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									"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought
to the bidding of the leaders. Th at is easy. All you have
to do is tell them they are being attacked, and de nounce
                                                                                                     Mater i al
the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing
                                                                                                   .,Positivity                               4
the country to danger. It works the same in any count ry."
 - Hermann Goeri ng, Hitler's designated successor,                                                - Passport Hackinq R.visit.d               6
before being sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials.                                            Lazy Exchdng. Admins                      7
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                                                                           Part o f !he DMCA Yipulales that !here has to        having ~I'~ry cooce tvable bil o f dare ea.~i ly
                                                                       be intent and this was SOITI('thing the j ury was        ava ilable - from medi cal records to cred it card
                                                                       una ble 10 find in this case. It doe sn'l address ee     purcha.>Cs 1 Internet acti vity. It ooesm lake
                                                                                                                                         '    0
                                                                       overall stupidny o f !he law itself which mea ns                   0
                                                                                                                                much 1 figure out thai since they don'l know
                                                                       there will be more such ca          , But it's a good    who the lerrorhl'\- are lhey will ha ve 10 scn ni-
                                                                       vtart and a ~ig n ifican t ste p towards fixing the
           fou nd time to testify before a Se nate subcom-                                                                      nize all of us using these yc:t 10 be invented
                                                                       numerous problems caused by this horrible leg-
           ~ i ltee on the dan gers of bad lechno logy and      un-    islation, And Olllsl importantl y. it's proof thaI
                                                                                                                                100ls, It's dearly a ..ensitive topi c for the fo lks ill
             In~omled . people. He also pro vided key                  dererrninanon and standing by one's convictions          Defense Advanced Researc h Proje ts Agencyc
             e....llkm:e In a case against Sprint who had ItIt         can ultimately lead to vietory.                          (DARPA) who won't even re vea l how much
             audacity 10 claim lhal their S ~'i lches were                 We ha.. 'e to a lso remember lhat there's a big
                                                                                    .                                           money is being alloca red for th is , W hile pub lic
             unhaclr.able,                                                                                                      pressure has yet 10 kill this bea st , it's probably
                                                                       world 001there. oee ucn doesn't always iniliall y
                . It ~ou l~ have been easy 1 dwel l on the neg .
                                                0                      gra-,p the importance of the i ~sues we value. It's      one or ee few things lhat ca n . Public ridicu le
            au ve 10 this case - and there certainly ~'a\ DO           eesy to drsmi..s the: ge neral public as ignoranl        ha\ already pul an end 10 the llA log o - a pyra-
             shortage o f nega livily. After all , Milnick hadn 'l     and paw ns of the mass media But. as in all              mid with an all s.eeing eye within it, apparently
            al:lUal ly had a real day of freedom since 11/811          things, the truth is never quite that simple. The        looking OUI over the globe, Thu t 201-.0 never
            meaning that whe n all is said and done, fifteen           general public nm gel it , they do tend 1 value0         happe ned.
            years will have gone by since this all starte d.           the Ihings Ihat we do, and Ihey are most defi-                As we go to pres s, yet anot her mon itoring
            And in all tool lime , there was never a charge            nitel y ,wI lhe enemy. The jury in tile Elcom"tlfl
            filed again sl Mitnick of anyth ing l110fC substan-                                                                 plan is being announced • !hi !> time one that
                                                                       case is living proo f of this. 1lIC" key is gelli ng
            tialthan making free phone ca lls and looking 201                                                                   males Cami vore look friendly. II'I> part of a re-
                                                                       the message 0111.
            source code lhal d idni belong to him. It was all                                                                   port entitled Ihe National Strntegy 10 Secure
                                                                           Over the pa.~ year or so we've reponed
            an incred ihle we re of lime, But we get eowbere           (along with many othe~) !iOI1lC of the reall y bad       Cy ben.pacc - and il would require Inrerrer Ser -
           by telli ng our biltemeM dictate how we live, We            idea~ lhat have been pa<,sed down from Ca pitol          vice: Providers to participale in a ce nualized
            have everyth ing 10 gain by COfllinuing forward            Hill a.s a -respon<o,e~ to terrorism - things like the   sys tem lhal wou ld theoretically allow the entire
            in our spirit o f cun os uy, education. and                Patriot Act. the Homeland Security color                 lnremer to be monitored along with its use rs.
           rebe llion againsr conformity.                              scheme, Operation TIPS, Total Information                Tbe apparen t frus tratio n the gov ern me nt is feel-
                  There's always a price 10 pay in order to take       Aware ness, etc, And while man y of these thing ~        ing is summed upin this statemen t by o ne of the
           tho~ sleps and sometimes irs a tlt avy price,               are still around, pub lic awareness and puh lic          plan's coordinators : ~ We don't have anybody
           Dmitry Skl yaro\' spem time in an American                  criticism has soared - and it's II'I()St defin ile ly    that is able to klllk at the e nti re picture. When
           pri 'oOrl and was unabl e to return 10 his native           made I difference.                                       SOITlCthing it. happening, w e don'l lnow irs hap-
           Russia few nearly sil months _ simply beca u"C                  People: are taking more time to think these          pening until it's 1 late . ~ That is wh y the plan
           he wn~e I program lhat cou ld be used in a way              things lhrou gh and more of them seem to be reo
                                                                                                                                will fail. What they wanl is not only impo!<>sible
           tnar vlolaled the abs urd Digil.al Millennium               alilj ng !bat dimini!Jlin g our freedoms really is-
                                                                       n't go ing 1 accom plish a whole: 1 - other than
                                                                                    0                        01
                                                                                                                                001 it nies in the face of every thing the net rep-
          Copyrighl ACI. It made no difference that be
                                                                       diminishing ou r freedoms. We've see n less talk         resents. It would be lhe equivalent o f wiretap-
          wrote ltlt program in another country. Even
                                                                       (If the ale rt status color cod ing sys tem a.. it.      ping everyone at all times and we suspect rn<.lSl
          Adobe. the compa ny that origina lly pressed
          charges agai n'ol Sklyamv, realized how ridic u-             becomes mocked more than it's used .                     peop le just are n't go ing to go fo r rhar. Expect a
          lous. the who le Ihing was and tried to drop it.                 The TI PS system was heavily crincized for           backlash on th is like noth ing we've ever seen -
          BUI It was 100 lale and the American juslice I>y~            ib Stasi -like system of informing ()fI one's            if this scheme even makes n ro spri ng .
          tern w'ent 1 won.. eve ntually pulling Sklyarov's
                         0                                                                                           ~
                                                                       neig hbors and having unlrained civilian. prowl.              AtKurd and ridiculous a.. some of these:
         company (EIcom"Oftl 00 trial inslead in el-                   ing around kJoking for potenli al thou ghterime.         plans may be. it's no excu se for 110I remaining
         chang e for his t~limony. 1be authon ties did n't             And in true Orwellian !>lyle:, all menlioo ofTlPS        \ 'igilanl and fight ing those who endanger uur
         count on tbe defendanls putting on a stroog fighl             wa~ removed from the citil.encorps.gov website           freedom . Our victories may appear 10 be few
         and they didn 't ,,:oun l on the ma.~~ i ve ~how of           where il had been prominenlly featured . II never        and far betwee n but they are q uile significant.
         ~upport for Sklyaro v.                                        happe ned .
                                                                                                                                As is lhe: fact that 1ll1llC o f the m could have bee n
                Tht' re's a real.o n !\O few ca'its ever make it It)       The TOlal Information Aware ness initiative
                                                                                                                                accomplished without a degree of organil.ation
         a jury. People are righlf ully lerrified of the sys _         is still very much with us, In the ir own words.
                                                                                                                                and activism. Whether the n u"C is end ing the
         lem and whal il can do to the m. II's imnic thaI il           T IA is mea nt 1 he a -tolal reinvention of tec h·
                                                                       nologies for !>toring and ac~"i ng infonna-              SUffering of a single: person, o ve rt urn ing a real ly
         too k. someone from out~ide our country 10 !oland                                                                      bad law. ew preserving e\'eryo nc:'s righ l to pri-
         up 10 the syYern and refu <;e 10 be intimidated.              lion ... although dal.abasc: size: will no longer be:
                                                                       rneawred in the traditional ~n~, the amourm              \'acy, reaching OUI to like -minded individualt.
         1be trial . look platt in December and it only                                                                         and helping 10 make it a major ist.ue is critical,
         look the JUry one day to rule in Skl yarov's anoJ             of data thai will need 10 be !>!ured and accn.'iCd
         Elcom"Oft's fa\"()I".                                         will be unpre<:edented , mea..ured in petabyto, ~        It's gotlC:n us this far and il wi ll conlinue 10 be
                                                                       All of this will sup~l y iden lify terrori sts by        our strongc!>! weapon.
Page 4                                   2600 JUagazille               Winter 2002-2003                                                                                       Page 5
                      by Chr is S hifle tt                                  T h e Vulnrra hili ly                                                                   It       ok:
                    ch ri.<; @lih ifld t.o rg                   The vulncrabllny that exists in Internet Ex-
                                                                                                                       All cockles Ihat would be made avaitable to a               a technique must be esmblis hed 10 store these
     Th is article is a fo llow-up article to "Pass-      plore r versi ons 5.5 and 6.0 was origina lly nl-
                                                                                                                 server-side script in the www.passport.com do-                    coo kies on an imposter's weh b ro wser. Many
 port Ha kin g." an art icle pu blishe d in 18:3.         luded to on the web at hlt p:/l www.MJl utions -       main will appear in the alert box . Th e significance             methods can be utilized for this ste p, an d the cri g-
 M uch of the information here is give n under            .fili nde x.cgil news_ 200 1_ I I_08?lang=e ng. In     of this example is that we now have a tech nique                  inul article give s sa mple code for o ne . Th is finul
 the assum ption that yo u are familiar with the          order for a web site to gain unau thorized access      for executing a cliem-side script that has acces s to
origi nal art icle , so you sho uld read it first. Th e   to a use r's coo kies. an about: UR L is used to de-                                                                     step will co mplete the impe rsonat io n. and the im-
                                                                                                                 any cookies from any domain we chou se. When
original art icle was the first to reveal the sec u-      ceive the web browser so that it e xec ute s chenr-                                                                      poster can then pose as the user whose account
                                                                                                                 co mbined with Passpo rt's complete dependence
 rity vulnerability in Microsoft Passpo rt that           side scripts in the loc al context wit h regards to                                                                      was compromised by visiting an y Passport
                                                                                                                 on cook ies, the danger should be clear.
pro mpted Mir..-rosoft til discont inue the Passpo rt     security restrictions. Th us, a client-side script                        Th e Cmnp rUllliS('                            enabled website.
service for a short period of tim e while im-             can po tentially have as muc h access to yo ur               The only step remaining for a complete com.                                       S um ma ry
provements were made . Ot he r articles have ap -         co mputer us you do.                                   promise is to evtahlivh a method to get the cook-                     Due to the fundamental flaws in the design of
peared since the original, an d it has been                    An exam ple of a URL exploiung this vu l-         ses sent to the web server where they can be                      the Passport mechani smI do not recommend that
translated into severa l different languages . Un-        nera bility is the follow ing :                        stored and subsequently retrieved by the im-                      it be used in conjunction with sensitive data or
fo rtunately , the Passport mec ha nism possesses         aoout:II<s,;ript%20Ianguagl:"javascript>a1ert(1ltis    poster. To de this. I will usc a URL similar to the               personal informat ion . The conve nie nce is not
the sa me fundamen ta l f1<lWS thaI it did when Ihe       %201'0r0wser%20is%2Ov ulnerahle.'kiscripl>             last example. except that the script will redire ct               worth the sec urity risks, and it is likf ly that this
orig ina l article was written. thou gh attempts               A vulnerable browser will execute this            the user to a remote URL and ap...md the co o
                                                                                                                                                        ,..            kie         article doc s nut represe nt the "usr uf such ris s. As
have been made to mitigate these risk s by im-            client-side sc ript. which will display the fol-       data in the query string Mlhat URL:                               I mentioned ea rlier. the mechani s m itself is fun-
                                                          lowing alert box :                                           about :/lwww.passJllll1.coml< script%20lan -
posing shorter timeout periods an d requiring                                                                    guage=j avasc ript:>docu menl.luc mion='hnp:lls hi.               damcmally flawed ; art icles such as this merely
user s to re-autheruicare the mse lves more oft en .                                                             l'Iet LorgldemosJpllssport _hackin g.. revisitctll'!l:llo         desc ribe tec hniques th.tt can be used 10 e xploit
                      H.lIckl:round                         Miclosofllntemet Explore.                   EJ       kies:·-t-dncumenl. couk ie<Jscript >                              these flaws.
     In "Passport Hack ing." I introduced the Mi-                                                                      Th e most dan gerou s characteristic of this                                '
                                                                                                                                                                                       For those ....he are curre ntly using a vulnerable
crosotr Passport mechan ism and its inherent in-                                                                 technique is that no interaction from the use r is                Web brew -er and wish to con tinue to usc it. visit
security      charac terized         by     a complete           ,        This browser is vulnerable.            required. Because of this charucrerisnc . an at-                  hllp :/lww w.micro'>on.com/wind owsl ic/d nwn -
dependence on cookies. Though cookies can be                     •                                               tacker can redirec t the user through muny URLs                   toadsk·rilical/qJU675/de fault.as p and install the
an adeq uate mea ns of maintaining stale in                                                                      tfuu will compromise the coo kies from many dif-                  security patch. Ther e are many we bsucs tha t uti-
                                                                                                                  Ferem domain s rather than just one. Thi s make s
HTTP transactions . the y are a poor choice for                                                                                                                                    lile co okies in orde r tu maint ai n st ate. and using a
user au the nticati on. Using co o kies and URL                                                                   Imem et Explor er versions 5.5 and 6.0 even more
                                                                                                                 dangerous than the previous versions with 1"('.                   vulnerable brow ser pl:..:t"s you at ri sk o f many at-
variables, Microsoft communicates with Pass-
po rt enabled sites throug h the use r alone ; there                                                             garU., 10 coo                                      . IS
                                                                                                                                 kies. In add ition. this co mpmrmse .             lacb vimilur tu the une described he re .
                                                                                                                 eve n easier to achieve than the ori ginal. requiring                 An interactiv e dcrnonstmtlon o f the techniq ue
is no server to server co mmunication. Thi s is
                                                              The significance of this is more ext reme          very little expertise on the part of the attac ker.               described in this article i" lo ated :11 hllp:llshi .
the fundamen tal desig n flaw tha t exposes Pass-
                                                          than this example illu strates. Because Internet             Once lhe cookies are stored on the web server,              t1 ell .tlrg/d~·mosJpassJll )rt_hud.in~rev i s ih:d/.
port use r; 10 all of the securi ty vuln erabilities
                                                          Explorer exe cut es this client-side script in the
tha t hav e been published to date .

