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                                       October 22, 2007
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 1.   Gates Meets Turkey's Defence Chief Amid Iraq Incursion Fears
      (Yahoo.com)....Daphne Benoit, Agence France-Presse
      US Defence Secretary Robert Gates met here Sunday with his Turkish counterpart amid tensions over Ankara's plans
      for possible strikes on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, though no action appeared imminent.

 2.   US Gates: Turkey Iraq Incursion Doesn't Appear Imminent
      (Wall Street Journal (wsj.com))....Associated Press
      U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday it appears Turkey's military isn't on the verge of invading northern
      Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels responsible for a deadly attack on Turkish soldiers. (THIS ARTICLE APPEARED

 3.   European Troops Sought For Afghanistan
      (Washington Times)....Kristin Roberts, Reuters News Agency
      Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates will ask Ukraine and other Eastern European countries this week to send troops
      to Afghanistan to cover a shortfall in trainers for the Afghan army, a senior U.S. defense official said.

 4.   U.S. Pins Kosovo Force On NATO's Afghan Commitment
      (New York Times on the Web)....Reuters
      U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates will consider shifting U.S. troops from Kosovo to Afghanistan next year if
      NATO allies do not fulfill their commitments, U.S. government officials said. (THIS ARTICLE APPEARED

 5.   US's Gates Arrives In Ukraine For Talks On Turkey, Missile Def
      (Wall Street Journal (wsj.com))....Associated Press
      U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Kiev on Sunday for talks on missile defense, Turkey and
      Afghanistan a week after holding tough talks in Russia on the same divisive issues. (THIS ARTICLE APPEARED

 6.   Kurds From Iraq Kill 17 Soldiers In Turkey
      (Washington Post)....Amit R. Paley
      An audacious cross-border ambush by Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq killed at least 17 Turkish soldiers
      Sunday, ratcheting up pressure on the Turkish government to launch a military offensive into Iraq.

 7.   Iraq And Turkey See Tensions Rise After Ambush
      (New York Times)....Sabrina Tavernise
      ...Such action by Turkey, a NATO ally, would be extremely embarrassing for the United States, which has military
      control over the territory that the Turks are threatening to invade. Moreover, a Turkish advance into northern Iraq
      would instantly bring fresh troubles to a country where the United States is preoccupied with the war.
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 8.    Military Steps Up War-Zone Airstrikes
       (USA Today)....Jim Michaels
       The U.S. military has increased airstrikes in Iraq fivefold this year, reflecting a steep escalation in combat operations
       aimed at al-Qaeda and other militants.

 9.    U.S. Planners See Shiite Militias As Rising Threat
       (Washington Post)....Ann Scott Tyson
       Gen. David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker have concluded that Shiite extremists pose a rising threat
       to the U.S. effort in Iraq, as the relative influence of Sunni insurgent groups such as al-Qaeda in Iraq has diminished
       drastically because of ongoing U.S. operations.

 10.     Confusion On Deaths After Fighting In Sadr City
       (New York Times)....Alissa J. Rubin
       American forces on Sunday came under heavy fire in three locations in Sadr City, the Shiite enclave in Baghdad, and
       returned fire, killing 49 militants, according to an American military official and a military statement about the

 11.     A Decline In Bloodshed
       (Newsweek)....Mark Hosenball
       ...According to three senior U.S. officials, who asked for anonymity when discussing sensitive information, the
       decline in Iraq violence also includes a decrease in the number of attacks attributable to insurgents backed or armed
       by Iran. Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell confirmed to NEWSWEEK that "there has indeed been a drop" in
       such attacks, but he added that "it's not entirely clear what the reason for that is."

 12.    Contract Tightens Rules Of Engagement
       (Washington Post)....Walter Pincus
       A new contract proposal put forward last week by the Joint Contracting Command-Iraq shows that the U.S. military
       believes there is going to be a continuing need for private, armed, security services such as Blackwater USA in that
       country for years to come.

 13.     Joint Chiefs Chairman Looks Beyond Current Wars
       (New York Times)....Thom Shanker
       The new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff plans to press Congress and the public to sustain the current high
       levels of military spending — even after the Iraq war — arguing for money to repair and replace worn-out weapons
       and to restore American ground forces he described as “breakable,” though not yet broken.

 14.    NORAD Fighters Flying Again This Week
       (Washington Examiner)....Michael Neibauer
       The North American Aerospace Defense Command this week will hold another series of drills and exercises over the
       National Capital Region, testing its ability to intercept and identify enemy craft.

 15.     A Protector As A Child, Honored As A Hero
       (New York Times)....Raymond Hernandez
       ...Today, President Bush will award Lieutenant Murphy, a team leader from Patchogue, the Medal of Honor, the
       nation’s highest military award. Mr. Bush will present it to Lieutenant Murphy’s father and mother, Daniel and
       Maureen, in a ceremony scheduled to take place in the East Room.

 16.    Rallying For Soldier's Family
       (Dallas Morning News)....Holly Yan
       Support pours in after car accident kills two kids on way to visit wounded dad.

 17.    Father Finishing Book By Son Killed In Iraq
       (Los Angeles Times)....James Ricci
                                                                                                                         page 3
       Darrell Griffin Sr. has gotten down to work on his final collaboration with his son and namesake.

 18.    Haditha Unraveled
       (Newsweek)....Dan Ephron
       In a report obtained by NEWSWEEK, the affair's investigator casts doubt on the prosecution's case.

 19.     Nato Chiefs Urge Nations To Pool Resources
       (Financial Times)....James Blitz and Stephen Fidler
       Nato’s civilian chief wants the alliance’s 26 countries to intensify discussion this week on how they can better
       demonstrate solidarity in the field of defence spending, in order to avoid the military overstretch burdening many

 20.    Afghanistan Seeks Review Of Herbicides In Poppy War
       (New York Times)....Kirk Semple
       In the face of pressure from the American government, the administration of President Hamid Karzai is seeking the
       formation of an international scientific committee to review the safety of chemical herbicides to combat
       Afghanistan’s opium poppy crop, Afghan and Western officials say.

 21.     Taliban, Civilians Killed In Clashes
       (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)....Unattributed
       ...At least 11 civilians were wounded in the fighting, and Kunar province village elders said the suspected militants
       had used civilians as human shields or fired on NATO forces from positions with civilians in the area.

 22.    Cheney, Like President, Has A Warning For Iran
       (New York Times)....Sheryl Gay Stolberg
       Vice President Dick Cheney issued a pointed warning to Iran on Sunday, calling the government in Tehran “a
       growing obstacle to peace in the Middle East” and promising “serious consequences” if the government there does
       not abandon its nuclear program.

 23.     Iran General's Rocket Racket
       (New York Post)....Post Wire Services
       Iran has 11,000 rockets "ready to fire" within a minute of any attack on the country, one of its top generals boasted

 24.    Former Nuclear Negotiator To Attend Key Talks In Rome
       (Washington Post)....Unattributed
       A Foreign Ministry official said Sunday that Iran's former nuclear negotiator, considered a relative moderate, would
       attend talks in Rome this week even though he has left his post.

 25.    Hezbollah Warns It Would Consider A US Base In Lebanon A 'Hostile Act'
       (Arizona Daily Star (Tucson))....Associated Press
       Hezbollah's deputy leader warned the U.S. on Sunday against setting up a military base in Lebanon, saying the
       guerrilla group would consider such a move "a hostile act."

 26.     Where The Jihad Lives Now
       (Newsweek)....Ron Moreau
       Islamic militants have spread beyond their tribal bases, and have the run of an unstable, nuclear-armed nation.
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 27.    Extremist Inroads Feared
       (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)....Unattributed
       Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, making her first public appearance since narrowly escaping an
       assassination attempt Thursday that killed 136 people, warned Sunday that Taliban and al-Qaida militants have
       gained ground in Pakistan.

 28.     Australian Army To Debate Switch In Iraq Role
       (Financial Times)....Peter Smith
       Australian military commanders will start discussions on Tuesday about switching the role of the country’s troops in
       Iraq from combat to training.

 29.     Poles Giving Opposition Big Victory In Parliament
       (Washington Post)....Associated Press
       A pro-business opposition party that wants Poland's troops out of Iraq ousted Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski's
       government in parliamentary elections Sunday, as Poles opted for leadership offering a more cooperative approach to
       the European Union.

 30.    Wounded Troops Overwhelm Care
       (Christian Science Monitor)....Brad Knickerbocker
       Six years into the "global war on terror," the Bush administration, Congress, and federal agencies are scrambling to
       address the health needs of battlefield veterans back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

 31.     'How Do You Fund A War, But Not The Casualties?'
       (Newsweek)....Michael Isikoff and Jamie Reno
       ..."I would love to have the president live my life for one week to see how difficult it is," says Annette McLeod, wife
       of Army specialist Wendell McLeod, who is suffering from PTSD after serving in Iraq. "How do you fund a war but
       not fund the casualties?"

 32.    DoD Expected To Trim Disability Eval Process
       (Army Times)....William H. McMichael
       The Defense Department will soon unveil a new, streamlined disability evaluation system that, in tandem with the
       Department of Veterans Affairs, will replace the current cumbersome process with a single exam and single
       disability rating.

 33.    Clearance Backlog To Be Gone By January
       (Federal Times)....Stephen Losey
       The end of the federal government’s security clearance logjam is finally in sight, the U.S. Office of Personnel
       Management says.

 34.    U.S. Rebuffed Food-Fraud Case
       (Wall Street Journal)....Glenn R. Simpson
       The Justice Department received allegations in June 2006 of illegal dealings between a major army contractor in
       Kuwait and a U.S. food producer but ultimately declined to support the case.

 35.     Northrop To Direct Data-Storage Work
       (Washington Post)....David Hubler
       Northrop Grumman will lead a team of contractors developing a high-speed data management and storage system for
       the National Security Agency that will make it easier for intelligence analysts to access and evaluate key data.

 36.    U.S. Firms May Assist Mexico In Drug Fight
       (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)....Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News
                                                                                                                         page 5
       The U.S. and Mexican governments today are expected to announce an anti-drug package that could involve hiring
       private U.S. military contractors to train Mexican troops in the use of new technologies and equipment.

 37.    USAF Delays Tanker Award
       (Defense News)....Gayle S. Putrich
       The U.S. Air Force is pushing back the award date of the $30 billion, 179-plane tanker contract until Feb. 29,
       according to industry and congressional sources. The service originally expected to award the contract for its top
       procurement priority before the end of this calendar year.

 38.     America Must Act Now
       (Washington Times)....Zach Wamp
       ...But if we left Iraq today, the global threats against us and our way of life would not go away. This threat is much
       larger than Iraq, and it may be the biggest struggle of our generation.

 39.     A Once And Future Nation
       (New York Times)....Roger Cohen
       ...To lose Afghanistan by way of smile-free Iraq — and do so on the border of a turbulent nuclear-armed Pakistan —
       would be a terrible betrayal and an unacceptable risk.

 40.    Deterrence A Key Part Of U.S. Sea Strategy
       (Honolulu Advertiser)....Richard Halloran
       The new maritime strategy published last week is particularly pertinent to the evolving security posture of the United
       States in Asia and in the Pacific and Indian oceans where the nation's armed forces are being realigned to put less
       weight on ground forces and more on sea and air power.

 41.    Getting Serious About 'Torture'
       (Wall Street Journal)....David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey
       The question of "torture" is again front and center in the ongoing debate over how to fight the war on terror.

