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									Newsletter Date: August 14th,
                                THE BUZZ
                                                Issue # 2 Volume 1

Joke of the Quarter:
                                     Advocacy in Action: By Mr. James Burney
By: Lori Shapiro
                                                        Another told of being        the face. She left a job
                                                        labeled by her own fam-      that she liked because of
What is Beethoven's                                     ily. This proves that        this rude treatment. I was
                                                        even loved ones can be       aware of how much this
favorite fruit?
                                                        insensitive to disabled      meant by the tears she
                                                        peoples’ feelings. This      cried while telling the
                                                        experience made her          story.
                            One of the things people    feel like maybe she was
                            are talking about lately    not as good as everyone      I have listened to the sto-
                            is the use of the term      else if her own family       ries about how the “R”
                            “retarded” or what I like   would talk down to her.      word makes people with
BAH NAH NAH NAHS            to call the “R” word. I                                  disabilities feel. We are
                            decided to find out how     One staff member told        people too and do not de-
                            this term makes people      of an incident in the gro-   serve to be called names.
                            feel and chose to inter-    cery store where a cash-     I hope we can stand up for
                            view several Hope House     ier became impatient         ourselves and let people
 Inside this issue:         residents including Jo-     with someone she was         know how a simple word
                            seph and Rachel from        supporting. She told us it   can make people feel so
 Advocacy in Action     1   48th Street and Holly-      made her mad and she         bad.
                            wood from Hope House        spoke up for the person
                            Ten. I also spoke with      because he didn’t have       I would like to invite you to
 Fins, Feathers, and
                            several staff members to    verbal skills. She told      send me any questions or
                            get their views.            the cashier that he de-      stories regarding advocacy.
 Dealing With Staff     3                               served to be treated
                                                                                     Have you had a success
                            Everyone I talked with with respect, just like
                            had some experience everyone else.                       that would be good to
 My Story               4
                            with the “R” word. One                                   share? Please feel free to
                            individual spoke of how The clearest example of          contact me via email
 Worker Bees            5
                            young children would how the “R” word can      
                            call him names. Because make someone feel
 Statewide Elections    6   of his disability he could- came from a story told       or through the Hope House
                            n’t explain to them that to me. One person said          Foundation Administrative
 Something to Share     6   it made him feel sad. the “R” word made her              Office at 625-6161.
                            The whole experience feel like someone had
 Heart to Hart          7
                            left him frustrated.        actually slapped her in
 Events & Classifieds   8

