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                  OVERVIEW OF SOFTWARE


The GenSight® Breakthrough

1  Overview                                                                                                                      1 
 1.1     System Operation ................................................................................................... 1 
 1.2     Configurability ......................................................................................................... 2 
 1.3     Summary of Features .............................................................................................. 2 

2  Business Case Management                                                                                                      4 

3  Workflow                                                                                                                      5 

4  Decision Support                                                                                                              6 

5  Financial Analysis                                                                                                            8 

6  Reports and Charts                                                                                                            9 

7  Executive Dashboards                                                                                                        10 

8  Project Management Dashboards                                                                                               11 

9  Resource Management                                                                                                         12 
 9.1     Resource Planning ................................................................................................ 12 
 9.2     Resource Optimization .......................................................................................... 13 
 9.3     Resource Allocation .............................................................................................. 13 
 9.4     Time Recording ..................................................................................................... 13 

10  Document Management                                                                                                        14 

11  Portfolio Analyst Workbench                                                                                                15 
 11.1  Portfolio Visualization and Animation .................................................................... 15 
 11.2  Multi Dimensional Portfolio Analytics .................................................................... 17 
 11.3  Criteria Based Decision Support ........................................................................... 18 
 11.4  Scenario Planning & Business Modeling............................................................... 19 

12  GenSight® Optimizer                                                                                                        20 

13  Configuration Studio                                                                                                       21 

The GenSight® Breakthrough
                                                                                              Page 1

1      Overview

GenSight is a fully integrated web based portfolio management system – to meet the needs of
users from project managers up to board level senior executives.

1.1         System Operation
Data is collected and managed at a project level, with functionality that supports more
effective approval and delivery of projects, resource management, performance tracking,
document management, collaboration etc. GenSight uses this data to provide senior
executives with high level reports and dashboards that summarize the status of the portfolio,
with interactive drill down to detail. Business intelligence features enable extensive data
mining and OLAP reporting. GenSight enables decision-makers to analyze the balance, value
and risk of the total portfolio, to objectively make go/kill decisions on individual projects, and to
visualize and manage the strategic alignment of activities in the portfolio.

Workflow capabilities ensure that project managers submit required business case
information, which is then routed to decision makers to approve or reject resource allocation
requests. Decision support tools are extensive, and include criteria based prioritization,
scorecards, financial analysis, stage gate management, graphical portfolio models, constraint
based optimization, scenario planning, simulation etc.

Resource management features include supply vs. demand planning, named resource
allocation, resource optimization and time and cost recording.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                             Page 2

1.2         Configurability
GenSight is extensively configurable – user interface, metrics, reports, graphical models –
even the underlying business objects in the database schema. Clients are provided with a
toolkit for in-house administration.

GenSight has been designed for a broad range of types of portfolio – IT, R&D, New Product
Development, Product Lifecycle Management, corporate portfolios, strategic programs,
business projects, sales and marketing etc.

1.3         Summary of Features

Online Business Case Management - GenSight iForms enable the capture of business
cases online, in a consistent and structured process. Formatted document templates, PIDs,
project briefs etc. can be produced from the data when required. Centralized storage of
business cases enables searching and sharing of information, such that the business case
becomes a living entity, not a static document. Extensive reporting and analytics functions
feed off the data.

Workflow - GenSight incorporates extensive workflow capabilities, tightly coupled to the
project data and online business cases held in the system. The system supports the approvals
process, routing requests, actions and alerts throughout the organization. Workflow rules are
fully configurable, to suit process needs that range from simple information routing through to
sophisticated multiple gatekeeper processes with electronic signoff.

Decision Support - GenSight incorporates extensive decision support modeling capabilities
to prioritize projects and support go/kill decisions at approval gates. Extensive scorecard
capabilities are included, such as weighted multi-criteria calculations that merge hard and soft
data, utility functions to normalize diverse quantitative metrics that are on different scales,
qualitative utility scales, pairwise comparison. Decision support analytics are linked to
approval stages, requiring little information at early gates, and more robust data at later

Financial Analysis - GenSight supports all common forms of financial analysis - sales
forecasts, cost analysis, profitability, NPV, ROI etc. An in-built ‘formula engine’ provides
access to a customizable spreadsheet that defines what calculations are needed, by defining
a template that is automatically replicated by the system and applied to all projects. This gives
the power and flexibility of a spreadsheet in a simple and managed way.

