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UW Tacoma Online-New Student Orientation Presentation

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        UW Tacoma Online-New Student Orientation Presentation
Hello UW Tacoma student; welcome to the Husky Family!

You are about to begin the UW Tacoma Online-New Student Orientation Presentation. You
should be taking this online Orientation if you are a new student and you were unable to attend
the traditional New Student Orientation held in the autumn, winter or spring quarter.

*If you do not have access to a computer, you have the option of completing the Online-New
Student Orientation Presentation and Survey in the Departments of Student Services, UW
Tacoma Library, The Teaching and Learning Center or any of the UW Tacoma Computer Labs.

Before you begin, please make sure you have the following materials readily available:
       Writing Utensil; Paper; UW NetID [the first part of your UW Email address;

The Online-New Student Orientation Presentation is broken down into Five Segments:
   1. UW Tacoma History and Facts
   2. The Essentials
   3. Academic Life and Resources
   4. Campus Resources
   5. Campus Life

After you have finished viewing the Online-New Student Orientation Presentation, you will be
provided with a link that will take you to the Online-New Student Orientation Survey [Online-
NSO Survey]; which is exactly 20 questions.

During the Online-New Student Orientation Survey, you will be given your Academic Program
and Adviser Contact Information; please print this is information out for your records.

After you answer the 20 questions, review your answers, press “Submit Responses” and please
print your confirmation page. By bringing in your confirmation page to the Departments of
Student Services [located in the MAT Bldg, Room 106], you can pick up your New Student
Orientation Bag, Student Planner, USB Flash Drive, and T-Shirt.

If you have any questions, or have trouble accessing the Online-New Student Orientation
Presentation and Survey, please contact the Department of Student Services at 253-692-4421

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
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              Segment I UW Tacoma History and Facts:
UW Tacoma History and Facts: the following section of the Orientation
     will discuss the history and basic facts about UW Tacoma.
Campus History:
Part of the University of Washington System [including UW Seattle and UW Bothell]
The University of Washington, Tacoma was founded in 1990
13 Founding Faculty
175 Opening Enrollment in 1990
Graduated first class of 4 students in 1991
Admitted First Freshman Class of 187 in 2006
First On-campus Housing Program of 17 students in 2008

Campus Facts:
Enrollment of 3111 [2213 Full-time]; 82.5% Undergrad, 17.5% Grad
70% Full-time Faculty
Student/faculty ratio: 16:1
10 Bachelor Degrees Available
6 Master Degrees
31% Minority Student
98% In-state, 1% Out-of-state, 1% International
60% Female, 40% Male
Average Age: 28; Oldest 72, Youngest 16

UW Tacoma Leadership:
Patricia Spakes, Chancellor, University of Washington Tacoma
            o Beth Rushing, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
            o Ysabel Trinidad, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
            o Joshua Knudson, Vice Chancellor for Advancement
            o Sharon Parker, Assistant Chancellor for Equity and Diversity
            o Cedric Howard, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
            o Derek Levy, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services
            o Jan Rutledge, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
            o Mike Wark, Director of External Relations

Mission Statement:
"The University of Washington Tacoma educates diverse learners and transforms communities
by expanding the boundaries of knowledge and discovery."

Four Core Values:
   1. Excellence

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
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   2. Community
   3. Diversity
   4. Innovation

UW Tacoma Three Principles:
   1. Access to an exceptional university education;
   2. An interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and discovery in the 21st century;
   3. A strong and mutually supportive relationship between the campus and its surrounding
   1. Grow in an intentional manner consistent with University mission, values and vision.
   2. Provide access to educational and professional opportunities for students, faculty, staff
       and community members.
   3. Prepare students to participate in a diverse and increasingly complex world.
   4. Cultivate a University-wide culture of transparency, collaboration, and cooperation
       appropriate for a growing and multifaceted campus.

UW Tacoma’s Statement of Commitment to Diversity:
“To hold constant a nurturing learning and work environment in the midst of change, each
member of our UW Tacoma community has the responsibility to build and sustain respectful
and supportive relationships, through which intolerance, discrimination and social injustice are
confronted and resolved through non-violent behavior.”

UW Mascot – “Dubs”
Dubs, the University of Washington's 13th live mascot He is an Alaskan Malamute from a
kennel in Burlington, Washington. He was born in November of 2008 and is living with his
family in Seattle. You can follow his weekly blog to watch him grow up and see what he is
learning. He is very excited about his training as the next mascot and is practicing for his debut
on September 5th at Husky Stadium!

Hendrix the Husky - UW Tacoma Mascot

University of Washington Fight Song – “Bow Down to Washington.”
Bow Down to Washington,
Bow Down to Washington,
Mighty Are The Men
Who Wear the Purple and the Gold,
Joyfully We Welcome Them
Within the Victors Fold.
We Will Carve Their Names
In the Hall of Fame
To Preserve the Memory of Our Devotion.
Heaven Help the Foes of Washington;
They're Trembling at the Feet

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                        Page: 4

Of Mighty Washington,
The Boys Are There With Bells,
Their Fighting Blood Excels,
It's Harder to Push Them Over the Line
Than Pass the Dardanelles.
Victory the Cry of Washington...
Leather Lungs Together
With a Rah! Rah! Rah!
And O'er the Land
Our Loyal Band
Will Sing the Glory
Of Washington Forever.

University of Washington Alma Mater
To her we sing who keeps the ward
O'er all her sons from sea to sea
Our alma mater Washington
A health, a health we give to thee
Child of the mighty western land
You're the mother of a mighty race
Silent her gentle vigil holds
In strength, purity and grace
All hail! O Washington!
Thy sons and daughters sing glad acclaim
Through years of youth and loyalty
And still in age we sing they fame
In honor thy towers stand
The battlements shine in dawning light
And glow again in sunset rays
All hail! O Washington!

University of Washington Spirit Song – “Victory for Washington”
Vict'ry for Washington
For the purple and the gold
Vict'ry for Washington
Hear the Husky cry of old to win
The Husky pack is fighting on again
Hear the loyal rooters sing
Vict'ry for Washington
Our Alma Mater will ring.

UW Tacoma Academics: the following section identifies academic majors, minors
            and certificates available to UW Tacoma students.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                         Page: 5

Degree programs open to freshmen
Beyond the core curriculum, you will select each quarter from a range of elective courses that
will allow you to explore and prepare for potential majors.
         Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts)
             o Accounting
             o Finance
             o General Business
             o International Business
             o Management
             o Marketing
         Environmental Science (Bachelor of Science)
         Global Honors
         Healthcare Leadership (Bachelor of Arts)
         Institute of Technology
             o Computing and Software Systems (Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts)
             o Computer Engineering and Systems (Bachelor of Science)
             o Information Technology and Systems (Bachelor of Science)
         Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)
             o American Studies
             o Arts, Media and Culture
             o Communication
             o Environmental Studies
             o Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies
             o General Studies
             o Global Studies
             o Politics, Philosophy and Economics
             o Psychology
             o Self and Society
         Social Welfare (Bachelor of Arts)
         Urban Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

Degree options for transfer students
You can learn more about each of UW Tacoma's degree programs below. Please note that each
program has its own set of requirements for admission. To find out how to apply to a particular
program, visit the "How to apply" page or select one of the links below.
Undergraduate programs
       Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts)
           o Accounting
           o Finance
           o General Business
           o International Business
           o Management
           o Marketing

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                     Page: 6

