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					Take Charge in Changing Times

Moving On: Getting an Off-Farm Job
“It’s hard to think of looking for a job   On the day you interview the job            Job Applicant: Well we could sure
when all I’ve ever done is farming,”       applicants, you look over the list of          use a steady income. You know
says a 49-year-old farmer who has          desired qualities. You want a person           how farming is these days.
been forced to seek off-farm employ-       who is hard-working, honest, friendly,
ment. Another man says, “I’m just a        and sure of him or herself. Also, there     Notice how the job applicant seems
farmer. I don’t really have any other      are certain skills that will be needed to   very unsure of what he has to offer
skills.”                                   do well on this job. You’re hoping to       the employer in terms of skills and
                                           find out in the interviews whether the      past experiences. His short answers
Yes, it’s hard to think of trying some-    job applicants can meet your needs.         make it hard for the employer to get a
thing new, especially when you’d                                                       good picture of how this person might
rather focus on farming. But one thing     Now let’s imagine that the first appli-     work out in the new position. If you
is certain. The skills farmers use from    cant comes in for his interview.            were the employer, would you be
day-to-day in their farm operations,                                                   impressed with the applicant?
along with maturity and life experi-       Employer: First of all, I’d like to find
ence, are pluses many employers are          out a little bit about you. Tell me       Now let’s look at the same applicant in
looking for.                                 about yourself.                           another job interview. Since the first
                                                                                       interview he has attended a job skills
This publication will help you discover    Job Applicant: Well, I’m just a             workshop and has thought through
the many skills you have that can be          farmer. I’ve been farming ever           how his past experiences on and off
important in finding an off-farm job. It      since I got out of school.               the farm could be used in a new job.
will also offer some tips on represent-
ing yourself in a job search.              Employer: What kinds of things did          Employer: What can I do for you?
                                             you do in your farming operation?
Why Do You Need                                                                        Job Applicant: Well, I read your ad in
to Know Your Skills?                       Job Applicant: Oh. . . just the usual.         the paper for the seed corn sales
Imagine for a moment that you are an          We’ve had a hog operation and of            representative and I’m looking for
employer who needs to hire a new              course corn and beans.                      an off-farm job. I’ve used your
person. You advertise the job in the                                                      product in my farming operation
local paper and several people fill out    Employer: How about volunteer work             and I think I could do a good job
job applications and sign up for             in the community?                            selling for you.
interviews with you. As an employer
it’s very important to you to fill the     Job Applicant (long pause): Well I          Employer: Tell me a little about your
position with a person who can do the         can’t think of much there. I do            background.
job.                                          help out with the volunteer fire
                                              department.                              Job Applicant: I’ve been responsible
                                                                                          for a 450-acre farming operation
                                           Employer: Tell me why you want this            for about 23 years now. I’ve
                                             job.                                         managed livestock including

