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Breast Augmentation
Create Six-Packs
with Vaser Hi-Def
Cosmetic Procedures
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                                       Has an Impact on
                                   Sex LifeHealthy Aging

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                                    and Mental Vitality
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                      Cosmetic Surgery Service
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    The price already included…
    1.   Consultation fee                                     2.   Post operation fee
    3.   Medication fee                                       4.   Hospitalization fee (if needed)
    5.   Anesthesia fee                                       6.   Lab test fee
    7.   Free pick up service from the air port/hotel         8.   Cost of operating room
    9.   Doctor fee

    Liposuction :
    abdomen or tummy cost                     $1800     USD   (WAL $2000,Vaser$2200 )
    abdomen included waist or hip cost        $2400     USD   (WAL$2600,Vaser$2800)
    outter thighs                             $1400     USD   (WAL$1600,Vaser$1800)
    inner thighs                              $1400     USD   (WAL$1600,Vaser$1800)
    whole things                              $2600     USD   (WAL$2800,Vaser$3000)
    buttock(both sides)                       $1400     USD   (WAL$1600,Vaser$1800)
    arms                                      $1600     USD   (both sides)(WAL$1800,Vaser$2000)
    calves                                    $1400     USD   (both sides)(WAL$1600,Vaser$1800)
    male breast                               $1400     USD   (WAL$1600,Vaser$1800)
    face, cheek, and neckunder chin           $1200     USD   (WAL$1400,Vaser$1600)

    Fat Transplant or Fat Reinjection
    cheek                                     $1300     USD
    buttocks                                  $1700     USD
    breasts                                   $1700     USD
    Penis                                     $1500     USD
    Labia majora                              $1500     USD

    Breast Surgery
    breast enlargement, augmentation $2500 USD                (1 day admission included)
    breast implants with tear drop shape                      $3,300 USD (1 day admission included)
    breast reduction, mastopexy          $2800 USD            (2 days admission included)
    breast lift                          $2800 USD            ( 2 days admission included)
    nipple reduction                     $500 USD
    alvolar reduction                    $800 USD

    Ear Surgery
    otoplasty                                 $600 USD

    Eye Surgery back to top
    double eye-lids                           $500 USD
    upper eye-lids, blephaloplasty            $500 USD
    lower eye-lids, blephaloplasty            $500 USD

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    Face Lift
    brow lift                               $1400   USD     OPD.
    mid face lift                           $2200   USD     ( 2 days admission included)
    forehead lift                           $2400   USD
    full fact lift(cheek and neck included)                 $3000 USD     ( 2 days admission included)
    neck lift                               $2000   USD     OPD.

    hair transplant
    < 1000 grafts cost                    $2500 USD.
    1500 garfts cost                      $2800 USD
    2000 grafts cost                      $3500 USD
    2500 graftd cost                      $3800 USD
    3000 grafts cost                      $4300 USD
    hair removal (laser IPL)              $420 – $520 USD

    Nose Surgery
    silicone implant, augmentation        $500 USD
    ala reduction, alaplasty              $500 USD
    hump correction                       $2800 USD
    nose reshaping or reconstruction      $1500 USD

    cheek dimple                          $600 USD
    cheek implant augmentation            $2300 USD
    cheek reduction                       $2300 USD         (2 days)

    chin implant                          $650 USD

    angle resection                       $2,500 USD
    botox injection (to reduce muscle of jaw angle)         $250 USD per site

    lips reduction                      $600 USD
    lip hair (mustache and beard) removal IPL $500 USD

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    Botox injection                    $250 USD per site

    filler agent
    Aquamid injection               $450 USD per CC.
    Restylane injection             $450 USD per CC.
    Dermalive injection             $500 USD per CC.
    Sex Change (Sex Reassignment Surgery)

    scrotal skin graft , vaginoplasty     $4500 USD         ( 4 days admission included)
    Penile skin inversion, sigmoid colon graft              $6800         ( 4 days admission included)

    Adam’s apple
    reshaving                          $1000 USD

    buttock enlargement implant        $2800 USD
    liposuction                        $1400 USD            (WAL$1600,Vaser$2000)

    vaginal tightenning vagioplasty    $1000 USD
    hymenoplasty                       $1000 USD

    labia minora reduction               $600 USD
    labia majora enlargement(fat transplant)                $1300 USD

    penile widening surgery            $2800 USD
    penile lengthening surgery         $2000 USD
    fat reinjection to penis           $1200 USD

    Botox Injection
    botox injection                    $250 USD per site

    Tummy Tuck
    tummy tuck                         $3000 USD
    tummy tuck + liposuction around the abdomen $4500 USD

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                      MONTHLY ISSUE
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     Breast Augmentation                           9-11

     Cosmetic Procedures and Wrinkles              12-13

     Create Six-Packs with Vaser Hi-Def            14-15

     Diabetes Has an Impact on Sex Life            16-19

     What is in Your Make-up?                      20-21

     Healthy Aging Emotional and Mental Vitality   23-25

     Q&A Breast Augmentation                       26-27

     The Cheater’s Diet                            28-31

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    SP-COSMETICSURGERY.COM                                                                SPONSORED PAGE

