstville,
                                                                       Colombo St CD, WW@Gull East Tamaki, Glenfield FT, Greenlane            Caloundra, Caloundra DBS Caloundra, Caloundra DBS Portobello,
Ipswich, Ivanhoe, Jannali, Jesmond, Joondalup, Kallangur Fair,
                                                                       CD, WW@Gull Hastings, Helensville WW, WW@Gull Henderson                Caloundra Liquor Barn, Camp Hill DBS Carindale, Camp Hill
Kambalda, Kellyville, Kilkenny, Kings Langley, Kooringal, Lakes
                                                                       Valley, WW@Gull Henderson-Sel Peacock, Karori WW, WW@Gull              Drive In, Campbellfield (Sylvania) Drive In, Capalaba - Drive
Entrance, Lalor, Lansell Plaza, Leongatha, Loxton, Macarthur,
                                                                       Kingsland, Mailer St CD, Mairangi Bay FT, Mangere CD, Mangere          InCapalaba Tavern Alexander Hills, Capalaba -Wishart, Captain
Macquarie Waters, Maleny, Mandurah Central, Marayong,
                                                                       Mall CD, WW@Gull Manukau, Masterton WW, Morrinsville CD,               Cook - DBS 3 - Clontarf, Captain Cook - Drive In, Captain Cook
Marden, Maryborough, Maryborough FFL, Middle Brighton, Minto
Mall, Mission Beach, Mitcham, Moama, Moe, Moonah, Morphett             Mosgiel CD, WW@Gull Mt Maunganui, Carlyle CD, WW@Gull                  - Redcliffe, Captain Cook Kippa Ring, Captain Stirling Drive In,
Vale, Mount Waverley, Mountain Creek, Mudgee, Narangba,                Napier-Taradale, Nelson WW, New Brighton WW, WW@Gull New               Carlyle, Castle Hill, Cecil Hotel Southport, Centenary Tavern DBS
Narrabeen, Newmarket Plaza, Newton, Northam, Northside Plaza           Lynn, New Plymouth CD, Northcote WW, Oamaru CD, Otorohanga             Curragundi Cellars, Chatswood - DBS 1 - Underwood, Chatswood
(Rockhampton North), Norwest Convenience, Oakleigh, Oakleigh           WW, Paeroa WW, Palmerston North DC, WW@Gull Palmerston                 - Pedestrian, Chatswood Hills - Drive In, Cheltenham (Tudor Inn)
South, Old Reynella, Orange, Paddington, Padstow, Para Hills,          North-Fitzherbert, WW@Gull Palmerston North-Tremaine,                  Drive In, Cherry Hill, Club Tavern Caboolture Pk, Club Tavern
Pendle Hill, Port Hedland, Port Pirie, QV, Raintrees (Cairns),         Papakura WW, Papatoetoe FT, Paraparaumu WW, Queensgate                 Morayfield, Coff Harbour - Greenhouse, Commercial, Commercial
Riverdale, Riverside, Rundle Mall - Adelaide City, Scottsdale,         WW, Rangiora WW, Rangitikei St CD, Rapid Print, WW@Gull                - Drive In, Commercial - Mudgeeraba, Commercial Nobbys
Seaford, Secret Harbour, Seymour, Shoreline, Smithton, South           Rotorua-Lake Rd, WW@Gull Rotorua-Te, Ngae Rd, Southmore,               Beach, Como Drive In, Coolangatta (Palm Beach Hotel), Coolaroo,
Bunbury, Southern Rivers, St Clair, Stafford, Stanthorpe, Surfers      Sunnynook CD, WW@Gull Takanini, Tauranga FT, Te Atatu North            Coolum DBS Peregian, Coolum Peregian Springs, Corio Gateway
Paradise, Tea Tree Plaza, Tewantin, Toorak, Tumut, Unley, Vermont,     WW, The Palms WW, Tikipunga CD, Timaru CD, Upper Hutt CD,              Drive In, Cotton Tree BWS (ALH), Courthouse Footscray, Crows
Victoria Harbour, Waikerie, Warrnambool, Warwick FFL, Weipa,           Waikanae WW, Wanganui CD, WW@Gull Wanganui-Victoria Ave,               Nest Walk In, Croxton Park, Daiseys Club, Dalby, Dalby Drive In,
Wellington, West Pennant Hills, Whyalla Westlands, Wickham,            Westown WW, WW@Gull Whakatane-Landings, Whangarei CD                   Dalrymple DBS Mt Louisa, Dalrymple DBS Urban Quarter,
Wodonga Plaza and Woodcroft.                                           and WW@Gull Whangarei-South.                                           Dalrymple DBS Woodlands, Dalrymple Drive In, Davoren Park
                                                                                                                                              (Playford Taverner), Deception Bay - DBS 2 - North Bay,
 BIG W                                                                  Dan Murphy’s                                                          Deception Bay - Drive In, Deception Bay - Pedestrian, Deception
Airlie Beach, Atherton, Auburn, Ballina, Bathurst, Belmont,            Albury, Alexandria, Ballarat, Belconnen, Bendigo, Berwick,             Bay Rothwell, Deer Park Drive In, Domain Central (Irish Finnegans
Bonnyrigg, Broadmeadows, Burleigh Heads, Campsie, Cessnock,            Camberwell, Carnes Hill, Castle Towers, Casuala, Chelsea               DBS), Doncaster Drive In, Dublin Docks - DBS 1 - Harbour Town,
Charlestown, Coffs Harbour, Cumberland Park, Dapto, Endeavour          Heights, Coburg, Eastwood, Eltham, Forest Hill, Frankston,             Dublin Docks - DBS 2 - Broadwater, Dublin Docks - DBS 3 -
Hills, Forest Hills, Gawler, Gladstone, Glenorchy, Grafton, Green      Geelong, Glen Waverley, Hornsby, Kew, Macarthur Square, Manly          Runaway Bay, Dublin Docks - Drive In, Dunsborough Hotel,
