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									Napa                                                                               Summer 2011


                                              Adelante .................................................. 55
                                              Arts and Crafts........................................ 56
  Center for Hospitality,                     Basic Education...................................... 55
  Culinary, and Wine Industry                 Business Start Up Training.................... 48
                                              Computer On-line classes ..................... 54
  Center for Business and                     CPR & First Aid ....................................... 53
  Entrepreneurship                            Dance ....................................................... 60
                                              English as a Second Language (ESL) .. 55
  General Business Classes                    Feldenkrais.............................................. 62
  Personal Interest Classes                   Food and Wine Enthusiast Program..... 44
                                              Hospitality ............................................... 49
  Recreational Classes                        International Trade ................................. 50
                                              Kayaking.................................................. 62
                                              Kids classes ............................................ 61
Visit our website at:                         Language................................................. 58
                                              Marketing................................................. 51
                                              Music ....................................................... 61
                                              Notary ...................................................... 52
Community Education and Upper                 Off Campus Locations ........................... 65
Valley Campus Staff:                          Photography ........................................... 59
Christina Rivera, Interim Director            Physical Education................................. 62
Barbara Alexander, Executive Chef,            Registration Form................................... 67
Napa Valley Cooking School                    Registration Information ........................ 66
                                              Senior Seminar ....................................... 59
Laura Lee, Chef Instructor, Napa Valley
                                              Small Business Development Center ... 50
Cooking School
                                              Special Classes for Special People ...... 64
Ann Counihan, Administrative Assistant        Trip and Tours ......................................... 63
Charlotte Morgan, Community Education         Writing ..................................................... 60
Technician                                    Youth Entrepreneur Program ................ 48
Susie Moore, Staff Secretary
                                          Napa Valley College, Upper Valley Campus | 707-967-2901
                                               Summer hours: 8am-7pm, Monday –Thursday
                       Hospitality, Culinary and Wine

                                            Napa Valley Cooking School
                               Located in the heart of the California’s Wine Country, the Napa Valley Cooking School offers high
                               quality, intensive training for aspiring chefs. The goal of the program is to provide each student with
                               hands-on, quality, culinary and pastry skills required for a career in a fine-dining establishment. The
                               disciplined and professional learning environment, availability of global externships, low student
                               teacher ratio and focus on sustainability make the Napa Valley Cooking School unique. Located in one
                               the country’s top tourist destinations, the program provides students with access to the Napa Valley’s
                               well-known chefs, winemakers, and artisan producers through community involvement.

                               Call us today to get information on how to begin your culinary career, right here in wine country!
                               (707) 967-2930

                                     Food and Wine Enthusiast Program
Chef Barbara Alexander
Chef Barbara Alexander, Executive Chef of the Napa Valley Cooking School, comes from a long background of restaurants and
Cooking Schools. She has headed the culinary programs at the Napa Valley Cooking School for the last 10 years, expanding the
culinary offerings considerably and is most proud of the wonderful variety of culinary experts that make up the faculty of the Food En-
thusiast Program. Prior to her directorship at the Napa Valley Cooking School, Chef Barbara was an instructor at the Culinary Institute
of America at Greystone, and instructed for five years at the acclaimed Dubrulle Culinary Institute of Canada, after returning from a
seven-year stint in award winning hotels and restaurants in Australia and England.

Bread 101                                                              Main Course Summer Salads
Even with all the great bread available in the Napa Valley, there      Finally the long cold winter is over and the long awaited beauti-
is little more satisfying than the smell bread from your own oven      ful Napa Valley summer is upon us with long hot days, marvel-
and the meditative feeling of shaping the dough with your hands.       ous produce and lots of outdoor eating. This class is tailored to
A brief discussion of flour, yeasts and the science involved in        simple cooking with the very best of local products, seasonal
“the rise” and we will be on our way to making some great tast-        ingredients and earthy flavors of Californian Cuisine. These
ing organic loaves. On the Friday evening we will be hands on in       salads make perfect appetizers or main courses and are great
the dough, making doughs for an overnight “retard” to increase         for entertaining or just a simple home cooked meal. A dazzling
the flavor and dough development. Saturday morning, we will            array of salads: A Chef’s Warm Potato Salad with Prosciutto;
learn the art of shaping, scoring and baking. By the end of the        Artichoke Caponata with Grilled Prawns and Lemon Fritters;
class you will be making Caramelized Onion and Jack Cheese             Moroccan Poached Chicken Salad with Chickpeas and Roasted
Sourdough Boule, Rustic Ciabatta, Olive Oil Focaccia, Chef B’s         Peppers; Avocado and Grapefruit Salad with Dungeness Crab
Famous Buttermilk Potato Rolls and a simple No Knead Bread             Cake; Niçoise Salad with Tuna Confit; and Garden Lettuces
all with confidence. A light supper will be served Friday night–       with Torn Croutons, Sweet 100 Tomatoes, Poached Eggs, Bacon
Please bring a large paper or cloth bag to transport your loaves       Lardons and Green Goddess Dressing will change the way you
and note the early start time on Saturday morning!                     look at the salad as a main course.
Hands-On                                                               Hands-On
#62034        Jun 10 and 11                                            #62035       Jul 20
$95           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen                              $75          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
              Fri, 6-8pm,                                                           Wed, 6-9:30pm, Alexander
              Sat, 8 am -11 am, Alexander

44                                  | Not-for-Credit Classes
                          Hospitality, Culinary and Wine

In response to the seafood fanatics, who have taken the ever-popular Crab-Mania! Here’s a fun new class that will provide you with
lots of new, easy and exotically flavored recipes for the much loved shrimp. We will be working with only the best fresh shrimp
including Hopper Shrimp, White Gulf Prawns, and local Rock and Bay Shrimp, to create a delicious meal. Salt and Pepper Wok
Fried Shrimp; Grilled Shrimp on Sugar Cane with Spicy Dipping Sauce; Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Tomato Chutney; Grilled
Shrimp Cocktail with Mango and Chipotle Salsa; Corn Chowder with Spicy Shrimp Salad; and Rigatoni with Rock Shrimp Pesto
and Cherry Tomatoes. Always popular in the summer months Shrimp is great for entertaining.
#62036       Aug 9
$95          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
             Tue, 6-9:30pm, Alexander

Chef Adam Busby, Certified Master Chef
Chef Adam Busby, CMC, launched into his long culinary career in the revered kitchens of Michelin Star Restaurant Des Gourmets in
Dijon, Burgundy and Jacques Cagna in Paris. After working with some of France’s top chefs he returned to his native Canada to open
his own award winning and internationally acclaimed restaurant, Star Anise. Chef Adam is the Director of Education and Executive
Chef of the talented team of instructors at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. In January 2004 Chef Adam received the
honor of Certified Master Chef…one of only 61 in America!

Rib Mania–back by popular demand!                                     raised Lamb, grind 4 pounds of lamb shoulder for awesome
Summer is definitely upon us when we start thinking of Ribs!          lamb burgers, cut tasty steaks from Storm Hill and Niman Ranch
It’s time to break away from your old rib recipe that you have        ½ Rib Eye (6+pounds), and ½ New York Strip (5+ pounds)as
been dusting off every summer...and this class is just in time to     well as grind 5# house-aged natural chuck for burgers. Here’s
shake up summer grilling!! Chef Adam will guide you through           the get to take it all home with you! All fresh,
a variety of Dry Rubs, Spice Shakes, Mop Sauces, and Finish-          premium farm raised meats, cut and packaged for your freezer.
ing Glazes on a variety of Ribs that span from Latin America          You’ll go home with over $450.00 of custom cut meats–-the
and Asia to right here in our own backyards! Along with some          class is essentially FREE. This class is sure to become a regular
great salads, sides, relishes and condiments you will leave with      at the Napa Valley Cooking School and we are proud to offer it
lots of great new recipes to give your barbeque a good summer         at this sensational price as an introductory offer! We’ll finish the
workout!                                                              evening with a light supper. Make sure to bring something to
                                                                      carry all your meat home–a cooler is a great idea!
#62037        Jun 9                                                   Hands-On
$75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen                             #62038        Jul 21
              Thu, 6-9:30pm, Busby                                    $450          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
                                                                                    Thu, 6-9:30pm, Busby
Just Say No to Feedlot Meat!!!
Be your own butcher and stock your freezer with all Natural-          Summer “Cooking” in the Raw
Beef, Pork and Lamb–no hormones, antibiotics or feedlot ani-          Ahhh the heat of summer, entertaining outside and thinking of
mals! Have you read the Omnivore’s Dilemma, watched Food              cool , low-cal, lighter items packed with flavor that are simple to
Inc. or are just plain sick of the way we are raising livestock       prepare for your next dinner party that are sure to be a hit with
in this country? Do you shudder at grocery store prices, and          your guests. Tonight, everything is “RAW!” From a delicious
wonder where you can buy quality, natural, pasture raised meat        Seared Organic Beef Carpaccio with Salsa Verde; to a Trio of
that actually is raised by a farmer rather with your health and       Tunas-(Tartare, Poke, and “New Style” Sashimi); Exotic Tahi-
well being in mind? Well, this class is for you. Perfect for your     tian Poisson Cru (Coconut and Lime Lace Fish and Shellfish),
summer grilling, you will spend the evening with Chef Adam            Playa Blanca Ceviche; Paper Thin Vegetable “Carpaccios” low
and not only learn the basic butchery skills to break down pork,      in calories, high in flavor–you will have a whole new repertoire
lamb and beef, but go home with a cooler full of high quality,        from Master Chef Adam Busby, of new items for your next
naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat. At the Napa       summer menu.
Valley Cooking School we source only the finest quality meat          Hands-On
from our supplier Preferred Meats who supply Michelin quality         #62039        Aug 18
restaurants in the Bay Area. Tonight, you will butcher a whole        $75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
rack of Beeler Farms Natural Pork into delicious bone in and                        Thu, 6-9:30pm, Busby
boneless chops, French 2 Racks of Martin Emigh Dixon pasture

