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Minnesota Commercial Real Estate


									The commercial real estate of Minnesota is concentrated on the "twin
cities" of Minneapolis and St. Paul.Minneapolis is the largest city in
Minnesota, as well as the seat of Hennepin County. It is situated in the
southeast central part of Minnesota, on the Mississippi River. It flanks
its "twin city" of St. Paul. Minneapolis is a major hub of commerce and
industry, and serves a large agricultural region. During the 1900s,
manufacturing, milling, food processing, health services, computers, and
graphic arts grew as the city's major industries. There are fifteen
Fortune 500 companies that have their headquarters in the Minneapolis and
St. Paul metropolitan area. The Ninth Federal Reserve Bank's headquarters
is also located in the city.Also, the twin cities are famous for their
broad range of cultural appeal, and there are many historical museums in
Minneapolis. They include the Walker Center, the Minneapolis Institute of
Arts, and the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, which is located at the
University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus.St. Paul has a population of
over 270,000, and is smaller than Minneapolis. It lies along the
Mississippi River, adjacent to Minneapolis, forming the metropolitan area
of the twin cities. St. Paul is a port of entry in the Mississippi, in
addition to being a railroad hub. The city is a financial, commercial,
and industrial center. St. Paul also shares an international airport with
its twin. Among the city's various industries are construction,
electrical and medical equipment, paper and plastic products, sheet
metal, motor vehicles, food and consumer goods. Other industries are oil
refining, and printing and publishing.

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