Winning With the Minnesota Vikings by anamaulida


									The Minnesota Vikings have been on top of their division for quite some
time now. Only the Dallas Cowboys made more playoff appearances than the
Vikings during the same span of time. The Vikings also played in four
Super Bowls, namely Super Bowl IV, VIII, IX, and XI. Only four other
teams have surpassed this record.The professional football saga of the
Vikings started in August 1959 in Minneapolis when five businessmen were
awarded the franchise in the American Football League. The Minnesota
businessmen who started it all were Bill Boyer, Bernie Ridder, Max
Winter, Ole Haugsrud, and H.P. Skoglund. However, five months after they
were awarded with an AFL franchise, they forfeited it yet was awarded
with the National Football League's 14th franchise. This franchise
started to play in 1961.There is no other team in history that made a
spectacular debut as did the Vikings in their first game as a team in
September of 1961. Then rookie Fran Tarkenton made an outstanding debut
when he threw four touchdown passes coming off fresh from the bench. He
also did a run for a fifth score which lead to the defeat of their
opponent, the Chicago Bears. Twenty-five years later, Tarkenton became
the first Vikings player who became a part of the professional football
Hall of Fame.The first management team of the Minnesota Vikings was led
by GM Bert Rose and head coach Norm Van Brocklin. Not only is the Viking
an excellent team, they have also done an innovative marketing campaign
which encouraged the people to watch every game held in their home
stadium. Because of this spectacular campaign, almost all of the seats of
the Metropolitan Stadium where they play their home games are full each
time a game is played. Eventually, the stadium capacity was increased to
accommodate 47,900 people.Pioneering manager and coach both resigned in
1964 and 1967 and the team resorted to Canadian replacements of their
management team. Jim Finks was named as the new general manager and Bud
Grant as the new field leader. The success that followed the Vikings in
the next few decades have already been associated with a hard-faced Grant
on the sidelines of the Metropolitan Stadium. He is ranked at number 8
for coaches of winning teams before he retired permanently in 1985.It was
only in 1982 that the Vikings moved into the Hubert H. Humphrey
Metrodome. It was the site of the Super Bowl XXVI having a seating
capacity of 63,000. And here, the winning tradition of the Viking still
continues to reveal itself to its millions of fans worldwide. Which is a
good thing because consistency plays a very important role as a team.
Even if the players have changed, they should still uphold the greatness
and efforts that their previous players have put into the name of the
team. There is only one Minnesota Vikings and all must be done to
preserve the integrity of a winning team. And it should be done no matter
what it takes.

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