Hills, Griffith, Gungahlin, Kilkenny, Kingsway, Kuraby, Macarthur,     Vale, Marden, Marion, Melbourne City QV, Mittagong, Mulgrave,          Earlville (Balaclava Hotel), Edge Hill Raintress DBS, Edinburgh
Mackay, Marion, Miranda, Mt Hutton, North Rockhampton,                 Noarlunga, Parkdale, Preston,Swansea and Thornleigh.                   Castle DBS Chermside Central, Edinburgh Castle DBS Chermside
North Albury, Park Beach, Parkes, Phoenix Park, Rockdale,                                                                                     Marketplace, Edinburgh Castle DBS Chermside Westfield,
                                                                        Dan Murphy’s (ALH Stores)                                             Edinburgh Castle Liquor Barn, Elizabeth Philip Hwy (Rose and
Rouse Hill, Southland, Taigum, Taree, Tea Tree Plaza, Tweed
City, Wangaratta, Warrawong, Warringah, Warwick, Waverley              Albany Creek, Beenleigh, Burleigh waters, Burvale, Chermside,          Crown Hotel), Elizabeth Tavern, Elsternwick Drive In, Eltham
Gardens, Westend Armidale, Whitfords, Winston Hills, Woden,            Colyton, Corio, Doveton Prince mark, Earlville, Ipswich, Mackay,       Drive In, Emerald Lakes (Commercial Hotel), Enfield Drive In,
Wonthaggi and Young.                                                   Mango Hills, Mermaid Waters, Middle Park, Mulgrave, Norwood,           Esplanade (SA) Drive In, Essendon Drive In, Eureka Drive Thru,
                                                                       Ringwood, Rouse Hill, Springwood, Sunnybank, Thomastown,               Exeter Drive In, Fairfield (Cambridge), Fairfield Central, Fawkner
 BWS                                                                   Toowoomba, Townsville (Aitkenvale), Traralgon, Tweed Heads             Drive In, Federal Hotel (The Range), Federal Hotel High Street,
Aberfeldy, Adelaide, Albany, Albion Park Rail, Aldinga Beach, Alfred   South, Woolloongabba and Wynnum West.                                  Federal Hotel Westridge, Ferntree Gully Drive In, Ferntree Gully
Cove, Armidale, Ascot Park, Ballina, Bangor, Banora, Barrack                                                                                  Hotel Drive In, Ferny Grove DBS Ferny Grove, Ferny Grove DBS
Heights,Bassendean,Bassendean South,Bateau Bay,Beaconsfield,            Thomas Dux                                                            Gap Market Bottleshop, Ferny Grove DBS Samford, Ferny Grove
Belmont, Berkeley, Berowra, Blazing Bulls, Bomaderry, Bossley          Paddington.                                                            Drive In, Findon, Finsbury Drive In, First & Last, Flagstone
Park, Botany, Broken Hill, Brooker Highway, Broome, Busselton,                                                                                (Jimboomba), Forest Lake DBS Forest Lake Village, Forest Lake
Canterbury, Carlton, Castlemaine, Charlestown, Cheltenham,              Logistics                                                             Liquor Barn, Fountain Gate, Four Mile Creek DBS Warner Village,
Claremont (WA), Claremont (Tas) Colac, Collinswood, Coogee,            Townsville.                                                            Frankston (Daveys) Drive In, Fresh Fields (Melbourne Hotel), Gap
Craigmore, Cremorne, Croydon, Cumberland Park, Dernancourt,                                                                                   Tavern DBS Sherwood Cellars, Gap Tavern Liquor Barn, Gepps
Dianella, Dianella Plaza, Dickson, Doonside, Earlwood, Eastlands,       BWS (ALH Stores)                                                      Cross Drive In, Glen Waverley Walk In, Glenmore Tavern - Drive
Edgecliff, Edgeworth, Edwardstown, Elanora Heights, Ellenbrook,        Albion Charles, Albion Hotel (QLD) Liquor Barn, Alderley Arms          In, Glenmore Tavern Nth Rockhampton, Gracemere (Allenstown),
Fairy Meadow, Figtree Cellars, Five Dock, Floreat, Forster Keys,       DBS Arana Hills, Alderley Arms DBS Brookside, Alderley Arms            Granada Drive In (Berridale), Hallam, Hamilton DBS Clayfield
Fulham Gardens, Gateway, Glebe, Glenorie, Gordon, Greenwith,           Drive In, Alderley Arms Liquor Barn, Alexandra Headlands DBS           Markets, Harlaxton (Blue Mountain Hotel), Helensvale (Oxenford),
Hallett Cove, Halls Head, Happy Valley, Kaleen, Kallaroo, Kelmscott,   Big Top Maroochydore, Alexandra Headlands DBS Mooloolaba,              Hendon Drive In, Henley Beach Hotel, Hervey Bay Central,
Kingsley, Kingston (NSW), Kingston (TAS), Kirribilli, Kyogle,          Alexandra Headlands DBS Mountain Creek, Alexandra Headlands            Highbury Hotel, Highfields Drive - in (Highfields Tavern), Highfields
Landsdale, Lane Cove, Leda, Legana, Leichardt – Norton Street,         Liquor Barn, Andergrove (Mt Pleasant), Anglers Arms DBS                Plaza BWS (Highfields Tavern), Highfields Village BWS (Highfields
* An LTI is defined as an injury or illness that resulted in an employee being unable to work a full scheduled shift (other than the shift on which the injury occurred).

