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									                             Résumé Register

AIA Connecticut Résumé Register has proven to be an effective way for
employers and job seekers to connect. We have made changes to this
service that will make it more efficient and helpful to our members. Pat
O’Brien, AIA Connecticut Membership Manager, will serve as the
administrator. Pat has frequent contact with member firms and individual
members; her interaction with these people will be of great value to those
taking advantage of this service.

The Résumé Register will now be free to members seeking employment. For
a modest fee, this service is also available to non-members. Firms seeking
employees are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

We welcome new résumés and ask that those seeking employment
electronically submit résumés and a cover letter. Please title the file you
submit with the following information: Last name, date submitted to AIA
Connecticut and one of the following categories: Architect, Intern, Technical
or Administrative. For example a submission might read: Jones, 7/25/08,
Architect. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

We ask you also to encourage your colleagues and friends, members or not,
to submit their résumés. The more active the Résumé Register is, the more
valuable it is for everyone.

Should you wish to receive or submit a résumé, please email AIA
Connecticut Membership Manager, Pat O’Brien at
We hope you find the value of this member benefit useful.

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