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6 Natural Remedies For Defeating Depression by anamaulida


									The roadway through life is covered with all sorts of hazards. Things
will not always go as we would choose. Disappointment is lurking around
many corners, and the way we handle it determines how we develop and
progress as a person. Some examples are:The anticipated promotion went
elsewhere and you feel unappreciatedThe love of your life moved on and
you can not fix itAnd many, many other life altering eventsThe healthy
approach to life is to accept the event for what it is and move on.Using
natural remedies for defeating depression can make the difference between
a painful, but healthy, transition through the crisis, and a full blown
state of depression requiring professional intervention. Here are some
things we can do:1. Accept That This One Battle Is LostAs much as we
would like to, we just can not win them all. Disappointment is natural
and forms part of the lessons of life that build character and make us
the strong, well adjusted adults we aspire to be.It hurts, no getting
around it, but the trick is to rise above emotions such as hate and
feelings of revenge. Dwelling on negative things opens that door to full
blown depression, if we allow it to happen. Be strong. If we lose in the
battle against depression, then the bad guy wins.2. Get Right Back In The
ParadeGet up off the couch and get out in the world. Get active and do
something. If you occupy your time with something other than brooding
over the loss, then in very short order you will discover that it is not
as bad as it first seemed.There is a whole world out there, waiting for
you, and your unique qualities. Opportunities abound, but only if you are
visible, and appear interested in moving on.Go for a walk, get involved
in sports, make new friends. Who knows, a brand new love of your life
might be just around the corner - if you turn the corner. Resolve not to
brood, but to find the positive side of all things. It might not seem
like it at first, but, for every door that closes, another opens. That is
a basic theory of high school physics - for the positive thinker. Go for
it.3. Take A Less Active ApproachWe are not all sports minded. It dose
not matter. The necessary action is to take your mind off your problems
by concentrating on something else.Take that walk - you need the exercise
anyway. Dig out that digital camera and capture all sorts of incredible
images. Whether you keep them or toss them is not as important as
enjoying the challenge.Read that book that has been tempting you. Get
involved in volunteering and help others as well as yourself. Learn to
play a musical instrument. The possibilities are endless, and far more
attractive than the alternative.4. It is OK To CryThe emotional release
from tears is a well tried and true method of self healing. You do not
have to do it in public, guys, or even admit that you did cry - if your
macho image is that important. The natural therapy involved is good for
all of us. Just remember, though, it is a short term thing. Have a good
one and then get on with business.5. The Primal ScreamSometimes the
frustration is so bad that you could do some harm, given the chance. You
are beyond crying.To use the primal scream, you transport yourself to
some quiet place where you can perform the procedure unobserved. You tilt
your head back and you scream out your frustrations just as loud as you
can. If there are trees around, try to frighten the leaves off them and
put every small animal within 100 yards to flight.It works. It feels
great, and it only takes one or two good screams to bring things back
around and into perspective again.6. The Practical And ProvenIt has been
well documented that exercise, in any form, promotes the release of
endorphins. These are chemicals manufactured in the body and are
"uppers," in the vernacular. The metabolic system needs to be worked and,
in response, rewards you with this natural anti-depressant.Some essential
vitamins assist in the creation and stabilization of a variety of brain
chemicals known to foster good mental and emotional health. These include
Vitamin C and B Complex vitamins. Herbs, such as St Johns Wort and
Ginkgo, are well respected by medical experts. 5-HTP is another natural
compound produced in the body that also fights depression.You can find
all of these in supplement form, but, why would you want to. A sensible
diet of good nourishing food is all the body asks to manufacture all you
need right in-house. Add the exercise and you are a winner in more ways
than one.These six approaches actually work quite well. Fighting back,
even in little ways, is often all you need to get back on the road to a
productive and healthier lifestyle. There are lots of other ways as
well.Giving in, or abandoning hope has no place in the positive mindset.
You can do it. You have only to make the decision to take control of your
own destiny.

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