Removal of Snow Agreement

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					                                LOWE’S GREENHOUSE SNOW REMOVAL

                                       AGREEMENT 2009-2010

Description of services for:

Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City Zip Code: _______________________________________________________________

Phone #:___________________________________________________________________

We install driveway markers before the snow flies and remove them at the end of the season.

Removal of snow will begin at an accumulation of 2”. During periods of heavy snowfall we may be
required to plow more than once within twenty-four hours.

Our goal is to have your driveway plowed in the morning and/or in the evening as you come and go
to/from work. Given the unpredictability of our weather it is not always possible but always our
objective. We will only accept the number of accounts that allow us to provide the level of service we
feel our customers want.

In the spring as we collect our markers we will repair significant damage done by our equipment.
Damaged areas will be leveled; topsoil spread and grass seed or mulch applied as necessary. Damage
not covered would be ‘strips’ less than 4”wide, areas smaller than a dinner plate or damage done by

The cost for your driveway is ___________ per push.

All accounts to bill on a monthly basis. Past due accounts will be charged 2% per month and services will
be immediately discontinued until payment is made in full.

Costs are good for seasonal contracts only.

Please fill out and return the enclosed house account application form.
We will begin plowing after the application form is received.

If you have additional questions, please call.

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