                                                                                                                                               e                                               Safety

Tavern), Hinkler Mall (Melbourne Hotel), Hinterland – DBS 1 –          Dick Smith                                                           Watergardens, Watergardens Tandy, Waurn Ponds, Waverley
Tedder Ave, Hinterland – DBS 3 – Bell Place, Holland Park DBS                                                                               Gardens, Wellington Airport, Wendouree, Werribee, Westgate,
Greenslopes, Hyde Park, Imperial DBS Beenleigh Marketplace,           Acacia Ridge, Adelaide, Adelaide Plaza Tandy, Aitkenvale Tandy,       Wetherill Park Tandy, Whakatane, Whangarei, Whitford City,
Imperial Drive In, Indooroopilly Centenary Shopping Town,             Albury, Alexandra, Altona Gate, Armadale, Armadale, Armidale,         Whyalla, Windsor Winston Hills, Woden, Wollongong, Wollongong
Indooroopilly Hotel DBS Fairfield Gardens, Indooroopilly Hotel        Arndale, Ashburton, Aspley Tandy, Bairnsdale, Balcatta, Ballarat,     Tandy, Wynnum, Yamanto, Yeppoon York and Barrack.
                                                                      Ballina, Bankstown Square, Batemans Bay, Bathurst, Baulkham
DBS Kenmore, Indooroopilly Hotel Drive In, Innaloo (St George
                                                                      Hills, Beenleigh, Belconnen, Belconnen Tandy, Belmont,                 Petrol
Hotel), Ipswich (Racehorse Hotel), Irish Finnegans DBS Sunland
                                                                      Blacktown Tandy, Blenheim, Bondi Junction, Bondi Junction             Acacia Ridge, Airport West, Albany (Brooks Garden), Albion
Plaza, Irish Finnegans Forest Avenue, Jimboomba – Drive In,
                                                                      Tandy, Bonnyrigg Tandy, Booragoon Garden City, Booval, Botany,        Park, Albury, Alexandra Hills, Alice Springs, Allenstown,
Jimboomba DBS 1 – Regency Plaza, Kallangur – DBS 2 – Lily
                                                                      Bourke Street, Bowral, Box Hill, Brandon Park Tandy, Bribie Island    Altona Gate, Altona Meadows, Ararat, Atherton, Australia Fair
Brook, Kallangur – Drive In, Kallangur Tavern Kalangur Fair,
                                                                      Tandy, Brighton, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane City, Brisbane City
Kawana Waters DBS Chancellor Park, Kawana Waters DBS                                                                                        (Southport), Ayr, Bairnsdale, Ballarat Central, Ballina, Balwyn,
                                                                      Tandy, Broadmeadows, Brookside Tandy, Broome, Browns Plains,
Kawana Shopping World, Kedron Park DBS Everton Park, Kedron                                                                                 Bannockburn, Bass Hill, Bathurst, Bayswater, Beckenham,
                                                                      Browns Plains Tandy, Bullcreek Tandy, Bunbury, Buranda, Burnie,
Park DBS Stafford City, Kensington – Drive In, Kensington                                                                                   Beenleigh, Beerwah, Belconnen, Bell Post, Bellarine, Belmont,
                                                                      Burwood W/F Tandy, Cairns Central Tandy, Cairns, Calamvale,
Junction McCarthy Fair, Keysborough Drive In, Kirwan Drive In,                                                                              Benalla, Bendigo (Lansell Plaza), Bendigo, Berwick, Biloela,
                                                                      Caloundra, Camberwell, Camberwell Tandy, Campbelltown
Kirwan Tavern Aitkenvale, Lavington (Boomerang Hotel), Lawnton                                                                              Blackburn North, Blacktown, Blakehurst, Bonnyrigg, Booval,
                                                                      (Macarthur Sq), Campbelltown Mall, Canberra Centre,
DBS North Lakes, Lawnton Drive In, Lilydale (Olinda Creek) Drive                                                                            Boronia, Bowen, Bowral, Braeside, Broadmeadows, Broken
                                                                      Cannington, Cannon Hill, Capalaba, Capalaba Tandy, Carindale,