                                          (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                       45
                        Hospitality, Culinary and Wine

Blade Master
Preparing great food begins with a sharp knife and solid hand skills. None of us are born with great knife skills, but a good teacher
can get you on the road to professional results! Knives are the tools of the trade, and it’s important to know how to use them
correctly. We begin the class with a brief discussion of knife types, what to look for when purchasing, sharpening stones, how to
sharpen, and honing with the steel. Next, we all work in the kitchen under the watchful eye of Chef Adam to ensure proper hand
movements while learning various important vegetable cuts that every serious food enthusiast should know. Spend a few hours with
Chef Adam and let a professional show you the tricks of the trade. This is a great class to take in conjunction with “Making of the
Home Chef,” coming this Fall.
#62040      Aug 31
$75         Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
            Wed, 6-9:30pm, Busby

Chef Laura Lee
Chef Laura Lee comes to the Napa Valley Cooking School bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from The Plaza
Café in Carmel-By-The-Sea to her own catering business, two restaurants, a thriving restaurant consulting business, instructor and
curriculum developer for The Home Chef Cooking School, winery chef at both Simi and Signorello Vineyards, and Artisan Cheese
promoter with Tomales Bay Foods. Following her true passion for teaching, Chef Laura’s infectious enthusiasm for everything food
as well as her “stage” presence has fortuitously brought her to the Napa Valley Cooking School as a full-time instructor in the Profes-
sional Culinary Program.

Ultimate Burgers
Are you a person who roams culinary cities looking for the Ultimate Burger? Do you seek the truth while devouring a big, juicy,
perfectly balanced hamburger, cooked to perfection and served on a handmade roll—and know it is one of the best culinary joys?
Come and spend the evening with our resident Burger Fanatic who will give you all the tips needed for achieving Burger Nirvana. If
you are interested in fine-tuning your cooking skills, getting some excellent recipes and sharing some time with like minded burger
addicts, then this is the class for you! Tonight’s repertoire will include: The Ultimate Beef Burger on a Hand-crafted Sesame Bun
with Special Burger Sauce; Turkey Shiitake Burger with Caramelized Onions and Gruyere; Moroccan Lamb Burger with Oven
Roasted Tomatoes, Feta, and Olive Tapenade; Smoked Salmon Burger with Arugula, Pickled Onions and Preserved Lemon Aioli and
a Bacon Studded Buffalo Burger with Blue Cheese and Horseradish Sauce.
#61640 June 4th
$75       Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
          Saturday, 10:30-2 pm, Lee
American Regional BBQ                                                    Grills Gone Wild
In this comprehensive, day long, outdoor cooking class, Chef             Spice up your backyard grill repertoire with recipes that are
Laura Lee will teach you the skills and techniques required              loaded with “wow factor”. This time our Mistress of the grill,
to perfect the art of real American Bar-b-que! A short lecture           Chef Laura, has gone totally global to bring you taste sensa-
period will include the differences in BBQ styles by region, the         tions that are awe inspiring. This class focuses on quick grilling
selection of woods and chips for smoking, building an efficient          techniques for after work dinners, simple outdoor entertaining
fire; including fuel choices, and methods for controlling your           and low maintenance cooking. Master basic marinating and
fire. Exploring the unique flavors of Texas, Carolina, Kansas            grilling skills or for those of you who already are “grill masters”,
City, and Memphis you will create slow smoked brisket, pulled            add some new and exciting techniques to your repertoire that
pork shoulder, baby back ribs, and Santa Maria Tri-Tip. By the           are sure to make you the life of your next outdoor party. To-
end of the day, you’ll have the skills and confidence to create          night’s Menu will include: Moroccan Spiced Salmon; Grilled
this repertoire of recipes including traditional side dishes, rubs,      Vegetable Panzanella; Jerk Chicken with Summer Fruit Salsa;
mops, sauces and desserts to go along with your newly gained             Lamb Shawarma with Pita and Tzatziki; Chile Relleno with Fire
confidence for creating great bar-b-que at home! The day will            Roasted Tomato Salsa and Skirt Steak Salad with Blue Cheese
end with a celebratory feast! Perfect for Father’s Day.                  and Cherries.
Hands-On                                                                 Hands-On
#62041        Jun 25                                                     #62042        Aug 6
$150          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen                                $75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
              Sat, 9am -3pm, Lee                                                       Sat, 10am-1:30pm, Lee

46                                    | Not-for-Credit Classes
                          Hospitality, Culinary and Wine

Chef Mariano Orlando
Mariano Orlando, was born in Balestrate, Sicily and honed his skills in South America and Europe. Before coming to Tra Vigne in St.
Helena, Mariano was the co-owner of Caffe Giuseppe in Southern California and cooked at the Hotel Del Conte in Milan. In addition
to teaching cooking classes, he also manages to find the time to be a member of the Napa Valley Cooking School’s Board of Advisors
and is currently working as a private chef in the Napa Valley.

Chef Mariano does the Farmer’s Market
In this all new class, Chef Mariano will focus on our local farmer’s markets. Using products exclusively from the market (and
perhaps a few other local treats), Mariano will use his Italian flare to create a delicious meal with what is available now. Easy to du-
plicate with a trip to the farmer’s market, this class will focus on light summer fare, with vegetables as the center of the plate. Chef
Mariano will show you how to incorporate this healthy way of cooking into your diet without ever missing a tasty bite….
#62043        Jul 11
$75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
              Mon, 6-9:30pm, Orlando

Chef Ken Woytisek
Chef Ken Woytisek has been a professional cook and chef for the last twenty years. He has worked in many well-known Bay Area
restaurants during his career, such as Zuni Cafe, Square One, China Moon Cafe, and Campton Place Hotel. Currently, he is a Chef
Instructor at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone where he teaches both Mediterranean and Asian Cuisines having traveled
extensively in those regions of the world.

You say “Bastilla” I say “B’Steeya”…
Bastilla, perhaps the best known of Moroccan dishes, has at least six different variations in its spelling alone! (e.g., Bastilla Bes-
tilla B’steeya Bisteeya, Bistayla, Pastilla) Mid-eastern food often includes unusual combinations of sweet and savory flavors with
a complex blending of herbs and spices. Classic Bastilla is made with ras al hanout, eggs and squab, wrapped in phyllo dough and
dusted with cinnamon sugar. However, as well as the classic, today’s class will venture into some of the lesser known dishes: Sea-
food Bisteeya of Essouria and the classic Bisteeya of Marrakeh and sweet Fig and Apple Bisteeya. The countless variations may be
made large for family-style dining, and they may be made into smaller “triangles,” just the right size to serve as an appetizer. In this
hands-on class, each student will be making a variation, also the the opportunity to learn more about working with phyllo and the
traditional Moroccan pastry called “warka.”
#62044        Aug 13
$75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
              Sat, 10:30am-2pm, Woytisek

                              For Hospitality classes, go to
                               BEC Hospitality page 49
                           Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes.

                               Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!

                                        See page 66 for the four easy ways to register.

                                           (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                     47
                                             General Business

The goal of the Business & Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) is to· Strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit
in California by encouraging young people to engage in entrepreneurship as a legitimate lifetime career
path; · Assist the regional and statewide efforts to increase the success of business through partnerships
and collaborations with industry, education and government; and · Expand entrepreneurship curriculum
across community college campuses. This summer the BEC will be offering the following trainings:

                               YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM (YEP)
  Napa Valley College YEP Environmental Extreme Green Summer Academy
  The Napa Valley College Environmental Extreme Green Summer Academy is a one week science exploration boot camp de-
  signed to increase the awareness of how science, technology and mathematics relate to studies and careers in engineering and
  environmental fields and to provide students with basic career guidance in these areas. The program is created for upper high
  school and beginning college students who are interested in many of the new emerging technology fields related to our environ-
  ment. The Academy meets 9am to 4pm at the Napa Valley College Campus, June 13-17th. Students will have the opportunity
  for hands-on training, exploration, field trips and presentations from many professional in the region: The Summer Academy
  includes: The Exploration of Energy Management and Solar Energy, Utilizing GIS and GPS, Geographic Information Systems
  and Global Positioning Systems, Introduction to Water Quality and Water Chemistry and Exploring Green Practice with Local
  Napa Valley Businesses.