                                                                                                                 !LAZY EXCHANGE ADM INS I
                                                          local context , this script has fewer securi ty re-
     The vuln erability used 10 compromise a
                                                          strictions than client-sid e sc ripts that Intern et
Passport accoun t in the original art icle involved       Explorer be hevcs to be se nt from :1 remote we b
usin g a malformed URL to expose a use r's                serv er. In addition. we can make a simple m(JU-
cookies to an unauthorized website . Th is vul-                                                                                       by dd.s hl·lhy                                    As an ad min you have the abi lity to create un
                                                          ificanen to our UR L to make the do mai n check-           Security in Exchan ge is or should he a con-                  account during install thaI is not the sa me as the
ncruhilhy unly existed in Mic rosoft Internet             ing mechanism in Internet Explorer mis take the        cern for many admin v out there becau se of its                   defa ult administratur account in the OS . But not
Explorer versions ·t o - 5.0, so this technique           lI RL for one from any domain we choo se when          Iairly widespread use in many sr na ll tu mid sized               many elect hi do this because o f the log on/lug off
could nor be used to compromise the Passpo rt             it chec ks for coo kie restrictions. Fo r example:                                                                       hassle to administer the OS along with a se parate
                                                                                                                 orga nizurions. It dues have some worth y features
account of peopl e using Internet Explorer ver-           about :/lwww.passpllrt.com/<seript%20Ianguagc=j                                                                          account to admin ister Exchan ge . If a se para te Ex-
                                                                                                                 but al"l' has "orne ser ious sccun ty co ncerns t like
sions 5.5 and 6.0. This article will denmnvtrate          avascriptsalern dccurncru.cookle kfs<-Tipt>            eve rything from Redmund ) that need to be at-                    change udmm account .....as not crc uted <lithe time
a techniq ue that can be use d to co mpromise the             If yo u arc currently logged into M i~'roS(,ft     tended tn. And that is the pUtl"' sc of this artid e.             uf inst.tll (whic h is alm ost alway s the case) and
acc ounts uf people who m e the se new er ver-            Passport when visiting this URL, an ale l1 ho x        To infornl and educute thuse who re<ld il an d                    iI's ,In N T~ server. tlk-n it's almost guaranteed that
sions of Internet Explure r and will direct Inter -       si milar to the fo llowing will appear:                nmybo: el,Jll' se a f<:..... EU'hange admins to so me             adm inistr.ltnr @..... hnc ver.comexists, becau se you
net Ex.plorer user s to the pat ch th<lt will Iix. this                                                          infornlation they might lind usefu l. So le!"s !lei               ca n't rename thl.'adlninistntt nr account for the OS
vulnerahi lity.                                                                                                  slarted.                                                          in NT. If it's a Win2K se.....er wi th Exchan ge 5.5

Page 6                                                                                 2600 Magazine              \Yillier 2002·2003                                                                                               Page 7
or Exchange 2000. tile same is aL'<O 1JUe. But with         mail. one large IIUadUllenl cou ld 00 the same. To               reaches it,; lim it again , In addi tion. the de frag            .....ln2 K laptop bu t many othen wort j ulOi the
tbe ability 10 rename the default lIdminiSUlllor ac·        U'>C any general u.ers ~ b s lightly _                           needs drive,;pace equal to or greater tlwl the MU                ume. A §CafI of a range of add~ses 10 pun 25
COIInt in tile OS . !here ~ a chance il lIta.. renamrd      difficul t since users usual ly read the ir mai l. But           of the dataha'iC'. BU thi~ inev ita bly brin gs me
                                                                                                                                                        I                                     will eventually re veal III opren pan. If n's an Ex-
at tile lime of setup. In both cases (bsu ming de-          the admini<;trator l!ICCOOnl is almost eever used                hac k 10 adminl> who w ere baggi ng groceries six                c hange serv er it will identify itself ~ !OUCh. as
faull) the administralor accou nt for lhe OS has an         since adm ins set up an adtJre,,-'Io for the mselves anti        mo nth s ago. Another sa fety net wou ld be 1 im -
                                                                                                                                                                              0               we ll a.~ the v el1;ion a nd build . Fur example : 25
S MTP add re,,- thai follo ws the co nvention: ad-
                   s                                        use il instead.                                                  pternen r a seco nd MX rec ord for the d o main wilh             S MT P 220 scn-e r.du main.whoeve r.co m ES M11'
minislralor@.... boever.com. If the OS is NT4 ,                     As dri ve space comes close to zero a vailatllc,                             c
                                                                                                                             a h igher cost ro te. so any incoming mall rejected               Server I Mil.'Tosofl Ellc han ge Inte rnet Mail Ser-
the n it's a shoe ·in unless the S MTP settings Wert'       the Exc hange service tha i handles S MTP (I]o,t S )             by Exc hange wou ld be co llec ted on anot her ma-                vice 5.5 .2653. 13) ready. In thi s.e xample if ,. II 5 .5
edited by lhe admin. Thi s is the probl em.                 shuts down and all incomi ng mail is rejected. Bot               c hine . Then with ETRN you COIIJd dequeue the
               SorM Basin 01 EJ.chanll:e                    since the information SloR: sen-ice (the da tabase )                                                                               SP4 server. With IhiIt. the domain i~ known. the
                                                                                                                             mai l from the h igher cost server and no mail                    .dminilOiTiltor adt1Teu can he correctly ..... lImed
     The: §laRdan:I vCTSion of Exchange 5.5 and             uwally COrllinUC'5 to run. and if the admi n is wnat1
                                                                                                                              Vr'oukJ be lost .                                                95 percent or the time or better, and the reM is up
2000 both bave a limit on !he ..tee tlf either !he          enough 10 check the pri vatc infonnatm MoR:
                                                                                                                                              Iliseo n- r)' 01 . Seru'r
public or pri\l ale dalaha-\(' Ipriv.edh and pub.edb),      liSU'd in Exchange Admin, he wou ld sec the                                                                                        10 any del inq uent w ith nothing bener to duo Or at
                                                                                                                                   Re ganJ lcs. . (If tbe prneoce of a fire wa ll, by
1bey can not exceed 16 O B each. Tbe Enterpri se            tre me ndou s size o f !he mail bo x and the n j ust log                                                                            MlII1C point some worm w ill m ake it.. way 10 the
                                                                                                                              using one o f the many po rt scannt"~ an Exchan ge
versions of 5.5 and 2m ) are not limit ed 10 any-            into it a nd clea n il o ut. An eusy fix for lhi... is III                                                                         Internet a nd play Ihi ~ same g a me, o nly faMel.
                                                                                                                              server is easy to lind. I use Super Sc an o n my
thi ng ClCCp! a\lailatlle driv e s p ace. With serve r      j us l roil the S MT P add re» u f the udrninistrator
dri ve space slill ;;omew hat costly (1L"'''lIming !he      sccocm 10 somethi ng obloCure. In addi tion, you
server runs with !iOffiC form of SCS I and ra id),          COII ld tli~1e any unused S MTP addre!>.o;Q 10 he lp
rea.iting thi.. limit is not difficult for most orr:ani -   I'£Cvent getting slumped. A periodic check of
Latium of a dozen U!oCT'S or _           . Two ~..          available drive t.p;M:e Of the si/.e of ce ,edb fiks
IIt hy if .. so etiy to get 1 16 O B or reac h the
                                 0                           would be use ful, but !ooCCm~ 10 escape many
server's avai la-hle drive space limi t is the disre-       admi ns .
gard of mos t ad mins to wards li miting users' mai l-                         8uI \\'II.Il . It CrC't,. W OI'M'
                                                                                                                                                 by Pa rt icle Uored                           ca n't figu re OUI huw (0 do it, fire up the 1M c he nl
boll size and the users' habi l o f usin g Outlook                  As opposed 10 reac hing the drive space limit,
deleted hems folder as an archive fo lder. Th e 00-          if lhe 16G B data base limit is reached i n~lead, il                 Are ytHI hav ing a tt.u-d time figurin g oul whal            on you r Mao.: and a\k you r grand TTl<lther'.
min has the ab ility 10 roeee notilic al ion limits on       becomes II wtole differe nl story, If the En terpri se           10 do with you r X I0 camera now thai you are                         I mou nted the monitor and receiver on my
usen' mailbox size on either I gklbaJ or per U\Cf            VCTSKJn is installed before the 16 GB Iimir is                   done play ing prxtical jokes on friends and fam-                 da'ihbtlard with Vek:ro. If Ihi s method 00sUUt."tS
basis. The spam i~we is illo;o partly to blame since         reecbed, tbrn disa      ster un be avotded. nOVr·C~'Cf.          ily? ftJr !eM than S50 you can pul the X10 re-                   your view you can PUllhe monitor on lhe pu.'iC'ft-
everyone j~ de~ iL bul the mrntalilY of uo.ing               if the 16G B limi l isl"C'aChrd before uppading. the             cet...er in yOUf car and begin screwing arountl                  get'seal Of "oor. Make lOUre yoo don't recem any-
the deleted ilems folder 115. an ;;m:hi\le comes bKk         informat ion store service i~ shu t down automati·               wilh complete wangen.                                            thing Vr·hcTe il might hinder the deployme nt of an
to hau nl agai n, only addi ng 10 the tot.11!>ize of the    cally and cun ', /I, rr.•/uru d. lbe rel'U h rrom Ihis                 S't/ildanJ dj.,,-,u,im~~: J don't accept respon"i-          airbag.
dat abase. So the 16 G R limit is in many ca'iC)             is all incomi ng S MTP mes."llge ~ are rejected al               bilily for my own actiun..., ~o I dc ti n itcl~ won '.1as-             Now hit the roa d. I found m y tinl CIII\1('I'B
close r lhan o ne mighl think. Th is is especially           the ..... rve r a nd no user can log in 10 the ir rt:!ipa:-      ~U l1le responsihilily for youOl. If TV ,. III ...e h lcles       within 60 seconds o n the vc ry ne XI block . I
troe if none o f the lim ib were evt'f put in place          tive ma iloo ll. And the ad min c an't gel the f\U\lice          are illeg al in you r area. or should you get dec api -          ty pica lly find one abo ut every 15 min\ltc!\.
and the servCf ha.oi ~ in uSC: for a year or longer.         ~ed 10 log in and delete the o ffend ing conten t.               lain! from a TV ftying around in yOUf car iI'S yOUf                    In closing hcTe are a few th ings I learned the
If made worse by the fK1 that 'ilt\I1I orpnil.a-             As.iUI adm in you can purcha-e the Enterpri)t n!i·               problem.                                                          lint da y:
tions don't need a rnorn.leT SoC'O'Cf to run Exchange        tioo rOf IWO grand. but insta lling it on top of the                   ti eR' is whal you will n«d 10 get started:                      _ Ooo 't .....orry about the channel s.....ilCh on
5.5 and lIt-ith the hardware reqlriremrnl5 foCI fonh         stano.1mt edition ~n't q uite 'iOl\'e the problem.                    J~IIM" JjJ·8W TV/M""i,,,r (otI1y S2j aJ T/U1CrO              yOUf receiver · most folh lea \'e il on the de fau lt
by Win2K !oCO'cr. many ha~e eb:ted to ~tay .....ilh          All i~ not lost - lhen: is a woohround fOf this                        X 10 Rrc~il ...r                                            channel -A",
NT4 and EJlchan ge 5.5. An NT 4/EJ1chan ge 5.5               l i ~ted in lbe Know k d ge Ba.oC tha t ex plains how to
                                                                                                   '                              OC P" u t~ml with "L " COlllU'Cwr                                   _1be tOlnsm iuc n ha... e a- ra ng e o f o nly llllMlOO
serve r l;ou ld easily serve a ooz e n USCr1l o n a P200     co py !he datatlase inlo Ihe lICt i~'e foldcr ( u~uall y             IJC Po rr "Y" uJ" /l/f'r                                       100 yard~ so YO\l will nred ttl tie MJ mcw hat d o lo(:
wilh 32 me g~ o f ram and a sing le 10 GB ID E               e'll' hsr... Mt Il BIlATA ) IIftc r ytHI in.~talllho: En ler-        Vt k ro                                                       10 you r targct.
dri ",e . Don 't laug h. I'\le see n ii,                     prise ver1lion. RUI if the data ha.-..: ha" reac:hcd the             1be Jensen TV i" a 5 " block and \/o hitr:                          _ You·1I tcnd 10 gCl aud io before \·ideo. so
     Gening bKk 1 the paiRl. Any Exc hange
                         0                                    16GB lim it youll he copyi ng for a ..... hile. If the           portahle monilor thiu has both video and audio                    youll know )'00 are onto !>OI11ething when the sta-
)Cf'\ICf is vulnerable to gelli ng s.....amped and not       admi n is uV\l)' enough. he coold play the: game of               RCA inpul ja;:b. II can run on AC. DC. <.- bal1t'f-               tic on the TV goa; allt'ay. K~p your e)'C!; tXl the
~y MJIIr Rn\' hack.. You ca n cra-h El.change by            ju~ renaming fNders in!'lcad (If ropying . B~                      tcS and COITIeS with a car 1ig.hICf adapcer.                      road and pu ll O\'er \II hen you sian receiving
s imp ly knowing Iny e·mail addret.5 ()( any rec ipi-        .....ith so many Wi ndows admin......'ho ch anged ca-                 The XI O re«i\t'f i.. intended for indoof use ,
enl on any gil'en server_ 1be ugly part is I hi~             reen from grot.'Cf)' bagging, if~ unlikely they 're                                                                                 audio.
                                                                                                                               SCI it is shipped wilh on ly an AC adaplt'f. If you
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Yuo'll nOlll.C se ...eOlI del ini tc pa llerns appear
cllu ld potenliall y happen over days or wC('h or            smart enou gh to figure tha t ou t. And as the                    louk III the UUlpul of the aJapt r r thou gh , you' ll sec
                                                                                                                                                                                                 un the moni tor atli mcs. For ellm lple. I h3vc ",,c n    '
e ven monlhs before it's e ven nOlicetl or it's j u!'l       Knowled ge Ba.sc a rtic le s ugge~ ls 10 co py Ihe .ed tl         thaI it is 12 "'011 OC whic h mean!> ytlu c a ll run ttt.:
                                                                                                                                                                                                 both narrow a nd wide hori zo ntal line~ . If you
tuo laiC. S ilK.~ Exl;hllngc by defaull has an ac·           Iile. it seems 10 me thaI a l lell-~I one em ployee at            rccei ...Cf strolig.hl off your car ba llCI)' . Si nce I
COII nl 8.ssigned 10 U1e Administrator of the OS, an         Redmond didn'l figu re il OUI ei the r. Ad min. rouId"                                                                               ide nlify the devil.-es lhat cao~ them. IItritc to the
                                                                                                                               wan lN the sy ste m 10 be easi ly renllwed. I de·
S MTP addrel;.s niM-.. for iL If you a-.. . sume thiu the    also defrag the database ...ith a uti lity inc luded                                                                                 leuen section of 2MXJ and let e\leryone know. I
                                                                                                                               ciJt:od 10 power it with anolher Iig.hlt'f curd (the
admifliSlJalOf -=cou nl i$ not ~Ullly in UfoC tou1           "..ith Ex('hange in the exchsnr'lbKt folder cal led                                                                                  would bet one (If them is • 2.4 G Hz Cdl-liess
                                                                                                                               one lItith the "L· connector ). 11 i!; l'O'iti... c-li pped.
 """ e xisL'Io, one COIIkt Iheo rrtically IWIrTlP an Ex-
change SCI'\ICf by sending numeruus e- mai ls with
                                                             ~I i l tboth S.S and 2(DJ). Thi s would buy
                                                             enouJh time 10 delete enough and rco.:over. But if
                                                                                                                               SCI male!>Utl: you ha\le the p.llarity right.                             .
                                                                                                                                                                                                """""._ able 10 gel perfect catlle lV IWice, Is
                                                                                                                                                                                                   _ J lIt'a\
                                                                                                                                    Now plug everythi ng together. Nearly all o f
 lalge OOgus allachmenlS. Or if the ~nder'5 lSI'             !he SMTP ~l'\Ike IM S is runn ing and emai l if,                   lhe CtlRRCC'ltlrll can o nly go in o ne plat.C. The'            someone u~ing wireks~               fill'   ellten~iUflS   or
docs not imp.l!iC limils ( m the s i1.t tlr OIl tgoin g      still int:oming. it could be a rocl: to delele befo re il          RCA Connl.....lnn i arc fu lly cn lor-ctltk'd, so if yu u
                                                                                                                                              .                                                 snmc lh ing'l