 42.     Characterizing Rumsfeld's Service -- (Letter)
       (Newsweek)....Lawrence Di Rita
       Your article about Defense Secretary Robert Gates's congressional activities and the Defense Policy Board
       ("Reaching Across the Aisle on Iraq," Periscope, Oct. 8) inaccurately characterized two important aspects of former
       secretary Donald Rumsfeld's service.
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Yahoo.com                            Gates, who Sunday began a               from neighbouring Russia, a          Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul,
October 21, 2007                     week's visit to Europe.                 US official said.                    he advised against launching a
1. Gates Meets Turkey's                   Late     Sunday         Ankara          Yushchenko, who has             major cross-border incursion
Defence Chief Amid                   issued a strong statement               struggled with challenges from       despite       the      continuing
                                     following emergency talks               political       rivals      more     provocations.
Iraq Incursion Fears                 between Turkish civilian and            sympathetic to Moscow, has                "I'm heartened that he
By Daphne Benoit, Agence
                                     military leaders, chaired by            ruled out hosting any US             seems to be implying a
                                     President Abdullah Gul, to              missile shield facility in           reluctance on their part to act
     KIEV--US            Defence
                                     determine Turkey's response             Ukraine       but      has    not    unilaterally, and I think that's a
Secretary Robert Gates met
                                     against the rebels after the            condemned the plan.                  good thing," Gates said. "I
here Sunday with his Turkish
                                     deadly ambush on Turkish                     On Tuesday Gates visits         didn't have the impression that
counterpart amid tensions over
                                     soldiers            in           the    the Czech Republic, where the        anything was imminent."
Ankara's plans for possible
                                     Kurdish-dominated southeast.            United States aims to install a           On      the     Turkish-Iraq
strikes on Kurdish rebels in
                                          "Although it respects              radar station as part of the         border, rebels blew up a
northern Iraq, though no action
                                     Iraq's    territorial      integrity,   shield against possible missile      bridge, killing 12 soldiers
appeared imminent.
                                     Turkey will not tolerate that           attacks from countries such as       Sunday morning. The attack
     Gates urged Turkey to use
                                     terrorism be aided and abetted          Iran and North Korea.                increased pressure on the
restraint -- "not to be confused
                                     and will not be afraid to pay,               "We hope to conclude            Turkish government to strike
with weakness" -- before
                                     whatever the price may be, to           negotiations with the Czech          guerrilla camps inside Iraq.
launching       a    cross-border
                                     protect its rights, its indivisible     Republic before the end of the            Iraq's president, Jalal
operation to hit the bases of the
                                     unity and its citizens," said the       year," a Pentagon official said.     Talabani, a Kurd, ordered
separatist Kurdistan Workers'
                                     statement.                                   Most Czechs oppose the          Kurdish guerrillas to lay down
Party (PKK).
                                          The Turkish parliament             plan for a radar on their soil,      their weapons or leave.
     After talks with Turkish
                                     Wednesday authorised military           part of a system that would               In a separate session with
Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul,
                                     operations in northern Iraq for         also include 10 interceptor          reporters after his 30-minute
Gates said: "I'm heartened that
                                     a one-year period to hit bases          missiles in Poland.                  meeting with Gates, Vecdi said
he seems to be implying a
                                     of the PKK, which uses the                   Also in Kiev, Gates will sit    he stressed his country's
reluctance on their part to act
                                     region as a springboard for             down with his counterparts           problem with the Kurdistan
unilaterally, and I think that's a
                                     attacks in Turkey.                      from      European       countries   Workers Party, or PKK. Both
good thing."
                                          Ankara says the PKK                aspiring to join the NATO            Turkey and the United States
     "I     didn't    have     the
                                     enjoys free movement in                 military     bloc,      including    consider the PKK a terrorist
impression that anything was
                                     northern Iraq and even support          Croatia,     Macedonia        and    organization.
imminent," he added.
                                     from the Iraqi Kurds who                Albania, as well as Ukraine.              The White House said
     For his part, Gonul said
                                     govern the region.                           On      Wednesday        and    "these attacks are unacceptable
that Turkey has plans to make
                                          The talks between the US           Thursday Gates will be in the        and must stop now." President
a cross-border incursion to
                                     and Turkish defence chiefs              Netherlands for an informal          George W. Bush's national
attack Kurdish rebel bases in
                                     came after a US congressional           meeting of NATO defence              security spokesman, Gordon
Iraq but "not urgently."
                                     committee exacerbated the               ministers, where he is expected      Johndroe, said such attacks
     He also told reporters after
                                     already strained US-Turkish             to ask member countries to           from inside Iraq "need to be
the talks with Gates that there
                                     ties through a motion to brand          send more troops to the              dealt with swiftly by the Iraqi
were "no hostages" being held
                                     as genocide the wartime                 international       force       in   government        and    Kurdish
by rebels of the PKK, listed as
                                     massacre of Armenians by the            Afghanistan.                         regional authorities."
a terrorist organisation by
                                     erstwhile Ottoman empire.                    His tour wraps up Friday             "The       United     States,
Ankara and other nations
                                          Turkish       criticism       of   with a visit to Heidelberg,          Turkey and Iraq will continue
including the United States.
                                     Washington, already under fire          Germany, where the US Army           to stand together to defeat the
     On Sunday the PKK
                                     for not cooperating against the         has its European headquarters.       PKK terrorists," Johndroe
claimed to have captured a
                                     PKK, has increased after it                                                  added.
group of Turkish soldiers in the
                                     emerged that US weapons                                                           Vecdi said his government
volatile     region     on     the                                           Wall Street Journal (wsj.com)
                                     given to Iraq have ended up in                                               expects the U.S. to do
Turkey-Iraq border following                                                 October 21, 2007
                                     PKK hands.                                                                   something to stop the rebel
heavy clashes that left 12                                                   2. US Gates: Turkey
                                          Gates's     meeting        with                                         attacks. "Our boys are dying,"
Turkish soldiers and 32 rebels
                                     Gonul was part of a series of           Iraq Incursion Doesn't               he said.
                                     high-stakes meetings he will            Appear Imminent                           "I explained the public
     Turkey is leaning toward
                                     hold in Europe on a slew of                 KIEV, Ukraine (AP)--U.S.         opinion suffers so much,"
invading northern Iraq to strike
                                     key        issues,        including     Defense Secretary Robert             Vecdi said. He said this was
at hostile Kurdish rebels based
                                     Washington's                planned     Gates said Sunday it appears         reflected in the Turkish
there -- a move vehemently
                                     anti-missile installations in           Turkey's military isn't on the       parliament's willingness to pass
opposed by Washington, which
                                     eastern Europe.                         verge of invading northern Iraq      a motion authorizing the
is fighting an uphill battle to
                                          Gates will meet Ukraine's          in pursuit of Kurdish rebels         military to start an offensive
stabilise Iraq.
                                     Western-leaning           President     responsible for a deadly attack      into northern Iraq.
     "A major cross-border
                                     Viktor       Yushchenko           on    on Turkish soldiers.                      Vecdi said the military
operation would be contrary to
                                     Monday and seek his backing                 Gates told reporters that in     was planning retaliatory action
Turkish interests as well as our
                                     for the missile shield plans in         a meeting with Turkish               but "not urgently." He noted
own and that of Iraq," said
                                     the face of fierce opposition                                                that Turkey's prime minister is
                                                                                                                                        page 7
to meet with Bush on Nov. 5.        planning to cross (the) border."    trainers in Afghanistan, could      senior U.S. officials said.
But when asked whether this                                             SEEBRIG         undertake     or         But upon the advice of
meant a major Turkish                                                   consider doing such a mission       senior military officers, the
offensive was unlikely before       Washington Times                    there?” the official asked.         Pentagon chief has extended
that meeting, Vecdi said he         October 22, 2007                         The six-year-old war in        the U.S. commitment to
wasn't certain.                     Pg. 10                              Afghanistan, overshadowed in        Kosovo to summer 2008. If
     Gates stressed the U.S.        3. European Troops                  the U.S. by Iraq, tops Mr.          NATO allies have not sent
position that a major Turkish       Sought For Afghanistan              Gates' agenda this week. After      more troops, trainers and
incursion now would be              By Kristin Roberts, Reuters         meetings in Kiev, the secretary     equipment to Afghanistan by
counterproductive.                  News Agency                         stops in Prague on his way to a     then, Washington will consider
     "I told him that restraint           KIEV       —       Defense    meeting of NATO defense             pulling its 1,600 troops out of
should not be confused with         Secretary Robert M. Gates will      ministers in the Netherlands.       NATO's Kosovo force KFOR.
weakness," Gates said. "I           ask Ukraine and other Eastern            There, he will argue yet            "The      secretary       had
thought       that     a    major   European countries this week        again     that    progress     in   wrestled with the idea of
cross-border operation would        to send troops to Afghanistan       Afghanistan could be lost if        moving our forces in Kosovo
be contrary to Turkish interests    to cover a shortfall in trainers    NATO members do not                 to Afghanistan but decided late
as well as our own and that of      for the Afghan army, a senior       dedicate more combat troops,        this week to extend our KFOR
Iraq. I told him we should          U.S. defense official said.         trainers and equipment to the       presence until next summer,"
work together on this, that we            Mr. Gates, who landed         fight. Already, violence has        Pentagon press secretary Geoff
were very mindful of the PKK        yesterday in Kiev to meet           soared in 2007 and military         Morrell said.
terrorists."                        Ukraine's government and            officers say the Taliban is              "But beyond that is very
     The key, Gates said, is        attend the Southeast Europe         trying to import the deadly         much up in the air. The
getting better information          Defense Ministerial, has grown      roadside bomb technology            secretary is disappointed in
about      the     location   and   increasingly frustrated by the      that´s been used in Iraq.           NATO's inability to live up to
movement of PKK militants.          failure of NATO allies to fulfill        While in Kiev, Mr. Gates       its commitments and if that
     "The first and foremost        promises made to Afghanistan,       will meet with Ukraine´s            doesn't change before then, he's
challenge we face - as is so        his aides say.                      president, prime minister and       prepared to go to the secretary
often the case with terrorism -           He is particularly worried    defense minister and ask about      of state and to the president to
is actionable intelligence,"        about a shortfall of more than      their security priorities and       discuss yanking our troops out
Gates said. That is information     3,000 trainers for Afghan           defense reforms. Ukraine is         of Kosovo," Morrell said.
upon which quick and effective      security forces — a need that       considered a strong U.S.                 Gates       has        grown
military action can be taken.       military commanders voiced a        partner in Iraq and the             increasingly frustrated by the
     "I told him that lacking       year ago.                           Pentagon thinks Kiev might          failure of NATO allies to fulfill
actionable intelligence, for              Afghan Defense Minister       send troops to Afghanistan as       promises they made more than
them to send a large force          Abdul Rahim Wardak, in              well.                               a year ago to provide troops
across the border without any       speaking to The Washington               Ukraine receives U.S.          and equipment to the war in
specific targets was likely to      Times last week, complained         military     assistance     with    Afghanistan.
lead to a lot of collateral         that Germany in particular had      equipment and training. In               The        secretary        is
damage," Gates said, referring      “not dedicated much effort and      2007, it received $10 million in    particularly worried about a
to civilian casualties.             resources” to its assigned role     U.S. military equipment and         shortfall of more than 3,000
     Senior military officials in   of reforming the national           $1.7 million in training funds.     trainers for Afghan forces, but
Washington have said in recent      police.                                                                 commanders also need more
days that the PKK problem is a            A senior defense official                                         combat forces, helicopters and
secondary priority at a stage in    traveling with the Pentagon         New York Times on the Web           other equipment.
the Iraq war where U.S. troops      chief said one of Mr. Gates'        October 21, 2007                         By pinning the U.S.
are preoccupied with the            main goals was to press             4. U.S. Pins Kosovo                 commitment in Kosovo to
insurgents and terrorists who       members of the Southeast            Force On NATO's                     Europe's      commitment        in
are seeking to destroy the          Europe Defense Ministerial to       Afghan Commitment                   Afghanistan, Gates wants to
U.S.-backed               Baghdad   send troops to Afghanistan to            KIEV (Reuters) - U.S.          signal that Europe will be left
government.                         fill the gap.                       Defense Secretary Robert            alone to deal with a still
     In his remarks to reporters,         The 11-member group sent      Gates will consider shifting        unsteady situation in its own
Vecdi said he told Gates that       a 100-troop brigade, called         U.S. troops from Kosovo to          backyard if it does not help the
Turkey expects the U.S. to do       Southeast Europe Brigade or         Afghanistan next year if            United States in Afghanistan,
more to constrain the PKK in        SEEBRIG, to the war zone in         NATO allies do not fulfill their    said officials familiar with the
Iraq, although he wouldn't spell    2006.                               commitments,               U.S.     discussions.
that out in detail.                       “It's to have a discussion    government officials said.               NATO took responsibility
     "We'd like to have             about SEEBRIG and how                    Gates, in Ukraine on           last year for operations
something tangible" from the        SEEBRIG can potentially help        Sunday      to    ask    eastern    throughout Afghanistan. The
Americans, he said. "We             in Afghanistan again, possibly      European countries for help in      United States contributes the
expect this. Any kind of            by undertaking a training           the war, had first considered       most troops in the coalition --
tangible actions."                  mission,” the official said         laying the threat before NATO       or about 15,000 of a NATO
     Asked what Turkey's            when asked about Mr. Gates'         defense ministers this week at      force totaling just under
military leaders were preparing     priorities in Kiev.                 a meeting in the Netherlands,       40,000. Washington also added
for, Gonul replied: "They are             “Given the need for                                               combat troops and a helicopter
                                                                                                                                            page 8
force last year after other allies   Turkey.                              negotiations would proceed.                BAGHDAD, Oct. 21 -- An
did not respond to a call for             Just hours before Gates         The talks with Poland are for         audacious cross-border ambush
help from commanders.                landed in Kiev, reports said         placing 10 U.S. anti-missile          by Kurdish rebels based in
     Despite six years of war in     Kurdish rebels ambushed a            interceptors there, linked to the     northern Iraq killed at least 17
Afghanistan,         a       fight   military unit near Turkey's          radar in the Czech Republic.          Turkish      soldiers     Sunday,
overshadowed in the United           border with Iraq, killing at least        Russia asserts that the          ratcheting up pressure on the
States by Iraq, violence has         12 soldiers and increasing           missile      defense        system    Turkish government to launch
soared in 2007. Taliban suicide      pressure on the Turkish              potentially undermines the            a military offensive into Iraq.
bombings are up 50 percent           government to stage attacks          deterrent value of its nuclear             The pre-dawn attack took
from a year ago and military         against guerrilla camps in Iraq.     arsenal, and that there is no         place as the U.S. military said
officers say the group is trying          "Our anger, our hatred is       imminent missile threat to            its troops killed 49 fighters in
to import the deadly roadside        great," Turkish Prime Minister       Europe to justify the Czech and       Baghdad's          Sadr       City
bomb technology that has been        Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on         Polish sites. The United States       neighborhood, one of the
used in Iraq.                        national television. He said the     says Iran is moving toward            highest death tolls for a
     In Kiev, Gates will ask         government would hold an             acquiring missiles capable of         military      operation      since
Ukraine and other members of         emergency        meeting     later   hitting much of Europe.               President Bush declared an end
the Southeast Europe Defense         Sunday.       It     was       not        On      Wednesday         and    to active combat in 2003.
Ministerial to send troops to        immediately how that might           Thursday, Gates is scheduled               But Iraqi officials and
Afghanistan to help cover that       affect the planned meeting in        to attend a NATO defense              residents of the vast Shiite
shortfall in trainers, another       Kiev between Gates and the           ministers conference in the           enclave, loyal to powerful
U.S. defense official said.          Turkish defense chief.               Netherlands,        where       the   anti-American cleric Moqtada
     The 11-member group sent             Gates came to Kiev to           international effort to stabilize     al-Sadr, said 13 people were
a 100-troop brigade, called          attend     meetings     of     the   Afghanistan is expected to be         killed and all of the victims
Southeast Europe Brigade or          Southeast European Defense           the central topic. Gates has          were       innocent      civilians,
SEEBRIG, to the war zone in          Ministers, a 12-nation group         made it clear he is unhappy           including      children.     They
2006.                                created      in     1996,       at   that some NATO countries              warned that the attack could
     "It's to have a discussion      Washington's initiative, to          have not fully lived up to            lead Sadr to rescind a
about SEEBRIG and how                promote security cooperation         pledges      they     made       to   suspension of his militia's
SEEBRIG can potentially help         in the volatile Balkans and to       contribute to the alliance's          operations.
in Afghanistan again possibly        facilitate cooperation with          security force in Afghanistan              The unrelated spasms of
by undertaking a training            NATO, the U.S.-led alliance          and to assist Afghanistan in          violence on two fronts
mission," the official said when     that is an irritant to the           other ways.                           illustrated       the       highly
asked about Gates's priorities       Russians.                                 Also on the agenda in the        combustible geopolitical and
in Kiev.                                  Gates also was holding          Netherlands will be another           domestic                challenges
     Ukraine, which received         talks with top Ukrainian             topic that irritates Moscow: the      confounding the U.S. military,
$11.7 million in U.S. military       government officials to sound        prospect of yet another               even as a temporary troop
assistance     this    year,    is   them out on Russia and to            expansion of NATO, to include         increase has succeeded in
considered a strong U.S.             assess political developments        Croatia,        Albania        and    tamping down some of the
partner in Iraq and the              in this country, which is            Macedonia. No decision is             violence in Iraq.
Pentagon thinks Kiev might           struggling to emerge from            expected until NATO leaders                The raid on Turkish
send troops to Afghanistan as        prolonged political turmoil.         meet in Romania in April. The         soldiers, among the deadliest
well.                                     Gates arrived Sunday for        Russians object to NATO               attacks in recent memory, was
                                     his first visit to this former       expanding toward its borders.         carried out by the Kurdistan
                                     Soviet republic since he was              Gates was meeting with           Workers' Party, known by its
Wall Street Journal (wsj.com)        CIA director in 1992. The last       his counterparts from Croatia,        Kurdish initials PKK. The
October 21, 2007                     U.S. defense secretary to visit      Albania and Macedonia in              armed group aims to create an
5. US's Gates Arrives In             was Donald Rumsfeld in 2004.         Kiev on Sunday to discuss             independent Kurdish state out
Ukraine For Talks On                      Later in the week, Gates is     progress they have made               of parts of eastern Turkey,
Turkey, Missile Def                  to hold talks with Czech             toward      satisfying      NATO      northern Iraq and western Iran.
     KIEV (AP)--U.S. Defense         government officials in Prague       requirements for earning an                Turkish officials said 16
Secretary Robert Gates arrived       on the state of negotiations         invitation to join the alliance.      soldiers were also wounded in
in Kiev on Sunday for talks on       with Washington on a plan to                                               the fighting in Hakkari
missile defense, Turkey and          place an advanced radar in the                                             province, which borders Iraq.
                                     Czech Republic as part of a          Washington Post                       Thirty-two Kurdish fighters
Afghanistan a week after
                                     proposed European arm of the         October 22, 2007                      were killed in subsequent
holding tough talks in Russia
                                     U.S. missile defense system          Pg. 1                                 clashes and 10 Turkish troops
on the same divisive issues.
     He    also    planned   a       that is now based mainly in          6. Kurds From Iraq Kill               were still missing, they said.
one-on-one session with his          Alaska and California.               17 Soldiers In Turkey                      Abdul                Rahman
Turkish counterpart, Vecdi                In his talks Oct. 12 in         U.S. Reports 49 Fighters Dead         al-Chaderchi,         a       PKK
Gonul, amid growing tension          Moscow, Gates was urged by           in Sadr City Raid; Residents,         spokesman, said the Kurdish
over the inability of U.S. and       senior Russian government            Officials Say Victims Are All         fighters     attacked     because
Iraqi government forces to halt      officials to freeze the missile      Civilians                             Turkish         troops        were
Kurdish rebel attacks inside         base talks with the Czechs and       By Amit R. Paley, Washington          conducting war games late
                                     Poland, but Gates said the           Post Foreign Service                  Saturday near the border. He
                                                                                                                                        page 9
said that the death toll was        president of the Kurdish            fighters, then called in             who works in the Interior
higher than Turkey reported         regional government, also           helicopter gunships, which           Ministry, said he watched the
and that several soldiers were      condemned the attack but            killed six more.                     raid from his roof and saw the
being held prisoner, but he         warned against a Turkish                 As U.S. soldiers left the       damage it left: a bombed-out
declined to provide precise         offensive into northern Iraq. "If   neighborhood at 7 a.m., they         primary       school,    several
numbers.                            this struggle touches the           struck a roadside bomb but           destroyed shops and 18 burned
     "They tried to enter the       Kurdistan region, then we will      continued returning fire, killing    cars. U.S. gunfire prevented
Iraqi lands," Chaderchi said.       defend our citizens," he said.      10 more, the military said. The      firefighting vehicles from
"But     our    fighters    have         Iraqi residents of the         target of the raid was not           reaching the area, he said.
confronted them."                   border area braced for more of      captured, and no U.S. troops              He said Sadr City residents
     Senior Turkish military        the violence that has destroyed     were injured, military officials     were furious at the U.S. troops.
and government officials held       parts of their villages and         said.                                "If you woke up in the morning
emergency meetings Sunday           forced some of them to flee.             But Sadr City residents         and saw your entire family
night to decide on a response.      Sabiha Khalil, 54, a widowed        and Iraqi officials said the only    killed and your house burned
Turkey's parliament voted last      farmer from the village of          victims were civilians -- whom       out, what would your reaction
week to give Prime Minister         Spindar, said the fighting          they described as 13 dead and        be?" he said. "Nobody would
Recep      Tayyip      Erdogan's    reminded her of the days of         52 injured.                          accept that."
government authority for a          Saddam Hussein, when a                   "I have seen the dead                Staff writer Robin Wright
military offensive into northern    government campaign killed as       children," said Abu Zahara, an       in Washington and special
Iraq to pursue Kurdish fighters     many as 180,000 Kurds and           official in the local Sadr office.   correspondents Dlovan Brwari
hiding there.                       drove many more from their          "We are a peaceful people. We        in Dahuk, Saad Sarhan in
     "Turkey does not have          homes.                              are just sitting in our homes.       Najaf, Zaid Sabah and Dalya
designs on Iraq's territory,"            "Now Turkey is taking          We don't want anything to do         Hassan in Baghdad, and other
Turkish President Abdullah          Saddam Hussein's place," she        with the Americans. Just leave       Washington Post staff in Iraq
Gul said after the attacks,         said. "We were displaced from       us alone."                           contributed to this report.
according to the Anatolian          our village for 10 years, but we         He said among the dead
news agency. "However, if Iraq      have rebuilt our homes and          were a woman and four
keeps harboring terrorists,         rehabilitated our farms. Now        children, including a 4-year-old     New York Times
Turkey has the right to destroy     where should we go?                 girl and a 2-year-old boy. Their     October 22, 2007
this."                                   Suleiman Hamid, 33, a          1-year-old       brother      was    Pg. 1
     At a news conference           farmer who also lives in            seriously wounded, he said.          7. Iraq And Turkey See
hours after the ambush, Iraqi       Spindar, said shelling on                "Why are the American           Tensions Rise After
President Jalal Talabani, who       Sunday destroyed several            soldiers fighting women and          Ambush
is Kurdish, ordered the             houses and caused his children      children?" said Abu Hawra, a         By Sabrina Tavernise
guerrilla fighters to stop their    to wake up screaming. Many of       local religious leader. "The              ISTANBUL, Oct. 21 — A
attacks or leave Iraq. "We are      his neighbors have fled, he         American occupation forces           brazen ambush by Kurdish
against all the actions that are    said.                               started bombing the city for no      militants that left at least 12
done by the PKK," he said.               "I don't understand why        reason."                             Turkish soldiers dead touched
"And we will not support the        the Turks are bombing us," he            Prime Minister Nouri            off a major escalation in
PKK. We want the best               said. "There is no PKK here. Is     al-Maliki      said    that    the   Turkey-Iraq      tensions      on
relations with Turkey."             their main goal to target the       government would investigate         Sunday, bringing fears that
     But he added: "The             PKK, or just any Kurds?"            the raid and that coordination       Turkey       would       retaliate
Turkish army with all its                In Baghdad, the U.S.           between U.S. and Iraqi forces        immediately by sending troops
capabilities couldn't arrest the    military and local residents        was necessary to prevent such        across the border into Iraq. But
leaders of the PKK. So how          offered different accounts of       "woeful incidents."                  Turkey’s prime minister said
could we do that? It's a dream      the raid into the heavily Shiite         Salah       al-Obeidi,      a   he delayed a decision, after
that cannot be reached."            enclave of Sadr City, named         spokesman for Sadr in the            Secretary of State Condoleezza
     Turkey continued to shell      for the father of Moqtada           Shiite holy city of Najaf, called    Rice personally intervened.
the area along the northern         al-Sadr and a stronghold of his     the raid a "barbaric action" and          The ambush by a large
Iraqi border late Sunday,           followers.                          a "crime" that should lead to        group of Kurdish militants
residents and officials said.            According to the military,     criminal charges. He said no         about three miles from the
Some villagers reported that        U.S. troops entered the             one in Sadr City attacked the        border with Iraq early on
the pesh merga, the military        neighborhood at 4 a.m. to           Americans because Sadr in            Sunday was seen as a direct
force of the Kurdish regional       target     a    militia     chief   August had ordered his               provocation on the part of the
government in northern Iraq,        responsible for an extensive        powerful militia, the Mahdi          militants,       who         have
was moving toward the border.       Iranian-backed       kidnapping     Army, to stop all fighting for       increasingly staged raids into
     The Bush administration        ring. His name was not              six months.                          Turkey from hide-outs in the
condemned        the     Kurdish    released.                                Obeidi said Sadr's order        mountains of northern Iraq.
assault. "These attacks are              Gunmen then began firing       remained in effect. But several           It was the most serious
unacceptable and must stop          automatic      weapons       and    of his followers in Sadr City        attack in recent memory by the
now," said Gordon Johndroe,         rocket-propelled grenades at        said they expected the attack to     militants, separatist fighters of
President     Bush's     national   the U.S. troops, the military       increase pressure on him to lift     the     outlawed       Kurdistan
security spokesman.                 said. It said ground forces         the order.                           Workers Party, or P.K.K., and
     Massoud             Barzani,   returned fire, killing 33                Mohammed Chaloub, 38,
                                                                                                                                         page 10
came only four days after the         Department spokesman, did              When requirements do not            Sunday that rhetoric would no
Turkish Parliament formally           not return telephone messages          exist, such a step cannot be        longer help. “Statements on
approved contingency plans for        for comment on Sunday night.           taken on emotional ground,          terror will not satisfy us,”