       Environmental Science (Bachelor of Science)
       Global Honors
       Healthcare Leadership (Bachelor of Arts)
       Institute of Technology
           o Computing and Software Systems (Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts)
           o Computer Engineering and Systems (Bachelor of Science)
           o Information Technology and Systems (Bachelor of Science)
       Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)
           o American Studies
           o Arts, Media and Culture
           o Communication
           o Environmental Studies
           o Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies
           o General Studies
           o Global Studies
           o Politics, Philosophy and Economics
           o Psychology
           o Self and Society
       Nursing (RN to BSN)
       Social Welfare (Bachelor of Arts)
       Urban Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

Degree options for graduate students
You can learn more about each of UW Tacoma's graduate degree programs below. Please note
that each program has its own set of requirements for admission. To find out to apply to a
particular program, visit the "How to apply" page or select one of the links below.
        Master of Business Administration
            o Certified Financial Analyst
            o Post-baccalaureate Accounting Program for CPA Exam
        Master of Science in Computing and Software Systems
        Teacher Certification and/or Master of Education
            o Washington State Certification
                    K-8 Certification
                    K-8 with Special Education Certification
                    Secondary Science Certification
                    Professional Certification
                    Educational Administrator Certification
            o For Practicing Educators
                    Masters of Education
                    Professional Certification
                    Educational Administrator Certification
                    Endorsements
        Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                         Page: 7

       Master of Nursing
       Master of Social Work

Undergraduate minors
You must have earned a minimum of 90 credits before declaring a minor. Please talk with your
adviser for details.
Applied Computing
Asian Studies
Business Administration
Computing & Software Systems
Criminal Justice
Environmental Studies
Health and Society
Hispanic Studies
Human Rights
Museum Studies
Nonprofit Management
Public History
Urban Studies

        Certificate in Geographic Information Systems(GIS)
        Certificate in Restoration Ecology
        Certificate in Nonprofit Management
           o K-8, Secondary Science and Professional teaching certificates and Educational
                Administrator certificates are also available as part of the Master of Education
                     The KeyBank Professional Development Center at UW Tacoma also offers
                        certificate programs in a variety of fields.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                            Page: 8

                       Segment II The Essentials
 The Essentials: the following information is important new student as
                 you begin your career at UW Tacoma.
Verify your admissions status:
After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. This letter
will include the two codes you need to set up your MyUW account through which you can
check the status of your application. Once you have your system key and Private Access Code
(PAC), follow these steps to create your account:
         Create your UWNetID. Note that your UWNetID is not the same as the login you used
         for your online application.
         When prompted, enter the System Key and Private Access Code (PAC) provided in your
         With your UWNetID created, you can now log in to MyUW. From there you can track the
         status of your application. If you are admitted, MyUW will become an important
         resource for you as student.

                             Check for any ‘Holds’ on your Account:

Measles Immunization Requirement:
All newly enrolled students* are required to provide proof of measles (rubeola) immunity.
Students will not be allowed to register for any classes until UW Tacoma confirms that this
requirement has been satisfied [N/A for students born before January 1, 1957].
The student must:
    1. Have the form completed and certified by the student's health care provider; OR
    2. Submit copies of an original immunization record; OR
    3. Attach a statement on letterhead stationery from their health care provider as proof of:
           Two live virus measles (rubeola) vaccinations, both given after January 1, 1968 and
           after the first birthday; OR
           Positive measles (reubeola) titer (blood test for antibodies Measles); OR
           A verification of the history of measles (rubeola) disease

You must submit an official transcript from every college or university attended, even if no
credit was earned; this includes any college or university you are currently attending. If you are
using high school study to fulfill the foreign language or intermediate algebra requirement, you
must also submit an official high school transcript. This is not required if you met the language
or math requirement in college.

Have You Paid Your Enrollment Confirmation Fee?
To accept your offer of admission to the University of Washington Tacoma, a $100.00
Enrollment Confirmation Fee is required.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                              Page: 9

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payment of the Enrollment Confirmation Fee reserves your place at the
University. Paying this fee is required before you will be allowed to register for classes. The
Enrollment Confirmation Fee is not refundable. The Enrollment Confirmation Fee may be
deferred to your first tuition bill if you have applied for financial aid and cannot afford to pay the
fee at this time. To request a deferral, submit this form AND a letter explaining the basis for
making the request within three weeks of the date on your offer letter.

Student ID [Husky Card]:
Students who are eligible to register, or who have already registered, may obtain their
University of Washington Tacoma (UW Tacoma) ID cards, called the Husky Card. Your Husky
Card is required for many of the services provided on campus, and required to receive the
various UW student discounts on-and-off campus. Carry your card with you at all times, since it
is required for a variety of transactions and services on campus. In some situations, you may be
asked to provide additional pieces of identification, including one containing your photo. A
quarterly validation sticker is mailed to you and should be affixed to the permanent ID card as
soon as it is received. Lost ID cards may be replaced at the Office of the Registrar. A non-
refundable $10 fee is charged for replacement of ID cards.

Using UW Email:
UW Email (also known as UW Deskmail) is general email service available for current UW
students, faculty, and staff; UW retirees; and some other affiliates of the University. Alumni and
other former UW students can get email accounts through the service.

Three ways are available for you to interact with and use UW Email:
Use an email program on your computer or phone
       Configuration instructions for several programs are in the Configuring Your Email
       Program for UW Email
       Many smartphones can run email programs that can be configured to work with UW
       Email. Configuration instructions can be found on the Smartphones pages

Use Web Alpine through your Web browser
      Web Alpine works well for email when traveling, such as when you are at a conference
      or a cyber-cafe.
      Web Alpine does not work well over slow connections, such as when you connect by
      Web Alpine allows you to save attachments directly to your local desktop computer.
      For Web Alpine to work properly, the browser you are using must have SSL security,
      cookies, and JavaScript turned on.

Use Alpine on Homer, Dante, or other computers
       Alpine is a text-only email program. It cannot display graphics. Alpine has many power

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                          Page: 10

       You access Alpine with a terminal program such as TeraTerm SSH for Windows
       (available on the Tools for Safe and Secure Computing page) or the Terminal application
       on Macintosh OSX computers.
       Attachments cannot be saved directly to your desktop computer. A file transfer program
       such as WIN SCP (available on the Tools for Safe and Secure Computing page) must be
       used to move the file from Homer or Dante to your local computer.
       Using a terminal session program and Alpine works well on slower computers or when
       you have a slow connection speed, such as when you are using a modem.

Financial Aid:
To be considered for any type of financial aid, including scholarships, you must complete the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. The FAFSA can be completed at any
time, but for priority consideration you should make sure to complete it by February 28. After
this date, we will strive to ensure students receive aid commensurate with their need.
UW school code: 003798

Types of Aid Available:
Grants, Scholarships, Work-study and Loans

Example of a Student Budget:
Washington State Residents
                          Lives Away       Lives With       Non-             Graduate
                          From Home        Parents          Traditional      students
Tuition*                  $7,653           $7,653           $7,653           $10,688**
Books                     $1,035           $1,035           $1,035           $1,206
Room and Board            $8,949           $3,036           $12,876          $12,876
Personal Expenses         $2,265           $2,265           $2,265           $2,265
Transportation            $1,524           $1,524           $1,524           $1,524
Total                     $21,426          $15,513          $25,353          $28,559
*Estimated tuition cost for 2009-10. Subject to change

Military/Veteran Affairs:
If you are a veteran who needs assistance with your Financial Aid or GI Bill, contact Bruce
Metzger at
Bruce Metzger, Financial Aid and Veterans Adviser
Dept:          Financial Aid
Room:          GWP 102
Phone:         253-692-5721

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                               Page: 11

Tuition Payment Options
Tuition: Tuition is always due the third Friday of each quarter [Winter Quarter – 01/22/2010;
Spring Quarter – 4/17/2010]
You may pay your tuition via physical dropbox, web check, and credit card over the internet, or
You can authorize someone else to pay your tuition by following the Information Release
Authorization link via signing onto your MyUW ( and viewing your
tuition statement.