    Dr. Sompob Sansiri
                           Completed medical school at Chiang Mai University in Thailand (year 1992).
                           Certified board of International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (IACS)
                           Certified board of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
                           Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)
                           Member of American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS)
                           Trainning residency from 1992 to 1994.
                           Trainning liposuction and cosmetic surgery at Pinkloa Surgical Center in 1997.
                           Practicing in cosmetic surgery since 1998.
                           Board – certified and has experience in cosmetic surgery more than 10 years.
                           A member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
                           A member of American Society of Hair Restorection Surgery
                           A post committee of Thai Soceity of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine (2004 – 2005)
                           A member of Thai Soceity of Cosmetic Dermatology and Surgery

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    Saline and silicone gel
    are approved by
    the U.S. FDA.

                  reast augmentation is a good          mentation can enhance your appearance and
                  choice of cosmetic surgery pro-       your self-confidence, but it won’t necessarily
                  cedure for those who have small       change your looks to match your ideal, or cause
                  or bigger breasts. When you give      other people to treat you differently. Types of
                  birth to your child your breast can   Implants To determine the implant filler, size and
                  get smaller due to the breast feed-   shape the doctor has to see your breast anat-
    ing. A mild degree of breast can be lost and        omy and body type. Also you will have to tell
    this needs a correction to get a firm bigger        the doctor about your desired size. The medi-
    breast. The treatment can be done by a breast       cal devices that we use to do breast implants
    implants with great result. The implantation will   can be a solid silicone, rubber shell. The shell
    only leave small scars in the armpits. Those who    will be filled with sterile salt water or elastic sili-
    have too giant breasts can consider about get-      cone gel. Saline and silicone gel are approved
    ter them smaller by doing the operation. They       by the U.S. FDA. This means the breast implant
    will be some scar on their breast, but it’s worth   has been researched, tested and reviewed for
    it. While western people usually develop nice       your safety. Breast implants are medical de-
    scars, but Asian people usually get keloid scar.    vices with a solid silicone, rubber shell. The
    We are using high-grade silicone gel from the       implant shell may be filled with either saline
    United States and Europe to give our patients       solution (sterile salt water) or elastic silicone gel.
    the best result and appreciation. Breast aug-       Both saline and silicone gel breast implants are
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     approved by the U.S. Food
     and Drug Administration (FDA).
     Approval means that an im-
     plant has been rigorously re-
     searched and tested, and re-
     viewed by an independent
     panel of physicians for safety.
     We will measure your breasts
     in cubic centimeters (ccs)
     based on the volume of the
     saline or silicone filler.Texture:
     the implant shell may be smooth
     or textured Shape: the implant
     may have a round profile or one
     that is anatomic (teardrop or
     tapered shape) Profile: the im-
     plant may have a low, medium
     or high projection (the depth of
     the implant from the base to
     the highest point of the implant
     curve) Diameter: the width of
     the implant measured across
     it’s base (the side of the implant

     We can use your
     own fat to increase
     or reshape your
     that will be positioned over the chest wall) For   some women. Shaped implants tend to remain
     additional implants, we can do the liposuction     stationary, so they stay in the same place. When
     and use your own fat to increase or reshape        a woman lies down, round implants on the
     your breasts. This method become more and          other hand, settle back evenly, like normal
     more popular since your own fat gives great        breasts. When a woman stands up, the saline
     natural feel and touch. Round Implants. What’s     goes to the bottom of the implants because of
     natural looking? Round implants, placed under      gravity, and the implants assume a natural tear-
     the muscle may have a more natural appear-         drop shape anyway. Shaped, Anatomical, Tear-
     ance than shaped/contour implants which can        Drop. These are all terms used to describe an
     appear somewhat elongated in appearance in         implant that is manufactured to be pre-shaped
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     Saline implants were long
     considered an inferior
     alternative to silicone
     gel-filled implants
     like the one pictured at right. Unlike a round
     implant, a “shaped” implant by design has a
     top and a bottom (it is tear drop shaped). These
     have a textured surface to avoid the implant
     flipping, leaving the implant upside down and
     misshapen in appearance.

     This can be corrected but it is not an ideal hap-
     pening. Unlike round implants, a tear-drop im-
     plant will maintain the same shape lying down,
     which can appear unnatural in some women.
     Saline Filled Breast Implants A saline breast
     implant is a sac (implant shell) made of silicone
     elastomer (rubber), which is surgically implant-
     ed under your chest tissues and/or muscle,
     and then filled with saline, a saltwater solution,
     through a valve. Breast implants have been
     used for breast augmentation for more than 40           statistics may change. Saline breast implants
     years. Saline implants were long considered an          vary in shell surface (smooth or textured), vol-
     inferior alternative to silicone gel-filled implants,   ume/size (number of cc), shell thickness, pro-
     which may look and feel more like a real breast         file and shape (round or anatomical), and are
     than saline breast implants.                            even available as expandable implants. Most
                                                             saline implants are single lumen (only one cham-
     Silicone implants were removed from the mar-            ber), and filled during surgery. Pre-filled saline
     ket by the FDA from 1992 to 2006 and saline             implants were available for a short time but are
     (salt water) filled shells became an accepted           no longer on the market. Pros and Cons: Saline
     alternative to silicone. Saline implants were ap-       implants are more likely than silicone to cause
     proved by the FDA in 2000 and have always               visible rippling and are generally firmer to the
     been available to women in the U.S. and world-          touch and less natural in appearance than sili-
     wide. Because of the FDA’s ban on silicone for          cone gel breast implants. Saline implants are
     approximately 15 years, women had to be                 filled during surgery and allow the surgeon to
     enrolled in clinical trials to get silicone implants.   make adjustments in the fill during surgery.
     As a result, saline implants have been the most         Overfilling past recommended manufacturer’s
     frequently used implants in the U.S. for cos-           guidelines can cause too much firmness. Not
     metic breast augmentation. With the availability        filling the implants sufficiently can cause the
     of silicone as of November of 2006, those               implant to have a fold which could
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     Procedures and Wrinkles