military retaliation across the            For their part, Iraq              because some people request or      Cemil Cicek, a government
border.                               officials offered a mixed              wish for it.”                       spokesman, said in a televised
     The     Turkish      military    response. While denouncing                  He said he expected the        news conference. “In terms of
struck back inside Turkey,            the Kurdish ambush and                 United States to take “swift        statements, there has been
killing as many as 32 Kurdish         expressing the wish for good           steps” against the militants.       nothing left unspoken. We
militants,      a     government      relations with Turkey, they                 Turkey has worked hard to      expected and will expect firm
spokesman said. But the               rejected Turkish demands that          avoid military action, said a       steps from our counterparts. At
Kurdish ambush still drew             militant leaders be captured           Western official, because it        this point, there is no
strong public outrage here, and       and handed over to Turkey.             knows that an offensive would       importance of anything said by
its brazenness could effectively      “We are looking for peace, not         damage relations with the           anyone.”
force the government to make          war, and to solve problems             United States as well as                 The White House said,
good on its warning to send           peacefully,”         said      Jalal   Turkey’s bid to join the            “Attacks from Iraqi territory
forces into northern Iraq.            Talabani, Iraq’s president. But        European Union, a goal Mr.          need to be dealt with swiftly by
     Such action by Turkey, a         Mr. Talabani, who is himself a         Erdogan’s government has            the Iraqi government and the
NATO        ally,     would      be   Kurd, added tartly, “We will           aggressively pressed.               Kurdish regional authorities.”
extremely embarrassing for the        not hand any Kurdish man to                 “We don’t want to go into           The American ambassador
United States, which has              Turkey, even a Kurdish cat.”           northern Iraq — it’s a mess,”       in Turkey, Ross Wilson, said,
military control over the                  The confrontation over            said Suat Kinikli, a lawmaker       “I have been shocked by the
territory that the Turks are          P.K.K. activities in northern          from Mr. Erdogan’s party and        news reports today.”
threatening        to      invade.    Iraq          has           brought    a member of the Foreign                  After a meeting with
Moreover, a Turkish advance           Turkish-American relations to          Affairs Committee. “We are a        Massoud Barzani, leader of the
into northern Iraq would              their lowest point in years.           country negotiating with the        regional Kurdish government,
instantly bring fresh troubles to     Turkey says the United States          European Union.”                    President Talabani called on
a country where the United            should do more to help fight                But the Sunday ambush on       the P.K.K. to lay down its arms
States is preoccupied with the        the Kurdish group, which has           Turkish troops was carried out      and leave, a command that
war. And it would complicate          killed nearly 40 Turkish               by a much larger force than the     brought a skeptical response
stability in the broader region,      soldiers in recent weeks in            P.K.K. typically uses, the          from Mr. Erdogan.
which is generally antagonistic       cross-border raids.                    Western official said, and               “These assessments of
to American policy. Iran made              Protesters marched in             appeared aimed at drawing           Talabani do not personally
remarks criticizing American          several      cities,      including    Turkey into conflict.               satisfy me,” he said. “It is
policy on Sunday. Syria did the       Samsun on the Black Sea and                 “I think we’ve passed the      beautiful to say such words.
same four days before.                Istanbul. In central Turkey,           threshold,” Mr. Kinikli said. “It   The expressions are beautiful.
     Turkey’s prime minister,         they broke windows in offices          looks like for two days or three    But we would like to see what
Recep       Tayyip       Erdogan,     of the main Kurdish political          days there will be a holding off    its outcome is going to be.”
convened        an      emergency     party. “With this incident, the        and a waiting period. Unless             At the same time, Mr.
security meeting with Turkey’s        arrow left the bow,” Armagan           the U.S. comes up with              Talabani seemed to shrug off
top officials on Sunday night,        Kuloglu, a retired Turkish             something magic in the next         Turkish requests that the Iraqis
in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, to       major general, said in a               few days, which is highly           hand over P.K.K. leaders
discuss       an       appropriate    telephone interview. “No room          unlikely, we’ll probably go in.”    hiding in northern Iraq.
response.                             is left for the government to               Turkey’s defense minister,          “The leaders of P.K.K. do
     Ms. Rice called him              hesitate, postpone or fail to          Vecdi Gonul, speaking to            exist in Kurdistan’s rugged
shortly before the meeting            launch        a        cross-border    reporters in Kiev after talks       mountains, but the Turkish
began, Mr. Erdogan said on            operation.”                            with Defense Secretary Robert       Army with all its power could
national television.                       In      another         attack,   M. Gates, played down plans         not stem or arrest them, so how
     “She      expressed      their   apparently        by        Kurdish    for swift military action against   can we?” he said after the
seriousness in this matter by         militants, a minibus in a              the Kurdish militants. “We          meeting which took place in
not only saying that they             Turkish      wedding        convoy     have plans to cross the border,     Sulaimaniya in northern Iraq.
assessed the issue in a highly        struck a bomb, wounding 17             however, not immediately,”          “Handing over P.K.K. leaders
sensitive way,” Mr. Erdogan           civilians, according to the            Turkey’s Anatolian agency           to Turkey is a dream that will
said of his conversation with         state-run Anatolian News               quoted Mr. Gonul as saying.         never be realized.”
Ms. Rice, “but also, beyond           Agency.                                     The United States has               Iraq’s foreign minister,
emphasizing our righteousness,             Mr.       Erdogan         used    pressed Iraqi officials to take     Hoshyar Zebari, said in an
she said, ‘allow us a few             diplomatic language to say that        the problem seriously in recent     interview that there were a
days.’”                               a     final     decision      about    months. Prime Minister Nuri         number of steps Iraq could take
     There was no immediate           retaliation had not yet been           Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq visited     short of military action against
comment from Ms. Rice about           made. He said Turkey would             Turkey in August, and the two       the P.K.K. militants, including
the exchange, but earlier in the      wait     until    all      “military   countries concluded a security      disrupting their activities,
day the Bush administration           requirements” had been met.            agreement      in    September,     intercepting    shipments     of
strongly      condemned         the   “The government will use this          though the regional Kurdish         weapons and denying them
Kurdish        ambush.       Sean     authority when the military            government repudiated it.           supplies of food.
McCormack,            a      State    requirements exist,” he said.               But Turkish officials said          “Yes,        there      are
                                                                                                                                          page 11
responsibilities on our side,” he    months of this year compared          lieu of putting extensive forces     we have with criminality and
said. “Turkey has some               with 229 in all of last year,         on the ground," said Air Force       other militia, many of them
legitimate security concerns         according to military statistics.     Maj. Gen. Allen Peck,                Shia, become relatively more
over the P.K.K. So come let’s             Airstrikes are up in             commander of the Air Force           important," said a U.S.
sit down and talk with the           Afghanistan, too. Coalition           Doctrine Development and             Embassy official, who like
United States.”                      planes have made 2,764                Education Center.                    others spoke on the condition
     Details of the attack,          bombing runs this year, up                 However, increased use of       of anonymity because the plan
which took place near the            from 1,770 last year. The             air power raises the chances of      is not finalized.
village of Daglica, were still       figures don't include strikes by      killing innocent civilians, said          The          plan        also
unclear. Turkey’s private NTV        helicopter gunships.                  Mark Clodfelter, a professor at      acknowledges that the U.S.
television reported that the              The increasing use of air        the National War College.            military -- with limited time
Turkish soldiers died when the       power also stems from                 Winning over the population is       and troops -- cannot guarantee
Kurds blew up a bridge as a          improved accuracy and smaller         key to defeating insurgents.         a wholesale defeat of its
military convoy was passing,         munitions        that        allow         "You don't want bombing         enemies in Iraq, and instead is
but the government did not           commanders         to       launch    to be a recruiting method for        seeking                 "political
confirm that account. The            airstrikes against insurgents         the insurgents," Clodfelter said.    accommodation" to persuade
Kurds said on a Web site that        who travel in small groups and             Airstrikes in Afghanistan       them to end the use of
they had captured eight              sometimes        hide      among      this year allegedly killed           violence, the officials said.
soldiers, but that could not be      civilians.                            dozens of civilians, angering             In the political arena, the
verified.                                 In Iraq, the temporary           the population and drawing           campaign plan no longer
     The military said only that     increase of 30,000 U.S. troops        criticism from Afghanistan           upholds the passage of specific
the attack took place “in three      ordered by President Bush in          President Hamid Karzai.              laws by Iraq's parliament as the
locations”      shortly     after    January has led to the increase                                            main measure of reconciliation
midnight, and listed the names       in bombing missions. The U.S.                                              among religious and ethnic
of 12 soldiers who had been          command has moved forces off          Washington Post                      factions. It instead emphasizes
killed. It said in a statement       large      bases      and      into   October 22, 2007                     the need for government
that it had continued to monitor     neighborhoods         and       has   Pg. 1                                leaders to take concrete,
the area where the P.K.K. fled,      launched       several        large   9. U.S. Planners See                 practical steps in areas such as
and that it had been firing at 63    offensives aimed at al-Qaeda.         Shiite Militias As Rising            sharing oil revenues or hiring
“possible targets.”                       "You end up having that          Threat                               ex-Baathist officials. "We want
     “Possible repercussion of       many more opportunities for           By Ann Scott Tyson,                  to have more focus on these
such an operation on our             close air support," said Air          Washington Post Staff Writer         results ... not on the technical
relations with the U.S., or the      Force Brig. Gen. Stephen                   Gen. David H. Petraeus          legislation," said the embassy
European Union, or economy           Mueller, director of the              and Ambassador Ryan C.               official.
are      now     of    secondary     Combined Air Operations               Crocker have concluded that               Crocker and Petraeus are
importance behind our national       Center in Doha, Qatar.                Shiite extremists pose a rising      in broad agreement over the
security and well-being," Mr.             More precise targeting and       threat to the U.S. effort in Iraq,   campaign       plan      changes,
Kuloglu said.                        smaller bombs have made it            as the relative influence of         summarized in a 20-slide
     Reporting was contributed       easier for the Air Force to           Sunni insurgent groups such as       presentation that they approved
by Sebnem Arsu in Istanbul;          support ground troops in              al-Qaeda       in    Iraq      has   in a meeting last Wednesday.
Alissa J. Rubin, Qais Mizher         counterinsurgencies, such as          diminished drastically because       However, officials identified
and Khalid al-Ansary in              those in Afghanistan and Iraq.        of ongoing U.S. operations.          frictions over elements of the
Baghdad; an Iraqi employee of             "We're hitting within 15              This judgment forms part        plan -- in particular, the pace
The New York Times in                feet of where we're aiming,"          of the changes that Petraeus,        and scope of future troop
Sulaimaniya; and Sheryl Gay          Mueller said. A typical               the top U.S. commander in            withdrawals        --    between
Stolberg in Washington.              500-pound bomb is 50%                 Iraq, and Crocker, the U.S.          Petraeus, whose priority is
                                     explosives, but newer versions        ambassador to Iraq, approved         stabilizing Iraq, and senior
                                     carry about 100 pounds of             last week to their classified        leaders at the Pentagon, Joint
USA Today                            explosives.                                                                Chiefs of Staff and regional
                                                                           campaign strategy for the
October 22, 2007                          Some bombs are "designed                                              commands concerned about the
                                                                           country, which covers the
Pg. 1                                to take one building and not the                                           risks of conflicts elsewhere.
                                                                           period through summer 2009.
8. Military Steps Up                 whole block," Mueller said.           The updated plan anticipates              Top military, Pentagon
War-Zone Airstrikes                       Fighting in Baghdad has          shifting the U.S. military effort    and State Department officials
Increase In Missions Key Part        also pushed insurgents into the       to focus more on countering          will review the changes, which
Of Iraq Plan                         surrounding          countryside,     Shiite militias -- some backed       will then be incorporated into
By Jim Michaels, USA Today           making it easier to spot and          by Iran -- that have generated       the full campaign plan, a
     The U.S. military has           bomb them, he said.                   new violence as they battle for      document of more than 200
increased airstrikes in Iraq              Afghanistan's mountainous        power in the south and               pages. Petraeus and Crocker
fivefold this year, reflecting a     terrain lends itself to airstrikes,   elsewhere in Iraq, said senior       are expected to sign the new
steep escalation in combat           since attack planes can reach         military      and     diplomatic     plan by mid-November.
operations aimed at al-Qaeda         remote regions before troops          officials familiar with the plan.         The revised plan lays out
and other militants.                 can, and there are fewer ground            "As the Sunni insurgents        specifics of the withdrawal of
     Coalition forces launched       forces in the country.                quit fighting us, the problems       five U.S. combat brigades from
1,140 airstrikes in the first nine        "We are using air power in                                            Iraq by July 2008 as
                                                                                                                                            page 12
announced by President Bush           authority to operate in Iraq;          politicians ... so it's a lot more         Secretary    of    Defense
last month, but it stresses that      senior Pentagon and military           delicate," said one military          Robert M. Gates and other
any drawdowns hinge on                officials       expect         them    official.                             senior officials have said that
continued security gains -- not       eventually to number fewer                  In one area of debate over       they hope to continue the
a timeline.                           than 50,000. It would be likely        the plan, some U.S. diplomats         drawdown of U.S. forces from
     "Redeployments of U.S.           to provide for U.S. aviation           disagree with military officials      Iraq beyond July at a similar
brigades -- even of the surge         and other military assets to           who think the United States           pace, possibly after a pause to
forces -- are dependent on the        protect Iraq's borders, as well        should exert more influence to        assess the impact.
security situation on the ground      as     financial      and      other   weed out Iraqi government and              Advisers to Petraeus say
in Iraq. If General Petraeus          governmental assistance for            security force officials who          that may be possible, if
early next year sees the              several years, officials said.         follow sectarian agendas in           security continues to improve,
security situation deteriorating,          The plan also outlines how        how they distribute resources         but stressed that no decision
he will have the courage to go        U.S. commanders should carry           and whom they target.                 will be made until March. "We
back to the president and say         out the transition as Iraqi                 Petraeus has a notebook in       should be able to maintain a
he needs to keep forces that he       forces       assume         greater    which he keeps the names of           reasonable         rate      of
had planned to send home,"            responsibility for the country's       sectarian officers and officials,     redeployment, perhaps at about
said Col. John R. Martin,             security while the gradual             but he recently noted that a few      the same rate as the surge
senior adviser to Petraeus.           withdrawal of combat brigades          of the worst offenders are now        brigades are redeployed,"
     In contrast, "Centcom, the       shrinks the U.S. presence.             advancing reconciliation, said        Martin said.
Joint Staff and OSD [Office of             Commanders                  are   the senior military official.
the Secretary of Defense]             instructed to maintain their                While U.S. leaders in
would be happier with more            ability to train and mentor Iraqi      Baghdad revise their campaign         New York Times
forces coming out, and if they        security      forces      and     to   plan, a parallel effort is            October 22, 2007
could order us to redeploy            contribute        air      support,    underway, directed by the             Pg. 12
forces more quickly they              intelligence and other key             Pentagon         and        Central   10. Confusion On
would do it," said a senior           capabilities. In addition, they        Command, "to execute the              Deaths After Fighting In
official familiar with the plan.      must closely oversee events in         drawdown and mission change           Sadr City
"But the president is on the          regions where Iraqis are               in Iraq," said another senior         By Alissa J. Rubin
CG's [commanding general's]           operating, either by assigning         military official. This involves           BAGHDAD, Oct. 21 —
side."                                U.S. military transition teams         weighing how best to pull U.S.        American forces on Sunday
     Senior      Pentagon      and    to Iraqi units or by partnering        combat units from regions,            came under heavy fire in three
military officials say the            U.S. units with Iraqi forces --        redistribute their assigned areas     locations in Sadr City, the
tensions        emerge       from     although the latter option will        of operation and decide which         Shiite enclave in Baghdad, and
commanders'              different    diminish as U.S. forces pull           combination of U.S. troops,           returned fire, killing 49
responsibilities. "The concern        out. "As partnering goes away,         Iraqi     forces      and     local   militants, according to an
in Baghdad is a lot more              I expect transition teams to           volunteers       can      maintain    American military official and
restricted, as their mission only     grow," a senior military official      security.                             a military statement about the
includes Iraq," said a senior         said.                                       "The key thing is, as you        episode.
military official. "At the end of          The      campaign        plan's   pull a brigade out, their turf has         Iraqi witnesses said that 17
the day, Iraq is Iraq. It's very      recognition        that       Shiite   to be reapportioned to other          people had been killed, one of
important, but there are other        extremists pose a relatively           people. How is that done --           whom was an elderly woman
problems in the world," such as       greater threat comes as rival          with more of our troops or            who died of her wounds, and
Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon            Shiite militias have increased         Iraqi troops? We will have to         that of 40 people who had been
and the Horn of Africa, the           their     attacks       throughout     make continual assessments of         wounded, a number were
official said.                        southern Iraq in recent months,        how the Iraqi army is doing           children. At least four of the
     The      plan    calls     for   including the assassination of         and how to integrate the              wounded children were at
accelerated talks with the Iraqi      two provincial governors. A            concerned local citizens," that       Imam Ali Hospital in Sadr
government to secure a                quarterly Pentagon report on           official said.                        City, where family members
renewal of the U.N. Security          Iraq released last month                    Some military analysts           helped the overtaxed hospital
Council resolution that allows        concluded that the instability in      doubt that Iraqi security forces      staff and anxiously hovered
the U.S. military to operate in       some      southern       provinces     are impartial enough to enforce       over the children.
Iraq through 2008. That               reflected the growing strength         the local cease-fires being                Prime     Minister     Nuri
process could be complicated          of the Mahdi Army, the militia         negotiated around the country,        Kamal al-Maliki said in a
if, as U.S. officials expect,         of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada       and think that large numbers of       statement that the American
Iraqi leaders pursue changes to       al-Sadr.                               U.S. troops will be needed to         military should avoid using
the status of private security             Even so, officials said, the      police such accords for at least      excessive force that ran the risk
contractors operating in Iraq.        targeting of Shiite militias is        another year. "If we are leaving      of harming civilians and that
     Then, by the end of next         far more sensitive for the             and expecting the Iraqi security      the      government        would
year, the plan calls for the          Shiite-led Iraqi government            forces to enforce these               investigate     the     episode.
negotiation of an accord on a         than is the U.S. effort against        cease-fires, we are in deep,          However, he did not condemn
long-term strategic relationship      the Sunni group al-Qaeda in            deep trouble," said Stephen           the attack outright. The Iraqi
between the two countries.            Iraq. "When hitting on these           Biddle, a military expert at the      government has given tacit
Such an agreement would spell         militias, you are getting close        Council on Foreign Relations          approval for a number of
out the remaining U.S. forces'        to home for these Shia                 who has advised Petraeus.
                                                                                                                                       page 13
similar American raids on both      beloved by Iraqis for breakfast.     any individual occurrence it is      violence also includes a
Sunni      Arab     and    Shiite         “I was holding the samoun      hard to tell which factors play      decrease in the number of
militants.                          in my arms in a big bag,” said       the most important role.             attacks      attributable      to
     In the operation, American     Ali Saiedi, adding that he was            Outside of Baghdad on           insurgents backed or armed by
soldiers were searching for an      taking the bread home for his        Sunday, preparations were            Iran. Pentagon Press Secretary
Iraqi who is believed to be in      eight siblings and his parents.      under way in Anbar Province          Geoff Morrell confirmed to
charge of a kidnapping ring.        “Then I heard a big sound and        for a parade in honor of the         NEWSWEEK that "there has
“Our objective was to go in         I tried to run, I wanted to reach    tribal councils that have been       indeed been a drop" in such
and locate one high-value           my home, but I couldn’t.             fighting     Al     Qaeda      in    attacks, but he added that "it's
target responsible for an                 “And then when I woke          Mesopotamia, a homegrown             not entirely clear what the
extensive        Iranian-backed     up, I was here,” he said, as he      extremist organization that          reason for that is."
kidnapping ring,” said the          lay in a bed at the Imam Ali         American intelligence sources             Overall trends show a
military official, speaking on      Hospital with bandages on his        say     has     some      foreign    significant drop in violence
the condition of anonymity          arms from shrapnel cuts.             leadership.                          over the last several months,
because the military is still             His    cousin,     Murtada          The      celebration      on    according      to     previously
gathering data about the attack.    Saiedi, in the next bed, would       Monday will be just two days         unpublished military statistics
     The operation failed to        not speak. He winced as he           after a tribal delegation from       obtained by NEWSWEEK.
capture the man, but as it was      shifted his weight in the bed        Karbala Province, which is           During a single week in
under way, American soldiers        and looked up silently at his        primarily Shiite, came to meet       mid-September, attacks in Iraq
came under heavy fire from          father and uncle, who were           with the Anbar sheiks to             totaled about 900—down from
gunmen       using     automatic    leaning over the child. The          discuss border issues of             about 1,700 a week in June.
weapons and rocket-propelled        doctor had just come by to say       concern to both of them. The         The number of attacks
grenades, the statement said.       that he thought Murtada might        sheiks agreed that they needed       increased slightly in late
The soldiers called for air         have some internal bleeding.         to work together to secure the       September and early October
support and the military said             An official at the hospital,   border between the provinces.        during the Muslim holy month
that at least 33 people were        Abu Ibrahim, said an elderly         The Karbala sheiks are worried       of Ramadan. But according to
killed by ground fire in the        woman whose midsection had           that without a tough and             the statistics, the just-ended
initial engagement and 6 others     been nearly severed by               organized security plan, Sunni       Ramadan         holiday      was
by air attacks. As the American     shrapnel died Sunday evening,        Arab militants might migrate to      significantly less violent this
forces tried to leave the area,     bringing the total dead at the       Karbala.                             year than in the previous two
heavy fire continued and the        hospital to 16. There were 38             Richard A. Oppel Jr. and        years.
attackers detonated a roadside      wounded who were admitted to         Mudhafer              al-Husaini          The crucial question is,
bomb. Ten other Iraqi fighters      the hospital, he said. Officials     contributed reporting from           why?              Administration
were killed as the Americans        at a second hospital in the          Baghdad, and Iraqi employees         spokesmen       have     publicly
tried to withdraw, the military     neighborhood reported one            of The New York Times from           attributed the decline in
statement said.                     dead and two wounded.                Karbala and Anbar.                   violence to the success of the
     Although the area has been           The military said it did not                                        administration's troop "surge"
controlled by the militia of the    believe there were any civilian                                           policies as well as military
anti-American cleric Moktada        deaths as a result of the            Newsweek                             operations against Al Qaeda in
al-Sadr, militia members have       fighting.     “Ground       forces   October 29, 2007                     Iraq. Other factors include
been quiet since late August        reported they were unaware of        Periscope                            improvements to Iraqi security
when Mr. Sadr asked them to         any innocent civilians being         11. A Decline In                     forces and growing revulsion
lay down their arms. The            killed as a result of this           Bloodshed                            among Sunni tribal leaders
suspension        of      militia   operation,”       the     military   By Mark Hosenball                    over jihadi attacks on their
operations has allowed the          statement said.                           The Bush administration is      communities. The decline in
American military to focus its            The episode highlights the     starving for good news out of        Iranian-backed violence is
attacks on people who have          difficulty of determining the        Iraq, and it may finally have        harder to explain—and despite
continued to fight despite Mr.      facts after military operations,     some: new U.S. government            the new data, some officers on
Sadr’s call for a truce. The        especially     ones     involving    statistics showing that violent      the ground in Baghdad still
military contends that at least     firefights in which much             attacks of all kinds are down to     aren't buying it. But officials
some of those still fighting        happens quickly. The military        levels not seen since 2005. But      back in Washington cite
have links to Iran.                 said the reason so few bodies        until        recently,         the   numerous possible reasons for
     For Sadr City residents in     were taken to hospitals was          administration appears to have       the     turnaround.     Multiple
the areas where the fighting        that the militants picked up the     resisted acknowledging a key         sources suggest that U.S.
was under way, at least some        bodies of their own people to        element of the new data,             operations against Iranian
of whom appeared to have            prevent American soldiers            because it flies in the face of      influence—which             have
nothing to do with Mr. Sadr’s       from gaining intelligence about      President George W. Bush's           included rounding up alleged
militia, the gunfire was            them.                                ongoing                 rhetorical   Iranian      operatives      and
terrifying.     Two      cousins,         In cases where Iraqi           confrontation      with     Iran's   Iranian-backed
Murtada Saiedi, 8, and Ali          casualty numbers are far higher      clerical regime. According to        insurgents—have taken "quite
Saiedi, 11, were walking home       than American numbers, the           three senior U.S. officials, who     a bite" out of insurgent cells
at 6:15 a.m. after buying fresh     American military sometimes          asked for anonymity when             and supply networks, one
samoun for their families.          says the discrepancy is a result     discussing               sensitive   official says. Another factor
Samoun is a triangular bread        of exaggeration by Iraqis. In        information, the decline in Iraq     could be that the insurgents
                                                                                                                                            page 14
have decided to wage fewer           operating bases in Iraq. The           employees meet the legal                   National security and
attacks. Multiple officials note     company should be prepared to          requirements to perform as            intelligence reporter Walter
that radical cleric Moqtada          return with equipment needing          security guards."                     Pincus     pores   over     the
al-Sadr, who has close ties with     repair or replacement.                      Perhaps most interesting in      speeches, reports, transcripts
Iran, recently ordered his                "When        required,     the    the current atmosphere are            and other documents that flood
militia to settle down. It's also    Contractor shall also provide          "security requirements" that are      Washington and every week
possible, two U.S. officials say,    Convoy Escort Teams (CET),"            laid out for the contractor and       uncovers the fine print that
that Iranian leaders are             the proposal said, with                the        security     personnel,    rarely makes headlines -- but
responding       to    diplomatic    shipment convoys integrated            including the rules under which       should.
lobbying from the Iraqi              into      the      Multi-National      weapons can be used. Each of
government and scaling back          Force-Iraq's movement control          the individuals must be trained
some of their support for the        system.                                in the "law of armed conflict"        New York Times
insurgency.                               Although the loads to be          and the "rules for the use of         October 22, 2007
     No one in Washington            carried       are      summarily       force," prior to "performing          Pg. 8
believes that Iran-fomented          described as "reconstruction           services under this contract."        13. Joint Chiefs
violence has ceased to be a          materials," the details of the              The rules for the use of         Chairman Looks
problem. A senior official           proposal show that they could          force say that shooting               Beyond Current Wars
noted that a recent arms             range from fresh or frozen food        weapons may only be used in           By Thom Shanker
