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EPiServer Products 2009 03 04


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									The Engaged Web
and EPiServer Product Roadmap
1. to occupy the attention or efforts of (a
person or persons)

2. to attract and hold fast

3. to attract or please
Or, how to make a site….
…behave like
a shop owner!

Or even more simplified!
Engaged Products
        Passive Web The Engaged Web

         One size fits all Personalized & targeted

       „Broadcast‟ mode Two-way dialog & community

          Content-centric Customer-centric

No visibility for marketers Real-time tracking

      Flat HTML and text Rich media

               Revenue? Strict revenue and ROI focus!
                 The Engaged Web

                 Personalized & targeted

                 Two-way dialog & community

 Our Engage      Customer-centric
products shall
                 Real-time tracking
support these.
                 Rich media

                 Strict revenue and ROI focus!
Rich media

             Engage related releases 2008
                              Rich media
             » Create+, add-on package to extend to capability to work with dynamic,
               media rich web sites. First step towards the Engaged web...
                                  Personalized & targeted
                                  Strict revenue and ROI focus!
             » CMS 5 R2, improved possibilites for including dynamic- and external
               content.                           Personalized & targeted
                                                          Two-way dialog & community
             » EPiServer Connect for CRM, Salesforce and Microsoft CRM. Core module
               for future Engage offerings.
                                          Personalized & targeted
                                           Two-way dialog & community
             » EPiServer Relate+,          Customer-centric
                                    integrating CMS and Community                 in pre-packaged
               ”mini Facebook” application.
                                                                           Strict revenue and ROI focus!
             » Launch of several Open Source modules: TranslationX (with LionBridge
               and Translations.com), WikiX, PageScript (easy deployment of external
               page scripts) and EventX (Event registration and administration)
                                                 Strict revenue and ROI focus!

             » Several new EPiMore partners signed, many supporting the Engaged web
               concept (Flash presentations, mobile solutions, video services et.c.)
Delivering the Engaged Web
» Latest release EPiServer CMS 5 R2
  - Custom Page Provider – Any content from any system as
    native CMS pages.
  - Dynamic Content – reuse of text, pages, applications and
    media on any or all pages.
  - In browser Image editing
  - New Report Center
» Next release EPiServer CMS 5 R3
  - Introduce the Site Center
     • new scalable UI framework for extending beyond CMS (business
       applications, Community, Mail but also 3rd party products)
     • creating custom widgets and dashboards
  - New XHTML editor (accessible, XHTML compliant, extended
    browser support Firefox, IE, Safari)
  - Extended browser support (CMS Edit/Admin/On page): Firefox,
    IE, Safari
  - Improved accessibility (Edit/Admin/On page)
  - Improving and extending current Editorial functionality
  (Preliminary feature list)
» Next release EPiServer Community 3 R3
  - RSS and Atom feeds
  - Live writer (Meta Weblog API) support
  - REST services to enable cross platform interaction, for
    example Open Social gadgets
  - Support for Live ID, Open ID and OAuth.
  - Enables dynamic searches for attributes for clubs and
    exporting club members to en EPiServer Mail recipient lis
  - Enhanced stats and report engine for site owners
  - Web chat
  (Preliminary feature list)
Delivering the Engaged Web
» Market- and business driven packages.
» Increase efficiency and speed up development for
  complex solutions.
» Can include own and third party product – all sold and
  supported by EPiServer

» How can we make the editors work even easier, more
  flexible and efficient?
» Create+ includes tools for working with Flash content,
  email marketing, images and page templates.
» Includes:
  - EPiServer Composer (on-page template creation)
  - ImageVault (digital asset management and in-browser image
  - Interactive Scene (in-browser Flash presentation)
  - EPiServer Mail (email marketing module for large volumes)

» Package combining social networking & collaboration with
  structured CMS content.
» Two versions:

