Cord Blood Treatment For Parkinson's Disease

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					Parkinson's disease is known as a degenerative and neurological
condition. It is indicated by the decline of muscle function, motor
skills, and speech patterns. This disease is likely to happen most on
men. Compared to women, men have twice greater chance to suffer this kind
of disease. Yet, the main factor which can cause this disease is still in
debate.Some clinical researches have been conducted to find out the
treatment for Parkinson's disease. The significant evidence has been
found and it suggests treating the Parkinson's disease through umbilical
cord.This kind of disease typically attacks the neurons of the central
nervous system in the brain. The nerve cells are known as the "substantia
nigra." Some clinical trials show that the regeneration of the damaged
neurons can be done through transplantation of the stem cells in the cord
blood. It has been proven to be able to improve the Parkinson's systems.
Stem cells are able to help the brain work its normal function like
talking, walking, and also cognitive reasoning.Stem cells can be
collected through the cord blood collection during giving birth.
Nowadays, there are a lot of women who prefer to store the cord blood as
the safeguard against any possible degenerative diseases in the future.
The blood will be stored in liquid nitrogen for indefinite time until it
is needed. Instead, it can also be donated to help others who need
it.Instead, the stem cells can also be collected from the embryonic and
fetal source. Yet, it is controversial. These cells can be found in the
bone marrow. However, the process of this collection will be painful and
invasive as well. The bone marrow must genetically similar to the
patients. Or, it must be autologous match or from the identical twin with
exactly the same DNA. However, it is very difficult to find.If you plan
to save the umbilical cord blood during the delivery, there will be some
advantages you can take from it such as long storage life and also higher
rate of acceptance. Stem cells contain new immature DNA so that these
cells will be more effective than the adult cells, such as bone marrow
cells.Furthermore, collecting umbilical cord blood has no controversy
since the process does not cause the destruction on the embryos and
fetus. In addition, these cells are ten times more regenerative than the
bone marrow cells. To treat the Parkinson's disease, you only need a few
of blood.

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