; Project on Dental Insurance in India
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Project on Dental Insurance in India


Project on Dental Insurance in India document sample

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									   Directory, Database Medical- All India Doctors,
       Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals

All India Email Directory, Database (3rd Edition)
         Format: CD-Rom
         Book Code: NID15
         Price: Rs. 11,030.00 US$ 500.00
         Contains 2,30,00,000 (2.3 Million) Indian Email addresses (*Investors, *Architect, *Vehicle
         Owners, *Mobile Users, *Mumbai Corporates, *New Companies, *Corporate, *Bank A/C
         Holders, *Credit Card Holders, *Private Limited Companies, *Salary Persons, *Sales Tax
         Payers, *Share Brokers, *Students, *Telephone Owners, *Unit Investors, *Star Hotel Users,
         *Advocates, *Agents Overall, *Agents Insurance, *All India Industrial Database, *Businessman,
         *CEO Personal ID, *Chartered A/C, *Chemical Companies, *Club Members, *Companies In
         Bangalore, *Companies In Chennai, *Companies In Delhi, *Companies In Gujarat, *Companies
         In Hyderabad, *Companies In Jaipur, *Companies In Kolkata, *Companies In Lucknow,
         *Companies In Ludhiana, *Companies In Mumbai, *Companies In Pune, *Computer
         Assemblers, *Computer Owners, *Credit Card Holders, *Delhi Club Members, *Engineering
         Companies, *Engineers, *Exporters, *Graduates, *Income Tax Payers, *Mobile Phone Owners,
         *NRI And Tax Payers, *Pharmaceutical, *Plantations Investors, *Premium Car Owners)

All India Doctors Database (2nd Edition)
         Format: CD-Rom
         Book Code: NID26
         Price: Rs. 2,206.00 US$ 200.00
         Details of more than 1,00,000 (1 lakh) doctors all over India. Include details like Name, Postal
         Address including City, State and Pin code,Qualification like MBBS, MD, MS, FRCS, Etc.,
         Specialization like ENT, Dental, Surgeon, General Practioner, Orthopaedic, Gynaecologist etc.
         (Wherever available)

Database, Directory of Pharmaceutical Companies in India

        Format: CD-Rom
        Book Code: NID68
        Price: Rs. 2,206.00 US$ 100.00
        Contains over 7,000 Companies details include Company Name, Full Postal Address, Phone
        No., Fax No., Email Address (wherever available), Website Address (wherever available)

        Format: CD-Rom
        Book Code: NID75
        Price: Rs. 1,655.00 US$ 200.00
        Contains details of more than 8,000 Doctors in Delhi including Name, Full Postal Address
        (Residence/Clinic) including City, and Pin Code, Phone* (Residence/Clinic), Mobile*, E-mail*,
        Qualification* like MBBS, MD, MS, FRCS, Etc., Specialization* like ENT, Dental, Surgeon,
        General practitioner, Orthopedic, Gynecologist etc. (* where ever available)

Indian Hospitals Directory, Database

        Format: CD-Rom
        Book Code: NID78
        Price: Rs. 2,206.00 US$ 150.00
        Contains: Complete Contacts of over 2000 Hospitals in India. Contains Name of Hospital,
        Address, City, Phone+, Fax+, E-mail+, Activities+ (+Where ever available).

        Format: CD-Rom
        Book Code: NID134
        Price: Rs. 1,986.00 US$ 100.00
        Contains: 7000 records Includes: NAME, ADDRESS (Wherever available), PHONE (Wherever
        available), MOBILE (4379) (*Wherever available)Note: All Records does not contain all fields of
        information. However, maximum information has been incorporated. Format: MS Excel


                     Format: CD-Rom
                     Book Code: NID140
                     Price: Rs. 3,861.00 US$ 150.00
                     Contains: 650 records Includes: Name of Company, Address, City, Pin Code, Phone*, Fax*,
                     Email*, Website*, Name of Directors, Energy Type & Consumption, Location of Plants, Project
                     Capacity, Production, List of Major Raw Materials, Name of Products, Turnover, Economic
                     activity, NIC code. (*Wherever available)Note: All Records does not contain all fields of
                     information. However, maximum information has been incorporated. Format: MS Excel

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NPCS also publishes varies technology books, directory, databases, detailed project reports, market survey reports on various industries and profit
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