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                                          Class of 2004
                                       Summary of Results
In the Spring of 2004, Trinity University graduated 457 students with Bachelor degrees. Career Services
surveyed these graduating students to gather information regarding their future plans. In the past,
information was gathered using a short print survey administered just prior to graduation. Beginning with
the Class of 2003, we began collecting this information electronically. Although we collected data from
March through July, we considered our results a “picture in time” since we did not engage in on-going

We want to capture the data with the highest response rate and representing the best and most accurate
picture of our class as possible. So for the Class of 2004 survey, we continued to collect the data
electronically beginning in March, but also began to engage in follow-ups with non-responders and those
without firm plans for six months after graduation. Our process was a success with a high response rate
and more usable data than in recent years.

Some notable results from this data collection include a significant jump in the number of students
attending graduate/professional school directly after leaving Trinity. The popular press has been tracking
this trend for the last several years, but this is the first year we have seen a jump in our results of this size.
This is not surprising given the Class of 2004 entered Trinity watching the Class of 2001 struggle to find
jobs in a down economy. Also notable is that the number of students employed at the time of graduation
has been steady for our graduates throughout the rocky market of the last five years. This speaks to the
abilities of students, reputation of our campus and the commitment of our community to assisting our
graduates. Lastly, many students chose to delay their job search entirely until sometime after graduation.
This trend is growing and I expect in the next few years to see more and more students opt for an
alternative path to employment or graduate school in the year after graduation.
   Return Rate
   Degree granted        Number of Candidates           Responses Received              Return Rate
   Bachelor                   457                             359                           79 %

   Breakdown by Degree Type
   Bachelor of Arts*                     202     56%
   Bachelor of Science                   154     43%
   Bachelor of Music                     3       1%
   Total:                                357     100%

   Breakdown by Major
   Major                             Number of Candidates            Percent of Total
   Business Administration                91                                25%
   Computer Science/Engineering Science   32                                9%
   Liberal Arts                           184                               51%
   Science                                52                                15%
   Total:                                 359                               100%

   Status of Recent Graduates
   Obtained employment                   31%                Unsure of plans                     3%
   Seeking employment                    15%                Other                               4%
   Attending graduate school             46%                Do not plan to work                 1%

       Status of Recent               Class of     Class of       Class of        Class of        Class of
          Graduates                    2004        2003**          2002            2001            2000
      Obtained employment             31%           32% (18%)        23%            23%               28%
       Seeking employment             15%           15% (8%)         34%            38%               38%
   Attending graduate school          46%           52% (29%)        31%            31%               30%
              Other                    4%            1% (1%)          7%             8%                4%
       Do not plan to work             1%
         Unsure of plans               3%
         Did not respond                                  (44%)
**First number indicates respondents, ( ) indicates full class.

Location of Graduates
In State                       70%
Out of State                   29%
International                  1%
Total:                         100%
              Breakdown of Graduates’ Status by Major
Business Administration
Business Administration majors represented 25% of the graduates responding to this survey.

Status of Business Administration Undergraduates
Obtained employment                  39%
Seeking employment                   14%
Attending graduate school            43%
Unsure of plans                      3%
Do not plan to work                  0%
Other                                1%

Computer Science/Engineering Science
Computer Science/Engineering Science majors represented 9% of the graduates responding to this survey.

Status of Computer Science/Engineering Science Undergraduates
Obtained employment                  41%
Seeking employment                   16%
Attending graduate school            41%
Unsure of plans                      0%
Do not plan to work                  0%
Other                                2%

Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts majors represented 51% of the graduates responding to this survey.

Status of Liberal Arts Undergraduates
Obtained employment                  29%
Seeking employment                   16%
Attending graduate school            43%
Unsure of plans                      4%
Do not plan to work                  1%
Other                                7%

Science majors represented 15% of the graduates responding to this survey.