  The Academy is co-taught by Napa Valley College and Vintage High School Instructors. The cost is $200. A limited number of
  scholarships will be offered to local students. For more information and a scholarship application, visit the NVC Career
  Technical Education website at
  #61981 Jun 13-17
  $200 NVC, TBD
           Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm, Castro & Jackson
  Napa Valley College YEP Business Boot Camp                           Napa Valley College YEP Digital Arts Academy
  The NVC Youth Entrepreneurial Program Business Boot                  The NVC Digital Arts Summer Academy will provide
  Camp is a 5-day entrepreneurial “boot-camp” designed for             students interested in digital media arts the opportunity to
  high school and college students ages 14-27, who want to             participate in a week long workshop-format course that will
  learn to start a full-time, part-time or summer business or          introduce them to academic and career opportunities in the
  simply explore the world of business enterprise.                     field. This academy format is designed with high school and
                                                                       first-time college students in mind and does not require any
  The YEP Business Boot Camp is scheduled to start at the              previous digital media, art, or design experience.
  Napa Valley College on June 20th, 2011. The 30-hour pro-
  gram is structured to offer practical and hands-on learning          Students in this course will learn how to create and
  from Napa Valley College Certified Business Advisors and             manipulate images, videos, 3-D animations, photographs, and
  Local Business Leaders from wine, hospitality, service, tech-        designs utilizing industry-standard tools and software includ-
  nology and retail industry. An outcome of the 30-hour camp           ing: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Painter X,
  is the development of an individual or team business plan to         Aperture, Final Cut Pro and Inventor!
  act as a road map for start-up and future growth.
                                                                       Enrollment is open to all interested students but enroll early to
  Napa Valley College YEP is provided through a grant through          insure your spot!
  the Chancellor’s Office Economic Workforce Development               #62060 Jun 20-24
  Program. The class fee is $200 and includes tuition costs,           $200 New Technology High, Napa
  materials, and some refreshments. There are some scholarship                  Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm, Brown
  opportunities available. For more information or to register
  call the NVC SBDC at (707) 253-3210 or visit the YEP
  #60181 Jun 20-24
  $200 NVC, Bldg 1400 Rm. 1431
           Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm, Monahan & Cromwell

48                                  | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                         General Business

Food Handling Certification
By the time you have finished this course, you should have a better understanding of what food borne illnesses are, how they
are caused, and what you can do to help prevent them. To obtain a California Food Handler Card, food handlers will need to
successfully pass a food handler test. Food handlers must maintain a valid food handler card for the duration of his or her
employment. The cards are valid throughout most of the state and are valid for three years from issuance. Each food facility
must maintain records documenting that each employee possesses a valid California Food Handler Card that can be provided
to local enforcement officials upon request. This requirement was passed by the legislature, signed by the governor and is
slated to begin July 1, 2011.
#62004 Jun 6
$30       Napa Chamber of Commerce
          Mon, 5:30-9:30pm, Cromwell
From Kitchen to Market                                             Wine Tasting Room Sales
This training will give you a competitive edge in the trendy       Instructor, Pamela Personette, provides hands-on hospitality
specialty food industry. Topics covered include the planning       training designed specifically for winery tasting room staff in
and production process, contacts to help get you started, capi-    order to increase sales.
talization options, creative marketing ideas, the distribution     #61973 Jun 14
network with suggestions on how to get into that segment of        $40       Napa Chamber of Commerce
the business as well, and more.                                              Tue, 9-11:30am, Personette
#61970 Jun 20
$45       Napa Chamber of Commerce
          Mon, 2:30-5:30pm, Minuzzo
TiPS - Training for Intervention Procedures
Instead of taking chances, take TiPS training! TiPS is a certified program providing the skills to help servers, sellers, and
consumers of alcohol how to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking. A test will be given at the end of the
class and certificates are presented upon completion of training.
#61971 Jun 7                                                       #61972 Jul 12
$45      Napa Chamber of Commerce                                  $45     Napa Chamber of Commerce
         Tue, 8:30-11:30am, Stelter                                        Tue, 8:30-11:30am, Stelter

Agropreneur: Increasing Local Food Production                      Everything About Chickens
This class will teach you about laws and regulations, pesti-       This class will teach you about chicken houses,
cides, environmental health, and organic certification.            designing and building a backyard chicken house, and caring
#61999 Jun 11                                                      for chickens.
$30      Napa Chamber of Commerce                                  #62003 Jul 23
         Sat, 9am-12pm, Bianco                                     $30      Napa Chamber of Commerce
                                                                            Sat, 9am-12pm, Bianco
Putting up the Greenhouse
This class will teach, greenhouse designs, building a small
backyard greenhouse, and growing in a greenhouse.
#62002 Jul 9
$30      Napa Chamber of Commerce
         Sat, 9am-12pm, Bianco

                        Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes.
                            Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!
                                     See page 66 for the four easy ways to register.

                                       (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                        49
                                                General Business

                               CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE (CITD)
                                                                           CITD: From Trade Show to Sales: Best Strategies
     CITD: ABCs of Import/Export                                           for International Trade Shows
     ABCs of Import/Export is a MUST for those that are new to             Trade Shows are unique tools for any company to enhance
     international business, as well as, those that require refresher      sales and publicity. But how? Participants will learn how
     courses. Participants will benefit from the detailed content of       to: Save time and Money by attending trade shows, Network
     the seminar, including: Business Plan development, Identify-          with industry peers, Drive attendees to your booth, make
     ing your target market, Financing your shipment, Getting              sales (if allowed at the trade show), Keep your fingers on the
     Paid, Inco-terms, International Logistics, etc. To register go        pulse of your industry. To register go to
     to                                     go/bayareacitd.
               Jun 24                                                                Jul 8
     $60       Napa Chamber of Commerce                                    $60       Napa Chamber of Commerce
               Fri, 10am-3pm, Soyombo                                                Fri, 10am-3pm, Soyombo
     CITD: International Marketing Strategies
     This seminar provides participants with a step-by-step strategies that will help in the development of specific sales methodolo-
     gies, including market research, distribution, etc. To register go to
               Jul 22
     $60       Napa Chamber of Commerce
               Fri, 10am-3pm, Soyombo

Our mission is to provide business owners and managers with information, train-
ing and expert individual business advising. We offer a wide range of short-term
workshops and seminars that benefit business owners and managers. This sum-
mer we will offer the following low cost sessions:

     Business Startup Orientation                                          How to Write a Business Plan
     This comprehensive orientation is designed to be a starting           Attendees will receive a copy of the comprehensive work-
     place for those considering jumping into business for the first       book “Your Business Plan”, and the instructor will guide you
     time. The workshop will provide you with a start-up booklet,          through the planning process in an easy to understand, step-
     as well as a general overview of the things to consider when          by-step, fill in the blanks, process.
     starting a business.                                                  #61974 Jul 16
     #61966 Jun 9                                                          $50       Napa Chamber of Commerce
     $10       Napa Chamber of Commerce                                              Sat, 9am-3pm, Stelter
               Thu, 2-4:30pm, Jinnett
     #61967 Jul 7
     $10       Napa Chamber of Commerce
               Thu, 2-4:30pm, Jinnett
     #61969 Aug 4
     $10       Napa Chamber of Commerce
               Thu, 6-8:30pm, Stelter

                                                   REFUND POLICY
        Requests for a refund on a fee-based class not cancelled by the college must be made at least five (5)
        working days prior to the beginning of the class. No refunds can be made on requests made after that
         date. A $5 per person processing fee will be retained on all refunds unless the class is cancelled or
                                      meeting times are changed by the college.

50                                      | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                           General Business

   SBDC: BROWN BAG LUNCH SERIES                                         Brown Bag: Recordkeeping 101
  The Brown Bag Series: Brown Bag lunch trainings are the               In Recordkeeping 101, an SBDC Business Advisor will help
  perfect quick-solution for getting the foundation you need to         start-up business owners with the framework of recordkeep-
  successfully launch your business.                                    ing and budgeting.
                                                                        #61964 Jun 22
  Brown Bag: Marketing 101                                              $20       Napa Valley College, Bldg 4100,
                                                                                  Campus Planning
  An SBDC Marketing Advisor will provide the guidelines for                       Wed, 12-2pm, Stelter
  developing your business and marketing plan.                          #61965 Jul 20
  #61962 Jun 16                                                         $20       Napa Valley College, Bldg 4100,
  $20     Napa Valley College, Bldg 4100,                                         Campus Planning
          Campus Planning                                                         Wed, 12-2pm, Stelter
          Thu, 12-2pm, Jinnett
  #61963 Jul 14                                                         Brown Bag: Basic Business Planning 101
  $20     Napa Valley College, Bldg 4100,
          Campus Planning                                               We don’t fail, we just fail to plan. Get your business plan –
          Thu, 12-2pm, Jinnett                                          the Roadmap to Your Success – going with this lunch time
                                                                        training that covers the key elements of a business plan.
  Brown Bag: Financing 101                                              #61959 Jun 30
                                                                        $20       Napa Valley College, Bldg 4100,
  Do you need capital to start or expand your venture? This                       Campus Planning
  workshop is designed to familiarize businesses with the key                     Thu, 12-2pm, Jinnett
  fundamentals of debt equity financing. This workshop will             #61960 Jul 28
  review the options for first-time financing with emphasis on          $20       Napa Valley College, Bldg 4100,
  the SBA micro lending program.                                                  Campus Planning
  #61961 Jun 21                                                                   Thu, 12-2pm, Jinnett
  $20      Napa Valley College, Bldg 4100,
           Campus Planning
           Tue, 12-2pm, Basayne

These workshops are designed for creative spirits, artists, artisans, performance artists, musicians and freelance artists. The series
is taught by Carolynne Gamble, MFA, a Napa Valley Artist, Marketing Specialist, and teacher at Napa Valley College and Solano Col-
lege Small Business Development Centers.

Social Media & Blogging for Artists: A Must for Open Studio Artists
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are all great marketing tools for artists. Learn key strategies and best practices and how
to use these marketing tools for your art business. This open forum class is designed for all creative spirits, artists, artisans, perfor-
mance artists, musicians and freelance artists. Stories and strategies to promote your Open Studio show and maximize attendance.
Promote your art with blogging! It’s web presence and it’s free. Design tips, terse text and how to combine blogging with social
media. Instructor provides Preferred Vendors and A-List resources.

