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Seattle Cop Punches Woman For Jaywalked


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        <p>The 19 year old Marilyn Levias and her 17 year old friend have
been arrested for jaywalked by officer Ian P. Walsh in Seattle. The scene
has being described as "cop punches woman".</p>
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<p>According to the document, the two were among the four people in the
group tried to jaywalk to get to their friends, but was witnessed by the
officer. Officer Walsh approached the two and trying to gather
information, while he interrogated the girls, Marilyn tried to walk away
as stated by the document.</p>
<p>He said to her, "You have jaywalked and you are required to identify
yourself so that I can issue a citation, if you refuse you will be
arrested for obstruction." Levias continued to walk away, the officer
<p>At this moment, the situation has been taped by one of the
<p>Officer Walsh approached Levias, grabbed her arm and trying to
handcuff her, but she was twisting around with an attempt to get away. As
Walsh was putting her on handcuff, the 17 year old Levias ran up behind
the police office Walsh and pushed him away from her friend, and a
struggle ensued. The witness has been taped while Walsh was punching his
fist straight to the 17 year old girl's face. The video has captured "cop
punches woman" scene.</p>
<p>The 17 year old girl had being handcuffed and brought to the Youth
Services Center for further investigate of felony assault. Levias was
separated from the group by witnesses as stated in the document. She was
also arrested and sent to the Kind Country Jail for obstructing a police
<p>According to court records found that Levias has been arrested for
assaulting a police officer in previous case. In the detail of the record
stated "Levias kicked a King Country Sheriff's deputy in the stomach
while she resisted the arrest at Ruth Dykeman Center in Burien". Levias
was in out in custody last in the care of Child Protective Services.</p>
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