         If you have any comments, opinions, or just want to contribute contact the
                 Hope House Foundation Administrative Offices at 625-6161.
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              Fins, Feathers, and Paws: By Jeremy Norman
Over the past two months I         The main ingredient should      sive and relying on Wal– Mart
have received numerous             not be wheat but rather         brand remedies and medi-
phone calls and e-mails with       meat. Cat foods like Meow       cines is no way to go.
questions regarding pets. One      Mix and Whiskers may be         If you find you are strapped
particular conversation was so     easy on the wallet but can      for cash there are some
important that I thought I         be harmful to your cat. Go      great deals out there, you
would share with all my read-      with something like Pedi-       just have to look. I usually
ers.                               gree, Purina, or Nutro. They    go to Midway Veterinarian
                                   usually cost more but are       for all of my pets’ medical
A young lady calls me one af-      worth it in the long run.       needs. They are reasonable
ternoon and is noticing some       When changing food it is im-    and seem to care.
strange behavior from her          portant to mix the old and
cat. Below are the questions       the new as to avoid the use     On a brighter note I would
she asked. I decided to write      of kitty Rolaids.               like to welcome Theodore,
them out for everyone be-                                          my brand new baby guinea
cause they are pretty common                                       pig, to my world. I also am
occurrences with animals, es-                                      proud to have a new gecko
pecially cats.                                                     named Charmandor. They
                                                                   are great company and
Question 1: Is it natural for                                      make me so happy.
cats to eat grass?
                                                                   Thank you for all your ques-
Response 1: Cats usually eat                                       tions and comments. Please
grass for numerous reasons.                                        keep them coming. If you
The most common are: water                                         have questions, concerns, or
or dew on the grass that the                                       even a cool experience you
cat enjoys, or it has an upset     Another good practice for       want to share please e-mail
belly. Grass to cats and dogs is   your cat is to maintain its     me at
like an antacid to humans.         flea and tick medicine. I
Grass is kitty Rolaids. They       purchase an eight-month
usually eat this when they are     supply from 1800pet-
feeling ill or are having trou- for only $54.00.
ble using the bathroom.            Also, taking your cat to the
                                   vet once a year and making
Question 2: What can I do to       sure all the shots are up to
keep my cat healthy?               date is a responsible pet
                                   owner’s job. Some other
Response 2: To maintain a          healthy remedies are to give
healthy lifestyle for your cat     your cat hairball medicine as
it is important for the cat to     to avoid massive ones. Vita-
eat right. One simple guide-       mins are also available for
line for my fellow cat owners      your pet.
is to make sure you are feed-
ing the cat high quality food.     A healthy cat can be expen-
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Dealing with Staff: By Sarah Askew
                                 things is that I have so many    getting my GED but I got nervous
                                 opportunities to go places. I    about it and quit. The staff who
                                 go the grocery store every       work with me think I can do it,
                                 Monday and I can pick out        and I do too, so I need to go
                                 the things that I want to        back and try again.
                                 buy, that’s not something
                                 I’ve always gotten to do. I      One of the hardest things is
                                 really like to be able to look   when a staff person that I really
                                 through my cabinets and re-      care about leaves. A couple of
                                 frigerator and make a list,
                                                                  the staff I really liked a lot have
My name is Sarah and I live      then go to the store and
in my own apartment where        pick those things out myself.    left recently. One of them was
staff are available 24 hours     Staff help me stay within my     someone who really made me
a day. I’ve been here about      budget, but I make the           feel special. I trusted her be-
two years. I live with a         choices. I really like that      cause she did not let me down;
roommate now, and I think        staff help me with managing      she always did what she said she
I’d like to live in an apart-    my own money and I can pay       was going to do. She invited me
ment by myself someday,          my bills on my own.
but not yet. My roommate                                          to her house for the holidays and
is a good lady and we really     One thing that was hard for      I got to know her family and she
get along. It helps a lot with   me was when staff would          just always treated me with re-
the money to have a room-        come as soon as I got home       spect and trust. We liked some
mate too.                        from work and want to start      of the same things, she encour-
                                 cooking dinner. I need a lit-    aged me to do more, she could
I’ve lived and received ser-     tle free time after I get
                                                                  pick me up when I was down and
vices from different places.     home from work before I get
 I really didn’t like the last   started on cooking or other      she was honest. I think that’s
place I was. Staff there         chores I have to do at home.     what a good staff person does.
made me feel like they did-      I talked to the staff about it
n’t trust me, they treated       and that worked great. I
me like a child and told me      would encourage people to
what to do. I had to do          talk to staff about what they
things when they wanted me       need and want, it helps.
                                 It can also be hard sharing
I like the staff who currently   resources, you can’t always
work with me. Some of the        do what you want right
things that I like are that      away, you have to plan
they help me with my medi-       ahead. Planning ahead gets
cines and getting them on        easier after a while and it
time. The staff help me with     can really help you get to do
cleaning and cooking, but        the things that you want to
they also help me to be in-      do. I have taken ceramics
dependent. One of the best       classes and was working on
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  My Story: By Jessica Owens

Jessica Owens describes     Special Olympics. For        are sponsored by the
herself as an active per-   the Polar Plunge, people     Norfolk Admirals, and
son. She likes to do        dress in costumes and        she enjoys going on the
things. That is why she     bathing suits and jump       ice every year when her
loves being a part of       into the freezing cold       team sells the most tick-
Special Olympics.           ocean!                       ets to the games.
Jessica joined Special
Olympics in 2003, after     Of all the activities,       Jessica’s favorite thing
her mother told her         swimming is her favor-       about Hope House is the
about it. Becoming a        ite. Outside of Special      Annual Dinner.       She
part of Special Olympics    Olympics, she and one
                                                         works for Eggleston Ser-
was easy.                   of her neighbors are
                            part of a swim team and      vices where her favorite
“You fill out the form      a bowling team. Jessica      task is delivering maga-
for the year you want to    also likes Special Olym-     zines to the Naval Base.
participate, and then       pics because she is able
you are in,” she says.      to go to Richmond and
“And you stay in until      other different areas,
you decide you don’t        where she meets new
want to do it anymore.”     people and volunteers.
Jessica likes Special       It is not only through
Olympics because of all     Special Olympics that
the different activities    Jessica stays active.
she gets to do. She gets    Jessica remains active
to swim, play basket-       through her participa-
ball, and play soccer.      tion with Hope House’s
“Right now, we are          Relay for Life team. She
starting softball, bowl-    will be doing the Walk
ing, and tennis,” she       for a Cure in October.
says.                       Her training for that
                            starts soon.
She also participated in
the Polar Plunge earlier    Jessica also likes the Re-
this year, an event that    lay for Life team be-
raises money for the        cause they sometimes
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Worker Bees : An Interview with Larry Guynn

Do you work, participate in a day program, volunteer, or want to work? Are there issues relating
to your employment or job search that you would like to share with Buzz readers? If so, I’d love
to have the opportunity to meet with you and listen to what you have to say. Contact Christie
Sumner at the Hope House Administrative Office at 625-6161 ext. 10 or

Larry Guynn works at the Downtown Norfolk YMCA Monday through Friday with his
job duties being collecting, laundering and folding towels. He highlights what
makes him a good worker and offers some advice to job-seekers.