PageS                                                                                          2600 Magarin.                    \\'inter 2002-2003                                                                                                Page 9
                                                                                          ve ry, very tine inst ruments a~ a C D is o nly                area 10 above tbe erystall i/ation poin t - 2/XK:' •

        ~                         .~                                ~"                     1.2m m Ihiel . B UI the main variable is ho w hot             and uen lets it coot quickly !>II that the ato ms re-
                                                                                          lhe aluminu m/gold is when [l vapo n zes and if il             order themselves. The read taser is muc h lesv

     CO Med1a uala 0
                ~-                                    ..........,
                                                                     l     J:
                                                                                          i ~ hoI enough lu ch ange Ihc: slate lhe dye is in -
                                                                                          fro m transparent to maki ng ce whole di~k
                                                                                          upaquc 1 a reader. From looking al a few nuked
                                                                                                                                                         powerful. The dielectric layers t h.lI are above and
                                                                                                                                                         be low !he phasc-chitnge compound are by de l1 ni-
                                                                                                                                                         lion . poor coecuoors of electricity and w ill su v-
                                                                                          CD- Rs Ilhink thallTlO'iI data wuuld be 10-0-1. On a           tain!he fora' uf an electrc field pas,ing through
                    by Gr3y tOquJ                                                         blank CD that is nu ked. there is a ~loo!.oe ~wiriy ·          it." So thai would DOl allow much of !he: electric
             It"') loqu~ @ paladindr:oJ1=:n.ea                                            pattern of !he diffe~ol ~hades Iwn nee and ue-                 l1e1d caused by the microwave 10 be able 10 real;h
      While w(' ll-\ hacleo. have: an ~~ion with                                          wriuen }, effectively making true daUl imflO'!'sible
                                                                                                                                                         the pha.sc-change compound layer ... here lhe data
rreeoom of ~ we: a]<,o hone: an ob<.e"jun                                                 1 find. On CDs with data it would do ce same
                                                                                                                                                         is stored. BUI lheo again, iI's no! made 10 ~land
with data de>truction. I ,,,.'ute this ankle: 10 quell                                                  01
                                                                                          and '00 . 1 of data would be 1m.!. So on CD- Rs
my • and many ocher peoples' - interest in !he lal-                                       iI's DOl really a guaran teed prtJCns of hav ing               Ihc: bombardmenl by a microwave. Also. iI's a
1« specifically dc'aling with CIh. ~I' vc: heard                                          your dala fully and completely removed. A I~                   heal ins ulator so Ihc: temperatures caused by the
nuking the' ill in a microwave: is"", 100 percent                                         though if you're up againsl 'oorneone' like !he                                                  i
                                                                                                                                                         reflective layer \'aporizing ....II no! affect it 1 00
succe ..sful in ~troying the data" was stated in                                           NSA/t'BIICIA woo are going 10 all the lrOUble1           0    muc h either. So i1gain w ith advanced lools it
"How 10 Hack From. Ram Di,k w in 18:4. J tried                                             I1nd thai informatio n you ha ve far bigger prob-             mig hl be pt'>!osilJle 10 remove the damaged
to find infonnallon on thi:. top ic bm lhe1e really                                        lem l> 00 your hands and I'm gues sing you 'd never           materi al and pu l tm a new reflect ive layer.
is none o UI there .!;() I decided to rake this lad; on                                    see a public COlIn.                                                Un fununate ly I have no w ay 10 find this tlut
for myself.                                                                                     C I>· RW, are a lillie diffe rent again. Insll:':td      for sure. I would like someone: 10 w ri te a follow-
      When I started doing rese arch for (hi.. article I                                  uf the dye laye r there's a pha..e-c hange com-                up 10 Ihis article wi th actual la b data (U ni ve r-
realized that there lire many ways to destroy CD-                                          pou nd com po sed of silver, indium. antimony,                 sity). A~ you can see it is not know n if
ROM. CD· R. and CD-RW media. The: firvt                                                    and telluriu m. Th is recording la yer is sa nd-               microwavi ng is a IOn perce nt sec ure fo rm of data
thing.. I found we're targeted tow ards comm e rcia l                                      wic hed bet wee n d ielectric layers that dra w ex -          re mova l for C D, Rs and RWs. It is one of the
lises. I found pmduCb thlll u~d "mic ro indenta-                                           cess heal fm m lhe pha~-changc layer during Ihe                most sec ure options there is. It s ho uld ho ld up
tion" to "reliably penetrate the data ..urface of                                                        c
                                                                                           writ ing pro ess. A C D- RW dri ve h<l-"1O use three
I~ct media. do.."!itroying any readable rJata" and
                                                                                                                                                          unless you have PO T US tPres iden l o f the United
                                                                                           differentlasers: a read laser, a wme lase r. a nd an
as a ..ide effec t the CD went frum round 10 an                                                                                                           Slates) reall y pis.\Cd lilT III you. Local poli ce
                                                                                           e rase laser, To write 1 a CD iI laser beam heals
oval ..hape . Sure sou nd.. good. right? Well if you                                       area~ of the ph ase-change material above lhe
                                                                                                                                                          agencies and the FB I pmhahl y do OtJI have the:
have S5k 10 lOl a- IC u's great, Then there's so me
                      S                                                                    melting temperature l500-7~" 0;0 allihe alllm~                 let:hool ug y to retri e ve data frum II nuked CD.
tha i grind iII w'ay lhe recording: ~urfal;C', The o ne I                                  in Ihi ~ area can mov e rapidl y into II liquid !>tate.        Mosl of !he people ...OO argue th allhis ir. I'O"sihl e
found coo;.l !()I,;,. 80lh of \he!.e .-.olulioo~ aR' noC                                   Then. if conled quickl ) e nou gh, the ~ndom liq-              a1'oOargue that "the y· wnu ld ju "l go back in lime
pril:Cd for l ~ iII vera~c: per;on. Simply de kl in,                                       uid SLale doe. nOI reorder ib atom" bad. inlo ill              10 before you nuJ.ed !he C O ....
~ files from ill CD-ROM/R/RW 10100'1 woo ei·                                               \"f)'Slalline slalC_ To eT"3.-«e. a la W!" heals tho:-.arne        Grut:; Spiff)" unJ Syphu:
ther. 11lne are plenl)' o f 'oOftwilJe M1 ilC<> oullho:T"e
for l"C'COVering d'lla from !hem . I found one for
SJ9.95 and the re WlL~ c:s    'et1a f~ 30 day trial . S<)
if you have ill low l<."Ch ad\'ersary you 're hidin s:
In.: dala from even that wouldn't worl. 1bc: sofl -
                                                                                                                                                          --"'- --
                                                                                                                                                           .-                                          1103

...·are can al'iO 1"('(:0VtT dala from qu id. formalled
CD- RW.... \Iohde!he data i ~ kflllrre jusl to he                                                                                                                                                              •
OV(1"lOo'rillen al a lilltT lime (the "il lTIC' C(llll. epI a~
                                                                                                    _ _ '2""                                                                                                   J
                                                                                               ..                                                                                                              •
I"('(:lwering deleled dala fRlm your hard dri w •
                                                                                              ,                                                                       "OIl-
lhe reference 1 the: data in !he dri ve lable is re·
moved. lhe data i ~n'l louc hed ). Let 's get 10 the                                          ~­                                                                                                             I
 main poinl of tl\c anicle: Doe~ datil de ~truction
 Wilh a micro .....ave really wo rk'!

       Firsl. III undcrslilnd if lhe: mk ro wave is an ef·                                                                                                                                                  -I
 fective WiI)' In de~lro)' dala you n~d to unda-
 ~land ho..... CD~ lire made. All lhree I y pe~ of cn
1CD · RO ~ . C D· R. and C D-RW) are differen1. In                                         SOnll' of )111.I may ('(·ml'mht.'r a pruhll'm we had with II com pliny ca lii'd IOSI hack in 19'15. To pul it
the ne xl li" le whil e I'm going 1 10lll al the three
                                       0                                                   hr il'ny, WI! we~ misll-d into s i~ n i n" a cunlr Ul'l for (SIl:"l st'niel' thai didn 't ubi alld almo~tlosl a
di ffe renl IYre~ and uplore if il will work for                                           si/ ilble down plI)ment. Once ...e publicbcd tb e silualio n lind stuck audio esidencl' of thdr dt'C1."it
eac h.                                                                                     o n t1ut \Io ehsile, we gol a refund in full , Mo re n1'enLl,.. rsl wl'nl bankrupl hi nd no, we don 'l fet'l
       CD·ROMs are euclly ...hat they -ay, Cn..                                            ji: uilty l.•·or !lollITIl' ~'" we \Ioound up Oil Iheir lisl of crnlittlrs a nd " ",nl ua ll, n'("l'in·d Ihi s chrt'k.
 wilb Read Onl y Me mory. Mm;1 of a CD- ROM                                                The) also milnllii:ed 10 rename us from 2btIO to 53'13, WI: don 't re a.lI) u nde rslllnd ll D) of it but if
consi ,t~ of a piece of clear poly carbonate plastic.
                                                                                           Ihis is how-Ih e} ran thinI:-"" IOe rna} undl'r.land how-Ihey "' l'nl oost..
 During manufXluring. Ihis plaslic i~ impres\Cd

                                                                                           1\';"I<r 2002-2003                                                                                        PagdJ
Pag,1O                                                                   2600 Maga:]",.
~ow to
                                                            DVD.Q -------,1
                                                                                                                  have a · .d1 v and a e. wav file. We need 10 merge        the "Input" file box. and the other two should he
                                                                                                                  these into a single MPG file. Fire up TMpgEn l:.          automatically filled in for you. C lick the stan

