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									January 17, 2011How to Win Minnesota Daily 3You Deserve a Win!Minnesota
Lottery Daily 3 numbers in this trend are repeating. This means that you
could win the money twice on each of the remaining ones if you apply what
it takes.Minnesota Daily 3 Winning PlanNaturally, your question will be,
what does it take? The answer is twofold. One is having the winning MN
Daily 3 numbers in your hand, and the other is exercising the necessary
patience to win. Our unique manual lottery calculation will give you the
winning numbers and the rest is up to you. We employed this method to get
winning numbers for our fans last week on Georgia and Arizona lottery. We
did it on 12/21/2010 when all the states we predicted won. The patient
bettors win the most money. We cannot be over emphasizing the need for
itWinning MN Daily 3 StrategiesThe current trend started towards the end
of last year. The good news is that it spilled into the beginning of this
year to enable you have more cash going forward. The trend started with
269 on 12/22/201 that repeated two days later as 962 on 12/24/2010. That
number must have been there to give our fans some cash for the Christmas
holiday. Those that won would have enjoyed last minute shopping.In
between the above two dates Minnesota Lottery Daily 3 played 847 on
12/23/2010. It repeated two days later as 487 on 12/25/2010. At this
point, a good observer will notice that the numbers are repeating. Well,
you can only do that if you understand how to pick the trend. The next
day on 12/26/2010 the trend continued with 697. They capped that month
with 028 on 12/27/2010.It must have been a very good month for those that
won. The trend played from 12/22/2010 to 12/27/2010. That is a lot of
money for those that got it. You can read our articles to learn more.
Each article is different and meant to educate our fans.Minnesota Lottery
results did not resume this trend until 1/4/2011 with repeat number 967.
You may be wondering at this point about the winning numbers. We will get
to it. Remember that we patiently and painstakingly worked out the
winning numbers. You need to apply the same method to win Minnesota Daily
3. Having the winning numbers are not the problem. The trend continued
with 401 on 1/9/2011 and ten days later repeated 028 on 1/14/2011.The
last Minnesota Lottery Daily 3 number that played in the trend was 713 on
1/16/2010.Winning Minnesota Daily 3 NumbersThe 713 is pulling down the
number 501 and 965. You must remember that 401 is yet to repeat. You
should put 501, 401 and 965 in your shopping basket. The remaining
numbers in the trend are 166, 003 and 147. The 713 is coming back as
well. In fact, it could drop any minute.The above numbers are your
Minnesota Lottery Daily 3 winning numbers. Write them down and follow
accordingly. We have done the job for you. The question is, are you going
to be patient enough to win Minnesota Daily 3?It's a marathon, not a

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