Reports and Charts – GenSight’s web based charts and reports are fully configurable.
Reports can include any combination of textual, numeric, and status type information. Chart
types include portfolio bubble chart, waterfall, pie chart, line, bar, gantt, pipeline chart etc.
Business intelligence functionality offers extensive and flexible OLAP reporting. Charts and
reports are interactive, generated on demand, with slice and dice calculations in real time.

Executive Dashboards - Executives and managers benefit from web based dashboards that
summarize strategic information, key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis extracted in

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                            Page 3

real time from the GenSight database. Dashboards are role based and can include graphical,
numeric and textual information elements all tailored to the role of the user.

Project Management Dashboards - Project managers and team members using GenSight
benefit from role based dashboards that summarize and collate key pieces of information
about a project. Role based access means that individual users will see information relevant
to their needs, such as: RAG status, milestones, timeline, resource information, risks and
issues etc.

Resource Management - GenSight supports all aspects of resource management: (i)
Resource Planning - to manage supply vs. demand; (ii) Resource Optimization – to adjust the
portfolio to fit constrained resources; (iii) Resource Allocation – to assign named resources to
projects; (iv) Time Recording – to capture actual time (and cost) and estimates to complete.

Document Management - Integrated document management capabilities enable you to
store, retrieve and share documents of almost any kind - key documents, spreadsheets,
project plans and presentations etc. Project related documents are held in a shared
repository, linked to the relevant project records. Powerful search features enable key word or
free text searching across the entire knowledge base.

Portfolio Analyst Workbench – This is a high end analytical tool for portfolio analysis -
scenario planning, 2D and 3D graphical visualization, portfolio animation to simulate portfolio
evolution, interactive slice and dice visualization and ‘what if’ scenario planning. The Portfolio
Analyst Workbench works offline, with the ability to synchronize data with the server. It is
packaged as an optional module for super-users.

GenSight Optimizer- GenSight incorporates proprietary genetic search and optimization
algorithms that find the best combination of portfolio elements to maximize the return from
constrained resources or assets. It rapidly explores a multitude of possibilities, dealing with
multiple constraints, resource requirements, interdependencies and value maximization goals.
The GenSight Optimizer is packaged as an optional add-on module to the Portfolio Analyst

Configuration Studio - GenSight is fully configurable, to fit client business processes. The
GenSight Configuration Studio is provided to clients to enable in-house administration. This is
a powerful toolkit with a graphical user interface that enables non-technical client personnel to
effect changes to the system to introduce new or changed business rules, business objects
and process workflow logic etc.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                             Page 4

2       Business Case Management
The information put into business cases is unquestionably
important, but all too often it becomes a static document that
does not get updated once it has served its initial purpose.
The GenSight approach is to capture and structure this
information in a way that enables easy updating, validating
and sharing of this highly valuable knowledge. GenSight
delivers this by capturing information from users with easy to
use web based ‘wizards’ that intelligently guide, prompt and

At the click of a button users can produce and circulate a standardized business case
document from the stored information, formatted according to your corporate templates.

GenSight incorporates all the tools and methodology that you need to web enable your
business case management. Once up and running, you will be able to capture and manage all
business cases online. The benefits of this include:

    •   Easier capture of information – aided by web based wizards

    •   More useful information - business cases become ‘living documents’ that are always
        up to date, not static wordy documents

    •   Faster and more effective approvals process – supported and controlled by workflow,
        process steps, governance rules, electronic signoff etc

    •   Improved decision support - Information captured in the business case automatically
        feeds sophisticated investment analysis and portfolio management models built into
        the business case, and feeds management dashboards and tracking reports.

