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Placemaking at Destination Bayfront


									Placemaking at Destination Bayfront

Destination Bayfront-Corpus Christi
November, 2010
Table of Contents
Introduction                                 1

About Project for Public Spaces              2

The Placemaking Process in Corpus Christi    3

Vision                                       5

Themes                                       7

Places within Destination Bayfront           9

Access and Linkages                          56

Events                                       58

     Managing Destination Bayfront           61
     Workshop Notes                          71

                                            Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   3
These are exciting times for the Bayfront and     to the American Bank Center. While some
for Downtown Corpus Christi as a whole.           parts of the site are currently used, including
The community approved realignment of             Sherrill Park for Veterans’ Ceremonies and
Shoreline Drive, the potential expansion of       other commemorative events several times
McGee Beach, and the gradual implementa-          a year; the beach during good weather; the
tion of the Bayfront Master Plan provide a        two playgrounds; and the sidewalk along the
great opportunity to use the investments that     beach for jogging, walking and dog walking,
will be made in the Bayfront as a catalyst for    the use of the space has the potential to be
positive change in all of Downtown, adding to     dramatically increased.
the ongoing efforts of many area groups and
organizations.                                    The recent demolition of the Memorial Coli-
                                                  seum and the approved realignment of the
On June 22, 2010, the City of Corpus Christi      northbound lanes of Shoreline Boulevard
signed a resolution supporting Destination        offer a unique opportunity to create a world
Bayfront’s proposal to engage the citizens of     class destination for both residents and tour-
Corpus Christi in a public planning process       ists and to leverage significant investment
to develop a plan and program for the public      and economic benefits for the City.
space in the area from McCaughan Park to
Sherrill Park, including the Memorial Coliseum    To help activate the site and integrate the
site, part of McGee Beach, and adjacent           road realignment, Destination Bayfront asked
properties.                                       Project for Public Spaces, Inc. to assist them
                                                  in developing a community generated con-
The site, referred to in this report as “Desti-   cept plan and program for the site. The plan
nation Bayfront”, is currently underutilized,     was to address the special role that the site
despite its close proximity to the beach and      could play as a destination in Corpus Christi’s
the water, due to the lack of activities and      Downtown, and how it could be planned and
amenities that would make the site comfort-       programmed for use on a regular basis, as
able and interesting to use. Large events that    well as for large and small events.
used to take place at the Memorial Coliseum
have been relocated to the area adjacent

                                                                                    Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   1
About Project for Public Spaces
Project for Public Spaces, Inc. (PPS) is a non-       About Placemaking                                   of the inclusive, multi-dimensional nature
profit, educational and technical assistance                                                              of Placemaking--which welcomes as much
organization with an international reputation         Placemaking is a place-centered approach            grassroots involvement as possible--they
for its success in the creation of livable com-       to helping citizens improve public spaces           spare themselves a lot time, disagreements,
munities. Since 1975, PPS has worked in               and build great communities. It is not just the     and expenditure on narrowly defined proj-
more than 3,000 communities, 50 US states             act of building or fixing up a park or a public     ects. Common problems like traffic-dominat-
and 41 countries around the world, helping            space, it is a process that fosters the creation    ed streets, empty parks, and isolated, un-
people to plan, design and manage suc-                of vital public destinations - the kind of places   derperforming development projects can be
cessful public spaces. With each commu-               where people feel a strong sense of belong-         avoided by this process of viewing a place in
nity, PPS builds local capacity and pursues           ing and a commitment to making things               its entirety, rather than zeroing in on isolated
systemic change using our resources, facili-          better. Simply put, Placemaking capitalizes         elements of the whole such as design, park-
tation processes and expertise to overcome            on local community’s assets, inspiration,           ing or levels of service.
obstacles.                                            and potential, ultimately creating great public
                                                      destinations that promote community health,         The process of Placemaking involves building
PPS is recognized internationally for our             happiness, and well being.                          a common vision and establishing a frame-
success in helping communities enhance                                                                    work that involves as many stakeholders as
their unique sense of place, promote active,          Unfortunately, the way public spaces in cities      possible. Places constantly evolve as a com-
healthy lifestyles, foster interaction between        are planned and built today has become so           munity changes, and in order for a commu-
diverse populations, and work towards envi-           institutionalized that community stakehold-         nity member or other stakeholder to receive
ronmental sustainability. Public and private          ers seldom have the opportunity to voice            immediate benefits from Placemaking, small
organizations, federal, state and municipal           their ideas and aspirations, and to contribute      changes, even temporary or experimental
agencies, business improvement districts,             in the planning, improvement and develop-           ones, must be implemented as soon as pos-
private businesses, neighborhood associa-             ment process in a meaningful way. In order          sible. Improving public spaces and the lives
tions, chambers of commerce, charitable               for the process of Placemaking to be truly          of people who use them means finding the
foundations and other civic groups have               effective, city officials, planners, designers,     patience to take small steps, to truly listen to
all worked with us to transform their public          and engineers need to move beyond look-             people, and to see what works best, eventu-
places, Downtowns and neighborhoods.                  ing at communities through the narrow lens          ally turning a group vision into the reality of a
                                                      of pre-determined outcomes or rigid profes-         great public place.
                                                      sional disciplines. When cities take advantage

2      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
The Placemaking Process in Corpus Christi
Working in close cooperation with Destina-        attended by nearly 300 people who were                 make a great city.
tion Bayfront, PPS used the principles of         asked to provide feedback and comments.
Placemaking, including the concept of the         Following this meeting, Destination Bayfront           Destination Bayfront could become one of
Power of Ten, to facilitate an inclusive public   conducted a series of meetings with local              the ten great destinations in Corpus Christi,
visioning process to provide a foundation for     groups to obtain additional ideas and input            attracting people to use it on a daily basis
the program of uses and activities that would     for the plan and also added an area to their           throughout the year. In applying the Power
shape the long-term vision and revitalization     website where people could contribute ideas.           of Ten more broadly, there are clearly several
strategy, and transform the site into an at-      (See Appendix for a detailed description of            destinations that could become real “places
traction and destination for years to come.       the process).                                          to go” if a common strategy was devised to
                                                                                                         activate their public spaces, coordinate activi-
The process began in February 2010 with a         The Power of Ten                                       ties, and make them accessible and inviting.
public presentation by PPS about the ben-
efits of great public spaces, and the qualities   To be successful, the City of Corpus Christi
of great waterfronts. It was attended by over     needs at least 10 destinations that give an
200 people. In July 2010, PPS returned to         identity and image to both the Downtown
Corpus Christi to conduct stakeholder inter-      and the Bayfront and help attract residents,
views, focus groups, a public meeting and         visitors, new businesses and investment.
a stakeholder workshop in order to clarify
major issues and opportunities, both in terms     Destinations are places for people to go and
of the design and the management and              enjoy. A place could be a street, park, water-
programming for the site. Over 500 people         front, library, church or other public space.
participated in the interviews, focus groups,     What makes each destination successful is
meetings, and workshops and the informa-          that it has sub-places within it. For example,
tion collected during these sessions provided     a waterfront park needs at least ten sub-
the core of the recommendations described         places: a café, a children’s play area, a place
in this report.                                   to fish or to experience the water, a place to
                                                  sit and somewhere to meet friends. Within
In October 2010, PPS presented the re-            each of the sub-places, there should be at
sults of the public meeting and stakeholder       least ten things to do. Cumulatively, these
workshop as a Site Activity Plan, which was       activities, places and destinations are what

                                                                                    Placemaking at Destination Bayfront        Corpus Christi, TX       3
Destination Bayfront could be a major desti-        the “central square” located on the site of
nation in Corpus Christi, a gathering place for     the former Coliseum extending across the
the people of the City that combines beach,         former North Shoreline Boulevard over the
park, cultural and event activities in a unique     existing jetty; and the Square of Arts and
multi-use, active and inclusive place.              Culture that will provide a stronger presence
                                                    and identity for the Art Center and a place
Destination Bayfront is the area along Shore-       for programs and events related both to the
line Boulevard that extends from Furman             Art Center and the Veterans Memorial. The
Avenue on the south to Coopers Alley and            Sherrill Memorial Gardens will wrap around
the Art Center on the north. It is envisioned       the Square of Arts and Culture and will be a
as a place that is both quiet and restful and       major destination related to remembrance,
also one that provides for a variety of recre-      health, wellness and education.
ational, cultural, educational, social and Vet-
erans’ activities. It will be an important new      Other important places include: McGee
public space for the City where people come         Beach and McCaughan Park; the Shore-
together in an environment that is inclusive,       line Promenade located in the space
comfortable, and easily accessible from the         formerly occupied by North Shoreline Bou-
Downtown and adjacent neighborhoods. It             levard; Park Avenue Pier adjacent to the
will be well managed and include the types          Zocalo which will extend over the existing
of uses and programs that will help make it         breakwater; the Bayfront Water Recreation
economically sustainable.                           and Education Area between the existing
                                                    T-head and the proposed Pier; a modern
Destination Bayfront will have a series of          day “pleasure garden” reminiscent of Corpus
smaller places within it that will attract people   Christi’s historic character, referred to here as
at different times of day, week and year.           the “Old Town Pleasure Garden”; flexible
These places include three “squares” that           Festival Spaces for various sizes of tem-
will be the driving force of the site: Gateway      porary events; and the areas on both sides
Square, the gateway to Destination Bayfront         of Shoreline Boulevard which will create a
from the south and the main entrance and            strong connection between Destination Bay-
drop off area for McGee Beach; the Zocalo,          front and the adjacent neighborhoods.

                                                                                       Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   5
Several important themes emerged from the              groups. Currently, there is little for people             tivities that are intended to occur on a regular
Placemaking process thus far for transform-            to do in the existing site and the destinations           basis. In addition to providing amenities that
ing the site along the Bayfront into a major           that do exist, such as the Veterans Memo-                 encourage use both during the day and in the
destination in Corpus Christi and beyond. In           rial, playgrounds, gazebo/bandstand, beach,               evening, consideration should also be given
conjunction with specific program and design           and Miradors have few amenities to attract                to weather and time of year.
ideas generated in the workshops, these                people to use them on a regular basis or for
themes are intended to serve as the basis for          any length of time. In the future, the goal is            Additional opportunities to use the water
the program of uses outlined in the following          to create destinations that have a range of               for recreation should be developed. Other
report.                                                things to do at all different times of year and           than swimming and some boating, there
                                                       to link them to one other so that people have             are few opportunities to interact with water.
There should be a strong connection                    many reasons for using the entire area. The               There should be opportunities to use the wa-
between the Downtown and the Bayfront.                 site should be developed and managed first                ter for boat displays, boat and kayak rentals,
Currently, it is difficult for pedestrians to easily   for residents and second for tourists.                    education programs around the water, etc.
walk from the Downtown and adjacent neigh-
borhoods to the Bayfront because of the                Amenities and infrastructure should                       A strategy for the ongoing economic sus-
speed of traffic, the long distance one needs          support activities of varying sizes. There                tainability of the site should be developed
to cross from the southbound side of Shore-            are few existing amenities to support the                 and the overall management should be a
line Drive to the existing sidewalk along the          potential activities that could occur on the              key ingredient in this strategy. The man-
Bay (in some locations it is nearly 300’) and          site. For example, there is little shade and              agement strategy should include a program
the lack of amenities and points of interest.          little protection against the heavy winds, at             of informal and regular activities for the site, a
The elimination of the northbound roadway              times preventing people from using either the             more extensive maintenance program that is
will help bridge this connection, but encour-          grassy areas or the beach. There are few                  organized around the various proposed des-
aging people to walk in the future will depend         places to buy food or eat in a comfortable                tinations, (which, along with better lighting at
on the character and function of the remain-           environment, few trash cans and restrooms,                night, will help to provide a sense of security
ing roadway as well as the types of activities         no places to wash off after using the beach,              in the site as a whole), and a retail strategy
that will occur in the site.                           and there is little variety in the type of seating.       and business plan that demonstrates how
                                                                                                                 the combination of uses that are proposed
The site will attract a broad range of Cor-            Provision should be made for infrastruc-                  will provide the necessary resources for the
pus Christi residents and visitors includ-             ture to accommodate both large events                     site’s ongoing economic sustainability, as
ing a variety of age, ethnic and income                that occur periodically as well as smaller ac-            well as drive the economic development of

                                                                                            Placemaking at Destination Bayfront         Corpus Christi, TX        7
the surrounding area.

A strategy for dealing with traffic, transporta-
tion and parking issues during both peak and
off peak times should also be developed. For
example, during an event, providing ample
opportunities for drop-offs, options for using
various modes of public transport and a well
thought out and efficient system for off-site
parking are important to creating a feeling
that the site is well managed. During off-peak
times, convenient on-site parking needs to
be provided so that people find it easy and
comfortable to use the site.