In, Lonestar Broadbeach, Lonestar Merridown, Lonestar Star                                                                                  Hill, Brookside (Mitchelton), Brookvale, Broome, Browns Plains,
                                                                      Carindale Tandy, Carlingford, Carnes Hill, Carousel Tandy, Castle
Pacific Fair, Lyndhurst, Manningham Hotel, Marleston (Rex                                                                                   Browns Plains West, Bunbury, Bundaberg West, Bundoora
                                                                      Hill, Castle Hill Tandy, Casuarina, Casuarina Square, Chadstone,
Hotel), Marsfield Drive In (The Ranch), Maryborough Old Sydney,                                                                             (Kingsbury), Burpengary, Burwood East, Burwood, Busselton,
                                                                      Charlestown Tandy, Chatswood, Chatswood, Chermside,
Matthew Flinders, Melbourne (Young & Jacksons) Walk In,                                                                                     Caboolture South (Morayfield), Calamvale, Caloundra,
                                                                      Chermside Tandy, Chirnside Park, Chullora, Claremont, Clifford
Melton (Macs) Drive In, Melton Walk In, Mermaid Waters Q –                                                                                  Camberwell, Campbelltown, Camperdown, Canning Vale,
                                                                      Gardens Tandy, Coffs Harbour, Colombo St, Colonnades, Corio,
Centre, Miami DBS Mermaid Beach, Miami DBS Miami Village,                                                                                   Cannington, Canterbury Gardens, Capalaba, Carnes Hill, Carrum
                                                                      Cranbourne, Cumberland St (Dunedin), Dalby, Dandenong,
Miami Drive In, Mill Park (Plough) Drive In, Mitcham Drive In,                                                                              Downs, Casino, Castletown, Casuarina, Cessnock, Chancellor
                                                                      Dapto, Darwin, Dee Why, Deer Park Tandy, Devonport Tandy,
Monash, Mooloolaba - Emerald Waters, Mooloolaba - Pedestrian,                                                                               Park, Charters Towers, Chatswood East, Chermside, Chirnside
                                                                      Doncaster, Dubbo, Dunedin, Earlville, Eastgardens, Eastland,
Moorabbin (Sandbelt Club) Drive In, Moorooka (Beaudesert Rd),                                                                               Park, Claremont, Clarinda, Cloncurry, Cobram, Coburg North,
                                                                      Echuca, Elizabeth City, Elizabeth, Emerald, Endeavour Hills,
Morrison – Albert St, Morrison – Graceville, Morrison Clayfield,                                                                            Coburg, Colac, Colonnades (Noarlunga), Conder, Coolalinga,
                                                                      Enfield, Epping, Epping Tandy, Fairfield, Featherston St, Figtree
Morrison Cocos, Morwell Drive In, Mowbray, Mt Gambier                 Tandy,Findon Tandy, Forster, Fountain Gate, Frankston, Frankston      Cooma, Cootamundra, Corowa, Corrimal, Cowra, Craigieburn,
(Federal), Mt Gravatt BWS (Mt Gravatt Hotel DBS), Mt Gravatt          Tandy, Fremantle, Fyshwick, Galleria, Garden City - Qld Tandy,        Cranbourne, Currambine, Currimundi, Dalby, Dapto, Deagon,
Drive In, Mt Pleasant Drive In, Mt Pritchards Hotel, Mulgrave         Garden City Tandy, Gateways, Gawler Tandy, Geelong, Gisborne,         Deception Bay, Dianella, Dickson, Doncaster East, Doveton,
(Village Green) Drive In, Narrabeen Sands Hotel, Newmarket            Gladstone, Glen Waverley, Glendale, Glenelg, Glenelg Tandy,           Drysdale, Dubbo, Dural, Eaglevale, Earlville, Eastland (Ringwood),
Bottle Shop, Ningi (Blue Pacific Hotel), Noble Park Drive In, Noosa   Glenfield, Glenorchy, Golden Grove Tandy, Gore Hill, Gosford,         Eaton Fair, Echuca, Eden Hills, Edgeworth, Elizabeth, Ellenbrook,
Civic (Noosa Reef), Noosa Reef Hotel Noosa (ALH) DBS, Norfolk         Grafton, Greensborough, Greymouth, Griffith, Gunghalin, Gympie,       Eltham, Emu Heights Plus, Emu Plains, Endeavour Hills, Enoggera,
Tavern -– Drive In, North Adelaide (Royal Oak Hotel), Northside       Hamilton, Henderson, Highpoint, Highpoint, Hobart, Hobart Tandy,      Epping, Erindale, Felixstow, Ferntree Gully, Fitzroy, Floreat,