Tuition Payment Plan
The Tuition Payment Plan allows students to pay their quarterly tuition in three installments.
Please download, complete the form, and bring to the Cashier's office, along with the first
installment payment. Acceptable forms of payment for the plan include cash, check, and
money order only.
Upcoming deadlines for turning in the Tuition Payment Plan:
        Winter Quarter 2010: Friday, January 8th, 2010
        Spring Quarter 2010: Friday, April 2nd, 2010
        Summer Quarter 2010: Friday, June 25th, 2010
        Autumn Quarter 2010: Friday, October 1st, 2010
        Winter Quarter 2011: Friday, January 7th, 2011
        Spring Quarter 2011: Friday, April 1st, 2011

 Late Payments
If tuition is not paid by the due date, you will be assessed a late payment fee based on the
amount of your outstanding balance.

Parking & Transportation Options:
Parking Permits: Permits for students are available at the Cashier’s office each quarter on a
first-come, first-served basis for the first- four days of instruction only or while supplies last.

Diamond Parking lots:
      Diamond Lot #431[21st Street and Market Street] - All-Day rate is $124/quarter. The
      Evening-only rate is $72/quarter, hours begin at 4 p.m. Hourly parking is also available;
      [Can be used in the Court 17 garage as well if this lot is full].
      Court 17 Garage [South 17th and Market streets] - The hours of operation are from
      5:00am-10:00pm daily. The quarterly permit rate is $124. Hourly parking is also
      available. This permit is not valid for Court 17 residents.
      Diamond Lot #432 - This parking lot is located on 19th and Fawcett streets. The cost is
      $52/quarter. Hourly parking is also available.
      Diamond Lot # WT44 - This lot is located next to the Laborer’s Hall, just north of 19th on
      Market streets. The cost is $52/quarter.

U-Pass [Taking the Bus]:
Student U-Passes are only $45 per qtr
UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                            Page: 12

The U-Pass allows you to ride on the Pierce, Sound, King County Metro and Community Transit
systems as well as the Sounder Commuter Train anytime, anywhere... FREE!
The U-Pass is a sticker which is to be affixed to the bottom rear of your valid UWT student or
employee ID. To obtain a pass, bring your current employee or student identification to the
Cashier’s office (MAT 354N).

If you live at least 10 miles away from the campus, consider a vanpool. It consists of 5 to 15
people who commute together in a van owned, maintained and insured by Pierce Transit or
Metro Transit. Your U-Pass is worth $50 of the monthly vanpool fare.

Take advantage of the FREE parking at the Tacoma Dome Station and hop on board the Tacoma
Link Light Rail – also free!!! The trains are scheduled to arrive approximately every 10 minutes
and have right-of-way to traffic. Hours of operation: M-F: 6am – 8pm; Sat: 8am – 10pm; Sun &
holidays: 10am – 8pm.

Parking at UW Tacoma:
Cragle Lot – Pay Hourly (No Permits); This parking lot is east of the Library on “C” Street and is
open Monday – Sunday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Hourly Rates (Mon – Sat): $1 (0-1 hours), $3
(1-3 hours), $4 (3-5 hours).There is no cost to park on Sunday.

Disability Parking:
        Cragle (located off of 21st and Commerce) and Pinkerton lots at the cost of $124/
        Students who wish to purchase a disability parking permit must obtain prior approval
        each quarter from the UW Tacoma Disability Support Services department at (253) 692-
        Pinkerton Lot (Permit Only) [North of the Pinkerton building on 17th Street and
        $150/quarter [Permits can be purchased from the Cashier’s office (MAT 354N).

Motorcycle Parking:
Motorcycle Parking is available for $40/quarter [You may purchase this permit beginning
approximately two weeks before each quarter].

Obtain Your Books: University Bookstore
The University Bookstore in Tacoma is a lot more than textbooks and school supplies. You'll find
a great selection of books of all kinds, along with gifts, snacks, and the city's largest assortment
of Husky and Cougar apparel.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                        Page: 13

Obtaining Books FAQs:
How do I find my textbooks online?
Select the campus that you attend from the list of "Campuses" in the left navigation bar on the
homepage, select the appropriate quarter, and fill in any one of the search fields.

Can I order my books online and pick them up at the store?
Yes. When checking out, simply select "Charge & Hold" for your shipping preference. (There is
an $8 charge for this service.) You will receive an email when your textbooks are ready for
pickup. Textbook pickup is at the textbooks info desk (located on the bottom floor at the U
District Store.) ID is required.

Can I use my financial aid money to purchase textbooks?
Unfortunately, University Book Store does not have access to your financial aid records;
however, as a UW student, you are entitled to open a University Book Store Credit Card
account. You can purchase your textbooks with the Credit Card, and then use your financial aid
to pay the bill in the following month. Your rebate will accrue automatically.

Can I return my textbooks?
Yes, with a receipt! The last day to return your textbooks will be listed on your receipt. New
books must be in new condition (no water damage, highlighting, dog-eared pages, etc.). Pre-
packaged course supply kits and books that are accompanied by software must be un-opened.
Your University Book Store sales receipt is always required.

Does University Book Store buy used textbooks?
Yes. We buy textbooks at the main store year round based on national market value. However,
during quarter finals, textbooks that will be used in the upcoming quarter will be bought back
for up to 55% of the new book price, unless one of the following events occurs:
     The instructor has not requested the book for the next semester. (Textbooks that will
        not be used in the upcoming semester will be bought back at market value.)
     We have already bought back as many copies of the book as we need.
     There is a more recent edition available.
     The book has no national market demand.
     The book is not in resalable condition.
You do not need your receipt to sell back your books; however, you do need your Husky Card.

Other Important Information
    Save your receipt. It is required for returns.
    Preference for USED or NEW textbooks will be followed depending on availability.
    Course Packs, Class Notes, CDs and Software, Lab Manuals, and Workbooks are available
       only as NEW.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                            Page: 14

Students Rights and Responsibilities: the following information defines students’
   rights, and responsibilities related to their collegiate career at UW Tacoma

Student Conduct
All students who are enrolled on any of the three University of Washington campuses (Tacoma,
Seattle, or Bothell) are held accountable to the Student Conduct Code. The code outlines both
the expectations for behavior and the procedures for handling violations of the conduct code.

Students with Disabilities
The University of Washington Tacoma is committed to making the physical facilities and
instructional programs more accessible to students with disabilities. Any student enrolled at
UW Tacoma who has a physical, psychological or emotional disability that affects his or her
academic performance is eligible for assistance from Disability Support Services (DSS).
Registration instructions are available in alternative formats, including audiotape, enlarged
print, and Braille. Please contact Disability Support Services if you require assistance to register
for classes.
You may contact Disabilities Support Services at (253) 692-4522 or TTY (253) 692-4413 or to learn more about UW Tacoma's adaptive technology, physically-
accessible routes through campus, classroom accommodations and other services designed to
meet individual needs. Disability Support Services is located in Mattress Factory, Suite 253.

Grievance Procedure
Students, as well as members of the faculty and staff, who wish to file a complaint regarding
sexual harassment may contact the Office of the Ombudsman.