8       Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Places within Destination Bayfront
                                                          Shoreline                                  Old Town               Sherrill Memorial             The Square of
                                                                             Festival Spaces
                                                          Boulevard                               Pleasure Garden              Gardens                   Arts and Culture


                                                                                                                                                  rs Alley

                                                           e   var                                                 nade

                                                                                                          e Pro

                                                 ne                                                   elin

                                              eli                                                Shor


                         Gateway         McCaughan Park                                                                                   Bayfront Water Recreation
                      Square and Park                                 The Zocalo       Park Avenue Pier         The Promenade
                                        and McGee Beach                                                                                      and Education Area

 0’        400’                                                                          Placemaking at Destination Bayfront                Corpus Christi, TX              9


                                                                   Gateway               McCaughan Park
                                                                Square and Park                                     The Zocalo
                                                                                        and McGee Beach

10   Corpus Christi, TX   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
                                    Old Town                           Sherrill Memorial            The Square of
Festival Spaces                                                                                    Arts and Culture
                                 Pleasure Garden                          Gardens

                  eline Pro

    Park Avenue Pier             The Promenade     Bayfront Water Recreation
                                                      and Education Area

                                                                                     Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   11
Gateway Square                                                                                     GatEWay squarE
                                                                                                   beach staging area (restrooms)
                                                                      transIt stops                beach equipment
                                                                                                   drink and snack vendors
                                                                                                   Waiting area


                                               d u    rc
                                             tE h
                                           nI t c
                                          u Is
                                        st d
                                    f Ir tho
                                                 lE Var                                                     bEach accEss/
                                         E   bou                                                            staGInG arEa
                                 rE  lIn

                                                                                                         drop-off and


                                                                           Entry fEaturE
                                                                           Vertical element

                                                                          bEach accEss
holIday Inn hotEl
 EmErald bEach

                                                                                                                              Existing Gateway Square Site
     R   restooms

         shade structures
12       Corpus Christi, TX                    Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                              Activities

As the gateway to Destination Bayfront from             •   Drop-off and pickup
the south and the main entrance and drop                •   Orientation / Information
off for McGee Beach, this square will provide           •   Photo opportunity
a strong visual identity for the site, and also         •   Staging area for the beach (rest-
function as a comfortable and efficient ac-                 rooms)
cess point for people who are coming to the             •   Buy or rent beach-related equipment
beach.                                                  •   Sit and cool off in shade
                                                        •   Have a snack or drink
Convenient, short term parking will be pro-             •   Attend small performances
vided to the south of the square as well as
a drop-off area for people who are using
transit from off-site parking either during large
events or on regular days. A well-shaded
and comfortable shelter where people can
wait to get picked up will be provided, along
with restrooms and information about events
and activities that are going on in the broader
area. In addition, opportunities to meet and
wait for people, buy something to eat or drink
and sit in a shaded outdoor environment will
all be located in the Gateway Square.

There will be easy access to the beach and
commercial opportunities and other activities
that occur in the square will spread onto the
adjacent promenade, park and beach areas.

                                                                                    Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   13
Gateway Square


Entry Feature                                       Gateway Square Perimeter                         Gateway Park Area with Picnic Shelter
    • Landscaped island                                 • Buildings (two) or temporary struc-            • Space for group picnics or special
    • Colorful flags or kites                             tures to accommodate restrooms,                  events or parties that includes two
                                                          place to buy or rent beach equip-                pergolas with vines or shade struc-
Drop-off and Pick-up Area                                 ment, and café or food kiosk type                tures (should be designed so that
    • Limited access road extending from                  structure                                        more than one group can use the
      Buford Street to Furman Avenue                    • Movable seating under trees and/or               shelter at one time)
      parallel to Shoreline Boulevard to ac-              umbrellas near the kiosk and extend-           • Accessible (with path) to adjacent
      commodate drop offs by private ve-                  ing into the Square                              limited access road
      hicles, tram buses etc; some special              • Shade structures with seating and
      handicapped ADA parking should be                   picnic tables on each side of the stairs
      provided along this road                            to the beach
    • Drop-off and access to the beach
      should be provided both at the                Gateway Square – Center
      secondary entrance point near the                 • Interactive vertical element visible
      Holiday Inn and at Gateway Square                   from Shoreline Boulevard that rep-
    • Shaded seating area for people to                   resents Destination Bayfront and
      wait to be picked up                                Corpus Christi in a meaningful way
    • Information and orientation kiosk with            • Benches (along drop-off), movable
      map of the site                                     seating around interactive element
    • Entry signs welcoming people to
      Destination Bayfront at Buford Street         Beach Access and Staging Areas
      and Furman Avenue; this could be at              • Area for washing off
      corners or located overhead across               • Seating
      Shoreline Boulevard                              • Information and orientation

14     Corpus Christi, TX            Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   15
McCaughan Park and McGee Beach
 play arEa
 mini soccer
 half basketball courts
 bocce                                                 shadEd pIcnIc/play
 Zip line                                              misting areas
 dog park                                              shaded areas (trees/tents)
 play structure

                                              fEstIVal spacE/
                                             flEXIblE parKInG


                                                                                                         Existing McCaughan Park Site


                                                                plantings to keep sand off the
                                                                promenade and park
                                                                location tbd

                               bEach actIVItIEs:
                                                                       WatEr play arEa:
                               beach volleyball
                                                                       surrounded by:
                               play area for children                                                    Existing McGee Beach Site
                                                                       places for people to sit
                                                                       picnic areas
                               cabanas, beach chairs, etc.
                                                                       food vendors                          R
                               shaded beach bar                                                                  restooms

                                                                       Interactive structures for play
                               Windsurf, parasail, kiteboard
                                                                                                                 shade structures
16        Corpus Christi, TX   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
McCaughan Park
Vision                                             Activities                                           Picnic Area
                                                                                                            • Picnic tables in shade (shade provid-
The park will be a green shaded “oasis” with           • Sit and cool off in shade                             ed by both trees and shelters)
areas that can serve as a “home base” to               • Picnic, eat in outdoor café, drink at              • Learners Cycleway
people who use the beach, the square and                 beach bar                                          • Waste receptacles
other parts of Destination Bayfront. As a              • Cool off in misting area
“home base”, the park will have easy ac-               • Rinse off in showers                           Play Areas
cess to the beach and other adjacent areas,            • Play in kids’ water play area and other            • Interactive water play area with spray
especially to the Gateway Square and the                 interactive elements                                  park, splash pad and features for
Promenade. Shaded pathways with seating                • Large play structure (e.g. Robinson                   young kids should be located close
will connect areas where people can picnic               Crusoe tree house)                                    to the buildings at the Zocalo and in
or play games such as volleyball, bocce, etc.          • Play games (bocce, board games,                       the proximity of the parking; a café for
A focal point in this area is a water play area,         Frisbee, racquetball etc.)                            parents with a terrace could overlook
similar to the one on Granville Island in Van-         • Half basketball courts and mini-soc-                  into the water play area
couver, where the play area is surrounded by             cer fields                                         • Marine related play structures for
places for people to sit, picnic, watch chil-          • Kite running/kite festival                            different ages (one for small children
dren playing in the water, buy something to            • Dog park                                              ages 2-5 and one for older children
eat, and engage with interactive play struc-           • Zip line                                              ages 5-12); this could potentially
tures.                                                                                                         be integrated with the existing play
                                                   Program                                                     equipment
                                                                                                            • Benches along pathways with shade
                                                   Pathway                                                     in some locations
                                                       • Pathway to link the Gateway Square                 • Drinking fountain at both play areas
                                                         to the picnic, play and recreation
                                                         areas                                          Recreation Area
                                                       • Benches and waste receptacles                     • Informal lawn for games including
                                                         along pathway with shade provided                    bocce, badminton, etc.
                                                         (primarily trees)                                 • Kiosk or cart for borrowing parts for

                                                                                   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront        Corpus Christi, TX     17
McGee Beach
Vision                                                 Activities

The beach and promenade will be an active,                   • Play and games (volleyball, kids play,
well used place that has beach related ame-                    etc.)
nities, and a variety of recreational activities             • Sunbathing
related to the water. Games such as beach                    • Windsurfing
volleyball could be set up at certain times and              • Parasailing
a play area for children should be provided.                 • Kiteboarding
Amenities such as cabanas, beach chairs,
etc. should be available for rent and there            Program
should be a small shaded beach bar over-
looking the Bay.                                       Recreation and Games Areas (all temporary
                                                           • Beach volleyball
                                                           • Small play areas

                                                          • Dune environment with educational
                                                             landscape exhibit over portion of
                                                             stairs leading to beach

                                                       Beach Bar (existing)
                                                          • Accessible from both the beach and
                                                             the Promenade
                                                          • Either add a terrace on the roof or in
                                                             the long term add a second story that
                                                             is directly accessible from the Prom-
                                                             enade and the Zocalo

18       Corpus Christi, TX             Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   19
The Promenade

                                             shorElInE promEnadE

     R   restooms

         shade structures

                                                       Existing Promenade Site

20       Corpus Christi, TX   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                            Activities

The Promenade, located in the space cur-              • Walk, jog, meet people, people watch
rently occupied by North Shoreline Boule-             • Bicycle and rollerblade
vard, is envisioned as the “Main Street” of           • Take pictures
Destination Bayfront, the link between the            • Watch buskers and listen to storytellers
proposed three squares. In addition to the            • Attend small scale workshops/events
three squares, the Promenade would con-               • Buy items from vendors (food, snacks,
nect other destinations such as McGee                   drinks, ice cream, beach toys, etc.)
Beach, the proposed Pier, Sherrill Memorial           • Ride low-speed tram
Gardens, and smaller points of interest such
the Miradors. At each of these destinations,
there will be an opportunity for people to stop
and rest and participate in some activity. For                                                                          Sidewalk

example, the Miradors could be enhanced                                                                                 Existing Mirador
if they were combined with other elements
such as information, additional places to sit
in the shade and in some instances, a food
vending or other kiosk.
The Promenade will be designed so that it                                Northbound Shoreline                                   Beach
can accommodate different types and levels                     Park           Boulevard

of use at different times. At some times, only                                                                                     EXISTING CONDITIONS

pedestrians and slow moving bicycles and
                                                                                                                                Additional pedestrian
vehicles such as a small tram (golf cart type)                                                                                  level lighting
                                                                                                                                 Expanded deck at
or trolley would be allowed. During off peak                                                                                     Miradors
times, limited access by emergency and
service vehicles would be permitted on all or
part of the Promenade (in a shared space
with pedestrians).                                                                        20’

                                                            Park                   Promenade                                    Beach

                                                   Promenade Cross Section

                                                                                      Placemaking at Destination Bayfront                  Corpus Christi, TX   21
The Promenade


In addition to the “destinations” that are out-               • Clear meeting place in shaded area         • Bicycle parking
lined in this report, there are other places that               with seating                               • Clear meeting place in shaded area
should be developed along the continuous                      • Snack and drink vendors                      with seating
north/south walkway that is called the Prom-                  • Buskers, planned events                    • Snack and drink vendors
enade. In this report, we refer to the Prom-                  • Information and orientation                • Buskers, planned events
enade as two places, the Beach Promenade                      • Place to rent or buy beach equipment       • Information and orientation
and the Marina Promenade, even though                         • Tram stop                                  • Place to rent or buy beach equipment
they are connected.                                           • Stairway to the beach (with ADA            • Tram stop
                                                                ramp)                                      • Stairway to the beach (ADA ramp)
Linear Walkway                                                • Splash pad or water element (near
    • Use existing roadway but modify to                        Holiday Inn)                           Four minor access points: Adjacent to the
       extend the park area into the roadway                                                           Mirador, adjacent to the new cove/marina
       space on the west side, utilize nar-             Two minor access points: Adjacent to the       area near the proposed pier, adjacent to the
       rowed roadway (20’) for a combina-               Mirador and adjacent to the shelter south of   historic boat exhibit, and adjacent to the
       tion of bicyclists, pedestrians, jog-            the Gateway Square                             building on the Coopers Alley L-Head
       gers, roller bladders, skate boarders,               • Clear meeting place in shaded area            • Clear meeting place in shaded area
       carriages, trams and anything else on                   with seating                                     with seating
       wheels that moves slowly                             • Opportunity to picnic nearby                  • Opportunity to picnic nearby
    • Road could be painted or surfaced                     • Snack and drink vendors                       • Snack and drink vendors
       with another material                                • Information and orientation                   • Information and orientation
    • Use the existing sidewalk on the east                 • Wash off area for feet (where there is        • Bicycle parking
       side and extend with wooden decking                     beach access)                                • Deck for reclining, sunbathing, play-
       in some locations to create overlooks                • Bicycle parking                                   ing games, shaded with umbrellas
                                                            • Stairway to the beach                             adjacent to Mirador
Beach Promenade                                                                                             • Interpretive kiosk near historic ships
                                                        Marina Promenade                                        with seating
Two major access points: Near Holiday Inn
and at Gateway Square                                   Two major access points: Adjacent to Zocalo
    • Restrooms                                         and adjacent to Square of Arts and Culture
    • Wash off area for feet                                • Restrooms
    • Bicycle parking                                       • Wash off area for feet