    •   Improved information quality and completeness is improved – due to built in checks,
        prompts, analysis and mandatory fields etc

    •   Greater consistency – template based, with variation to suit type/stage of

    •   Traceability – All changes are tracked and validated, and logged in an audit trail

    •   Ability to control who provides/sees/approves which pieces of information

    •   Ability to produce documents can from templates, fully formatted – e.g. Project brief,
        PID, gate review documents etc

The software does all this using configurable iForms (intelligent forms) which work like wizards
to steer users through the process of providing the information. iForms can be configured with
extensive workflow logic, rules, mandatory information checks, embedded financial
calculations etc.. – in short everything required to construct a business case for a new project
or initiative.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                           Page 5

3       Workflow
GenSight incorporates extensive workflow capabilities which are
setup to match your project and portfolio management process.

The workflow features include:

    •   Automatic notifications sent to relevant people – including gatekeepers, project
        managers, team managers. These can include notification of project
        approval/rejection, assignment to a project, change request, time slippage etc.
        Notifications can be configured based on any status or process flag in the system.

    •   Electronic approvals process – Project sponsors can submit a business case and
        approval request directly into GenSight, which will prompt and check for all required
        information before forwarding the request for a decision. The rules of your approvals
        process are configured into the system, with full flexibility to vary the process (e.g.
        Light vs. full process) according to size and type of project etc.

    •   Electronic signoff – Gatekeepers can assess investment requests on-line in GenSight.
        Only properly authenticated users can input an approval decision. When they receive
        the request, they simply click a hyperlink to go to the business case home page that
        neatly consolidates all information in one place, together with supporting documents,
        decision support analytics, KPIs etc.

    •   Virtual gate meetings - If the process involves multiple decision makers then GenSight
        will inform all relevant parties and automatically collate their responses. Overall
        approval can either be validated by GenSight rules of approval, or can be agreed in a
        conference call or meeting and then input to the system.

    •   Role associations – For each workflow step GenSight knows which users to notify
        based on the role individuals have on a project (e.g. initiator, reviewer, project
        manager, gatekeeper etc)

    •   Alerts and monitors – GenSight can automatically trigger emails to relevant people
        when a key performance indicator falls outside of acceptable bounds.

    •   Email integration – GenSight uses email as the communication layer, with embedded
        hyperlinks that take the recipient to a web page associated with the workflow step. The
        system is highly efficient, simple to use and is compatible with corporate email

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                            Page 6

4       Decision Support
The information captured in the online business cases is
automatically fed into GenSight’s decision support models
that enable consistent and objective assessment of
investment proposals. These decision support tools enable
you to combine both hard and soft data in order to:

    •   Prioritize projects and investment proposals
        according to the expected return to the business

    •   Support Go/Kill decisions

    •   Visualize and data mine through large quantities of data to identify key insights

    •   Quantify probability of success – e.g. for risk factoring of expected returns

    •   Analyze risks according to fundamental factors driven by nature and goals of projects
        – e.g. complexity, external uncertainties, marketing and competitive risks, technology
        risks etc.

    •   Use multi criteria scorecards to systematically analyze many dimensions of the
        business – e.g. Scorecards can cover strategic alignment, market attractiveness,
        competitive advantage, financial potential, risk, innovation etc.

GenSight enables you to combine hard and soft data. The exact combination of parameters is
flexible and configurable according to your business needs. The following give typical
examples of hard and soft data that you may wish to utilize.

Examples of hard data in GenSight:

    •   Cost estimates, either as total cost or broken out into expense categories (e.g. capex,
        operating, admin, program spend etc), and if required broken down over time.

    •   Sales forecast data, either point forecasts or projections over time

    •   Profitability and cash flow forecasts, can be calculated automatically from input data

    •   Financial data extracted from ERP accounting systems

    •   Financial ratios and metrics calculated by GenSight from your raw data – e.g. NPV,
        ROI, economic profit etc.

    •   Resource estimates and associated costs

    •   Market and competitive data – e.g. Market size, growth, market share

    •   Other metrics or key performance indicators, including basic numeric data or timing

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                            Page 7

   •   Any calculated metrics derived using GenSight’s flexible calculation engine.