convoy seized in Herat,              and      bottled      water       to   self-defense, to defend those              WASHINGTON, Oct. 21
Afghanistan, and destined for        ammunition, damaged M1                 being protected "as specified in      — The new chairman of the
Taliban rebels, contained IED        tanks or jet fuel for aircraft.        your contract" and "to prevent        Joint Chiefs of Staff plans to
components similar to those               "The      Contractor       will   life      threatening      offenses   press Congress and the public
seized earlier in Baghdad and        provide transportation escort          against civilians." Weapons are       to sustain the current high
southern Iraq. U.S. officials        protection of goods from               to be fired by contractors only       levels of military spending —
believe     that     the    Herat    terrorist or criminal attacks          as "aimed shots," and "with           even after the Iraq war —
consignment originated with          during travel to/from secure           regard for the safety of              arguing for money to repair
elements         from       Iran's   project worksites anywhere in          innocent bystanders." You are         and replace worn-out weapons
Revolutionary Guard. They            Iraq," according to the                to shoot "to remove the threat        and to restore American
concede, however, that they do       proposal.                              only where necessary."                ground forces he described as
not know how high up in the               The CETs are to be                     These rules differ from the      “breakable,” though not yet
Iranian               government     available seven days a week for        U.S. military's rules of              broken.
authorization for the shipment       daytime        and       nighttime     engagement. The military's                 The new chairman, Adm.
came from or whether it was          operations. Each convoy CET            rules require only a "positive        Mike Mullen, expressed deep
part of a high-level Iranian         is to have "at least one English       identification" before firing         concerns      that     the    long
strategy to bleed U.S. forces in     speaking expatriate for every          that it is "a reasonable certainty    counterinsurgency missions in
the region.                          gun truck that will be utilized,"      that the proposed target is a         Iraq and Afghanistan have so
                                     and, "one expatriate shall be          legitimate military target,"          consumed the military that the
                                     designated as the Convoy               meaning "hostile ... enemy            Army and Marine Corps may
Washington Post                      Team Leader." Convoys will             military and/or paramilitary          be      unprepared        for    a
October 22, 2007                     get route approval from                forces." Under the trucking           high-intensity war against a
Pg. 21                               military authorities 24 hours          contract, armed employees are         major adversary.
Fine Print                           prior to departure, and the team       to be briefed that they may                He rejected the counsel of
12. Contract Tightens                leader will communicate with           "NOT use rules of engagement          those     who       might     urge
Rules Of Engagement                  the military command on                at any time for a use of force        immediate attacks inside Iran
By Walter Pincus                     departure and upon arrival at          decision."                            to destroy nuclear installations
     A new contract proposal         the final destination. "The team            The law of armed conflict        or to stop the flow of
put forward last week by the         leader will communicate when           prohibits firing on those who         explosives that end up as
Joint               Contracting      any scheduled or unscheduled           have surrendered or who have          powerful roadside bombs in
Command-Iraq shows that the          stops occur" and "report               been wounded and stopped              Iraq or Afghanistan, killing
U.S. military believes there is      immediately any incidents."            fighting. Under the proposal,         American troops.
going to be a continuing need             The contractor and the            training for contractors will              With America at war in
for private, armed, security         subcontractor personnel that           also include rendering first aid      two Muslim countries, he said,
services such as Blackwater          are hired to handle security,          as soon as possible to the            attacking a third Islamic nation
USA in that country for years        such as Blackwater USA or              wounded.                              in      the       region      “has
to come.                             any other private security                  The        contractor      and   extraordinary challenges and
     The one-year contract,          service, "must be legally              subcontractors involved in            risks associated with it.” The
with options for two more            authorized to carry, posses,           security must obtain "a signed        military option, he said, should
years, is for a company to           train with and employ firearms         written acknowledgment from           be a last resort.
provide "secure long-haul"           and ammunition." The prime             each of their employees                    But     Admiral        Mullen
trucking and shipping services       contractor is "responsible to          authorized to bear weapons on         warned any nation, including
throughout the Iraq theater,         conduct       the     appropriate      this contract" that they have         Iran, not to “mistake restraint
carrying       "reconstruction"      criminal        and       financial    been briefed on these rules. In       for lack of commitment or lack
materials from sites in Kuwait,      background         checks        (of   addition, there must be briefing      of concern or lack of
Jordan and Turkey to forward         personnel) to ensure all               before each convoy mission.
                                                                                                                                      page 15
capability.” He described the        supplied by the Office of           broader spectrum of missions,”      craft.
Air Force and Navy as                Management and Budget,              he added.                                Exercise Falcon Virgo,
America’s “strategic reserve,”       military       spending      was         He pushed back against         slated to run Tuesday through
ready to carry out a full range      sustained at 5 percent or more      those who are calling for           Thursday, will comprise a
of combat operations beyond          of gross domestic product from      military action against Iran’s      series of training flights done
Iraq and Afghanistan.                the mid-1970s, rising above 6       nuclear program, saying that        in coordination with the
     In his first interview since    percent in the final years of the   diplomatic       and    economic    Federal                  Aviation
becoming chairman, Admiral           cold war. In 1993, after the        pressure must take precedence.      Administration,      the    NCR
Mullen sat in his Pentagon           collapse of Communism in                 The threat to American         Command Center, the Joint Air
office on Friday and described       Eastern Europe and the Persian      and     allied     troops   from    Defense Operations Center,
his three immediate priorities:      Gulf war, it dropped below 4        high-powered explosives from        Civil Air Patrol and NORAD’s
     *Develop        a    military   percent, declined to 3 percent      Iran, he said, should be            Northeast Air Defense Sector.
strategy for the Middle East,        by the late 1990s, and only         countered by halting their flow     The drills, which have become
beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.         climbed above 4 percent again       into Iraq or Afghanistan across     common since Sept. 11, 2001,
     *Accelerate efforts to          in 2003.                            the borders, and with attacks       are designed to test the area’s
“reconstitute, reset, revitalize”         Weighing         into      a   on those bomb-making and            rapid response to a terrorist
the armed forces, which he said      Washington debate assessing         bomb-planting cells inside Iraq     threat or attack.
meant       replacing     combat     the current capability of           or Afghanistan.                          Residents of the region
equipment and tending to the         insurgents in Iraq who align             “That said, that doesn’t get   should        expect      flights
needs of those in uniform, in        themselves with Al Qaeda, and       at the source of it,” he            throughout the day and night.
particular soldiers and marines      fighters loyal to the Taliban in    acknowledged. Asked whether         The aircraft involved include
and their families.                  Afghanistan, Admiral Mullen         the American military should        Air Force F-16s and C38s,
     *Refocus the military’s         described both organizations as     aim at sites inside Iran if         Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin
attention beyond the current         severely wounded but still very     intelligence indicated that such    helicopters and civil air patrol
wars to prepare for other            lethal.                             interdiction could halt the flow    planes.
challenges, especially along the          The       admiral,      who    of those bombs, he said “the             Since the 2001 terrorist
Pacific Rim and in Africa.           previously was chief of naval       risks could be very, very high.”    attacks on the World Trade
     Those efforts will require a    operations, visited troops in            “We’re in a conflict in two    Center and Pentagon, NORAD
considerable commitment of           Iraq       and       Afghanistan    countries out there right now,”     fighters have responded to
money, and Pentagon officials        immediately after becoming          he added. “We have to be            more than 2,300 possible air
are quietly acknowledging that       chairman three weeks ago, and       incredibly thoughtful about the     threats over North America,
Congress and the public may          said he returned pleased with       potential of in fact getting into   and have flown some 46,780
have little appetite after Iraq      progress on security.               a conflict with a third country     sorties, according to the
for sustaining the high levels of         One of the few Vietnam         in that part of the world.”         defense agency.
military spending carried out        War veterans remaining in the            After      meeting     with
since the attacks of Sept. 11,       most senior officer corps,          soldiers and marines in Iraq
2001.                                Admiral Mullen expressed            and Afghanistan in recent           New York Times
     But Admiral Mullen said         worries that the missions in        weeks, Admiral Mullen said:         October 22, 2007
that an important part of his job    Iraq and Afghanistan had            “They’re tired. They’ve been        Pg. B1
would be making the case for         undermined the military’s           doing unbelievably great work       15. A Protector As A
maintaining        those    large    ability to fight big wars — and     for our country. And we need        Child, Honored As A
military budgets.                    distracted the armed forces         to make sure we take care of        Hero
     “I think as a country we’re     from preparing to face other        them and their families.”           By Raymond Hernandez
just going to have to devote         threats.                                 Assessing the impact of             In June 2005, Lt. Michael
more resources to national                “Because we have had           long, repeated deployments for      P. Murphy and three fellow
security in the world that we’re     such an intense focus on the        the ground forces in Iran and       members of the Navy Seals
living in right now,” he said.       Middle East and Iraq and            Afghanistan, he said, “The          were on a mission in the
“And I don’t do that lightly.”       Afghanistan, there is risk          ground forces are not broken,       mountains of Afghanistan
     “I recognize that the           associated with those other         but they are breakable.”            when they were pinned down
budget is higher now than it’s       parts of the world,” Admiral                                            by a swarm of enemy fighters.
ever been,” he added, referring      Mullen said.                                                            Trapped in a steep ravine, they
to the combined total of the              Current combat efforts are     Washington Examiner
                                                                                                             were unable to get a radio
basic        annual       Defense    so     heavily     focused     on   October 22, 2007
                                                                                                             signal to call for help.
Department budget and the            counterinsurgency        missions   14. NORAD Fighters                       With      the     Americans
special supplemental budgets         that the Army and Marine            Flying Again This Week              suffering injuries, ammunition
to pay for the wars in Iraq and      Corps “haven’t been training in     By Michael Neibauer,                running low and roughly 100
Afghanistan.                         or focusing on this wider           Examiner Staff Writer               Taliban fighters closing in,
     Military      spending     is   spectrum of requirements                 The    North    American       Lieutenant Murphy made a
hovering around 4 percent of         should we need to be called to      Aerospace Defense Command           bold but fateful decision: He
gross domestic product, “and I       do something else,” Admiral         this week will hold another         left the sheltering mountain
would see that in the future as      Mullen said.                        series of drills and exercises      rocks into an open area where
an absolute floor,” Admiral               “And so we’ve got to           over the National Capital           he hoped to get a radio
Mullen said.                         make sure that we can train to,     Region, testing its ability to      frequency.
     According to statistics         equip to and be ready for just a    intercept and identify enemy
                                                                                                                                        page 16
     He managed to make              graduated with two bachelor’s        special operations soldiers. But    the soldier from Fort Bliss, in
contact with Bagram Air Base,        degrees, in political science        a rocket-propelled grenade          West Texas, survived five
calling in his unit’s location       and psychology.                      struck      the     slow-moving     improvised explosive device
and the size of the enemy                 His       options       after   helicopter as it approached,        blasts and several grenade
force, even as he came under         graduating in 1998 were wide         killing all 16 men aboard.          attacks.
direct fire, according to a          open, and he was accepted into       Lieutenant Murphy and two                "A lot of people go
declassified Navy account of         several law schools. He chose        others in his unit were killed in   through one IED and don't
the battle.                          to join the military and train to    the firefight. Corpsman Luttrell    survive," said Army Sgt. 1st
     He also was shot several        become a Navy commando. He           escaped, and took refuge in a       Class Eugene Schmidt.
times and died.                      attended the Navy’s Officer          village until he was rescued             But Spc. Johnson's luck
     Today, President Bush will      Candidate School in Pensacola,       several days later.                 began to turn with the last IED
award Lieutenant Murphy, a           Fla., and then completed the              Corpsman Luttrell and the      blast, which left him with a
team leader from Patchogue,          Seals’ harsh training program        other two men who were              traumatic brain injury. Back in
the Medal of Honor, the              and became a member of the           killed, Gunner’s Mate 2nd           Texas for care at Brooke Army
nation’s     highest     military    Seals in April 2002.                 Class Danny P. Dietz and            Medical Center in San
award. Mr. Bush will present it           It was a significant            Sonar Technician 2nd Class          Antonio, he was eagerly
to Lieutenant Murphy’s father        achievement for Lieutenant           Matthew G. Axelson, all             awaiting a visit by his wife and
and mother, Daniel and               Murphy, who was not quite 6          received the Navy Cross.            three children last weekend.
Maureen, in a ceremony               feet tall, slight compared with           Mr.      Bush       approved        But the children never
scheduled to take place in the       the     physically       imposing    Lieutenant             Murphy’s     arrived.
East Room.                           members of the Seals. Each           nomination for the medal on              "I went up to his room and
     Mr. Murphy said his son’s       year, 50 to 200 sailors graduate     Oct. 11, more than two years        told him there was a problem,"
action in battle was typical of      from the training program. The       after      his      commanders      said Sgt. Schmidt, an Army
the sort of selflessness he          dropout rate is 74 percent,          recommended him for an              medic who has grown close to
displayed even as a child,           according to the Navy.               award to recognize his actions      the family over the last week.
recalling an episode when he              His final mission was on        in battle.                          "I told him there was an
got into a scrap with three          June 28, 2005, when he led a              Since the medal was            accident and two of his
bullies in middle school who         four-man Seal unit searching         created during the Civil War, it    children were deceased.
tried to shove a disabled            for a Taliban leader behind          has been bestowed on more                "He said, 'Two of my
student in a locker.                 enemy lines. The Americans           than 3,400 soldiers, sailors,       children are dead?' And we
     “He just jumped in,” Mr.        were spotted about 24 hours          airmen, marines and coast           started crying."
Murphy said, noting that it was      after being dropped in a             guardsmen, according to the              Driving across the plains
the kind of action that led him      mountainous stretch of eastern       Congressional Medal of Honor        from El Paso, Spc. Johnson's
and his former wife to refer to      Afghanistan’s Kunar Province,        Society in Mount Pleasant,          wife, Lisa, had encountered a
their oldest son as “the             according to the Navy. A             S.C.                                ferocious wind gust in her
Protector” when he was a boy.        firefight       erupted.      The         Lieutenant Murphy is the       Chevrolet Trailblazer, Sgt.
“That was Michael’s way.”            Americans,                  vastly   first member of the Navy to         Schmidt said. "She steered and
     Lieutenant Murphy, who          outnumbered, took cover in the       receive the medal since the         overcorrected, and the car
was 29 and engaged, is the first     steep slopes as the batted raged     Vietnam       War,     a    Navy    rolled over four times."
member of the military to            for more than two hours.             spokesman said.                          The youngest children,
receive the medal for service in          But then, according to               In an interview, Daniel        2-year-old        Logan       and
the war in Afghanistan. The          Hospital Corpsman Marcus             Murphy said that he was not         5-year-old Ashley, died at the
war in Iraq has produced two         Luttrell, the unit’s only            surprised to learn about his        scene. Nine-year-old Tyler
Medal of Honor recipients,           survivor that day, Lieutenant        son’s actions. “What Maureen        suffered massive head injuries
most recently in January when        Murphy made his way toward           and I always worried about          and was flown to Children's
Marine Cpl. Jason L. Dunham,         the exposed ridge between the        was that he would put himself       Medical Center Dallas, where
a recruit from upstate New           mountains, making him an             in danger to help someone else,     he remained on life support
York, received the award             easy target. “I was cursing at       which turned out to be true,”       Saturday.
posthumously.                        him from where I was,” he            he said.                                 Mrs. Johnson suffered
     Early     in    his     life,   recalled in an interview. “I was                                         bruises but was released from a
Lieutenant Murphy appeared to        saying, ‘What are you doing?’                                            hospital to join her husband in
possess the qualities that would     Then I realized that he was          Dallas Morning News                 Dallas. They have been staying
make him the kind of candidate       making a call. But then he           October 21, 2007                    at the Ronald McDonald House
sought by the Seals, an elite        started getting hit. He finished     16. Rallying For                    to be near Tyler.
Navy unit known for daring,          the call, picked up his rifle and    Soldier's Family                         Though the family was too
physical toughness and mental        started fighting again. But he       Support pours in after car          grief-stricken to talk publicly,
acuity.                              was overrun.”                        accident kills two kids on way      Sgt. Schmidt said he was
     He was a member of the               The call placed by              to visit wounded dad                impressed by how they are
National Honor Society in            Lieutenant        Murphy       led   By Holly Yan, The Dallas            handling the situation.
Patchogue-Medford           High     American commanders to               Morning News                             "I think they're very
School, a lifeguard and a solid      dispatch a small rescue force             Army Spc. John Austin          strong, and they have a strong
athlete.       He       attended     that included an MH-47               Johnson seemed to have a gift       religious faith, and that's what's
Pennsylvania State University,       Chinook helicopter with eight        for evading tragedy.                pulling them through it," he
where he played hockey and           Seals members and eight Army              During two years in Iraq,      said.
                                                                                                                                        page 17
     Rhenda       White-Brunner,     alive," Sgt. Schmidt said.                                               while he was going through all
director of United Service           "We're praying."                                                         that over there," Griffin said.
Organizations         Dallas/Fort         Some         might       not   Los Angeles Times                         So, hoping to somehow
Worth, learned of the tragedy        understand the tests of strength    October 22, 2007                     soften his anguish, Griffin
in a message from the group's        that military families endure.      17. Father Finishing                 resolved to go to Iraq to get a
headquarters            Thursday          With each of his IED           Book By Son Killed In                sense of the final phase of his
morning and immediately              encounters,      Spc.     Johnson   Iraq                                 son's life, to speak with the
started coordinating aid.            suffered head trauma and a          By James Ricci, Los Angeles          men he died fighting alongside
     "Our role is to find any        concussion. The cumulative          Times Staff Writer                   and "to feel a little of the
way we could minimize the            effects have gotten worse with           Darrell Griffin Sr. has         danger."
stress for this family after this    each blast.                         gotten down to work on his                He reasoned that it would
horrible, horrible thing," she            He now faces more              final collaboration with his son     help him write the book, which
said.                                rehabilitation and speaks with a    and namesake.                        would be the fulfillment of a
     As word of the family's         severe stutter. Yet he had been          The book taking shape           promise, a kind of gift to his
loss spread, support from the        planning to return to active        beneath his hands is a               son.
military,     businesses       and   duty at Fort Bliss a few days       compendium. It will blend an              Because of his writerly
strangers poured in. One             after his family's visit.           account      of     a     father's   intentions, Griffin obtained
anonymous donor provided                  "The other day, his mother     melancholy journey to Iraq           permission from the military to
five burial plots in the veterans'   asked why he's still doing it,"     with the dire experiences and        travel to the war zone as an
section of Pinecrest Memorial        Sgt. Schmidt said. "After           searching meditations of a son,      embedded journalist. His cause
Park in Alexander, Ark., where       you've been through it five         the latter written down by           was helped by the fact that
Spc. Johnson's grandfather is        times, you might wonder why         Darrell Griffin Jr. before a Sadr    three weeks after his son's
buried. Another purchased            someone keeps doing it. He          City sniper's bullet pierced the     death, Darrell Jr. had been the
markers for Logan and Ashley.        said it was his job."               back of his head in March.           subject of a long cover story in
     American             Airlines        Spc. Johnson's duty kept            Darrell Jr. was an Army         U.S. News and World Report.
provided seven round-trip            him away from Logan, Ashley         infantry staff sergeant, 6 feet 2    His name was familiar to
tickets to the funeral, set for      and Tyler for much of their         inches of muscled warrior.           senior officers, including Gen.
Tuesday in Alexander, Ark.,          lives, but "his children were so    Married, with no children, he'd      David Petraeus, the senior U.S.
and groups such as Soldiers'         proud of him," Sgt. Schmidt         been an emergency medical            commander in Iraq.
Angels, Warrior & Family             said. "They're a very patriotic     technician in Compton before              Apprised of Darrell Griffin
Support Center and Operation         family."                            finding his life's work as a         Sr.'s visit in advance, some of
Provide Comfort took care of              Even as a toddler, Logan       soldier.                             his son's former comrades in
hotel accommodations, food           was a daredevil, his family said         Although he had eschewed        Charger       Company,        2nd
and travel expenses between          through Sgt. Schmidt. He loved      college, he was an avid reader,      Battalion,       3rd      Infantry
West Texas and Dallas.               anything fast and loud,             the owner of -- among                Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade
     "It's been a pleasure and an    particularly monster trucks and     hundreds of other books on           Combat Team, 2nd Infantry
honor to help them," Mrs.            racing cars.                        religion and philosophy -- a         Division, felt a certain unease.
White-Brunner said.                       And he was extremely           23-volume set of the works of             "There was a small bit of
     The Johnsons have been          outgoing. "It didn't matter who     John Calvin.                         hesitancy on the front end
amazed by the flood of               you were. He'd be ready to               Known in the family as          when Mr. Griffin and I first
support.                             come up to you and play."           Skip, he was strong-willed and       corresponded," said Capt.
     "They're               really        Ashley was a "girly girl"      tough-minded from an early           Steve Phillips, who had been
overwhelmed with gratitude           who loved playing with              age.                                 Darrell       Jr.'s     company
from everybody," Sgt. Schmidt        makeup and dresses. "She                 "He was always stretching       commander and was the last
said. "They're very humble           thought she was 5 going on          the limits of authority, always      person to lay a comforting
people. Everyone's coming            20," the couple said through        testing the environment," his        hand on him before he died.
together."                           the sergeant.                       father recalled. "I didn't win an    "Obviously, you never know
     The Johnsons left Dallas             Tyler is exceptionally         argument with him after he           the initial reaction someone
on Saturday afternoon for the        smart,      reading       at    a   was about 8 years old."              would have when he first
visitation in Benton, Ark., the      seventh-grade level in only the          Darrell Jr.'s death at age      shows up and meets the people
family's hometown. They were         fourth grade. Sgt. Schmidt said     36 left his father grieving and      his son spent the last moments
heartbroken       once      again    he is on the honor roll at school   feeling helpless. It was Darrell     of his life with."
because they had to leave Tyler      and is also an Xbox and Wii         Sr., a small-business consultant          Griffin set out for Iraq, via
at the hospital.                     fanatic.                            in Sherman Oaks, who had             Kuwait, on Sept. 1. Caught up
     Despite massive head                 The sergeant said the          suggested that his son keep a        in      military     bureaucratic
injuries and failing kidneys, the    Johnsons have reminded him          journal in Iraq, and who had         procedure, and having to wait
9-year-old was still clinging to     not to take family for granted.     promised to help him put it in       for space on military aircraft, it
life. Doctors hadn't expected        He said their determination to      book form when he returned           took him five days to get to
him to survive the night             overcome can be an inspiration      from his second combat tour.         Baghdad.
Thursday, and some wondered          to others.                               "I thought it would be a             Griffin is a conservative
whether he would make it                  "Their      strength     and   great thing for a father and son     and supporter of the military.
through Friday, but he did.          togetherness of family show         to do, and at the same time it       As a young man, however, he
     "He's a fighter. Even the       how the human sprit can             might help him keep his sanity       was not enthusiastic about the
doctors are amazed he's still        endure, even in great sadness."                                          Vietnam War, and considered
                                                                                                                                          page 18
going to Canada to avoid the          evaporated. "I felt it was           Griffin's grandsons has gone to       I'm not writing this book, we're
draft before signing on with a        wonderful that Sgt. Griffin's        Iraq as a Navy medical                writing it."
California Army National              father was honoring him and          corpsman.
Guard unit based in Stockton,         completing something his son               Film rights to his son's
where he was raised. (He              was unable to, and I would           story have been sold. A               Newsweek
served for six years.)                have the hope my father would        documentary, including the            October 29, 2007
      Griffin's        close-range    do the same thing, which I           videotaped interviews Griffin         18. Haditha Unraveled
education in the realities of the     believe he would."                   conducted in Iraq, also is in the     In a report obtained by
Iraq conflict began on the                  Sgt. 1st Class Samuel          works. (In accordance with the        NEWSWEEK, the affair's
flight to Baghdad. Clad in body       Armer, a close friend of Darrell     wishes of Darrell Jr.'s widow,        investigator casts doubt on the
armor and wearing a Kevlar            Jr., said it took him only a few     Diana, Griffin said, he has           prosecution's case.
helmet, he found himself              minutes to feel comfortable          taken care that the films not be      By Dan Ephron
sitting next to a private             with Griffin, "because he kind       used to oppose or support the              Lt. Col. Paul ware can be
contract employee who was             of reminded me of his son.           war.)                                 blunt. As the investigating
hired to train Iraqi police           There is somewhat of a                     Griffin recently traveled to    officer in the Haditha affair, he
officers.                             physical resemblance, also a         Ft. Lewis, Wash., where he            has the job of assessing how
      "He was 67 years old and        kind of emotional similarity --      attended the ceremony marking         strong a case the prosecution
so overweight he couldn't             the way they discuss things.         the homecoming of his son's           has against Marines suspected
buckle his body armor," Griffin       Darrell Jr. and I, we discussed      unit, and conducted more              of killing 24 civilians after
recalled. "He had no academic         a lot of philosophy and stuff,       interviews.                           being ambushed two years ago
background, and had been a            and Darrell Sr. talked about               Meanwhile,              Alex    in western Iraq. Haditha is the
low-ranking Border Patrol             how the two of them would            Kingsbury, the writer of the          highest-profile atrocity case
agent for seven years, over 10        stay up long nights and discuss      U.S. News and World Report            since the start of the war. For
years ago. I remember him             these things."                       profile, is helping Griffin find a    more than a year, prosecutors
commenting to me that he was                Some of the soldiers saw       publisher for the nascent book,       have      assembled     evidence
going to 'ride this gravy train       in Griffin aspects of their own      for which Petraeus has agreed         against four shooters in Lima
for four years,' at $130,000 a        fathers,        and       became,    to write a foreword, Griffin          Company, including Staff Sgt.
year. And he was there to train       accordingly, protective.             said.                                 Frank Wuterich, 26. But in a
the police that are supposed to             Griffin had hoped to                 Darrell Jr.'s posthumous        painstaking, 37-page report
take over from our boys?"             accompany troops on a combat         contributions to the book             written earlier this month and
      Griffin finally made it,        operation and perhaps visit the      consist of graphic depictions of      obtained by NEWSWEEK,
courtesy of a low-flying Black        site where Darrell Jr. was shot.     battle      carnage,       civilian   Ware tells the military lawyers
Hawk helicopter, to the               His son's unit, however, was         casualties and instances in           their case is weak: "The
forward operating base where          standing down in anticipation        which he killed others. They          evidence is contradictory, the
his son's unit was quartered.         of departing Iraq. Another unit      also          include         such    forensic analysis is limited and
      For the next three days and     had taken over operations.           soul-searchings as these:             almost all the witnesses have
four nights, he tasted the Army             Griffin could have gone on           "This world with its            an obvious bias or prejudice."
life his son relished. He ate in      a mission with the new unit,         complexity is only an imperfect            The Haditha case seems to
the mess hall where his son           but Phillips and others in           analogy of the eternal abyss          be unraveling. Already, all