22      Corpus Christi, TX               Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   23
The Zocalo
                                 Zocalo bus stops

                                                         fEstIVal spacE/
                                                        flEXIblE parKInG

 fEstIVal spacE/
flEXIblE parKInG


                                                                                   R   restooms
                                                                         R             shade structures

             Zocalo ElEmEnts
             bandstand or gazebo
                      focal point
              shaded sitting areas

                                                                               Existing Zocalo Site

24    Corpus Christi, TX                 Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                                                                                       Activities

The Zocalo is envisioned as the central               The space will require a strong management                    • Shop at the mercado/farmer’s market
square of Destination Bayfront. It is the             program to plan a range of entertainment                      • Dine and snack at various price points
public place where the Corpus Christi com-            options at different times of day and evening,                • Vend and buy from vendors
munity will gather, a stage for civic celebra-        organize markets where people can buy or                      • Attend small events
tions on the waterfront, an area for speeches         sell products, and other such activities.                     • Get information and orient oneself
of all types, the place where paths cross and                                                                       • Celebrate special dates and events
a starting point for explorations. It will be a       The traditional characteristics of a Mexican                  • Attend regular events (e.g. “First Sun-
hub of activity both during the day and in the        zocalo include: retail around the perimeter,                    day of the Month”)
evening, and function as an important con-            often made up of one story or temporary                       • Enjoy the pier
nection between the Bayfront, proposed pier,          buildings and kiosks; permeable edges and                     • View light show over the pier
and the adjacent neighborhood. It will be a           open at the corners to draw people to the                     • Participate in education
beautiful space that is shaded, lush with flow-       center; both paved and green surface with
ers and welcoming to all ages and cultures.           garden like areas and ample seating; and
                                                      multiple focal points, usually a fountain, ga-
As a major destination along the Bayfront, the        zebo or stage, monuments or sculpture.
Zocalo will be used by people who may or
may not be going to the beach. The edges
will have a series of small kiosks fronted by
an arched façade that can be used both
for services (such as restrooms or informa-
tion) and for commercial uses (such as small
cafes and markets). Amenities such as a
bandstand or gazebo, a water feature, pots
of flowers, shaded seating areas, an inter-
active sculpture and even a small carousel,
could be located in the center of the space to
provide opportunities to engage in activities.
A transit stop(s) (e.g. trolley, bus, tram) will be
located adjacent to the space.

                                                                                        Placemaking at Destination Bayfront         Corpus Christi, TX     25
The Zocalo


    • “Buildings” or temporary structures
      framing the square and housing
      mostly retail uses (each should be
      one to two stories)
    • Colorful canopies with sidewalk cafes
      (where appropriate) extending out
      from buildings into the square

Center of the Square
   • Gazebo or bandstand
   • Fountain or pool with interactive
   • Landscaping to include shade trees
       around the perimeter, planting beds
       framing areas along with flowers in
       pots on the surface of the square,
       hanging off buildings and on pedes-
       trian scale light fixtures
   • Unobstructed space for events
   • Space for small, temporary games
       and exhibits such as chess, back-
       gammon, possibly ping pong at
       certain times, dance, etc.
   • Ornate pedestrian scale lighting
       fixtures around perimeter, dramatic
       lighting on buildings, festive lighting
       for special events and on trees

26      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   27
Park Avenue Pier


                                                                               focal poInt
                                                                                                         R   restooms
                                                  R                            rEstaurant
                                                                                                             shade structures
bIcyclE rEntal


                          partIcIpatE In
                          EducatIon proGrams
                          Environmental classes
                          fishing guides
                                                                                  parK aVEnuE pIEr
                          historic tours
                          bird watching
                                                                               obsErVatIon dEcK

                                                                                                     Existing Park Avenue Pier Site

28   Corpus Christi, TX                  Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                            Activities

A new Pier with a variety of recreational, edu-       • Eat at cafes with outdoor seating
cational, commercial and marine related uses          • Fish, buy bait
could be built directly across the Promenade          • Rent bicycles
from the Zocalo. It would give an identity to         • Participate in educational programs
Destination Bayfront from the water (and from           (e.g. environmental classes, fishing
the Downtown) and could be reminiscent of               guides, historic tours, bird watching)
not only the “Pleasure Pier” that was formerly        • Dock boats
located along the Bayfront, but also of the           • Arrive on a water taxi
historic hotels and other structures that gave        • View from observation deck
the Bayfront its image in the past.

The Pier, which would be aligned visually
(and physically) with Park Avenue could be
a destination for commercial uses such as
cafes with outdoor seating looking over the
water, shops for buying bait, bicycle rent-
als, and rental space for special events. The
pier could also be a space for park manage-
ment offices and educational programs that
are both marine related (e.g. environmental
classes, fishing guides) and related to the
history of the Bayfront. It could be used for
fishing, short term boat docking, and as a
water taxi stop (location on either Pier or
breakwater TBD).

                                                                                   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   29
Park Avenue Pier


Restaurant                                          Pier
    • Octagon lighthouse shape building                    • Open area (near Promenade and
      with vertical element on roof that is                  Zocalo) with protection from wind for
      visible from various directions (e.g.                  outdoor classes, small events and
      both from water and from Park Av-                      performances, gathering point for
      enue)                                                  tours, etc. (8000 sq ft)
    • Deck around building to accom-                       • Observation tower at end with wind
      modate outdoor dining on all sides;                    education element
      large terrace should be located on the               • Access to barges or boats for marine
      north side and a protected area to the                 related education uses
      north of the building on the inner por-              • Access point for tourist related activi-
      tion of the Pier area                                  ties and private boats
                                                           • Fishing and “learn how to fish” areas
Educational Building and outdoor space                       with cleaning and possibly cooking
adjacent to building                                         stations
    • Small historic “museum”                              • Bicycle rental kiosk or temporary cart
    • Outdoor space for marine related and                 • Handrails along edges
      other educational uses                               • Benches
    • Rental space for events and classes                  • Shaded areas with seating along Pier
    • Place to get information about tours,                  and in open area near Promenade
      guided trips etc.                                    • Information, orientation and interpre-
    • Bait shop or kiosk                                     tation of elements and landscapes
                                                             viewed from Pier

30     Corpus Christi, TX            Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   31
Bayfront Water Recreation and Education Area


                                                                                                                 Existing Bayfront Water Recreation and
                                                                                                                 Education Area
                                                                           historic ship(s) exhibit

                                                                           with lounge chairs, tiki bar, music
                                                  WatEr actIVItIEs
                     small                        sailing
                     amphIthEatEr                 Inflatable boating
                     small events/                fishing
                     performances                 Kayaking
                                                  paddle boating

                                                bayfront WatEr rEcrEatIon
                                                    and EducatIon arEa

     R   restooms

         shade structures

32       Corpus Christi, TX          Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                           Activities

Using the protection provided by the jetty,          •   Learn about historic ship(s)
this area could become a major destination           •   Sail
for marine related recreation and education          •   Fish
and a place for both residents and visitors to       •   Kayak, paddle boat, race kayaks
learn about and enjoy the water in a simple          •   Enjoy inflatable rafts and toys
way.                                                 •   Rent remote controlled boats
                                                     •   Attend small events/performances
The Bayfront Water Recreation Area could                 along seawall amphitheater
have various types of boat rentals (such as
kayaks, paddle boats, small fishing boats,
sailboats, etc.), in conjunction with classes
and other educational activities. The Colum-
bus ships or other historic ships could be
anchored adjacent to the Promenade in this
area and tours and educational activities and
performances could be organized around

A small amphitheater could be developed
between the Pier and the seawall by using
and extending the existing steps. The space
along the base of the steps could be filled in
either with sand or with a lower deck to ac-
commodate a stage area.

                                                                                Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   33
Bayfront Water Recreation and Education Area


Sand area for boat launching                          Small amphitheater
   • Part of area adjacent to Pier to be                 • Continue existing seawall steps to
      filled in when outfall is relocated                    wrap the “cove” and create a seating
   • Areas for launching small boats (e.g.                   area to be used for amphitheater or
      kayaks)                                                just seating; the continuation of the
                                                             existing steps could be wood.
Rental area for boat and water related                   • Locate temporary small stage on the
activities                                                   sand area
     • Kiosk for renting boats                           • Provide electrical outlets
     • Storage racks for boat rentals                    • Design lighting to accommodate
     • Dock for launching and tying up small                 events that occur at amphitheater
     • Information and orientation element            Breakwater
        related to boat rentals on kiosk                  • Add decking over the top to accom-
                                                            modate fishing and people who want
Small piers for docking historic ships                      to walk to the end
   • Accessible from Promenade                            • Jogging
   • Information about boats and times of
       tours                                          Access from Park Avenue Pier
   • Interpretation signs and historic infor-            • Stairs to lead down from Pier to sand
       mation in the kiosks at the entry of                 area adjacent to breakwater
       the piers
   • Dramatic lighting of boats at night
   • Shaded seating area adjacent to boats
       for people to wait and meet (these
       areas should be located so as not to
       interfere with backdrop of ships visible
       from the stage planned for Sherrill
       Memorial Gardens

34     Corpus Christi, TX             Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   35
Old Town Pleasure Garden

                                                                                               Existing Old Town Pleasure Garden Site

rIdEs                 GamEs                  EVEnts and fEstIVals          GardEn actIVItIEs
carousel                                     small performances for kids
Water slide           tEmporary VEndors      temporary stage events
other tbd             Ice cream              child friendly activities
                      snacks                 with large events
                      fresh Juice

     R   restooms

         shade structures
36       Corpus Christi, TX          Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                            Activities

The Old Town Pleasure Garden is a modern              • Ride carousel, other rides (water slide)
interpretation of the historic pleasure gardens       • Patronize small scale temporary
of the past. It is envisioned as a place that           vendors
is family oriented but has attractions for at         • Attend small performances, especially
least three generations – children, teens and           for kids
adults. It will draw both locals and visitors.        • Attend small temporary stage events
                                                      • Enjoy child-friendly activities accom-
The Garden would extend from the Sher-                  panying large events
rill Memorial Gardens and Art and Cultural            • Play in Pleistocene Park (Fossil Dig)
Square on the north side to the Zocalo on             • Play bocce
the south end with the quieter, more pas-             • Mini Golf
sive activities located on the north end and          • White water rafting attraction
the more active uses on the south end. Set
in a garden environment there will be places
for people to eat, areas for children to play,
stages for performances or movies and a
variety of rides and games. The Garden will
be shaded in various ways, and dramatically
lighted to encourage evening use. It will also
be designed and located in a way that could
be expanded as needed into the adjacent
flexible event spaces.