Plaza (Glenmore), Nowra (Archer Resort), O’Halloran Hill (BWS)        Hollywood, Hornsby, Hornsby Tandy, Horsham, Hurstville Tandy,         Forest Hill, Forrestfield, Forster, Frankston North, Frankston,
Victoria Hotel, O’Malleys Irish Pub, O’Malleys Irish Pub              Indooroopilly, Indooroopilly Tandy, Ingle Farm, Innaloo, Innaloo      Geelong (North), Geelong West, Geraldton, Gilles Plains,
Aerodrome, Oxenford – Drive In, Oxenford Helensvale, Oxford           Tandy, Invercargill, Ipswich, Jesmond, Johnsonville, Joondalup,       Gladstone, Glen Waverly, Glendale, Glenhuntly, Glenmore Park,
152 DBS Moreton Town, Oxford 152 DBS Morningside Central,             Joondalup Tandy, Kalgoorlie, Kapiti, Karingal Hub, Karrinyup,         Glenorchy, Glenrose, Glenview, Golden Grove, Goodna, Gosford,
Oxford 152 Drive In, Oxley Tavern DBS Oxley, Pacific Pines            Kawana Tandy, Kawana Waters, Kingaroy, Kipparing, Knox City,          Goulburn, Grafton, Green Hills, Gunnedah, Gympie, Hackney,
Tavern DBS Pacific Pines Bottleshop, Palm Beach DBS Currumbin         Kotara Tandy, Launceston, Launceston Tandy, Lavington Tandy,          Hamilton, Helensvale, Hermit Park, Highpoint, Hollywood Plaza,
Cellars, Palm Beach DBS Pines, Palm Beach DBS Tugun Cellars,          Leichhardt Tandy, Levin, Lismore, Liverpool, Liverpool Tandy,         Hoppers Crossing, Horsham, Hume, Huntingdale, Huonville,
Palm Beach Drive In, Parafield Gardens (Slug ‘n’ Lettuce),            Logan Central, Logan Hyperdome, Lower Hutt, Mackay, Mackay            Ingham, Inverell, Jerrabomberra, Jimboomba, Joondalup,
Parkway Drive In, Parkwood Ashmore, Parkwood Chirn Park,              Tandy, Macquarie, Maddington Tandy, Maitland, Malvern,                Kadina, Kalgoorlie, Karalee, Karingal, Karratha, Katherine,
Pascoe Vale Hotel, Pelican Waters Liquor Barn, Petrie DBS             Manchester St, Mandurah, Manners Mall, Manukau, Marion,               Kellyville, Kempsey, Keperra, Keysborough, Kilsyth, Kingaroy,
French’s Forest, Petrie Drive In, Powell, Preston Drive In, Prince    Marion Tandy, Maroochydore, Maroochydore Tandy, Marrickville          Kings Meadows, Kingston, Kingsway, Kingswood, Kwinana,
of Wales Drive In, Pub Mooloolaba – Brisbane Road, Pymble             Metro, Maryborough, Masterton, Matamata, Melbourne Strand,            Kyabram, Lake Cathie, Lakes Entrance, Langwarrin, Lavington,
Walk In, Queens Tavern Walk In, Racehorse DBS Boovall Fair,           Mentone, Mermaid Beach, Midland, Mildura, Mildura Tandy,              Leeton, Legana, Leongatha, Lilydale, Lismore, Lithgow, Liverpool
Raintrees – Drive In, Rasmussen Drive In, Redbank Plains – DBS        Miranda, Miranda Tandy, Mirrabooka Tandy, Mitchell Centre,            North, Macarthur Square, Macgregor, Mackay, Maddington,
1 – St Ives, Redbank Plains – DBS 3 – Redbank Plains, Redbank         Mitchelton, Mittagong, Modbury, Modbury Tandy, Moonee Ponds           Maddington West, Maitland, Mandurah Forum, Mango Hill,
Plains – Pedestrian, Redland Bay – School of Arts, Redland Bay        Tandy, Moore Park, Morayfield, Morayfield Tandy, Morley, Morley       Manly (Tingalpa), Marayong, Margate, Marion, Marryatville,
DBS Crystal Waters, Redland Bay DBS Victoria Point, Reservoir         Tandy, Mornington, Morphett Vale, Morwell, Mt Ommaney Tandy,          Marsfield, Maryborough (VIC), Maryborough (QLD), Mawson,
(Rose Shamrock & Thistle) Drive In, Riverside Hotel, Robina           Mt Druitt, Mt Gambier, Mt Maunganui, Munno Para Tandy, Myer           Melton, Menai, Mildura , Miranda, Mirrabooka, Mission Beach,
(Varsity Lakes), Rockhampton Upper Dawon (Allenstown),                Centre Adelaide, Narellan, Nelson, Neutral Bay, New Lynn, New         Mitcham, Mitchelton, Moama, Moe, Moonee Ponds, Moorebank,
Rockingham (Leisure Inn), Rockville (Blue Mountain Hotel),            Plymouth, Newcastle, Niddrie, Noosa Civic, North Lakes, North         Moorooka, Moree, Morley, Mornington East, Mornington, Moruya,
Rosalie (Indooroopilly Hotel), Royal Exchange (QLD) DBS St            Parramatta, North Sydney, Northcote Tandy, Northland, Northpark       Mowbray, Mt Cotton, Mt Gambier, Mt Hutton, Mt Isa, Murarrie,
Lucia, Royal Exchange (QLD) DBS, Toowong Village, Royal               Tandy, Northwood, Norwood, Nunawading, Ocean Keys Tandy,              Murray Bridge, Murrumbeena, Muswellbrook, Nambour,
Exchange (QLD) Walk In, Royal Taverner, Sail & Anchor Hotel           Onehunga, Orange, Orewa, Osborne Park, Pacific Fair Tandy,            Naracoorte, Narellan, New Norfolk, Newington, Newport, Niddrie,
