Benefits of Wireless Credit Card Terminals

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Credit Card
Benefits For Both Businesses and
 “   How Can A Wireless
     Credit Card Terminal
      Help my Business?            ”
    * Greater Security – Less Cash
         Needed on Premises
     * Transactions Happen Faster
* Brings the Transaction to the Customer
 No Need To Be Tied Down To A Specific
“   How Should My Service
    Provider Help Me?
 * They keep the data encrypted for
physical and psychological security
             of the client
   * They process the transaction
           over data links
   * They charge less transaction
    * Transaction statements can be
            obtained online
“What Do I Need To Think Next
 About Before Taking The
 * How many people will be using the
 * What do you need- batch transactions or
          individual transaction?
   * Do you need to generate the receipts at the
   same moment or emails to the clients will be
“   I Have More Questions..
    Who Can I Talk To?
We Can Answer All Your
Questions And Give You
     Some Advice

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