                              MakE> a
                                                                                                                  Once again. take a 1    (Xlk 01 what it ca n do before    button . II will rip the MPG file into a e. m l v and
                                                                                                                  trying to rip - this program in particular is very        a ·.mp2 file. These we need to load into BBM-
                                                                                                                  useful. I highl y recommend playing wilh the              peg . Go to the BBMpcg folde r and run
                                                                                                                  "MPEG To      ols" under the file menu . Now that         "AVI2MPGl". It loo ks very confusing when it
                by Maniac_Dun                           "Max Pilesize". Now set the max-filesize hi               yo u are ready tu go , check out the bottom of the        load s, but don 't fret. Take a loo k around again.
   Disclaimer: COPY;"!? DVDs 10 sell or DVDs            IO,OOOMB (10gb). This way the movie will be               main TMpgEnc screen. You have three boxes                 What we need 10 do is sim ply clic k the "Start
you do not "wn is illeR'" mil! immoral und              ripped to one big file OIl your hard disk. ("ilI7l '      there: "Video Source", "Aud io Source". and               Encoding" button. ignoring the very confusing
should  nt,' ~ dnne .                                   ingi This is onl y possible with NTFS. If y"u             "Output File Name ". For video source, we want            initial interface. C lick the Settings bunon. We
    After reading the leue r in 19:3 questioning        have a FAT file system, set max-filcsize 10               the · .d2v file we j ust created , and for audio we       need 10 set something on three out of Ihe four
the melhods of DVD co pying. I decided to write         4.000MB.)                                                 wanl the e.w av file. (Side note : listen 10 the          tabs you now have access to . On the "Ge neral
an article detai ling exactly how it's done. or at             3: Click stan and wait until the OVD i,            wave before finishing uns step. If it's not the au-       Settings" tab. set the "Max S izc(M Bt to a nurn-
leusr gel it close enough for nonnal peopl e to         finished. It shou ldn't take more than an hour.           dio track you want, go back to the OV02AVI                her equal to roug hly half the fileslxe o f the file
make backups of their DVIh. I've only tested                   4 : Fire up OV02AVI. Once again. I recom           step and selec t a different audio stream fro m the       you have, but dnn 't go higher than 10MB less
this on Regio n 1 l'ITSC DVDs. Readers in other         mend takin g a look around the program ~forr              aud io menu until you get the one you want .) For         than the size of your CD you w ill bum it to. I
countries should find a guide for their region          blindl y trying to follow my steps. Go to file·           the Output file name, select where you wan t the          like to keep mine set 10 640MB. it seems like a
and video fonnat. Sorry . I also find it useful [ 0     lopen. A blank box will appear with three hut             MPG file to be saved. Now we need to set up               prett y standard size. On the "Input and Output
bring a slack of VeDs with me on trips, since           tons on the left side. Click "Add" and add the            the encoder. Click the "Load" button next to the          Files" tab, we need to set three th ings. The "Pro-
my laptop doesn 't have nvn capabilities, Any-                                                                    output file name box. and navigate 10 the "T Mp-
                                                        filet s) you just ripped to the box , then dic k O K                                                                gram Stream File " is the nam e of the OUIPUI file
                                                                                                                  gEnc\Te mplate" folder. From here we have the
way.I'm go ing 10 detai l the methods for ripping              5: Press F5 to make sure the mov ie lou'"                                                                    you wan t. You r half-movies will be ca lled I file-
10 eirher AV I, veo, or SVCD . Some of the                                                                        choice of loadin g a number of templates, but
                                                        OK and (he VOB files are in the n ghr order, YIIU                                                                   neme tnt .mpg and j fiknameJ02 .rnpg. Now for
                                                                                                                  we're imerested in onl y (our. VideuCO (NTSC).
ste ps are the same . hUI for steps thai an: differ-    ....iII fUll have audio and the video will he fa~1                                                                  the "Video Stream Pile" and "Aud io Stream
                                                                                                                  VidenCO           (NTScFilm),         SuperVideoCO
eru. I will a_~si gn them rot h a number and a let -    This is normal. Mak e note of the 3-\P«t rano on                                                                    Pile", use lhe e.m Iv and • .mp 2 files we just ere-
                                                                                                                  (NTSC ), and SuperViut.OCD (NTSCFilm j.
ter, so 3fA) is the AV I instructions. 3\V j is         the box that pops up along the right side. You                                                                      ared, respecnvely, The last tab is the "Program
                                                                                                                        8(V): VCD users c heck where you wrote
ven. and 3(S) is SVCD. Any step Ihol applies            are almost ready to convert 10 either AVI 01
                                                                                                                  dow n the "Video Type" from the end of step 6.
                                                                                                                                                                            Strea m Settings". Simply choose W               VCO" o r
10 all three fonnal s will have no leners . In ord er   d2v/wav. Check your menu settings . For audin                                                                       "SVCD" from the radio bunons. The founh tab
                                                                                                                  If it was higher than 'Xl percent Film. load the
10 rip 10 AVI. you need Sman ripper and                 Track number should he - 1- , c hannel forma l                                                                      allows you to save yo ur senjngs for thi s pro-
                                                                                                                  "VideoCD (NTSCF ilm)" template. If the video
OV02AVI. To rip 10 VCO and SVCD, you need               should be "Auto". Dolby Dig ital should be "De                                                                      grnm. Do so if you are going to he usin g it a 1        01,
                                                                                                                  type was anythin g else, just load "Video            -
these files plus TMpgEnc and BBMpe g. A bo.             code" , MPEG Audio should he "Demus ", iUlll                                                                        C lick OK to get back to the "Start Encoding"
                                                                                                                  C D(NTSC t. Now d ick setting. Leave every-
for the ripp ing proces s to work o n XP or ~mc         48-144. 1 should be off . video settings sho uld ~                                                                  scree n. men d ick "Start". Thi s sho uld n't take
                                                                                                                  thing alone except for thi s selling: Under
versions of 2K. you need a valid aspl layer dri -       left alone .                                              advanced, change the "Sou rce Aspe ct Ratio " 10          very long .
ver. To bum your CDs you need software thai                   6(A ): AVI users rejoice! Thi s is the l a~t Mer    what you wrote down from "Aspec t Ratto " at                   10: Now we have two (o r so metimes three]
mppnrts VCO and SVCD burnin g, like Nero .              for yo u! Go to fije-j save AVI. pick a filenllnk"        the end of step 6. Now clkk OK to go NKk 10               files lhat are small enough 10 fit on CDs. Load
(Links for these program s are the end of this ar-      and location. and di ck "Save ", Now a box f'l'P"         the main window , You're read y to convert to             up Nero . In the "Create C D" dia log, nero should
ticle.) Now for the steps:                              up asking you to SClCl your preferred "i..k'"
                                                                                   1                              MPG . Click "Start" in the top left comer and             have options for both VCO and SVC O . Select
     I: Insert the OVO and play it for a few sec -      co mpress ion method. Choose your poison /I               then get some sleep. It takes up to three hours           whicheve r appl ies. Under the ISO lab. selec t
omls in a software DVD player. This will "un-           recommend DivX 5.0.2) and d ick OK . then II              lin a 2gh/" Athlon machine, probabl y much                "ISO Level l" for the filename len gth , and " ISO
lock - the OVO and allow you to rip it using            hack for a few hou rs while it converts. If the hit       much longer for most of you.                              9660" as the cburacter set. Also chec k all the
Smartripper.                                            is too large , find an AVI splitter oul there. he'              K : Video CO users , use the instructions
                                                                                                                         (S)                                                boxes under "Re lax ISO Resmcuons". Now we
     2: Load up Smanripper and take a look              heard AVIChop is good .                                   from step 8(V ) • just load the SuperVideoCO              are read y to bum. Click "New" and it will take
around. At the bllIInm of the screen is a "Target "            6(VS ): VCO and SVCDs need a few 11I1I1e'          templates .                                               you to a normal CD creation screen, except the
box which needs to he filled in with a valid            steps. Still in OV02AVI. cl ick tile- jsave I'll'               9: Boy. that look a whi le . N(lW we have an        C D window has both a directory struc ture and a
folder name . 'The rest of the first page is chapter    ject. Name the project and dick "Save". II '0\0111         mpg file of the co mplete movie. Check it for             file list box in it. Drag your file to the while box
selection for if you only want to rip certain           run lhrough the movie file once or twice anot             llualilY. audio synch. and general no -bein g-t           under the dire ctory tree , rwl into the tree' iIIt"/f.
sce nes (like Monty Python sketches). The sec-          then beep when it finishes. Thi s process Sh. IUIti       'oC rewed-up. When you're satisfied that the tile         t"w'n if.vou know wheTt' i/ goes. Nero will l:heck.
ond tah is I:alled "Strea m Proce ssing" and a l-       take less lhan the ripping pmcess, hut il dcpelltl         i>; co mplete, it is ~fe 10 delete all the other files   the file. If it eom p l a i n~ , just ign ore it. It should
lows you to select the languages and speci al           on your processor. Once it's dOlle, write dOl¥\ n         lhal you used for lhis proje l:t. Now the file            still work. Now bum ... and you w ill have you r-
track s you want ripped. I usually jusl rip them        Ihe contents of the "Aspl.'Ct Ratio" and "Vidl'tI         >; hould be roughl y a gig for a normal length            self a fresh VCD or SVCD. Repeal this step for
all and thl'n nnly 1:0  nVC"rt the English lrJck. hut   Type" oo:lOes. We neeu that infonnlllj(>f1 r••             mov ie. We need to split it up. Sta y in TMpgEnl:.       Ihe rest of the di sks needed 10 ge t the fu ll mo vie.
i( ynu' re hard pressed for drive spoce, then cut       TMpg Enc .                                                 Reme mber when I mentioned the coo l MPEG                      I I(V): Playing vens on I:om puters: You
out whal you don', wanl. NUl. click the seu ings               1: (From now on, all unlettered siers rt'f("11       roo ls? We're goi ng to use one of lhem now. Go         can use a so ftware VCO p layer , or j ust go into
tab. Under sellings, I reco mmend setting key-          VCO and SVCO onl.~·. sinl"e AVI U         ">Cr'S shnuhi    tu file- IMpeg Tools . Click. the "Simple De- Mu l·      Ihe CD and (lpen -AVESQOI .da l" in lhe "MPE-
che4:k tn "Every VOH File" and liIesplitting to         have stopped reauing this alread y.) Now ."                liplc:lO" tah. Load the mpg file of the mo vie into      GAV ~ folder wit h your favorite med ia playe r.

Page 12                                                                                2600 Mo}:a:.il11            lI'in/er 2002·2003                                                                                    Page 13
      II(S); Playing SV DS needs a compatible                                     !.inks
Dv n     ~"ft .....are player ur an MPEG2 cooec fur   hllp :flw",,'w.aftcrdawn.coml'd}nwarel~i<k'O_.ull _

your M<:dial Player. Pcl"1oonally. I u-e AT I\ me-
dia cente r. or PuwerDVD.
      12: Enjoy! Props 10 KalEI - I learned how to
                                                      wareldvdJ ippcN .manrippcr.l:fm
                                                      hup :J'www ,aflel"dal\-n.l·OTnI",flw areivideo_~,t't ·
                                                      wareld vdJippo:nJd,·d2avi .cfm
                                                                                                                           (                                                   Bu i 1din 9 the
                                                                                                                                                                               Bet t e r Hac k e r
                                                      hup :f1ww...'.aftcrda l\- n.comI...,rrwarcl videtl_)(,tt·
rip DVDs u~ing hi~ ~i l e. Also, cbeck 0lI1 after-
                                                      wllTdvideo_ttlolsflm~enc .crm
dawn.com - there are sorne good thin g ~ on           hrlp:Jlm.:ml!C'f'i.oox.netlbeyct...rlt>hm(lC'gJllml                            h)' Bla nd Inqui!>ilor ,                       would nOI under norm al circumstances en -
the re. I wuu ld also like to a~k Wihon 10 reed       hnp :Jlwww.ad:lptec .wm/.... rIdwiddsupplr1ldri·
                                                                                 o                                             hl and_inqu i~ito r@htltDlliil .('om, ""'~" age in. Il"s go ing to be ne xt 10 impossible for
lh i ~ article aloud to the e ta-s like he always     ~1 .html ?cat=lPmductlASPI ­                                         Hon eypots are usually pnlIramto lbat emu- pou.- xy6J r ninja to uce an entrapment de fense
doe s. Thanks.                                        -'.7O&filc:lcy=.a.spi_ ~'·n().cu                            hlte serv ices on a designated port. but once: sec - in coon. because by the time po po shows up. it
                                                                                                                  t"C!>. fu lly crac ked, offer no real po w er 10 the       will be ubvious he a~ Iame-assjng around of
                                                                                                                  anacker. Tbe honcyput program will thcn alert              his own accord. Ho ev er. ira crafty admin goes
                                                                                                                  lhe ad min thai an allack is in progress. and will on IRC and Iells everyone thai his honeypor is
                                                                          u.s. Dtop.nnwnt of JU'<tlC'e            allow the admi n to track the anecker's every              a<,:1ually the fabled governmen t compu ter thai
                                                                                                                  move . Hone ypot.s will also show the metholb bolds the truth ahout the Kennedy assassination,
                                            .                                                                     the attacker is using to gain entry, and wha t Area 51. and ancaent methods of dolphin nog -
                                                                          Fe<kraI 8uJaq or 10_"_
                                                                                                                  methods are being used 1 cover his or her
                                                                                                                                                     0                       ging and people hacL him. then an e ntrapment