                                                                                               PM 1234c Revised November 2002
    selecting, breeding, daily care,        What are your                                 • Analyze past records and credit
    and marketing. Also I have              skill possibilities?                              needs
    experience taking samples,              The following list divides the various        • Develop a tax strategy
    selecting seed varieties, and           parts of farming into categories. Under       • Develop an estate plan
    inspecting the crops for my corn        each category, examples of skills and         • Plan for debt reduction
    and bean operation. Then of             abilities are listed. As you read             • Plan for replacement of equipment
    course there’s the record keep-         through the list, think about things you          and facilities
    ing—crop and livestock produc-          have done. After reading this list, it will
    tion, breeding and feeding              be hard for you to say, “I’m just a           Managing natural resources
    records, inventory and deprecia-        farmer.”                                      • Install drainage tile
    tion. So I have a lot of experience                                                   • Construct waterways
    with records and managing               Producing crops                               • Plant windbreaks
    finances.                               • Select land and rotate crops                • Maintain water quality (e.g., manure
                                            • Analyze soil samples                             lagoons)
Employer: That sounds impressive!           • Analyze federal farm programs               • Establish crop rotation program
  Have you been involved in any             • Select variety of crops                     • Practice erosion control methods
  volunteer work?                           • Select fertility program                    • Clean and maintain drainage ditches
                                            • Select tilling and planting methods              and fence rows
Job Applicant: Yes, I’ve served on          • Select herbicide/pesticide program          • Develop water supplies
   the church council and been              • Secure labor                                • Evaluate soil conditions
   involved in a lot of decision            • Calculate herbicide/pesticide rates         • Maintain soil fertility/balance
   making there. Also, I was trea-          • Cultivate crops                             • Harvest timber
   surer for the Lion’s Club where          • Determine when and how to harvest           • Practice woodlot conservation
   I’ve been a member for about 15              crops                                     • Practice wildlife conservation
   years. And I like to help out with       • Transport crops for storage
   the kids’ 4-H club for special           • Maintain the quality of stored crop         Marketing
   events. I’m also on call for the         • Analyze production results                  • Determine cost of production and
   volunteer fire department.                                                                 minimal acceptable profit margin
                                            Producing livestock                           • Develop strategy for marketing
Employer: It sounds like you have a         • Determine facility and equipment                product
  lot of experience to bring to this            needs                                     • Qualify crops and/or products for
  job. Why do you think we should           • Determine breed of livestock                    government programs
  hire you?                                 • Plan for waste disposal                     • Apply for government loans
                                            • Transport livestock                         • Shop for best market locations and
Job Applicant: Well, I’m hard-              • Plan for animal health, consult with            prices
   working and honest. Being a                  veterinarians                             • Determine transportation options/
   farmer myself, I think I could           • Determine feeding method and feed               costs
   understand the situations of the             rations                                   • Participate in product promotion
   people I’ll be working with. I like to   • Select breeding method and animals              groups
   meet people and I’m good at              • Market livestock and products               • Follow/chart daily market reports
   handling records. I think I could        • Prepare livestock for market                • Consult with brokers
   do a good job for you, and I’m           • Perform individual animal care              • Use various marketing strategies
   pretty sure I’d enjoy it.                • Milk cows and goats
                                            • Shear sheep                                 Keeping records
This time the farmer is much more                                                         • Record income and expenses
sure of himself. He has many skills he      Developing a master plan                      • Pay bills, make deposits, and
can talk about because he has taken         for the farming operation                         balance checkbook
time to analyze what he has done day        • Inventory available resources               • Compile annual crop production
to day. He isn’t afraid to highlight his    • Assess family interests and lifestyle           records
skills because he knows the employer        • Analyze enterprises for profitability       • Keep individual livestock production,
really wants to know what he can            • Develop enterprise budgets                      breeding, and feeding records
bring to the business.                      • Analyze enterprises for potential           • Complete inventory records and
                                                 growth or change                             depreciation schedules
                                            • Analyze enterprises for potential           • Compile field history and supply use
                                                 risks and rewards                            records
                                            • Establish long-range and short-             • Organize and analyze maintenance
                                                 range goals                                  records
• Keep payroll records                     Constructing facilities and                  • Trucking
• Complete actual cash flow, profit and    equipment                                    • Nursery (plant or tree)
     loss, and balance sheets              • Design and build equipment                 • Postal department—mail sorter,
• Maintain mileage records                 • Select building site and plan layout           carrier
• File federal and state tax returns       • Compute building costs                     • Groundskeeper—college, park, golf
• Use computer                             • Comply with zoning and building                course
                                                code regulations                        • Road maintenance
Managing finances                          • Prepare building site and drainage         • Construction work
• Choose lending institution               • Build foundations, footings, floors        • Factory work
• Coordinate debt repayment with           • Frame buildings and/or insulate            • Nursing home aide or cook
    sales                                       structures                              • Secretary
• Establish and maintain a good credit     • Apply siding and roofing
    rating                                 • Install plumbing and/or electrical         Examples of skills used in three
• Maximize return on liquid assets              system                                  typical off-farm jobs
• Calculate and analyze financial          • Customize building interiors
    ratios (debt-asset, net worth,         • Construct waste storage                    Parts store salesperson
    current ratio)
• Determine the optimal time to pay        Communicating                                • Keep livestock and crop records
    for inputs                             • Share ideas and decisions with             • Maintain files
• Control sale time of products to              family                                  • Operate computer
    minimize tax liabilities               • Listen attentively                         • Ability to communicate ideas clearly
• Manage accounts receivable               • Communicate ideas                          • Enjoy meeting people
• Establish retirement funds               • Give clear, precise instructions           • Organize and maintain the farm
• Evaluate advantages of various           • Maintain a good rapport with busi-             shop
    business structures                         ness associates, neighbors, public      • Plan for equipment replacement
                                                officials, landlords, etc.
Purchasing and leasing inputs              • Portray a positive business image          Construction work or
• Negotiate purchase/lease of real         • Use telephone and computer for             road maintenance
    estate or livestock                         communication
• Negotiate for best prices on valuable    • Write business letters                     • Install drainage tile
    cost items (e.g., seeds, feed, fuel,                                                • Perform engine overhaul
    pesticides)                            (This list was adapted from one              • Pour and/or maintain concrete
• Negotiate on purchase/lease of           prepared for Ohio Cooperative                • Perform carpentry, electrical, and/or
    machinery/equipment                    Extension based on a study done by                plumbing repairs
• Select cost-effective insurance          National Center for Research in              • Design and build equipment
    program                                Vocational Education, March 1986.)           • Build foundations, footings, floors
• Assess best value of purchase items                                                   • Erect and repair fences
• Negotiate for custom services            Translating skills to jobs                   • Operate heavy equipment
• Negotiate price/quality of labor         There are many jobs outside of
                                           farming. Some do require additional          Work at plant/tree nursery
Repairing/maintaining facilities and       education and training. Some may not
equipment                                  be available in the area you wish to         • Take soil samples and analyze
• Perform scheduled equipment              live in. Following is a list of jobs often   • Select type and variety of crops
    maintenance                            available in rural areas that use the        • Establish time and rate of seeding
• Adjust and calibrate farm equipment      skills you already have.                     • Apply lime/fertilizer
    for specific use                                                                    • Till soil and plant crop
• Use and maintain safety equipment        Possible off-farm jobs                       • Inspect crop periodically and treat
• Repair farm equipment                    • Feed salesperson                                 for pests and weeds
• Perform engine overhaul                  • Livestock position—manager of              • Cultivate and irrigate crops
• Store machinery (clean and grease)            feeder pig or cattle operation          • Maintain landscaping and lawn
• Improve and maintain property            • Welding
• Perform carpentry repairs, electrical    • Carpentry                                  Presenting your skills in a
    repairs, heating and/or plumbing       • Janitor—school, college, hospital,         resume and cover letter
    repairs                                     public building                         At the beginning of this publication
• Erect and repair fences                  • Parts store salesperson, manager           you read an example of how knowing
• Operate heavy equipment                  • Fertilizer representative                  your skills and abilities can give
important information to a perspective     • Imagination—confront and deal with       Prepared by Virginia Molgaard, former
employer in an interview. Written          problems that may not have standard        extension family life specialist, Iowa State
presentations are also important.          solutions.                                 University. Reviewed by Colleen Jolly,
                                                                                      extension family life specialist.
The resume (pronounced reh’-zoo-           • Flexibility—adapt to change and
may) is a one page description of your     incorporate new ideas.
experiences and abilities. Even
though a resume is not required for all    • Interpersonal skills—bring out best
jobs, it is your opportunity to persuade   efforts of individuals.
an employer that you should be
considered for an interview. Some of       • Self-knowledge—assess realistically
the skills you checked in the previous     own capabilities, recognize strengths
section should be in your resume.          and weaknesses.