Disclosure of Student Records
As a general rule, the University will not release a student's education records to a third party
without the written consent of the student. This includes tuition account information. The
complete University policy on student education records and the location of such records may
be found in the Washington Administrative Code under WAC 478-140. The policy covers such
items as accessibility, review and expunging of inaccurate records, and costs to be charged for
copies of student records.
Release of Student Directory Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects the privacy of your
educational records. However, the following information is considered public or "directory"
information and may be released to anyone unless you inform the Office of the Registrar that
you do not wish any information released: name, telephone number, place of birth, major field
of studies, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, full-/part-time status enrollment
status, most recent previous educational institution attended, degrees and awards received,
and for athletes, date of birth, weight and height.
If you do not wish to authorize directory release and do not want your directory information to
appear in the Student Directory, you may restrict the release of this information through
MyUW or by completing a form in the Office of Enrollment Services. Except under provisions of

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                          Page: 15

the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, no information will be released on students who have restricted
release of directory information, including degrees awarded and dates of attendance. Because
no information is released, students who choose to withhold directory information are required
to conduct all their University business in person. If you wish to change your authorization and
allow release, you may do so using MyUW or go to the Office of Enrollment Services, present
your request in writing, and present photo identification.
Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), you
have the right to:
       1) Inspect and review information contained in education records within 45 days of the
       day the University receives a request for access. You should submit written requests
       that identify the record(s) you wish to inspect to the Office of the Registrar, Chancellor,
       Director of Academic Program, or other appropriate official. The University official will
       make arrangements for access and notify you of the time and place where the records
       may be inspected. If the records are not maintained by the University official to whom
       the request was submitted, that official shall advise you of the correct official to whom
       the request should be addressed.
       2) Request the amendment of your education records that you believe are inaccurate or
       misleading. You should write the University official responsible for the record, submit
       required documentation, clearly identify the part of the record you want changed, and
       specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. If the University decides not to amend the
       record as requested, the University will notify you of the decision and advise you of your
       right to a hearing.
       3) Consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in your
       education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without
       consent. One exception is that which permits disclosure to school officials with
       legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed by the University
       in an administrative, supervisory, academic, research, or support staff position
       (including Campus Public Safety personnel and health staff); a person or company with
       whom the University has contracted (such as an attorney, auditor, or collection agent); a
       person serving on the Board of Trustees; or a student serving on an official committee,
       such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in
       performing his or her tasks. A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the
       official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional
       4) File complaints with the Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the
       University of Washington Tacoma to comply with the requirements of FERPA. Written
       complaints should be directed to Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of
       Education, 400 Maryland Ave. SW, Washington, D.C. 20202-4605.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
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              Segment III Academic Life and Resources
  Academic Life and Resources: The following section will provide new
    students with information regarding Academic Life on campus;
         including Academic Program, Resources and Forms
Academic Programs:
Please visit for a list of UW Tacoma Academic

Applying to an Academic Program:
You are able to declare a major as soon as you have met the minimum credits required for the
major. You are expected to have declared a major by the time you have accumulated 105
credits, which is about one quarter into your junior year. Although everyone has to complete
general education requirements (English composition, Areas of Knowledge, etc.), it is not a
good idea to concentrate exclusively on general education requirements first and postpone
thinking about a major. Many majors require more than 50 credits to complete and some have
prerequisites. If you put off your decision too long, it may take more time than you anticipated
to complete your degree.

If you are not able to declare your intended major by the time you reach 105 credits, you must
make another choice or seek a "pre-major extension" from an adviser. Pre-major extensions are
usually granted if you have a reasonable chance of being accepted into your intended major.

How to declare a major:
Once you have met the admission requirements of your major, if any, you can declare the
major by:
       Downloading and completing the Request to Declare/Change Major form .
       Taking your completed Change of Major form to your current adviser or program office
       (if you are a pre-major, go to the General Education Center in Science 102). Your current
       program will sign the form and make a copy for their records.
       Take the signed form to your new adviser or program office for their approval.
       If you are declaring a competitive major, you will need to submit any supplemental
       forms or other required documents (see the links in the chart here) directly to the
       program office of your new major.
       You will be notified of your acceptance into the new major and your new adviser will
       forward the approved form to the Registrar's Office, where your major code will be
       If you are not accepted into your requested major, you may consult with an adviser or
       submit another form to declare a different major.

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Changing your major:
You can change your major at any time using this same process. You should meet with an
academic adviser first.

Declaring a double major or double degree:
Using the same process outlined above, you may complete the requirements of two majors as
either a double major or a double degree.
        If you complete the requirements of two majors and accumulate between 180 and 225
        credits, you will be awarded one bachelor's degree with two majors, called a "double
        If you complete the requirements of two majors and accumulate 225 credits (180 + 45),
        you will be awarded two bachelor's degrees, called a "double degree." You will receive
        two diplomas.
        If one of your majors is a B.A. and the other is a B.S, you must complete a double

Declaring a minor:
       A minor is an optional program of study (usually 25-35 credits) built around a particular
       subject or skill, for example, nonprofit management or museum studies. Minors can be
       helpful in two ways: You can focus your degree by choosing a minor related to your
       major or you can broaden your degree by taking an unrelated but complementary minor
       (for example, a business student taking a computing minor). Your minor will also show
       up on your transcripts.
       To successfully complete a minor, you must achieve a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade
       point average (GPA) for all courses involved in the minor. Your DARS report for your
       minor keeps track of this GPA, so please check it regularly.
       A minor can only be earned while working on your first undergraduate degree and all
       requirements must be completed before the degree is posted. The requirements for the
       minor must be complete at the time of graduation or the minor will be cancelled.
       You can declare a minor by using the same Request to Declare/Change Major form
       and submitting it to your current adviser. Minors do not have prerequisites and do not
       require any additional application materials.

     Registering for Classes: the following information will assist students with
             understanding how to register for classes through MyUW

Registering for UW Classes:
University of Washington Tacoma students register online using MyUW. Before you register
make sure you:
       Review the instructions below and note the registration periods.
       Talk with your program adviser before selecting your courses. Academic advising is
       highly recommended.

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       Obtain entry codes from the appropriate program office for any courses requiring entry
       Have all your registration information handy. You will need to know the schedule line
       number (SLN) for each course section. (SLNs change every quarter.) Prepare an
       alternate course list, in case some courses are full.
       Take care of all University financial obligations. The system will not permit you to
       register if there is a hold on your registration.

Remember, you must register for at least one class before the quarter begins or you will be
subject to a $25 late registration fee. Once you have initially registered, you can log in to MyUW
as often as you want to check the status of sections, have your confirmed schedule listed, add
or drop courses, or check your account balance. Details on registration policies and procedures
are here.

Using MyUW
Web registration is part of the Student Personal Services section on MyUW. You can access
MyUW directly at
To register for courses, click on Registration. Links to the Time Schedule are found under
Registration Resources. Clicking on one of these links opens another window. You can then
check the Time Schedule, toggle windows back to Registration,
When you are finished, click on Update Schedule. Your selections are scheduled only if all
sections are available and there are no restrictions that would prevent you from registering
(such as prerequisites). Messages will appear on the right side of the screen to alert you to any
problems. Make any necessary revisions and resubmit.
One of the many useful functions in MyUW is the ability to display your quarterly class schedule
in a calendar format. From Personal Services in MyUW, select Visual Schedule from the list of
services. Schedule Finder can help you build a schedule based on class and time preferences.

Other MyUW features
You can also log on to MyUW to:
       Find your current account balance
       Get a summary of disbursed financial aid and aid-check availability
       Determine if outside lender loan funds are available
       Get the latest recorded student account payment
       Apply for short-term loans
       Check your grades and print out unofficial transcripts. MyUW will list all officially
       recorded grades for the most recently completed quarter approximately one week after
       the end of final examinations.

Important Registration Information and Policies: For a complete list of UW Registration
Information and Policies, please click here -Registration Policies

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Registration Eligibility
       All students who remain in good standing and in compliance with other rules and
       regulations, with no outstanding financial obligations, are guaranteed the opportunity
       to register each quarter as long as they maintain continuous enrollment
       Once a student earns a baccalaureate degree, she or he must apply for readmission as a
       post-baccalaureate (fifth-year), nonmatriculated, or graduate student.
       You will not be eligible to register if you have an outstanding balance on your tuition
       and fee account; this includes parking fees and library fees. You must contact the
       Student Accounts Office at (206) 543-4694 and pay any fees due in order to register.