                                                                                   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   37
Old Town Pleasure Garden


Recreation and Games                                         • Learners Cycleway located adjacent
                                                               to picnic and play areas and close to
The specific design and elements of this area                  parking
will depend on the operator that is selected                 • Pleistocene Park (Fossil Dig)
for this part of the site.
      • Kiosk (staffed) that can service and           Beer Garden
         provide equipment for all or most of             • Located adjacent to Zocalo
         the activities that are occurring in the
         recreation and games area and that            Drop-off and pick-up
         provides restrooms                                • A drop-off/pick-up area should be
      • Bocce court surrounded by shade                      provided along the parking lot edge
         pergola for observers and people who                next to the entrance to the Pleasure
         are playing and also space for pic-                 Garden
         nicking adjacent to courts
      • Miniature golf in proximity to the
         Zocalo buildings in order to provide a
         food kiosk and seating area overlook-
         ing the miniature golf
      • Carousel
      • Children’s water play area (similar
         to Granville Island) surrounded by
         non-water children’s play area, picnic
         area and small café kiosk with terrace
         overlooking water play area
      • Other water attraction (e.g. white
         water rafting)

38      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   39
Festival Spaces


                                                        fEstIVal spacE/
                                                       flEXIblE parKInG

  fEstIVal spacE/
 flEXIblE parKInG

                                                                                                        R   restooms

                                                                                                            shade structures


                                                     larGE fEstIVals
     marKEts                                         film festivals, international
     Green market                                    festivals, etc.
     open air market
     other markets                                   outdoor EVEnts
                                                                                     Existing Festival Spaces Site
40    Corpus Christi, TX   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                             Activities

One of the important goals for Destination             • Large festivals (film festival, interna-
Bayfront is to develop a plan that encour-               tional festival)
ages both casual use and events use. A                 • Green markets
variety of events such as large festivals, green       • Open air markets
markets, open air markets, outdoor concerts            • Outdoor concerts and movies
and movies could be held in these spaces.              • Other (e.g. existing large events)
For this reason, several areas within the site
will be constructed with a hard surface that
is flexible enough to accommodate a variety
of different types of uses depending on the
need. For example, an area that is used for
parking during off peak times will be able
to be converted to an event space at other
times, either open air or by using tent struc-
tures. During these times, parking would be
located off site with tram, trolley, and/or bus

                                                                                      Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   41
Festival Spaces


Edge along Shoreline Boulevard                      Center of Spaces
   • Low planted buffer between festival               • Should remain open for maximum
      spaces and sidewalk                                  flexibility
   • Seating along sidewalk at intersec-               • Electrical outlets located throughout
      tions with access points into park                   to accommodate various sizes and
   • Combined pedestrian and vehicle                       types of events
      scale lighting standards along road-             • Easy to maintain hard surface to ac-
      way                                                  commodate a variety of events
   • Space for retail buildings either short           • Holes in surface with caps to accom-
      or long term should be provided at                   modate set up of tents
      key locations such as adjacent to the
      Gateway Square, the Zocalo along
      Park Avenue, and the other spaces
      along Shoreline Boulevard

Edge along open space of Destination
    • Clear entrances into Festival Spaces
    • Drop-off points in parking lots next
      to adjacent destinations with small
      shaded seating/waiting areas
    • Consider providing wheelbarrows
      or wagons for hauling equipment on
      peak use days
    • Lighting along edge of Festival Spac-

42     Corpus Christi, TX            Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   43
Sherrill Memorial Gardens

                       communIty GardEns         EducatIon arEa
                                                 Veterans’ contributions and history

                                                                mEdItatIon GardEns
                                                                sitting and relaxing




                                                                                       WEllnEss KIosK
                                                                                       outdoor exercise

                                                             laWn arEa
                                                             yoga, tai chi, etc.

     R   restooms                          coVErEd staGE and laWn arEa
                                           celebrations, memorials and other events
         shade structures                                                                                 Existing Sherrill Memorial Gardens Site
44       Corpus Christi, TX           Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                             Activities

The Sherrill Memorial Gardens are envisioned           • Sit and relax in garden environment
as a passive yet dignified space that com-             • Learn about veterans’ contributions
memorates war veterans and celebrates                    and history
the lives of war heroes and their families in          • Attend celebrations and memorials
a tranquil and beautiful setting. It will focus        • Educate students and other groups
on life and wellness in unique and innovative
ways and have the feeling of a very special,
well managed destination.

A focal point in the Gardens could be a re-
flecting pool, along with the eternal flame that
is surrounded by a shaded pathway, displays
of flowers, and comfortable places to sit. It
could also potentially be used for wedding
photographs and ceremonies.

A stage and lawn area for events and per-
formances related to the Veterans could be
shared with other organizations such as the
Art Center or the Old Town Pleasure Gar-
dens. In addition, a lawn area adjacent to the
Promenade that would be used for exercises
such as Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. could be pro-

                                                                                  Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   45
Sherrill Memorial Gardens


Memorial Gardens (based on existing layout)                • Lawn area for exercise classes and
   • Center should be at same elevation                      small events (memorial service, Yoga,
     as edges                                                Tai Chi, etc.)
   • Visually and physically connected to
     Wellness Center’s stage and pergola             Stage and Lawn Area for large events and
     so it can be used for small memorial            celebrations
     services                                            • Large covered stage (e.g. tent) with
   • Side gardens for quieter meditation                    seating on lawn for up to 300 people
     type activities; also provides opportu-                with electrical outlets
     nity for donors                                     • Trees surrounding lawn but located
   • Special garden areas (butterfly/hum-                   so as not to block view of bay or
     mingbird garden)                                       historic boats
   • Electrical outlets                                  • Strategically located boats and stage
                                                            to form a backdrop for events
Community Gardens
   • Located and laid out not to detract             Pathways
     visually from the formal gardens but                • Surface designed to list veterans/
     to be visible as a healthy or “wellness”              donors names (Columbus Sailing As-
     type of activity                                      sociation and Memorial Walkway of
                                                           Veteran’s bricks)
Veteran and Wellness Center                              • Shaded seating areas along path-
    • Building or kiosk for information about              ways; special benches could be used
       veterans history, to learn about Me-                to provide a donor opportunity
       morial Garden events, to sign up for              • Landscaped beds along pathways
       community garden plot or to volun-                  (landscaped beds provide a donor
       teer to take care of formal Memorial                opportunity)
       gardens                                           • Electrical outlets
    • Stage and pergola for small events
       (could use existing pergola) with elec-
       trical outlets

46     Corpus Christi, TX             Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   47
The Square of Arts and Culture
                                             art actIVItIEs
                                             small art events, parties, openings
                                             outdoor art exhibits
                                             child friendly art
                                             art and craft market

                                             EducatIonal actIVItEs
                                             low-cost or free outdoor arts and crafts
                                             classes for kids and adults

                                             focal poInt



                                                                                   outdoor cafE/


                                                                                                   Existing Square of Arts and Culture Site

     R   restooms

         shade structures
48       Corpus Christi, TX       Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                               Activities

The Square of Arts and Culture will be an                •   Enjoy outdoor art exhibits
inviting, active front door to the Art Cen-              •   Interact with child/people friendly art
ter where arts related activities would take             •   Play human-scaled chess
place. It will be designed so that the Center            •   Attend small art events, parties,
and other arts groups and organizations can                  openings
display their works and promote their activi-            •   View and buy art and craft items at
ties. It would function as the focal point for               markets
the Arts Festival that would spread from the             •   View exhibits related to activities
Square into the Sherrill Memorial Gardens                    inside Art Center
and along the Promenade.                                 •   Attend low-cost or free outdoor arts/
                                                             crafts classes for kids and adults
Although the Art Center has a restful court-             •   Watch performances
yard in the interior that is used for a variety of       •   Dine outdoors
events and educational activities of different
sizes and types and hosts a small café, it has
little exterior presence and is not generally
viewed as an important “place” to go along
the Bayfront. It is surrounded by parking lots
and is currently cut off from the bay by North
Shoreline Boulevard.

By reorienting the parking on the south side
of the Art Center, a square could be created
that would be programmed with temporary
art displays, classes, performances, a water
feature, comfortable seating and an outdoor
café area related either to the existing café or
to a kiosk. Some activities related to Sher-
rill Memorial Gardens could also be located

                                                                                        Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   49
The Square of Arts and Culture


    • Art Center Edge: Entrance to Art
      Center and connection between inter-
      nal courtyard and Square
    • Parking Lot Edge: Classroom and
      exhibit space facing onto Square
    • Tea house surrounded by garden
      environment for outdoor eating
    • Veterans Gardens Shop in small kiosk
      at edge of Promenade

Center of the Square
   • Accessible to vehicles for people us-
       ing T-head and Yacht Club (except
       during large events)
   • Focal point (temporary sculpture and
       or small fountain)
   • Space for outdoor classes and
       events, art exhibits, etc.
   • Large scale chess board (permanent
       or temporary) with artist designed

50     Corpus Christi, TX           Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   51
Shoreline Boulevard

        shorElInE boulEVard

52   Corpus Christi, TX       Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Vision                                                                                                   Activities

The redesigned Shoreline Boulevard is             Bus and trolley stops could be located adja-                  • Walk in an urban beachfront environ-
envisioned as a new kind of street for Cor-       cent to each of the three proposed squares                      ment
pus Christi, a boulevard that is a place for      and will have amenities such as shade,                        • Shop, window-shop
people, not just for vehicles. It would provide   information, places to sit, schedules and be                  • Dine, have coffee and drinks indoors
a connection between the Bayfront and the         clearly connected to the adjacent uses in the                   and on outdoor terraces
adjacent neighborhood and stimulate posi-         squares.                                                      • Bike on dedicated lane
tive new development along the west side,                                                                       • Ride transit
creating a “village” atmosphere with cafes,       In addition, a roundabout at Coopers Al-
restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in       ley should be explored as a way to move
the ground floors of all new development. It      traffic slowly but efficiently along Destina-
is important that design guidelines for new       tion Bayfront and to better accommodate
development and the design of the roadway         turning movements into the site. A second
are supportive to the uses that will occur in     roundabout at the south end of the site near
Destination Bayfront and encourage appro-         the Holiday Inn (either near Buford or Craig
priate future development across from the         Street) should be explored as a way to facili-
site.                                             tate the transition of some traffic from North
                                                  Shoreline Blvd onto Water Street, the side
In the future, as the areas across from the       street, or the limited access road into Desti-
site, which are primarily vacant lots, are        nation Bayfront.
redeveloped, development guidelines should
require ground floor uses that support the
activities that are planned for the site. For
example, a place to rent bikes is a support-
ive ground floor use, as are restaurants with
outdoor cafés and shops that cater to beach
and marine related uses, etc.
A commuter bike lane could be added to the
west edge of the Destination Bayfront site.

                                                                                    Placemaking at Destination Bayfront         Corpus Christi, TX   53
Shoreline Boulevard


Intersections/entrances into Destination                   • Sidewalks wide enough to accom-
Bayfront (Buford Street, Furman Avenue,                      modate retail uses such as outdoor
Park Avenue, Born Street, Broadway Court,                    cafes, bicycle and other outdoor
Kinney Street, Coopers Alley, and William                    displays of products
Street)                                                    • Retail at all corners; round corners for
     • Transit stops                                         easy visibility from adjacent streets
     • Signage welcoming people to Desti-                  • Landscaping (e.g. palm trees) that do
        nation Bayfront                                      not block retail frontages
     • Landscaped beds combined with                       • Pedestrian and vehicle scale light
        signage and transit stops                            fixtures that relate to Destination Bay-
     • Information about where to park, drop                 front elements such as Miradors, Art
        off, hours open for various facilities               Center, etc.
     • Crossing point for pedestrians, bicy-               • Accent lighting for ground floor uses
        clists and others
     • Potential roundabouts in a few loca-          Eastern Perimeter of the Boulevard within
        tions (to be discussed and evaluated)        Destination Bayfront
     • Retail uses at corners where possible             • Sidewalks adjacent to green spaces
        (especially on the corners to the west              and festival spaces with two-way bike
        of Shoreline Boulevard)                             lanes adjacent to curbs
     • Seating along sidewalks at intersec-              • Green space with landscaping (palm
        tions adjacent to transit stops                     trees) and light fixtures should be
                                                            used to create buffer between bike
Western Perimeter of the Boulevard                          lanes and vehicles on the Boulevard
   • Low scale development with active                   • Low landscaped buffer between festi-
      ground floor uses (restaurants with                   val spaces and sidewalk
      outdoor cafes, marine related shops,

54     Corpus Christi, TX             Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   55
Access & Linkages
         Shoreline Boulevard-North and South bound

         Roadways connecting to Downtown

         Vehicular Access to Destination Bayfront

 P/F     Flexible Space/Parking

         Access to Parking
         Service & Delivery Access




56     Corpus Christi, TX            Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Access & Linkages

       Leisure biking on Promenade

       Access to Beach

       Parking drop-off

                                     Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   57
         Festival of the Arts

         Large Festival


         Christmas tree and Christmas market

         Lawn Amphitheater with tents for shade

         Concerts/Lectures and Performances

         Small Concerts/Performances

58   Corpus Christi, TX           Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Managing Destination Bayfront
The success of any public space depends,           strategy for working with donors and volun-           tions, neighbourhood residents, transit riders
above all, on its management. In order to          teers, and a strategy for forming a partner-          and any other stakeholder that has an inter-
succeed as a major destination and a venue         ship with entities such as the Corpus Christi         est in, or a veto power over, the space. They
for festivals and large events, Destination        Marina, the Holiday Inn, First United Meth-           include financial resources, volunteer time, in-
Bayfront will require a comprehensive man-         odist Church, and other partners along the            kind contributions, the virtues of the particular
agement strategy, the involvement of many          Bayfront, in addition to the City.                    location, and the configuration of the physical
partners and a management entity that is                                                                 space itself. Some of these are modest ar-
well-staffed and well-funded. The manage-          Lessons Learned from the Best Public                  rangements; others are very elaborate with a
ment entity, which could be a partnership          Spaces                                                special organization created to manage the
between an expanded Destination Bayfront                                                                 public space.
Conservancy and the City of Corpus Christi         In the case studies that follow, some useful
would be formed to achieve the vision set          generalizations can be made regarding the             Lesson Two:
forth for Destination Bayfront as an active        successful management of great destina-               A PRIVATE-SECTOR COMPONENT IS UNI-
destination in the city.                           tions. Notwithstanding Lesson One, “there is          VERSAL. The case studies run the gamut
                                                   no formula”, there are several other lessons.         of public-private partnership arrangements.
The tasks of the entity that is envisioned to                                                            There are several cases where ownership
manage Destination Bayfront need to go well        Lesson One:                                           and management is both private, but there
beyond what the various city departments           THERE IS NO FORMULA. Although the                     are no cases where both are public. It seems
already provide in terms of services such as       manager of each of the spaces described in            that the entrepreneurial requirements of
maintenance, security, traffic management,         the case studies performs the management              successful public space management inevi-
events management etc. They would likely           tasks well, each organizational arrangement           tably push the organizational arrangements
include activities such as a more proactive        is unique. Each has its own set of actors,            towards the flexibility and nimbleness of the
and economically driven event management           contracts, memoranda of understanding,                private sector. This is not surprising, as
strategy, a retail management component, a         operating guidelines, or informal understand-         strong programming, marketing and fundrais-
proactive approach to bringing more ma-            ings. Each arrangement is crafted to fit local        ing capabilities are essential, and these are
rine related activities to the waterfront and      circumstances from the resources at hand.             often found in private and non-profit orga-
Destination Bayfront, a more sophisticated         These resources include the “public space             nizations. A property manager seeking to
transportation and parking management plan         partners” themselves: property owners and             activate a space should look first for an exist-
for events that includes a variety of attractive   managers, tenants, customers, the munici-             ing, district-wide public-private partnership
and convenient choices for transportation, a       pality, community organizations and institu-          or business improvement effort. Offering the