had. He shopped at the PX. He         Darrell Jr.'s company advised        from which it comes... Is there       charges have been dropped
used        the     long-distance     against it.                          truly a telos (an ultimate            against two of the shooters.
telephones on which his son                 "To the new unit, he           reason) to history or are we          Marine Gen. James Mattis
had called home.                      would be an outsider," Phillips      merely spinning out of control        announced last week that a
      He also interviewed the         said. "They'd be people who          in an ambivalent universe?... I       third Marine, Lance Cpl.
men in Darrell Jr.'s company,         really had no real interest in       am trying to make sense of a          Stephen Tatum, would face a
with a particular interest in the     why he would be out on patrol        world that I had never known          court-martial for involuntary
details of his son's last day.        with them. While it would have       until the first time that I had to    manslaughter, far less than the
      "I did have a little anxiety    been of sentimental value to         kill a man... ."                      original murder indictment.
about meeting him," said 1st          Mr. Griffin, it didn't seem to             Such          metaphysical      And Ware has recommended a
Lt. Gregory Weber, who had            me to be worth the risk."            wonderings characterized the          similar reduction in charges
been Darrell Jr.'s platoon                  Griffin said he decided        father-son dialogue through the       against Wuterich. (In a separate
leader.                               "the juice wasn't worth the          years, Griffin said.                  proceeding,      a     lieutenant
      He had been in the Stryker      squeeze."                                  "Neither of us liked sports,    colonel will be court-martialed
combat vehicle and heard the                "You listen to the experts,"   so the thing we shared was            for failing to accurately report
sniper's bullet strike Darrell Jr.,   he said. "Also I didn't want the     reading and talking," he said.        and investigate the killings.)
who was standing exposed in           guys to have to take care of         "We'd get a couple of bottles of      Until not too long ago, the case
the armored truck's open rear         this 55-year-old, overweight         merlot and talk philosophy late       had      the    aura     of    an
hatch.                                guy."                                into the night. I used to ask him     unambiguous               revenge
      "Losing a squad leader and            Since Griffin returned         in advance which philosophers         massacre: after losing a buddy
a fellow soldier -- it's a little     home, life has been knitting its     we were going to discuss so I         in an IED attack, the Marines
hard to confront that man's           way around the loss of his son.      could read up. I don't think          killed five unarmed men who
father," Weber said.                  He met with Petraeus when the        you'll find a father and son          pulled over and stood outside
      As soon as he met Griffin,      general was in Washington to         closer than we were. He was           their car. Then the Marines
however, Weber's anxiety              testify before Congress. One of      the smartest man I ever met.          moved from one home to the
                                                                                                                                       page 19
next believing they were under            Why did Dela Cruz and          intensify discussion this week       Afghanistan.
fire, and killed men, women         Mendoza get immunity in the          on how they can better                    The Dutch centre-led
and children.                       first    place?     A     Marine     demonstrate solidarity in the        government is prevaricating
     But the sinister reality of    spokesman refused to comment         field of defence spending, in        over whether to extend the
insurgents'     hiding    among     on the process. But a person         order to avoid the military          mission of its troops in
civilians     in     Iraq     has   close to the case, who did not       overstretch burdening many           Afghanistan beyond 2008.
complicated the case. And           want to be named so as not to        states.                                   According to one Nato
even in conventional wars,          prejudice its outcome, says it            As Nato defence ministers       diplomat,      Dutch     defence
battle-zone murder charges can      appeared investigators had           prepare for an informal              ministry officials are expected
be hard to prove. Investigators     marked Wuterich from the start       meeting at Noordwijk in the          to “work the room” in
did not start gathering evidence    as the instigator and the "guy to    Netherlands, Jaap de Hoop            Noordwijk this week to get
until months later, when Time       get." While still in Iraq, he        Scheffer,       the     alliance’s   Nato allies to contribute to
Magazine published an account       alone among Lima Company             secretary general, wants part of     their mission in the restive
of the killings. By then,           Marines refused to answer            their discussion to focus on         province of Uruzgan.
forensic and ballistic evidence     investigators' questions without     how member states can better              Military overstretch has
was scant and autopsies weren't     a lawyer, a fact that might have     support each other’s forces in       also plagued attempts to create
feasible; Iraqi families refused    heightened suspicion against         the field.                           a Nato Response Force, a high
to let the military exhume the      him. Ware, more than a year               Many Nato members –             readiness, multinational force,
victims' bodies. Prosecutors        later, predicts in his report that   especially the US, UK and            capable of being deployed at
were left to rely largely on the    prosecutors will succeed in          France – are facing military         short notice to trouble spots.
statements of the Marines.          convicting Wuterich of nothing       overstretch because of the large     The original idea was for the
Earlier this year they gave         more than dereliction of duty.       number of current operations,        NRF to have 25,000 troops on
immunity to two of the              On the prospects of convicting       including Iraq, Afghanistan,         standby, but member states are
shooters in exchange for their      Tatum on any of the charges,         Kosovo, Bosnia and south             now looking at halving the
testimony. But Ware suggests        Ware says, "the evidentiary          Lebanon, which are draining          figure to 12,500, with the
in his report that prosecutors      hurdles are too great."              resources.                           framework in place to add
immunized the wrong guys.                 Ware,      described      by        Mr de Hoop Scheffer             more if necessary.
Both witnesses, he writes,          colleagues as meticulous,            believes this intense level of            One other issue will also
"have very low credibility,"        shows sympathy for the               activity means Nato members          be high on the agenda at this
and he believes their accounts      Marines. He says Wuterich's          must now focus more closely          week’s meeting: the need for
will not hold up in a               suspicions regarding the five        on how to make better overall        Nato       to      develop      a
cross-examination.                  Iraqis standing outside their car    use of their financial resources.    “comprehensive approach” to
     One of them, Sgt. Sanick       were      understandable:      the        According to a senior Nato      its operations – especially in
Dela Cruz, told investigators       Marines had been told by             official, the problem is partly      Afghanistan – which combine
under oath last year he opened      intelligence officers to watch       the result of national defence       civil and military elements.
fire on the five Iraqi men after    for an IED attack followed           budgets being too low. “But               Many Nato members
the IED attack because they         immediately by a car bombing.        there is also the question of        believe      the    international
started fleeing. But he changed     Ware also says some training         how we can better pool defence       community must enhance
his     story    after    getting   the Marines received conflicted      resources,” he says.                 civilian     co-ordination     in
immunity, testifying in a           with their rules of engagement            Mr de Hoop Scheffer             Afghanistan. This would mean,
pretrial hearing in August that     and led them to believe that, if     believes better co-ordination is     for example, better defining
the men had not run and that        fired upon from a house, they        critical. “You have situations,      how to tackle the drugs
Wuterich had done the               could clear it with grenades         for example, where a country         problem, and boosting Afghan
shooting. Dela Cruz told the        and        gunfire        without    has spent lots of money to buy       police and civil structures. One
court he'd fired only at their      determining whether civilians        helicopters but cannot afford to     idea mooted by some member
dead bodies. Though Wuterich        were inside. After the Haditha       send them to Afghanistan             states is for the United Nations
himself admitted to shooting        killings, the commandant of          because it is too far away,”         to     appoint      a    civilian
the men in a "60 Minutes"           the Marine Corps himself             said the Nato official.              “international co-ordinator” – a
interview earlier this year,        clarified the discrepancies to            “Other Nato countries can       job sometimes linked with
conflicts in the sum total of       his men. But by then, the sad        afford, for some time, to            former       German       foreign
testimony      led    Ware     to   legacy of Haditha had already        deploy their helicopters [in         minister Joschka Fischer.
recommend        dropping     the   been inscribed.                      Afghanistan], but not forever.
murder charge. As for Lance                                              So the question arises whether
Cpl. Humberto Mendoza, the                                               other Nato countries, who            New York Times
other witness, Ware describes       Financial Times                      haven’t already paid to acquire      October 22, 2007
his testimony as a "desperate       October 22, 2007                     these assets, can perhaps help       Pg. 12
attempt to cover up lies with       19. Nato Chiefs Urge                 pay for their use?”                  20. Afghanistan Seeks
more lies." (Ware declined to       Nations To Pool                           The         problem        of   Review Of Herbicides In
comment, but a lawyer close to      Resources                            overstretch is at the heart of the   Poppy War
the Haditha case confirmed his      By James Blitz and Stephen           most immediate policy hurdle         By Kirk Semple
report's authenticity. Dela         Fidler                               facing Nato: the need to ensure          KABUL,      Afghanistan,
Cruz's lawyer declined to               Nato’s civilian chief wants      it can fill gaps that may soon       Oct. 21 — In the face of
comment; Mendoza's attorney         the alliance’s 26 countries to       open up in Isaf, Nato’s              pressure from the American
could not be reached.)                                                   35,000-strong        force      in
                                                                                                                                        page 20
government, the administration       about its efficacy as a                   “This is the most-studied     when it is trying to persuade its
of President Hamid Karzai is         herbicide,” Faizullah Kakar,         herbicide in the world,” the       allies in Europe to impose
seeking the formation of an          the Public Health Ministry’s         State Department official said.    stiffer sanctions on Tehran.
international           scientific   deputy minister for technical        “We’ve told them, ‘The one         Those efforts grew more
committee to review the safety       affairs, said of glyphosate.         thing you shouldn’t worry          complicated on Saturday when
of chemical herbicides to            “The issue is the health             about are the health impacts.’”    Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator
combat Afghanistan’s opium           impacts and the social and                But American officials        resigned on the eve of crucial
poppy crop, Afghan and               political impacts.”                  acknowledge that assuaging         talks with Europe.
Western officials say.                    Mr. Kakar and Mr. Ramin,        Afghans’ fears about the safety         “The Iranian regime needs
      The Afghan government          the agriculture minister, have       of glyphosate is only part of      to know that if it stays on its
has also formed two of its own       been among the Karzai                their challenge. An extensive      present           course,       the
committees to study the issue        administration’s biggest critics     public information campaign        international community is
and, with a new growing              of      chemical      eradication.   would also have to be carried      prepared to impose serious
season beginning this month,         Western        officials       say   out to dispel fears about the      consequences,” Mr. Cheney
has vowed to conduct a speedy        endorsements by the two men          chemical’s political impacts.      said, without specifying what
review       process,     Afghan     would be critical in persuading                                         those might be. “The United
officials said. “We are working      the entire Afghan government                                            States joins other nations in
around the clock,” Obaidullah        to approve spraying.                 Atlanta Journal-Constitution       sending a clear message: We
Ramin, Afghanistan’s minister             Mr. Kakar, who received         October 22, 2007                   will not allow Iran to have a
of agriculture, irrigation and       advanced degrees in toxicology       21. Taliban, Civilians             nuclear weapon.”
livestock, said in an interview      and epidemiology in the United       Killed In Clashes                       Mr. Cheney delivered his
last week.                           States, said in an interview last         Fierce fighting between       warnings            during        a
      The moves, which follow        week that while living in the        suspected Taliban militants and    wide-ranging foreign policy
a visit to Kabul earlier this        United States, he had used           U.S.-led forces in eastern         speech to the Washington
month by a State Department          glyphosate to kill weeds in his      Afghanistan near the border        Institute for Near East Policy, a
delegation that briefed Afghan       yard. But there, he pointed out,     with Pakistan left at least 20     research organization. During
cabinet officials on the efficacy    the water supply is better           insurgents and one civilian        the 35-minute talk, he also took
and safety of the chemicals,         protected and regulated. “In         dead, NATO said. At least 11       aim      at     Syria,     accusing
suggest a new willingness on         Afghanistan, that’s not the          civilians were wounded in the      Damascus of using “bribery
the part of the Afghan               case,” he said.                      fighting, and Kunar province       and intimidation” to influence
government to reconsider its              Glyphosate, he said, “can       village    elders    said   the    the coming elections in
opposition       to     chemical     run into ditches and run into        suspected militants had used       Lebanon, and he presented the
eradication.                         rivers and that’s the water that     civilians as human shields or      case for the administration’s
      Since the beginning of the     the whole population is using.”      fired on NATO forces from          muscular          approach       to
year, the Karzai administration      Mr. Kakar also said he had           positions with civilians in the    investigating             suspected
has said it is adamantly             encountered some findings that       area.                              terrorists.
opposed to the use of chemical       suggested there might be a link                                              But Mr. Cheney reserved
herbicides to eradicate poppy        between glyphosate and health                                           his harshest language for Iran.
fields. But in recent weeks, the     problems.                            New York Times                     Calling it “the world’s most
American government has                   American officials in           October 22, 2007                   active      state     sponsor    of
renewed its pressure on the          Kabul and Washington said the        Pg. 8                              terrorism,” he said, “our
Afghans to endorse at least a        State       Department        was    22. Cheney, Like                   country, and the entire
trial    ground-based       spray    assembling a list of candidates      President, Has A                   international           community,
program using glyphosate, a          for an international committee.      Warning For Iran                   cannot stand by as a
widely sold weed killer that         “Our goal is to very quickly         By Sheryl Gay Stolberg             terror-supporting state fulfills
has also been used in                pull this together,” a State              LANDSDOWNE,            Va.,   its most aggressive ambitions.”
American-financed                    Department         official     in   Oct. 21 — Vice President Dick           That language is not
counternarcotics programs in         Washington said in a telephone       Cheney issued a pointed            radically different from what
the Andes and elsewhere.             interview       on      Saturday,    warning to Iran on Sunday,         Mr. Cheney has used in the
      The Karzai administration      speaking on the condition of         calling the government in          past. But people at the
has been reluctant, in part,         anonymity because he was not         Tehran “a growing obstacle to      conference said that, placed in
because of concerns about the        authorized to discuss the topic      peace in the Middle East” and      the context of Mr. Bush’s
possible environmental and           for attribution. He said the plan    promising               “serious   remarks, it represented a
public health consequences.          was to submit a list of names        consequences”        if      the   significant        step      toward
Afghan officials have also           for consideration to the Karzai      government there does not          increasing pressure on Iran.
argued that a program with           administration within two            abandon its nuclear program.       The speech seemed to lay the
American-financed chemical           weeks.                                    The remarks, just days        groundwork for the threat of
eradication squads wiping out             The Afghan government           after President Bush suggested     military action — either
farmers’ livelihoods would           has already formed committees        that a nuclear-armed Iran could    because the administration
hand the Taliban rebels a major      in the Public Health Ministry        lead to “World War III,”           actually intends to use force or
propaganda tool and risk             and in the Ministry of               amounted to Part II of a           because it wants to use the
driving farming communities          Agriculture, Irrigation and          one-two punch from the             threat of force to prod Europe
into the insurgency’s camp.          Livestock to conduct parallel        administration at a moment         into action.
      “We have no questions          reviews, Mr. Ramin said.                                                     “This week we heard a
                                                                                                                                      page 21
significant ratcheting up of the     far broader cutoff of bank          missile commander of Iran's         October 22, 2007
rhetoric,” said Dennis Ross,         lending and technology to Iran      Revolutionary Guards Corps,         25. Hezbollah Warns It
who served as a Middle East          than in the past.                   told Iranian television.            Would Consider A US
envoy for President Clinton               Since 2005, Iran has taken          "The Guards' ground force
and the first President Bush         a     two-pronged       approach    will fire 11,000 rockets into
                                                                                                             Base In Lebanon A
and is now a scholar at the          toward the West, allowing its       identified enemy positions          'Hostile Act'
Washington              Institute.   chief negotiator, Ali Larijani,     within the first minute of any           BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP)
Repeating      Mr.      Cheney’s     to engage in talks with Europe      aggression against Iranian          — Hezbollah's deputy leader
remark        about       serious    and the International Atomic        territory."                         warned the U.S. on Sunday
consequences, he said those          Energy Agency while the                  Chaharbaghi      did     not   against setting up a military
were “strong words” with             country’s president, Mahmoud        identify the bases or the           base in Lebanon, saying the
“serious implications.”              Ahmadinejad, says there is no       enemy, and did not refer to         guerrilla group would consider
     Mr. Bush has repeatedly         room to negotiate. Mr. Larijani     Israel or the United States by      such a move "a hostile act."
said the administration would        has been viewed as more             name.                                    Sheik Naim Kassem's
not “tolerate” a nuclear-armed       moderate          than        Mr.        The United States has          warning came days after a
Iran. But during a news              Ahmadinejad. Mr. Larijani           40,000 troops on various bases      senior Pentagon official said
conference on Wednesday, the         resigned Saturday and is being      in other Persian Gulf countries     the U.S. military would like to
president went further, saying       replaced by more of a               and 20,000 in Mideast waters.       see a "strategic partnership"
of Iran: “If you’re interested in    hard-liner.                              Chaharbaghi's comments         with Lebanon's army to
avoiding World War III, it                The Bush administration,       came        as    the     Iranian   strengthen the country's forces
seems like you ought to be           for its part, seems to be making    government said its top nuclear     so that Hezbollah would have
interested in preventing them        an appeal directly to the           negotiator had resigned, a          no excuse to bear arms.
from having the knowledge            Iranian people in the hope that     move seen as a victory for               Eric              Edelman,
necessary to make a nuclear          they will rise up against the       hard-line President Mahmoud         undersecretary of defense for
weapon.”                             Ahmadinejad government. The         Ahmadinejad.                        policy, spoke on Lebanese
     That distinction — having       White House wants to avoid                                              television    Thursday      after
the knowledge to make a              any perception that it would                                            holding talks on military
nuclear weapon, as opposed to        use military force to bring         Washington Post                     cooperation       with    Prime
actually having a weapon — is        about a change in government        October 22, 2007                    Minister Fuad Saniora. He did
one the administration has not       but has made clear that it          Pg. 20                              not say the U.S. government
made in the past. David              would be only too happy if the      24. Former Nuclear                  wants to build a military base
Makovsky, a senior fellow at         Iranians brought it about           Negotiator To Attend                in Lebanon.
the Washington Institute who         themselves.                                                                  But      Hezbollah      and
                                                                         Key Talks In Rome                   Lebanon's opposition seized on
moderated a panel discussion              Mr. Bush said Wednesday             A      Foreign    Ministry
before and after Mr. Cheney’s        that he intended to continue to                                         Edelman's comments as subtle
                                                                         official said Sunday that Iran's    confirmation          of        a
speech, said the vice president      pursue a policy of isolating        former nuclear negotiator,
also seemed to draw a new red        Iran with the hope that “at                                             pro-opposition       newspaper's
                                                                         considered a relative moderate,     claim that Washington was
line when, instead of saying it      some point in time, somebody        would attend talks in Rome
is “not acceptable” for Iran to      else shows up and says it’s not                                         offering a treaty that provides
                                                                         this week even though he has        for bases and training in the
have a nuclear weapon, he said       worth the isolation.”               left his post.
the world “will not allow” it.            Mr. Cheney echoed that                                             country.
                                                                              Officials on Saturday               "We       consider      any
     “The first is a condition,”     theme. “The spirit of freedom       announced that Ali Larijani
Mr. Makovsky said. “The              is stirring in Iran,” he said,                                          American military base in
                                                                         had resigned as Iran's top          Lebanon a hostile act," Kassem
second is a commitment.”             adding,       “America      looks   nuclear negotiator and would
     In an interview on Friday,      forward to the day when                                                 told a group of supporters.
                                                                         be replaced by Saeed Jalili, a           Since last year's war
the new chairman of the Joint        Iranians reclaim their destiny,     loyalist to President Mahmoud
Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike           the day that our two countries,                                         between Hezbollah and Israel,
                                                                         Ahmadinejad.                        the U.S. has increased its
Mullen, made it clear that he        as free and democratic nations,          But Foreign Ministry
thought immediate attacks            can be the closest of friends.”                                         military assistance to Lebanon
                                                                         spokesman       Mohammad-Ali        to $270 million — more than
inside Iran would be a bad                                               Hosseini said Sunday that
idea, while warning Tehran not                                                                               five times the amount provided
                                                                         Larijani would attend critical      a year ago — in a show of
to “mistake restraint for lack of    New York Post
                                                                         talks in Rome on Tuesday with       support        to       Saniora's
commitment or lack of concern        October 21, 2007
                                                                         European Union foreign policy       Western-backed government.
or lack of capability.”              23. Iran General's                  chief Javier Solana.
     The      United     Nations     Rocket Racket                                                                Hezbollah has argued that
                                                                              Larijani was considered a      Washington's attempts to boost
Security Council has already         By Post Wire Services               voice of pragmatism by those
imposed sanctions on Iran and            Iran has 11,000 rockets                                             military ties with Lebanon are
                                                                         monitoring Western efforts to       a ploy for domination and
called on the government in          "ready to fire" within a minute     curb Iran's nuclear enrichment
Tehran to abandon its program        of any attack on the country,                                           could turn the country into
                                                                         program, which U.S. officials       another Iraq. Some in Lebanon
to enrich uranium, and Iran has      one of its top generals boasted     contend is a cloak to build
defied those sanctions. Now          yesterday.                                                              have expressed fears that a
                                                                         atomic weapons.                     foreign military presence in the
the United States is beginning           "Enemy       bases      and
to examine even tougher              positions have been identified,"                                        country could attract al-Qaida
economic penalties, including a      Gen. Mahmoud Chaharbaghi,           Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)         and other militants.
                                                                                                                                            page 22
     Lebanon's      top      Shiite   to name several senior security       turn out to be, the truth is that    years of rule, Islamists have
Muslim cleric accused the             officials she considered to be        Pakistan's government has only       been       emboldened.         The
Bush administration of trying         enemies,         Zardari      said.   itself to blame for the carnage      homegrown militants who have
to force the Lebanese to choose       Principal among those she             in Karachi. Pakistani leaders        hidden Al Qaeda's leaders
between turning their country         identified, according to another      created the Islamist monster         since the end of 2001 are no
into an American military base        supporter who works for her           that now operates with near          longer restricted to untamed
or face new strife.                   Pakistan People's Party, was          impunity       throughout      the   mountain villages along the
     "The Lebanese, who have          Ejaz Shah, the head of                country. Militant Islamist           border. These Islamist fighters
seen the American failure in          Pakistan's                shadowy     groups that were originally          now operate relatively freely in
Iraq ... must be aware that what      Intelligence Bureau, which            recruited, trained and armed by      cities like Karachi—a process
the administration of President       runs domestic surveillance in         Pakistan's          Inter-Services   the     U.S.    and      Pakistani
Bush is aiming at is something        somewhat the way M.I.5 does           Intelligence agency (ISI) have       governments                    call
else other than supporting the        in Britain. Shah, a longtime          since become Islamabad's             "Talibanization." Hammered
Lebanese       army,"       Grand     associate of Musharraf's, is          deadliest enemies. Twice they        by suicide bombers and
Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein            believed by Bhutto supporters         have nearly succeeded in             Iraq-style IEDs and reluctant to
Fadlallah said in a statement         to have Islamist sympathies.          assassinating Musharraf, who         make war on its countrymen,
faxed to The Associated Press.        And Bhutto had boldly                 was once among their strongest       Pakistan's demoralized military
     In    the    mid       1980s,    challenged Pakistan's Muslim          supporters. In the last six years    seems incapable of stopping
bombings linked to Hezbollah          extremists, declaring before her      extremists have killed more          the jihadists even in the cities.
by       Western      intelligence    arrival that "the terrorists are      than 1,000 Pakistani troops.         "Until I return to fight, I'll feel
agencies killed some 270              trying to take over my country,            Today no other country on       safe and relaxed here," Abdul
American military personnel           and we have to stop them."            earth is arguably more               Majadd, a Taliban commander
and diplomats in Beirut. The               Bhutto       was     certainly   dangerous than Pakistan. It has      who was badly wounded this
attacks helped drive the U.S.         prescient about the threat. On        everything Osama bin Laden           summer during a fire fight
military out of Lebanon,              Thursday, as her motorcade            could ask for: political             against British troops in
ending its peacekeeping efforts       inched along a parade route           instability, a trusted network of    Afghanistan,                   told
during the 1975-90 civil war.         guarded by roughly 20,000             radical Islamists, an abundance      NEWSWEEK recently after he
     Hezbollah              denied    Pakistani security forces, one        of angry young anti-Western          was evacuated to Karachi for
involvement in the attacks.           or more suicide bombers set           recruits, secluded training          emergency care.
                                      off twin explosions that killed       areas, access to state-of-the-art         Militancy is woven into
                                      at least 134 bystanders and           electronic technology, regular       the fabric of Pakistani society.
Newsweek                              police, and injured 450 others.       air service to the West and          At independence in 1947, the
October 29, 2007                      The bombs narrowly missed             security services that don't         country's        whisky-swilling
Cover Story: Pakistan                 Bhutto, who had ducked into           always do what they're               founder,     Mohammed           Ali
26. Where The Jihad                   her armored truck minutes             supposed to do. (Unlike in Iraq      Jinnah, used Islam to forge a
Lives Now                             before. Shaken but uninjured,         or Afghanistan, there also           sense of national identity.
Islamic militants have spread         she was rushed to safety.             aren't thousands of American         Since then the various military
beyond their tribal bases, and        Musharraf's            government     troops hunting down would-be         dictators who have periodically
have the run of an unstable,          quickly fingered Baitullah            terrorists.) Then there's the        ruled the country have found
nuclear-armed nation.                 Mehsud, a longtime Taliban            country's large and growing          jihad to be a convenient means
By Ron Moreau                         supporter and director of some        nuclear program. "If you were        of distracting their citizens and
     Benazir      Bhutto       was    of the most lethal training           to look around the world for         furthering their foreign-policy
worried she would not survive         facilities for suicide bombers in     where Al Qaeda is going to           aims. Gen. Zia ul-Haq turned
the day. It was, for her, to be a     the far-off mountains of              find its bomb, it's right in their   Pakistan into a base for the
moment of joyous return after         Waziristan.       Mehsud       had    backyard," says Bruce Riedel,        mujahedin waging war on the
eight years of exile, but also an     reportedly threatened Bhutto.         the former senior director for       Soviets in Afghanistan—and
hour of great peril. Just before      She and her husband, however,         South Asia on the National           won billions in American aid