Walk In, Salisbury Hotel, Sandringham Drive In, Sands, Sandstone      Pakuranga, Palmerston North, Palmerston North, Papakura,              Nightcliff, Noble Park, North Narrabeen, Northam, Northcote,
Point (Blue Pacific Hotel), Seaford Seaton (Links Hotel),             Parabanks Tandy, Parkdale Plaza, Parkmore, Parramatta,                Northgate, Northside Plaza (Rockhampton), Nowra, O’Halloran
Shepparton Drive In, Shoppingtown BWS (Shoppingtown Hotel),           Parramatta Tandy, Penrith Westfields, Perth City Raine Square,        Hill, Oxley, Pakenham, Parabanks, Park Beach Plaza, Parkes,
Skyways Smithfield DBS Campus, Smithfield Drive In, Somerville        Perth, Hay Street Tandy, Phoenix Tandy, Pitt Street, Plenty Valley,   Pascoe Vale, Patterson Lakes, Penrith, Plumpton, Port Augusta,
Drive In, Springfield – DBS 1 – Springfield, Springfield – DBS 2      Plumpton Tandy, Porirua, Port Macquarie, Port Macquarie               Port Hedland, Port Lincoln, Port Macquarie, Portland, Preston,
– Forest Lakes, Springfield – Drive In, Springfield Orion             Tandy, Prahan, Prahan Tandy, Preston, Pukekohe, Queanbeyan,           Prestons, Prospect, Prospect Vale, Queanbeyan, Raintrees,
(Springfield Hotel), Springwood DBS, Springwood DBS Market            Queen St, Queensgate, Queenstown, Redbank Tandy, Reynella             Range, Raymond Terrace, Renmark, Richmond, Robina,
Town, Stockade Tavern Drive Thru, Stones Corner DBS West End          Tandy, Rhodes, Riccarton, Riccarton, Richmond, Robina Tandy,          Rosebud Central, Roselands, Rosemeadow, Rowville, Roxburgh
Markets, Stones Corner Drive In, Sunbury Drive In, Sunnybank          Rockdale, Rockhampton, Rockingham, Rosebud, Roselands,                Park, Rye, Sale, Seaford North, Seaford, Seaford, Seven Hills,
DBS Algester, Sunnybank DBS, Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank               Rosny Park, Rotorua, Rouse Hill, Rouse Hill Tandy, Runaway            Seymour, Shellharbour, Shepparton East, Shepparton, Singleton,
Drive In, Sunrise Beach, Surfers Paradise – DBS 2 – Surfers Bld,      Bay Tandy, Sale, Seaford Tandy, Shellharbour, Shepparton,             Somerton Park, Somerville, Sorell, South Dandenong, South
Surfers Paradise - Drive In, Surfers Paradise – Pedestrian,           Shepparton Tandy, Smithfield Tandy, Southland, Southlands             Fremantle, South Morang, South Preston, Southern River,
Underwood Marketplace (Chatswood), Upper Ross Hotel Dbs               Boulevard Tandy, Southlands Tandy, Southport, Southport Tandy,        Southport Park, Springfield, St Helena, St Kilda, St Marys,
Kelso, Upper Ross Hotel Dbs Rasmussen, Vale (QLD) Dbs                 Springfield, Springvale, Springwood, St Ives, St Kilda Tandy, St      Stirling, Strathfield, Sunshine North, Sunshine, Surry Hills, Swan
Annandale, Vale (QLD) Dbs Hermit Park Cellars, Vale Hotel (QLD)       Lukes, St Marys, Strathpine, Sunbury, Sunnybank, Sunshine,            Hill, Tahmoor, Tamworth, Taree, Temora, Templestowe, Traralgon,
Liquor Barn, Victoria Point - DBS 1 – Redland Bay, Victoria Point     Sydney CBD, Taigum, Takapuna, Tamworth, Taree, Taupo,                 Tuggerah, Tuggeranong, Tumut, Turramurra, Tweed Heads
- DBS 2 – Victoria Pt, Victoria Point – Drive In, Villa Noosa – DBS   Te Puke, The Base Hamilton, The Palms (Christchurch), The             South, Tweed Mall, Urangan, Victor Harbour, Victoria Point,
2 – Noosa Outlook, Villa Noosa – Pedestrian, Village Taverner,        Pines Tandy, Timaru, Toombul,Toowoomba, Toowoomba Tandy,              Vineyard, Wagga Wagga, Wallan, Wantirna, Warabrook, Warilla,
Waltzing Matilda, Wanneroo Villa Drive In, Warner – DBS 2 –           Townsville, Townsville, Traralgon, Tuggerah, Tuggerah Tandy,          Warragul, Warrnambool, Warwick, Watergardens, Waurn Ponds,
Sandalwood, Warner – Liquor Barn, Warner Tavern Eatons Hill,          Tuggeranong, Tweed Heads, Tweed Heads, Underwood, Upper               Waverley Gardens,Wendouree, Werribee, Werrington, Wheelers
Waterfront Hotel Sunshine, Werribee Plaza, Westcourt DBS,             Hutt, Victoria Gardens, Vivian St, Wagga Wagga, Wagga Wagga           Hill, Whitfords, Whyalla Westlands, Wilsonton, Windsor Gardens,
Westmeadows Drive In, Westside, Wharf Tavern Minyama                  Tandy, Wairau Park, Wanganui, Warick, Warkworth, Warrawong,           Wonthaggi, Woodlands, Woodridge, Woodville, Woolooware,
Cellars, Wheelers Hill, Woolloomooloo Bay and York on Lilydale.       Warriewood Tandy, Warrnambool, Warwick Grove Tandy,                   Wynyard, Yarrawonga and Young.