Quarter-off Eligibility
Undergraduate students:
Subject to college, school and departmental enrollment policies, undergraduate and
professional students who have completed a quarter at the University of Washington may take
the following quarter off and remain eligible to register in Registration Period I for the
subsequent quarter without reapplication as returning students.
Any quarter from which a student has completely withdrawn, or from which she or he is
canceled, does not constitute a completed quarter.

Graduate students
The quarter-off eligibility policy does not apply to graduate students. Graduate students who
do not maintain continuous enrollment (Summer Quarter exception) must file a Petition for
On-Leave Status.
Graduate students must submit an on-leave petition to their graduate program adviser no later
than the 10th calendar day of the quarter.
There is a $35 non-refundable fee that must be paid with the Petition for On-Leave Status.
Consult with your graduate program adviser for more information about the on-leave process.

Change-of-Registration Fee
Beginning the second week of the quarter, a $20 change-of-registration fee is assessed for any
number of add, drop, or change transactions (including change of grading option) made during
a given day. The $20 fee is a service charge, not a penalty, and is in addition to any change in
tuition or forfeiture as a result of adds, drops, or changes.
There is no charge for changes made during Registration Periods I, II, and III.

Credit Limitations
Undergraduates will be limited to 19 credits during Registration Periods I and II to allow all
students a chance to develop a basic schedule. Additional credits may be added during
Registration Period III and require the signature of your program adviser on an Add/Drop Form.
The limit is 30 credits per quarter.

Overload Guidelines
For reasons of public safety and instructional quality, course enrollment in each section will be
limited to the approved classroom capacity. Through the first week of the quarter, a student

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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may add a section without permission unless the class is full or requires permission; then an
entry code is required. After the first week, add codes are required to add any course. If a class
is full, permission of the faculty member and approval of the program administrator are
required. Submit a yellow Add/Drop Form with appropriate signatures to the Registrar in GWP
No course adds are accepted after the second week of the quarter.

Other Registration Information:

Independent Study Courses
If you are enrolling in independent study courses (usually numbered 499, 600, 700, or 800) you
will first need to obtain a faculty number from the instructor or program.

Registering at Other UW Campuses
       Undergraduate students who have completed at least 15 credits and freshmen, who
       have completed at least 25 credits at the Tacoma campus, are eligible to register for up
       to five credits per quarter at one of the other UW campuses during Registration Period
       Eligible students should meet with their adviser, complete an Add/Drop card with the
       signature of their adviser and take it to the Office of the Registrar to register.
       Undergraduate students are limited to a total of 45 credits through cross-campus
       registration. More information about cross-campus registration.

Registration Holds
If you have a hold on your registration, you will not be permitted to register or add courses until
the hold has been released by the initiating office.

Registration in Sequence Courses
Academic programs may establish a registration priority for students enrolled in sequence

Registration Tampering
A student who tampers or attempts to tamper with the registration records of another student,
including but not limited to dropping courses and adding courses, may be subject to disciplinary
sanctions as defined in the Student Conduct Code (WAC 478-120).

Time Conflict
You may not register for two courses that meet at the same time or for courses with
overlapping meeting times. If you want to add a course that conflicts with another, you must
add the second course, in person, at the Office of the Registrar. Students must obtain verbal
approval from both instructors to add a course that conflicts one hour a week or less; instructor
signatures are required for courses that conflict more than one hour per week.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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Class Attendance
The University of Washington Tacoma reserves the right to drop students who have not
attended class during the first week of the quarter to make space for other students waiting to
enroll. However, do not assume that you will automatically be dropped from a course if you do
not attend. If you are not going to attend a class, it is your responsibility to drop the course on
MyUW or you will be held responsible for the tuition and fees incurred. Students who are
registered for a course section but do not attend will be assigned a failing grade by the
instructor. You may not attend a course in which you have not been officially registered after
the first two weeks of the quarter.

Students who intend to audit a course must first register using MyUW, and then go in person to
the Office of the Registrar to elect the audit grade option. Students may select the audit option
through end of the second week of the quarter.

Full-time/Part-time Status
Undergraduate students registered for 12 or more credits are considered full-time students; 6-
11 credits establishes part-time status. The UW Graduate School requires graduate students to
be registered for 10 credits to be full-time and 5-9 credits for part-time status.

Credit/No Credit Courses
Some courses are offered on a credit/no credit (CR/NC) basis. It is not possible to register S/NS
to take these courses because the only grades assigned by the instructor are CR (Credit) or NC
(No Credit). Neither CR nor NC is included in the grade-point average. In cases of withdrawal a
"W" is recorded. "N" (No grade), "I," and "X" are recorded until the instructor reports the final
grade, or in cases of an Incomplete received by undergraduates, until the "I" is converted by the

I (Incomplete)
An Incomplete is given only when the student has been in attendance and has done satisfactory
work within two weeks of the end of the quarter and has furnished proof satisfactory to the
instructor that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond
the student's control.

For undergraduate students: To obtain credit for the course, a student must successfully
complete the work by the last day of the next quarter in residence. (Students should never re-
register for the course as a means of removing the Incomplete.) An Incomplete grade not made
up by the end of the next quarter will be converted to the grade 0.0 by the Registrar unless the
instructor has indicated, when assigning the Incomplete grade, that a grade other than 0.0
should be recorded if the Incomplete work is not completed. The original Incomplete grade is
not removed from the permanent record. An instructor may approve an extension of the
Incomplete removal deadline. Such an extension must be received, in writing, at the Grade
Recording Information Office, not later than the last day of the quarter following the quarter in
which the Incomplete grade is assigned. Extensions, which may be granted for up to three

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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additional quarters, must be received before the Incomplete has been converted into a failing
grade. In no case can an Incomplete received by an undergraduate be converted to a passing
grade after a lapse of one year.

For graduate students: To obtain credit for the course, a student must successfully complete
the work and the instructor must submit a grade. In no case may an Incomplete be converted
into a passing grade after a lapse of two years or more. An incomplete received by the graduate
student does not automatically convert to a grade of 0.0 but the "I" will remain as a permanent
part of the student's record.

Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory
        Students may elect to take certain courses on a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS)
        basis. This option is open to students in good academic standing only (i.e., not on
        academic warning or probation). Advisers should be consulted, and in no case are
        undergraduate students allowed to register for more than six credits (or for a course
        offered for more than six credits) on a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory basis in a given
        For undergraduates, a course in which an "S" is earned may not be used to satisfy any
        Program, College, or University requirement, however the credits may be applied to the
        minimum of 180 credits required for graduation. Each instructor will report
        conventional grades to the Registrar, who will convert satisfactory grades (2.0 or
        greater) to "S" and unsatisfactory grades (less than 2.0) to "NS" for the student's
        transcript. A grade of "NS" does not count in the GPA and does not carry any credit
        value. No more than 25 S/NS credits will apply to an undergraduate degree.
        Graduate students earning grades of 2.7 or above receive a grade of "S" (Satisfactory),
        while 2.6 or below is recorded as "NS" (Not Satisfactory). With the approval of his or her
        Graduate Program Adviser or Supervisory Committee Chair, a graduate student may
        elect to take any course for which he or she is eligible outside of his or her major
        academic unit on an S/NS basis.
        In cases of withdrawal, the "W" is recorded. Neither "S" nor "NS" is included in the
        grade-point average.