she left Dubai for Pakistan on        pointed much closer to home.          Security Council.                    in the process. In the 1990s,
Thursday, Oct. 18, Bhutto             "We do not buy that it was                 The conventional story          after the Soviet defeat, generals
directed that a letter be             Mehsud,"          Zardari      told   about Pakistan has been that it      like Musharraf dispatched
hand-delivered       to    Pervez     NEWSWEEK. There was no                is an unstable nuclear power,        thousands of those fighters to
Musharraf,      the     embattled     immediate evidence that Shah          with distant tribal areas in         wage a guerrilla campaign in
Pakistani autocrat with whom          was connected to the bombing.         terrorist hands. What is new,        Kashmir. Many trained across
she had negotiated a tenuous          At a news conference the next         and more frightening, is the         the border in Afghanistan, in
political alliance. If anything       day, though, Bhutto noted that        extent to which Taliban and          the same camps that Al Qaeda
happens      to    me,      please    the         streetlights       had    Qaeda elements have now              had set up under the Taliban.
investigate     the     following     mysteriously been turned off          turned much of the country,               After 9/11 Musharraf
individuals         in        your    on her parade route and said: "I      including some cities, into a        promised Washington that he
government,       she       wrote,    am       not      accusing      the   base that gives jihadists more       would cut off support for such
according to an account given         government. I am accusing             room to maneuver, both in            groups, including the Taliban.
to NEWSWEEK by her                    people, certain individuals who       Pakistan and beyond.                 Early on, he authorized the
husband, Asif Ali Zardari.            abuse their positions. Who                 In recent months, as            arrests of several top Qaeda
Bhutto,     Pakistan's     former     abuse their powers."                  Musharraf has grown more and         leaders in Pakistani cities,
prime minister, then proceeded             Whoever the real culprits        more unpopular after eight           including     Khalid       Sheikh
                                                                                                                                        page 23
Mohammed, the mastermind of          airstrike killed him last           the master gunsmiths of Dera         are careful not to antagonize
the 9/11 attacks, and Abu            September in Afghanistan's          Adam Khel village to finish a        their hosts; the attacks against
Zubaydah, a top Qaeda                eastern      Ghazni    province.    $750 sniper rifle he'd ordered.      Pakistani troops have generally
organizer. But Musharraf's           "Without it you couldn't fight.          The contrast to 2002 is         been conducted by Pakistani
efforts have always been             Thank God Pakistan is not           striking. Back then, in the first    tribals, sometimes with the
somewhat              halfhearted,   against us."                        flush       of       Musharraf's     support of Qaeda operatives.
constrained by the deep                    Dozens      of     Taliban    crackdown on extremists, a           But that's a fine distinction. "If
sympathies that many of his          commanders have moved their         NEWSWEEK reporter met                you take away that support the
countrymen have for jihadists.       wives and children to Pakistan,     Agha Jan, a former senior            Taliban are getting from across
For decades Pakistanis were          where they live in the suburbs      Taliban Defense Ministry             the border in Pakistan, it would
taught that the guerrillas were      of cities like Peshawar and         official, in an orchard outside      be much easier for U.S.,
Muslim heroes, fighting for          Islamabad. This keeps them          the city of Quetta. A nervous        NATO           and        Afghan
national honor and security.         out of the reach of Afghan          Jan recounted how he had to          government forces to confront
Such loyalties cannot be turned      authorities, who have been          change homes every two nights        the        Taliban          inside
off like a tap. Several of the       known to arrest relatives in        for fear of capture, and he fled     Afghanistan," says Ahmed.
militants' onetime spymasters,       order to track down guerrilla       when some local villagers            Each group may have its own
both inside and outside the          fighters. Mullah Shabir Ahmad       approached. Jan now has a            agenda, but they all share a
government, maintain links to        is a member of the Taliban's        house outside Quetta, where he       visceral hatred of America and
their former charges. The            30-man ruling council, or           lives when he's not fighting         its regional allies—including
security services will go after      shura. He's moved his family to     with Taliban forces across the       Musharraf. The Taliban also
certain     figures—particularly     a modest neighborhood of            border in his native Zabul           work closely with Qaeda
foreign Qaeda fighters—but           nearly identical brick and          province.       Reporters       in   leaders in the tribal regions,
ask others simply to lie low.        mud-brick houses in Quetta.         Peshawar, a strategic Pakistani      planning attacks together and
Many officials—even many             Inside his home he shows a          border city some 50 miles east       pooling their skills.
ordinary citizens—still think        visiting NEWSWEEK reporter          of the historic Khyber Pass and           The Taliban presence
the     jihadists    should     be   a room filled with new bolts of     the Afghan border, say it's not      began to grow out of control
preserved for future use as a        cloth, Ramadan gifts from the       unusual these days to receive        after Musharraf, his Army
strategic weapon, especially         city's Taliban sympathizers. He     phone calls from visiting            bloodied by incursions into
against India, long after            spends roughly half the year        Taliban commanders offering          South Wa-ziristan, cut a peace
America's War on Terror is           inside     Pakistan,    shuttling   interviews, or asking where to       deal with the tribal region's
over.                                between       Quetta,   Karachi,    find a cheap hotel, a good           Mehsud clan in 2005. He made
     The safe haven provided         Peshawar and the tribal belt to     restaurant or a new cell phone.      another such truce with tribal
by Pakistan has already had          raise funds, recruit new                 Last        August,         a   militants in North Waziristan
dire effects on U.S. and NATO        fighters and plot strategy with     NEWSWEEK                 reporter    in    2006.     The     ceasefire
efforts to fight the resurgent       other commanders.                   received a phone call from the       agreements were publicly
Taliban       next     door     in         The insurgents have no        spokesman for a senior Taliban       announced as treaties with
Afghanistan. Taliban fighters        centralized supply system.          leader, inviting him for dinner      tribal elders. Nothing could be
now pretty much come and go          Instead, each senior provincial     at a popular restaurant in           farther from the truth. The
as they please inside Pakistan.      commander operates his own          Peshawar. The reporter replied       deals were made directly with
Their sick and injured get           network. Din Mohammad, a            that he was already there. As        the militant leaders, their
patched up in private hospitals      tall, portly man in his mid-30s,    he looked around, he saw the         frontmen or terrified tribal
there. Guns and supplies are         looks after the needs of            smiling jihadist sitting a few       elders who did the militants'
readily available, and in the        insurgents who fight for            tables away. They shared a kilo      bidding. As a result they were
winter,        when       fighting   commander Gul Agha in               of Afghan barbecue as the            worthless: the militants had no
traditionally dies down in           southern Helmand province.          spokesman confidently talked         intention of keeping their
Afghanistan, thousands retire        With cash from Afghanistan          about the Taliban's resurgence       promise to stop the passage of
to the country's thriving            and from his own fund-raising       in Afghanistan and how               arms and fighters across the
madrassas to study the Qur'an.       efforts he buys shoes and warm      comfortable they felt operating      Afghan border. While the
Some of the brainier operatives      clothes for Taliban fighters,       inside Pakistani cities and in       Army        halted      offensive
attend courses in computer           walkie-talkies and satellite        the frontier tribal area. "The       operations and dismantled
technology, video production         phones—even            weapons,     biggest chink in Musharraf's         checkpoints, the militants
and even English. Far from           explosives and remote-control       armor is his failure to move         helped the Taliban and Al
keeping a low profile, the           devices. The benign stuff he        against        the       Taliban,    Qaeda regroup and reinfiltrate
visiting fighters attend services    trucks into Afghanistan openly.     particularly in the cities," says    back into Afghanistan.
at local mosques, where after        The lethal items are hidden in      Samina Ahmed, the South Asia              Those forces, all working
prayers they speak to the            shipments of clothes and food       director of the International        together, have brought the
congregation,           soliciting   or under the baggage of             Crisis Group in Islamabad.           Afghan jihad home to Pakistan.
donations to support the war         Afghan refugees on their way        "The brains, the ones who plan       Within the tribes' ancient
against the West. "Pakistan is       home. Some Taliban chiefs           the    operations,     are     not   mud-walled fortresses they run
like your shoulder that supports     prefer to shop for themselves.      necessarily in the boonies or in     training courses for insurgent
your        RPG,"         Taliban    Earlier this month Mullah           the sticks, they're in cities like   recruits and suicide bombers.
commander Mullah Momin               Rehmat, a Taliban commander,        Quetta. Can he pick them up?         Some graduates travel to
Ahmed told NEWSWEEK,                 rested at a youth hostel in         Easily."                             Afghanistan to fight beside the
barely a month before a U.S.         Peshawar while he waited for             Taliban fighters say they       Taliban. Others will stay in the
                                                                                                                                          page 24
tribal area to fight the Pakistani     notorious Taliban commander                Shamshatu          contains   Atomic Energy Agency began
Army, while others are sent out        Mullah Dadullah Akhund, who          high-security areas that are out    publishing ads in newspapers
to hit targets in places like          was killed in Helmand earlier        of bounds even to camp              instructing the public about
Karachi. Several terrorist plots       this year, and pictures of           residents. Camp residents say       how to recognize radioactive
in Britain have been traced            Guant?namo inmates in their          Hekmatyar's men run private         materials and their symbols.
back to the tribal areas.              orange     jumpsuits       behind    jails in these off- limits areas.   The      ads     were      quickly
     Now        the       Pakistani    barbed wire.                         Recently a woman who lived          withdrawn after they incited
government is bearing the                   The Afghan refugee camps        in the camp dared to go             fears that fissile material had
brunt of the attacks. The threat       around Peshawar, meanwhile,          shopping alone. When she            gone missing. But Pervez
turned critical in July, when          have become vast jihadist            entered a small electronics         Hoodbhoy, a noted nuclear
more than 100 militants died in        sanctuaries. The Jalozai and         shop, gunmen followed her.          physicist at Quaid-i-Azam
a weeklong shoot-out with              Shamshatu        camps,      each    They forced the shopkeeper to       University in Islamabad, says
government           forces       at   housing some 100,000 Afghan          close his store, detained the       outside experts don't really
Islamabad's Red Mosque. In             refugees, date back to the war       woman and telephoned her            know how much highly
retaliation,     tribal     suicide    against the Soviets. Complaints      husband. "If you won't kill her,    enriched uranium Pakistan has
bombers have managed to                from the Afghan government           we will," they told him, before     produced in the past and how
penetrate      highly      guarded     have forced Islamabad and the        handing her over with a             much remains in existing
military facilities in the capital,    U.N. High Commissioner for           warning that if they caught her     stocks. "No one has a real idea
the Army headquarters at               Refugees to begin the long           again without an escort, they       about that," he says. "That
Rawalpindi and elsewhere,              process of emptying Jalozai, a       would kill her. Then they           means that stuff could have
killing scores. Authorities say        job that's supposed to be            confiscated the shopkeeper's        gotten out. Little bits here or
that until the showdown, the           completed by next spring.            goods and threw him out of the      there. But we really don't
Red Mosque had served as a             Many       of      the    camp's     camp.                               know."
way station and munitions              high-walled compounds are                  Musharraf says his forces          In Washington, a senior
depot for hundreds of fighters         already abandoned. But few           are doing everything possible       administration official involved
shuttling between Pakistan's           Jalozai residents are returning      to halt the jihadists' spread.      in counterterrorism said U.S.
cities and the tribal areas. It        to Afghanistan when they leave       Pakistan's president has shown      intelligence is chronically
reopened Oct. 3, and preachers         the camps. Most are settling in      he can deliver when he must.        fearful that Islamists might get
there      are      once      again    Peshawar or other towns in the       Late last February, just as Vice    hold of nuclear material,
denouncing Musharraf and his           vicinity, which will allow the       President Dick Cheney arrived       equipment or know-how in
partnership with the West. A           Taliban more space to operate        in Islamabad to pressure            Pakistan. He recalled that after
similar message was delivered          in. A local mullah was arrested      Musharraf to fight harder           9/11, a group of rogue
to Bhutto before she came              in Jalozai earlier this year after   against the Islamists, Pakistani    Pakistani nuclear scientists met
home. Last week, speaking by           three Pakistani militants blew       military-intelligence agents in     with Osama bin Laden. "Given
satellite phone from the South         themselves up while using his        Quetta suddenly captured            that history, we continue to
Waziristan tribal area, a senior       house as a bomb factory.             Mullah Obaidullah Akhund. As        look at this issue very closely,"
militant commander named                    The Shamshatu camp, just        the Taliban's Defense minister      he said, speaking on condition
Haji Muhamad Omar called               south of Peshawar, is the            and one of Mullah Omar's key        of anonymity because of the
Bhutto       an       agent      of    personal fiefdom of the              deputies,      he     was     the   sensitivity of the issue.
Washington. "She doesn't               notorious Afghan warlord             highest-ranking           Taliban        It's not surprising that
come back by her own choice.           Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. His             official the Pakistanis had ever    Pakistani authorities might
The United States and Britain          guerrillas, the Hizb-i-Islami        taken into custody. A couple of     give the Taliban special
are bringing her back to fight         ("Party of Islam"), operate          months       earlier,   Pakistan    treatment.      The      country's
against the mujahedin," he             mainly in Afghanistan's Kunar        reportedly      informed     U.S.   intelligence      officers     and
said.                                  province, but Shamshatu is           forces in Afghanistan that          military men have maintained
     The militants dominate in         their power base, in effect an       another senior Taliban leader,      close personal relations with
areas beyond the tribal areas as       autonomous enclave within            Mullah Akhtar Mohammad              senior Taliban leaders ever
well. Armed groups have                Pakistan. Like Jalozai, the          Osmani, was heading into            since the Soviet occupation of
effectively seized control in          place resembles a sprawling,         Afghanistan from Quetta. A          Afghanistan in the 1980s.
places like the picturesque            labyrinthine Afghan village of       U.S. airstrike promptly killed      Western         military       and
Swat Valley, where a jihadi            mud-brick houses surrounded          him, just inside Afghanistan.       diplomatic officials say they
leader named Mullah Fazlullah          by high mud walls, and it's          But those cases remain              doubt that Pakistan is still
rides a black horse and                ruled by strict, Taliban-style       exceptional.                        actively     assisting     Afghan
commands hundreds of men               Islamic     law.      Music     is         U.S. government officials     insurgents—but they don't
under the noses of a nearby            forbidden—even            musical    say        that       Musharraf's   think it's trying very hard to
Pakistani Army division that           ringtones on cell phones. So is      government still has tight          stop them, either. "I'm not
seldom leaves its barracks.            tobacco. Women are banned            control over the nation's           delusional," says a Western
Peshawar is perhaps the most           from venturing outside except        nuclear-weapons         program.    military official in Islamabad,
important      production       and    in the company of a male             Still, radicals would not need      not wishing to be quoted by
distribution center for Taliban        relative. (There are girls'          to steal a whole bomb in order      name on such a sensitive topic.
and other Islamist material.           schools, though: unlike his          to create havoc. Pakistan has       "Their        [the       Pakistani
Jihadi CD and DVD shops                Taliban allies, Hekmatyar            never      made       a    public   government's] guys are in
abound. One small shop                 believes        in       women's     accounting of its nuclear           contact with the Talibs. They
features large posters of the          education.)                          materials, and last year its        may not be assisting them, but
                                                                                                                                      page 25
they aren't busting them,          against      the    jihadists   is   bombing could unite her and          before on Iraq when on the eve
either." A Western diplomat,       Musharraf's and America's            other forces opposed to              of the past election he
speaking off the record because    problem, not theirs. "The            extremism,             including     promised not to increase troops
he is not authorized to            greatest danger is that the          Pakistan's    military     ruler,    to Iraq. “But when he won the
represent his government's         whole       Pakistani      nation,   President Pervez Musharraf,          election he virtually doubled
views to the media, says, "I'm     including senior politicians,        with whom she has been               our troop numbers.”
sure there are intelligence        seems to be saying that this is      negotiating      a      possible          In a sometimes testy
officials, active and retired,     not our watch, this is not our       power-sharing deal. Bhutto           encounter between the two
who have dealt with the            war," says Masood. "Even the         called for an independent            leaders, Mr Howard was also
Taliban in the past and still      Taliban presence in the cities       inquiry into the Thursday            forced to defend his role on
support their cause. That's the    seems to have an acceptance."        attack and repeated her              climate change.
power of personal relationships          Few Pakistanis have any        assertion that extremists had             Australia and the US both
over time. You don't cut those     desire to live under the             infiltrated the government's         refused to ratify the Kyoto
off abruptly."                     militants' rule. The trouble is,     security apparatus.                  protocol on climate change.
     The Taliban war effort is     the      country's       moderate                                              “At the moment, Kyoto
also greatly aided by dozens of    alternatives      have    become                                          doesn’t effectively cover the
"retired" former officials in      almost         as      unpopular.    Financial Times                      US and China – that’s a bit like
Mullah Omar's defunct Taliban      Musharraf won a third term as        October 22, 2007                     having an international World
government who now reside in       president by a unanimous             28. Australian Army To               Cup in cricket without
Pakistan, some armed with          Electoral Assembly vote on           Debate Switch In Iraq                Australia and India,” Mr
Pakistani national identity        Oct. 6 (heavily boycotted by         Role                                 Howard said.
cards. The Taliban don't think     the opposition). In a recent         By Peter Smith, in Sydney                 However, Mr Howard on
they're putting anything past      nationwide poll by the                    Australian          military    Sunday night said he was in a
the ISI—"the black snake," as      International          Republican    commanders          will     start   strong position to push the US
they call the agency. Mullah       Institute, however, he earned a      discussions on Tuesday about         to act on climate change,
Shabir Ahmad, a provincial         dismal 21 percent approval           switching the role of the            adding the US needed to
commander, spends upwards of       rating. Bhutto fared little          country’s troops in Iraq from        “move a lot further” on the
six months of the year inside      better, scoring a pitiful 28         combat to training.                  issue.
Pakistan. "The Pakistanis know     percent. Many Pakistanis were             John     Howard,      prime          He also used the leaders’
what we eat for lunch and          appalled by her willingness to       minister,     announced        the   debate to announce a policy
dinner," he says. Mullah           cut a deal with Musharraf so         planned change in a televised        whereby money from the sale
Momin Ahmed, visiting his          that he would allow her to           debate     with     the    Labor     of carbon permits under an
family in Quetta shortly before    return from exile.                   opposition leader Kevin Rudd         emissions trading scheme
his death in September, agreed:          True, the survey was taken     ahead of the November 24             would be used by the
"Pakistan knows everything         before last week's attack. In the    election.                            government        to    subsidise
about us, but it seems to ignore   wake of the deadliest terrorist           The discussions with the        electricity bills for low-income
us." Maj. Gen. Waheed              bombing in Pakistan's history,       US and Iraqi authorities were a      earners.
Arshad, the military's chief       the public might rally once          sign of progress, Mr Howard               In what may be the only
spokesman, says that Pakistani     again to her support. "She           said. “We’ve moved from              debate between the two leaders
forces have arrested and           won't be deterred," her husband      providing      security,      and    during the election campaign,
deported 1,500 Taliban to          told NEWSWEEK, describing            remember these troops also do        Mr Rudd, a former diplomat,
Afghanistan,       "but    many    Bhutto as "composed" in a            humanitarian       [work]     and    was regarded as the better
somehow return."                   phone call after the attack.         they’re going to evolve to a         performer during the 1½-hour
     Until now, most Pakistanis    "She won't be taken hostage by       greater training role.”              contest.
seem to have remained              a small minority of people."              Australia has been a                 He scored points against
impervious to the jihadist         But that minority of Islamists       staunch supporter of the US          the prime minister on issues
threat, despite the evidence       isn't so small any longer—and        over the war in Iraq. However,       including education, health, tax
around      them.      Musharraf   it's ready for a long war.           the    issue      has    become      and industrial relations.
himself        has       seemed                                         increasingly unpopular in                 However, Mr Howard was
preoccupied with other matters.                                         Australia in the run-up to the       also thought to have lost
"He has failed to understand       Atlanta Journal-Constitution                                              previous debates against the
                                                                        election.       Labor         has
the danger of insurgency on        October 22, 2007                                                          former      opposition      Labor
                                                                        campaigned on the promise of
both sides of the border, and      27. Extremist Inroads                a phased withdrawal of               leaders Mark Latham and Kim
how to bring the Pakistani         Feared                               Australian troops from the           Beazley, only to emerge
people along with him to                Former Pakistani Prime          middle of next year.                 victorious when the elections
counter that threat," says         Minister     Benazir    Bhutto,           Mr Howard repeatedly            were held.
retired Pakistani Army Lt. Gen.    making her first public              refused to answer questions
Talat Masood. "He has been         appearance since narrowly            over whether the terrorist threat
too obsessed with perpetuating     escaping     an    assassination                                          Washington Post
                                                                        had risen since Australia
his power." Instead, according     attempt Thursday that killed                                              October 22, 2007
                                                                        backed the US-led invasion of
to Masood and other observers,     136 people, warned Sunday                                                 Pg. 18
the president has allowed          that Taliban and al-Qaida                 Mr Rudd claimed Mr              29. Poles Giving
Pakistanis to lull themselves      militants have gained ground in      Howard had misled Australia          Opposition Big Victory
into thinking that the battle      Pakistan. But she said the
                                                                                                                                         page 26
In Parliament                         Kaczynski, will remain the          (VA) medical care, of whom            veterans and their families and
By Associated Press                   country's president with a term     about 230,000 have sought             employing about 200,000
     WARSAW, Oct. 21 -- A             lasting until 2010. The             such care since 2002.                 people, including some 13,000
pro-business opposition party         58-year-olds are former child            *Depending on future             doctors and nearly 55,000
that wants Poland's troops out        movie stars who as adults           force      deployments,        VA     nurses.
of Iraq ousted Prime Minister         became activists with the           medical costs associated with              Despite this, one concern
Jaroslaw              Kaczynski's     Solidarity      trade     union     Iraq and Afghanistan could            is the growing need for
government in parliamentary           movement that helped topple         total between $7 billion and $9       medical specialists to help war
elections Sunday, as Poles            communism in 1989.                  billion over the next decade,         veterans.
opted for leadership offering a            Both Tusk and Kaczynski        according to Congressional                 In recent congressional
more cooperative approach to          favor good relations with the       Budget        Office        (CBO)     testimony, Joseph Wilson of
the European Union.                   United States, but Tusk has         projections.             Disability   the American Legion cited
     Donald       Tusk's     Civic    questioned             whether      compensation and survivors'           federal studies showing that by
Platform party led with 41.1          Kaczynski's government was          benefits could add another $3         2020, projected retirements
percent of the vote after 11          bargaining hard enough in           billion to $4 billion.                will create a shortage of about
percent of the ballots were           negotiations to host 10 U.S.             *A total of about 30,000         24,000 physicians and almost 1
counted early Monday, and             interceptor missiles that the       troops have been wounded in           million nurses nationwide.
exit polls for TVN24 private          Bush administration says are        action. The survival rate of               "Another challenge [is]
television showed the party           aimed at stopping potential         those wounded is higher than it       acquiring staff trained in
projected to win 226 seats in         attacks from Iran.                  was in Vietnam and much               certain specialty fields …
the 460-seat Sejm lower house.                                            higher than World War II, due         physical      medicine       and
     That would be short of the                                           to body armor, advances in            rehabilitation,            blind
231 needed for a majority --          Christian Science Monitor           battlefield medical procedures,       rehabilitation, speech and
but close enough for it to join       October 22, 2007                    and more rapid evacuation.            language pathology, physical
with a smaller party to form a        Pg. 1                                    Put another way, this            therapy,       and      certified
government.                           30. Wounded Troops                  means the number of those             rehabilitation nursing," warned
     "Today I am the happiest         Overwhelm Care                      killed is a relatively smaller        Mr. Wilson. "Given the special
person in the world," a               By Brad Knickerbocker, Staff        portion of overall casualties. It     rehabilitative and long-term
teary-eyed         Tusk        told   writer of The Christian Science     also means concern is growing         care needs of combat wounded
supporters. "People in Poland         Monitor                             about injuries and ailments that      veterans returning from Iraq
voted today to chose their own             Six years into the "global     have come to mark this war:           and Afghanistan – especially
fate and have put a great             war on terror," the Bush            amputations, traumatic brain          those residing in rural areas –
responsibility a great task on        administration, Congress, and       injuries (TBI), and the mental        shortages in these specialty
our shoulders. We undertake           federal agencies are scrambling     and emotional shock of                fields will have a lasting
this great responsibility."           to address the health needs of      combat.                               impact on these veterans as
     Kaczynski           conceded     battlefield veterans back from           "Of the [Iraq/Afghanistan]       they attempt to resume
defeat late Sunday, saying, "we       Iraq and Afghanistan.               veterans who sought care from         independent functioning."
didn't manage in the face of               President             Bush     VA, about 38 percent have                  Linda Bilmes, who teaches
this unprecedented broad front        acknowledges that the current       received at least a preliminary       at of the Kennedy School of
of attacks," referring to the         means of caring for wounded         diagnosis of a mental health          Government        at     Harvard
opposition's campaign.                and traumatized vets is "an         condition, and 18 percent have        University, estimates that the
     His Law and Justice party        antiquated system that needs to     received       a       preliminary    long-term costs of disability
got 31.6 percent of the vote          be changed." A bipartisan           diagnosis         for        PTSD     compensation and medical care
and a projected 156 seats,            commission says the need for        [post-traumatic              stress   to veterans of Iraq and
according to partial results and      fundamental improvements in         disorder], making it the most         Afghanistan could be as high
exit polls. Complete results are      care management and the             common, but by no means, the          as $700 billion.
expected by Tuesday.                  disability system "requires a       only mental health condition               "The cost of providing
     A hard-fought campaign           sense of urgency and strong         related to the stress of              such care and paying disability
generated voter turnout of 55.3       leadership."                        deployment,"               Michael    compensation is a significant
percent, higher than any                   As a result, Mr. Bush has      Kussman, undersecretary of the        long-term entitlement cost that
parliamentary elections since         proposed administrative action      Veterans                    Health    the US will be paying for the
the fall of communism in 1989,        and legislation that would          Administration, told a House          next forty years," professor
according to an exit survey by        streamline the system for           Committee        on       Veterans'   Bilmes wrote in a research
the PBS DGA polling institute.        providing postwar medical           Affairs hearing last week.            paper earlier this year. Reports
Some polling stations ran out         services      and      disability        According          to      the   early this year of inferior
of ballots or stayed open longer      compensation to wounded             Congressional             Research    treatment and bureaucratic
than scheduled, delaying the          veterans and their families.        Service, between 2003 and             bungling at the Walter Reed
release of the first exit polls for        The numbers are daunting:      2007 about 60,000 troops were         Army        Medical       Center
hours.                                     *Of the more than 1.4          diagnosed with either PTSD or         highlighted problems that still
     The election result means        million service men and             TBI.                                  have not been fully solved
Poland will no longer have            women who have served in the             The VA is one of the             despite steps to reform the
twin brothers holding the two         two war zones, nearly 700,000       largest federal bureaucracies,        massive      and     complicated
highest      offices;     Jaroslaw    have become eligible for            operating more than 1,500             system.
Kaczynski's brother, Lech             Department of Veterans Affairs      facilities providing help for              The             Government
