Pirates Treasure Map Ahoy there_ by nyut545e2


									      Pirate’s Treasure Map

        Observation beehive at the family-friendly Art & Nature Center.
        Other hands-on exhibits.

        Discover how many steps to the top of the Mountain Tower for a scenic
        view of the surrounding waters and islands.

        The Island’s largest egg at the Double KW Ostrich Farm. Feed and
        pet Icelandic sheep, pigmy goats, pot-bellied pigs, mini-donkey, camel,
        and more.

        The round white rocks at Schoolhouse Beach. But don’t take any
        home they are Island treasures.

        The fossil collection at Jacobsen’s Museum at Little Lake.

        The big catch at the Maritime Museum at Jackson Harbor.

        Horse-drawn wagon rides and hands-on activities on Wednesdays
        10:30 a.m. to noon. Pioneer cabin, garden, animals at Farm Museum.

        Walk the plank at the Red Barn playground.

                     Shiver Me Timbers!
Visit the Washington Island Ferry Line office and choose a
TREASURE from the Pirate’s Chest! X marks the spot on the map!

 Ahoy there! Come to the
Washington Island Ferry Line office
for all your pirate loot:
  Eye Patch * Jolly Roger Flag * Tattoo
      Bandana * Jewelry * Parrot

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