                                             Intranet Edition

» Includes:
   - Full set of production templates – “Out of the box Community”
   - EPiServer Community 3
   - EPiServer Mail
   - EPiServer Skype presence
   - EPiServer Connect for SharePoint (Intranet edition only)

                                            (Sold as add-on to EPiServer CMS 5 R2)
Out of the Box Community

» Templates and functionality for a standard implementation
  of a community.
» Key features: My Page, Video Gallery, Image Gallery,
  Blogs, Forum, Clubs, Tag Clouds, Comments, News etc.
» Integrated EPiServer Mail for easy selection and mailing to
  community members.
» Can be used as is by rebranding the templates – or in a full
  scale community project where all advanced EPiServer
  Community functionality can be implemented.
» Integrated in EPiServer CMS 5
Combining CMS & Community Content

 From CMS

                                    From Community
               New Items
Presentation               Tag Cloud



                           Top lists

» Adapt, interact, learn and respond to the
  customers while they are on your site – just as a
  shop owner would do IRL.
» Engage the users.
» Now, not Later!
Engage+ Scenario
                                        Adaptive Content
                                        Returns company information
                                        based on IP Address
                                        (Source Dun&Bradstreet + own database)

                                              Adaptive Content
                                              based on company
                                              information   Online        Sales
Visitor                                                        Get s alert to invite to chat
                                                               or screensharing

          Such as page views Fed into
          Engine profile                Interaction Engine
                                        IP /cookie stored as prospect                  CRM
                                        based on company
                                                                                       All info fed into
                                                                                       CRM system
First release within the Engage Suite:

EPiServer CMO
Campaign & Monitoring Optimization
EPiServer CMO
(Campaign, Monitoring & Optimization module)

» CMO is targeted towards web managers, marketers and sales
  who create, maintain and optimize campaigns and landing pages.
» Based on survey among partners and customers – ”What is your
  most urgent need for optimizing and adapting web sites?”
» Key benefits:
   - A/B testing
   - Integrated solution – full control of content & campaigns
   - Live data/statistics
   - Definable KPI´s for ROI measurements
   - Integrated with EPiServer Mail

» First module within the Engage+ concept, will be the foundation
  for the full Interaction Engine.
» Release Q2 2009
EPiServer CMO modules

    Start page
    Listings of Campaigns
    Listings of LPOs

                            Campaign overview   Detailed view/Paths   Live monitor     Settings

    Campaign Monitor

                               LPO Overview        Settings

      Landing Page

    Mobile pages                                                        My Dashboard
    of CM & LPOs

Landing Page Optimizer

Based on A/B testing

Full control of Content
while integrated in
EPiServer CMS.
Campaign monitoring

Follow up on KPI´s

Conversion rate/ROI
EPiServer Prospects

» Regular reports (daily/weekly/monthly) on
  prospects/customers visiting your web site on defined
  pages/landing sites
» Reports integrated in CMS interface and sent by mail
» Hosted service sold as a yearly subscription
» Monitor 1-5 pages
» Powered by Enecto
» Release Q2 2009
EPiServer Prospects

» Regular reports (daily/weekly/monthly) on
  prospects/customers visiting your web site on defined
  pages/landing sites
» Reports integrated in CMS interface and sent by mail
» Hosted service sold as a yearly subscription
» Monitor 1-5 pages
» Powered by Enecto
» Release Q2 2009
EPiServer Prospects

» Identify data like country, company, contact info,
  business area, length of visit, pages visited and
  referring sites
       EPiServer Prospects

                             Prospects week
EPiServer Targeting

» Adapt Web content and pages based on user IP
» Based on Dun & Bradstreet company information such as:
   - Country
   - Market segment
   - Company size

» Hosted service sold as a yearly subscription
» Integrated in EPiServer CMS, editors/marketers will have
  full control of profiling and content
» Powered by Enecto
» Release Q2 2009
               Prospects week

Target group

Target Groups - Companies

» Companies within B-to-C with need to adapt and
  change information and offerings to optimize the
  Online revenues.
» Companies with a B-to-B focus and a high value
» Internet-, Sales- and Advertising consultancies for
Target Groups - People