Examples of soft data in GenSight:

   •   Classification schemas configured to your organization – you can have any number of
       these to categorize projects/initiatives into areas such as business unit, market,
       technology, location, project type, stage etc.

   •   Linkage to strategic goals – what goal(s) does each project support, and to what

   •   Structured questions with multiple choice answers – to capture judgmental information
       in a repeatable way

   •   Utility scores associated with different situations/characteristics identified by structured
       questions (it’s a bit like psychological profiling for projects)

   •   Semi quantitative data – e.g. Range estimates such as ‘Market size is in the range
       $10-20 million’.

   •   Scorecards that combine multiple criteria with weights, and can be nested inside other
       scorecards to build composite models

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                            Page 8

5       Financial Analysis
GenSight includes a calculation engine that can be setup
with formula similar to Excel. The difference is that in
GenSight the formulae are setup as a template, which is
then applied consistently to all projects in the system.

The approach gives you the flexibility of a spreadsheet, but
without all the aggravation of copy and paste to apply the
calculations to every project. It’s simple, powerful, flexible
...and much less error prone than using a spreadsheet.

GenSight supports all common forms of financial analysis, and anything specific you need can
be configured into the system. Typical financial analysis includes:

    •   Sales forecasts

    •   Costs - Capital expenses, admin cost, operating expenses etc

    •   Analysis of profitability, cash flow etc

    •   NPV

    •   ROI

    •   Actual vs. Budget

The charting, reporting and business intelligence capabilities of GenSight provide the power
and flexibility to analyze all financial data held in the GenSight system. In addition, all data in
GenSight is published via a data mart so you can easily integrate other reporting and business
intelligence tools if you need to.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                           Page 9

6       Reports and Charts
GenSight’s web based charts and reports are fully configurable.
Reports can include any combination of textual, numeric,
categorization and status type information. Chart types available
include portfolio bubble chart, waterfall, pie chart, line, bar, gantt,
pipeline chart etc.

Charts and reports are interactive, generated on demand and
calculated in real time using the latest version of data. The
following features are included:

    •   Flexible structure - supports hierarchical breakdown amongst programs, strategies,
        projects, resources etc.

    •   Flexible content – financials, scorecard ratings, priority ranking, resource information,
        dates, status, categorizations, narrative text etc

    •   Flexible appearance – configurable style sheets to control colors, fonts and

    •   Multi-dimensional data handling – e.g. Resource required by resource type, by project,
        by time period.

    •   Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capabilities - Flexible grouping and aggregation
        with real time calculations to rollup analysis by any categorization dimension

    •   Slice and dice capability – Powerful search and filtering features enable users to
        interactively control report content, with OLAP analysis and aggregation driven on

    •   Calendar control to report on data and forecasts at any chosen point in time, past,
        present or future

    •   Export to Excel, and formatted export to Word templates to produce narrative reports
        on selected listings of projects, resources or programs.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                           Page 10

7       Executive Dashboards
Executives and managers benefit from web based
dashboards that summarize strategic information and
analysis extracted in real time from the GenSight

GenSight dashboards are role based and can include
graphical, numeric and textual information elements all
tailored to the role of the user. Dashboards are
configurable, and can include:

    •   Portfolio bubble charts such as Value vs. Risk

    •   Business Intelligence charts – Pie, bar, line and other charts on any metric to analyze
        investment and performance across the business, with OLAP aggregation, dynamic
        drill down and filtering.

    •   Scheduling charts – gantt, pipeline

    •   RAG status indicators for the portfolio as a whole, with numbers / percentages of
        projects in each of Red, Amber, Green status

    •   Financial analysis reports

    •   Prioritization reports – Top to bottom rank ordering of projects using criteria based
        methodology. Can be displayed graphically or in tabular reports.

