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					                         Resume of RAMAKRISHNA KADUSUMALLI

·       Over SIX years of experience in information technology industry with a strong background
in analysis, design, development & testing (full project lifecycle- Which includes Systems analysis
and Design, processes and techniques, data warehouse/data mart design, writing/modifying
technical and user documentation, data modeling techniques, installation, migration, Construction,
Software quality assurance and testing).
·       Over FOUR years of continuous experience in the field of Data warehousing and Business
Intelligence reporting Technology with a special emphasis on ETL & Business Intelligence tools
using Cognos Impromptu, Powerplay Transformer and Power Play.
·       Extensively worked on Transformer for Data modeling of the corporate Data for building up
Multi dimensional cubes.
·       Maintaining & Administering advanced OLAP Tools such as Cognos Powerplay and
Impromptu Reports. Created Macros using Cognos Script editor (Cognos script) for automating
reports and authenticating reports.
·       Involved in the implementation of Impromptu 5.0/6.0/7.1, Powerplay 6.0/6.6/7.1.
·       Worked with Business Users to analyze the business process and made necessary.

Operating System:     Windows NT, Windows 98/2000, UNIX, Solaris 8.
OLAP/ Business Intelligence Tools: Cognos (Impromptu 7.1/6.0, Impromptu Web reports (IWR),
Power Play 7.1, Tranformer 7.1, Powe Play Enterprice Server 7.1, Schedular 7.1, Access Manager
7.1, Query, Cognos Shuttle Builder), Business Objects 5.1.2, Supervisor, Designer, Broadcast
ETL tools:    Informatica PowerMart 5.1/5.0/4.7, Informatica PowerCenter 5.1/5.0/1.7, Cognos
Decision Stream 6.5.
RDBMS:        Oracle 8i, MS SQL Server 2000/7.0, MS Access.
GUI: Devoloper 2000 (Forms 5.0 and Reports3.0, Visual Basic 5.0, Crystal Reports.
Languages: Visual Basic 6.0.SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, JAVA, HTML, ABAP/4.
Server Applications: IIS Server 5.0/4.0, NIS, IPlanet 4.0, Netscape Dierctory Server 4.0, Windows
2000 ActiveDirectory.

Oct ‘02 – Present                                                                  ChartOne

ChartOne is the healthcare industry's most complete solution for automating the entire patient chart
management process. ChartOne is helping more than 1,400 healthcare organizations across the
United States reduce the complexities of the chart management process. In order to provide critical
information on Key Performance Indicators like profit, expenses, delinquency and MI rates to
Business Executives ChartOne has developed Business Intelligence System based on Cognos suit of
products. Functionality includes, study, design and upload of the data warehouse. As a part of
project, Catalogs and reports are created for Sales functions. That included creation of reports using
slice & dice, drill down features, developing of cross-tab reports etc. Also used Web to deploy the
reports over Internet.

·       Developed Multi-Dimensional Cubes using Powerplay Transformer 7.1.
·       Developed Reports in Cognos Impromptu, Powerplay and Impromptu Web Reports (IWR).
·       Involved in Installation of Cognos Tools. Designed and developed various types of Reports
(3D Bar, Pie Chart, Impromptu Reports and OLAP Query Reports).
·       The whole reporting was done using Impromptu.The reporting was quite complex to
implement and required to use all the features offered by Impromptu. Various features like Prompts,
Query Filters, Chart Frames, List Frames, Form Frames, etc. were used.
·       Optimized the Catalog by using Database Interaction, Client/Server balancing, Database
functions, Table Weighting and Qualification, Governors Settings.
·       Used the Client/Server option for User Profiles to balance the Client/Server load with the
·       Automating tasks with Cognos Scheduler, CognosScript Editor and CognosScript Dialog
·       Involved in all aspects of impromptu, from connecting to the corporate database to setting
up effective catalogs, joins, folders, and filters, to ensure that adequate security procedures are in
·       Used Governors settings to limit retrieval of large text items, limit the number of records to
control the number of rows a user can retrieve, to limit the number of tables a user can retrieve in a
report and to limit the query execution time for different User Classes.
·       Developed and used Stored Procedures to transfer processing load to the backend server.
·       Created Snapshots to minimize data processing when the network traffic for the database is
·       Setting up appropriate User Class and security for the different groups of people who use the
·       Associate Impromptu Reports to drill through from one report to another.
·       Connecting to the database by setting up open database connectivity (ODBC).
·       Coordinated in end user training. Documented the whole process.

Environment: Cognos Impromptu 7.1, Impomptu Web Reports 7.1, PowerPlay 7.1, Transformer
7.1, Oracle9i, UpFront7.1, CognosArchitect7.1, CognosQuery7.1, PL/SQL, FTP, ODBC, MS
Access and Solaris 8.0.

