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					                                               Parkside Study Area

Parkside Commercial Corridor
     Improvement Plan
        Alternatives Report

  Parkside and the Region                        Project Objectives
                                    • Devise methods to attract more business
                                      opportunities to the commercial corridor
                                    • Address parking issues
                                    • Recommend physical design updates in keeping
                                      with the historic attributes
                                    • Formulate a future land use Plan
                                    • Identify the transportation improvements needed
                                      to support the future land use Plan
                                    • Categorize financing options for the

Summary of Existing Conditions   Parkside is predominantly African American neighborhood with a
                                 population of 3860
                                 41% of residents live in owner-occupied homes, with 59% renting
                                 The majority of Parkside is low-income, with 35% of residents living
                                 below the poverty line

                                                                         Black or African American


                                                                         American Indian and Alaska


                                                                         Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific

                                                                         Some other race

                                     Land Use              Façade Conditions and Vacancy
                                                     •   70% of the parcels
                                                         on the corridor are
    Currently, businesses
                                                         either vacant land
    on the corridor are
                                                         or vacant buildings
    limited to:
      – Several restaurants
                                                     •   Majority of facades
      – Barber shop
                                                         are very poor and
      – Laundromat                                       unattractive
      – Dry cleaner
      – Auto shop
      – Discount clothing
      – Couple of small
      – Bar
    Many of the stores with
    signage are shuttered
    during business hours
    Most buildings on the
    corridor are mixed use
    but vacant on the
    second and third floors
ource: Physical Data Collection

 Transportation: Circulation & Parking                   Transportation: Parking Analysis

    Three Bus
    40, 38, 15

    access to

    Access to
    City Line
    Ave. via
    & Belmont

    Bike lane

ource: Physical Data

                             Pedestrian Conditions                             Existing Zoning
  • Pedestrian conditions are very poor:
          –    Lack of street furniture
          –    Need to plow sidewalks
          –    Dangerous trolley platforms
          –    Curb cuts
          –    Sidewalk quality
          –    Lack of clearly marked crosswalks
          –    Significant amount of blank walls
          –    Inconsistent street facades

                                                                                   Future Vision
    What’s coming to Parkside?                                     Parkside will soon become a mixed-income, transit-
                                                                     oriented commercial and residential community with
                                                                     convenient access to downtown Philadelphia and
•   Please Touch Museum                                              surrounding attractions.
•   Philadelphia Zoo expansion
•   Trolley 15                                                     The tendency for Parkside to be family-oriented will
•   School of the Future                                             increase with the arrival of the School of the Future,
•   Mann’s Center                                                    the Please Touch Museum, and Zoo expansion.

                                                                   Revitalization of Parkside’s commercial corridor, keeping
                                                                     with its historic character, spirit, and architecture.

                                                                   Attract users and employees of the existing and planned
                                                                     institutions in the surrounding area.

                         Objective 1                                                  Objective 2
• Create a sense of enclosure and                                   • Develop & Promote Parkside’s Identity
  continuity in the commercial corridor                                – Use proximity to Fairmont Park
    – Use of anchor establishments to enhance sense                       • Reflect in signage
      of entry & commercial concentration.                                • Partner with park organizations, school and zoo to
    – Replace/Adjust non-conforming uses                                    cross-market neighborhood amenities.
                                                                          • Rename streets where possible to theme/brand the
    – Employ consistent streetscape
       •   Greenery
       •   Transit
       •   Street lights
       •   Signage
       •   Street Furniture

                         Objective 3                                                  Objective 4
• Preserve & Enhance Existing Community                                                  • Promote Cultural Heritage
    – Assist commercial owners with renovation of existing
      residential units                                                                      – Preserve existing murals, cover
    – Attract convenience based retail that is currently lacking                               additional blank walls with new
             – Reserve key locations for these uses                                            murals.
    – Involve community in development & maintenance of
      digital inclusion program (wireless internet)                                          – Recruit/strengthen retail
    – Community programming center in partnership with                                         establishments tailored to core
      residents association(s)                                                                 existing population.
             –   Career Training
             –   GED Tutoring
             –   Literacy Tutoring
             –   Street Ambassador Training
             –   Small business development/incubator