    •   Slice and dice, drill down to detail, e.g. To get to individual projects to explore reasons
        for status

All analysis displayed on dashboards is produced in real time using the latest data in the

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                       Page 11

8       Project Management Dashboards
Project managers and team members using GenSight benefit
from role based dashboards that summarize and collate key
pieces of information about a project. Role based access
means that individual users will see information relevant to
their needs.

GenSight dashboards are configurable to user’s needs. They
can include graphical and numerical information to summarize
the project, as well as providing convenient access to all
project data and documents – subject to access rights.

The content of role-based project management dashboards can include:

    •   RAG status

    •   Time, quality, cost indicators

    •   Milestone dates and progress

    •   Timeline scheduling, reporting and charting – bar, gantt, pie charts, roadmaps etc

    •   Resource requirements, loading level of resources, assignment/availability status

    •   Risks and issues log

    •   Access to business plan information, financials etc

    •   Actions and links to approvals process

    •   Document creation and management – e.g. Project Brief, Business Plan, PID etc

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                          Page 12

9       Resource Management
GenSight incorporates best practices of resource management in the
following areas:

    •   Resource Planning – Supply vs. Demand

    •   Resource Optimization – Adjusting the portfolio to fit constrained

    •   Resource Allocation – Roles and/or named resources being allocated to projects

    •   Time Recording – Capturing actual time (and cost) spent

The approach is modular, so you can choose to adopt any or all of the above processes.
GenSight can be configured to reflect your needs for workflow around these process

9.1         Resource Planning
The resource planning methodology in GenSight enables you to manage the supply vs.
demand aspects of the resources required to deliver the portfolio of projects and initiatives.
This is typically done at a skill type or job function level. GenSight manages information on
both sides of supply and demand:

    •   Resource Hierarchy - The system supports a resource hierarchy,
        which is configured to match your organization – e.g.
        Departmental structure, job functions, skills and locations.

    •   Resource Required – For each project, the system captures an
        estimate of the amount and type of resources required, over time.
        You can choose how granular you want the resource forecasts to
        be – e.g. Weekly, monthly, quarterly etc – and also how far ahead
        you want to plan.

    •   Resource Available – For each type of resource in the resource hierarchy, the system
        maintains information on capacity and availability, after allowing for other allocations,
        non project time etc.

    •   Resource Shortfall / Surplus – Where the required resources exceed capacity then the
        shortfall is reported and tracked, with detailed breakdowns available over time and by
        resource type/location.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                        Page 13

9.2         Resource Optimization
GenSight enables you to run alternative scenarios and simulations of the portfolio in order to
decide on the best set of projects to include in the portfolio. The core capability in GenSight
enables you to assess different portfolio selection scenarios to maximize value and to resolve
shortfall issues.

In addition, an optional module in GenSight provides advanced portfolio optimization
capabilities, using genetic search and optimization algorithms. See later section for more
information on the GenSight Optimizer.

9.3         Resource Allocation
GenSight enables you to allocate named individuals to specific roles
on a project. The system makes the process easier by offering
useful filters and prompts to identify suitably skilled individuals, and
also provides real time information on the loading level and status of
each individual resource.

Workflow processes within GenSight enable you to configure who does the resource
allocation (e.g. resource manager, project manager, team manager etc) and at what stage.
Resource loading and status reports are available on demand to display the current situation
in real time. Workflow can be configured so that individuals are informed by email when they
are allocated to projects, with information readily available so that everyone knows what they
are working on and when.

9.4         Time Recording
GenSight supports recording of actual time spent by project team members. All individuals
assigned to projects can access a simple time recording form in GenSight to input actual time
spent per project.

Since GenSight already knows a substantial amount of information about the purpose and
management of each project, the basic time recording information can be analyzed and fed
into senior management dashboards that report on the balance of resource activity across the
whole portfolio.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                         Page 14

10     Document Management
GenSight enables you to store, retrieve and share
documents of almost any kind. You can upload project
related documents into GenSight so that they are readily
accessible in a shared repository, linked to the relevant
project records. Project managers and team managers
can quickly and easily share key documents,
spreadsheets, project plans and related information.