                                                                                                                                            WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                                    25
 Grand openings                                   k

Countdown The Valley | NZ | 22 July 2009
Countdown The Valley Opens – Progressive’s 150th store
                                                        Countdown The Valley, New Plymouth’s                                              New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young (National),
                                                        biggest and newest supermarket opened                                             Progressive Managing Director Peter Smith, and
                                                        on 22 July.                                                                       others from the Progressive family were at the
                                                                                                                                          ribbon-cutting ceremony.
                                                                                                                                          “For a Store Manager, this is something you
                                                                                                                                          live for. We glowed in the warmth of the brilliant
                                                                                                                                          grand opening for about 60 seconds and then

                                                                                                         Photo from Taranaki Daily News
                                                                                                                                          it was absolutely full on for the rest of the day!”
                                                                                                                                          said Store Manager Beth Maughan.
                                                                                                                                          There was a special guest present, new team
                                                                                                                                          member Ben Hekenui. This was Ben’s first
                                                                                                                                          job since losing both of his legs in April last
New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young and Store Manager Beth   Store Manager Beth Maughan and Ben Hekenui at
                                                                                                                                          year through a tragic accident at his previous
Maughan at the store opening                            Countdown The Valley, prior to opening day                                        workplace.

Dick Smith Auckland | NZ | 27 July 2009
                                                                                                                                          The Queen Street concept store was opened on
                                                                                                                                          27 July with a media event and grand opening
                                                                                                                                          celebration. On opening week sales from this
                                                                                                                                          regular store exceeded those of all New Zealand
                                                                                                                                          stores including large format stores. What a
                                                                                                                                          week! Vendor partners are so impressed with
                                                                                                                                          our new look stores that they have been used
                                                                                                                                          for product launch venues, providing us with
                                                                                                                                          exposure on national news channels. Customer
                                                                                                                                          feedback has been very positive - they love the
                                                                                                                                          new interactive experience, especially in the
Dick Smith New Zealand has started rolling              four stores have the new branding with                                            gaming, camera and portable audio sections of
out the new look brand. At the time of print,           plans to roll out further stores by Christmas.                                    the store.

Woolworths Beaconsfield | VIC | 6 August 2009
The store was officially opened
by the Federal Member for La
Trobe, Mr Jason Wood MP.
The Beaconsfield Primary School
Choir attended the opening singing
the Australian National Anthem.
As part of the opening, 90 new
employees from the local area
were employed bringing the
total staff members to 120.

                                                                          i                          Grand openings

Woolworths Yarram | VIC | 17 August 2009
                                                                                        The brand new store opened
                                                                                        with a real hype with Yarram
                                                                                        residents excited about their new
                                                                                        Supermarket with an extensive
                                                                                        range and quality fresh foods.
                                                                                        The local radio station was there with
                                                                                        the Lions football club cooking a BBQ
                                                                                        and Kellogg’s and Nestle providing
                                                                                        breakfast for all the early morning
                                                                                        customers and staff.
                                                                                        The store was officially opened by
                                                                                        Yarram Mayor, Darren McCubbin before
                                                                                        the local Yarram School Choir sung the
                                                                                        Australian National Anthem.
                                                                                        Store Manager Brendan Rhodes and
                                                                                        his local team of 90 employees were on
                                                                                        hand to cater for the Yarram community.