     Aging and Wrinkles Wrinkles
     are a by-product of the
     aging process.

                           e’ve all heard the clichés:    collagen fibers (the major structural proteins in
                           Wrinkles are a roadmap of      the skin), which support the outer layer, loosen
                           your life. But many of us      and unravel, causing depressions on the sur-
                           would rather not be remind-    face. With aging, skin also loses its elasticity,
                           ed of the distance we’ve       is less able to retain moisture, oil-secreting
                           traveled. What can you do?     glands are less efficient and the skin is slower
     First, understand what causes wrinkles. Then,        to heal. All of these contribute to the develop-
     if you still want to reduce wrinkles, explore your   ment of wrinkles.
     treatment options. What Causes Wrinkles?
     The following factors are the most significant       Facial Muscle Contractions Lines between the
     contributors to wrinkles.                            eyebrows (frown lines) and lines jutting from the
                                                          corner of the eyes (crows feet) are believed to
     Aging and Wrinkles Wrinkles are a by-product         develop because of small muscle contractions.
     of the aging process. With age, skin cells divide    Smiling, frowning, squinting and other habitual
     more slowly, and the inner layer, called the         facial expressions cause these wrinkles to be-
     dermis, begins to thin. The network of elastin       come more prominent. Over time, the expres-
     (the protein which causes skin to stretch) and       sions coupled with gravity contribute to the

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     formation of jowls and drooping eyelids.

     Sun Damage and Wrinkles
     Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (too much sun)
     can result in premature aging of skin. Premature
     aging of the skin is called photoaging. The ul-
     traviolet sunrays that cause photoaging damage
     collagen fibers and cause the excessive pro-
     duction of abnormal elastin. When ultraviolet
     light damages skin tissue, an enzyme called
     metalloproteinase is produced. This enzyme
     creates and reforms collagen. During the pro-
     cess, however, some healthy collagen fibers
     are damaged, resulting in a disorganized forma-
     tion of fibers called solar scars. Wrinkles de-
     velop when the rebuilding process occurs over
     and over.

     Smoking and Wrinkles
     Healthy skin perpetually regenerates. While old
     collagen is broken down and removed new
     collagen is produced. Researchers have found
     that smoke causes a marked reduction in the deeper chemical peels, may require some
     production of new collagen. A lack of new col- downtime during the healing process.
     lagen results in the development of wrinkles.
                                                        Other lasers, known as non-ablative lasers, may
                                                        also be beneficial in treating wrinkles. These
     What Are the Treatment Op- lasers work by heating the dermis and stimulat-
                                                        ing collagen growth. This process, which leaves
     tions for Wrinkles?                                the outer layers of skin intact, has no downtime
     There are numerous over-the-counter treatment associated with it. However, the results are not
     options for wrinkles, including various creams as dramatic as the ablative lasers which actu-
     and lotions. Prescription treatments, including ally remove the surface layers of skin.
     the retinoid creams Renova and Retin-A, are
     also an option. Removing skin layers to reduce Botox collagen and other injections are the ad-
     wrinkles or irregular depressions is an effective ditional techniques available to help minimize
     way to regain smoother, more youthful looking wrinkles.
     skin. Dermabrasion (scraping layers away) and If you are considering treatment for your wrin-
     chemical peels (dissolving skin away) are two kles, ask your doctor which procedure is right
     of the traditional methods used in skin resurfac- for you. There is no replacement for your doc-
     ing. Laser skin resurfacing with an ablative laser tor’s professional advice. Each person has his
     (such as an erbium or carbon dioxide laser) is or her own individual needs; similarly, each
     another technique that, like dermabrasion and procedure fulfills its own specific need.

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     Create Six-Packs
     with Vaser Hi-Def

                                       igh Definition Liposculpture is an
                                       advanced surgical procedure
                                       that combines cutting-edge
                                       technology (VASER) with state of
                                       the art techniques, resulting in a
                                       natural, sculpted appearance.
                         Many healthy, fit people complain that they go
                         to the gym but they have trouble achieving the
                         muscle definition they desire. High Definition
                         Liposculpture uses advanced liposuction tech-
                         niques to selectively remove small deposits of
                         fat surrounding specific muscle groups in order
                         to enhance the visibility of the natural contours.
14   Cover   Content                 
     People who choose High Definition Liposculpture
     don’t see it as a failure to achieve fitness, but an
     enhancement to their current form.