                                                                                    Placemaking at Destination Bayfront         Corpus Christi, TX      61
use of a building’s plaza for an event looking          of the space -- an easy way to get into the            Management Activities for Destination
for a home, or connecting with an existing              public space management business simply                Bayfront
vending program that can animate the space              by focusing attention on it. Or it could be
and be managed by others may entail very                as elaborate as playing an active role in the          The general types of activities that are recom-
little time and money but yield substantial             creation of a new business improvement                 mended be undertaken by a management
returns.                                                district with a large vision for the entire district   entity for Destination Bayfront in the future is
                                                        -- a complicated and sophisticated, but very           described below.
Lesson Three:                                           exciting and rewarding civic venture to which
COORDINATED MANAGEMENT IS VERY                          a property manager can contribute.                     Maintenance. With increased use, more
IMPORTANT. Management of the space as a                                                                        maintenance will be required for Destina-
whole, with all management functions co-                Lesson Five:                                           tion Bayfront. Regular cleaning, repair of
ordinated on behalf of a single vision for the          A WELL MANAGED PUBLIC SPACE CAN                        amenities such as broken drinking fountains,
space is very important. Even if there is not           BE SELF SUSTAINING. Managing a public                  removal of graffiti, etc. will be necessary on
a single manager for all functions, coordina-           space successfully can be costly, but it can           a daily basis not only to maintain the park at
tion among those responsible for separate               also generate economic returns. Program-               a higher standard but also to tell visitors that
functions is essential. Further, the ability to         ming can raise a considerable amount of                there is an organization that is accountable
implement and enforce, with a clear delinea-            direct revenue, sometimes enough to support            for maintaining the place and providing a safe
tion of roles, is necessary for smooth opera-           itself, but it has wider economic and social           environment. The types of gardens that are
tions. Clear policies specifically for the space,       impacts as well: surrounding property values           being proposed (especially for Sherrill Me-
as opposed to the building, should be put in            and rent levels increase, retail sales increase,       morial Gardens) will require special attention
place.                                                  land-use patterns improve, transit ridership           and a program for working with volunteers,
                                                        increases. Initially, little return might be seen,     master gardeners, etc. The services typi-
Lesson Four:                                            but with consistent and gradually expand-              cally provided by city departments such as
THE MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC SPACES                         ing programming and marketing, the public              regular trash pick-up and park maintenance
IS A SPECIALIZED SKILL. The best public                 space can become a major contributor to the            work, including pruning trees, removing dead
spaces are not managed as an afterthought               building’s revenue, and a gift to the commu-           branches, mowing, re-seeding and caring for
to building management. This could mean as              nity besides.                                          lawns and other plant material, could poten-
little as assigning one member of the prop-                                                                    tially continue to be provided by the Parks
erty management staff special responsibility                                                                   Department.
to develop policies and oversee all aspects

62      Corpus Christi, TX               Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Security and Hospitality. For special events       although this is needed when large events                should spill right into the space and the out-
and festivals, security and hospitality are key,   and festivals are an important component.                door activities and circulation should move
particularly for the type of destination that is   Some programming can also relate to retail               smoothly through and around the buildings
being envisioned along the Corpus Christi          operations that are contracted to vendors,               or kiosks. The management entity would be
Bayfront. Clearly, the more that people feel       whether with vending carts, kiosks, or terrace           responsible for retail recruitment as well as
secure in a space, the more users the space        space for an outdoor cafe, or through retail             overseeing (without curtailing creative ideas)
attracts, and the more secure the space will       activities in structures in the space.                   and coordinating the tenants’ interior and ex-
be. Security and maintenance personnel                                                                      terior designs, signage and outdoor activities.
need to be trained to function as ambassa-         Marketing and Promotion. Promoting the
dors so that people feel “hosted” and “wel-        events and activities that take place in the             Traffic and Parking Management. Parking,
comed”.                                            site is an important adjunct to programming,             especially during large events and on busy
                                                   particularly for a space being programmed                weekends, will require a more sophisticated
Programming. Once the basic “clean,                for the first time or revitalized to host differ-        strategy than currently exists. Although event
safe and friendly” needs of a place are met,       ent types of activities and programs. While              and peak use times require more planning
programming becomes not only possible,             particular events will always need to be ad-             and off-site parking, in the short-term a
but much easier, and the economic poten-           vertised, the most successful public spaces              parking strategy that allows for conveniently
tial of the park as a venue can be realized.       can reach a point where the space is so                  located parking also needs to be developed,
“Programming” refers to the wide variety           well-known and sought-after that no market-              particularly with the retail tenants that are be-
of planned activities and to all the facilities    ing is necessary. But for most spaces, and               ing suggested.
and equipment related to them: furnishing          especially early in a new public-space man-
the space appropriately, for example, with         agement program, a commitment to market-
chairs that can be moved from sun to shade         ing and promotion and the special skills it
and back; operating a retail program, with         requires, is needed.
vending carts or a seasonal cafe; produc-
ing a regular concert series or large festivals;   Commercial Tenant Management. Com-
hosting community gathering and recreation         mercial uses need to be seamlessly integrat-
clubs; and operating a regular farmers’ mar-       ed into the space so that the public can flow
ket. Programming a park successfully is an         from outside to inside and vice versa with
entrepreneurial art. However, “programming”        as few barriers as possible. For example,
does not necessarily imply intensive staffing,     the activities of restaurant and retail tenants

                                                                                       Placemaking at Destination Bayfront         Corpus Christi, TX      63
Case Study                                            lighting, 5 monuments, free public restrooms,          • During summer: ~ 55 employees:
                                                      tables for chess and backgammon, petanque                security, sanitation, gardening and
Bryant Park, New York City                            area (boules), and the historic Josephine                special events.
                                                      Shaw Lowell Fountain. It has been described
Contacts                                              as “a spiritual oasis in Midtown Manhattan.”       Programming:
Gerome Barth, Coordinating Supervisor                                                                        • “7th on 6th” Fashion shows (for
Bryant Park Restoration Corporation                   Owned by: New York City Parks Depart-                    several years); JVC Jazz Festival;
(212) 768-4242                                        ment. The City grants permits for events and             Good Morning America Morning
                                                      provides landmark oversight.                             Concert Series; BP/HBO Monday
Daniel Biederman, Executive Director                                                                           night film series in the summer; NY
Bryant Park Restoration Corporation                   Managed by: The Bryant Park Restora-                     Pops Concert; Broadway in Bryant
(212) 768-4242                                        tion Corp. (BPRC), a business improvement                Park; Afternoon Arias in the Park; Big
Web Site: (                        district (BID). During the summer the park               Band/Swing Band performances;
                                                      employs about 55 people altogether, manag-               Latin Jazz; Word for Word; Great
Norman Mintz                                          ing security, sanitation, gardening and special          Read in the Park by New York Times;
(917) 438-5121                                        events.                                                  Obon Dance Festival; Piano in the
                                                                                                               Park; Bryant Park Grill; “The Pond,”
Description:                                          Management Tasks:                                        ice-skating rink; Bryant Park Café; 5
Bryant Park is an 8-acre park located be-                                                                      kiosks (food, drink, ice cream); pet-
hind the New York Public Library in Midtown           Maintenance:                                             anque, boules, chess and backgam-
Manhattan. It is bounded by 42ndStreet to                • 11-12 sanitation workers in the park                mon games.
the north, 40th Street to the south and 6th                 during the summer (approx. 8 more                • Each group or organization that con-
Avenue to the west. Its most prominent                      work in the rest of the BID.)                      tracts with the park to hold an event
feature is a great lawn flanked by gravel paths          • 3 horticultural staff in the winter, 4-5 in         normally has their own event planner
with perennial borders on the north.and south               the summer (paid by the 34th Street                that coordinates the details (timing,
sides. Other features include: tree-line prom-              Partnership.)                                      number of people, seating, abiding to
enades, 3,000 Parisian-style movable seat-                                                                     the rules of conduct, etc.)
ing and benches, an outdoor café terrace,             Security and hospitality:
a restaurant, 5 kiosks, 11 entrances, ornate             • 6 security officers during operating          Marketing and promotion:
                                                             hour, plus 2 24-hour officers.                 • There is no marketing or promotion

64     Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
       done by the park, since it markets it-     Expenses                                             recent improvements include a $160,000
       self. In fact, the BPRC’s most difficult   21.8%          capital projects                      restroom renovation and a $5 million invest-
       problem is deciding which events to        17.5%          sanitation                            ment in construction of the Bryant Park
       host, since they are always bombard-       13.4%          public events                         Grill. On a yearly basis 400 chairs must be
       ed with proposals.                         11.3%          security                              replaced from wear and tear, and the six-
                                                  11.3%          general admin.                        to-eight that are stolen. BPRC keeps the
Overall administration:                            7.8%          park programs and amenities           number of chairs in the park stable at around
   • The administration staff has weekly           6.2%          horticulture                          3,000 (they have added 1,000 between
       meetings where they often have              2.7%          carousel                              2000-2005). It has also undertaken the task
       slide shows of other parks they have        2.5%          design services                       of improving park elements long left in disre-
       visited.                                    2.4%          marketing & promotion                 pair (sidewalks, bluestone paths, limestone
                                                   1.9%          reading room                          balustrade, etc.).
Staff:                                             1.2%          retail management
    • 1 Director of events and 1 Coordinat-                                                            Problems: Bryant Park’s problems are prin-
       ing Supervisor                             Revenues                                             cipally the result of its success. The biggest
    • Maintenance and security staff: see         54.0%          park usage fees                       problem for the park is having to turn down
       above                                      17.9%          restaurant rent                       events. In fact, the park has become such a
    • There are approximately 50 staff            12.1%          sponsorships, grants                  popular venue that large areas are taken up
       people that help manage the BPRC.          10.6%          BID assessments                       for a week or more at a time by events with a
       These include administrative staff, in-     8.2%          other concession rents                fee for admission. A major effort is negotiat-
       terns, and support staff. The BPRC          2.2%          carousel tickets                      ing any significant changes or major capital
       also uses the 34th Street Partner-          0.3%          interest                              improvements, as these must be approved
       ship’s Design Department for various        0.2%          other revenues                        by the Landmarks Commission.
                                                  Capital investment: An $18 million park              Lessons from Bryant Park: Given the right
Budget: These figures are from Bryant Park’s      redesign/restoration was completed in 1991           location and design, a public space with pro-
fiscal 2009 operating budget of approximate-      after almost 15 years of planning. It was            fessional programming and management can
ly $7.8 million:                                  funded from a combination of grants, BID             be self-supporting, even profitable.
                                                  assessments, state bond funds, city capi-
                                                  tal funds, and private venture capital. More