Was it hard for you to find work?
                 A friend told me about the job at the YMCA. I went there and
                 filled out the application and interviewed for the position. Be-
                 fore the interview, I practiced answering questions with a
                 friend, something I would recommend others do to help prepare
                 and keep from being too nervous.

                  How do you get to work?
                  I take Logisticare. They have had trouble picking me up in the
past and sometimes I get to work late. When that happens and my boss asks if I
got to work on time I tell the truth and say that I was late. It’s important for
people to tell their boss why and when they are late and to be honest.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I like to work out when I get off of work and I like that I live close to where I
work. My coworkers are friendly. Overall, it’s a good job and I like the money I
make there.

What is your least favorite part of your job?
I like everything.

What makes you a good employee?
I like what I do and stay on task. I get the job done on time. If I’m told that the
towels need to be done by 1:30, I have them done right on time. I also set goals
for myself. I always give plenty of notice if I am going to take a day off.

What advice do you have for people looking for work?
Talk with people you know to see if they have heard of any place that is hiring.
Practice for the interview and be on time. Have good attendance. Be a good
group worker and get along with others.
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           Statewide Elections on November 3rd, 2009
                     By Lori Shapiro and Josh Harris
                         Our Voices Committee
                    It feels like yesterday we voted in a new president, but 2009
                    statewide elections are rapidly approaching. On Tuesday, No-
                    vember 3rd you will have the opportunity to elect a new Gover-
                    nor and executive team, Delegate, and depending on where
                    you live, various local officers.

                   There are many ways to educate oneself on the issues and
                   where each candidate stands. A few sources include the candi-
                   dates’ websites, our local newspapers and the upcoming tele-
vised debates. This should provide background on the candidates’ views and
prior voting records on important social programs directly affecting Virginians
with disabilities such as State Funding and Waivers.

If you are not sure whether or not you are registered to vote, contact your local
Registrar’s office or Dana Lloyd in the Hope House Administrative Office at 625-
6161 ext. 26.

                             Something to Share
California’s Department of Developmental Services recently released Leader-
ship Through Personal Change: Think - Plan – Do. A guide to help people with
developmental disabilities have self-determined lives. Below is the link to the
website that features numerous videos and perspectives of people living with
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                             HEART        TO      HART

Dr. Hart,                                           Dear Josh,
My name is Josh                                     I was reading your letter
Turner and this is how                              and you sound really
I keep a good man in                                happy about getting
my life. One day we                                 married and starting a
plan to get married                                 family. You have a lot of
and start a family of                               goals you want to ac-
our own. We plan on                                 complish in your life and
getting better paying                               that is fantastic! I think
jobs so we can pay for                              you should act on how
our own place to live                               you feel and follow your
and for our own cars.                               heart. Think hard about
We want to go on a                                  what you want to do so
vacation together all                               you don’t feel like
by ourselves. After                                 you’ve     made      mist-
the wedding we also                                 akes in the long run. I
want to go to Hawaii                                just want to give you
for our honeymoon.                                  this advice to follow: Al-
Right after the wed-                                ways follow your heart.
ding it is straight to                              I wish you all the luck
the airport.                                        with your goals. I really
Thanks for your advice                              hope you both are happy
and support.                                        and make it to Hawaii
- Josh                                              together! Stay in touch.
                                                    It was good hearing from
Once again, if you have question’s about love,
life, and relationships, send them to me at the
Hope House Foundation Administrative Office.

Always on Call,
Dr. Hart
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                             Events/ Classifieds

                                                  John Waff is looking for some-
 Have any events coming up you
 want to share? Do you have items                 one to learn to Ballroom Dance
 you just don't need and want to                  with. He is a beginner who has
 sell? E-mail                                     only taken classes a few times, .                    but would like to keep learning.
                                                 If interested please contact him
                                                          at 757-622-8595.

                                                Stockley Gardens Fall Art Festival
                                                     October 17th and 18th
                                                     Sat- 10:00 am– 5:00 pm
                                                     Sun– 12:00pm-5:00 pm
                                                 FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
  The Afton Team in Portsmouth is               Volunteer Opportunities Available
  looking for items to decorate its
new back yard and deck. They plan                    “VA Beach Polo Benefit”
 on planting a garden and making                          September 12th,
 the space more enjoyable. Plant-                     Gates open at 2:00 pm
 ers, tools, and garden ornaments                      Match Begins at 3:30
  welcome. If you have any items                        Alpha Omega Farms
   please contact Kim at 757-558-             For more information contact Stephanie
                2005.                             Kaplan at 757-625-6161 ext. 19

  RETRACTION: James Burney's e-                       “ Hope, Love, Change”
      mail address is actually                             August 15th                               6:00-9:30 pm
                                                         Granby Theatre
                                              An unforgettable evening of hair, fashion
                                                            and music.

                If you have any comments, opinions, or just want to contribute contact the
                        Hope House Foundation Administrative Offices at 625-6161.

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