     VASER® – Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture, or
     VASER Hi Def™, is an advanced body sculpting
     technique. The procedure creates a sculpted, ath-
     letic appearance in males and females by precisely
     removing both superficial and deep fat around mus-
     cle groups in order to enhance the visibility of the
     underlying musculature. Similar to 3-dimensional
     sculpting, VASER Hi Def takes into account the shape
     and form of structures underneath the skin that cre-
     ate body contours.

     VASER Hi Def is performed using the VASER Lipo
     System to selectively sculpt and remove fat in the
     desired treatment area.

     VASER Hi Def is designed to be a sculpting procedure
     rather than a debulking technique. Therefore, the
     procedure is intended for generally fit men and wom-
     en who have good muscle tone without excessive
     amounts of fat or excess skin. The typical patient
     maintains a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise,    VASER Hi Def is designed to be
     but is unable to achieve the desired definition.
                                                                 a sculpting procedure rather
     Vaser can be used all over the body but I have found
     it works best for three areas. All of these areas share
                                                                 than a debulking technique.
     the characteristic of having dense, tough, fibrous
     fatty tissue that is hard for other types of liposuction
                                                                 Therefore, the procedure is in-
     to treat.                                                   tended for generally fit men and
     The #1 area that I like to use the Vaser is to treat male   women who have good muscle
     breasts with Gynecomatia. #2 is flanks or love han-
     dles, especially in thinner patients, men, and Asian        tone without excessive
     women who tend to have more fibrous fat that is
     difficult to suction with other methods. Finally, #3 is
     any area that has previously been treated with any          gym but they have trouble achieving the muscle
     kind of liposuction is best treated the second time         definition they desire. VASER Hi Def uses advanced
     with Vaser. It is very good at dislodging fat from the      liposuction techniques to selectively remove small
     scar of the initial procedure #4 the buttock # frank        deposits of fat surrounding specific muscle groups
     or waist The vaser can be get more muscle expres-           in order to enhance the visibility of the natural con-
     sion or can get more well defined of the Six-pack           tours. People who choose VASER Hi Def don’t see
     immedietly result after surgey without the excercise        it as a failure to achieve fitness, but an enhancement
     or work out by Using the Vaser Hi definition technique      to their current form.
     Many healthy, fit people complain that they go to the

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     Has an Impact on Sex Life

                      iddle aged and older adults        The study found that about 70% of men and
                      are interested in sexual activ-    62% of women with diabetes and sexual part-
                      ity, but diabetes impairs libido   ners were found to engage in sexual activity
                      and can result in erectile dys-    two or three times a month -- comparable to
                      function, a new study shows.       people without diabetes.
                      Researchers in Chicago say
     men diagnosed with diabetes are more likely to
     express a lack of interest in sex, but also to      The study also found that:
     experience erectile dysfunction.                Men were more likely to express a lack of inter-
                                                     est in sex if they had diabetes. Men also were
     Scientists at the University of Chicago Medical more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction if they
     Center conducted a study of nearly 2,000 had diabetes. Women as well as men with
     people between the ages of 57 and 85.           diabetes reported a higher rate of orgasm dif-

16    Cover   Content                                                
     ficulty, including climaxing too quickly for men,
     or not at all, which was reported by both men
     and women. Only 19% of women compared
     to 47% of men, all with diabetes, had discussed
     sexual problems with a doctor, and men were
     more likely to talk about it than women.

     Men in the study regardless of age or diabetes
     status were more likely than women to be mar-
     ried or living with a partner, and more men than
     women said they were sexually active. The
     research was done as part of the National So-
     cial Life, Health and Aging Project, which in-
     volves in-home interviews, self-administered
     questionnaires, blood tests to assess diabetes
     status, and medication audits of 1,993 par-

     47% of men had diabetes.
     22% had the disease but
     hadn’t been previously di-
                                                           than women without diabetes to have a partner.
                                                           “Those who have partners were more likely than
     Patients and Doctors Should                           men to avoid sex because of a problem and
                                                           were less far less likely than men to discuss a
     Discuss Sexual Activity                               sexual problem with their doctors.”

     “Patients and doctors need to know that most          The study found, based on blood tests, that:
     middle age and older adults with partners are         47% of men had diabetes. 22% had the disease
     still sexually active despite their diabetes,” says   but hadn’t been previously diagnosed. Almost
     study researcher Stacy Lindau, MD, associate          40% of the women had diabetes, including
     professor obstetrics and gynecology at the            20.5% who had been diagnosed and 19% not
     University of Chicago, in a news release. “How-       previously diagnosed.
     ever, many people with diabetes have sexual
     problems that are not being addressed.”        Researchers say those findings are comparable
                                                    to previous studies of people over age 60 and
     She says almost half the women in the age consistent with the estimate of 12 million peo-
     group studied do not have sexual partners, and ple with diabetes in the U.S. over the age of
     that women with diabetes are much less likely 60.