                                                                                  Placemaking at Destination Bayfront        Corpus Christi, TX    65
                                                       hub, it enjoys a constant stream of visitors           fanfare, mist, and flashing lights, an-
                                                       and users, earning the reputation of being             nounce the weather forecast at noon
                                                       “the City’s living room” and “premier public           each day.
                                                       gathering spot.”                                     • Stoa Columns - The stoa columns
Case Study                                             Despite the Square’s hard pavement and                 line Yamhill and Morrison streets, and
                                                       brick materials, it is a comfortable and whim-         provide shelter for waiting Max riders
Pioneer Courthouse Square                              sical space surrounded on 3 sides by office
                                                       buildings.                                       Public Space Partners:
715 SW Morrison                                                                                            • City of Portland/ Portland Parks &
Suite 702                                              Other features include:                                 Recreation/ Portland Police Bureau
Portland, OR 97205                                         • “Named” bricks – More than 68,000             • Business community: Neighbors in
Fax: (503) 222-7425                                        • Mile Post - The distances to nine                 the immediate office buildings sur-
Info: (503) 223-1613                                          sister-cities, and other destinations,           rounding the Square and those who
                                                              are listed on this whimsical signpost.           reside within the blocks of the Down-
Contact: Jennifer Polver, Executive Director               • “Allow Me” - Life-sized umbrella                  town BID
                                                              wielding statue by J. Seward John-           • TriMet regional transportation and its
Description                                                   son.                                             transit Riders. The Square, bordered
Pioneer Courthouse Square is a public park                 • Bronze Chessboards – Three full-size              on three sides by TriMet’s public
which covers an entire city block (about 1                    chessboards occupy the northwest                 transportation service, is the heart of
acre) in Downtown Portland, Oregon, seven                     corner of the Square for chess play-             the regional transportation system.
blocks from the Willamette River. The space                   ers and spectators                           • Portland Oregon Visitors Association,
is comprised of an open plaza, with a large                • Small Amphitheater - contains the                 Downtown hotels and restaurants
carved out seating area, creating an amphi-                   Echo Chamber and Historic Bronze             • Funding community: local and region-
theatre setting. The Square also houses the                   Tiles illustrating Portland’ story.              al organizations which sponsor events
City’s Visitor Information Center, TriMet Cus-             • Original Wrought Iron fence of the                and take out permits to hold special
tomer Assistance Office, a coffee shop, food-                 Portland Hotel - a portion of the gate           events.
cart vendors, a flower cart, several public art               and fence which graced the famous            • Individuals which make private contri-
installations and a public restroom. . Since                  hotel.                                           butions
the Square is located in the heart of the retail           • Weather Machine - Three weather               • “Invisible constituents”: people who
district as well as at a major transportation                 symbols, accompanied by musical                  support the mission of the park and

66      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
       feel that they have ownership.                  officio inclusion on the non-profit’s                  • A management contract between the
                                                       Board of Trustees                                        City of Portland and Pioneer Court-
                                                                                                                house Square, Inc. deems that the
                                                                                                                Parks Department will provide in-kind
Ownership/Governing Body:                       Management Tasks:                                               services (for trees, flowers, basic
   • The City of Portland legally owns the                                                                      maintenance) and will be on call to fix
     Square                                     Marketing and promotion:                                        any major problems.
   • Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc. a             • The Non-profit group is responsible                      • The non-profit group partners with Tri-
     non-profit (501c3) organization man-             for marketing events as a means to                        Met for maintenance of the Common
     ages the day-to-day operations of the            maintaining the “active” part of their                    and Transit Shelter areas.
     facility and fulfills the public service         mission statement.                                      • All tenants support the maintenance
     mission to maintain a “Clean, Safe            • The Non-profit group also has a good                       of the Common Areas through their
     and Active” public space.                        working relationship with the media.                      respective leases
   • Any changes or modifications, to the             Since the Square is a high traffic area,                • An annual scope of augmented clean-
     physical appearance of the Square                it is an ideal location for events, most                  ing services is outsourced through the
     must be approved by the City of Port-            of which are either fun or controver-                     various contractors, and is budgeted
     land through its Parks Department                sial, and make good stories for the                       at $100,000.
     , Planning Department and Design                 press while generating publicity for
     Review                                           the Square.                                      Security and hospitality:
   • The Courthouse opposite the Square,           • Pioneer Courthouse Square has                        • When the Square opened, there
     historically did “not enjoy a visual or          annual contracts with TV, Print and                     was no sense that they would need
     spiritual connection to the plaza.”, but         Radio partners to promote annual                        security; instead, the non-profit group
     is altering that relationship through            events.                                                 placed “ombudsmen” in the square
     recent physical renovations to the            • Promotion for activities at the Square                   to answer questions for visitors. After
     Courthouse and the Bus Mall. GSA,                is coordinated through neighboring                      it was clear that they would in fact
     which manages the Courthouse, is                 Downtown retail, local and regional                     need legitimate security, the non-profit
     not involved in governing or manag-              businesses, TriMet, POVA and event                      group re-approached the City and
     ing the Square, although they have               sponsor cross-promotion                                 received modest funding for security
     recently expanded their relationship                                                                     employees, who turned out to be
     with the Square through GSA’s ex-          Maintenance:                                                  ineffective since they were not “pro-

                                                                                  Placemaking at Destination Bayfront         Corpus Christi, TX     67
       fessional.”                                            Oregon Visitors Association, Bank of            over the past five years.)
     • Currently, the non-profit group con-                   America and the vending carts are
       tracts with the City of Portland for                   presently the only commercial ven-
       an annual level of funding to support                  dors in the square.                          co
       24 hours security services on-site.           Staff: (5 total plus Board)                       Expenses:
       These security services are currently             • Board – 31, plus Honorary and ex-           Events & Sponsorships          $1,185,905
       contracted through the Downtown                        officio members                          Security                       $290,316
       BID.                                              • Executive Director: In charge of            Property Management            $210,497
     • The role of the “guards” is more to                    overall business operations, finance,    Adminstrative                  $169,791
       inform visitors to the Park about its                  partnerships, Trustee relations and      Janitorial & Maintenance       $114,167
       rules and to enforce them.                             fundraising efforts                      Depreciation                   $ 83,576
                                                         • Event Director manages program-             Investment Fees                $ 8,630
Programming and vendors:                                      ming, client relations and overall       Capital Expenditures           $ 7,558
    • The non-profit group is responsible                     calendar                                         Total:                 $2,070,440
      for all programming on the Square.                 • Facility/ Production Director: Over-
      They coordinate activities such as                      sees facility/ event operations and      Revenues:
      Tuba concerts, Children’s events,                       partnerships associated therewith.       In-Kind Contributions          $759,192
      Cultural Festivals, and they secure/               • Marketing Director: Responsible             Events & Sponsorships          $528,235
      coordinate the annual City of Portland                  for annual scope of fundraising for      City of Portland               $376,635
      Holiday Tree (it’s donation, light-                     sponsored events and marketing           Tenant Income                  $312,959
      ing, programming, etc.). They also                      endeavors                                Grants & Contributions         $156,229
      encourage other groups to use the                  • Communication Coordinator: In               Investment Income              $45,005
      space for their own activities such as                  charge of promotion, public relations,           Total:                 $2,178,255
      the Festa-Italiana.                                     collateral development, viral market-
    • An event permit allows for equipment                    ing and community-wide communica-        Funding:
      to be rented (lighting, chairs, tents,                  tion                                        • Capital Campaigns:
      etc.) from the non-profit group, which                                                                        -1997 - $1 Million Capital
      has established relationships with lo-         Budget:                                                          Renovation Campaign
      cal vendors.                                      • Annual operating budget is $2 million                     - 1998 - Pergola Lighting/
    • Starbucks, TriMet, the Portland                      (this represents over a 50% increase                       Sound Project

68      Corpus Christi, TX            Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
              - 2001 $3 Million Visitor Infor-       • Total project cost: $6.8 million dollars.                  them accordingly
                mation Center                          Financing provided by the Portland
              - 2002 - Chessboard Installa             Development Commission, Tax Incre-
                tion                                   ment Funds, federal grants from the
    • $70,000 is provided by the Parks                 Urban Mass Transportation Adminis-
      Department for operating funding that            tration (now the Federal Transit Ad-
      is dedicated to janitorial maintenance           ministration) and the Heritage Conser-
    • $297,000 is provided by the City of              vation and Recreation Services (now
      Portland’s Bureau of General Services            defunct), the city of Portland, and
      for annual on-site security services.            the adjacent local department store.
    • Remaining income is generated from               Additional funds were raised by the
      tenants, event income and sponsors               non-profit group, through auctioning
                                                       off parts of the square--paving bricks
Barriers:                                              inscribed with a sponsors’ name, and
    • An internal embezzlement occurred in             design elements like the amphitheatre
       1997. Upon its discovery annual au-             and drinking fountains.
       dits are now conducted, employment
       practices have been created and a         Lessons learned:
       business plan developed.                      • Stay contemporary: the public space,
    • With City of Portland annual financial           and its management organization,
       operating support having decreased              should evolve to meet the needs and
       over the years, the non-profit group            context of its broader community
       has identified alternative means of           • The success of the public space,
       generating revenue to support the               and its management organization,
       enhanced maintenance and program-               depends heavily on the strength and
       ming efforts required by the 9.5 mil-           diversity of its community partner-
       lion people who visit the Square every          ships
       year.                                         • Remain flexible - Everyday brings an
                                                       unexpected set of challenges
Initial Capital Investment:                          • Hire good people and compensate

                                                                                  Placemaking at Destination Bayfront          Corpus Christi, TX   69
Workshop Notes
Wednesday Community Meeting                     Site Description/Context                              Information kiosks
Omni Hotel, July 28, 2010, 6:30 – 9:00pm                                                              No parking
                                                SITE 1A
Workshop Description                                                                                  Uses
On July 28, over 500 community members          1. What do you like best about this place?            Vendors
gathered at the Omni Bayfront Hotel brain-                                                            Family water activities
storm ideas for a section of the Bayfront       Entrance has beautiful view of Bayfront               “Beach activities” – kite surf launch
from Furman Avenue to Coopers Alley and         Beach                                                 “Ocean walk” – extend water to make canal
Ocean Drive to Water Street. Each table was     Greenery                                              Bring back pier overlooking beach, (historical:
assigned a specific site and after hearing a    Sidewalks                                             shooting?)
presentation by PPS about qualities of great    Family friendly
public spaces and waterfronts, participants                                                           4. What improvements need to be made to
discussed what they liked best about their      2. What are the biggest challenges facing             accommodate these activities?
assigned site, what challenges their site       the site?
faced, what activities they would like to see                                                         Wind block: plants and trees
on the site, and what improvements would        Security                                              Shade
need to be made in order to accommodate         Maintenance                                           Restrooms and showers
those activities. Table leaders convened and    Size and shape                                        Memorial
reported back on the overall ideas for each     Wind                                                  Lots of trash containers
specific site.                                                                                        Bright, bold colors
                                                3. What activities would you like to see on
                                                the site?
                                                                                                       SITE 1B
                                                Entrance: something large, monumental                 1. What do you like best about this place?
                                                Promote cycles/human powered vendor                   Close to the beach
                                                carts, etc                                            Children’s play area
                                                Walking paths for dogs, bikes, people                 Trees
                                                Transit terminal

                                                                                 Placemaking at Destination Bayfront         Corpus Christi, TX    71
2. What are the biggest challenges facing             SITE 2A                                       4. What improvements need to be made to
the site?                                                                                           accommodate these activities?
                                                      1. What do you like best about this place?
Wind and sun                                                                                        Bath, showers
“Objectors”  people                                  View                                          Vendor structures/pads
Maintaining beach access                              Gazebo                                        Decorative lighting
No existing infrastructure                            Seating                                       Parking
                                                      Beach                                         Drop off area
3. What activities would you like to see on
the site?                                             2. What are the biggest challenges facing     SITE 2B
                                                      the site?
Access                                                                                              1. What do you like best about this place?
Walking path for dogs, bikes, people                  Shade
Trolley access for area                               Flood drainage on beach itself                Access to beach
Transition to beach                                   Traffic and parking                           Gathering place
                                                      Restrooms and amenities                       Transit point
Uses                                                                                                East/west view
Sidewalk café/food                                    3. What activities would you like to see on
Open market                                           the site?                                     2. What are the biggest challenges facing
Sunken amphitheater for public expression                                                           the site?
Beach volleyball                                      Access
Dog park                                              Walking trails – exercise venue               Get rid of parking or move it
                                                      Trolley service                               Proximity of residential
4. What improvements need to be made to                                                             Prevailing winds
accommodate these activities?                         Uses                                          No shade
                                                      Vendors (all kinds, not just food)
Change liquor laws                                    Beach/water sports venue                      3. What activities would you like to see on
More bathrooms/facilities                             Tournaments                                   the site?
Shake shack idea                                      Concerts
Misters                                               Children’s area                               Access
WiFi                                                  Kids fishing pond                             Grand entrance