                       Objective 5                                                          Objective 6
                                                                       • Facilitate multi-modal access, circulation &
• Facilitate rehabilitation of historic facades                          Safety
  and minimize loss of historic architecture
                                                                         – Increase parking
                                                                            • Provide for public/private lots
  – PHPC to provide grants, guidelines, and incentives                      • 2 hr. parking on the commercial corridor
      • Counsel landowners in historical building renovation/funding        • Install bike-racks

                                                                         – Enhance pedestrian access
  – Work with property owners to retrofit buildings for new                 •   Crosswalk Improvements
    uses according to plan.                                                 •   Clear signage
      • Bring non-conforming uses into compliance with code.                •   Human scale lighting
                                                                            •   Red light cameras
                                                                            •   Curb bump-outs
                                                                            •   Safety ambassadors as crossing guards at peak hours

                       Objective 7                                                          Objective 8
• Increase aesthetic appeal of neighborhood                            • People acquisition and investment
  – Eliminate blight
      • Cleanliness programs                                             (Marketing Strategy)
      • Evaluate Payphone Placement                                      – Develop promotional materials
      • Bury power lines on Girard
                                                                            • Web strategy
                                                                            • Pamphlet
  – Design Guidelines
      • Business Signage                                                 – Market to targeted audiences
      • Streetscape                                                         •   Immigrant populations
      • Landscape                                                           •   Artists
                                                                            •   Youth
  – Façade Improvement Program
      • Cleaning
                                                                            •   Gay/Lesbians
      • Paint windows                                                       •   Student Population (St. Joes, Drexel, Penn)
      • Brickwork/replacement                                            – Work with local real estate agents to promote Parkside

                                                                             Susceptibility to Change
                       Objective 9
• Leverage Surrounding Development Plans &
  Existing Destination Establishments
  – Cross marketing park/neighborhood attractions
      • Bike/Skate Rental
  – Increase & Improve visibility from park
      • Create 40th & Parkside “Gateway”
      • Farmer’s Market/Vendor Mall
  – Cater business to incoming student/teacher population

  Phased Approach to Development                         Heart of the Plan
                                              • Phase I: Implement streetscape improvements and
                 • Phase I (1-3 years)          begin key commercial development in the area’s
                 • Phase II (2-8 years)         center
                 • Phase III (6-20 years)     • Phase II: Extend streetscape work, building
                                                improvement programs and neighborhood
                                                amenities beyond the area’s center to increase
                                                pedestrian flow, and commercial activity.
                                                Additionally, market residential qualities of the
                                              • Phase III: Guide the market forces for development
                                                concentrating on large-key retail and parking

                              Phase I
• Establish a Cornerstone: Locate PHDC in              Phase I (continued)
  the Pharmacy building on 40th Street and    • Streetscape improvements to show
  Girard Avenue to promote the image of the     change is coming
  “Center of the Community”                     – Establish “Pedestrian crosswalk zone” connecting
  •Purchase or work with owner                    to high school with intersection traffic lights
  to renovate the building and
                                                – Sidewalk improvements on the commercial corridor
  update the façade
                                                – Lay infrastructure for lighting and trees on
  •Offer information to the                       commercial corridor
  community on renovation
  financing techniques
                                                – Provide on-street benches along 40th Street
                                                – Work with SEPTA to install attractive bus stops.
  •Building will house:
      •Digital Inclusion Program
      •Neighborhood Safety
      •Small Business Incubator

              Phase I (continued)                      Phase I (continued)
  • Improve trolley & bus stops to make       • Locate Farmer’s Market/Food Carts for
    them safer and more convenient              Girard Avenue/Parkside Avenue triangle--
                                                “where Parkside meets the Park” to allow for
                                                student and residents pedestrian flow
                                                – Place tents, seating, and benches
                                                – Locate Farmer’s Market/Food Carts for this area