Powerful search features enable you to locate information by key word or free text search
throughout the entire knowledge base. This means that project workers can locate relevant
information and utilize learning from other projects that have tackled similar problems or
produced relevant outputs.

If your organization uses a specialist document management system, then documents held in
such systems can be linked into the GenSight knowledgebase for seamless connectivity.

GenSight also enables you to produce standardized documents and narrative reports from
information held in the database. By selecting the required template you simply click to
produce a neatly formatted document containing all information for a feasibility brief, business
case or PID. The feature is a real time saver when it comes to distributing comprehensive
documentation for decision makers and gate reviews – just one click produces the document
you need.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                       Page 15

11     Portfolio Analyst Workbench
The Portfolio Analyst Workbench module of GenSight® is for use by “super users”. It is a
sophisticated decision support capability that enables you to gain clear and compelling
insights into the total portfolio. The module is installed as a Windows application which
communicates with the GenSight server to synchronize data – with online and offline modes
of operation.

Interactive analytics enable you to understand the balance of the portfolio from multiple
dimensions and ensure the portfolio will deliver the strategic goals of the organization. Time
based modelling and animation enable you to measure, plan and track the portfolio over time
against criteria such as value, risk, innovation and other key portfolio indices.

Key areas of functionality are:
       • Portfolio Visualization and Animation
       • Multi-Dimensional Portfolio Analytics
       • Criteria-Based Decision Support
       • Scenario Planning & Business Modeling

11.1       Portfolio Visualization and Animation

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                                  Page 16

Portfolio Visualization and Animation
The GenSight® software provides sophisticated visualization technology that dynamically displays
relationships between portfolios, business elements and criteria in multiple dimensions. Data driven
visualizations are produced interactively with point and click navigation to aggregate the entire
portfolio, drill down to detail or drill out to view from another dimension.
Multivariate Graphics                    GenSight® can plot all the elements in a portfolio
                                         simultaneously using six different business criteria (X and Y
                                         axes, bubble size, pie charting, color, inner bubble). This
                                         enables users to quickly assimilate large amounts of data with
                                         clarity, precision and holistic insight.
3D Portfolio Bubble Charts               GenSight® generates three dimensional bubble charts
                                         featuring interactive drill down, rotation, zoom and animation.
                                         The spatial representation communicates complex portfolio
                                         structures in a natural visual manner.
Timeline Animation                       GenSight® can track and forecast portfolios over time (past,
                                         present and future).
                                         Portfolios can be displayed as a snapshot at any point in time,
                                         or as multiple snapshots overlaid together, or as a continuously
                                         moving animation that shows the portfolio changing over time.
Scenario Morphing                        GenSight® can perform graphical morphing of a portfolio to
                                         show the differences between scenarios. This form of visual
                                         transformation highlights the elements that change due to
                                         modified (i.e. “what if”) criteria or conditions.
Visual Overlays                          GenSight® supports simultaneous displays of different data
                                         views within a chart including filtered selections, projected vs.
                                         actual performance, different scenarios or “what-if”’
Flexible Scaling Options                 GenSight® supports a range of both automatic and manual
                                         linear and logarithmic scaling options in order to display
                                         portfolios with clear visual differentiation of portfolio elements.
Wide Range of Presentation Options       GenSight® provides an extensive gallery of traditional charts
                                         including bar, line, pie, donut, polar, stacked, area, surface in
                                         numerous 2D and 3D styles.
Compatibility     with     Third-Party   GenSight® supports data export to third-party presentation
Products                                 software products including Microsoft PowerPoint or as a
                                         metafile object.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                                 Page 17