                 .                                                                                                tracks.. In this anicle, I will show how honey - defense wou ld fotand a chance. 1be rea!'oOll is
                                                                                                                  pols woo. why honcypob are no! generally
                                                                                                                  practical for most security situations, and how
                                                                                                                                                                             that ee admin could never prove thai x)'63r
                                                                                                                                                                             ninja and his eTCW were going to hack hit> sys-
                                                                                                                  honeypob are htteding both smaner allacken. tem .....ithout being en ticed. Other crit ics '\.lIY that
       The NASA Office of Inspector General and the FBI are conducting ajoinl investigsnon                        and dumber admin s.                                        hone)-pob are akin 10 eteceonic wiretapping.
into unauthorized computer intrusions that have affected both the: government and private:                                          Ho w Ho rey pots Wo rk                   This I can agree wuh. Since there is no! much
industry. During the cou rse o f this investigation. we: discovered a log m e listing Interne!                             Hoeeypots are designed 10operate on many          kgal regulation of honeypot lec hno log y. and
Protocol addressc:s ~ server names. It appears 10 be:a list ofcomputers thai: were                                 level ... 1lley increase the time an attacker will        the cIO!>c:st legal procedures are 100!0C at best,
                                                                                                                   spend because the honeypol makes it unclear ~ very salt)' things cootc happen.
                                                                                                                   .... hich altack s woo and which 01lC1> don ·l. 1bey           Other companies could e xpand the basic
                                                                                                                   lei the admin know ....·hal melhod an auacker is thrust o r the lechnology. perh aps into the p2p
        In order to noti fy the potential victims of this aiminal activil Y and c:nable thc:m to check             using. before they succeed . such as port SClUl- Ddworb. At that point it would be: us, the
their own systems, we have compared the log of [P addresses and server names against the most                      mng. brule forcing a password. or a Sendmail              hacker c cmmurn that stand. up and Iells the
recent information avai lable in the WHOlS datab ase . This letter is being sem to you because the                 allack. Oece honeypot.s are widel y imple - world lhal thi ~ is a gross in~'a.sion o f prh'acy.
iP ~ or server sho wn below , and lasl registered to you, appc:ared on the log file: o f appara-tt                 mented. the attacker will be forced to ~pend Then. peeuy muc..-h jU'i.llike the M PAA did 10 us,
victims.                                                                                                           more lime in a system that may be: closely all they wou ld conceivably have 10 say is: "Co n-
                                                                                                                   watched, and will event ually be scared o ff. sider the: source , you r honor. Had~n w ant thi s
         We have no indicalion that lhe intrusions associated \vilh this activity arc: cont inuing. W.             Also. once xy6Jr ni nja the script kiddie ~1(lPS           lec hnolog y stopped. Hac kers are cri minal s. You
also are unaware of the backer's methodology against your system, the: pc terniallevel of access.                  going any.... here ncar the system. admins can to- don 'l .....ant 10 !>i,Je with criminals, do yeo? We
or the poss ible damage to your syslem. The time frame: of the ecuvir y to which the log file                      cue a ll the ir attention nn fending off people wilh are here to protect the American people from
relates occurred between December 2001 and March 2002 . with the majority of the activity                          actual ~ L iII .                                                                     e
                                                                                                                                                                              hacke",. and we ne c you 10 he brave and give
occurring in mid-Feb ruary 2002 .                                                                                          In one of the honeypo! advc m .....ments I u~ tl1c po ....-er to shut these nas.ly people dow n."
                                                                                                                    read. port 365 was being used a. the hone yptll Then in all like lihood . the corporations. wou ld
                                                                                                                    port. This mean. that a scan thai return.. port roll right ever us again. I don 't think u take s a
        This comm un icano n is being provided to you by the Walch and Warning Unit of (he
                                                                                                                    365 as active will make the would -he attacker major lea p or log ic to .....e thai this is ..... hen: hon-
Natio nallnfrastnlCture Protection Center (NlPC). located at FBI Hcadquan crs in Wash ington.                       tum and ron off. and that system s Ihat an: not eyptlltechnolngy . or mnrc specifically. lec hno l-
D.C. In addition to the recommenda tion that you check your log files for indications of unLawful                   running the honeypo t can use ptl" 365 11'; a og y that clearly vio late. people's rig hts unde r
activity and take appropriate mitiga tion ;Il;tion. NASA and the FBI request that you provide any                   hlutT so that when xy36r n inj a the script kidd ie the gui.... ur protCl.."tio n. could be headed. Also . I
infQnnation relating to \.his mailer to the NIPC by e. mailing the Watch at nipc .watch@ fbi.gov .                  SlC. il and the sy~tem looks sexy. he .....ill be le. s don't trust Ihe "g()lJd guy s" any farth cr than I
For recommendations abou t examining your systems in a manner thai helps preserve: the                              incl ined 10 go in becaur.e he thinks that the vul- can thro..... the m. We need to put a handle on the
ev identiary value of infonn ation you discover. please refer to the NlPC website at                                lIeTah ilities he "'ol"e~ are a deception. Accmdi ng situation hefore the ·'set.:urity communily" gelS
www .nipc.gov/ineidentlincident2 .htm.                                                                              hi Sec Tt"Ch ~y Slem . administ rator Dan Ada m.... allY ideas (10 how tn furth e r exptlnd the ir ptlwers
                                                                                                                    honeypn ts II rc "like openi ng a fake .t('re . lo' ld - pll ~ 1 uur righ ts o n the hac ks of Ihe hacker
System(s) Infonnation                                                                                                ing it with cool . Iuff. .md sin ing rnKL hop ing l'1'rlImun ity they de moni / e to ge t lheir way.
                                                                                                                    ~ome(lne ..... ill hreak into it."                                          W hy H llnl'.l l"'ts Art'
                                                                                                                            Hllneypob are catching a lot of pretty . eri-                J'lr;ol J' r ad k a l For E n ' r )-'ollc
T he kick er o f thi s is tha i bo lh th e contat"l and domains refere nced had not h ing 10 do                     nus helll fnJm the legal and ethi cal community.               The guud nc...... is that honeypt:lts arc m't a
                                                                                                                     S'lme critics are calling honey I'0ts enlrapment. lrue "M         ltutinn." The be st appli cation for a hon -
wi th us an d we were apparently ~ n t thi~ le ite r in e tTOr. Yel more w a!iled time and                           Let me clear thi. up for you . Enlrapmen t ucc urs e)'pt' l is to tM'k an intruder .....ho ha!> already
re soun,:es . (T he Walc h an d Warn ing Un it?! )                                                                   .... hen a person i. t"OCrced 10commit a crime.' thai made a hI'ml' in the s)'.tem. The mosl nntewor-
Page /4                                                                                    2600 ' tlaga:.;,,#'     lI'i" ler 2002·2003                                                                                Pag e / 5
thy case of thi~ happening was doc umen ted by             Most ad mins arc only slightly bcuc r than gfll k!         it' (sp litit[2j="www.fuc kge nera lrtlutors.com") I
Clifford 51011 in hi~ hoo k nIt> C/ldf/I(J's ERR,          o le xy63r n i nja in the first place - they ge t tile     ,hlC unu:nt.write("<h tmlx hcadxmeta hllp--e4Uiv:,REFRES lf
Slo lI was an admin lit Berkeley when he found             lalest and greates t piece of ready-made SOflWlHl:         l'un le nt=' 1;URl.= hllp:llwww.26(Xlcorn'><Ihcad><./html>n);
an intrude r using his sys tem to slea l secrets. BUI      and ca ll themse lves experts. What is hound In            I
only an edrr n who has bee n around the block a
                n                                          happen in the majori ty of the situa tions is thlll •      else t
few times and watches his system often ca n                                                                           dncumenl.wri te(-<html><hcadxmela hUJK'q uiv='REFR F.sH'
                                                           company sets up a honeypul and never txllhe n
make fu ll use of hone)'Jxlb. Apan Irom that.                                                                         corueme'I ;URl.=htlpJ/www.ford.com.><J1lead><lhl ml> -) :
                                                           to spend the lime it lakes 10 max imil-e as e ffec-
over 90 percent of attacl, against a system
                                                           tiveness. Of COU~, the true answer is for ad-
come fmm inside , and there is nOlhing a hone y-                                                                      <Jsc ripl>
                                                           mins and so ftware programmers to actual ly take           <Jh<,,",
pol can do to stllp someone who has in terna l ac-
                                                           a lill ie pride in their wort and do the ir joM            </hlml>
cess from running amok. For lhc average
company, the extent of a ho neypof s effective -           properly. Also, il would he lp if soflware compa-
iteM. is to keep xy6Jr ni nja and the reM of the           nics wou ld tale some respun"ioibdity .... hen the y           O K. here is the DNS Rc:dil1Xlion filler made in VB .
script kiddie!;, away , and to show that there is a        find securily holes in their produc1 and upda te               NOll': If you are going to ~ thi, filter up you 'll have to chan~e your !>l'TVl'T port to something
real threat of people breaking into the syste m. II        acrordingly. Sys tem adminv ,hould al'O fed                other than 80 and change !he meta headen; to red irect to Ihal port (big dea l. unless you're running
is a11l1O'l unheard of lhat a hooeypot traps               obligated to ket-p their software current, and             liS). You could add Ihis feature 10 an open source web server, too. You could alter !he code to
someone with real skill because it is designed to          make MIl"(' nobody with in their comp;uly is               red irec t to the port directly,
keep the k iddi~ at bay.                                   given ~ access than they need .                            Step I . Creae a project with - Standard EXE-,
    In the digital armsrece. tightening the exilol'            Shout outs; sIWltda"'R. sriffa, d"hut( , pm-           Step 2. Add a winsock component and name il Win'iOCkl (that's the Jefaull).
in! securily hob will only f\)f'Ce thc attacken.           j«1 h<H1(!HI"'. And Wlupo/l'lU ifun.l'bt,J)· UI.·Iu·       Step 3. Change the properties of Win.-.ockl 's Indu lab 100.
10 g~ bt'1!er ...-hile the admin.s get complaccnL                                                                     Step 4. Make a form and narne il Form I (default againl.
                                                           all)' Il.U.'S 1M fIlllM .l)6Jr nlnja.
                                                                                                                      Step 5. Pur rbe code belo",.. in the form.

  N Redirection s
                                                                                                                      'DNS Redirection filler
                                                                                                                      'by cOkCbOO:               _
                                                                         t o p p e d                                  'for Foredl lol) and l'I.'PR

                                                                                                                      Prwae ",,~baddrc~\ As String
                                            by ctHd_bOOt                                                              Private ....ebip As Siring
   1he jeuer from -brad.\ net- in 19:3 aboul how Ford could redirect back 10 2600.rom or 121 ,0 .0.1,                 Private inlla."lL'OOlrol As Long
etc. goc me thinking aboul how easy thai could be . It turned 001 10 be easier than Ilhoughl. Every
http rcqlJe1<l ~ • ho!;l field in it lhlu ccenains !he address lhar W3-\ typed in. !>O if I type III                  Private Sub ftJnn_l.oadO
www .2600.comandclick ROO-it ....ill ha ve ....ww.2600.comin the ho.<.I field.                                        webcedress = l.Ca.'>('(Win.'iOCIi.I(O).l.ol·aIHtystNamel
    All bro....!>l'n that I know of ~ !he ho.<.I ~ Id in their bnp request. If DNS redirects a sill', ttlt            wehip = Winsoc k I(O).l.ocaiIP
hos t field will nUlchange when redirected and so we ca n de rect il with lillie effort.                              int!a...tcOlltrol = 0
                                                                                                                      With Wi nsoc k 1(0 )
Example of a H1TPreq~t (notice the hoo.I; field) :                                                                    .localPon = 80
GET I H1TP/l.I                                                                                                        End With
Accept: .t-                                                                                                           End Su b
Acce pt-Language: en-us
Accepe-Encodmg: gzip, de l1ate                                                                                        Private Suh winsoc a I_ConntXlion Reque'll loJe.. As Integer, ByVal requccud A, Long)
User- Agent: Mozilla/4 .0 [compa tible; MSI E S,O; W indows 98 : Di gExn                                              If Indc 'l = 0 Then
Host: www.26(X com
               l                                                                                                          intlai.icontrot = intla...rcoutrot ... I
Connect ion: Keep-Ali ve                                                                                                  Lo ad W insock ltintlastcomrolj
<cr!f><crlf>                                                                                                              wtnsock l(i nllaMcont OlI).l.ocalPon = 0
                                                                                                                        w tnsoc k I(in tla...tcommlj.Accepr requesud
    Inc luded is a small VB prog ram (I used VB to sho w how eas y il is) tha t sca ns all inco ming hll p            End If
requests and checks 10 see if the host fie ld is the web address or the IP ao:Wress of the CUITenl web -              End S ub
                  directs to 2600.co m, and if so it red irec ts lo Ford 's website. Thi s do esn 't f'rol.~:1 Inxn
sire. If not, it re
met a tag red irection, or (J)FRA ME reduecuon whi ch needs a webpage to do the red irecting, rather                  Pri vate Suh Win sockl _D ataArrival(lnde ll As Illlq :n . HyVlIl bYlc sTolal As Lung )
than a DN S entry. Here is a sc ripl thal can stop that (real simple - it took five minutes !). Hey, a Ib             Dim dma 1 As Siring
year old ca n do it, so can a hig f:Orp.                                                                              Winsoc k I(i ntlas lcon tro l).Ge IDa ta data I
                                                                                                                      O n F..nur GoTo redireclnonnal
<h tml>                                                                                                               a 1 = InStr( I, data I. - Host : n) ... 6
                                                                                                                      a2 = InSlr(a I, data I, vberLO
splitit;documenl.re rerre r.split(-r )
                                                                                                                      aJ = l.Ca<;e(Mi dC  data l . a l . a2 - a I)}
                                                                                                                      If a3 = webaddres' Or a3 = weh ip 1l'M;:n

Pag e 16                                                                                  2600 Maga:illt'              II1nter 2002·2003                                                                          Page 17
GoTo reducctnormal                                                                                             ca n di stingui sh betwee n non -working numbe r;           their "do nOi ca ll" list. Th e DMA al so allo ws
Ehe                                                                                                            t those that answe r with the familiar tri-tone             one tu register the ir mailing add ress as ......ell a,
'o NS eedirecnon de tected rec.l lrecling back to 261.III.-;om                                                 followed by a recording of some "o ft). those               emai l address a.s op t-out s to cu t down o n j unk
Win<;(JCl.llintlaslronlroIJ.Sendoala ~<html><head><meta http-equive" + Chr(J.I) + ~ R E FR ES H "              thai do not ring at all. those that are bus y. those        mail and, allegedly. -.pam e mail. Not all com-
  + C1tr( 3·&j + " comeme" + ChrlJ.l ) + " I : V R L=: hllp:l/w ww.26(II}.com~ + C1tr(J.I) +                   !.hat are good (no ans we r, erc.j. and those that          pan ies check thei r sa mple aga inst !he DM A'r.
    ~><Ihrad><lht ml>" 'mela tags here                                                                         are fvJmodem/mac hinc numbers. Each phone                   opI-OUl li~t. and not all maintain a "do not call"
End If                                                                                                         number has a "Ia IUS code assigned 10 it and any            lisl. bu t any company thaI wislles to do busi -
fuil Sub                                                                                                       bad numbers are reso lved never to he called                nes, in an above-tile-hoard manner will heed
'here we do I normal rec.lirn         :tion to fordcom                                                         aga in.                                                     you r req uest. Telemarketing companies ca n he
redirectnormal:                                                                                                      A.fjJ~: Intere sting point here is that all the       o;,omcwhat sketchier than market research co m-
Wi n r.oc"'l ( i nlla.~tcoolrol ). Sendoala "cjnml><head><mc1.1 hitp-equive " + Chr(J.I ) + "REFRESW            fax/mode m/m achine num bers will have re-
  +Cbr(341 + " cootenre " + Chr(34) + " I;URL=:hup :llwww.fOfd.oom:80" + Chr(341 +                                                                                         pan ies - any market research company thai
                                                                                                               ce ived a unique status code mark ing them a..
    ~><Jhcad><J1ltml>" 'IJ1I,:la tags here                                                                                                                                  wants to stay in business and m ak e money will
                                                                                                                such - bas ically there now e llis,," a JXKll of
End Suh                                                                                                                                                                     follow the guide lines for sta nd ards and et hics
                                                                                                                phone numbers that ha ve a very hi gh likeli -
                                                                                                                hood o f heing modem numbers, J ust as ea sy                set forth by the MRA (Marke ting Re searc h As-
Private Sub winsock I_Send Comp lelefl nde Jl: As Integer l                                                     would he to set up a proj ect that run s automat-           so ciariom. CAS RO (Council o f America n Sur-
Winsock I(intlaslcontrol ).C I(J~                                                                               ically ove rnight. dial ing strict ly 202 -llU-UU           vey Re sear ch Org ani zations). and ot her
   End Sub                                                                                                      num bers (i f you wanted to find machin e nurn -            org unlvanons. A chcnt will likel y not do busi -
                                                                                                                bers in lhe OC area). and have yuu rCATI soft -             ness with a mark et rese arc h compa ny thai doe ,
   Step 6: Compile and run.                                                                                                                                                 not belong 10 these urgan iza tio ns.
                                                                                                                WaR: jusl hang up on all good numbers. Loo k
   SJwult1Uts: ffj Mom.. Brycut. ClUlidy. "'J bro IN(.lI1wni~I J, IJfId It·h.Wl·tr / forgu'.
                                                                                                                at you r "bad: modern number" Ii... in the morn -                11 does lake a while fo r your opted-out
                                                                                                                 ing and you 've got: an esceuenr sian on your              phone numberJaddres,<Jcmail address to lric kk
                                                                                                                fun for the days to come. 1£ one has the desire,            down and through the ~igantic system that is
                                                                                                                and access 10 a larger . ystem. one could easily            comprised of sample bocses (those thaI pro-
                                                                                                                 bum through tens of thousands of phone                      vide the phone numbers, stree t addresses. and
                                                                                                                 numbers in a single night.                                 e- mai l add resses). and 10 tbe thousa nd s of end -
                                                                                                                      But bac k to the TeleZa pper vs. auto-dialers          users (le k marketcrs and researc h companies ).
                                                                                                                 and ot her devices. For them to work , you r                but it doe s work . A perfect ti me to do this is
                                                                                                                 phone must act ually go off houk and tran smu
                                                                                                                                                                             when mo ving and ge lling a new ph on e nur n         -
                                                                                                                 the tone(s). If an auto-diale r call s yo ur number
                                                                                                                                                                             ocr. but it will ha ve an even tua l e ffect if you're
                                                                                                                 and yo ur voice mail pick s up , the call is imme -
                                                                                                                 diately tran sferred to an a vaila ble age nt. who          staying put as we ll.
                   b)' D . "'lJt'llL~                     valid area codes and exc hanges. minu s alre ady        will mark your phone num be r as know n good,                   Another optio n is 10 sig n up for your loc al
    In response to the number of letters re-              know n phone num bers • ba..ically war d iali ng        but you're nOi hom e (ans wering mac hine/voice            rejco's "security scree ning" p la n, if available.
ceived regard ing the Td eZapper and similar              for unlisted phone numbers.                             mail answered ). I'm SUI\" you're already ahead            Thi s will req uire any ca lle r who is bloc king
syslems tha t will ~ zap " you r pho ne number                1£ you ever get a pho ne ca ll that shows up        of me here , be t, the obvious slep 10 take is to          the ir Caller ID in fo to input their phone num-
from a tel emarketing system 'r.database, bere is         on you r Cal ler ID a.. toeing fro m. say, XVZ Re-      record the ~ had numher" tone{s) as the firr.l             ber, or the cal l will no! be connec ted. One
some more insight.                                        searc h. and it hangs up immediately after yoo          part of your outgoing message. Sure . it will an -         drawback is tha t some lo ng distance compa-
     Many latI!er telemarketing, markel re-               answer, yoe've received a "nuisance call : This         noy the hell OUI of your friend~ and family . bu t         nies relay calls around the country to the clos-
search. and bill colloction companies use auto-           happens ....hen the autodialer has made more            it will kill your phone number in that sampk               e,t le w-tra ffic switch ing point and the Ca ller
dialers coupled with CATl (Computer Aided                 calls than then: are available humans 10 patc h         poo l if n's being d ialed by an intuitive                 10 info is stripped in the process. requi ring
Telt.~ Intervie wing ) software systems .                 you 10. You r phone number is no w f1 aS1!ed and        auto-diakr.                                                Grandma to input her phone number each time
     It is the job of the autod ialer to dial, say. ten   will rece ive specia l treat men t - !he sys tem             Note thai I say tha I sa mple pool. Your              "he tries to ca ll yo u. since she's o n a filled in -
phone numbers for every human age nt that is              know s you are home and answering the phone,            pho ne number may elli1>t in myriad sample                 co me and using Hmbo's Ph on e Compa ny to
curre ntly seated in their calling cen ter, know -        but it also knows it just hung up o n you. You          pool s at different co mpanies. One way to dra -            mak e cheap lon g di stance calls .
ing that one nut of every ten phone ca lls will be        will now ge t anot her ca ll from XYZ Research          maticall y cut do ......n on telemurk enng ca lls (and          No one will ev er be totally free from re-
answe red, Th... number of calls made hy the              in ubo ur 15 minutes (the amou nt of time lapsed        market research ca lls. if you're so inclined,
                                                                                                                                                                              ce iving unwanted phone c alls , bin there are
au to-dialer ca n he, and usually is. autorruui-          is sct by the user system-w ide), bUI this time         thou gh they arc two very different e ntities w ith
                                                                                                                                                                              ways 10 dr ama tically red uce them. As man y
ca lly adjusted de pendin g on how thai 10:1 ra-          their system will reserve a human be fore ca ll-        two very different agenda s), is to fire reg ister
                                                                                                                                                                              ways that there are of kee ping o ur phone num-
no performs. For example. if the sample being             ing you. ensuring that they get to talk 10 you.         the phone numbe r with the oMA (Direct Mar-
                                                                                                                                                                              hers in the hands o f tho se we want ca lling us.
d ialed co nsists of pho ne nu mbers culled from              TIle autodialmg syste m will eve ntual ly            ket ing Associalion ) 3.'> wan ting to opt-out of
                                                          have dialed through !he entire poo l of samplh           telemarketing calls. Al so, explain 10 any com-            there are ways of gell ing around wh ate ver ....c
prod uct registration cards, the number of an-
swered call s may be hi(!.hcr than if the machine         and it w ill have pretty much determined w hich          pany l ou do not: wish to hear from that you               put in place to try 10 ensure this. Su rel y some -
is running ROD (Random Digit Dia ling ) in                phone numbers are good and whic h an 001. It             wish for )'0Ul phone number to be placed on                whal ironic to those readi ng th is magazine .•..