Feb ‘02 – Sep ‘02                                                          Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health
care products, as well as provide of relatedservices,. In order to provide critical information on Key
Performance Indicators Developed various kinds of reports for Financials, Reimbursement, Sales,
Product Line like Accounts Payable/Receivable, Invoices Pending/Dues, Sales
Quarterly/Monthly/Yearly, Month End process reports, Sales, Sales on Pending, Customer
Reactions, Invoices Pending, Gross Income, Reimbursements.

·     Interacted with business people for gathering the business requirements
·     Designed and developed Catalogs, Impromptu Reports, IQDs.
·     Drill down, slice and dice and change displays. Changing filters, layers and measures.
·     Data retrieval, Multidimensional analysis, Power Play structure.
·     Reporter Operations such as Sum and Average, Intersection, etc.
·       Exception Highlighting, Sorting, Ranking etc. Created Multi-Dimensional reports using
Power Play.
·       Created daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for the management team and field
operation Managers using Powerplay reports.
·       Provided various management levels with reports, time series graphs and pie charts using
Powerplay cubes. Designed and maintained catalogs.
·       Customized data by adding calculations, summaries and functions.
·       Queried from different database tables as per the requirement.
·       Using Portfolio, reports were presented Created List Reports and Cross Tab Reports and
Drill Through reports. Created the Business Mix report and Top Ten reports.
·       Generated reports using Cognos Impromptu tools querying database.
·       Created reports in HTML format for easy navigation of data from web browser.
·       Created standard and Ad hoc reports using Cognos Impromptu tool.
·       Some reports have to be ported from Business Objects.
·       Created Impromptu Web Reports (IWR) and published them in the webserver.
·       Involved in troubleshooting the report.

Environment: Cognos Power Play 6.6, Cognos Impromptu 6.0, Transformer 6.6, Business Objects,
Oracle 8.0, Cognos Architect, Impromptu web reports (IWR), PL/SQL, Oracle, SQL Server and
Windows NT.

Jun ‘01 – Jan ‘02                                                                  Best Buy

The nation’s number one specialty retailer of consumer electronics,personal computers,
entertainment software and appliances. The Company operates retail stores and commercial web
sites under the names: Best Buy (, Magnolia Hi-Fi (, Media Play
(, On Cue (, Sam Goody (, and Suncoast
( The Company reaches consumers through more than 1,700 retail stores nationwide,
in Puerto Rico and in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Best Buy needed an integrated business intelligence
system that would provide both internal users and external partners and supply chain members with
visibility into its business performance.

·     Created Multi-Dimensional reports using Power Play.
·     Provided various management levels with reports, time series graphs and pie charts using
PowerPlay cubes. Generated reports using Cognos Impromptu tools querying database.
·     Created reports in HTML format for easy navigation of data from web browser.
·     Created Impromptu Web Reports (IWR/HTML) and published them in the Web server.
·     Modified existing catalog using Cognos Impromptu. Extensively used Drill up/down, filter,
Aggregators, Slice and Dice Operations for all OLAP applications.
·     Developed various types of reports such as Simple, Cross tab, Drill through, Sub reports etc.
·     Worked extensively on Cube optimization. Involved in troubleshooting the reports.

Environment: Cognos Impromptu 5.0, Power Play 5.0, Transformer 5.0, Oracle 8.0, MS Access
Win NT.

Sep ‘00 – May ‘01                                                 Healthcare Capital Resources
                                                                     New York

The system has three modules Revolvers/Purchase and Term loans. The system was developed
based on the financial support provided to the hospitals and providers. Loans are provided against
the receivables submitted by the providers. Interest and fees are calculated on a daily basis. The
interest and fees are charged monthly once on the first business day. Also the following reports are
generated, initial funding report, Settlement report contract information and projected fund flow

·       Design of catalogs, security setting and administration of the catalogs.
·       Created different joins according to User requirements.
·       Created multi dimensional cubes using Transformer.
·       Used Cognos Impromptu to generate various management reports like Initial Funding,
Settlement Reports, Portfolio information, and client information.
·       Generated the PowerCubes for day, week, month, quarter and year wise multidimensional
report analysis involving the cash receipts, settlements, outstanding and interests.
·       Involved in generating adhoc report generation for the clients immediate needs.
·       Involved in the end user training of the use of power play cubes and analysis of the reports.

Environment: Cognos Impromptu 5.0, Powerplay 5.0, Transformaer Sserver,Windows NT/98, VB
6.0, SQL Server 7.0.

