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<p>Well, Android 3.0 tablets at last on the shelves and touchpad textbook
BlackBerry and HP are preparing for battle, the war is finally warming of
the shelf. But here's IPAD 2, which not only thinner and lighter than its
predecessor, but it also adds a dual-core processor and dual-camera. Sun
Apple is always one step ahead of the competition? Laptop Magazine tested
the 64GB model 3G and Verizon gave him four out of five. What we like</p>
<p><strong>Ultra Thin</strong>: IPAD 2 is the MacBook Air tablets.
Weighing 1.34 pounds and 0.34 cm thickness measurement IPAD 2 is 33
percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the iPad. It is also much
lighter than the Motorola Xoom (1.6 pounds). The biggest additions are in
the design of the cameras at the front of the screen (VGA) and rear
(720p). You also get your choice of black or white.</p>
<p><strong>More welcome TV</strong>: Apple has not changed much software,
but can flow with the new IOS software 4.3 on the 2 videos IPAD the
camera to the right of this pick-up an Apple TV instead. Not a fan of
Apple TV? A new digital audio / video adapter  adds an HDMI output, the
mirrors, which can in your IPAD a widescreen TV.</p>
<p><strong>Dual-Core Power</strong>: How real Apple A5 Processor Dual-
Core? "Block load faster of two applications, such as" birds angrily HD
"(10.7 seconds vs 13), and popular websites. We also saw up to 5 times
faster graphics performance in benchmark tests, and less lag when playing
fast-paced" Blade Infinity "game .</p>
<p><strong>Smart Cover</strong>: Available in polyurethane and luxurious
leather in different colors, bridges were built smart approach magnets
automatically to the IPAD 2 to the left bank. Smart Fold a triangle
allows you to consolidate its IPAD to two for writing, and then you can
turn to another media-like, perfect for a slide show or read a recipe in
the kitchen. Brilliant.</p>
<p><strong>Epic battery life</strong>: Apple has promised that his thin
IPAD 2 would have a duration of 10 hours on one battery charge, but even
better in our tests. The tablet lasted 11 hours and not less than 11
minutes on our web browsing test, which brings set of the 50 most popular
websites via Wi-Fi with the system up in the glow of 40 per cent loading.
Our IPAD original lasted 9:29 in the same test. With 3G, the two took an
impressive IPAD, clock 08:59 compared to 8:21 in the original AT &amp; T
<p><strong>iMovie and GarageBand</strong>: Video editing on a table is
not easy, but Apple has done a brilliant job with iMovie built from the
ground up button. It is very easy to crop images and add titles and
music. You can make your creations on YouTube and even CNN. GarageBand is
the ultimate all-in one music application, keyboard and multiple
instruments (piano, drums, guitar) and enables you capture your next
<p><strong>Applications, applications, applications</strong>: With more
than 65,000 applications in the App Store compressed, Apple has a big
advantage over Android (about 100) and other platforms. We had a great
sword in his hand in the fight against the enemies of "Infinity Blade."
Meanwhile our children the educational applications, such as PBS Kids
have "super why." Then you have some great new applications such as
flipcharts. It is easy to see why the two rocks competition IPAD.</p>
<p><strong>What I do not</strong></p>
<p>Viewed in the 3G network of Verizon, we have download speeds of 460-
980 Kbps and download speeds of 192-210 kbps: 4G or not the access point.
What is decent, but those who have more speed 4G LTE will consider that
Motorola Xoom update either LG T-Mobile's G-board. Unfortunately, there
is not the IPAD 2 with a Wireless Access Point. The cameras are great:
FaceTime IPAD 2 provides for the establishment of full-screen video
calling with others who have an iPhone IPAD 2, 4, Mac, or the latest iPod
Touch have. However, our image was a little confusing for other calls.
720p outdoor camera captured footage back strong, but in the interior
are grainy video, the shots still limited to only 0.7 megapixels.</p>
<p><strong>The damn pop-ups</strong>: IOS 4.3 in 2 continues the iPad
this message (if there is an instant message or invitation Game Center),
the pop-ups. Android 3.0 is concerned with its smart card system messages
bar, webOS as for the next 3.0 HP TouchPad. You are not to his face.</p>
<p><strong>Judgement </strong> Apple has not done much to keep out the
tablet, but he has done enough to land more distance between him and the
rest of the field. IPAD thinner, lighter 2 raises the bar for design. And
while the new dual-core processor will not impress us, offers a
significant performance increase in resource-intensive applications such
as iMovie feel butter smooth. The camera quality is not great, not 4G of
data and the IOS could do a better job with the communications. But
 still can not be beat, at least for the pills could buy. If you look at
the entire package - hardware, software, applications, battery life,
accessories, and yes, the price - is the king of the IPAD two
tablets.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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