17    Cover   Content                                                   
     The researchers report that very little has been      “The elevated prevalence of orgasm difficulties
     known up until now about sexuality among              in people unaware of their diabetes suggests
     people with undiagnosed diabetes, who typi-           that these are predominantly physical.”
     cally are earlier in their stage of the disease and   She says erectile dysfunction, as well as loss
     who don’t know that they have the condition.          of interest in sex among men with a diagnosis,
     “Ignorance of the diagnosis protects individuals      may in part be due to the “psychological bur-
     from the psychological burden and stigma as-          den” associated with the disease.
     sociated with having diabetes,” Lindau says.          The study found that 60% of men without dia-

18    Cover   Content                                                   
                                                     pared to only 15% who had the disease wheth-
     The study found that 60%                        er it had been diagnosed or not.
     of men without diabetes had
                                                     Women, like men with diabetes -- diagnosed
     masturbated in the past 12                      or not diagnosed -- had a higher prevalence of
                                                     difficulties with having orgasms.
                                                     Importance of Addressing
                                                     Sexual Problems

                                                     “Failure to recognize and address sexual issues
                                                     among middle age and older adults with dia-
                                                     betes may impair quality of life and adaptation
                                                     to the disease,” says Marshall Chin, MD, one
                                                     of the researchers and a professor of medicine
                                                     at the University of Chicago. “Sexual problems
                                                     are common in patients with diabetes and many
                                                     patients are not discussing these issues with
                                                     their physicians.”

                                                     The researchers write that the rate of erectile
                                                     dysfunction was not “markedly elevated” in men
                                                     with undiagnosed diabetes (36%), compared
                                                     to men without diabetes (32%). However, the
                                                     inability to experience orgasm was high in men
                                                     without diabetes, and comparable to men who
                                                     had been diagnosed with the disease.

                                                     The study findings suggest “that loss of orgas-
                                                     mic function may not only occur as a conse-
                                                     quence of erectile dysfunction ... but also may
                                                     actually precede erectile dysfunction, at least
                                                     as perceived by some men with diabetes.”
     betes had masturbated in the past 12 months,    “Attention to potentially treatable sexual prob-
     but the rate was only 47% for men who had       lems in middle-aged and older adults with dia-
     been diagnosed, or had diabetes and didn’t      betes should improve quality of life and enhance
     know it.                                        overall diabetes management,” the authors
     The researchers say only 22.5% of women         The study is published online in advance of print
     reported masturbating in the past year. About   publication in the October issue of Diabetes
     29% of women without diabetes did so, com-      Care.

19    Cover   Content                                              
     What is in Your

     You were taught to share, but when it comes to mascara,
     sharing can be dangerous.

                          hat Is in Your Make-up? Color      your make-up does not have kohl in it, but it is
                          is not just about looks. It mat-   okay if the word “kohl” is in the name of a prod-
                          ters what it's made of.            uct or used to describe the color or shade.
                          If you wear make-up, it’s im-
                          portant to know not just how       If you are worried about animal safety, it’s good
                          it looks on you, but also          to know about labels. If a product says “cru-
     what’s in it. All make-up you buy should have           elty free,” it is still possible that the ingredients
     the ingredients listed. Color additives (what           of some products may have been tested on
     gives make-up color) have to be approved for            animals in the past. They just may not be test-
     use near the eye area by the U.S. Food and              ing on animals now. You can always call the
     Drug Administration (FDA). The dark color ad-           company that makes the products to find out
     ditive “kohl” is not allowed in the U.S. because        what their testing methods are.
     it may cause lead poisoning. Make sure that
20    Cover   Content                                                        
     What’s the deal with “hypoallergenic” make-up?
     Hypoallergenic means that a product is less
                                                             Cars and make-up don't mix
     likely to cause an allergic reaction, but it is not
                                                             Life is busy, and you may be tempted to put
     a guarantee that you won’t have one. Even if it
                                                             your make-up on in the car. But putting mascara
     says “all natural” or “organic,” it is still possible
                                                             and other eye make-up on in a moving vehicle
     that you may be allergic to the ingredients. The
                                                             can put you at risk for injury and infection from
     same is true for products that are “dermatolo-
                                                             germs. It’s easy for your hand to slip and cause
     gist tested.”
                                                             the wand, eye shadow brush, or tweezers to
                                                             scratch your eye or infect it with germs. So, be
     You were taught to share, but when it comes
                                                             careful! Longing for lashes of a certain color?
     to mascara, sharing can be dangerous.It is easy
                                                             Dyes are not the way to go. Using dyes on your
     for germs to make their way into your mascara
                                                             eyebrows and eyelashes can cause blindness.
     and other make-up. Do not share your mascara
                                                             While the colors used for mascara and eyebrow
     with other people – you will just be swapping
                                                             pencils are approved and safe to use, there
     germs and increasing your risk of infection. You
                                                             are no hair dyes that are approved by the FDA
     should also never add water or your own spit
                                                             for tinting or coloring eyebrows and eyelashes.
     to dried out mascara. Why? More germs. It is
                                                             What’s also not approved? Color additives for
     best to throw mascara away after three months,
                                                             injection into the skin. Color additives are often
     and make sure you remove yours before you
                                                             used to tattoo permanent make-up, such as
     go to bed at night. Mascara flakes can fall into
                                                             eyebrow liner. You also have the chance of
     your eyes while you sleep and cause an infec-
                                                             getting an infection or having an allergic reaction
                                                             when you get a tattoo.
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     Healthy Aging