72     Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Pedy-cabs, trolleys, trams, trails, bubble cars   2. What are the biggest challenges facing             Water activities – kayaking
                                                  the site?                                             Floating memorial
Uses                                                                                                    Support area for beach Expand beach
Food venues                                       Night light                                           Seawater slide
Fountains/rinse off area                          Trash
                                                  Traffic                                               4. What improvements need to be made to
4. What improvements need to be made to           Smells, mud, flat area smelly                         accommodate these activities?
accommodate these activities?                     Condition of sand needs improvement
                                                  Shade                                                 More lighting
Archway entrance and beach opening                Condition of jetty                                    More security
Safety lighting                                   Parking                                               Maintainable landscape, xeriscape
Historical marker by archway/honors old           Restrooms – need more and better                      Trolley
Coliseum                                          Limited space                                         Water taxi
Shade                                                                                                   Accessibility for trash removal
Xeriscape, sustainable landscaping                3. What activities would you like to see on           Widen deck – ADA accessible
Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance             the site?                                             Misting system
                                                                                                        Build pier or boardwalk
SITE 3A                                           Access                                                Improve wastewater (dredge)
                                                  Trail                                                 Shade structures
1. What do you like best about this place?        Interactive kiosk
                                                  Hub for water taxi                                    SITE 3B
Water’s edge/access
Café                                              Uses                                                  1. What do you like best about this place?
Breakwater protection                             Rent a bike
Blank canvas                                      Vendors (shopping, activities, eating)                View and location, no obstructions
Seawall area                                      Café, sitting, viewing area                           Open slate
Promenade sidewalk                                Vertical structure to bring eye down to water         Central location
Restrooms exist                                   Dino dig                                              Close to water
Great focal point                                 Birding area
Great view of city from jetty                     Pier into water from wall                             2. What are the biggest challenges facing

                                                                                   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront       Corpus Christi, TX      73
the site?                                              Daily artists come and perform in the com-      Blank slate
                                                       munity                                          Accessible
Maintaining what we build                              Historic interactive arts sculpture / digital   Palm trees
Shade/wind                                             Small stage or performance area                 Breeze
Deed restrictions                                      Political venue where people can come and
Road traffic on both sides                             share ideas                                     2. What are the biggest challenges facing
Storm surge danger                                     Veteran’s Honor Memorial                        the site?
Public access/transportation                           Reflective story garden
No refreshments                                                                                        Traffic
Maintaining view                                       4. What improvements need to be made to         Parking (if get rid of lot)
Deal with trash and pet poop                           accommodate these activities?                   Sun and wind, no shade
Memorial controversy                                                                                   No seating
                                                       Safe                                            Corrosion, salt air, humid
3. What activities would you like to see on            Maintained                                      Plumbing, electric, drainage will have to be
the site?                                              Infrastructure                                  redone
                                                       Underground infrastructure for vendors          Kinney Street dividing site
Access                                                 Limit vehicular traffic                         Can’t get to water
Hike and bike trail                                    Recycling bins
Interactive Facebook that allows you to know           Trash cans                                      3. What activities would you like to see on
what is going on in the community, the his-            Bike access                                     the site?
tory, culture, what there is to do
                                                       SITE 4A                                         Access
Uses                                                                                                   War memorial information and access spot
Water activity                                         1. What do you like best about this place?      Bike path, Skating area
Water sports – sailing, kite boarding                                                                  Pier or walkway into water to a new island
Sports area                                            On the water
Vending, shopping                                      Marina access                                   Uses
Farmers market                                         Next to Sherrill Park                           Restaurants, outdoor cafes
Culture and art boardwalk                              Gazebo                                          Free entertainment, music
Interactive mimes                                      Room to expand                                  Climbing wall

74      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Carnival style Ferris wheel                      the site?                                              level stations with shaded areas
Water park, water features                                                                              Community gardens
Fake river for kids                              Isolation, lack of water frontage (4A in the           Hedge maze for teenagers
Salt water pool                                  way)                                                   Public art
Gathering place for playing board games          Traffic
Dog park                                         Homeless                                               4. What improvements need to be made to
Extend beach north                               Lack of purpose                                        accommodate these activities?
                                                 Too much trash, not enough maintenance
4. What improvements need to be made to          No shade                                               Change roadways and access points
accommodate these activities?                    No lighting                                            Lighting
                                                 Closer to road = less desirable                        Public restroom
Public restrooms                                                                                        Wind turbines for electricity
Tables for eating                                3. What activities would you like to see on            Canal replacing Kinney Street
Electricity provided for music, charged by       the site?                                              Stage area
wind turbines                                                                                           Volunteer security
                                                 Access                                                 Bigger play areas
SITE 4B                                          Perimeter walking, running, biking trail               Tax incentives for businesses
                                                 Elevated monorail extending from Cole park
1. What do you like best about this place?       to arts district                                       SITE 5A
                                                 Multi story parking facility
Ocean view                                                                                              1. What do you like best about this place?
Walking proximity to Downtown, Art Center        Uses
Accessible                                       Shopping and dining                                    On the water
Children’s playground                            Farmers market                                         Grassy area
Shade                                            Outdoor movie theaters                                 Benches/seating
Special events usage                             Concert area (adopt old Sherrill Park Plan) for        Entrance to entire Bayfront
Parking – potential revenue for non-profit org   street performers
7 hotels within walking distance                 Dog park                                               2. What are the biggest challenges facing
                                                 Public pool or wave pool, water park                   the site?
2. What are the biggest challenges facing        Fitness area for adults and children with multi

                                                                                   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront       Corpus Christi, TX      75
Traffic                                              SITE 5B                                           3. What activities would you like to see on
Lack of activities                                                                                     the site?
Wind                                                 1. What do you like best about this place?
Hard to landscape, no plants                                                                           Access
                                                     Recognized memorial spot designated for           Major trail to link and connect entire Bayfront
3. What activities would you like to see on          monument                                          Water taxi
the site?                                            Art Fest spills into entrance
                                                     One of few “flat areas” for dance, mini perfor-   Uses
Access                                               mance                                             Food venues, cafes
Water taxis                                          Grassy                                            Farmers market
                                                     Benches and seating                               Mini performance areas vs. large perfor-
Uses                                                 Entrance area to Bayfront                         mance area (licensing to performers to pro-
Food venues, restaurants                                                                               tect what happens)
Farmers market                                       2. What are the biggest challenges facing         Playgrounds
Commercial development                               the site?                                         Rollerblading
Cultural activities                                                                                    Childrens classes and events (dance, art, etc)
Playground                                           Limited shade                                     Educational visits for schools
                                                     Stands alone
4. What improvements need to be made to              Doesn’t attract younger generation                4. What improvements need to be made to
accommodate these activities?                        Why is it named Sherrill Park? No one knows       accommodate these activities?
                                                     Limited parking
Shade                                                Hard to cross for disabled                        Eternal flame for memorial
Fountain                                             Lighting problems                                 Shaded areas without blocking ocean view
Supportive community                                 Hurricanes                                        More fountains
Move roadway                                         Vandalism                                         Plaque explaining meaning behind Sherrill
Forward thinking from city leaders                   Noisy for an area that needs reverence            Park
Improvements to current buildings                                                                      Keep flat area green
                                                                                                       More than Veterans Memorial – possibly
                                                                                                       move memorial to inclined area so flat area
                                                                                                       can be utilized

76     Corpus Christi, TX             Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
SITE 5A&B                                     Kiosks for bike rentals, wheelchairs, segways,
1. What do you like best about this place?    Fountain with remote boats activity
                                              Misting area
Close to Marina, entry to T-heads             WWII Memorial
Park area, palm trees, landscaping            Educational visits for school kids (for war
Tents for art fair                            memorials)
Honors Veterans/memorials                     No commercialization near memorial keep it
Walking paths                                 a “sacred” space

2. What are the biggest challenges facing     4. What improvements need to be made to
the site?                                     accommodate these activities?

Size                                          More landscaping
No identification                             Policing/security
No restrooms                                  Take out road
Traffic                                       Landscaping, trees, shade, more hospitable
Restrictive                                   pagodas
Limited waterfront access                     Berming
Bad spot for boats                            Water features
Pathways not substantial                      National advertising
Sidewalks need repair                         Support honor a veteran project
No shade
Parking areas

3. What activities would you like to see on
the site?

Commercial edge development

                                                                               Placemaking at Destination Bayfront   Corpus Christi, TX   77
Thursday Stakeholder Meeting                           Site Description/Context                           designed arrival and entry point
July 29, 8:00am – 12:00pm
                                                       SITE 1A                                            Recommendations: Comfort and Ameni-
                                                                                                          ties that Support Use
Workshop Description                                   Assets and Opportunities
On July 29, over 50 stakeholders met at the            The team evaluating this site felt that its most   Short Term Improvements
First United Methodist Church in Corpus                important asset was its geographic location        Provide shade through landscape or shade
Christi, TX to brainstorm ideas for a section of       in proximity to the beach, and its role as a       structures, especially along the beach
the Bayfront from Furman Avenue to Coopers             gateway and a focal point for north-bound
Alley and Ocean Drive to Water Street. PPS             lanes creating some sense of arrival. They         Long Term Improvements
facilitated the Place Performance Evaluation           greatly appreciated the potential to create        Improve enjoyment of the beach by providing
“Game” where stakeholders were separated               “postcard” moments on this site that could         more amenities: parasols, mats, beach chairs
into breakout groups and assigned to a                 become a symbol for Destination Bayfront,          for rent, places to buy drinks and food, snack
specific portion of the waterfront site. Par-          and be the entry point of a great experience.      kiosk or bar
ticipants went onsite to observe conditions                                                               Add a water features for play and cooling off
and understand the dynamics and needs of               Recommendations: Access and Gateways               such as interactive fountains, shallow or zero
specific areas within the site and evaluated                                                              depth water park
it using a set of criteria. Ideas for short term       Short Term Improvements
and long term improvements were developed              Create a sense of arrival using signage, light-    Partners
by each group and reported back.                       ing, landscaping                                   Local design professionals
                                                       Provide for ADA access                             Businesses with experience in entertainment
                                                       Close northbound Ocean Drive along the             sponsorship
                                                       beach                                              City of Corpus Christi: parks and engineering

                                                       Long Term Improvements
                                                       Realign the road and convert northbound
                                                       Ocean/Shoreline Drive to a pedestrian walk-
                                                       way with easy direct access to the beach
                                                       Create an appropriate permanent, visible
                                                       entry feature, along with a comfortable well

78      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
SITE 1B                                           be used for other activities like performances,        Long Term Improvements
                                                  music concerts etc., similar to Route Memo-            Build public restrooms (sanitary sewer facili-
Assets and Opportunities                          rial Court in Houston                                  ties) and rinse off areas (interview with beach
This site was best appreciated for its proxim-    Build a water park / play area that serves as          goers – no restrooms, have to go to business
ity to the beach and its kid and family-orien-    a major focal point and anchor activity; the           or home)
tation thanks to the play area that already       water play could include water “cannons” or            Build an observation deck to see bay with
has a built-in constituency of family users.      an interactive wet fountain (with water jetting        potential to do some retail down below (simi-
Participants felt that the street closing would   at different places)                                   lar to pier overlooking beach that used to be
have a positive impact on the site, expand-       Recreate the windmill salt water slide from            here)
ing its potential as an “open canvas” and an      20s to 30s
area where activities could occur. The vacant                                                            Ideas from Interview with Beach Goers
land across Ocean Drive South was seen as         Recommendations: Amenities for Comfort                 Add bag stations for dog walkers as well as
an opportunity that could be developed in the     and to Support Uses                                    trash receptacles to dispose of dog waste
future.                                                                                                  Build restrooms and showers for the beach
                                                  Short Term Improvements
Recommendations: Uses and Activities              Add shade trees and landscaping                        Partners
                                                  Use shade structures as well as trees to cre-          Firefighters may have ideas on how to do wa-
Short Term Improvements                           ate more comfortable seating areas                     ter cannons for kids, may have bigger ideas
Create sand volleyball courts on the beach        Add picnic tables in the shade, under trees or         Botanical gardens – Michael and his group
Encourage vendors in the closed Ocean             structures                                             involved in process
Drive north roadway                               Paint the roadway/street a different color,            Plant societies/Garden Clubs
                                                  or cover with wood/decking, or some other              Restaurant associations – resources for
Long Term Improvements                            surface to make it softer, cooler and more             vendors
Support permanent vending on long term            usable                                                 Police athletic league
basis through kiosks, or permanent structure      Remove street curbs and blend site to street           Junior league
on the beach and along the walkway                (grass to concrete area)
Consider a basketball court in the park area:     Add trash receptacles and increase trash
it could be burned down with grassy seating       pick-up on weekends
area sloping 4-5 feet; basketball area could      Add lighting
be designed to be multi-purpose so it could