  A sample resume follows on page          • Ability to handle conflict—function
  5. Notice that action words              well under stress.
  (selected, managed, developed)
  are used to describe experience.         A cover letter should always accom-
                                           pany your resume when you are
In addition to specific skills as a farm   applying for a specific job opening. It
person, you have personal character-       should be brief and interesting. It is
istics that are valuable to an em-         the first thing the employer will see.
ployer. As you read through the
following list, identify characteristics   The physical appearance of the letter
that you have. These can be referred       is important:
to in your resume, as well as in a job
interview.                                 1. Use good quality paper.
                                           2. Type it perfectly—it must be error-
• Ability to communicate—organize          free
thoughts and ideas effectively, ex-        3. Use a large business-size enve-
press them clearly in speaking and         lope.
                                           The letter should be addressed, if at
• Intelligence—understand job assign-      all possible, by name and title to the
ment, learn details of operation,          individual with the power to hire you.
contribute new and original ideas
                                           If you are not sure who that is, call to
• Self-confidence—having a sense of        get the information.
maturity and direction, deal positively
and effectively with situations and        Your cover letter should begin with a
people.                                    sentence that catches the attention of
                                           the employer (see example on last
• Willingness to accept responsibility—    page). Next, highlight and draw
recognize what needs to be done and        attention to two or three points from
do it.                                     your resume that qualify you for the
                                           position. Note when you will be
• Initiative—identify purposeful work      available for employment and end
and take action                            with a request for an interview.