Taught by Carolynne Gamble, MFA, a Napa Valley Artist, Marketing Specialist, and teacher at Napa Valley College and Solano Col-
lege Small Business Development Centers. Special Guest: Social Media Specialist, Kim Bresden, CEO, WhiteSands ProMedia.
#61991 Jun 7
$40     UVC, St Helena, Rm 3
        Mon, 5:30-7:30pm, Gamble

                                            (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                           51
                                              General Business

Show Display for Artists - Art Licensing, Portfolios,                    Guaranteed Free Publicity
Gallery Representation                                                   Publicity, unlike paid advertising, has to compete for space.
A Must for Open Studio Artists                                           Marketing consultant Dr. Rick Crandall, has been a publicist and
Headed for the gallery scene? This class also covers portfolio           an editor for several business publications. From this dual per-
design and how to approach galleries. Have you explored art li-          spective he will show you 10 ways to get publicity! Workshop
censing? Discover this vast world for artists! You will learn tips       includes an 80 page handout, a book, and software.
for dynamic displays at Open Studio, Fairs and Festival; how to          #61968 Jun 16
price and how to maximize attendance at the show; guidelines             $50      Napa Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                  Thu, 6-9pm, Crandall
for getting your show publicized and strategies to maximize
your sales.
                                                                         Marketing Your Services:
Taught by Carolynne Gamble, MFA, a Napa Valley Artist, Mar-              For People Who Hate to Sell
keting Specialist, and teacher at Napa Valley College and Solano         Students walk away with a 52-week “mini-plan” for setting up
College Small Business Development Centers.                              regular, painless marketing. The cost includes a 300-page book
#61992 Jun 28                                                            by the instructor.
$40      UVC, St Helena, Rm 3                                            #61975 Jun 23
         Tue, 5:30-7:30pm, Gamble                                        $60       Napa Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                   Thu, 6-9pm, Crandall

     The Napa Valley College and Napa Chamber of Commerce Business Builders Committee invites you to attend the informal
     WUYBW workshops on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7:30am-9:30am at the Napa Chamber of Commerce. Partici-
     pants provide the questions and have the opportunity to network. The following topics will be presented this summer:
     WUYBW: Boomers, Xers, Millenials: Getting the                       WUYBW: Email Marketing: Do’s, Don’ts
     Most from All the Generations in the Workforce                      and Why’s
     #61976 Jun 15                                                       #61977 Jul 20
     $20    Napa Chamber of Commerce                                     $20    Napa Chamber of Commerce
            Wed, 7:30-9:30am                                                    Wed, 7:30-9:30am

                                                   Occupational Training
Become a Notary In One Day
Start your own business, become a more valuable employee,                4) 2 X 2 passport color photo (Students will not be turned away
provide customer service for your business or organization, earn         at the exam for not having a passport picture, but not having the
additional income and get re-commissioned. This intensive one-           photo will delay getting their commission)
day seminar is designed to equip you with everything you need
to know to become an effective Notary. You will find out about           Live Scan Fingerprints required after you pass the exam.
new legislation as well as how to pass the “new” test (must be           Students must be 18 years old and have NO felonies on their
taken every 4 years), identify document signers, keep a journal,         record. Serious conviction may disqualify applicant.
fill out certificates and avoid lawsuits. The class includes a prac-
tice Notary Public Exam.
                                                                         A $30 materials fee will be collected in class.PLEASE NOTE:
                                                                         Arrive early. Due to State regulations, no one will be admitted
Cooperative Personnel Services will register you for the exam            to the classroom after 8:30am. Be on time when coming back to
from 4:15pm to 5pm. The exam will be from 5pm to 6 pm.                   classroom from a break. Pre-registration is required.
New and Renewing Notaries must bring the following:                      #61941 Jul 14
1) A $40 check made payable to “Secretary of State”                      $99       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 3
2) Proper ID – current driver’s license with photo or state issued                 Thu, 8am-4pm
ID card                                                                            Exam, 5-6pm, Rm.3
                                                                                   Notary Public Seminars
3) Two #2 pencils.

52                                    | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                         General Business

Renewing Notaries–3 Hour State Required Seminar
As of January 2009, Renewing Notaries may take a three hour           New and Renewing Notaries must bring the following:
Approved Notary Refresher course. We will review all laws and         1) A $40 check made payable to “Secretary of State”
regulations you are required to know to continue as a Notary.         2) Proper ID – current driver’s license with photo or state issued
You must take the exam and be fingerprinted again. A 6 hour           ID card
                       approved course must be taken first and        3) Two #2 pencils
                       there can be no lapse in your commission.      4) 2 X 2 passport color photo
                       Otherwise, you are required to take the 6
                                                                      Live Scan Fingerprints required after you pass the exam.
                       hour course again.
                                                                      Serious conviction may disqualify applicant.
                                                                      A $30 materials fee will be collected in class. Pre-registration
                       Cooperative Personnel Services will
                                                                      is required.
                       register you for the exam from 4:15pm to       #61942 Jul 14
                       5:00 pm. The exam will be from 5:00 pm         $50      Upper Valley Campus, Rm 3
                       –6:00 pm.                                               Thu, 12:30- 4pm,
                                                                               Exam, 5-6pm, Rm.3
                                                                               Notary Public Seminars

                                                       Health & Safety
Health Care Provider CPR                                              Basic First Aid (Adult and Pediatric)
This six (6) hour course is designed to meet the requirements         This four (4) hour class deals with a multitude of medical and
of the health care professional (RN’s, LVN’s ,EMT’s, Doctors,         traumatic emergencies. This course will provide the individual
etc.). Individuals needing to re-certify, only need to attend the     with the necessary skill required to help stabilize someone until
first session. Textbook: Certification is through the American        Advanced Life Support can arrive. This fulfills the requirements
Heart Association. Textbook: $15.00 purchased at class (not re-       for day care providers, teachers or anyone who is required to
quired if you bring a current textbook to class). Pre-registration    complete a Basic First Aid class. California EMSA Pediatric
required.                                                             Sticker: $4.00 paid to instructor at class. (Required for Day Care
#62030 Jun 13-15                                                      Providers and Foster Parents only.) Pre-registration required.
$40        Community Ed Center,                                       #62029 Jun 23
           Napa, Rm 3                                                 $30      Community Ed Center,
           Mon/Wed, 7-10:00pm, Mellow                                          Napa, Rm 3
                                                                               Thu, 6-10:00pm, Mellow
Heart Saver CPR (Pediatric & Adult)
This four (4) hour course is designed to meet the requirements
of the childcare providers, foster parents, anyone who deals with
children, teachers, industry, and the general public who have a
desire to learn CPR. This course includes Infant and Child CPR,
as well as Foreign Body Airway Obstruction for infants, children
and adults. Certification is through the American Heart Associa-
tion. Pre-registration required.
#62031 Jun 20
$30       Community Ed Center,
          Napa, Rm 3
          Mon 6-10:00pm, Mellow

                           Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes.

                              Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!

                                       See page 66 for the four easy ways to register.

                                          (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                      53
                                                                                     More than 300 online courses

                t                          > Instructor-Facilitated
          fromort of
             ho                              Online Courses
 Our instructor-facilitated online courses                           Napa Valley College                                       Learn More...
 are informative, fun, convenient, and       Introduction to Microsoft Excel         Introduction to Microsoft Access          • Expert Instructor
                                             Discover the secrets to setting up      Store, locate, print, and automate
 highly interactive. Our instructors are     fully formatted worksheets quickly      access to all types of information.       • 24-Hour Access
 famous for their ability to create warm     and efficiently.
                                                                                     Introduction to Microsoft Word            • Online Discussion Areas
 and supportive communities of learners.     Creating Web Pages                      Learn how to create and modify
                                             Learn the basics of HTML so you can     documents with the world's most           • 6 Weeks of Instruction
 All courses run for six weeks (with a       design, create, and post your very      popular word processor.
                                             own site on the Web.
 10-day grace period at the end).                                                    Project Management
                                             Accounting Fundamentals                 Fundamentals
 Courses are project-oriented and            Gain a marketable new skill by          Gain the skills you'll need to succeed
                                             learning the basics of double-entry     in the fast-growing field of project
 include lessons, quizzes, hands-on
                                             bookkeeping, financial reporting, and   management.
 assignments, discussion areas,              more.                                                                             New course sessions begin
                                                                                     Computer Skills for the
 supplementary links, and more. You          Speed Spanish
                                                                                     Workplace                                 monthly. Please visit our Online
                                             Learn six easy recipes to glue
 can complete any course entirely from       Spanish words together into
                                                                                     Gain a working knowledge of the
                                                                                     computer skills you'll need to            Instruction Center to see exact
 your home or office. Any time of the        sentences, and you'll be speaking
                                                                                     succeed in today's job market.
                                             Spanish in no time.
 day or night.                                                                                                                 start dates for the courses that
                                             A to Z Grantwriting                     Introduction to Dreamweaver
                                                                                     Harness the broad range of
                                             Learn how to research and develop
                                             relationships with potential funding
                                                                                     capabilities Dreamweaver brings to        interest you.
          How to Get Started:                                                        Web development.
                                             sources, organize grantwriting
     1. Visit our Online Instruction         campaigns, and prepare proposals.
                                                                                                                               Enroll Now!
                                                                                     Introduction to PC
       Center:                                                                       Troubleshooting
                                             Medical Terminology:                                                              Visit our Online Instruction                                                            Learn to decipher and solve almost
                                             A Word Association Approach                                                       Center today!
                                             Prepare for a career in the health      any problem with your PC.
                                             services industry by learning medical                                   
     2. Click the Courses link, choose                                               Introduction to PowerPoint
                                             terminology in a memorable and
       the department and course title       enjoyable fashion.                      Build impressive slide presentations      or call:
                                                                                     filled with text, images, video, audio,
       you are interested in and select
                                                                                     charts, and more.
                                                                                                                               (707) 967-2901
                                             Introduction to QuickBooks
       the Enroll Now button. Follow
                                             Learn how to quickly and efficiently
       the instructions to enroll and        gain control over the financial         Going Green at Home
                                                                                     Step into a green lifestyle as you
                                                                                                                               Courses Start as Low as:
       pay for your course. Here you         aspects of your business.
                                                                                     discover simple, cost-effective ways
       will enter your e-mail and            Grammar Refresher                       to make your home environmentally         $89
       choose a password that will           Gain confidence in your ability to      friendly.
       grant you access to the               produce clean, grammatically correct                                              Requirements:
                                             documents and speeches.                 Discover Digital Photography
       Classroom.                                                                    An informative introduction to the        All courses require Internet access,
                                             Intermediate Microsoft Excel            fascinating world of digital
                                             Work faster and more productively       photography equipment.                    e-mail, and the Microsoft Internet
     3. When your course starts, return
                                             with Excel's most powerful tools.
       to our Online Instruction Center                                              GRE Preparation - Part 1                  Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser.
       and click the Classroom link.         Real Estate Investing                   Discover powerful strategies for
                                             Build and protect your wealth by        success in the verbal and analytical      Some courses may have additional
       To begin your studies, simply
                                             investing in real estate.               sections of the GRE.
       log in with your e-mail and the                                                                                         requirements. Please visit our Online
       password you selected during                                 MORE COURSES AVAILABLE                                     Instruction Center for more information.
       enrollment.                                              AT OUR ONLINE INSTRUCTION CENTER