11.2        Multi Dimensional Portfolio Analytics
Multi-Dimensional Portfolio Analytics
The GenSight® software supports analysis of up to 18 portfolios consisting of different and potentially
inter-related business elements such as projects, markets, strategies etc. Each portfolio can span
multiple business dimensions (such as region, category or division) with each dimension having up to
32,000 elements in the portfolio. Individual elements and whole portfolios can be analyzed using up to
1,000 configurable criteria.
Hierarchical                             Maintains up to seven levels of parent-child relationship
                                         between business elements.
Multi-Level Aggregation                  GenSight® uses the hierarchy to compute summarized
                                         portfolio metrics at each level. Aggregation algorithms support
                                         sum, average and weighted average methods to suit different
                                         criteria and configurations. For example, the system can
                                         calculate the overall risk of a portfolio from the average risk of
                                         each portfolio element weighted by investment level.
Multi-Dimensional Aggregation            GenSight® can filter, aggregate and present multi-dimensional
                                         data.     The system supports dynamic “slice and dice”
                                         aggregation with real time calculations that enable the user to
                                         interactively analyze the portfolio and explore the effects of
                                         “what-if” assumptions.
Interlinked Portfolios                   Criteria can be connected between portfolios. Analytics from
                                         one portfolio can be cross-referenced and used in another. For
                                         example, a profitability measure in a product portfolio can be
                                         linked into a research project portfolio to update the priority of
                                         projects in the most profitable product areas.
Intelligent Data Management              A highly optimized memory-resident cache provides fast
                                         access to multi-dimensional data held in a relational database.
                                         This data management technology further optimizes efficiency
                                         by performing calculations in real time while data is being
                                         stored or retrieved.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                                                                                      Page 18

11.3                     Criteria Based Decision Support

Criteria-Based Decision Support
GenSight® combines diverse business measures using normalization and weighting algorithms to
produce a set of composite measures or “scorecards”. This enables objective comparison and
prioritization of the disparate elements in a portfolio. Both quantitative and qualitative data can be
merged into scorecards including value, risk, innovation index, market attractiveness and competitive
strength. GenSight® scorecards are highly configurable and can be created and calibrated to reflect
customer-specific decision-making criteria. GenSight® scorecard capabilities include:
Relative Importance Weights             GenSight® supports pair-wise comparison of decision criteria
                                        to establish the weighting of each criterion within a scorecard.
Data Normalization                      Disparate financial/quantitative measures can be normalized to
                                        a comparable scale. Mathematical functions supported include
                                        S-curve, concave, convex, linear, bell curve and step
                                        functions. Normalization is supported through interactive
                                        graphical adjustment of parameters including curve shape,
                                        steepness and range.
Qualitative Information Evaluation      The system can generate normalized quantitative values by
                                        utilizing structured multiple choice questions.
Fuzzy Logic                             The system provides expert system functionality based on
                                        fuzzy logic algorithms to classify a set of criteria in combination
                                        to produce an overall classification.
Scorecard Hierarchy                     The system supports scorecards within scorecards to manage
                                        the complexity of a large number of criteria.
Additive and Multiplicative Weighted                                                            Scorecards can include a mix of weighted addition and
Calculations                                                                                    weighted multiplication of criteria.
Stage and Gate Support                                                                          The system has the ability use different scorecard criteria and
                                                                                                weights according to project stage, type, technology, etc.

             Value Score - Weighted Breakdown by Constituent Scorecard Sub Totals








    Relate      Heritage             Harvest          Youth        Capture        Outsize      Mix n Match      Inspiration

               Financial Potential        Market Attractiveness   Strategic Fit         Competitive Advantage

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                              Page 19

11.4        Scenario Planning & Business Modeling

Predictive Business Modeling Functions
GenSight’s software enables a range of analytical functions that can be applied at a particular point in
time, tracked historically over time or projected into the future.
Time-Series Modeling                  GenSight® supports historic and future data points including
                                      interpolation, growth forecasting and time-shift calculations.
Multi-Dimensional Calculations        Business modeling functions can be configured to operate
                                      across multiple dimensions, including within and between
                                      portfolios. Unlike standard spreadsheets, a single formula in
                                      GenSight® can generate a multi-dimensional array of data
Relative Ranking                      The system can rate each portfolio element against other
                                      elements in a given dimension. This is based on a configurable
                                      set of rules and business criteria (for example relative market
                                      share calculations in strategic market modeling).
Scenario Planning                     GenSight® supports the definition of      base and alternative
                                      scenarios with differing assumptions on   portfolio elements and
                                      business criteria. This enables users     to test and compare
                                      different strategies, and to assess        the implications of
Holistic Calculations                 GenSight® can structure and analyze the network of
                                      relationships that exist between elements in a portfolio. It can
                                      compute the overall contribution that each element brings to the
                                      portfolio including indirect effects through interdependencies.
                                      For example, in a project portfolio, a low value project that is
                                      required to support several high value projects can have its
                                      value appropriately increased.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
                                                                                                  Page 20