Withdrawing for the Quarter
      Students who drop their last course and do not add a course will be considered
      withdrawn for the quarter. Students who drop their last course on the system will be
      charged the $20 change fee beginning the eighth calendar day of the quarter.
      Complete Withdrawal for the Quarter
      (Dropping all courses for the quarter)
      It is your responsibility to withdraw from your courses if you will not be able to attend
      this quarter. You may withdraw from all of your classes through the last day of
      Beginning the second week of the quarter, you will be charged the $20 change fee if
      you drop your last class. Complete withdrawal cannot be done on MyUW after the first

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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       week of the quarter. Withdrawal paperwork, including the signature of your program
       adviser, must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar located in GWP 102.
       From the 8th to 30th calendar day of the quarter: One half of tuition is due if
       withdrawing from the quarter.
       After the 30th calendar day: Full tuition is due if withdrawing from the quarter or if a
       course drop results in lower tuition.
       Tuition owed is based on the date the complete withdrawal paperwork is received in the
       Office of the Registrar, the date the last course is dropped using the registration system,
       or the postmark date (if received by mail).
       If you drop your last course on MyUW and do not add a course, you will be considered
       withdrawn for the quarter.
       Courses dropped as part of a complete withdrawal from the University during the first
       two weeks of a quarter are not recorded on the student's UW transcript; however, the
       date of the complete withdrawal is recorded.
       New students who withdraw before the first day of a quarter must reapply through the
       Office of Enrollment Services. Continuing students who withdraw during the first week
       of two consecutive quarters (Summer Quarter exception) will not be eligible to register
       as continuing students for the third quarter. Such students must complete the
       Returning Former Student Application and will be required to pay the $50 application
       fee. For example, a student who withdraws during the first weeks of Autumn Quarter
       and Winter Quarter must apply as a returning student for Spring Quarter.
       The forfeiture schedule is as follows:
           Students withdrawing before the eighth calendar day of the quarter do not pay
           Students withdrawing on the eighth calendar day through the 30th calendar day
           continue to owe one half of their tuition.
           Students withdrawing after the 30th calendar day continue to owe full tuition.
           Students, who drop classes on the eighth through the 30th calendar day of the
           quarter, resulting in lower tuition, will owe one half of the tuition associated with
           the reduced credit hours.

Hardship Withdrawal
Guidelines - In addition to your signed statement, adequate supporting documentation must
accompany your petition. Content of the written documentation must include pertinent dates
as well as specifics of your situation. Documentation of a generalized nature will not be
adequate support of your petition. Supporting documentation must be from a licensed
professional and submitted on letterhead. Letters of support from aides, athletic trainers,
secretaries, etc., are not acceptable.
    1. If you have been ill, submit a statement from your doctor or a completed Health Care
        Provider form.
    2. If your work hours have changed, submit a detailed statement from your employer on
        company letterhead.
    3. If there has been a death, a death certificate is required. In lieu of death certificate, an
        obituary that lists you as a family member will suffice.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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   4. Submit the completed petition with documentation to the Office of the Registrar.
   5. Only under rare circumstances will a petition be considered after the close of the
      quarter in which the withdrawal is being petitioned. Be certain your documentation
      strongly supports this request.
   6. Registration problems are not considered grounds for a hardship withdrawal petition.
   7. The Registrar reviews petitions and you will be notified of the decision.
   8. If your petition is granted, the Registrar will automatically update your registration
      record and a $20 change-of-registration fee will be added to your student account.
   9. If you have graduated, hardship withdrawals will not be granted for coursework which
      applies to an earned degree.

Withdrawal for Military Service
If you are conscripted into the Armed Forces or called to active military duty during a quarter in
which you are registered, you may either request to be withdrawn or request to receive credit
or grades. Note: the Military Withdrawal Policy does not apply to students who voluntarily
If you withdraw before the end of the 7th week of the quarter
If you request to be withdrawn before the end of the 7th week of the quarter you may receive
a full refund, if tuition and fees have been paid. You do not have the option of receiving credit
or grades when withdrawing before the end of the 7th week of the quarter. You may send a
letter requesting a military withdrawal or go to the Registration Office to fill out a withdrawal
card. A copy of your military orders must accompany any withdrawal for reason of military
If you withdraw after the end of the 7th week of the quarter
If you withdraw after the end of the 7th week of the quarter, you may elect to use the above
procedure and withdraw without earning credit but getting a full refund or you may elect to
receive credit and grades. If you choose to receive credit you may not receive a refund.
If you elect to receive credit or grades, you must send a letter requesting a military withdrawal
or fill out a withdrawal card. In either instance, you must attach a copy of your military orders.
The Graduation and Academic Records Office will contact each of your instructors requesting
grades. You may elect to have numeric grades recorded as by the instructor, or to have them
recorded as CR/NC (credit or no credit).
The student must contact the Registration Office to request withdrawal.

Returning from Military Leave
You may apply to return using the Returning Student Re-enrollment Application available in the
Registration Office. The returning student application fee will be waived. Registration will be
permitted beginning Registration Period I.

The Library - [including the UW Libraries]:
UW Tacoma Library – Our library is part of the University Libraries serving the University of
Washington campuses at Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma. The immediate benefit of this
relationship to you is access to the entirety of the collections and services of one of the largest
academic research libraries in the United States.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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Click here for the -Library Student Checklist

              Connect to UW Libraries' real-time, online reference service
              Q&A Live is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At times,
              you may be chatting with a librarian from another academic library or the
              national 24/7 Reference cooperative service.

              Autumn/Winter Interim
              December 19 - January 3
              Closed: December 25 & January 1
              Library and Reference Desk Hours
                          Monday - Friday                   9am - 5pm
                          Saturday - Sunday                 Closed
             General Information                                 Reference
             (253) 692-4440                                      (253) 692-4442
             General Information                                 Reference
             Reserves                                            Library Media Collection
             UW Tacoma Library                                   Staff Email & Phone list
             1900 Commerce St.                                   Staff Directory
             Box 358460
             Tacoma, WA 98402

The Teaching and Learning Center:
The TLC uses a cooperative, collaborative model for working with clients. The sessions are
tailored to meet the needs of each individual or group who comes through our doors for
We provide:
        One-on-one conferences with a writing consultant for 25 or 50 minutes
        Online writing consultations
        Drop-in consultations for math & writing
We provide:
        Objective feedback on drafts
        Assistance with writing styles such as MLA, APA, IEEE, ASE and AP
        Help with developing successful writing strategies
        Idea development
        Tools and resources
We provide:
        Techniques for approaching large amounts of reading

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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        Aid in deciphering order and syntax
        Strategies for working with difficult text
        Methods for finding meaning
        Help with style and documentation
        Advice on reading charts, graphs, figures, tables, illustrations, and captions
        Tools and resources
Public Speaking
We provide:
        Objective feedback on individual and group presentations
        Help with style and documentation
        Guidance on public speaking criteria and methods
        Aid in translating a paper or research into an effective presentation
        Advice on using visual aids; PowerPoint and other media or computer applications
Math & Statistics
We provide:
        Review of mathematical knowledge that is expected from students coming to UWT
        Help with courses at UWT in mathematics, statistics & science
        Support in using math & stats software and calculators
        Help with how to study math and statistics
Learning Strategies
We provide:
        Exam preparation techniques (in-class & take home)
        Note-taking tips
        Outlining methods
        Help with brainstorming key words for search strategies
        Self evaluation tools for time management
        Study group guidance
        Facilitation guidance for group work
        Active listening training

UW Tacoma Computer Services & Academic Technologies:
Open Labs
Unless otherwise specified, Computer Services purchases, installs and maintains all computers,
printers, and computer related equipment in the following labs.
WG 108
       Lab is in WG-108
       Phone: (253) 692-5611
       Find WG 108
CP 005
       Lab is in CP 005
       Also home to the Multimedia Lab
       Phone: (253) 692-HELP (4357)
       Find CP 005

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
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Computer Classrooms:
CP 105
CP 105 has 9 student computers and 1 instructor computer.
CP 109
CP 109 has 16 student computers and 1 instructor computer.
WG 210
WG 210 has 24 student computers and 1 instructor computer.
WG 320
(Language Lab)
WG 320 has 22 student computers and 1 instructor computer.
Dougan 101
Dougan 101 has 42 student computers and 1 instructor computer.
Science 109
Science 109 has 33 student computers and 1 instructor computer.
Science 111
Science 111 has 57 student computers and 1 instructor computer.