54                                               | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                               Basic Education

                                                    Adelante Program
High School English, Mathematics, and History
The purpose of this program is to provide instruction in secondary basic skills leading to high school credit for eligible high school
students in grades 9-12. Instruction will follow Napa Valley Unified School District approved curriculum in English, Mathematics,
and History.

Students will have an opportunity to prepare for NVUSD California State High School Exit Exam and to make up credit deficiencies
for graduation. Bilingual instruction is provided as appropriate to students in need. Students interested in enrolling in this program
should contact their middle or high school counselor for registration information and approval to register. Information is also avail-
able through the Migrant Education Region II office at (707) 253-3537. Classes meet June 16-July 28, Monday through Thursday,
7:45am-3pm at Napa Valley College’s Napa Campus.

                                    English as a Second Language (ESL)
English as a Second Language (ESL)                                    Inglés Como Segundo Idioma
Learn practical English in a friendly, supportive environment!        ¡Aprende inglés práctico en un ambiente amable y de apoyo!
Students will learn useful vocabulary relating to living and          Los estudiantes aprenderán el vocabulario útil que se relaciona
working in the US. Students will have many opportunities to           a la vida y el trabajo en los EEUU. Los estudiantes frecuent-
converse with their classmates using the new vocabulary. Pho-         emente tendrán oportunidades para conversar con sus compañe-
nics for reading and spelling, grammar, and verb conjugation are      ros de la clase con el nuevo vocabulario. Estudiarán los fónicos
introduced. Today is the best day to begin your English studies!      para leer y deletrear inglés, la gramática, la conjugación de los
(ABEN750) Registration will take place in class. Textbooks will       verbos estarán introducidos. Hoy es el mejor día para empezar
be available for purchase in class. A $10 fee will be collected to    con tus estudios del inglés. (ABEN750) Los libros de texto es-
cover the cost of handouts that are distributed during the course.    taran en venta en el salon de clase. Se colectaran $10 para cubrir
                                                                      el costo de las hojas de trabajo que se reparten durante el curso.

St. Helena Classes                                                    #61900 May 31-Jul 21
ESL 1, 2 ,3                                                                   Community Presbyterian Church of Calistoga
#61870 May 31-Jul 21                                                          Tue/Thu, 8:30-11:30am, Meyer
        Upper Valley Campus, Rm 5                                     ESL 1, 2 ,3
        Tue/Wed/Thu, 5:00-8:00pm, Hemken                              #61905 Jun 1-Jul 20
ESL 1, 2 ,3                                                                   Calistoga Elementary School, Rm 7
#61902 May31- Jul 21                                                          Mon/Wed, 6:30-9:00pm Pena
        Upper Valley Campus, Rm 7AB                                           Childcare is available
        Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu, 9:00am-12pm, Pena                            #61891 May 31-Jul 19
                                                                              Calistoga Elementary School, Rm 5
Calistoga Classes                                                             Tue, 6:30-9:00, Manwaring
ESL 1, 2 ,3                                                                   Childcare is available
#61913 Jun 1-Jul 20                                                   #61890 Jun 2-Jul 21
        Community Presbyterian Church of Calistoga                            Calistoga Elementary School, Rm 5
        Mon/Wed, 8:30-11:30am, Ruston                                         Thu, 6:30-9:00pm, Manwaring
        (Every Monday, 8:30-10:00am, there will be                            Childcare is available
        citizenship lessons.)

                           Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes.

                              Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!

                                       See page 66 for the four easy ways to register.

                                          (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                         55
                                               Personal Interests
                                                           Arts and Crafts

     Pam Jones received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts.
     Pam’s specialties are China Painting, Porcelain Dolls and Lace Draping, Watercolor and Mixed
     Media. Pam has a studio in her residence.

     Watercolor Flow/Mixed Media                                           Basic Watercolor
     A perfect class for the new or returning artist-at-heart who          Technique: All Levels
     would like to explore the way color works. The focus is on            A step approach to painting sub-
     silk watercolor painting, ink painting and watercolor. Some           jects of nature. Each week a new
     starting supplies are loaned as you explore this art. Come            watercolor procedure will be
     surprise yourself with your abilities in this happy class.            added. Techniques will be col-
     Pre-registration is required.                                         lected in an information book.
     #61894 Jun 6-Jul 18                                                   Paintings will be inspired from these lessons. Cutting mats
     $95       Community Ed Ctr, Rm 6B, Napa                               for frames will be covered in one class. Costs will be kept to a
               Mon, 10am-2pm, Jones                                        minimum in this fun, relaxed environment.
                                                                           Pre-registration is required.
     Porcelain & China Creations                                           #61892 Jun 9-Jul 14
     Designed as an introduction to the media of porcelain, this           $110 Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB
                                                                                     Thu, 5:30-8:30pm, Jones
     class will cover hand forming, ceramics molding, dollmaking,
     as well as cleaning and firing techniques. Optional project
     materials are available for purchase in class. Create some            Tile and China Painting
     special items for yourself or for a gift.                             Do you want to create some unique tiles for your home? This
     Pre-registration is required.                                         interesting class is the place for you. Discover your abili-
     #61898 Jun 7-Jul 12                                                   ties for designing tiles, dishes, vases and more. Materials are
     $85       Community Ed Ctr, Rm 6B, Napa                               available for purchase, or bring your own. Put your
               Tue, 10am-2pm, Jones
                                                                           signature style on these décor items for your home.
                                                                           Pre-registration is required.
                                                                           #61903 Jun 7-Jul 12
                                                                           $85       Community Ed Ctr, Rm 6B, Napa
                                                                                     Tue, 5:45-8:45pm, Jones

     Artist Nancy Willis received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2005. She has
     worked across oil painting and printmaking mediums to create evocative series of the bed, the din-
     ner party and the chandelier. In 2007, Willis successfully launched Path of the Artist painting tours
     to France leading artists through an intimate view of Paris, Bordeaux, and Bergerac. When Willis
     is not bringing her love of art making into the classroom, she can be found looking to stir things up
     in and out of her studio in St. Helena.
                                                                           Painting & Printmaking
     Bigger is Better/Large Format Painting                                Studio Workshop
     Does a large canvas intimidate you? Ever wonder how to                Refresh yourself this summer in
     translate something small into a large format? Then this class        the luxury of the Upper Valley
     is just for you. Overcome your fears of going big in this full        Campus art room. Press time is
     body have no fear painting class. In four weeks, paint a new          paramount for those who love
     painting for your living room wall that will have you trading         the smell of ink, and painters need a light filled space. Come
     in that sofa for something that will match your new work of           join the company of artists where you can solve technical
     art. Pre-registration is required.                                    problems and get feedback on new directions in your work.
     #61909 Jun 23-July 14 – Bring materials first day.                    This class is for artists and students who are looking for time
     $175 Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB                                      and space to print or paint. Pre-registration is required.
               Thu, 9am-1pm, Willis                                        #61906 Jun 22-July 13 – Bring materials first day.
                                                                           $175 Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB
                                                                                     Wed, 9am-1pm, Willis

56                                      | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                     Personal Interests
Deborah Donahower received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California at Santa
Barbara with an Art major, emphasizing ceramics and printmaking. Deborah has owned several
art and pottery design centers and has taught for the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York
and the Branson School in Ross.

