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        Make the most of your IT budget
        with groundbreaking Microsoft
        technologies from a dependable
        managed hosting partner.
        MaximumASP’s latest innovative
        product release is MaxESP –
        our elastic shared platform.
        Sign-up today for a FREE MaxESP account for 30 days at during this limited-time offer.*
        No devices to configure, no hardware to manage. Everything you need
        to develop, deploy, and support Web-based applications using Microsoft
        technologies is built in. We provide the back-end infrastructure and
        management that delivers maximum reliability, scalability and
        superior support.
        The MaxESP platform offers Scalability, Intelligent Monitoring,
        High Availability, Recurrent Backups, and PCI Compliance!
        A complete hosting solution from a premium provider offered
        at a low price point of just $49 per month!
        ACt now!
        For a limited time introductory offer MaximumASP is
        providing a FREE MaxESP account for 30 days
        when you sign-up at
        Don’t miss this opportunity to try out
        a completely secure, reliable and
                                                            experience MaxESP
        scalable platform with Dymanic                      A complete hosting solution without the headaches
        Capacity Upgrades (DCUs) to                         experienced by mere mortals.
        meet fluctuating business needs.
        HURRy! oFFER EnDS Soon.
                                                         •Create web sites in minutes.
        Get started today at
                                                         •Add capacity to your site in seconds.
                                                         •Load-balance on the fly.
                                                         •Scale up your web application during the busiest times.
      *Monthly rate applies after 30 days                •Dial it back down to pay for only what you need!
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        MaxESP features                         MaxESP Plan and Benefits
   •Dynamic Capacity                            The MaxESP elastic shared platform includes:
    Upgrades (DCUs)                           •5 GB Hard Disk Storage
   •Application-Aware                         •200 GB Monthly Transfer
    Load Balancing
   •High-Speed SAn                            •100 MB Shared SQL Server 2008
        Storage                               •3 Web Sites, 1 DCU, Unlimited Host Headers
   •Recurrent Backups                         •5 Email domains, 100 Users per Domain
   •Guaranteed Physical                         All of this is FREE during your trial offer.*

                                                Hosting from MaximumASP
   •PCI Compliance
       *Monthly rate applies after 30 days.     As a managed hosting partner focused solely on Microsoft
                                                      technologies since 2000, we are uniquely qualified to
                                                                    provide the superior support that our business
                                                                           is built on. Unparalleled expertise with
                                                                                  Microsoft technologies led to
                                                                                  working directly with Microsoft
                                                                                 as the first to offer IIS 7 and SQL
                                                                              2008 betas in a hosted environment,
                                                                             partnering in the Go Live Program
                                                                   for Hyper-V, and our joint development of
                                                                   Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center Toolkit.
                   Sign up
                 today and                                          For more on MaximumASP and Microsoft
                  receive a
              superhero t-shirt
               while supplies
                     last.                                          Hurry! offer ends soon.
                                                                    Get started today at
                                                                    US / Canada toll free: 866.925.4678

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