12     GenSight® Optimizer
GenSight® incorporates proprietary genetic search and
optimization algorithms that find the best combination of portfolio
elements to maximize the return from constrained resources or

It rapidly explores a multitude of possibilities, dealing with
multiple constraints, resource requirements, inter-dependencies
and value maximization goals. (This functionality is packaged as
an optional module).

 Portfolio Optimization
 Multivariate Optimization           The system resolves highly complex problems of portfolio
                                     selection. For example, in selecting a portfolio from 100 possible
                                     elements there are approximately 1030 (1 followed by 30 zeros)
                                     possible combinations.
                                     GenSight® uses pattern recognition technology to identify the
                                     most promising combinations, which it then tests, evolves and
                                     progressively improves to optimize against multivariate goals
                                     and constraints.
 Multiple Constraints                GenSight® enables portfolio optimization under “hard” and “soft”
                                     limits on financial, human resource, skill, asset and other
                                     resource availability. This can include granular evaluation of
                                     resources by skill type or function in order to balance supply and
 Interdependency Evaluation          The system supports the establishment of interdependencies
                                     between portfolio elements. GenSight® can evaluate these
                                     constraints during the optimization process to ensure that the
                                     portfolio includes a mutually compatible set of elements.
 “Must Do” Criteria                  The system identifies and ensures the inclusion of portfolio
                                     elements meeting “must do” criteria.
 Resource Hierarchy                  Human resources can be analyzed at multiple levels. This can
                                     include the total organization, by function, skill level, region etc.
 Resource Planning                   The system identifies detailed resource excess or shortfall by
                                     resource type or skill level over the life of the portfolio. It further
                                     supports multiple resource planning scenarios.

GenSight® V7 Software Features
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13      Configuration Studio
A founding principle of GenSight is to provide an unrivalled level of
flexibility and configurability. This flexibility makes GenSight unique
in its ability to support portfolio management across all functional
areas of the business and all types of projects, whatever your
industry and portfolio methodology.

From the outset you will benefit enormously from the ability to
configure GenSight to precisely support your business processes in
exactly the right way. With GenSight your business processes can
continually evolve and improve over time, safe in the knowledge
that GenSight can be easily and quickly extended and adjusted.

Changes to configuration are accomplished using the GenSight configuration studio. This is a
powerful toolkit with a graphical user interface that enables non-technical client personnel to
effect changes to the system to introduce new or changed business rules, business objects
and process workflow logic etc.

The GenSight® configuration and administration studio provides layers of configuration
management that support different portfolio applications and enable tailoring of applications to
meet client-specific application requirements. When an application is implemented, the client
is provided with the toolkit and appropriate training such that they have in-house capability to
further modify and enhance the configuration over time. Functions include:

Fully Configurable Solution
Application Template Library          GenSight® configuration consultants have access to a library
                                      of best-practice blueprints from which client-specific
                                      configurations are created.
Business Data Model Designer          Data model, validation rules and help guides can all be
                                      designed, implemented and modified without any database
                                      administrator (DBA) skills
Remote Administration of GenServer    Configuration is controlled and validated by a Windows based
                                      toolkit in GenSight® and uploaded to the server when
                                      required to go live.
Web Page Configuration                Configurable web reports and Intelligent Forms (iForms)

Configurable Business Rules and       Create and modify scorecards, business measures, weights,
Analytics                             formulae and business rules

Creation of Visualization Models      Administrators and end users can generate and evolve visual
                                      frameworks for decision support

GenSight® V7 Software Features

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