Ceramics: Clay Construction, Beginning-Intermediate
(and Open Studio*)
Beginners will use coil, slab, and pinch techniques to create a variety of projects including
teapots, wind chimes, and masks. Advanced students will focus on large coil work, advanced
techniques in slab to explore sculptural form, and throwing on the wheel. A minimum materials
and firing fee of $25 per student to be paid in class for the clay and supplies furnished. Larger
projects may require additional materials fee. Pre-registration is required.
#61887 Jun 1-Jul 20                                                #61889 Jun 2-Jul 12
$130 Community Ed Ctr, Rm 6A, Napa                                 $50    (*Open Studio-must be enrolled in Mon/Wed
       Mon/Wed 9:30am-1:30pm, Donahower                                   Ceramics)
#61885 Jun 1-Jul 20                                                       Community Ed Ctr, Rm 6A, Napa
$120 Community Ed Ctr, Rm 6A, Napa                                        Thu, 9:30am-1:30pm, Donahower
       Mon/Wed 6-9pm, Donahower

Pastel, Acrylic & Collage Painting                                 Ceramics: Making Mosaics
Students will explore techniques and projects advancing their      (& Ceramics Open Studio*)
skills in these exciting mediums. Come stretch your imagina-       Through short demonstrations, brief lectures and/or slide
tion and forge new territory with pastels, acrylics and col-       presentations each week this class will examine aesthetics of
lage painting. Wear old clothes or bring a work apron. A $15       mosaics, as well as both the traditional methods and materi-
materials fee will be collected in class for portfolio.            als used in their making. Contemporary applications and new
Pre-registration is required.                                      techniques in the making of mosaics will also be examined
#61879 May 31-Jul 19                                               and explored through special demonstrations. A minimum
$120 Community Ed Center, Rm 3, Napa                               materials fee of $15 per student to be paid in class for the
           Tue, 1-4pm, Donahower                                   supplies furnished. Larger projects may require additional
                                                                   materials fee. Pre-registration is required.
                                                                   #61888 Jun 2-Jul 21
                                                                   $100 Community Ed Ctr, Rm 6A, Napa
                                                                             Thu, 9:30am-1:30pm, Donahower

Theo Fabian Becker has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a MA in Studio Art from
New York University. Fabian Becker has exhibited her work since 1978 in galleries from San Fran-
cisco to New York and in Europe. She has been on the adjunct faculty at NVC since 1996 in painting
and developed the first graphic design and mural classes.

Painting Workshop
This course is designed to develop the skills of beginning and accomplished artists and to build a
basis for beginners. Students will explore possibilities and styles to find their own artistic voice
in an exciting variety of mediums, materials, and styles, including painting, drawing and collage.
Pre-registration is required.
#61877 May 31-Jun 21                                                #61873 Jun 1-Jun 22
$70       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB                               $70       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB
          Tue, 9am-12pm, Becker                                               Wed, 6:30-9:30pm, Becker
#61878 Jun 28-July 19                                               #61875 Jun 29-Jul 20
$70       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB                               $70       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB
          Tue, 9am-12pm, Becker                                               Wed, 6:30-9:30pm, Becker

                                       (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                      57
                                            Personal Interests
Conversational Spanish – Intermediate                                   Spanish in a Nutshell, Beginning
This eight week course provides guided conversational practice          We will start from scratch, with the most fundamental nuts
for students at the intermediate level of Spanish. It is appropri-      and bolts of the language. Over the course of the summer, gain
ate for students who have studied some Spanish in the past. The         a general overview of everything you need to know to begin
text is Practical Spanish Grammar, by Marcial Prado. The class          communicating in the language and establish a solid foundation
will start with Lesson l. Pre-registration is required                  for future study of the language. Popular songs and clips from
#61939 Jun 2-Jul 21                                                     Spanish language TV programs and movies will help to bring
$88       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 4                                     the language to life for us. Pre-registration is required
          Thu, 4-5:30pm, Ruston                                         #61934 Jun 6-Jul 18
                                                                        $70       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 7A
Conversational Spanish - Advanced                                                 Mon, 4-5:30pm, Pena
This eight week course provides a setting for practice in con-
versational Spanish. The aim is to increase fluency and acquire         Spanish in a Nutshell, High Beginning/Low
vocabulary. We will read and discuss Más allá de mí, by Fran-           Intermediate
cisco Jimenez and selected essays from Read and Think Spanish,          This course is for people who have a very basic working knowl-
by the editors of Think Spanish Magazine. Pre-registration is           edge of one or two Spanish verb tenses, who can recognize
required                                                                (though not necessarily use) one or two additional verb tenses,
#61940 Jun 2-Jul 21                                                     and who can (just barely) struggle through a very basic conver-
$88      Upper Valley Campus, Rm 4                                      sation. We will take you from where you are and quickly move
         Thu, 5:30-7pm, Ruston                                          to gain a comprehensive overview of everything you need to
                                                                        know to make further progress in fluency and attain a truly solid
Spanish Over Lunch–Beginning                                            foundation for more advanced study of Spanish. Popular songs
We will start from scratch, with the most fundamental nuts              and clips from Spanish-language TV programs and movies will
and bolts of the language. Over the course of the summer, gain          help to bring the language to life for us. Pre-registration is
a general overview of everything you need to know to begin              required
communicating in the language and establish a solid foundation          #61935 Jun 1-Jul 20
for future study of the language. Popular songs and clips from          $90       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 7A
                                                                                  Wed, 4-5:30pm, Pena
Spanish language TV programs and movies will help to bring
the language to life for us. (Feel free to bring a lunch if you’re
hungry!) Pre-registration is required                                   Ido: An International Language
#61936 May 31-Jul 21                                                    Ido, a simplified and improved form of Esperanto, is an easy-to-
$176 Upper Valley Campus Rm 7A                                          learn “constructed” language, designed by linguists for inter-
          Tue & Thu, 12-1pm, Pena                                       national communication–“a language without borders.” This
                                                                        two-hour course is merely an introduction to Ido. Due to Ido’s
Spanish Over Lunch–High Beginning/Low                                   simplicity, its grammar can be learned in a matter of minutes,
Intermediate                                                            and a real fluency can be achieved in a matter of months. Stu-
This course is for people who have a very basic working knowl-          dents will also learn how to continue studying Ido and how to
edge of one or two Spanish verb tenses, who can recognize               contact other Ido-speakers throughout the world. Pre-registra-
(though not necessarily use) one or two additional verb tenses,         tion is required
and who can (just barely) struggle through a very basic conver-         #61931 July 19
sation. We will take you from where you are and quickly move            $10       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 3
                                                                                  Tue, 6:00-8:00pm, Pena
to gain a comprehensive overview of everything you need to
know to make further progress in fluency and attain a truly solid
foundation for more advanced study of Spanish. Popular songs
and clips from Spanish-language TV programs and movies will
help to bring the language to life for us. (Feel free to bring a
lunch if you’re hungry!). Pre-registration is required
#61937 Jun 1-Jul 20
$154 Upper Valley Campus Rm 7A
          Mon & Wed, 12-1pm, Pena

58                                   | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                         Personal Interests
Getting Started in Digital Photography–Level I
This class is for the beginning digital photographer who has been using their camera but find it’s still a source of frustration. We will
‘demystify digital’ through the explanation and demonstration of the Controls and Menus on the digital camera. We’ll cover how
to get a Portrait, Landscape or Macro shot or shoot a Movie and the importance of Scene Modes. Also, how to get a beautiful print
or create an efficient email. We’ll discuss the ease in using local or online services to print your photos or create photo books. A $7
material fee paid to instructor in class. Bring your camera! Pre-registration required.
#61953 Jun 1
$60       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 2
          Wed, 6-9pm, Shoemaker

Getting More from your Digital Camera - Level 2
Are you still shooting on Auto? This class is for those who have been taking digital photos but want to gain more confidence with
their camera. We’ll cover in detail: Aperture and Shutter Priority, Macro, White Balance, Exposure, ISO, Bracketing, Metering,
Flash, Histograms, JPEG & Raw file formats, Quality settings and how to solve tough exposure problems. We’ll also cover the latest
(greatest) software programs for editing and organization. Bring your camera! An $8 materials fee will be collected in class. Pre-
registration required.
#61954 Jun 22
$70      Upper Valley Campus, Rm 2
         Wed, 5-9pm, Shoemaker

Getting to Know Your Digital SLR (digital cameras with removable lenses)
This class is taught specifically for owners of a digital single lens reflex camera. We’ll cover the dials, controls and menus on the
DSLR and why, when & how to effectively use them. Bring your cameras! A $7 materials fee for workbook paid to instructor in
class. Pre-registration required.
#61955 Jul 13
$65      Upper Valley Campus, Rm2
         Wed 5:30-9pm, Shoemaker

                                                        Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar: Aspects of Spirituality
Theresa Meyer holds a Master’s Degree from a member school of the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. She has been teaching
adults for thirty years and believes in the value of lifelong learning and the ongoing process of personal discovery and growth.
Each semester in this seminar, we explore particular and varying aspects of the spiritual heritage of the Western World as it is being
interpreted for and applied to life in contemporary America. Participants have represented a wide variety of perspectives, and all are
welcome. The purpose of the seminar is to consider what established writers on Western spirituality have to say, and then think about
and discuss how these ideas resonate with our own views. In this way, we can learn from the authors, from each other, and from
our own personal introspection and reflection. You are invited to join the seminar, which meets in the welcoming setting of Rianda
House Senior Activity Center. Registration will take place in class.
#61901 May 31-Jul 19 (SPCN 600)
No fee Rianda House
         Tue, 1:30-3pm, Meyer

                                               REFUND POLICY
                                               REFUND POLICY
     Requests for a refund on a fee-based class not cancelled by the college must be made at least five (5)
     Requests for a refund on a fee-based class not cancelled by the college must be made at least five (5)
    working days prior to the beginning of the class. No refunds can be made on requests made that date.
working days prior to the beginning of the class. No refunds can be made on requests made afterafter that A
      date. A $5 per person processing fee will be retained on all refunds unless the class is cancelled or
$10 per person processing fee will be retained on all refunds unless the class is cancelled or meeting times are
                                            changed changed by the
                                   meeting times are by the college. college.