» Marketing executives – optimizing the web on a daily
» CEO´s, Sales- and marketing directors - increase
  Online sales.
» CTO´s that appreciate the business advantage and
  the complexity to build a similar solution by their own.
» Marketing- and advertising consultants
Will make these guys love the Internet!
Delivering the Engaged Web
» Expand product functionality
» EPiServer Mail
   - Email marketing module for high volume
   - Integrated in CMS and Community
   - Based on CMS pages

» EPiStore
   - Basic e-commerce solution
   - Will be release in a more advanced version to support Engage+

» EPiBooking
   - Events- and other user registrations
             EPiServer SEO

» Unique SEO module, fully integrated with EPiServer CMS
  on site and page level
» Tool for the editor/site owner for the ongoing SEO work
  required for maintaining SEO ranking
» Possibility to compare SEO ratings on a country level with
  statistics from more than 2000 other companies
» Hosted service sold as a yearly subscription
» Powered by Online Services
» Release Q2 2009
EPiServer SEO - Content – this URL

» Click-Mapping with ”Compare periods”
» HeatMap
» RobotView - including ”Keyword usage”
» Keyword Analysis
EPiServer SEO - Technical – this URL

» SEO Technical Advices for this URL
» My digital visibility – this URL
EPiServer SEO - Links – this URL

» Links – internal & external (incl. visits)
EPiServer SEO – Total domain

» Web Position Scan/ Keyword analysis
» Search words/phrases
Delivering the Engaged Web
» EPiServer Connect for CRM
  - Salesforce and Microsoft CRM
  - Targeted at partner-, customer- and extranet sites
  - All user related information in one place, such as access rights,
    history, logins, contact info etc.
  - For qualitative lead generation, not suited for quantity leads
» EPiServer Connect for SharePoint v. 2.0
  - Includes Push-to-CMS (Content Channel), File Integration (VPP),
    CMS-to-SharePoint (Web Part)
» EPiServer TranslateX, Connector for translations (Open
Delivering the Engaged Web
» The EPiServer CMS today comes with an extensive library
  of templates and functionality to speed the development of
  a wide range of page types and web capabilities.
» While other CMS vendors charge for this, EPiServer
  PageBank/CodeBank is free.
» PageBank drives down the cost of development, shortens
  time to market and increases reusability of code.
» We will expand this with more templates and functionality
  and also open up for Open Source and commercial
           Other Open Source modules

» WikiX
» EventX
» TranslateX
» MSN Web Chat
» Search Engine SiteMaps
» Remote Page Provider
» TinyMCE Editor Integration
» OnPage CSS-editor
» WebEx integration
Delivering the Engaged Web
» EPiMore, our third party marketplace - which is open
  to developers and customers alike – creates more
  revenue and value for our entire community.
» Great success, attracting vendors from all over the
» Today 40 products - many more in progress
                EPiMore Products

» E-business (1)              » Picture and File
                                Management (2)
» Help Desk and Support (2)
                              » Reporting (5)
» Human Resources (1)
                              » Search and Information
» Industry Solutions (1)
                                Management (6)
» Integration (2)
                              » Template Management &
» Marketing and Sales (3)       Packages (2)
» Mobile Solutions (2)        » Web TV & Streaming (2)
» News and Subscriptions (3) » Other Solutions (8)
                 Ongoing EPiMore projects

» 10CMS (Flash campaigns) » Cypoint (PIM, mobile)
» Yooba (Flash campaigns)       » Ankiro (contextual search)
» Apica (load testing)          » Comaround (e-learning)
» Combination (PIM)             » Adeptic Search (search)
» Internetfabriken              » FormPipe (ECM/processes)
» NedStat (reporting)           » Ninetech (Help Desk)
» DizplayIT (screen solution)
» QlikTech (reporting)
Yooba – Campaign tool
Delivering the Engaged Web

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