Jan ‘99 – Aug ‘00                                    ECS Elitegroup Computer Systems, Inc
Data Warehouse Analyst

ELITEGROUP Computer Systems is a PC motherboard Manufacturing Company, manufactures 2.5
million mainboards and 500,000 barebone and system units per month in Taiwan/china having
offices around the world. ECS-USA is a Super warehouse for North & South America. This Project
involved in creating a Data Warehouse for sales reporting system. Data from ODS was extracted,
transformed and loaded into data warehouse Using Informatica. This project to support the Business
Objects applications that are in production, administering the BO activities, and granting the
necessary DB access rights and privileges for the BO users.

·       As a data analyst involved in design, development and maintenance of database for Data
warehouse project.
·       Involved in designing the procedures for getting the data from all systems to Data
warehousing system.
·       The data was standardized to store data from various Business Units in data warehouse
·       Used Data Warehouse technique to design a Star-Schema.
·       Designed the ETL processes using Informatica tool to load data from MS SQL Server, MS
Access and Excel spreadsheets into the target Oracle 8.0/8i database.
·       Created Source and Target Databases on Oracle 8i and SQL Server.
·       Analyzed and Created Facts and Dimension Tables.
·       Used Mapping designer and Mapplets to generate different mappings for different loads.
·       Used Power center Server Manager to schedule and monitor different sessions and batches
of loading.
·       Wrote the PL/SQL procedures and wrote the PL/SQL program units for data extracting,
transforming and loading.
·       Creating various Transformations like Joiner, Aggregate, Expression, Filter, update
·       Created and Scheduled Sessions and Batch Process based on demand, run on time, run only
once using Informatica Server Manager.
·       Created test cases and completed unit, integration and system tests for sales data mart

Business Intelligence Analyst
As a Business Intelligence Analyst involved in design, development and maintenance of Business
Intelligence server for analysis and reporting using Business Objects to support Sales & Marketing
and distribution, finance Departments. Installed and configured Business Objects, Web Intelligence
Server, and Broadcast Agent.

·       As a Universe designer, Designed 2 Universe’s Created reports in BO reporter and exported
to the repository.
·       Created the reports using Business Objects functionality like Combined Queries, Slice and
Dice, Drill Down, Functions, Cross Tab, Master Detail, Reports by Product, Reports by Customer,
billing Detail report, Comparative reports, A/R ageing report, A/P ageing report, Vendor Ageing
report, Receipt Detail report, Payment Detail Report, Sales report, Margin Analysis report, Invoice
Detail report, Balance report, Distribution report, Inventory report.
·       Dynamic data passed in to reports using BO Prompts, Hiding some of the prompts and
setting default values to prompts like Invoice, VendorID, Client ID, and Invoice Date etc.
·       Generated thin client web reports using Business Objects WebInteligence to popup in ASP.
·       Scheduled the reports using Broadcast Agent BCA for important financial reports for
monthly run.
·       Trained the end users in working with the Business Objects user module and Web
·       Developed Models and cubes as required by the users.

Environment: Informatica PowerMart/PowerCenter, (Source Analyzer, Data warehousing
Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet, Transformations), ETL, Business Objects 4.1, Supervisor,
Designer Broadcast Agent, Web Intelligence, Erwin, Oracle 8.i, MS SQL Server 2000/7, PL/SQL,
Windows NT.

Dec ‘97 – Oct ‘98                                                            Athene Softech Pvt. Ltd

This application mainly describes to supply to internal requirements, as well as to the needs of client
companies, the Igenesis consulting division collects potential candidate resumes. The collected
details are maintained in a database from which a HR person can search the database by candidate
name, skill set, location etc. Details of each candidate sent for interview to the client can also be
tracked on parameters like company-wise, day-wise, number of attempts, skill sets etc. Statistical
reports can also be generated in terms of number of in-house requirements fulfilled, client
requirements fulfilled, most required skills, skill set with the most placements, least required skill
set etc.

·     Designed and developed module screens and tables.
·     Involved in the creation of Reports. Assisted in requirement analysis.
·     Conducted unit testing. Involved in developing and coding screens to Windows standards.
·     Created daily, monthly, yearly reports, functions and modules.
·     Involved in the design of database.

Environment: Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server and Windows 95.

Apr ‘97 – Nov ‘97                                                                    Global Trust Bank

This software was developed for keeping track of checking accounts, saving account, Investment
Information, generate reports, loan information, and for archiving the older transaction. Involved in
the design phase and responsible for creating GUI interface for the Personnel information system
Module. The system includes the software application tools development to convert data from
dBase to Oracle and generation of reports by using Oracle tools.

·     Involved in design, development and implementation.
·     Responsible for development of forms and interfacing the data selection from the database.
·     Created various GUI for the personnel Information System Module.
·     Assisted in developing reports on Branch turnover and profits.
·     Assisted in the Development of several reports including tabular, master detail, daily,
weekly and monthly, using Reports 2.5.

Environment: Oracle 6.x/7.x Forms 4.5, Report 2.5, UNIX, and Windows 95.

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