                                           (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                       59
                                           Personal Interests
Creative Writing Workshop
Seasoned writers work on creative projects outside of class and join to read and critique for revision. The focus is on excellence as
students prepare manuscripts for submission. Syllabus with prompts and selected readings illustrating craft techniques. All genre
welcome. A $5 fee will be collected to cover the cost of handouts that are distributed during the course. Recommended prerequisite:
Writing Craft and Critique. For more information, contact Ana Manwaring at or 415-827-1468. Pre-regis-
tration is required.
#61904 Jun 2-Jul 21
$115 Upper Valley Campus, Rm 4
         Thu, 1:00-3:00pm, Manwaring

Zumba Fitness
D.J. Lipton is an official Zumba® Instructor and also an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise
Instructor. Her popular Zumba® classes have been on-going in Napa since June 2007.

Zumba® in Napa with DJ Lipton! Not a workout, not a dance class...a PARTY!
Join the biggest Latin dance fitness class in the world. Zumba Fitness® routines
feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance train-
ing are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin rhythms like Salsa, Meren-
gue, and Cumbia, and some international zest like African, Brazilian Samba, Spanish Flamenco, and Arabian
bellydance, as well as Raggaeton and Hip Hop into the mix and you’ve got Zumba®!

DJ Lipton has had the longest running classes in Napa since 2007. She’s a member of ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) and also a
AFAA® certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise instructor with over 35 years of Latin and African dance and performance
experience. No experience necessary. All Levels welcome. Pre-registration is required.
#61949 May 31-Jun 30
$100 Upper Valley Campus, Rm 9AB
        Tue, Thu 9:00-10:00am, Lipton
#61950 May 31-Jun 30
$50     Upper Valley Campus, Rm 9AB
        student may attend 1 class a week
        Tue or Thu 9:00-10:00am, Lipton

Ballroom Dancing
Debbie and Ed Baxter have been dancing professionally since 2002. They have performed on stage and taught for many colleges
and recreation districts in the Northern California area.

This class will feature dance steps, patterns and rhythms as well as lead and follow techniques for the Salsa, Bachata, Tango, and
One Step. You’ll have a great time plus learn new techniques and skills to look great on the dance floor. Beginners, as well as inter-
mediate students are welcome. Low heeled, smooth soled shoes are highly recommended for the safety of our students. No sneak-
ers please. NO PARTNER IS REQUIRED. Pre-registration is required.
#61948 Jun 6-Jul 18
$60      Napa Campus, Rm 601A
         Mon, 6:30-8pm, Baxter

60                                  | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                                     Kids’ Classes
Kids and Clay                                                          Kids’ Multi-Mediums………ALL NEW PROJECTS!!!
Explore the world of clay with                                         We will have a great time exploring many different mediums
Deborah Donahower. We will                                             in the world of art. Bring your imagination and we will travel
pound it, pull it, stretch it, roll                                    the roads of drawing, painting, wood working paper-mâché,
it, mold it, cut it, coax it, and                                      printmaking, sculpture and more. You will learn the basic
glaze it. Let your creativity                                          techniques in each medium and create fun projects to take home.
roll as we build bird houses,                                          Be amazed at what you can do, the skills you will develop, and
three-dimensional fish, fantasy                                        most of all, the fun you will have. There will be a $15 materials
dragons, and creepy-crawly                                             fee collected in class. This class is open to grades 2 through 8.
creatures. Make your own ce-                                           Pre-registration is required.
real bowl to eat from every morning, or create your favorite pet’s     #61951 Jun 16-Jul 21
food dish. Come get your hands dirty and let your spirit sore.         $95      Community Education Center,
There will be a $15 materials fee collected in class. This class is             Napa, Rm. 6A
open to grades 2 through 8. Pre-registration is required.                       Thur, 3:00-4:30pm, Donahower
#61952 Jun 15-Jul 20
$95       Community Education Center,
          Napa, Rm. 6A
          Wed, 3:00-4:30pm, Donahower


Healthy Harmonica                                                      Beginning Blues Harmonica
Breathing is our foundation, when playing harmonica and for            Got da’“Blues”? Beginning Blues Harmonica will get you jam-
healthy, vibrant living. We will take the simplest of pop, folk and    min’ the blues immediately! Our emphasis will be on playing
blues rhythms and melodies and invigorate them with simple but         and having fun as you are introduced to many of the tricks and
powerful breathing techniques to make any song deeply expres-          techniques to make the harmonica cry, laugh, wail and scream!
sive. No previous musical ability is required–only a desire to         No previous musical experience or harmonica training is re-
have fun and feel more healthy and alive!!! Students will need         quired, only a love of the blues and desire to play the harmonica!
a Major Diatonic Harmonica in the key “C”, available in class          (Students will need a “C” major diatonic harmonica). Instructor
for $11 if you don’t have one. ($15 materials fee collected by the     will have them available in class for about $11 if you don’t have
instructor in class.) Pre-registration is required.                    one. Tapes and handouts are included. ($15 materials fee col-
#61947 Jun 21                                                          lected by the instructor in class.) Pre-registration is required.
$25       Community Ed Center,                                         #61946 Jun 21
          Napa, Rm 5                                                   $30      Community Ed Center,
          Tues, 6:00-7:30pm, Broida                                             Napa, Rm 5
                                                                                Tues, 8:00-10:00pm, Broida

Piano Your Teachers Never Taught You
Todd Walker has taught more than 30,000 students from beginners to those with years of lessons to play the piano in just one day.
In this workshop, Todd will show you why his students proclaim “I’ve learned more in three hours than I did in three years of les-
sons.” He will teach you 72 chords, 156 hand positions and how to read music from lead sheets and fake books. You will learn how
to play any popular song in any key and the tools of the trade that will make you sound like a pro. Then you’ll be able to master your
technique by using Todd’s exclusive audio CD and study book. This class also prepares you to take Todd’s other Piano workshops. If
you can read the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B you already know enough to enroll. If not, send a SASE to Piano Magic, P.O. Box 1694,
Rocklin, CA 95677 for a free pamphlet. Material fees of $27 will be collected in class for study book and CD. Pre-registration is
#61938 Jun 23
$46      Community Ed Center,
         Napa, Rm 5
         Thu, 6:00-9:00pm, Walker

                                           (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                     61
                                               Physical Education
Feldenkrais Method®
THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® NO PAIN. ALL GAIN.                             Students experience new possibilities in their movement,
How you think can change the way you move.                             thinking and feeling. You’ll be amazed how trying to do less can
The Feldenkrais Method® uses slow, gentle movement and di-             achieve so much more. Join Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher,
rected attention to produce neuromuscular change in your brain.        Kelly Feder for this empowering journey into health and well-
CLASSES HELP YOU LEARN HOW TO:                                         ness. Lessons are done lying on the floor. Wear comfortable,
   • reduce & eliminate pain                                           loose fitting clothing and bring a thick blanket to class. Pre-
   • increase flexibility & strength                                   registration is required.
   • move with pleasure & ease                                         #61984 Jun 1-Jul 13
                                                                       $80       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 9AB
   • develop efficient, powerful movement
                                                                                 Wed, 9:45-10:45 Feder
   • improve balance & well-being
   • stimulate & change your brain

Kayaking - June Paddle
Join Kayak NV on this unique eco-adventure on the Napa River. This 3-hour guided experience will have you wondering why you
waited so long! See an abundance of waterfowl and the natural beauty of the river, its marshes and sloughs. You’ll appreciate the
comfort and stability of our recreational tandem kayaks with their large cockpits and solid hulls. No experience necessary. An adult
must accompany each minor. Personal floatation devices are provided, as well as basic paddling instructions. Visit our website: for more information, photos and pre-departure information. Come paddle with us and be the “NV” of all your
friends. Hope you can join us on the river for an experience you will not soon forget! Pre-registration is required and space is
very limited!
#61943 Jun 5
$75      Cuttings Wharf
         Sun, 10:00-1:00pm, Napa Valley Kayak

Kayaking - Napa City Nights Concert Paddle
Paddle from Riverside Launch to Downtown Napa. The setting sun makes a perfect backdrop for enjoying the concert at Veterans’
Park. Cruises leave before sunset and return at dusk. We’ll make a toast to new friends and new adventures. Pre-registration is
required and space is very limited.
#61944 Jul 8
$75      Riverside Launch
         Fri, 6:00-9:00, Napa Valley Kayak

Kayaking - Midnight Cruise
This experience is a chance of a lifetime. Launch from Cuttings Wharf in Caneros at dusk. Gaze in awe as the moon rises over the
eastern hills and reflects on the still waters. Pre-registration is required and space is very limited.
#61945 Jul 16
$75      Cuttings Wharf
         Sat, 7:30-10:00pm, Napa Valley Kayak

                          Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes.

                              Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!

                                       See page 66 for the four easy ways to register.

62                                  | Not-for-Credit Classes
                               Trips and Tours

                             Napa Valley College
                          Educational Trips and Tours
Have you heard about this great community program? Trips and Tours started in 1974
with the goal of providing life-long learning opportunities to the community through
educational travel.