Woolworths Churchill | VIC | 9 September 2009

Churchill on opening day                      Churchill Primary School Captains cut the ribbon

After 18 months of planning, the newest Woolworths                            More then 100 people were hired and the new
                                                                              store offers six self serve express, seafood
Supermarket in Region 5 was ready to be opened. The School
                                                                              and deli express along with liquor and the full
Captains of the Churchill Primary School cut the ribbon                       grocery offer.
officially opening the store.

                                                                              WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                         27
 Opening the archives                      i

  A trip down the checkout lane...
  When our first self-serve supermarket opened in 1960 newspaper
  articles paid tribute to checkers (checkout operators) with
  comments including “lightning-like hands” and “retentive
  memories”. Checkout operators were tested on their ability to
  memorise prices of individual items.

  Beverley Hills opening
                                                                                                         Winner 1965 National Checker of the Year – Elizabeth
  Fortunately, improvements in price-                                                                    Adams
  marking reduced the need for                    Heat of Finals 1968 Australasian Checker of the Year
  memorised lines and, given that the
  customers’ last contact with us was at          speed, and customer consideration.
  the checkout, emphasis was placed on            Contestants were judged by interview on
  courtesy as well as accuracy and speed.         personality (manner and speech) and a
  These competencies were the focus of            written test on their job knowledge. Their
  “Checker of the Year Quests”.                   accuracy, speed and correct merchandise
                                                  handling were assessed using a practical
  One of the earliest held in Sydney in 1965,
                                                  exercise - a timed trial involving the check
  sponsored by the National Association of
                                                  out of 35 items in 40 seconds.
  Retail Grocers of Australia and the National
                                                                                                         Finalists 1969 National Checker of the Year Quest
                            instore bakery hot
Now in its second year, theContestants were drawn from every cross bun charity challenge
  Cash Register Company, had a first prize of
                           supermarket and competed in area
  a first class return flight to Noumea for two                    1990s and were conducted in supermarkets
is bigger and better than ever. rounds - the winners selected
  people, £20 cash and two trophies. More                          until the mid 1990s.
  than 400 checkers from retail organisations     to represent their areas. At the State finals
                                                                                                         We’re sure there are checkers from the
  throughout the country entered the quest        these Area representatives were provided
                                                                                                         past who remember it all - including the
  and over 1,000 spectators watched as            with enthusiastic, noisy but often creative            challenge of competing, the excitement of
  Elizabeth Adams, a Woolworths checkout          support by cheer squads who could also win             events themselves and for some, the joy of
  operator from Victoria won first prize.         valuable cash prizes for their efforts.                winning.
  From then on contests were held internally      Although some changes were required
  and became major annual events. The             to the format of the contest with the
  objective was the same: to encourage the        introduction of scanning in 1982, the
  highest standards of efficiency, accuracy,      contests continued in BIG W into the early

                                                                                                     u                          The last word

General Manager
bowled over
                                                               Martin Smith, General
                                                               Manager of Dan
                                                               Murphy’s was recently                        Staff
                                                               bowled over by the
                                                               effort that some of                   day, on again
                                                                                                     Want to give BIG for less this Christmas?
                                                               the NSW Dan Murphy’s
                                                                                                     Watch this space for further details!
                                                               stores had put into                   A Staff Day is coming up for all Woolworths
                                                               setting up their in-store             discount card holders and Salary Sacrifice is
                                                                                                     available to eligible staff, conditions apply.

Martin showing his cricketing prowess in front of a “Bowlers
Run’’ display at Dan Murphy’s Colyton
                                                                                                     staff sale
Chermside West                                                                                       coming soon!
                                                                                                     The countdown
Foodbank donation                                                                                    is now on
Con Comino, a Head                                                                                   to the
Reserve Stock Hand                                                                                   massive
from Chermside West                                                                                  Dick Smith
in Queensland wrote to                                                                               December event.
Woolies News about the                                                                               Thinking about Christmas?
great work his store is                                                                              Writing your wish list?
doing for Foodbank.                                                                                  All Woolworths discount card holders
                                                                                                     will have the opportunity to fulfill their
“The Foodbank donation is one of the best                                                            Christmas dreams by purchasing products
projects in the company. It helps many people                                                        at great prices from Dick Smith.
in the community that are in need. As I write
                                                                                                     Spoil yourself and your loved ones, come and
this letter, it is now six weeks since the project
                                                                                                     check out family favourites and the latest technology
commenced and in that short time Chermside
                                                                                                     as Christmas shopping will be in full swing.
West has donated close to 100 cartons of
stock. This is not only helping the needy but                                                        Salary Sacrifice will be available again to
the environment. I would like to recognise a                                                         eligible staff.
colleague of mine, Kim Costa who is playing a                                                        Stay tuned for more event dates and details.
big part in driving this project at the store’’.               Con packs stock headed for Foodbank

                                                                                                     WOOLIES NEWS • SPRING 2009                        29
Woolies News Spring 2009
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