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					                                      College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences and WSU Extension
                                                                 Business and Finance Office

                                   Don Holbrook                                                                                 Mary Hoffman
                                        Director                                                                               Associate Director
      Primary responsibility Academic Programs and Agricultural Research Center                                         Primary responsibility WSU Extension
                              Phone: (509) 335-2919                                                                           Phone: (509) 335-2993
                             Email:                                                                    Email:
 Becky Priebe, Program Administrative Manager                         Tucson Smith, Fiscal Specialist Supervisor                  Esther Tate, Finance/Budget Manager
Supervisor Personnel Section and Personnel Problem Solver                     Supervisor Accounting Section                  Supervisor WSU Extension Grants & Contracts Section
                     Federal Benefits                                        Fiscal Operations Problem Solver                         and Problem Solver, Budget Approval
             Teaching Accruals & Allocations                                     Recovery of Expenditures                      Proposals & Award Processing, Effort Certification
 Faculty Promotion & Tenure, Annual Review, Salary Inc.                         Travel Expense Vouchers, &                Liaison to Office of Grant & Research Dev. & Sponsored Prg.
                 Phone: (509) 335-2842                                Corporate Travel Accounts for County Educators)                        Phone: (509) 335-6885
                Email:                                            Phone: (509) 335-2826                                      Email:
          Trudy Kenny, Fiscal Specialist II                                        Email:                       Joan Root, Grant and Contract Coordinator
   Personnel, Position Control, & Payroll for Extension                      Mike Petrusky, Fiscal Specialist II                       County Grant Budgets & Proposals
    Extension Accruals & Allocations, County Budgets                       Teaching & Research, Grants & Contracts              County Grants Management & Effort Certification
Faculty Promotion & Tenure, Annual Review, & Salary Inc.                  Maintain Files & Assign Account Numbers on          For West Side Counties, Stations, CSANR, and Energy
            Extension Temporary Employment                                             Grants & Contracts                         Maintain Extension Grant Database and Files
                 Phone: (509) 335-2820                                            Review Invoices on Purchases                              Phone: (509) 335-2885
                Email:                                                Phone: (509) 335-2841                                  Email:
    Rick Robbins, Data Arch/Database Admin                                        Email:                  Jennifer Jansen , Grant and Contract Coordinator
            Computer Database Management                                                                                              County Grant Budgets & Proposals
     Research Accruals, Allocations, Admin Payroll                                                                              County Grants Management & Effort Certification
     Position Control, Faculty Promotion & Tenure,                                                                                    For East Side Counties and Pullman
            Annual Review, Salary Increases                                                                                       Maintain Extension Grant Database and Files
                Phone: (509) 335-2839                                                                                                       Phone: (509) 335-2867
              Email:                                                                                                     Email:
          Jane Allenby, Fiscal Specialist I
Research and Teaching Personnel, Summer Session Payroll
      Faculty Promotion & Tenure, Annual Review
        Extension Leave Reports, Special Projects
                 Phone: (509) 335-1521
                                                                      Web site:
                                                                Phone: (509) 335-1521 Fax: (509) 335-2926
                                                             Address: PO Box 646241, Pullman, WA 99164-6241


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