• Leadership—guide and direct others       Call the potential employer about one
to obtain objectives.                      week after the letter and resume have
                                           been sent. You can ask if your letter
• Energy level—demonstrate forceful-       has been received and ask again for
ness and capacity to move things           an interview. This personal touch lets
ahead.                                     the employer know you’re really
                                      John T. Doe
                                        Route 3
                                   XYZ, Iowa 50042
                                    (712) 321-4000

Objective: To secure a position in agricultural sales where a strong background in
farming and human relations is important.

Experience          Farm production experience for 450-acre farm 1974-1997
                    q Selected, bred, provided daily care and marketed livestock
                    q Took and analyzed soil samples
                    q Selected seed varieties, herbicides, and pesticides
                    q Cultivated and harvested crops
                    q Inspected and maintained quality of stored crop

                    Farm Financial Management
                    q Established long-range and short-range goals
                    q Managed record keeping and cash flow
                    q Analyzed past records and credit needs
                    q Developed marketing strategy for crops and livestock
                    q Calculated and analyzed financial ratios (debt-asset, net worth)

                    Community Volunteer Service
                    q Served on church council, 1993-1996
                    q Participated in Lion’s Club, 1983-1997; treasurer 1991-1992;
                     chairman of fundraising project 1995
                    q Worked on 4-H planning committees and participated in special
                     events, 1988-present
                    q Served on volunteer fire department, 1992-present

Personal            q Effective in meeting people
Characteristics     q Able to promote ideas and products
                    q Effective in keeping detailed financial records
                    q Knowledgeable in farming needs and practices

Education           Graduated from XYZ High School, 1973
            John T. Doe
            Route 3
            XYZ, Iowa 50042
            (712) 321-4000

            Frank P. Smith
            Sales Manager
            Acme Feed Company
            Smalltown, Iowa 12345

            Dear Mr. Smith:

            I am writing to express my interest in your feed salesperson position advertised recently in the
            Des Moines Register. I have farmed in the XYZ area for 23 years. I have used your product in my hog
            operation and would be proud to represent your company in a sales position.

            My experience as a long-time farmer in the area, as well as my volunteer work with people in my com-
            munity give me valuable skills that would be useful in this position. In addition, my background in record
            keeping and financial management would be useful in a sales position such as the one you advertised. I
            like to work with people and would enjoy selling your product.

            I would like to have the chance to meet with you to discuss my experience and job opportunities in your
            company. My resume is enclosed for your review. I will arrange to come for an interview at your conve-
            nience. I am presently available for work.


            John T. Doe


File: Family Life 3

. . . and justice for all                                                                    Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work, Acts of May 8 and June 30,
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its                1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Stanley R. Johnson,
programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion,      director, Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa State University of Science and
age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status. (Not   Technology, Ames, Iowa.
all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Many materials can be made available in
alternative formats for ADA clients. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA,
Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 14th and Independence
Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call 202-720-5964.

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