     Emotional and Mental Vitality

                 motional and mental vitality are
                 closely tied to physical vitality-just as
                 your mind has powerful effects on
                 your body, so your physical state
                 affects how you feel and think. So-
                                                             Replacing a “lost”
                 cial contact can also make a big
     difference in how you feel.
                                                             activity is a key
     Replacing a “lost” activity is a key to staying ac-
                                                             to staying active
     tive and feeling good about yourself. For in-
     stance, if you can no longer run, you might try
     walking, biking, and/or swimming. And if your
     favorite activity was dancing, you might try
22    Cover   Content                                       
     something else that combines social and
     physical activity, such as joining a water aero-
     bics class. Replacing lost activities can help
     you keep a positive attitude and sense of well-
     being over time, even if aging and changes in
     your health mean you can not do all the things
     you used to do.

     Physical activity. Protect or improve your emo-
     tional and cognitive health with regular physical
     activity. While physical activity produces chem-
     icals in the body that promote emotional well-
     being, inactivity can make depression, anxiety,
     and stress worse. For example, one study
     suggests that older women who walk regularly
     have more mental sharpness than those who

     Social activity. Protect or
     improve your emotional
     health by staying in touch
     with friends, family, and the
     greater community.
     Another study showed that regular physical              Mental activity. Protect or im-
     activity 3 or more times a week delayed the
     beginning of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.          prove your memory and men-
                                                             tal sharpness by:
     Social activity. Protect or improve your emo-
     tional health by staying in touch with friends,         Challenging your intellect on a daily basis. Read,
     family, and the greater community. Whether              learn a new musical instrument or language,
     physically healthy or ill, people who feel con-         do crossword puzzles, play games of strategy
     nected to others are more likely to thrive than         with others. Just like an active body, an active
     those who are socially isolated.6 Volunteering          brain continues to develop and thrive, while an
     in your community and sharing your wisdom               inactive brain loses its power over time.
     and talents with others is a gratifying and mean-       Helping your memory along. Write down dates,
     ingful way to enrich your life. In fact, older adults   names, and other important information that
     who regularly volunteer even a small amount of          you easily forget. Use routine and repetition.
     time generally have a greater sense of well-            For example, keep daily items such as keys
     being than those who don’t.                             and eyeglasses in a specific place.
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                                                        Cigarette smoking may
                                                        speed mental decline.

                                                        meals and snacks, and include meaningful
                                                        activity in your daily life (such as learning, creat-
                                                        ing, working, volunteering). If you think you have
                                                        depression, seek professional help-antidepres-
                                                        sant medicine and/or counseling are effective
                                                        treatments for depression. For more informa-
                                                        tion, see the topic Depression. If you find that
                                                        a physical condition or disability is making your
                                                        depressed mood worse, get the medical treat-
                                                        ment you need.

                                                        Not smoking. Cigarette smoking may speed
                                                        mental decline. This connection was recently
                                                        identified in a large study comparing smokers
                                                        and nonsmokers age 65 and over. If you smoke
                                                        and would like to stop, see the topic about
                                                        quitting smoking.

                                                       Stress reduction and relaxation techniques. Too
                                                       much life stress can take a toll on your body,
                                                       your mind, and the people who are closest to
                                                       you. In addition to getting regular physical activ-
                                                       ity, you can take charge of how stress affects
     And when you learn a new name, repeat it out you by taking 20 minutes a day for relaxation
     loud in conversation or to yourself several times time.
     to commit it to memory. (No matter what your
     age, having too much on your mind can interfere Meditation focuses your attention and helps
     with your memory of new information. And as calm both mind and body. Daily meditation is
     you age, it is normal to take longer to retrieve used for managing a spectrum of physical and
     new information from your memory bank.)           emotional conditions, including high blood pres-
                                                       sure, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.
     Preventing depression, which is a common yet The body responds to stress with muscle ten-
     treatable cause of cognitive decline in older sion, which can cause pain or discomfort.
     people. In addition to getting regular physical Progressive muscle relaxation reduces muscle
     activity and social contact, avoid the depressant tension and general anxiety and may help you
     effect of alcohol and sedative use, eat healthy get to sleep.
24    Cover   Content                                                   
     Reframe your thought into a positive one, and speak it
     out loud or write it down.

     The way you breathe affects your whole body.
     Try breathing exercises for relaxation. Full, deep
     breathing is a good way to reduce tension, feel
     relaxed, and reduce stress.

     Positive thinking. Positive thinking may help you
     live a longer, happier life. But even if you tend
     to be an optimist, there are times when it takes
     extra effort to frame your life positively. Take the
     following steps to harness the power of positive
     thinking in your daily life.

     Create positive expectations of yourself, your
     health, and life in general. When you catch
     yourself using negative self-talk or predicting a
     bad outcome, stop. Reframe your thought into
     a positive one, and speak it out loud or write it
     down. This type of thinking can help you best
     recover from surgery, cancer, and other life

     Open yourself to humor, friendship, and love.
     Go out of your way to find reasons to laugh and
     to spend time with people you enjoy.

