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									              Joint Project Manager Information Systems (JPM IS)
JPM IS supports and oversees the acquisition process, systems development and support for
the following Programs of Record and support activity:
♦ Joint Effects Model (JEM)
♦ Joint Operational Effects Federation (JOEF)
♦ Joint Warning and Reporting Network (JWARN)
♦ Software Support Activity (SSA)

The mission of the Joint Project Manager for
Information Systems is to provide the information
architecture and applications for shaping the battle
space against the chemical and biological threat.
JPM IS provides the Warfighter with an integrated early
warning capability, an accredited hazard prediction
model, state-of-the-art consequence management, and
course of action analysis tools.
We are uniquely suited to provide these capabilities
based on our experience in the modeling and
simulation community, our membership in the Program
Executive Office C4I & Space, and our close working
relationship with Space and Naval Warfare Systems

Additional information on this system can be obtained by directing your inquiries to Joint Project Manager Information Systems,
4301 Pacific Highway, B Floor Mezzanine, OT3, Room 2524, San Diego, CA 92110, or by telephone at (858) 537-0120 or DSN
577-0120, or by fax to (858) 537-0186.
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