• Take a one-day trip to Bay Area destinations:
Sunset Magazine - June 4
Angel Island - June 28
California State Fair - July 20
USS Potomac - August 13
Santa Cruz Follies - September 15
Apple Hill - October 5

• Extended trip destinations include:
  •   Bays & Rails of New England                              • Israel and Jordan
  •   Sunny Portugal                                           • Northern National Parks
  •   Country Roads of Tuscany & Umbria                        • Australia and New Zealand
  •   Polar Bear Tour
  •   Panama

                                                                                Join us at our
                                                                       Trip Information Night!

                                                                            2 - 3 p.m. on the
                                                                        Napa Campus In Room 838
                                                                            Thursday, June 2

                                                                            Learn details about
                                                                        up-coming Extended Trips.

                                                                          r.s.v.p. please, 967-2940

           An Educational Trip flyer is available at the St Helena campus.
               Call for more information or for a detailed brochure.
                               (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                 63
                        Special Classes for Special People
Napa Valley College offers a variety of noncredit classes for developmentally, psychologically and/or physically disabled or con-
fined adults at various locations throughout the valley. All classes are free and are open to members of the community who may
benefit from instruction. New semester classes begin the week of May 31. Registration will take place in class. For further infor-
mation and specific times, call the Community Education Office, 967-2901 or the Office of Special Services at 253-3080.

ANGWIN                                       YOUNTVILLE                                          The Meadows
Crestwood                                    Veteran’s Home                                      1800 Atrium Parkway
                                                                                                   Music Sensory Awareness
295 Pinebreeze Dr.                           California Drive                                      Mon 2:30-4pm, Heims
  Creative Journey                             Singing/Music Basic                                 Tue 2:30-4pm. Mead
  Wed 1-3:30pm, Helmer                         Mon 1-2:30pm, MacPherson                            Wed 2:30-4pm, Heims
                                               Mon 2:30-4pm, MacPherson
     Expressive Movement                       Tue 1:30-3pm, Heims
     Wed 10:30am-12pm, Helmer                  Tue 3-4pm, Heims                                  Piners Nursing Home
                                               Tue 4-5pm, Heims                                  1800 Pueblo
     Expressive Art                            Wed 11-12pm, MacPherson                             Singing/Music Basic
     W/Th 3:30-5pm, Priestley                  Wed 2:45-4:15pm, Mead                               Wed 11am-12pm, MacPherson
                                               Thu 1:30-3pm, Heims
     Music                                     Thu 2:30-4pm, Mead
     Mon 1-3:30pm, Mead                        Thu 2:45-4:15pm, MacPherson                       Redwood Retirement
                                               Thu 4-5pm, Mead                                   2350 Redwood Road
ST. HELENA                                     Thu 3-4:30pm, Heims                                 Expressive Movement
                                                                                                   M/Th 11:15-12:15pm, Helmer
Rose Haven                                   NV Adventist Retirement Estate
520 Sanitarium Road                                                                                Singing/Music Basic
                                             306 Vista Drive                                       Thu 3:30-5pm, Gilbert
  Expressive Art                               Creative Arts
  Fri 11am-12pm, Priestley                     Fri 9:30am-12pm, Priestley
                                                                                                 Villa Del Rey - Summerville
     Expressive Movement
                                             NAPA                                                3255 Villa Lane
     T/Th 10am-12pm. Isaksen
     Tue 2:30-4:30pm, Isaksen                                                                      Creative Journey
                                             Aegis                                                 Tue 2-3pm, Gilbert
                                             2100 Redwood Rd.
Rianda House                                   Creative Art                                        Music History/Singing
1475 Main Street                               Wed 1:30-4:30pm, Schneider                          Tue 3-4:30pm, Gilbert
  Expressive Art
  Mon 9-12pm, Priestley                      Concordia Manor                                     Vintage at Napa
                                             2435 Sutherland Drive                               2360 Redwood Road
     Senior Seminar
     Tue 1:30-3pm, Meyer                       Senior Seminar                                      Creative Journey
                                               Tue 1-2:15pm, Georgette                             Wed 4-5pm, Gilbert

                                             Golden Living
                                             705 Trancas
                                               Current Events
                                               Mon 3-4pm, Georgette

                                                Expressive Movement
                                                Fri 10-11:30am, Georgette

64                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                 Off-Campus Locations
CALISTOGA                                                     YOUNTVILLE
Calistoga Elementary School                                   Yountville Veterans Home
  1327 Berry                                                       California Drive

Calistoga Presbyterian Church                                 NAPA
   3rd and Washington Streets                                 Chamber of Commerce
  .                                                               1556 First Street
NVC Upper Valley Campus                                       Community Ed Center
  1088 College Avenue                                             1360 Menlo Ave.

Rianda House                                                  Napa Valley College
  1475 Main St.                                                   2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy

                                                              Small Business Dev. Center
                                                                  1556 First St, Suite 103

                                (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education       65
                        Community Education Enrollment
                                                       COMMUNITY EDUCATION
                                                             Upper Valley Campus
                                                             1088 College Avenue
                                                         St. Helena, California 94574
                                                     (707) 967-2900 / (707) 967-2909 Fax

           MAIL-IN                                PHONE-IN                                 WALK-IN                                   FAX IN
 Please include your checks             Use our 24 hour vocimail reg-            You may register at Napa Valley          Fax registration is open 24
 or credit card info with the           istration service. Registration          College Upper Valley Campus              hours, 7 days per week.
 completed enrollment form.             numbers are: (707) 253-3070,             office, Monday-Thursday from             Be sure to fax your fully
 Mail to: Napa Valley College           ex. 1301 or ex. 1302 and (707)           9am-7pm. 1088 College Ave                completed enrollment form
 Upper Valley Campus 1088               967-2900, ext. 1300 or ex. 1302.
                                                                                 St. Helena.                              with credit card information
 College Ave. St Helena, CA
 94574                                                                                                                    provided. Fax number
                                                                                                                          (707) 967-2909.

                             Call 253-3070 or 967-2901 if you do not receive a receipt or have a problem with it.
                            YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED until you receive written confirmation from the college.

                                                             REFUND POLICY

        Checks will be returned and no credit card charges will be made if requested classes/trips are already closed. Full refunds will be
        issued if a class is cancelled by the college. Requests for refunds on a class not cancelled by the college must be made at least five
        working days prior to the beginning of class. No refunds can be made on requests received after that date. A $5 per person process-
        ing fee will be retained on ALL REFUNDS unless the class/trip is cancelled or meeting times are changed by the college. Refunds
        must be requested through the Community Education Office. For Trips and Tours, refunds are granted only if the trip is filled and
        the reservation can be resold by the Community Education Office.

                                Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes.
                                   Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!

66                                       | Not-for-Credit Classes
                  Community Education Enrollment
Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________
          Last                             First                        MI            Other Name Used
                           Number & Street                       City                         State                       Zip
Phone (_______) ______-________              Work (_______) _______-________                  Cell (_______) _______-_________
Male ______ Female ______           Date of Birth _______/_______/_________            Email: _______________________________
Student ID#: ________________________            TERM: ___Spring          ___Summer         ___Fall      20___________

Have you lived continuously in California for ONE YEAR prior to the first day of classes? □ Yes □ No Date Moved to CA: _________
        If no, will you be living in California during the period of attendance in the class(es) you are enrolling in today? □ Yes □ No

  To assist the college in complying with federal and state requirements and to provide needed services, you are urged
  to supply the following voluntary information. This information is confidential and will not affect your admission status.
  Ethnicity and Race: Are you of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity? □ No       □ Yes (If yes, check one or more)
                                                                         □ Mexican, Mexican / American, Chicano □ South American
                                                                         □ Central American                     □ Hispanic: other

  What is your race?         □ White                               •Asian (check one)                     •Pacific Islander (check one)
  (Check one or more)        □ Black or African American           □ Indian         □ Chinese             □ Guamanian
                             □ American Indian / Alaska Native     □ Cambodian      □ Japanese            □ Hawaiian
                                                                   □ Vietnamese     □ Filipino            □ Samoan
                                                                   □ Korean         □ Laotian
  Education Goal:                             Highest Level of Education:                     Citizenship:
  □ Personal interest                         □ Not a high school graduate and not            □ U.S. Citizen
  □ Improve basic skills / ESL                  currently enrolled in high school             □ Permanent Resident
  □ Move from non-credit to credit            □ Currently enrolled grade K-12                 □ Temporary Resident / Amnesty
    coursework                                □ Currently enrolled in adult school            □ Refugee / Asylee
  □ Earn a vocational certificate             □ High school diploma / GED                     □ Student Visa (F1 or M1)
  □ Discover/formulate career interest,       □ Certificate of high school
                                                                                              □ Other Visa
    plans, goals                                proficiency
                                                                                              □ Unknown
  □ Prepare for a new career                  □ Associate Degree (AA/AS)
  □ Advance a current job / career            □ Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BS)
  □ Maintain a certificate or license           or higher
  □ Complete high school /                    □ Unknown
    GED credits
  □ Undecided

  What is your primary language? ___________________________________________________

                                                        ENROLLMENT FORM
 Registration #    Class Name                                              Start Date/Time            Location            Fees (if any)

Payment Information                                                                                              Total Fees: $ ___________
□ Cash            □ Check – Payable to Napa Valley College                □ MasterCard                  □ Visa
Credit Card Number __________________________________________________                        Expiration Date ______________________
Authorized Signature _______________________________________________                     Card Holder ___________________________

                                          (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                          67

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