                                                                                                                                          page 27
Accountability Office (GAO)                                                week to revamp the health-care      single disability rating.
last week cited "fundamental                                               and disability system for vets,          According to a copy of the
system weaknesses" on the part       Newsweek                              partly by streamlining the          plan obtained by Military
of       both    the      Defense    October 29, 2007                      bureaucracy. Days later, USA        Times and confirmed by
Department (DOD) and the VA          Periscope                             Today reported the results of a     Pentagon officials, veterans
in how they treat wounded vets       31. 'How Do You Fund                  new internal VA study               medically retired from service
– including not enough staff         A War, But Not The                    showing that the number of          will be able to apply for, and
and staff training.                  Casualties?'                          Iraq and Afghanistan vets           get, VA benefits immediately.
      "Delayed          decisions,   By Michael Isikoff and Jamie          diagnosed                   with         Overall, the time spent in
confusing policies, and the          Reno                                  post-traumatic-stress disorder      the system, from the point a
perception that DOD and VA                The secretary of Veterans        is rising rapidly, from 29,041 a    service member is found unfit
disability ratings result in         Affairs presides over the U.S.        year ago to 48,559 this year.       for duty until he begins
inequitable outcomes have            government's second largest           Few of these soldiers are even      receiving       VA       disability
eroded the credibility of the        Cabinet department, after             counted in the Pentagon's           payments, will be cut “by
system," the GAO reported.           Defense. It is a politically          official tally of 27,753            about half,” said to Bill Carr,
      It is these criticisms that    sensitive job, especially of late,    wounded in Iraq.                    undersecretary of defense for
Bush addressed last week in          with new studies showing that               Yet a Pentagon task force     military personnel policy.
meeting with the "Wounded            the Bush administration has           recently concluded that the              The plan is the Pentagon’s
Warriors" commission headed          vastly underestimated the cost        number       of     mental-health   best effort to make some fixes
by former Sen. Bob Dole and          of providing health care to the       professionals available to vets     to the system immediately,
former Secretary of Health and       more than 750,000 soldiers            is "woefully inadequate," and       without having to seek
Human         Services     Donna     who have returned home from           the average wait time for           congressional approval. A
Shalala.      The      President's   the wars in Iraq and                  disability claims is six months.    broader, longer-range plan
proposals include:                   Afghanistan. But three months         Linda Bilmes, a policy analyst      unveiled by the White House
      *New procedures for            ago, former secretary James           at Harvard who will testify         on Oct. 16, based on recent
evaluating disabilities and          Nicholson resigned abruptly           before Congress this week,          recommendations         from      a
compensating injured military        after a difficult tenure to "get      calculates that over the next       blue-ribbon commission, will
personnel, including pensions        back      into    the     business    decade, the disability costs for    require congressional approval
for those who cannot return to       world"—and tension among              vets will be at least $60           and will take longer to
active duty.                         vets is rising because the White      billion—more than six times         implement.
      *Greater emphasis on           House still hasn't nominated a        the administration's official            The Pentagon’s interim
diagnosing and treating PTSD         replacement. "I wish I could          projections. The numbers            plan will be phased in with a
– especially addressing any          tell you what's going on," says       coming out of government            pilot program to be launched in
stigma associated with the           David Gorman, executive               budget offices, she says, "are      late November at three military
disorder.                            director of Disabled American         significantly underestimating       hospitals: Walter Reed Army
      *Assignment of patient         Veterans.      "I     think     the   the reality." All this has          Medical Center in Washington,
advocates to monitor progress,       administration thinks this is the     angered some vets and their         D.C.; National Naval Medical
guide wounded vets through           least of their priorities."           families. "I would love to have     Center in Bethesda, Md.; and
government bureaucracies, and             Some veterans advocates          the president live my life for      Malcolm        Grove      Medical
help in the transition to civilian   say the VA is in such disarray        one week to see how difficult it    Center at Andrews Air Force
life.                                that the White House has been         is," says Annette McLeod, wife      Base, Md.
      *Providing six months          unable to find a top-notch            of Army specialist Wendell               The plan will expand to
unpaid leave for family              candidate willing to take the         McLeod, who is suffering from       other facilities as officials
members who want to help aid         job, much less go through a           PTSD after serving in Iraq.         evaluate its effectiveness, with
the recovery of wounded GIs.         confirmation hearing. "Who            "How do you fund a war but          the emphasis on facilities that
      As the fighting in Iraq and    wants to come in for 15 months        not fund the casualties?"           treat greater numbers of troops
Afghanistan continues, policy        and take over a department that                                           wounded in the wars. Carr said
makers – like most Americans         has been left in shambles?"                                               expansion will take place “as
– say it's vital to separate a                                             Army Times                          fast as it can.”
                                     asks Paul Sullivan, a former
divisive war from those who                                                October 29, 2007                         The plan, a top priority of
                                     VA official who now heads
fought.                                                                    Pg. 26                              Defense Secretary Robert
                                     Veterans for Common Sense.
      "No matter where we            White House spokeswoman               32. DoD Expected To                 Gates, is the Pentagon’s
stand on the war in Iraq, we all     Emily Lawrimore declined to           Trim Disability Eval                answer to the Walter Reed
stand together in our desire to      comment         on       particular   Process                             scandal earlier this year. Media
make sure that our returning         candidates, but says, "We are         By William H. McMichael             reports described wounded
service members get the              working hard to nominate a                 The Defense Department         troops caught in tangle of red
healthcare they need, and the        highly qualified individual."         will soon unveil a new,             tape during their treatment and
benefits they have earned,"          She adds that the White House         streamlined           disability    subsequent                medical
says Rep. Bob Filner (D) of          hopes to announce a nominee           evaluation system that, in          evaluations.
California, who chairs the           "soon."                               tandem with the Department of            The       problems      were
veterans' affairs committee.              In response to criticism         Veterans Affairs, will replace      complicated          by        the
"We cannot fund the war, but         over the issue, President Bush        the    current     cumbersome       slow-moving VA benefits
fail to fund the warriors."          unveiled new proposals last           process with a single exam and      process and poor coordination
                                                                                                               between VA and the Pentagon
                                                                                                                                         page 28
— and exacerbated by the wars             As it now stands, if a           been looking at such changes
in Iraq and Afghanistan, in          member is rated by the military       for the past two years.
which more than 28,000 troops        as at least 30 percent disabled,           Disability proposal at a        Federal Times
have been wounded, more than         he is medically retired. Unless       glance                               October 22, 2007
13,600 of them seriously.            the member served more than                Current plan -- The             Pg. 1
      The new program will           20 years, a rating below 30           Defense and Veterans Affairs         33. Clearance Backlog
evaluate all service members         percent calls for medical             departments       run    separate    To Be Gone By January
equally, regardless of how their     separation and, under some            disability     evaluation     and    By Stephen Losey
condition developed.                 conditions,      a     lump-sum,      ratings systems, each with its            BOYERS, Pa. — The end
      Each service now does its      one-time payment.                     own standards for medical            of the federal government’s
own physical exam during the              In the new plan, the             exams and separate processes         security clearance logjam is
process leading to possible          military no longer will issue         for setting the level of             finally in sight, the U.S. Office
separation, and each service         ratings; that will be solely the      disability, which in turn            of Personnel Management
member is rated for his              VA’s job.                             determines       the     military    says.
condition.         A     member           But until the law is             disability retirement pay or              Kathy Dillaman, associate
medically separated or retired       changed, the military will            severance pay from the               director for OPM’s Federal
who then seeks VA care faces         continue to base its disability       Defense Department and the           Investigative Services, said that
another physical exam and yet        ratings decisions only on those       amount of VA disability              80 percent of OPM’s initial
another rating.                      conditions that make a member         compensation.                        investigations of applicants are
      The plan eliminates such       unfit for continued service.               Pilot plan -- An interim        being finished in less than 70
redundancy.         “The     most         For example, if a member         program would eliminate the          days. That’s down from 80
important part of it is that we      is rated as 20 percent disabled       separate military and veterans       percent in 121 days in fiscal
take duplication and we stamp        for a knee injury and 10              health exams and separate            2006, and on its way to
it out,” Carr said.                  percent         disabled        for   systems      of    awarding      a   reaching the congressionally
      The single exam will be        hypertension, the military’s          disability rating. Injured troops    mandated goal of finishing 90
administered to troops as part       rating for the purpose of             would undergo a single exam          percent in 40 days or less.
of the standard Medical              deciding whether to keep or           and get a single rating based on          Backlogged
Evaluation        Board,   which     release the member would be           VA’s ratings schedule.               reinvestigations and initial top
determines a member’s fitness        20 percent, since hypertension             The Defense Department          secret investigations that once
for duty. But instead of a           is treatable, Carr said. In           would        continue      paying    numbered 531,000 have been
military doctor, a VA-qualified      contrast, VA would use the            disability retired pay and           cut to between 12,000 and
provider with access to the          total rating of 30 percent to         severance pay, while the VA          16,000, and Dillaman expects
member’s medical records will        calculate                disability   would        continue      paying    that even those will be brought
perform the exam. In addition        compensation for that member,         disability compensation.             to zero by January.
to evaluating conditions that        using its own formula.                     Future plan -- If Congress           “We’re finally seeing the
could make the member unfit               That     disparity     would     approves a White House plan,         results of years’ worth of
for service, the doctor will also    vanish if Congress adopts the         the Defense Department’s role        work,” Dillaman told Federal
consider problems the member         plan announced Oct. 16 by             in disability decisions would be     Times in an Oct. 16 interview.
may say have been incurred in        President Bush, Carr said. But        reduced to ruling on whether a       “To me, it’s thrilling. It’s been
or aggravated by military            while      that     plan     faces    person is fit to continue            like turning the Titanic.”
service.                             competition from separate             military service.                         But a leading lawmaker
      If the MEB, which also         “wounded warrior” legislation              Those found unfit would         and industry officials are
considers       a     commanding     introduced in the House and           get a pension based on their         skeptical that OPM’s reforms
officer’s input, decides the         Senate, Carr said the essence of      rank and years of service. VA        are having a great effect, and
member does not meet                 the new Pentagon plan likely          would then determine the level       say that only a drastic overhaul
retention standards, the case is     will stand no matter what             of disability.                       of the system will improve
referred      to     a   Physical    happens with follow-on efforts.            Based on that rating, an        matters.
Evaluation Board. This board              “We have done the best           individual      would     receive         “Kathy Dillaman keeps
decides whether to retain,           that we can under current law,”       enhanced                disability   repainting the Edsel,” said
separate or return the member        Carr said. “And we are                compensation featuring several       Larry Halloran, a spokesman
to duty and, under the current       honoring ... what might come          components — the basic               for Virginia Rep. Tom Davis,
system, can determine the            around the corner. Depending          disability payment, plus a           the ranking Republican on the
nature and amount of military        on the way they come out,             transition payment equal to a        House         Oversight       and
disability benefits.                 we’ll just re-optimize it again.      minimum of three months of           Government                Reform
      Troops will retain the right   But I doubt we’re going to            basic pay, plus a payment            Committee and a frequent
to appeal this decision to a         change       any       of      the    based on an assessment of how        OPM critic. “We’re not getting
formal Physical Evaluation           fundamentals of this.”                the disability has diminished        any fewer complaints from
Board. But if the original                Carr agreed that the shock       the veteran’s quality of life and    industry. We need more
finding is confirmed, the new        of the Walter Reed scandal and        the potential loss of future         fundamental changes to get
system will allow troops to          Gates’ subsequent push to fix         income.                              there.”
have any single condition or         the problems sped the process              The exact levels of pay              The      slow      clearance
rating reconsidered by a VA          along. But he said three              would be determined by a             process has hamstrung the
decision review officer while        congressionally         mandated      proposed seven-month study.          federal             government’s
still on active duty.                Pentagon executive groups had                                              effectiveness for years. In
                                                                                                                                     page 29
2003, the average Defense           Industrial Security Program              Automation plays a big        Kuwait received kickbacks
Department employee waited          Policy Advisory Committee, a        role in reducing clearance         from Richmond Wholesale
more than a year to get a           group of government and             processing times, Dillaman         Meat Co. "in exchange for
top-secret clearance.               industry representatives that       said. More and more agencies       retaining     Richmond        and
     Without their clearances,      studies security matters such as    are using the online eQIP          allowing Richmond to charge
thousands of employees and          clearances. The committee           system to submit applications.     higher prices than other
contractors are unable to access    analyzed OPM data and               Today,      80    percent     of   potential subcontractors."
the information needed to do        concluded that initial top secret   applications are submitted              The Justice Department's
their work. Billions of dollars     investigations were taking 276      online. She expects that to be     civil division declined to
are wasted each year due to         days on average in March. Top       up to 90 percent by early next     support the lawsuit this
lost labor.                         secret reinvestigations were        year.                              February, a month after Justice
     Dillaman said that OPM         even worse — they took 335               And by next September,        issued subpoenas in a criminal
will meet a congressionally         days, the report said.              OPM wants all of its case files    investigation       of     Public
mandated goal of finishing 90            Dillaman says it’s not that    to be electronic. OPM began        Warehousing based on similar
percent of investigations in 40     bad. The figures cited by           scanning case files into           allegations about its dealings
days or less by the end of 2009.    Hodgkins are dragged down by        computers last year so it could    with      other     U.S.     food
     But critics say that           the hundreds of thousands of        avoid having to mail paper         companies.
Dillaman’s       numbers      are   old, backlogged cases — many        documents to adjudicators.              The lawsuit, filed in
incomplete and don’t tell the       of which came from the                   In a year, Dillaman said,     federal court in Philadelphia by
whole story.                        Defense Security Service when       all documents will be scanned      an     Iowa      businesswoman,
     Dillaman’s figures on the      OPM took on its work in 2005        at the beginning of the            alleged       collusion        "to
shrinking       backlog     only    — that OPM is finally               investigation and all processing   overcharge         the       U.S.
represent cases that are behind     finishing, she said.                will be done with computers.       government by millions of
as a result of a lack of OPM             OPM’s biggest customer --           With these improvements       dollars."
resources. They don’t include       the Defense Department -- says      and some luck, she said, OPM            Alan Grayson, lawyer for
the 5 percent to 10 percent of      it’s seeing some encouraging        could begin drawing down its       Iowa pork trader Beth Hanken
cases that are held up at any       signs. Greg Torres, the             investigations work force to       and her firm Midwest Ventures
given      time    because     of   Pentagon’s security director,       about 8,000 in late 2009.          Inc., said Justice told him it
complications       outside    of   said security clearances are             But Hodgkins of ITAA          turned down the case for
OPM’s reach, such as when the       being turned around much            and Halloran of Rep. Davis’        insufficient evidence.
FBI or local police departments     faster than in previous years.      office said OPM’s system is             Mr. Grayson said the
don’t provide information in        And cases that have languished      still essentially paper-based      Justice Department's civil
time. The total backlog was         for years are starting to trickle   and is not using enough            division has turned down at
31,000 cases at the end of          in, he said.                        technology.                        least 13 civil False Claims Act
September.                               Torres cautions that the            “Imaging        is      not   cases involving Iraq War
     OPM couldn’t provide           Pentagon is still not satisfied     automation,” Hodgkins said.        contracting fraud.
statistics showing how long it      with the pace of investigations.    “They’re just moving the point          The Justice Department
usually takes to reinvestigate      About 650,000 of the 2 million      [where] people stand at a copy     said it had declined to support
someone to renew a security         cases submitted to OPM each         machine.”                          some cases involving Iraq
clearance. Dillaman said that       year come from Defense, and              Hodgkins said that OPM        contracting fraud, but didn't
the 52,000 reinvestigation          tens of thousands of those          must force every agency to use     say how many.
cases now under way became a        cases are still behind schedule,    eQIP and digital fingerprint            "The       department      is
secondary       priority    after   even under the improved rates       readers if it wants to see real    currently conducting a number
Congress passed the 2004 law        OPM claims.                         efficiencies.                      of       investigations       into
mandating deadlines on initial           “We’re not where we want                                          allegations of fraud and
investigations.                     to be ultimately, but good                                             potential civil False Claims Act
     “OPM is painting a rosier      progress is being made,”            Wall Street Journal                cases stemming from the work
picture than reality demands,”      Torres said.                        October 22, 2007                   of government contractors in
said Trey Hodgkins, vice                 Dillaman said she’s more       Pg. 6                              Iraq and the Middle East,"
president        for      federal   than doubled her investigative      34. U.S. Rebuffed                  spokesman Charles Miller said
government programs at the          work force to 9,400 since           Food-Fraud Case                    in a written statement. "The
Information          Technology     2004. But with such a large         By Glenn R. Simpson                department        takes      such
Association       of     America    number of new workers came               The Justice Department        allegations seriously and is
(ITAA). He said OPM’s               concerns about the quality of       received allegations in June       dedicating             substantial
statistics on the length of         the investigations. So in 2006,     2006 of illegal dealings           resources to investigating these
investigations are meaningless      OPM created a quality               between     a    major    army     cases       thoroughly        and
if they do not include              management group.                   contractor in Kuwait and a         aggressively."
reinvestigation figures. And, he         Dillaman has detailed 30       U.S. food producer but                  The Justice Department
said, OPM is boosting its           people to the FBI to push           ultimately declined to support     declined to address the details
results by only finishing the       through overdue file requests,      the case.                          of Ms. Hanken's case. "We
easy cases.                         and assigned about a dozen               The previously sealed civil   cannot provide any further
     For      more       accurate   more people to work with state      lawsuit, seen by The Wall          comment on any ongoing
numbers, Hodgkins points to a       and local agencies to get           Street Journal, alleges that       government investigation," Mr.
July report from the National       requested records faster.           Public Warehousing Co. of          Miller said.
                                                                                                                                          page 30
     The case isn't on the            and the manner in which they          for incentive payments from         we call threat emitters, systems
electronic public-court docket.       are being investigated, we do         those producers and their           that could potentially shoot
A federal judge ordered it to be      not agree with any statement          agents.                             down our aircraft."
unsealed if Justice declined to       that might suggest that the                Ms. Hanken alleges that an          The present system is slow
take the case.                        Department is not giving these        official at the Defense Supply      and inefficient because most of
     Under the Civil-War era          cases due consideration for           Center of Philadelphia, a           its data are stored in places that
False Claims Act, U.S. citizens       political or other improper           Pentagon contracting agency,        are not connected. Henderson
can file cases, known as qui          reasons, and there is no support      improperly provided a copy of       estimated that analysts spend
tam suits, to recover money           for such a conclusion," Mr.           her complaint to the chief          about 80 percent of their time
stolen      from      the     U.S.    Miller said.                          executive        of      Public     searching for data and just 20
government.        The      Justice         Justice said it has reached     Warehousing, prompting the          percent analyzing it.
Department then has the option        four       Iraq-related       fraud   Kuwaiti firm to threaten to sue          "We're trying to reverse
of joining the case, and any          settlements for a total of $14        her for defamation. Reached at      that," he said.
settlement is shared among the        million in more than four years       home recently the official,              The contract will provide
plaintiffs, with the bulk going       of the war, which has cost            Gary Shifton, declined to speak     long-term, uniform access to
to the government.                    taxpayers more than $450              to a reporter.                      the electronic data and will
     Public Warehousing "has          billion. Officials insist efforts                                         make it easier to share
never been served with a qui          to recover stolen funds are in                                            information              between
tam complaint and, until we are       the works.                            Washington Post                     intelligence agencies, Northrop
served, we must assume that                 "Simply because some            October 22, 2007                    Grumman said. The company
any complaint that has been           cases alleging fraud in Iraq          Pg. D4                              will     provide      architecture
filed remains under court seal,"      have been declined does not           35. Northrop To Direct              design, systems engineering,
the firm said. "Therefore it          mean that there is fraud that         Data-Storage Work                   development and integration,
would be inappropriate and a          has been ignored, nor does it         By David Hubler, Special to         and test and deployment
violation of the law for PWC to       mean that there are not other         the Washington Post                 activities.
comment."                             matters         that        contain        Northrop Grumman will               Information management
     The company issued a             meritorious allegations that are      lead a team of contractors          is critical to success of the
statement saying reports last         being        investigated       and   developing a high-speed data        program because it will allow
week on the federal criminal          pursued," Mr. Miller said.            management        and     storage   analysts to retrieve and work
probe of its pricing practices              Ms. Hanken was in               system for the National             on specific bits of data rather
were        "inaccurate"       and    Kuwait on business when Iraq          Security Agency that will make      than having to download and
contained      "misinformation,"      invaded in 1990, before the           it easier for intelligence          sift through entire files that
because the government helps          first Gulf War, and was briefly       analysts to access and evaluate     could be unwieldy.
set and approve all of its            held captive by Iraqi troops.         key data.                                "What we're trying to do is
prices.       The         company     After      her      release     she        The 51-month contract          get the right piece of data to
confirmed       it     is    under    campaigned for the liberation         awarded to the company's            the right person in a timely
investigation for fraud.              of Kuwait and testified before        Reston-based            Missions    fashion," said Loren Ryder, the
     A top official at Richmond       Congress.                             Systems unit is worth up to         Information Management and
Wholesale hasn't responded to               "I didn't do that so PWC        $220 million. The work will be      Storage program manager at
messages seeking comment.             could rip off American                part      of    the      Defense    Northrop Grumman.
No one at the company could           taxpayers," she said in an            Department's         Information         The contracting team will
be reached yesterday.                 interview. "I am sick of getting      Management and Storage              total about 200 information
     The official at Justice          jerked around."                       program.                            technology workers, with
responsible       for     deciding          Ms. Hanken alleges that              The program will give          slightly more than half coming
whether to pursue False Claims        Richmond          and        Public   analysts access to crucial          from Northrop Grumman. The
Act cases has until recently          Warehousing             executives    electronic intelligence data far    others will come from its
been Peter Keisler, a Bush            sabotaged her efforts to sell         more quickly than previously        partners, which include BAE
appointee who is acting               meat products to the military         possible,       said       Kevin    Systems, IBM, Sparta, and
attorney general and a nominee        by colluding to produce               Henderson,              Northrop    Sierra Nevada Corp.
for a seat on the U.S. Court of       disparaging information about         Grumman's chief systems                  Northrop           Grumman
Appeals for the District of           her company's products and            engineer on the program. The        announced in September that it
Columbia.                             performance. She alleged that         data include electronic signals     had won a $462 million award
     Mr. Grayson, a Democrat          "Richmond is overcharging             from air traffic control centers,   to upgrade and enhance the
who ran unsuccessfully for            PWC for meat products and             enemy radar installations and       Army's      fleet    of    RC-12
Congress last year, alleges that      PWC is overcharging the               electronic jamming equipment,       Guardrail precision targeting,
Mr. Keisler has turned down           government."                          he said.                            intelligence, surveillance and
numerous Iraq fraud cases to                Agents from the Pentagon,            The primary purpose of         reconnaissance aircraft.
protect the administration from       the Internal Revenue Service,         gathering and analyzing such             David Hubler is an
political damage.                     and the Federal Bureau of             data is to support U.S. aircraft    associate        editor       with
     Justice said that isn't true.    Investigation      are     probing    conducting missions in hostile      Washington            Technology
"Although we cannot comment           whether Public Warehousing            territory, Henderson said.          magazine.
on the number of cases that are       passed on to the government           "They need to be aware of the
under investigation or under          improperly high prices from           electronic environment out
seal, or on the investigations        U.S. food producers in return         there, especially those things      Atlanta Journal-Constitution
                                                                                                                                       page 31
October 22, 2007                   in a nation where 95 percent of      with violence, immigration,          international market and both
36. U.S. Firms May                 crimes go unresolved.                drug trafficking. There's a lot at   have chinks in their armor.
Assist Mexico In Drug                   The U.S. aid package will       stake here," he said.                     Boeing landed the first
                                   complement Mexico's annual                                                contract in the international
Fight                              budget of $7 billion to tackle                                            tanker game several years ago,
By Alfredo Corchado, Dallas                                             Defense News
                                   organized crime, officials from                                           when the Italians and the
Morning News                                                            October 22, 2007
                                   both countries have said,                                                 Japanese signed on for four
     Washington — The U.S.                                              Pg. 3
                                   adding that both sides will set                                           planes each. But those
and Mexican governments                                                 37. USAF Delays
                                   "benchmarks       to     measure                                          deliveries have been long
today are expected to announce
an anti-drug package that could
                                   success."                            Tanker Award                         delayed — more than two
                                        The aid package includes        By Gayle S. Putrich                  years for the Italians. Boeing
involve hiring private U.S.
                                   $50 million for Central                   The U.S. Air Force is           has been sorting out a
military contractors to train
                                   America, to be distributed           pushing back the award date of       high-speed airflow problem
Mexican troops in the use of
                                   among the region's seven             the $30 billion, 179-plane           caused by the pylons used to
new        technologies      and
                                   countries.                           tanker contract until Feb. 29,       hold wing refueling pods since
                                        But the bulk of the money       according to industry and            2005; the aerospace giant is
     The government's use of