     Appeal to a higher power, if it suits you. Wheth-
     er it be through your faith in a loving, all-pow-
     erful God or your connection with nature or a
     collective unconscious, your sense of spiritual
     wellness can help you through personal trials
     and enhance your joy in living.
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     Breast Augmentation

              uestion: Considering enhancing my breasts through surgery. My biggest worries are
              about breast augmentation recovery. What can I expect? How much time off work does
              breast implant recovery require? Will I be able to take care of my 2 children afterwards?

            nswer: If the implants are placed in the subglandular (above the muscle) position there is
            very little down time. Patients are able to resume activities in 24 hours. If the implants are
            placed in the submuscular postion (below the muscle) there is slightly more discomfort
     and patients are generally able to return to activies in 48-72 hours.
     It takes about 6 months for the implants to settle. There are some restrictions with lifting, which
     is to be expected and it is not advised that you drive while taking pain medications. Be mindful
     that someone will have to pick you up from surgery and that you will not be able to drive your-
     self home. Everyone is different and based on your pain tolerance you may not pain medica-
     tions at all. In this case, you will be able to drive soon after surgery.
26    Cover     Content                                                
         uestion: I recently had breast lift and implants (200 cc, 1 cup size bigger, age 26 no kids)
         2 weeks ago, and my nipples look like something out of a child’s coloring book. They’re
         completely uneven, choppy, and not at all near perfectly circular. Will these eventually fix
     themselves? I also thought the breasts would be higher. Does this look like a well executed lift?

            nswer: Yes, you are asymmetric and yes you can be corrected if need be. When I do
            combination breast augmentation/Mastopexy, I will allow three months to pass before any
            reasonable assessment can be done. This will allow enough time for your soft tissue to
     settle and allow your skin to relax. If after that time you still notice asymmetry a corrective sur-
     gery can be safely performed. Remember of all the cosmetic surgeries we perform this par-
     ticular on augmentation/Mastopexy has one of the highest rates of correction. I wish you well.

          uestion: Before I had my first child, my breasts were a small B-cup. I got pregnant, then all
          of a sudden my boobs jumped to double D’s. I was extremely excited to have huge full
          boobs without surgery, but soon after I had my baby, they seemed to just deflate like bal-
     loons.What would be the best breast surgery to make them higher and fuller? I always heard if
     you get implants they make them more lifted but I’m not sure.

           nswer: You probably will need a combination procedure with both lifting (mastopexy) and
           implants to restore your volume. You have options for saline- filled or silicone-filled implants,
           and several scar patterns for your breast lift.
     The most limited scar invoves a circular scar at the border of the areola (the pigmented skin
     around the nipple). Usually, however to achieve a better shape a vertical scar from the areola
     down to the fold beneath the breast is also needed. Sometimes a short horizontal scar hidden
     in the fold is needed as well.
     Implants do not “lift” the breasts, but rather help to restore volume and fullness, which especially
     in the upper part of the breast creates the appearance as if the breast has been lifted.
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     The Cheater’s

     Diet                                                  to 9 pm Sunday. From Monday through Friday,
                                                           dieters are expected to eat healthfully and get
                                                           as much physical activity as possible.

                                                           If you like the idea of regular exercise, a little
                                                           "cheating" on the weekends, and following a
                                                           Mediterranean-style eating plan, the Cheater's
                                                           Diet could be the plan for you. What You Can
                                                           Eat On the Cheater's Diet, you're encouraged
                                                           to eat a Mediterranean-style diet that includes
                                                           plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean
                                                           protein, low fat dairy (especially yogurt), pea-
                                                           nuts, and unsaturated fats. You enjoy three
                                                           meals and two snacks each day using the plate
                                                           method; fill half the plate with fruits or vegeta-
                                                           bles, 1/4 with lean protein, and the remaining
                                                           1/4 with whole grains. Two weeks of weekday
                                                           menus, along with recipes, are included in the
                                                           book to help dieters understand the composi-
                                                           tion of a healthy weight loss plan.