         Phase I (continued)                                                          Phase II
• Provide for parking                                         • Advertise the neighborhood to new
  – Work with Spiro’s on developing a temporary 20-car          developers
    surface lot next to Spiro’s
  – Create temporary 42-car surface lot at 39th Street and
                                                              • Additional streetscape improvements
    Girard to provide for additional parking                    – Install garbage cans, planters and trees through
                                                                  the commercial corridor
  – Work with the City of Philadelphia to establish 2-hour
    parking limit on commercial corridor

        Phase II (continued)                                           Phase II (continued)
                                                              • Establish greenways and sports ground to
• Provide for distinct Parkside
                                                                extend the Park and Community feel
  Neighborhood signage
  – Install Parkside on-street signage themed for               •Establish two greenways from Girard Avenue to
    park neighborhood                                           Cambridge

  – Install Gateway signage/art                                 •Install a basketball court on empty lot
                                                                             Look for private sponsors, like
                                                                    Install seating next to the court

                                                                •Locate mural artists for blank walls next to the

        Phase II (continued)                                           Phase II (continued)
• Façade improvements                                         • Encourage and promote commercial
  – Work with property owners to provide for façade             development throughout the corridor with
    improvements for existing buildings on 40th Street and      emphasis on the center of the corridor--
    intersection of Girard/40th/Parkside using Philadelphia
    Planning Comission Design Guidelines                        “Parkside Center”
                                                                – Use marketing pamphlets to help existing owners
                                                                – Convert current vacant buildings and lots into commercial
                                                                – Specifically, promote commercial development on
                                                                  Parkside/Girard “Triangle”
                                                                   • Examples: popular restaurant, Café, CVS, or Wawa to advertise
                                                                     to students and community

        Phase II (continued)                                               Phase II (continued)
• Change street names to promote Parkside                       • Encourage residential development and
  neighborhood                                                    attract tenants/owners to the neighborhood

  – Work with the City of Philadelphia to change:                  – Create marketing materials for Parkside and distribute in
                                                                     other middle-class communities, like University City
     • Union to Parkview                                           – Encourage renovation of residential units above
     • East end greenway to Parkside Walk                            commercial corridor
     • West end greenway to Parkside Court
                                                                   – Concentrate on expanding development on Girard

        Phase II (continued)                                                            Phase III
• Install neighborhood Wi-Fi network modeled                    • Invite major retail establishments into the neighborhood
                                                                   – Work with Spiro’s to convert the parking lot into mixed-use building
  after the PEC Digital Inclusion Project                          – Encourage large-scale retailer, like CVS to open up a store at 39th
                                                                     Street and Girard Avenue with parking on the back
  – Provide resources/training through project hub                 – Encourage supermarket, like Fresh Grocer to open a store on the
                                                                     north side of Girard Avenue at 41st Street
  – Provide jobs/experience for local teens or School of the
    Future students helping to maintain systems and
    refurbish hardware for community members

        Phase III (continued)                                             Phase III (continued)
• Provide for needed parking                                   • Assume market will provide
  – Require a retailer (CVS) 2-story parking garage              incentives for towing & auto
    on 39th Street and Cambridge (68 Spaces)                     shops to relocate.
  – Require a retailer (supermarket) 2-story parking           • Move Farmer’s Market from
    garage on north side of 41st Street and Girard               40th & Girard triangle to 1130
    Avenue (70 Spaces)                                           N. 40th St.
                                                               • Use rear of 1130 N. 40th for
                                                                 additional parking (60 Cars)
                                                               • Use upper levels of 1130 N.
                                                                 40th for loft housing.

• Farmer’s Market?
• Centennial Gateway?
• What is the nature of the business environment you want
  to see? Small businesses, chain businesses, locally
  owned, etc?
   – 5 years?
   – 10 years?
   – Are there businesses that would be appropriate down the road
     that may not work now & vice versa?
• Neighborhoods to model Parkside after?
   – More like N. Liberties
   – More like Univ. City?
   – More like…