Blackboard is web courseware which can be used to create online content and add online
interaction and collaboration to a course. Students can use Blackboard to find course
information and interact online. Academic Technologies (AT) provides Blackboard support, and
training for UWT.

Click here to create a -Blackboard Account
Click here to -Enroll in a Course
Or view Blackboard Tutorial

Media Services:
Media Services is a division of Information Technology. Our role is to provide classroom and
event technology, and infrastructure of audio/video systems to enhance classroom teaching,
student learning, and presentations of administrative and business events at the University of
Washington Tacoma.

UWT Media Services provides:
     Campus-wide media Classroom Equipment & Support.
     Event Support requiring media equipment.
     Media Equipment Checkout for current UWT Students, Faculty and Staff.
     Various on-campus venues and Video Conferencing support.

Additional Media Services Equipment:
       Boomboxes (CD, Cassette, AM/FM Radio)
       Digital Cameras

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
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       DVD Players
       Laserdisc Players
       Lighting Kits
       Slide projectors
       "Smart Carts" (Laptop & Data Projector carts)
       Tape Recorders
       Video Cameras - mini DV or VHS

Student Abroad and International Programs:
International Programs is the office that implements and coordinates all UWT international
travel courses and exchange programs. We work with UWT faculty to develop and implement
study-abroad courses and provide guidance and assistance to students participating in those
Study-Abroad Enrollment Form
This paperwork is required of all students accepted to a study-abroad program.
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’S] regarding International Programs & Study Abroad

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
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                     Segment IV Campus Resources
  Campus Resources: in addition to the academic resources offered to
  students, UW Tacoma offers a plethora of campus resources that are
    crucial to student success. The following section will outline these
                        resources and information.
Campus Safety and Security:
The Campus Safety and Security Office is located in the Dougan Building, Suite 180. We operate
24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to provide a safe and secure educational
environment for the UW Tacoma community.

253-692-4888 or #333 from a campus phone
In the event of immediate danger, dial 9-1-1

UW Alert System:
UW Tacoma has a system to immediately notify students and employees about emergencies
that affect normal campus operations with a text message to the cell phones of those who sign
up in advance. Notices will simultaneously be placed on Web pages and sent by e-mail. In
addition to emergency or crisis situations, the system will provide information about
suspensions or delays in campus operations due to inclement weather.

West Coast Grocery:
Located in WCG 113, the West Coast Grocery is UW Tacoma’s convenient store. The store
accepts Visa/MasterCard/Husky Cards, and cash. For quick shopping, consider using your Husky
Card and make your shopping both convenient and a breeze! (By the way, is your Husky Card
balance low? You can add funds by accessing your account from your MyUW home page in the
"Housing and Food Services" section!)

CoCo Bob’s:
Located on the first floor of the Mattress Factory Building, CoCo Bob’s is a café that offers food
and beverages and a full-service espresso bar. They also serve soups, salads, fresh sandwiches,
pizza, muffins, bagels, breakfast, fresh fruits and veggie trays.

Alumni Association:
UW Tacoma, the Alumni Relations office and UW Alumni Association work together to engage
alumni as active members of the campus community.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                         Page: 30

Copy Center:
UW Tacoma operates the Copy & Mail Center as a service to students, faculty and staff. In
addition to our standard services, the Copy & Mail Center also produces and sells Course Packs.

Printing on Campus:
Printing Costs in the Lab
All print jobs are 12 cents per page, single sided and 23 cents per page double sided. You can
use either your Husky Card or Dawg-Prints Card for printing on campus.

Printing in the Library:
Photocopy charges are $0.12 1/2 with a copy card or $0.15 cash. Printing from campus
computers and microfilm scanning machines costs $0.12 per page single sided and $0.23 per
page double sided.

Husky Cards & "Dawg Prints" Cards
Faculty, staff and students can now use their Husky Card to pay for copies and printing. To add
value to your Husky Card online, go to An add value
station is also available in the library.

As an alternative to using a Husky Card, "Dawg Prints" Cards can be purchased at the UW
Tacoma Library and computer labs in $1 increments. A cost of $0.20 is deducted from the value
so the total value on a $3 card would be $2.80.
Saving to disks, memory sticks, and emailing are also options from many electronic sources.

Printing in the Teaching and Learning Center:
Printing Options
       Students may print at the free station located in the TLC. Students must provide their
       own paper for the free printer.
       Students may also print (for a charge) from Key 202 (any computer station) to any of the
       computer labs on campus, to the copy center, and to the library using the Pharos
       Students may download their work to a flash drive or send their work to themselves via
       Students may also print at the free stations in the WCG atrium. Students must provide
       their own paper for the free printers.

Student Health and Wellness:
Student Health Insurance - Important Information about Enrollment Dates and Payment of
Insurance Plans!
       Open enrollment for student insurance programs occurs during the first 7 calendar days
       of each quarter.

Health & Wellness Education & Promotion - As part of Student Health and Wellness in Student
Affairs, the Education and Promotion service provides current information and resources on
UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                           Page: 31

many different aspects of health and promotes awareness of healthy behaviors and attitudes
that can positively affect your health.

Student Counseling Center - The Student Counseling Center is an on-campus resource that
provides counseling to the students at UW Tacoma. They provide short-term, problem-focused
counseling, aimed at building better skills and exploring alternative ways of coping. The Student
Counseling Center provides individual, couple, and group counseling, educational workshops
and classroom presentations, support groups, consultation with students, faculty, and staff, and
referrals, when appropriate, to community mental health and social service providers.
        Fees: The Student Counseling Center is free to all UW Tacoma students, students may
        receive up to 12 sessions.

Disability Support Services:
        Disability Support Services (DSS) functions as the focal point for coordination of services
        for students with disabilities. In compliance with Title II or the Americans with
        Disabilities Act, any enrolled student at UW Tacoma who has an appropriately
        documented physical, emotional, or mental disability that substantially limits one or
        more major life activities [including walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing,
        learning and working], is eligible for services from DSS.

Student Services:
Career Development and Education:
Career Development and Education assists undergraduate and graduate students and alumni in
developing, evaluating, and implementing career and educational decisions. Our staff is here to
support students' endeavors toward a rewarding college experience and successful professional
growth beyond UW Tacoma.

The staff in Career Development & Education can assist with the following:
       Choosing a major
       Internship resources
       Networking Strategies
       Job search process
       Interviewing skills
       Resume/cover letter critique
       Choosing/applying to graduate school

Childcare Assistance:
The Childcare Assistance Program (CAP) provides childcare assistance to qualifying students
with financial need. The CAP provides vouchers to UW Tacoma low income and economically
disenfranchised students with children, who continue to have unmet financial need even after
the maximum amount of financial aid has been awarded.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                        Page: 32

The CAP awards childcare vouchers at $400.00 per quarter for full-time enrolled students and
$200.00 per quarter for part-time enrolled students during the academic year - fall, winter, and
spring quarters only. Undergraduate and Graduate students are eligible to participate.