                                                                                        2600 .\taga:.inr         IlIn ter 2002·2003                                                                                     Page 19
Page 18
                                                                                                                             pretty well, because how effCt;~ive you r work here              If you ma naged to get a copy of the land lord
                                                                                                                             will be will be in direct proportion til ho w well you      listings, be sure to chec k. all those names thor-

Crac.king VOTER                                                                   Fraud                                      know your tow n. The first test is to query a ll non-
                                                                                                                             c ity reside nt employees a nd run their names on
                                                                                                                             onth the Active Voter Registra tion and Actual
                                                                                                                             Voter data bases. Note down any instances. bUI
                                                                                                                                                                                         oughly as well. A common form of voter fmu d is
                                                                                                                                                                                         for land lords to register at a property they are rent-
                                                                                                                                                                                         ing out. A good po rtion or uur leads were also gen-
                                                                                                                             keep in mind Iha t the indiv idua l muv have lived in       eratcd this way by checking lan dlords we knew
                  by Kr @k IlJd(lWxC )                             T he second stop is you r loc a l Mu nicipal              you r townat o ne time. and showing up on the Ac-           had broke n the rent-control laws.
  (Why the grNify "teet" namt'? Ot'erWt is funny..,)          C lerk's office. Here you request a li, ting of all p aid      tive Re gistration Database isn't a crime in and of              The last method we used that had results was to
     Some New York 2fi()() readers may have seen              city em ployees ("Mu nicipal Em ployee List"I,                 itself - voting (i.e., being un the Actual VOierData-       start running names o f business ow ners who oper-
the recentthree minute report o n WABe's Eyewir-               specifying the following information: salary,                 base ) is. Follow this up by running a q ue ry with all
ness News (1005102) on the discovery of sus-                   whether or not he or she is a city resident, years III                                                                    ated in town. Much like the la ndl o rds, some urt-
                                                                                                                             employees making ove r. say. $65,llUO a year. Run           s.crupulous business ow ners will reg ister to vote at
pecte-d fraudulent voters in New Bruns wick, NJ.               service. job title. and of course name. They mIN              their names on bOlh the voter databases and pay at-
Since I've been a longtime 260() fa n and played a             release this information to any city resident as it is                                                                    their place of business.
                                                                                                                             tention to whal thei r regis tration address is. You
major pan in the investigation. ( figured I'd outline         co nsidered publ ic infonnation (your lax mullC'y                                                                               Well. lha l's bas ically il in a nutshell. Ho pe fully,
how we did it. Atrer speaking with the people al                                                                             may discover some rathe r well-off ind ividua ls liv-
                                                               pay~ the ir salary). Again, they may charge you for           ing in really shady neighborhoods. In our invesu-           this short article was informative a nd usef ul. as
the loc a l Bo rd of Elections and realizi ng how
                 a                                            costs. In our in'ta nce. the City Clerk's office tried
easy it is In commit vote r fraud. I also felt it may                                                                        gntiu n, we caught the city's Chief of Operations for        well as a contribution showing that 2600 re aders
                                                               throwi ng us n ff by refusing to provide us with II           Urhan Renewal voting oul of the same run-down
be o f use to others in ge neral. Oh, and if you saw          C O-ROM vers ion, and instead provided us with a                                                                           are ofte n mo re concerned abcu r protecting and
the report, there's a brief shotof my back while I'm                                                                         apartment in an impoverished high-crime are a as a           maintai ning the de mocratic process than the pol iti-
                                                               printout of tile database . Luckily. volunteers ere-          small immigrant fami ly. On investigation of the
at the computer wearing a n H2K shi rt!                        atcd an Access database and entered the infomur-                                                                          cia ns who scapegoat us as evil hackers. Fo r ques-
     Th e technique outlined here was deve loped by                                                                           Property Tax Records, we d iscovered he lived in a
                                                              tion into il within a day ur so. You may also req ucs r         nice home a few towns away! Most of our results             tinns or comme nts, e mail dominick@ramiustcch
the New Brunswick Un ited (http://www. new-                   a listing of all rental prope rties (and land lord 0 ....11-
brunswickunited.ccm j Antifraud Di visio n. beaded                                                                           ca r ne from this method .                                   .cu m with "2flO()" in the subject line.
                                                              ers) from your city', Re nt-Leve ling Boord or
by attorney Flavin L. K omu ves. I was lead investi-          similar body.
gator in c harge of isolat ing possible cases of voter             O K. so now you have your base doc ument',

fraud. and was ably assis ted by a number of Rut -             You've gathered you r information. Nuw to puke
gerJ> University student interns.
                                                               for weaknesses. Whal next? Well. first louk al tIM.-
     I shoul d preface this with the disc laimer thai
                                                              Act ive Voter Regist ra tio n and son it by birthday
the resources and procedures I am out lining arc
                                                              Any 172 year olds still registered'? Probably not. If
legally available in New JCTheY. and there is no
need to obtain any infonnatio n illegally. Check
                                                              so. check their names on the Actual ~ter Data -
with your loc al authori ties for your area. Als.... a        base. In our investigatio n. we immed iately nO     lked
                                                              an enormous number of people born nn
new law regarding voting was recently signed and
certain new provisions will lake etfecr in the 2006           0 110111901. According to the Bo a rd of Elections.
elections. Always take any informa tion you gather
to a reputable lawyer and get advice before releas-
ing it pub licly. voter fraud is a serious charge and
                                                              this is their standard procedure fur dealing with il·
                                                              legible entries and/or people who registere d III
                                                              vote before New Je rse y requ ired birth da te to he
                                                                                                                             On The
falsely accusing someone (even unintentionally)               added to the Voter Registration form. Sorry. strike
could probably resu lt in c harges against you! Also          two. Ne xt, run a query 10 isolate everyone from
keep in mind. any information we determined via               like age 99 and up. If yo u feelthere's an overa oun-
this method of database searching was later veri-
fied by actua l field visits to the prope rtie s in qu es-
     lt's actual ly rather simi lar 10 pro filing a system.
The fiN step is to gather a ll the infonnation possi-
                                                              dance, c heck the nam s against the Social Security
                                                              Death Index on http;!lwww.a nce stry.com . Don't
                                                              get ton excned if you find matc hes though - Amcr-
                                                              icens have the fun ny habit of naming thei r kids af·
                                                              ter themse lves. Go to hn p:ll www.octronlin e
ble about your target. Yo ur first stop should be             .comlpublic_records. htm (Pmpeny Ta x Rec ord s)                                                                           or just for the ch a llenge o f it. The x box is no
your county Board of Ele ction s. You will ha ve to           and make sure il isn'ttheir son or grandso n (in one            Requirements:                                              exce ption. It is now poss ible 10 pu t a fu ll Linu x
fill out certai n forms _ being pa rt of a political or-      instance we o riginally thou ght for sure was voter                                                                        distribution on the X bo x conso le, due to the
                                                              fraud. the re was a son named after his father, .... ho         • A moo-chip.
ganizarion he lps out here. as they reserve the right
                                                              inherited the house his parents had lived in, and               _ Ed's xbox linu x (Debia n deranv e ] fo und a t:         work o f so me very d ili ge nl Linu x/X box hack -
to ask why you are req uest ing the infonn at ion.
There are two da tabases they maintain that yoo               then married a wo man with the same first name as               http://sourceforge. netlprojectlsho w liles. php?gr        ers. I wi ll cove r the ste ps to go about in stalling
will nee d to request on CD-ROM: the current Ac-                                                         I
                                                              his mother - creepy'). Be thorough, bU dun't waste              uup_id=54 192.                                             Linu x on you r Xbox conso le a nd the
tive Voter Registratio n database ("wa lking list")           100 much time on this - we had a lea m spe nd OV('l             • BIOS for mod -chip tha t allo ws X box 1 run 0           sig nifica nce of such a n ins ta lla tio n.
and the c urre nt ActtJal Voter Databa se ("voting hi s-      a mo nth o n th is and turn up o nly a handful o f ~po,­                                                                       There are m ultiple rea'ilms o ne m ight want
                                                                                                                              unsigned c(xle.
tory M). Thl:re will probab ly be a fl'C involved · e~­       sibles." It migh t also be helpf ul to have someoM'
ceS5ive fees for prepar-,<IIi o n and other "costs~ is yet    working with you who has access to c redil card                 .. EVlllut iunX d ashbo ard.                                10 go aboul installing Linu" o n a n Xbo x. For
another way lhe government rest ricts your access             histories/databases. bUl I'm no t sun: if that is leglll               As some m ighl ha ve no ticed. there has been        o nc, it would serve as a very ine xpensi ve d esk-
to infonnat ion (whi le insisting on greate r access to       or how usefu l it would be in this instarn.C."                   seve ra l st rides made in the a tle m pl lO put U nul(    to p co mp ule r. Bei ng that yo u ca n no w find
)~>ur infonnat iun). I believe it should come to ap--              That takes care of the infamous · dead vote."              nn ,IllY de vice in w hich it wou ld be lo g ic all y       Xboxes se lling at p rices o f $1 70-$200, thi s is
pro ~im at e l y S60 for both CD ·ROM s lind it ma y          The nexl · weakness" IU pro be is lhe Municif'lll                t.,.;nclicial 10 the com pu terlltac ke r com mu nity,     und e rst and ab ly wo rthwhile. The Xbox is a lso
tllke a week or so for them to prepare.                       Employl'C List. Hope fully. yo u h o w your to wn
Page 20                                                                                        2600 Magazj",.                 \Villler 2002·2003                                                                                         Page 21
   feature-rich . It is a ga ming conso le, DVD                     Yuu will then need to ope n your Xbcx an,1