                                   probably will go to Guatemala        congressional sources. The           now flight-testing the latest fix.
private contractors has been
                                   and El Salvador, where some          service originally expected to            More recent tanker awards
highly controversial, especially
                                   of the region's most violent         award the contract for its top       have gone to Airbus, with
since a deadly incident
                                   transnational gangs, including       procurement priority before the      Australia, Britain and the
involving security contractors
                                   the Maras, are strong, U.S.          end of this calendar year.           United Arab Emirates selecting
last month in Iraq.
                                   officials have said.                      Air Force officials could       the A330.
     The counternarcotics plan,
                                        The chairman of the House       not provide comment by press
estimated at $1.4 billion over
                                   Intelligence Committee, Rep.         time.
two years, is expected to be                                                                                 Washington Times
                                   Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas),                Two competitors are vying
announced simultaneously by                                                                                  October 22, 2007
                                   expressed concern about the          for the contract: EADS and
President Bush in Washington                                                                                 Pg. 17
                                   possible use of U.S. private         Northrop Grumman, offering
and President Felipe Calderon                                                                                38. America Must Act
                                   contractors in Mexico, saying        an A330 variant called the
in Mexico City.
     It will cap seven months of
                                   the issue has been among the         KC-30, and Boeing with its           Now
                                   most sensitive areas of              modified 767 tanker. The Air         Empowering Muslim
talks in response to spreading
                                   negotiations        for      both    Force has said it plans to have      moderates
drug violence, considered by
                                   governments.                         the first tanker in the air by       By Zach Wamp
many the biggest threat to
                                        "I've heard that expressed      2013.                                     Nearly a month after
Mexican security.
                                   as a concern on the part of               Bids for the contract were      testifying before Congress on
     The plan is expected to
                                   Mexican officials, and it also       submitted April 10, and the          the progress of our security
call for increasing U.S.
                                   raises an issue of concern for       competitors have been fielding       strategy      in     Iraq,    our
anti-drug aid to Mexico, now
                                   us because of how contractors        questions from the service ever      commander on the ground,
estimated at $44 million a year,
                                   are being used in Iraq," he said.    since.                               Army Gen. David Petraeus,
to $1.4 billion over two to
                                        "That will not be helpful in         Richard           Aboulafia,    said that al Qaeda remains "the
three years to train Mexican
                                   getting this through Congress."      military aviation analyst with       wolf closest to the sled" and
law enforcement officials to
                                        Navy       Cmdr.     Jeffrey    the Teal Group in Virginia,          "the enemy bent on causing the
more effectively take on drug
                                   Gordon, a Defense Department         said pushing the award date          most sectarian violence" in the
traffickers     equipped    with
                                   spokesman, said the package          back just a few months was a         country.
advanced weapons, high-tech
                                   "deals primarily with law            winning move for the Air                  It is essential that we not
communications gear and
                                   enforcement." Regarding the          Force.                               lose sight of the big picture.
                                   potential role of contractors,            “I think they have every        Indeed, al Qaeda has been
     The plan is designed to
                                   "Our discussions with the            reason to delay. I don’t see a       working for some time now to
bolster                 Mexico's
                                   government of Mexico are             downside to pushing it off,” he      incite civil war in Iraq to
telecommunications capability,
                                   preliminary. The final form of       said. “There’s always a chance       undermine our success, create
establish a nationwide database
                                   any assistance package has not       either product could experience      an environment to recruit new
for tracking criminals and help
                                   been determined and will             a bigger technological glitch        terrorists and keep us distracted
secure the country's airspace
                                   depend        on       continuing    between now and the contract         from its larger plans. But if we
and its coastal waters, where
                                   discussions      with    Mexico,     award, but it’s more likely that     left Iraq today, the global
85 percent of all smuggling
                                   Central American countries,          both products will mature.”          threats against us and our way
takes place, Mexican officials
                                   and the U.S. Congress."                   Aboulafia        said      he   of life would not go away. This
have said.
                                        Despite his concerns over       wouldn’t count on this delay         threat is much larger than Iraq,
     The package does not
                                   the possible use of private          being the last.                      and it may be the biggest
include              wiretapping
                                   contractors, Reyes praised the            “I wouldn’t rule out the        struggle of our generation.
                                   overall package, calling it "a       possibility of it passing into the        Al Qaeda's strategy is all
     The package also calls for
                                   giant     leap"    in    bilateral   next fiscal year,” he said.          part of a 20-year plan
strengthening Mexico's rule of
                                   cooperation.                              Both competitors intend to      published by associates of al
law. It will include training to
                                        "This        has        huge    militarize commercial planes         Qaeda's senior leaders. This
establish a witness protection
                                   implications, especially for         already in production, both are      blueprint, which began on
and victim assistance program
                                   border communities wrestling         testing the waters of the            September 11, moves in
                                                                                                                                         page 32
several three-year phases. The      for     eight    patents      from    Christians and Muslims do not        to the American-financed
current phase began in 2007         1992-2001. The lack of                make peace with each other,          Islamists who humbled the
and focuses on Syria and            innovation      and     economic      the "very survival of the world"     Soviet empire. It also housed
Turkey. Starting in 2010, al        opportunity fuels the efforts of      is at stake.                         their jihadist offspring, who,
Qaeda will move to overthrow        radicalization. Muslims in the              Rep. Zach Wamp is              like sorcerers’ apprentices,
Arab governments and launch         United States represent a small       ranking member on the House          turned on a distracted sponsor
electronic attacks on the U.S.      percentage of our prison              Appropriations Subcommittee          and brought the dust of two
economy, culminating in the         population, while in France it        on the Legislative Branch.           fallen towers to Manhattan.
creation of an "Islamic             now exceeds 50 percent.                                                         To help forge a better
Caliphate" that will attract        Globally, we must mobilize                                                 Afghanistan — or merely an
powerful strategic allies before    leadership to address the many        New York Times                       Afghanistan — the Americans
a "Total Confrontation" of          problems within Islam.                October 22, 2007                     involved their NATO friends.
believers and non-believers              Because the need for             Pg. 21                               An alliance forged to defend
gives al Qaeda a "Definitive        moderate Muslim voices is             39. A Once And Future                the West against the Soviets
Victory," in 2020. At that time     more important today than ever        Nation                               was transformed into an agent
"the Islamic state will lead the    before, we should be pulling in       By Roger Cohen                       of democratic change in
human race once again to the        moderate Arabic speakers to                QALAT,                          southwest Asia.
shore of safety and the oasis of    assist      our       intelligence    Afghanistan--Once upon a time             How strange! The enemy
happiness."                         community at home and                 there was a country, more a          now           was         Taliban
     These are not my words,        abroad. As of last October,           space      than      a     nation,   Islamofascists rather than
but the documented plans of         only 33 FBI agents have even a        landlocked,         mountainous,     Kremlin totalitarians. On a
the al Qaeda leadership. Given      limited proficiency in Arabic,        impoverished and windblown.          hillside     in     south-eastern
the scope of this growing           and none of them were                      There      resided     many     Afghanistan       rose    “Camp
threat, and the numbers of          involved      in     coordinating     peoples, including Pashtuns          Dracula,” a garrison of 700
Muslims who have now been           investigations of international       and Tajiks and Uzbeks and            Romanian soldiers on this
radicalized, how can we             terrorism.                            Turkmen, and a new tribe             NATO mission.
realistically foil what noted            The U.S. embassy in              called the Americans.                     It would take a great
author Lawrence Wright calls        Baghdad       only      has      10        They had come, the              fabulist to make up such
their "Master Plan"? Despite        employees with a working              Americans, after 30 years of         stories. Yet they wrote
our enemies' designs for a          knowledge of Arabic on its            bloodshed, to bring peace to         themselves after reports that
dominant Islamic state, not all     staff of 1,000. Surely, we must       this land called Afghanistan.        the cold war’s conclusion
Muslims wish to see al Qaeda's      do better at empowering               But what did they know —             marked the end of history
plan succeed. It is a fact that     reasonable Muslims to help us.        what could they know — of            proved greatly exaggerated.
most of the victims of al Qaeda     And we need to offer                  life behind burkas, or on the             And so, one recent
are Muslims. To prevail we          opportunities      that      allow    other side of mud walls, or          morning, Lt. Col. James
must empower the moderates          peaceloving,             moderate     inside minds made mad by             Bramble, a reservist from El
within Islam to stand with us       Muslims to condemn terrorism          war?                                 Paso, Tex., with a job there as
against       these       radical   and encourage them with                    Past goat herds and             a pharmaceuticals executive,
fundamentalists. They must be       resolutions       of       support    yellowing almond trees, the          found himself visiting the
given hope and opportunity          promoting peace between all           helmeted Americans drove             Romanian forces and then
because "jihad" offers nothing      three "Abrahamic" religions.          armored Humvees. Beside              going to the nearby village of
to the young men who join,               The big picture means we         lurching stacks of battered tires    Morad Khan Kalay.
other than death. With very         must dramatically improve our         children gathered in villages             Nations are built one
few cultural heroes in the Arab     foreign policy in the Arab            and, unlike those in another         village at a time. Or so Colonel
world, extreme voices drown         world and throughout our              broken land called Iraq, they        Bramble has come to believe.
out moderate voices most of         allied countries because we           smiled and waved.                    He is a thoughtful man,
the time.                           should not have to kill                    The Americans talked            commanding          a     NATO
     Muslims in Europe and          hundreds of thousands of              about empowering Afghans.            provincial reconstruction team,
throughout Arab countries do        people to defend our way of           Sometimes they took to               one of 25 across the country, at
not have the same economic          life and extend freedom to            Blackhawk        choppers     and    a base in Qalat, between
opportunities as Muslims in         future      generations.      This    swooped along the dun-colored        Kandahar and Kabul. His team
America. When oil is taken out      administration and the next one       river beds and sent goats            is supposed to deliver the
of the equation, Finland alone      must engage and empower               scurrying for cover.                 development         and     good
has more exports than the           moderates throughout the                   The 26,000 U.S. troops          governance         that       will
whole Arab world combined.          Middle East to stand with us          meant well. They wielded             marginalize the Taliban.
Without oil, there is very little   against the death, destruction        billions of dollars. They                 That’s the theory. The
Gross Domestic Product in           and "Total Confrontation"             calculated       “metrics”      of   practice looks like this. Seven
Arab countries.                     sought by radical Islam.              progress. They had learned, to       armored U.S. Humvees form a
     Here's another startling            Time is of the essence.          their cost, how this faraway         “perimeter” on the edge of the
figure: IBM, which topped the       This month, 138 leading               place — invaded and used and         village and newly trained
U.S. patent list for the 14th       Muslim scholars from every            at last abandoned to pile rubble     members of the Afghan police
consecutive year, earned 3,621      sect of Islam sent a letter to the    upon rubble — could nurture          — the “Afghan face” on this
patents in 2006 alone, while        pope and other Christian              danger.                              mission — are dispatched to
the country of Syria accounts       leaders warning that if                    Not only was it once home       bring out village elders.
                                                                                                                                         page 33
      Looking apprehensive, the      suggest hope still flickers. To      and peer competitors," the           powered carriers, in Japan. A
Afghans appear swathed in            lose Afghanistan by way of           strategy said.                       sixth aircraft carrier will be
robes and headgear whose bold        smile-free Iraq — and do so on            Moreover, the strategy          added to the Pacific Fleet in
colors mock dreary U.S. Army         the border of a turbulent            calls for the three services to      2010 when Carl Vinson is due
camouflage. Staff Sgt. Marco         nuclear-armed Pakistan —             become equally adept at what         to come out of overhaul; five
Villalta, of San Mateo, Calif.,      would be a terrible betrayal         is often termed "soft power,"        will be in the Atlantic.
steps forward: “We would like        and an unacceptable risk.            including           humanitarian          The Navy is assigning 60
to ask you some questions                That, alas, is no fairy tale.    operations such as disaster          percent of its attack submarines
about your village.”                                                      relief. The leaders said their       to the Pacific; three have
      The following is elicited:                                          services "must become adept at       already been forward deployed
There are 300 families using         Honolulu Advertiser                  forging              international   to Guam. Two guided missile
25 wells. Their irrigation           October 21, 2007                     partnerships" with the maritime      submarines, converted from
ditches get washed away in           40. Deterrence A Key                 services of Asian nations.           ballistic missile submarines
winter. A small bridge keeps         Part Of U.S. Sea                          Evidently responsive to         and armed with 154 cruise
collapsing. They send their          Strategy                             the criticism that the U.S. acts     missiles each, will be assigned
children to a school in nearby       By Richard Halloran                  unilaterally,    the     maritime    to the Pacific.
Shajoy, but it’s often closed             The new maritime strategy       strategy asserts: "No one nation          Behind        the     newly
because of Taliban threats to        published      last    week     is   has the resources required to        published strategy is an
teachers.                            particularly pertinent to the        provide safety and security          unspoken motive — an effort
      Sergeant Villalta takes        evolving security posture of the     throughout the entire maritime       by the sea services to stake out
notes. “We’ll share this             United States in Asia and in the     domain."                             a position in the battle of the
information with the governor        Pacific and Indian oceans                 It     adds,        however:    defense budget that has already
and make sure that something         where the nation's armed forces      "Although our forces can surge       erupted. The war in Iraq has
is done.”                            are being realigned to put less      when necessary to respond to         consumed an estimated $600
      “No! No!,” says Sardar         weight on ground forces and          crises, trust and cooperation        billion and left the Army
Mohammed. “We don’t trust            more on sea and air power.           cannot be surged. They must          stretched thin and needing to
the governor. If he gets food,            In this strategy, deterrence    be built over time so that the       be re-equipped.
he gives it to 10 families. He       is as important as war-fighting.     strategic interests of the                At the same time, an
puts money in his pocket. We         "We believe that preventing          participants are continuously        independent report on the Air
trust you more than him. Bring       wars is as important as winning      considered."                         Force by a respected retired
aid directly to us.”                 wars," said the core document             Although no nations were        Army         general,       Barry
      Bramble’s view is that the     issued by the chief of naval         named, the strategy is intended      McCaffrey, found that service
governor is as good as officials     operations,       Adm.      Gary     to deter the emerging power of       to be short of money for the
get around here. The U.S.            Roughead; the commandant of          China and a potential threat         future. "It is too small, has
officer, like his country and        the Marine Corps, Gen. James         from nuclear-armed North             inadequate numbers of aging
NATO, is caught in the hall of       T.     Conway;        and     the    Korea. It is aimed at terrorists,    aircraft, has been marginalized
mirrors         of       contested   commandant of the Coast              pirates, and smugglers in            in the current strategic debate,
nation-building. The exchange        Guard, Adm. Thad W. Allen.           Southeast Asia; a particular         and      has     mortgaged     its
at the village has traversed         Roughead was formerly the            concern is the Malacca Strait        modernization program to
cultures, civilizations and          Pacific Fleet commander here.        through which pass 70,000            allow the diversion of funds to
centuries. For Western soldiers           The leaders recognized the      ships a year. And it seeks to        prosecute" the wars in Iraq and
trained to kill, and now in the      difficulty in preparing for war      reassure allies in Japan and         Afghanistan.
business of hoisting an Islamic      and undertaking other missions       Australia and to appeal to                Now       the     Navy     is
country from nothing as              at the same time. "Maritime          friends in Singapore, Indonesia      navigating to get its share. This
fighting      continues,    that’s   forces must contribute to            and India.                           struggle      will     have      a
challenging.                         winning wars decisively while             The maritime strategy           bureaucratic twist since the
      Still, Bramble thinks this     enhancing our ability to             comes as the U.S. plans to           Coast Guard belongs to the
first contact will lead to others    prevent war, win the long            reduce or withdraw ground            Department of Homeland
and perhaps he can arrange for       struggle     against     terrorist   forces from South Korea and to       Security, not to the Department
the bridge to be bolstered soon.     networks, positively influence       move almost half of the U.S.         of Defense like the Navy and
Another community will be            events, and ease the impact of       Marines from Japan to Guam,          Marine Corps. That opens the
brought around in “the good          disasters," they said in the first   the island that is U.S. territory.   question of which department
war” against death-to-the-West       unified strategy forged by the       In      addition,      long-range    will fund the Coast Guard if it
Islamists.                           three services.                      bombers and modern fighters          is to be a full fledged
      This process will be very           "Credible combat power          are being posted to Guam, as         participant in the new maritime
slow. The West’s stomach for         will be continuously postured        are the latest versions of           strategy.
investing blood and treasure         in the Western Pacific and the       strategic         reconnaissance          Richard Halloran is a
here for another decade is           Arabian Gulf/Indian Ocean to         aircraft.                            Honolulu-based journalist and
unclear. But I see no                protect our vital interests,              At sea, the aircraft carrier    former New York Times
alternative if Afghanistan is to     assure our friends and allies of     George Washington, which is          correspondent in Asia.
move from its destructive gyre       our continuing commitment to         nuclear-powered, is scheduled
and the global threat that           regional security, and deter and     to leave Norfolk, Va., next year
brings.                                                                   to replace Kitty Hawk, the last      Wall Street Journal
                                     dissuade potential adversaries
      The children’s smiles                                               of the Navy's conventionally         October 22, 2007
                                                                                                                                           page 34
Pg. 19                                treatment.                          although it is unlikely that          eliminate            interrogations
41. Getting Serious                        These terms, of course, are    Justice signed off on these           altogether.
About 'Torture'                       no less difficult to interpret      methods without regard to the              By their very nature, every
By David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee        than "severe" pain or suffering.    level of intensity or potential       interrogation is coercive. The
A. Casey                              Congress attempted to give          cumulative impact involved.           fact that it is backed up by
     The question of "torture"        them some meaning in the            Slapping a man's face probably        some element of force or the
is again front and center in the      2005 Detainee Treatment Act         does not cause him severe pain.       threat of force is what
ongoing debate over how to            (DTA). This law effectively         Breaking his nose probably            distinguishes it from a mere
fight the war on terror. Judge        excluded the U.S. military          does.                                 conversation. More generally,
Michael Mukasey, President            from terrorist interrogations            Similarly,      forcing      a   varying degrees of coercion are
Bush's well-qualified pick for        because it limits the Pentagon      prisoner to maintain an               present in many public
the next attorney general, was        to techniques approved in the       uncomfortable posture for a           institutions,             including
questioned closely at his             U.S. Army field manual, a           period of time is not cruel,          penitentiaries, boot camps for
confirmation hearings last            highly restrictive document         inhuman        or      degrading,     juvenile and adult offenders,
week on whether torture is            designed to govern the              although forcing him to do so         police training academies and
illegal -- it is -- and what          treatment       of     honorable    while naked, shackled to the          many aspects of military life.
constitutes torture.                  prisoners of war protected by       floor     in     near     freezing    These approaches have been
     He rightly would not             the Geneva Conventions.             temperatures might be. It is a        debated over the years by the
commit to answering that                   However, the DTA left the      matter of degree. The possible        American polity, at both the
question,     especially      with    CIA free to use aggressive          exception is waterboarding,           federal and state levels, and
respect to the controversial          interrogation      methods     on   which presents unique issues          continue to enjoy public
practice of "waterboarding"           captured terrorists -- who do       because its sole purpose and          support. All of this suggests
(that is, simulated drowning)         not enjoy Geneva protections --     effect is to create a feeling of      that, at a minimum, stressful
without more information, and         so long as they are not             suffocation. This involves the        interrogations consistent with
got attacked for his candor.          subjected to torture or CID.        physiological                  and    the U.S. military's basic
Yet, defining torture raises          Congress further defined CID        psychological responses to            training should be permissible
complex legal, policy and             by      reference      to     the   drowning.                             as a matter of course, with
moral issues, and cannot be           Constitution's due process and           It is difficult to see how       other methods to be considered
done without taking into              cruel or unusual punishment         this, in and of itself, does not      on a case-by-case basis.
account all of the facts and          provisions, which in turn           constitute at least severe                 For      their     part,    the
circumstances surrounding the         generally involve a "shock the      suffering. At the same time, of       administration's critics should
use     of      any      particular   conscience" standard.               course, there is no actual            identify     which,       if   any,
interrogation technique. It is             The problem is obvious.        danger of drowning or other           interrogation methods they
time for a national debate that       Like the words cruel, inhuman       injury, and waterboarding has         believe are legal and moral and
involves those facts and              and degrading, whether or not       been part of U.S. military            explain how their view fits
circumstances.                        a     particular    interrogation   training       programs         on    within the broader existing
     The Bush administration's        method shocks the conscience        interrogation resistance. (If it is   societal consensus on the
critics invariably portray all        depends very much on the            torture, then it is impermissible     permissibility of coercion in
coercive             interrogation    circumstances.                      for all purposes -- whether or        certain             circumstances.
methods, from forced standing              For example, the harsh         not     an     individual      has    Alternatively, they should
to waterboarding, as torture.         methods of Marine basic             consented.) This is, in short, a      clarify why an American
This obviously gives them an          training, designed to break the     difficult and close question,         democracy           facing        an
advantage in the debate, since        soft habits of civilian life and    and an especially wrenching           implacable and ruthless foe
torture is reprehensible and          inculcate a warrior spirit and      one for those who actually            should continue to use coercive
fundamentally         inconsistent    iron discipline, might well be      have the responsibility to            techniques when training its
with United States policy.            cruel or degrading if imposed       decide whether waterboarding          own military personnel, but
They also act as if the mere          on middle-aged lawyers or           should be used to obtain              should         treat       captured
asking of what constitutes the        politicians, but not when used      intelligence that may well save       (unlawful) enemy combatants
permissible levels of coercion        on 20-year old recruits. And        innocent lives. Mr. Mukasey           with scrupulous tact and
is immoral, at best, and              the case law interpreting the       was right to demur.                   unfailing politeness.
unlawful at worst. Their              Constitution leaves more than            Regrettably, the response             Some, of course, have
arguments,       however,       are   enough room for argument            of administration critics to          suggested                       that
flawed both as a matter of law        about the methods allegedly         these questions has largely           relationship-building
and policy.                           utilized by the CIA. Based on       been one of sweeping and              interrogation techniques are
     The law defines torture as       published reports, these include    outraged claims of "torture" --       preferable -- as more reliable in
the intentional infliction of         slapping, exposure to cold,         not a detailed and reasoned           the long run -- to "stress"
"severe pain or suffering." The       stress positions, interrupted       discussion of whether and why         methods. If true, this is only a
intentional infliction of pain or     sleep and waterboarding, alone      the approved methods cross the        partial answer. What about the
suffering that is not severe is       or in some combination. The         line. Their bottom line seems         hard cases, such as 9/11
not torture, although depending       Justice      Department       has   to be that any form of coercion       mastermind Khalid Sheik
upon the circumstances it may         reportedly approved all of          is forbidden, period. That            Mohammed, who may not be
constitute forbidden "cruel,          these as legal.                     simply is not the law and,            susceptible to relationship
inhuman or degrading" (CID)                Reasonable minds can           taken to its logical conclusion,      building?
                                      disagree with this finding,         this position would effectively            Many, probably most,
                                                                         page 35
Americans will find this debate      settings. To specifically correct
uncomfortable                  and   one point in the article, the
embarrassing because all of the      customary      practice    when
interrogation methods at issue,      Rumsfeld met with the Senate's
if not cruel or degrading, are       Republican Policy Committee
certainly nasty and aggressive.      was to offer to meet with the
Whether the question is              Democratic Policy Committee,
holding a prisoner for hours in      too. To the best of my
shackles, or subjecting him to       recollection, during five years
simulated drowning, this is not      at the Pentagon in assignments
the type of activity Americans       directly involved in these
like to associate with their         matters, the Democrat group
government or themselves.            never took us up on our offer
      At     the    same     time,   of availability. Further, your
Americans rightfully expect to       characterization of Rumsfeld's
be protected from attack. But        Defense Policy Board as being
there is no free lunch. Coercive     "staffed with conservatives"
interrogations have been key in      was outlandish and misleading.
preventing post-9/11 attacks on      Let your readers decide:
American soil. To preempt            Rumsfeld's board included
future attacks the intelligence      former Democratic speaker of
agencies must continue to have       the House Tom Foley, Nobel
information that can often be        Prize economist Gary Becker
obtained only from captured          from the University of
terrorists. The intelligence         Chicago, two former Democrat
agencies are the first line of       secretaries of Defense (Harold
defense -- but the body politic      Brown       and     James      R.
cannot expect them to "do what       Schlesinger), several retired
it takes" and then also claim        generals and admirals, other
the right to punish them for         former elected officials and
crossing lines that have never       former      diplomats.      Your
been properly defined. We are        dismissal of Rumsfeld's board
all in this boat together.           simply to emphasize that Gates
      Messrs. Rivkin and Casey       has chosen a Democrat to run
served       in    the     Justice   the board is unfair to the
Department under Presidents          distinction and diversity of the
Ronald Reagan and George             group Rumsfeld assembled.
H.W. Bush, and were members               Lawrence        Di    Rita,
of the U.N. Sub-Commission on        Former Spokesman for the
the Promotion and Protection         Department       of     Defense,
of     Human       Rights    from    Potomac, Md.
2004-2006.                                Editor's Note: The article
                                     by Michael Hirsh appeared in
                                     the Current News Early Bird,
Newsweek                             Oct. 1, 2007.
October 29, 2007
42. Characterizing
Rumsfeld's Service
     Your article about Defense
Secretary     Robert     Gates's
congressional activities and the
Defense       Policy      Board
("Reaching Across the Aisle on
Iraq," Periscope, Oct. 8)
inaccurately characterized two
important aspects of former
secretary Donald Rumsfeld's
service. Contrary to the
impression created, Rumsfeld
maintained      an    aggressive
schedule of meetings with
members of Congress from
both parties in groups large and
small and in a variety of

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