                                                           To help dieters keep portions in check, Rivas
                   he Cheater’s Diet What It Is            provides visual associations, such as a portion
                   Most people think cheating is a bad     of lean meat being equal in size to a deck of
                   thing, but in the Cheater's Diet:       cards. In addition, the plan encourages dieters
                   Lose Weight by Taking the Week-         to include snacks twice daily from an approved
                   ends Off, it's the secret sauce to      list that includes fruit, nuts, low fat yogurt or
                   successful weight loss. The idea is     pudding, protein bars, low calorie frozen treats,
     that all dieters cheat on their diets at some time,   and more. During the week, sugar, bread,
     but what really matters is not whether you cheat,     saturated fats, and alcohol are not permit-
     but how often you do it.                              ted. Cheating is not optional but required on
                                                           the Cheater's Diet, and Rivas suggests foods
     Author and weight loss physician Paul Rivas,          like:Pizza,Wine,Chocolate,Peanut butter Cin-
     MD, thinks if you are physically active, eat          namon buns,Ice cream,Strawberry shortcake,
     healthy meals the majority of the time, and cheat     Cheese,Bread,Meat,Nuts You can choose
     only on weekends, you will lose weight perma-         other cheat foods if you like; the only foods off
     nently.                                               limits during the cheating phase are "any foods
                                                           that can trigger a binge," says Rivas. Sample
     The Cheater's Diet allows dieters to have their       Weekday Menu Breakfast Two eggs, any style
     cake and eat it too -- but only for 36 hours of       (cook with PAM cooking spray) One medium
     sanctioned cheating time from 9 am Saturday
28    Cover   Content                                                     
                                                              go back to your regular weekday eating pro-
                                                              gram, you're burning optimal calories. "When
                                                              you chronically under eat, your metabolism
                                                              drops," Rivas says, "but if you keep your calo-
                                                              ries constant during the week and only overeat
                                                              on weekends, the metabolic rate increases to
                                                              handle the extra calories and continues to burn
                                                              calories at a higher rate throughout the week."
                                                              This way, dieters never go through the yo-yo
                                                              dieting cycle that lowers metabolism and re-
                                                              duces calories needed to keep the body alive.
                                                              By allowing controlled cheating (as in eat a piece
                                                              of cake, not the whole cake), dieters can look
                                                              forward to enjoying their favorite decadent food
                                                              or drinks without guilt. Rivas' theory suggests
     orange or one half grapefruit Coffee or tea with         that being allowed any food during the con-
     artificial sweetener and nonfat milk Lunch Four          trolled cheating time strengthens the dieter's
     ounces tuna packed in water on a whole grain             commitment to eating healthfully throughout the
     pita or tortilla. Mix with olive oil or fat-free mayo,   week.
     or mustard, or lemon with salt and pepper To-
     mato and lettuce A serving of any vegetable
     Diet iced tea or water with lemon and artificial
     sweetener Snack One handful of peanuts
     (fresh, dry-roasted, no salt or oil added) Dinner
     Grilled sliced chicken breast strips Steamed
                                        older adults who regularly
     broccoli and peppers Wild rice Snack One cup
                                        volunteer even a small
     hot cocoa, sweetened with artificial sweetener

                                        amount of time generally
     How It Works In the Cheater's Diet have a greater sense
     The prescription is for a healthy, reduced-cal-
     orie diet, along with plenty of physical activity
     during the week. The real bonus is the oppor-
     tunity to break free on weekends, when most
     people tend to splurge and eat those otherwise
     forbidden foods. According to Rivas, eating a
     healthy diet, consisting of three meals and two          Rivas recommends a list of unusual dietary
     small snacks during the week, prevents the               supplements (Yerba Mate, L-tyrosine 5 HTP,
     metabolic slow-down that typically occurs on             green tea extract, and Mucana Pruriens) to
     most restrictive and fad-type diets. Cheating            augment the weight loss process, but adds
     on the weekends is essential to "stoke your              that "you can also successfully lose weight on
     metabolism" for weight loss, so that when you            the Cheater's Diet without supplements."

29    Cover   Content                                                        
                       What the Experts Say
                       The Cheater's Diet's overall approach to nutri-
                       tion is healthful, emphasizing fruits, vegetables,
                       whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, enjoy-
                       ing pleasurable foods, and physical activity.
                       "The plan is likely between 1,600 and 1,800
                       calories, which of course, may be too many
                       calories for a very petite female, or far too few
                       for a muscular male (especially at the level of
                       activity recommended)," says American Dietet-
                       ic Association spokesman Cynthia Sass, MA,
                       RD, co-author of Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy,
                       who would like the nutrition information for the
                       recipes and menus included,

                       “My biggest concern with the Cheater's Diet is
                       that there are no references or research pro-
                       vided to back up the author's claims, even
                       though he frequently refers to research in the
                       book," Sass says.

                       Sass' apprehension is that no studies have
                       been carried out to test Rivas' weight loss
                       theory that cheating on weekends boosts
                       metabolic rates. "Studies on people who have
                       successfully lost and kept weight off in the Na-
                       tional Weight Control Registry find these indi-
                       viduals do not cheat on weekends, but rather
                       indulge in treats in moderation throughout the
                       week," reports Sass.

                       Sass also dislikes the supplement recommen-
                       dations because, once again, there are no
                       references to document the effectiveness of
                       the supplements in weight loss. "Some of the
                       recommendations are potentially unsafe, with
                       adverse effects for certain individuals, accord-
                       ing to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive
                       Database (NMCD), and they defy up-to-date
                       science-based references," adds Sass.
                       Sass also found it to be a stretch that the cin-
                       namon in a high fat, high sugar food like cin-

30   Cover   Content                 
     namon buns would help improve blood sugar
     and lower LDL cholesterol.

     Food for Thought
     Sass suggests saving your money on the
     Cheater's Diet, and instead log onto mypyramid.
     gov for a much more logical approach to suc-
     cessful weight loss. Her tip: Follow the 2005
     Dietary Guideline's recommendations for small
     daily splurges (called discretionary calories).

     "The general public likes the idea that a diet
     must include sacrifice, and they mistakenly be-
     lieve that is what it takes to be successful,"
     Rivas says. He maintains that the Cheater's Diet
     proves that cheater's win, and the plan will re-
     sult in weight loss.

     If you like this plan's recommendation of regu-
     lar exercise, splurging a bit on the weekends,
     and enjoying a Mediterranean-style diet (minus
     those unnecessary supplements), you may
     have found a diet you can stick with for life.

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                                    E N D
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