                                                                                                                        ~emOVing Spywa re arid Ad war~
   player. and now with the incl usion of Linux. can            physically install the moo -chip. Afler Ihat, )'l ' U
   be yo ur de sktop co mputer , DivX player. and               will wan t 10 ins tall the Evolu tionX das hboard
   wcb/ftp server. Perhaps you would use it jus t to
                                                                that yo u downloaded and burned to CD. Yuu
   run nominal functions. sav ing your main com-
   puter the stress. Thi s is ju st the beginn ing.             will now ha ve a preny new interface that hilS
   thou gh . Th e poss ibilities are, ob viou sly,              many features, suc h as backin g up games (thaI
   limitless.                                                   you bought ] and whatn ot. On ce uus is installed ,                          N
                                                                                                                                         by O 3_3)'Jd_MUN stJr                          4 . Hack a way to circu mve nt the spyware or
       Thi s brings us to the ac tua l installation. You       you will the n he able to install your downloaded                        huxor2601l @m.llildtp:om                   udware software and most importantly post these
   will need a modified Xbex to consider such a                 Linu x dis tro.                                               Thi s short article is far too small to encom pass   10 a hacker message hoard or to II hacking
  se tup. However, thi s is not as scary as it ma y                                                                     this to pic but hopefull y it will focu s more atten -     website,
                                                                    You might he thinking, how do I work with           tion on the increas ing problem s of removin g spy-
  sound 10 those who might not ha ve solde ring                                                                                                                                         5. Avoid ndware. If you're brok e and ca n't buy
                                                                Linu x when all I ha ve is an Xbox contro ller'!        ware and adwure. An y hacker runnin g a Wind ows
  ex pe rie nce. Gone are the days in which you                                                                                                                                    a clean shareware produ ct. find an ad -free, no n-
                                                               Well , as you might know , the controller port s on      oper   ating system is go ing tu co me acros s some
  wo uld have to solde r 29 wire s to the Xbo x                                                                                                                                    spy ing equivalent of the program yo u need , Thi s
                                                               the Xbox con sole are really JU usb port s, with
                                                                                                 Sl                     spy ware or edw are at some po int. Popular file
  motherboard. You can now buy wirel ess mod-                                                                                                                                      C;1I1 be hard since man y po pular program s co me
                                                               a little modifi cation . You can ge t ahold of an        sha ring P2P so ftware are typically one of the
  chips whic h requi re no so ldering at all. Th ere is                                                                                                                            onl y with adware installed .
                                                                                                                        most co mmon areas where udware is installed.
  a chip out now caned the Matri ~ (by Xndu s)                 Xbox co ntroller extension. CUI it in half leaving
                                                                                                                        An exam ple of this wo uld be Kazaa P:2P which   ,              6. Learn to usc a packetsniffer to idenlify
  that is wire free and can be install ed in a matter          the end that plu gs into the Xbo x intact, and loo k     by default installs c ydoor (cy door.com).                 transm issions th;ll sneak th ro ugh yo ur brow ser
  of minu tes. There are a lso oth er chips in de vel -        at the wires. You wi ll see a red, green. blue,                Spyware and adw are are oflen hidden deep in         and othe r trusted ap ps.
  opment that wi ll be wirelcss a lso, so then it              white, and yellow wire , the sa me as a standard         the Software Licen sing docum ent s and Term s
  wo uld be just a matter of pe rsonal preferen ce as                                                                                                                                   7, Get to know you r regist ry reall y well espe-
                                                               usb cabl e minus the yellow on e. You can then           And Co nditions when yo u insla ll the software .
  to wh ich you would choose, I have cboscn to go                                                                                                                                  cia lly the HKEY_LOC AL_ M ACHIN850 r--. ,.-
                                                              cut a usb cable. leaving the usb A end intac t            Thi s can res ult in s uch thini\s as your day-to-day
  with the Matrix chip because it has no wire s to                                                                                                                                 WARE,          HKEY_C URRENT_USER\Softw are .
                                                                                                                        acti vities being broadcast 10 strangers or annoy-
  so lde r, comes with a programmer, and, as far as            wh ich connect s 10 you r usb keyboard/mouse.                                                                       and for Win2k IIKEY_US ERS \ areas. If yo u no-
                                                                                                                        ing ads being proj ected in your face every few
  I have see n. is the ea sie st to ins tall, I mu st men.     Snider the matchin g wires together and leave            minute s.                                                  lice software installed that you are sus picio us of.
  tion also, if yo u don 't want to for k OU S60 , you
                                                I              the ye llow Xbo x wire by itself. Do thi s two                 To make it more co nfusing udwa rc isn'l nece s-     chec k to make sure it's not vpywarc or adwa re.
 can make your ow n. CheapLPC, designed by                    tim es and yo u now have a keyboard and mou se            'klfily spy w are. Registered shareware without ads             8. Manage your startup progra ms care fully.
 Andy Green , ca n be co nstructed for a few                  thai you can plug into the Xbox and use with              may be spyware. and purch ased out-of-the-box              Check the registry or usc "m scon fi g" or a similar
 buc ks. Visit htlp :ffwaffilcat.comlmilksop!in _             Linux. assuming Linux suppo rts the ones you              software may co ntain adw are and may also be              startup manager or alternati ve ly downl oa d and in-
 dex. html.                                                                                                             spyware. In additi on , so ftware updates may              stall a free tas k manager to chec k and kill runnin g
                                                              chose (m ak e sure it doe s).
      So this is whe re we start. You ha ve yo ur                                                                       change a previou sly ad-free vers ion into an ad-
                                                                   There you have it. A Llnu x/xrox tha t can                                                                      spywareladware.
 mod-chip of choice. You also downloaded the                                                                            ware pr oduct. All th is mean s thai users need 10 he
                                                              now be used as yo u wis h it to be, and the best                                                                          9. And finally. you ca n also reverse eng ineer
 .iso image of the Xbox Linu x distribution lo-                                                                         on guard when in.s mllin g any type of so ftware.
                                                                                                                              While legitimale adware co mpan ies " 'ill dis-      the ad.....are so ftware and find a way to co rrupt the
 cated at Ihe sourccforge site mentioned at the               pan abou t it is that it is legal. Th e developers
                                                                                                                        close the nalure of dala that is collected and tran s-     data being transmitted. Alte rnatively develop
 beg inning of the article. You will need 1 Hash   0          that ha ve been wor king ha rd on this Linux pro-
                                                                                                                        mitted in their privacy state me nt, there is almost       yo ur own program to tran smi t dummy data to the
 yo ur mod chip with a BIOS that will suppo rt               ject arc not buildi ng thi s software on lOp of the
 running unsigned code on the Xbox . These                                                                              no way for the user to actually co ntro l what dat a       adwurerspyware host servers. If yo u do achieve
                                                              Microsoft kernel - they are usin g the Linux ker-         is being sent. The fact is that the technology is in
 BIOSe s can be readily found on the Intern et                                                                                                                                     thi s, post the results to a hack e r me ssage b oard or
                                                              nel. The y arc a lso not using non -licensed soft -           e
                                                                                                                        th.. ory ca pable of sending much more rhan ju st          to a hack ing web site .
 with a little due dilige nce. I ment ioned that the
                                                              ware like the XDK , which is Micr osoft's                 banner stalistics - and this is why people (espe -              Some good ad removal progra ms are: Opt -ou t
 M atrix mod -chip comes with a programmer,
                                                             deve lopm ent kit for the Xbo x. The reve rse eng i-       cia lly co mputer ha ckers) sho uld feel un ccrnf on-
 You can plu g thai pro grammer into the parallel                                                                                                                                  Igrc.coru/opeout.htmj and Ad -Aware (Iavasoft-
                                                             neerin g th;lt has been don e has been done under          ublc with the idea
 port on your computer and flash the Matrix with                                                                                                                                   usa.com ). Also. visit the followin g wcb sites:
                                                                                                                              To lop it off. if you have a slow computer or
 BIOS software that wa y. You ca n ge t the flash -          Sec tion 120 1 (D Reve rse Engineering Excep -                                                                        scumwerc .co m. securuy.k olla.de . and epywarc -
                                                                                                                         Internet co nnect ion Ihe resource-hogging udware
 ing so ftwa re fro m hnp :flwamJcat.co nv mi lk_            tion for intercpc rability of the DM CA.                   or spyware ca n ca use system and browser insta-           info.corn.
 sop/indc x.htm! (Xodus will reteasc their ow n                    I am ind ebt ed to the Lmux de velopers of           bil ity and slow ness, as well as slow Internet                 In sum mary, spyware and adware are nO ille -I
GN U so ftware shortly ). I ha ve chosen to go               xbox- linux.s<>un: cforge.net, the Xodu s team.            connectivity ellen more.                                   gal lypes of software in any way. How ever there
with the EvnlutionX 2.5 BIOS beca use it sup-                Xbo xhacker.n er (and its forum), Andy Green.                           1I0 w Do \'ou Prntect You rself'?             is almos t no way for the user to ac tua lly control
port s all the features one wou ld Want , suc h ax                                                                             I. Read the terms and co nditions of the licen se   what da til is hoeing sent. M y g uess is that a deli v-
                                                             and seve ra l oth er sltevindlvid ualsrh ac ke rs thill
running unsigned code, am ong others. Nex t,                                                                            care fully before pressing "accept."                       ery system like the ones used by spy wure and ad -
                                                             have made this artic le possible . I will cov er the
you will have to down load the Evol utionX                                                                                    2. Run a spyware or ad ware rem oval so ftware
                                                             more technical aspects of Xbex hackin g in a fu-                                                                      ware co rporations wo uld he the mo st e flicient
dashboard , which wi ll replace the ori gin al Xbo x                                                                    tu o 1. There arc man y free versions av ailable .
                                                             lure article, bU I hope I have give n enough in-
                                                                                I                                                                                                  way for gove rn ments to spy on the public . Th ey
dash board , and will act as yo ur new interfa ce                                                                             J. Avoid spywarc at all c..sts. Run a firewall
                                                                                                                        utility like Zo ne A larm (zond ahs.co m) that spec-       proba bly have already thou ght of u.sing Ihi.s sys-
with the X box and bum it to a CD- RW (Xboxes                fOffilation so that you might get a sla rt with
do nol like CD-Its). Thi s ean also ~ found on                                                                           i1ies which progr am s can an'css the Internet and        tem so hack ers t>eware.
                                                             hacking Linu x onto the Xbox , and learn in the'
the net with a lillie pa lience .                                                                                        how. Pay atte ntion 10 what is asking for pcrnlis-             Shouls         10    V1SA _hll rglur» Grf'}Llpp.
                                                                                                                         si.. n tt> co nnect online.                               Jululudill_R r  lmi, ~SfR_8_U_[) ... Scmppy.
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                                                                                           26()O JUax azi"r
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How                      Sprint Raises Quick Cash                                                                                 EXPOSING THE Coinstar
                                                     "' ..... _~WDW
                                                      e - ..._
                                                                   -,                                                                                    hy a re a _51
                                                                                                                                    Located llI.'1'O!>S lhe United Stain. and now in
                                                                                                                              pan.. of the Unital Kingdom aoo Canada, Coin..tar
                                                                                                                              machines are situated in M1permarltts e\'ery.... here .
                                                                                                                              L..arge and green li n the US - blue in foreign rnar-
                                                                                                                                                                                                curved. such II-~ in a U-sh
                                                                                                                                                                                                !lCCtion of II toru s, and de ning a gap " is prll
                                                                                                                                                                                                with a wire wind ing fOI-- b u.oiLation and!
                                                                                                                                                                                                non, 'The !oC'n"'->r ca n be ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                ohlaini ng data rela ting to two
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       or in the sha

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               lJlf >re
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               u ~l )'

    - - - - --
                                                                                                                              l elsl, the mach illel; eccepe unrolled, unsorted                 of II coin or (llhe r object. s h as U                    <),    uc-

                               s - , fl e-v-.                                           Here's ou r Augu"                     dlaJl~ and ..pit out a VOlJl.::ber redeemabk for caoJl            li ~'it y of the ooja'1. Two               re lr~ can
             ...                                                                                                                                                                                be used t(l sense core and/or c ~ies.
                                                                                       Spri nt bill • a lillie                foc a pro~.'C'l>.'in{! fee, Whi le the concept is simple.
                                                            f.'_         l ~                                                                                                                    Ohjerts recogni/.ed as accq:uhle coins, using the
      w         w         """"
                           ~.          ~.                       ~

                                                                                       hig her men usual. but
                                                                                       Olhc1wisc normal.
                                                                                                                              Coin",ar ~ more III it than meas the eye . As II
                                                                                                                              prt'iilMb invntor in the company and a f~U(1II                    .....n...1I" dall., are diverted by a controllable denec1 '
                                                                                                                              U-eT of their machines. I have learned II grea l deal             ing door, 10 tu~ ft>r delivery 1 aettpt.able co in
                                                                                                                              aOOut how the y 101m.                                             bins ."
    Y••rtllli       andtndlhltl "-ee:
                                                                                                                                     'The machine itself (,OCl'IiSis of a CRT mooitOf,                 Prior to entering the "'IUlI1 §OI"Iing mechanism ,

                - --
    ~     ~T    IIIf.f
                                                                                                                              m:cipt prinler, two large p1a.,tic bins ...hidl hold              the coins are nih through a pnlCI:'S' ....·hicb sorb 001

                _ _ L.Illl ,,","_             1"J>_ _ ....
                                                                                                                              mange, a ~ni§m for sorting mange , a fII()-                       any debris. including ..... a.o;hen;, paperclips, and
                                         _--..                                                                                cern. and (~rprisingly ) a Ielephone. 'The machine                anylhing ... 'IetNl mighl be in II jar of coins , Tbese
WC'iI. here'~ a Deat InCL.. 1bey dlarged u.-.. IWH:e! And from two dJlf~1 ~. lbi ~                                            is oontrolled by four large buttoClS.. one green. one             objaU fan into a plasric Iny above the sorting
is what we gel for uu!>l.ing lhen! to do an automalr:d cn:dit card pa~'menl each monlh.                                       red. and 11010 gl"ll)' (rIC""eI" machines have slightl)'          mechanism, and are noc re1umed to the U-<;t1".

                                                                                                                              different configul"lIli<.-.nV . 'The user prn..n the                     Tbe coins !hen fall into 0fIe oft....'o bins: an a11 -
                                                                                                                              grllttI hunon several times 10 enlel" into the coin               pen nies bin (pennin mal... up much of CoinslM's

                                                                                                                                                                                                bus ines..1 and a bin fIll" the res! of the coins. In ec-
                                                                                                                              proc:n.. ing mode, at which poin l the)' dump their
                                                                                                                              change into a meultray. 'The choange fall s through               tualit )'. the coin.. mu"'- be taken by ~ car to

                               .-..-...              --  _~.li3IW

                                                       --~                             AI ka"llhey caughl lhtir
                                                                                       mistale and have given
                                                                                                                              a §ma!1 skI'. where il drops oo....n into the \lifting
                                                                                                                              mellhani'-fl1 If 100 mud! is change is dropping inlO
                                                                                                                                     :          .
                                                                                                                              the sorting meclwtism, the sloe ckl';t$ ~mponuil)'
                                                                                                                                                                                                another soning facility when: they must be sorted
                                                                                                                                                                                                once again.. ~~. trea.~ur)' ~uiremefll.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Whnt the JlI'UC"-"U compl ... tes , a receipt i<, spil

    - I·\:"                                            - ~
                                                                                                                              1 allow the 'IOI1ing IIIl'\.'hanism to caleh up .
                                                                                                                                0                                                               001 of the .-....;-eipl printer, wit h ........eral ....-curll)'fea -
                                                                                       us a negative balance.                        'The soning mec:ha.n i..m il--.elf dlles 001 in...o lve    turn; ( l I llie Coinstar loJu is di'q)layed on the
                               - ,'-- -~
                               """" 1      ,.,-                                        8U1 w hy wou ld lhe)' be               the size Of the weight o f the coin. Ill> this is too             righl and left ..ide of the tape when held under ul-

I     ~                  -II    m oo
                                     ::--'   ~