Status of Science Undergraduates
Obtained employment                  17%
Seeking employment                   6%
Attending graduate school            67%
Unsure of plans                      4%
Do not plan to work                  4%
Other                                1%
               Companies Employing the Class of 2004
American Funds                           Oak Hills Church
Asset Acceptance                         Peace Corps
Baylor Health Care System                Peaceworks Company
BearingPoint Consulting                  Pearl Meyer & Partners
Chandler Signs                           Pharmaform, LLC
City of Fort Worth                       Post-Newsweek, KSAT TV
Dell Computers, Inc.                     PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Deloitte & Touche                        Protiviti Independent Risk Consulting
Devereux                                 Public Interest Research Group
Donna ISD                                Rackspace Managed Hosting
Educational Testing Services (ETS)       REI
First Presbyterian Church                Seasons 52
Food and Drug Administration             Sony Pictures Entertainment
GameForce                                Southwest Bank of Texas
Geron Corporation                        Southwest Research Institute
Goldman Sachs                            Starbucks
Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.               Striking Innovations
Gray Graphics                            Sunrise Senior Living
Green Corps                              Taylor Publishing
Harden & Associates                      Taylor West Advertising
HCSS                                     Teach for America
Huntleigh Home Medical                   Tesoro Petroleum
Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program   Texas State Bank
Kellogg's                                Texas State Employees Union
Kronkosky Charitable Foundation          The Fund for Public Interest Research
KRTU                                     The Grupe Company
Lanier Worldwide                         The Thompson Agency
Lingnan University                       The Vanguard Group
Lockheed Martin                          Toronto Blue Jays
Lukens Group                             Trinity University
Lundy and Franke Engineering             United Parcel Service
Mayo Clinic                              United States Air Force
McDermott International                  United States Marine Corps
MD Anderson Cancer Center                US Army Institute of Surgical Research
Medina Valley Family Practice            UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
Microsoft                                Ventanex
Mount Sinai School of Medicine           Washington University School of Medicine
MPB Realty Services                      Web-1 Hosting
North American Development Bank          World Affairs Council of San Antonio
              Graduate/Professional School Information
Breakdown by Program Type
Law School                                14%    Business and related                         16%
Education                                 26%    Engineering/Science/Technical                13%
Medical and related                       19%    All other programs                           12%

Breakdown of attendance by major at Trinity University
Business Administration                   43%    Liberal Arts                                 43%
Computer Science/Engineering Science      41%    Science                                      67%

Where the Class of 2004 is attending Graduate School:

Baylor University Law School                     Medical & Related
Ohio Northern University College of Law          American University
Santa Clara University                           Arizona State University
South Texas College of Law                       Baylor College of Medicine
Southern Methodist University                    Case Western Reserve University
St. John's University                            Fuller Theological Seminary
St. Mary's University Law School                 Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Texas Tech University School of Law              Midwestern University
University of Iowa                               Texas A&M Veterinary College
University of Houston Law Center                 The University of Georgia
University of Kansas School of Law               Trinity University
University of South Dakota                       Tulane University
University of Texas                              University of California-San Francisco
University of Washington                         University of Houston College of Optometry
                                                 University of Houston College of Pharmacy
Business and related                             University of Nebraska School of Medicine
Southern Methodist University                    University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Texas A&M University                             University of Oklahoma Medical School
Trinity University                               University of Pittsburgh
University of Notre Dame                         University of South Florida
                                                 University of Texas Health Science Center
Education                                        University of Texas, Southwestern
Pennsylvania State University                    Vanderbilt University
Stephen F. Austin State University
Trinity University
University of Notre Dame
University of South Alabama
Engineering/Computer/Technical          Other
Arizona State University                American University
Baylor College of Medicine              Boston University
George Washington University            Dallas Theological Seminary
Rice University                         Duke University
Texas A&M University                    East Carolina University
University of California, Berkeley      Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
University of California, Los Angeles   Parsons School of Design
University of Colorado                  Peabody Institute
University of Houston                   Princeton Theological Seminary
University of Michigan                  Rice University
University of Nebraska, Lincoln         Texas A&M University
University of Texas, Austin             Texas A&M University
Virginia Tech                           University of Houston
                                        University of Nebraska
                                        University of Oklahoma
                                        University of Pittsburgh
                                        University of Texas
                                        University of Utah
                                        University of Wisconsin

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