Student Housing [on-&off-campus]:
The Office of Campus Housing provides resources and information about living on and off
campus at the University of Washington Tacoma. The on-campus housing program houses a
small number of students in Court 17 Apartments. Off-campus housing listings as well as
resources about obtaining off-campus living options are also available.
       On-Campus Housing @ Court 17
       Off-Campus Housing Resources
       Off-Campus Housing Listings

Welcome Week:
Welcome Week occurs every autumn, winter and spring quarter. It is an opportunity for new
and current students to attend workshops and events about resources and opportunities at UW
Tacoma. Download a copy of the complete schedule today: 2010 Winter Welcome Week

Office of Parent & Family Affairs:
The Office of Parent and Family Affairs (OFPA) at UW Tacoma is committed to providing
support and resources to the parents, guardians, significant-others and support-persons of our
students, through consistent communication, effective and relevant workshops, and on-campus

New Student Orientation:
New Student Orientation at UW Tacoma is a necessary program tailored specifically for newly
admitted freshmen, transfer and graduate students. NSO provides a brief introduction to the
multitude of campus and community resources available to UW Tacoma students.

Student Services’ Peer Advisers:
Peer Advisers (PAs) are a group of current UW Tacoma students who serve as peer mentors
and advisers to other current UW Tacoma Students. They are responsible for:

       Working directly with the freshmen in First-Year Core Classes to assist them with their
       transition into college
       Assisting freshmen on an academic and social basis, and provide them with resources
       and contacts that will enhance their First-Year Experience at UW Tacoma
       Serving as Orientation Leaders for Autumn, Winter, and Spring New Student Orientation

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                        Page: 33

                        Segment V Campus Life
      Campus Life: college is not just about going to class; student
 involvement and leadership opportunities are also an important to the
    UW Tacoma experience. The following section will outline those
Student Involvement:
Department of Student Involvement supports students by providing opportunities for them to
grow as leaders. As a department within Student Affairs, our hope is that every student on
campus is given an opportunity to get involved with their campus community. No matter who
you are, where you come from, your background, we hope that Student Involvement can be a
place where you can learn more about yourself and others in a fun and engaging environment!

Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma (ASUWT): UW Tacoma’s official
Student Government
We, the associated students of the University of Washington, Tacoma, in order to provide
student representation, advocacy, and involvement, pledge to:
       Represent and promote student interests, needs, and welfare within the university
       community through committee representation and administrative level interactions;
       Provide for the expression of student opinion and interests to the community at large
       through community involvement;
       Assist the University in providing physical and social environments that are student

Student Activities Board (SAB):
SAB is a student led organization responsible for planning, hosting, and sponsoring a wide
variety of cultural, entertainment, and social issue events during the academic year.

About Volunteer Services:
Volunteer Services provides students with opportunities to get involved in the community.
Through volunteering, students will be able to build relationships with members of the
community and strengthen their commitment to serving others.

Student in Service (SIS):
Students in Service offer each student the opportunity to choose one of three terms of service.
Upon successful completion of a term of service, students are eligible for an Education Award,
which can be applied towards outstanding student loans or the Cost of Attendance (tuition) at a
college or university. The Education Award amount varies, depending on the term of service:
        300 Hour Term of Service = $ 1,000.00 Education Award (scholarship)
        450 Hour Term of Service = $ 1,250.00 Education Award (scholarship)
        900 Hour Term of Service = $ 2,362.50 Education Award (scholarship)

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                          Page: 34

Recreation & Fitness
The University of Washington Tacoma's Recreation & Fitness Program is comprised of the
Longshoremen's Hall Recreation Center and the Campus Fitness Center.
      The Longshoremen's Hall is a recreation center which features a spacious and
      comfortable collaborative learning space, a huge event and recreation area, a gaming
      center, outdoor recreation courts, and an on-line gaming room.
      The Campus Fitness Center is an exercise facility which features a variety of cardio
      equipment, weights, and other fitness equipment.

At Student Involvement, we believe everyone has the potential to be a leader. Whether, that is
leading a student organization, participating in community service, or actively participating in
classes. Student Involvement provides ways for you to learn more about yourself and your
potential as a leader at UW Tacoma.

Registered Student Organizations
Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are independent entities that are initiated and
governed by students. RSOs are also commonly referred to as Student Clubs.

How to Join a RSO:
Attend Husky Hangout, which provides opportunities for RSOs at UWT to promote themselves,
recruit new members, and network with other student organizations in a fun and relaxed

How to Start a RSO:
Step 1: Join up with 4 other UW Tacoma students who will serve as the leadership in your new
Step 2: Find a full-time UW Tacoma faculty or staff member willing to serve as your adviser.
Step 3: Write a constitution for your Student Organization
Step 4: Fill out the registration paperwork and submit the packet to Student Involvement (MAT
Step 5: Sign-up for and attend an RSO Orientation Session
Step 6: Receive confirmation from Student Involvement that your organization is granted

List of Active RSOs [as of 09/30/09]:
        American Civil Liberties
                                               Accounting Student           Asian Pacific Islander
        Union Student Chapter
                                                Association (ASA)         Student Union (APISU)
        Association of Computing              Association of Future                Black Student
        Machinery (ACM)                          Leaders (AFL)                      Union (BSU)
        Campus Crusade for Christ            Court 17 Programming
        (CRU)                                     Committee

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                      Page: 35

                                           Global Business Society
       Finance Society                                                        Grey Hat Group
                                                                         International Student
       Hip-Hop Dance Crew Club                 HOPE Network
       Korean American
                                               Latino Student
       International Student                                                Marketing Society
                                              Organization (LSO)
       Team (KAIST)
                                              Native American
       Muslim Student
                                            Student Organization              Pre-Law Society
       Association (MSA)
                                                                       Queer-Straight Alliance
       Project Earth                           Psychology Club
                                          Student Social Work
       Soccer Club                                                     Teachers of Tomorrow
                                         Organization (SSWO)
                                    Women in Computing Science
       Walking Club

Student Publications:
The Ledger
The Ledger is the independent student newspaper of University of Washington Tacoma. That
means it's run by students and written for students. A new edition is published every other
week, filled with news, events, arts, entertainment, sports, photos and opinions.
For more information, contact us via email at or in the Mattress
Factory building (MAT 151).

Tahoma West
Tahoma West is a national award winning literary arts magazine based at UW Tacoma that is
dedicated to developing and promoting the arts by providing students, alumni, staff, and
faculty a means of publishing their work.

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010
                                                                                      Page: 36

                             What you should do next:
   Thank you for reviewing the UW Tacoma Online-New Student Orientation Presentation.
   Click here  Online Orientation for a PDF Version of the information you just viewed.

       1. Go to the Online New Student Orientation Survey; you will need your UW
          NETID for access.
       2. During the Online-NSO Survey, you will be given your Academic Program and Adviser
          Contact Information; please print this is information out for your records.
       3. Once you complete the Orientation Survey, review your answers, press “Submit
          Responses” and print out your confirmation page.
       4. Please bring in your Online New Student Orientation Survey Confirmation Page
          and/or your Confirmation Number to receive your New Student Orientation

   If you have any questions, or have trouble accessing the Online New Student Orientation
   Survey, please contact the Department of Student Services at 253-692-4421 or

   The first week of each quarter, UW Tacoma offers Welcome Week; a series of workshops
   and events that will assist students with understanding how UW Tacoma operates, making
   new friends and peer groups, and learning about the multitude of resources available to
   UW Tacoma community members.

            Visit for more information.

                     Don’t Forget, Winter Quarter Begin JANUARY 4, 2010.

                              WELCOME TO THE HUSKY FAMILY!!!

UW Tacoma Online-Orientation
New Student Orientation; Updated1/2/2010

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