                                                                                    Placemaking at Destination Bayfront        Corpus Christi, TX      79
SITE 2A                                                Long Term Improvements                            Recommendations: Amenities and Char-
                                                       Consider building a boardwalk on the sand         acter
Assets and Opportunities                               along the entire Bayfront
Workshop participants considered the loca-             Extend and widen the existing pier for retail/    Short Term Improvements
tion and connectivity of this site, along with         restaurant activity on beach/extend pier that     Add shade, create a shaded arbor along the
the views and the seawall, to be the best              connects to jetty                                 sidewalk / beach seawall
assets of this area. They also liked the natural       Give people opportunity to eat on water and       Add decorative, designated trash receptacles
resources represented by the site.                     on the beach                                      Add features with vibrant color – trash recep-
                                                       Consider a water feature starting at west end     tacles, benches, banners, signage
Recommendations: Beach Related Uses                    to seawall and into beach (maybe create a         Adjust/adapt city ordinances to support
and Activities                                         water slide)                                      beach improvements
                                                                                                         Increase cleaning and trash pick-up
Short Term Improvements                                Recommendations: Access and Linkages              Improve beach maintenance
Organize programming on the beach                                                                        Create an atmosphere to build community
Organize water activities and games                    Short Term Improvements                           support
Add entertainment                                      Provide transit/2 way connectivity along the
Encourage beach volleyball and other sand              beach                                             Long Term Improvements
sports                                                 Create a ferry or water taxi line from north to   Create a Spanish/ “beach” theme
Add vendors along the beach                            south beach with water stops, possibly duck       Use elements from local history museum to
Organize an open air market in the parking lot         boats if water depth is an issue                  build an identity for the area
Build a boardwalk with shade structure over                                                              Add solar panels and wind turbines (better
the seawall out onto sand to encourage                 Long Term Improvements                            designed VAWTs) to generate electricity
people to go from park all the way down to             Provide pedestrian walkways on L head and         Use sustainable financial/maintenance man-
beach                                                  T heads                                           agement practices
Build kiosks for eating/drinking                       Provide drop-off areas but move parking
Create designated kid safe zones/”kiddie               away from the beach                               Ideas from Interview with Beach Goers
beach”                                                                                                   Add more shade
                                                                                                         Attract and encourage vendors
                                                                                                         Add pet/public trash receptacles
                                                                                                         Bring family activities to the area

80      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
                                                     Recommendations: Uses and Activities                  scape or permeable surfaces
Visual/performing arts organizations                 Short Term Improvements                               Long Term Improvements
School districts                                     Create a multi-use open space                         Build bathrooms/showers/rinse off areas
Faith-based communities                              A gathering space                                     along the beach
Corporate citizens                                   A place to fly kites                                  Create a water flowing, meandering “stream”
Environmental partners                               Add concessions, kiosks, other retail along           bordered by pedestrian walkways and retail/
Professional trade organizations                     the beach                                             concession “stops”
Businesses in Downtown area                          Long Term Improvements                                Recommendations: Access and Linkages
University/Del Mar                                   Add various beach-related recreational activi-
Recreational activity organizations                  ties                                                  Short Term Improvement
Neighbors in the area                                Enhance beachfront north of McGee Beach               Move traffic away from the beach (as directed
                                                     (3A area) using 4A funds available to extend          by City Council)
                                                     McGee beach (using pump station)                      Create a pedestrian friendly connection to
SITE 2B                                              Build a pier and a boardwalk                          parking that is comfortable and shaded,
                                                                                                           although putting in mature landscaping to
Assets and Opportunities                             Recommendations: Amenities and Char-                  create shade is not realistic, look for other
The stakeholders who evaluated this site             acter                                                 solutions
considered its best asset the fact that it is at                                                           Use fitness as a way to draw people that are
the heart of Destination Bayfront, a central         Short Term Improvements                               already coming here, make them stay longer
area and a focal point. They liked the visibility    Add shade through landscaping, particularly
of the area, the views of the water, as well as      environmental shade, not so much struc-               Long Term Improvements
the views to churches and other institutions         tures, but carefully planted, area appropriate        Move parking toward bluff so the area could
on the bluff beyond Water Street. They also          shade; irrigation is very costly                      be used for activities
appreciated the opportunity for development          Create a sense of movement and color using            Create a global vision of connectedness
nearby and saw the existing parking as a             flags, banners, colorful features that create
possibility to rethink the role of the site and of   vibrancy, a theme, and a mood for the overall
parking in relation to the beach.                    venue
                                                     Carefully combine landscaping and hard-

                                                                                      Placemaking at Destination Bayfront       Corpus Christi, TX    81
Ideas from Interview with Beach Goers                 place where people want to go in the water       SITE 3B
Create pubic venues and entertainment/arts
spaces                                                Long Term Improvements                           Assets and Opportunities
Appeal to various demographics, bring a               Explore enhanced water flow to minimize          Workshop participants considered the site of
variety of experiences                                odor and dilute storm water                      the old Coliseum as a blank slate with great
Build a place where people could relax, play,         Close existing storm water out fall to address   potential, central location, good access, and
cool off                                              water quality                                    considerable size. They liked the view, the
Build a place that is safe, clean, cool, green        Use the site as a green energy/water treat-      breeze, and the connection to history of the
                                                      ment demonstration site (i.e. install micro-     site, while they also felt it could be quite flex-
Partners                                              hydro at outfall, etc.)                          ible and less restricted in its use than other
Partner with YMCA to incorporate fitness                                                               sites around.
activities                                            Recommendations: Water-Related Uses
                                                      and Activities                                   Recommendations: Uses and Activities
                                                      Short Term Improvements                          Short Term Improvements
Assets and Opportunities                              Enhance the jetty for safe use in the short      Create a temporary off-leash dog park
Stakeholders evaluating this site liked the un-       term, consider a railing                         Encourage kite flying and other similar activi-
obstructed promenade with available seating.          Add ADA access to existing pier                  ties
They also appreciated the site as an oppor-                                                            Organize concerts and special event in the
tunity to connect land and water. They saw            Long Term Improvements                           blank site
the site as a clean slate presenting a lot of         Consider building a multi-story deck structure   Organize a farmers market on the site
opportunities for improvements and linkages.          with upper story restaurant, lower story water   Add vending carts and temporary kiosks for
                                                      sports over the elbow of McGee beach with        food and other appropriate vending (beach
Recommendations: Water-Related Ameni-                 the seawall, where trash currently accumu-       toys, post cards, beach mats, etc.)
ties / Management                                     lates                                            Create a free speech area
                                                      Widen and build-up the existing jetty as a
Short Term Improvements                               pier, engineers to put notches in jetty to en-   Long Term Improvements
Improve sediment                                      hance flow                                       Encourage commercial activity on street front
Address trash accumulation in the bay                                                                  and sides (open to Bay view and breeze)
Improve storm water outfall, which right now                                                           Consider building art spaces/ sculpture gar-
is piping straight from urban parks into the                                                           den

82     Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Build a playground and an obstacle course        Collect trash, add trash receptacles – dog             Long Term Improvements
                                                 poo and diapers                                        Convert the breakwater (jetty) into more
Recommendations: Amenities to Support            Skateboarders – damage the sea wall –                  people-friendly place
Use                                              consider providing an area where kids can              Transform it into a boardwalk so people can
                                                 skateboard without damaging amenities (a               walk on it safely, fish, look at the water, etc.
Short Term Improvements                          mini-skate plaza?)                                     Build a deck on the pier over the seawall with
Add BBQ / picnic areas with a lot of shade:      Enhance security                                       a variety of retail uses
umbrellas, small shelters or cabanas, retract-
able tents                                       SITE 4A                                                Recommendations: Amenities to Support
Build a larger shade structure to accommo-                                                              Use
date picnics, markets, fairs, and events         Assets and Opportunities
Add misting stations                             This site was most appreciated for its prox-           Short Term Improvements
Add drinking fountains                           imity to the water and the opportunities for           Upgrade the existing kids playground with
                                                 water activities provided by the protected             more interesting equipment and shade
Long Term Improvements                           area created by the breakwater. People also            Add shaded seating areas for accompanying
Create a central gathering place/plaza           liked the existing green space and gazebo,             adults
Add a trolley/tram route and stations            although they felt both could be improved.             Improve green space maintenance – cut
Build off-site multi-level parking with wrap-                                                           grass, maintain palm trees
around retail on the ground floor                Recommendations: Uses and Activities
Create an art wall on the side of structure                                                             Long Term Improvements
                                                 Short Term Improvements                                Improve landscaping, add color and flower
Partners                                         Clean-up water break area                              beds at strategic locations
Performance groups                               Add water activities like the old salt water           Improve gazebo with more seating and ex-
University                                       pool in north beach, pedal boats, balloon              tended space for families to gather
Downtown management district                     rides                                                  Construct a parking structure to replace the
                                                 Encourage vendors (food stalls, ice cream              surface parking: a structure that is green, has
Additional Thoughts                              carts) especially those who cater to the               retail and interest
Sand- blowing                                    people currently using the area                        Create a consistent image and character
Control mosquitoes – use natural pellets or                                                             throughout park using the design of ameni-
other natural method                                                                                    ties, signage, and landscaping

                                                                                   Placemaking at Destination Bayfront        Corpus Christi, TX      83
SITE 4B                                                Recommendations: Comfort and Ameni-              SITE 5A
Assets and Opportunities                                                                                Assets and Opportunities
The best liked feature of this site was its con-       Short Term Improvements                          Workshop participants considered the most
nection to the water and overall central loca-         Add seating and shade near play area             valuable assets of the site to be its visibility
tion, allowing it to reach out like an octopus.        Build restrooms                                  from the water and from the upper roadway,
Workshop participants also appreciated the             Add more shade and seating throughout the        its adjacency to the art center, the memorial
existing multi-level play structure and par-           park                                             and the marina, and its potential.
ticularly liked the level lower than the gazebo        Buffer play area from adjacent parking lot
that separated kid area from other activities.                                                          Recommendations: Amenities and
They also felt this area had good parking and          Long Term Improvements                           Comfort
drop-off access.                                       Transform play area into a unique, fun experi-
                                                       ence that attracts parents and families from     Short Term Improvements
Recommendations: Uses and Activities                   the region                                       Add shade and seating to the area
                                                       Consider a sculptural playground or interac-     Add more plants and landscaping in strategic
Short Term Improvements                                tive sculptures for kids of various ages         locations
Repair and enhance play area                           Reorient gazebo to use the bay as backdrop
Allow for drive up food vendors                        for performances                                 Long Term Improvements
Create a connection with water through                                                                  Integrate “the Body of Christ” – remind
activities                                             Partners                                         people of what city was founded on
                                                       Local design professionals
Long Term Improvements                                 RTA                                              Recommendations: Access and Linkages
Add retail, kiosks, and restaurants in the area        Adjacent property owners
Rethink and expand the gazebo as a place               Local performance community                      Short Term Improvements
for small performances                                 Local bands                                      Facilitate pedestrian crossing over Coopers
                                                                                                        Alley from the Art Center

                                                                                                         Long Term Improvements
                                                                                                        Encourage coexistence of different modes of
                                                                                                        transportation- vehicles and pedestrians

84      Corpus Christi, TX              Placemaking at Destination Bayfront
Enhance pedestrian experience                     Calm and reduce traffic, make the area safer            Partners
Slow vehicle traffic                              to access for bicycles and pedestrians                  Veterans groups (VFW/Gold Star)
Add bicycle traffic as distinct element                                                                   Chamber of commerce
                                                  Recommendations: Amenities and                          School districts
SITE 5B                                           Comfort                                                 Parks and rec
                                                                                                          Active military
Assets and Opportunities                          Short Term Improvements                                 Rotary
Workshop participants like the solemnity,         Enhance landscaping and maintenance                     Garden clubs
serenity and tranquility of the site and its      Add better shade and more seating                       Arts organizations / Art center
connection to history and veterans. They felt     Add signage – directional and for wayfinding            Historical society
the memorial site had the potential to draw       Add interpretive signage and commemorative
broader audiences. They also like the proxim-     information
ity of the beach and the water and the site’s
potential of becoming an important focal          Long Term Improvements
point and gateway for the Bayfront.               Build an amphitheater for ceremonies and
                                                  educational purposes
Recommendations: Uses and Activities              Create community garden or meditation
Short Term Improvements                           Add a meditative, contemplative water fea-
Create a scheduled interpreter / docent tours     ture
and talks                                         Add misters or misting stations
Bring educational events and groups to at-        Create a sense of place/unique character
tend veterans’ commemorations and learn           Integrated artistic/shade features that could
                                                  also serve to give special character to the
Long Term Improvements                            place
Approach ceremonies also as educational           Consider nighttime A/V, light presentation –
events                                            opportunity to have light driven feature relat-
Add appropriate auxiliary events and activities   ing to veterans or historic events that could
to ceremonies – i.e. flower vending, military     be seen from seawall (like lights on Empire
bands, etc.                                       State building for various holidays)

                                                                                     Placemaking at Destination Bayfront      Corpus Christi, TX   85

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