                                                                                       submin ing llDUther
                                                                                       charge 10 our credit card?
                                                                                                                              Mow II proL'nIi and causes too man)' ~ in the
                                                                                                                              identificat ion (If coins. Rather II complicatN
                                                                                                                              pn1CeM invul ving ...lectromagnetic identificalion i.
                                                                                                                              used, Coin..tar CUlTenll)' holds U.S . POdt...n l Number
                                                                                                                              6.196,371 for the device aoo the aJ,..11"al'1 of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                tra ... iole1 Iighl ; (21 On the rear of the receipt, Ihete
                                                                                                                                                                                                 i ~ a small 00. with nothi ng in it. If II coi n is rubbed
                                                                                                                                                                                                 lICffiM the box the CoinMar logo ap~.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ho wever. far more interes ting than the actual
                                                                                                                                                                                                 machine is the Coinstar ndwon. Each mac hine
                                                                                                                              pat~nt pro ... ides a good ...xplanat ion of how it               con tains a modem and II phone. Each machine di-
                                                                                                                              wort",:                                                            al<, the Coinstar heatlquanen ...very nighl and
                                                                                                                                      "Co ins. preferably a fter c t...an ing, e.g. u~ i ng I    dllwn illoos the day's usag ...statist ics. 1llesc: inc lude
They c harged us again! "''len thou g h we havC' a negative ba lanc e!                                                        Immmel, are .ingulah"d by a f;:oi n piclu p a".....mhl )'          the number of cui ns COlI nled , wha t types of co in,.             .
It's eilber inco m pete nce or c un ning.                                                          I                          wnfigurtllill reduce jamming. A coi n rail a.~~bts in
                                                                                                                               pn ....iding sepanllinn bel .....ce n coins a~ they tra ...cl
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ....ere cou nted. the number of uansad ions. the , ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ... ra~e do llar amounl pe r Ira nsa..1ion , and the rejec t

                               -,                81111"ll PerIod E""I"ll= 10121'0:1
                                                        Slalom,,," 0Ite: l Q/2ol1Q2
                                                     c.._ Nu~
                                                                                      Again, we s till ha ve the sa me
                                                                                      negat ive balance . Ap pare nt ly.
                                                                                      Spri nt's po lic y is 10 c red it any
                                                                                      nega li ve hal anl,es o n paper pm
                                                                                      not in rea lity. Th e y gel to hold
                                                                                                                               "".~t II sen'>l)f, The sensor pn,\'ides an (llOC illa ting
                                                                                                                              e1ectrnmag~ic field gelK.'rated 00 IIsi ngle sensing
                                                                                                                               co re. 11le osci llaling e1l:1.'1romagnet ic field is ',:um ·
                                                                                                                               po.a! of Olle or more frequ eney co mpone nts. The
                                                                                                                               ~' lectromag net ic field intera cls wilh a l:uin, lind
                                                                                                                               t1K-se interactions are monitored a nd u_.ed to clltS,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  percenlag...(used in determ ining if a mach ine is re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 jec ting an e~cessive a lllOllnt of co ins, wh ich is
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ('au..... for a tech nicia n to be senl ou t to ell,amine ill .
                                                                                                                                                                                                  A normal reject perc entage is around Olle pen:c nt,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  hnw e'ier slig htly h ig her perce ntag es rna)' be s im·
                                                                                                                                                                                                  pi), dlle 10 rJeople in-en ing all k.inds uf fo reig n
                                                                                      o nto o ur mo ney an d at Ihe sa me      ~i fy the cll in lIl- :o rdi ng to its physica l pwpeni es,
                                                                                                                                                     x                                                                     '
                                                                                                                                                                                                  malleI' into the mlll.h ine s.

    ....... ., - ""'" ,= ...... ,-
             - - ..-- ~        Summai)' III CM.,..                                    time cl a im we ha ve a c red it         All freq uenc)' comptlhents of the ma gnet ic field                      In add itio n, the ma ch ine anal yzes the last
                                                                                      w ith the m. When we finall y            are pha se-Iocled to II co mmnn referenc... fre-                   week's wlln h o f usage statistics, and es tima tes Ihe

     ... ..
                                             •• -""
                                                        ,.,-                          c a lled them on it. they a,ked if
                                                                                      we wo uld Ii!.:e to ha ve it
                                                                                      "ap plied" to o ur accou nt. A s if
                                                                                      there lOla.. a S ING LE advanl.lI.ge
                                                                                                                               queney, 1be phllse relationships Oetween the n ri -
                                                                                                                               "us freq UC'nc ies are fi ~ed, and the int... racti on o f
                                                                                                                               edch freq uenc), l-ompo nent with the co in ca n be
                                                                                                                               .M:f;: urate l)' detC11Tlined withou t the need for com ·
                                                                                                                               plici<tetl ekclrical filten;. In Olle embodiment, ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 da)' it .... i11 be full. A n armored car will then be
                                                                                                                                                                                                  so:hed uled to e mply the mach ine o n Ihat day, or
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ptlss ibly e arl ie r. 11Ie machilles a lso co nta in d iag-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  nos tic st'lftware tha t will a utomatica lly page IItech -
                                                                                                                                                                                                  nic ian if. pruble-m occu r.> ,
                                                                                      to "«ring it stuc k here!                -.en'>l)f having a core , prd erdbl )' ferrit..., which is               Occn inn all y, Coinsurr sends soft ware upda tes

PageU                                                                                               2600 Maga:)"..             \IIn'er 2002·2003                                                                                                      Page 2S
                                                                                                                   information in the manual tpage 108 of the                     Fro m thcrc I go t a bit more curio us and
to the machines to fix bugs. add features. and ad-       ground. or at least have the capability ttl do so.
                                                                                                                   PDF). and sel up 10 find a way to add my own.             wa nted 10 ex pan d the sys te m so me more . I
vertise promotions . These updates are also down-            III addition. the machines contain II phone that
krade to the machines during this time period .                                                                        With an old P-ll board that got fried, I CUt          add ed 256M of RAM . then atte mpted to add a
                                                         is linked directly into the Coincrar network. If a
    AU of tht'_se !ilatistics are srored on servers at                                                             OUt its PS/2 keyboard connec tor with some                200ig HO D and a C DROM . I di dn 't ha ve mu ch
                                                         More employee needs to schedule maintenance,
Coinstar's headquarters in Bellevue. WashinghJn.                                                                   snips. remov...d the exce.....s solder fro m the pi ns,   luck with that, but found (lui if I remo ved the
                                                         check the ne"t coi n pickup. or dn any number uf          and cleaned it up for a better connec tion . I had
and mallY em ployees can access them over the net-                                                                                                                           CF Card I could use the HO D on Idevlhdc
work through software loade on their computers.          other things. he just needs to open the machine (it       to figure out a wa y to set up the connec tor
                                                         is locked with a key) and pick up the phone. Also.                                                                  where the CF used 10 he. After a bit more play-
I received a lour of the head quarte rs several yean;                                                              around the way this case was set up. In the true
                                                         when the machine is opened. a pin code must be                                                                      ing. I go t Linux install ed on the 20 Gi g drive on
ago. and at the time all the servers were running                                                                  form o f im precisi on. I grabbed a nice len gt h of
NT 4.0.                                                  entered to obtain access to the diagnostic software.                                                                Idcvlhdc and it wa.. wo rking fine as a home
                                                                                                                   Cat5 cable (o nce aga in found dumpste r diving)
    I did notic e another imeresting feature while at    statistic s. and to cha nge the options of the ma-                                                                  server.
                                                                                                                   and strip ped the ends of the wires bare for a
Cctnsur Headquart e rs. They had II row of ma-           chine. This code is also needed to access the             connec non. After so me so lde r work we had the               The system prov ided me w ith we ll over a
chines. dating from the earl iest machine through        phone. I perso nally have IIOt had the opponunny 10       wires co nnec ted to the PC I-9(i4 board and ran          mon th of fun and learn ing . as w ell as some in-
their future models that had nut yet been released.      access this part of the machine, mainly due 10 the        the Ca t5 to the hac k (If the sys te m 10 another        teresring calls to Nort e! try ing 10 understand the
Some machines were on and func'tio ning, others                                                                                                                              BIOS and rest ric tions se t int o it. Granted I did
                                                         lock and the security came ras right nex t 10 it (how-    ho le provid ed for anot he r se rial pu n . Th e con-
were off. However. one (a current mood) dis-
                                                         ever. the lock is the main ob stacle).                    necto r was so lde red on at the other end and            not get muc h info rmat io n - it was brou ght to my
played a "Press CfRL-ALT-DEL to logon" mes -
sage. as commonly seen in Windows NT 3 and 4 .               For all ils ease uf use. a lot uf t<:chnu lugy sits   so me e jecrnce! tape 10 gua rd the bare wire... and      att ent ion tha t rescUi ng it req uired re moving an d
For this reason. I have II suspicion that the ma-        behind the gree n plastic of a Co instar machine ,        pins from the cas e.                                      ad di ng a new BIOS chip wh ic h I a m too lazy 10
chines rull w me form of Windows in the back-            much of which I still have yet to uncover.                     Plu gging up a keyboard . I started it up an d       do.
                              ~¥~~~~~""1                                                                           saw the damage that could be do ne. Durin g the
                                                                                                                   BIOS load, the key board light s came on. and
                                                                                                                                                                                  Th e mu ral of this long w ind ed art icle ?
                                                                                                                                                                             Du mpster di vin g can provid e yo u with expe n-
                                                                                                                   Red Hat Linux began to 0001. Staring at the Lo-
                                                                         Trea sure                                 gin/Password pro mpt I was q uite excited . Of
                                                                                                                   course I started with II qu ick basic guess for roo t
                                                                                                                                                                             sive treas ures and a long time o f fu n and
                                                                                                                                                                             learn ing.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Than ks to 404 and Tyle r fur a..sistance on
                                                                                                                    with thc password alreon an d there I sat at a
                                                                                                                                                                             sys tems run ning Com pac tF las h cards and the
                                                                                                                    wor king co nsole .
                   hy phantasm                           curds. The CPU wa s an Intel Ceteron 500. 64 M                 A quick browse arou nd 10 see wha t was
                                                                                                                                                                             rest of Texrbc x Networks for help on other areas
             phanla sm @texthu lII.nel                   RA M chip, and a MM CF card as Iu dri ve.                                                                           of learn ing the system.
                                                                                                                   there an d I powe red it do wn . I removed a crypm
    Amo ng many of the things 11    0\"e to take pan     Loo king more into it. I noticed there was nil            card and po pped in a 3Cotll NIC. rebooted ,                                    Helatl'fl Si tes;
in, du mpsrer diving always has that small thrill        ke yboard port. or a video co nnector at all. so          bro ug ht up the interface. and turn ed on SS H. A        Alleon Users G uide: hllp :llwwwI4 2.nonelnet
of actua l treasu re hun ting . Sooner or tater you      gcuing into a conso le wou ld be a slig ht                few change s to se t it all up au tomatically for         works.comlhvdocJ       alleonliM ssU050 I 25.C .pdf
are hou nd to find a manual with enough infor-           challenge .                                                me , anothe r po wer dow n. rem oval o f the video       Tekn or Ap plicom PC I-94 6-1 Hardware Gu ide:
mauon 10 k eep you read ing for a few days or                After writing down part numbers. [ put it             card. and brou gh t it back up. I now had a syste m       http ://www.ko ntron.co mll echliblman ualsIPC l-
eve n mo nth s. Other times you may get lucky            bac k together and d id a few searc hes. It ap-            to play with at my des k for more comfort.               946-I_and_P3S440BX_manual.pdf
and lind an old co mputer that has part s yo u can       peared I had an Alleon iS D- lrxl and ofTI was on
                                                         a search for technical doc ume ntation. Hoo king

                                                                                                                     DMCA,v& DMCRA
    A fe w months ago . during my wee kly dive           it up and attempting to power it on. I found the
excursion. I hap pened to stumble upo n quite a                                                       .
                                                         powe r button was brok en ofT. A pen tip war. ali i
treas ure in my favorit e dive spo t. On tOPof the       need ed. and the wh ir of the fans ch imed through
du mpster sat a bea utifu l gree n sys tem, jus t un-
der III" wide. 24 " deep. and 1.7 inches tall. I
                                                         the room. Runnin g a seria l cable from its seri al
                                                         port 10 my system. I tried to ge t a console that
                                                                                                                              t bJ Ali
                                                                                                                              L -.!)' iDaitiiiJ-       0"          0"
                                                                                                                                                            -"'---''--- - righ t statues to ac commodate new material. The
was quite excited about findin g so met hing aside       way wit h no luck .                                            The Digi tal Mill enn ium Copyrigh t Act             DMCA is j ust the nex t step in the series o f mod -
fro m the usual post-it note about where they                 After a bit more reading, I discovered a need        (DMCA) and the Digital Mcdia Con sum ers'                 ificauons to the copyrig ht statutes. There were
were going to ea t. or the regular o ffice mem o to      fo r an Alleon WebSwitch to ace ess thc sys tem ,         Righ ts Ac t lD MCRAj are at the o pposite ends           other reasons for the DM CA's enac tmen t. At the
put cigarettes in the as htray o utside and not un       So it was time fo r a lot mo re research .                 '1'
                                                                                                                   1 the "copyright right s" ax is. so to speak. Rep -       1996 World Intell ectual Property Drgan iza ticn
the sidewa lk.                                                                       .
                                                              Th e board inside wa.. labled Teknor App il·         rcsenuuive Bouch er and Doo little's DMCRA                Diplomatic Confere nce . the U .S . adopt ed the
    I dropped my umb rella. and aftcr a few at-          com . Inc.• with a PCI -946-1 sys tem boa rd , By         will amend the changes mad e by the DM CA to              World Intelle ct ual Property Organi zation treaty.
tem pts It, get to the lop of the dum pster. I made      usin g a PC I Video Card. I was able to remove            preve nt the corpor ate ab uses of po wer tha t have      Th ere wa s a perc eiv ed need to com ply with that
it and pu t it in my ca r. Unsu re of what exactly it    the Fiber card and replace it to get II video ou t -      been possible under the DM CA.                            treaty: the DM CA mad e thai comp liance but
was, I du g around a bit more for a manual or            put of wha t was goi ng on duri ng boot. I 1"11
                                                                                                                        Th ... DMCA was enacted in 199 8 to take ef-         adde d mu ch more than wa s nece ssary . Copy-
so mething about it and found nothing.                   quite pleased to see the syste m wa~ ftlll)
                                                                                                                   I'..ct in th.. year 20(X). Th e DM CA modi fied the       righ t owners were rightl y co ncerned tha t their
    Later tha t eve ning I got hom e and pee led it      func tio nal and bocnng tine.
                                                                                                                   U.S. copyrighr sraunes to provide protection for          wor ks would be pirated on the digital frontier;
apart. not ing it was quite co mpact inte rna lly. ln-        Th ... man ual for the hoard sho wed the Plll
                                                                                                                   t'n py righted dig ital materia l. Sinc... 1790 Con-          Cu ngress did not intend for (he DM CA fO be
side were three PCI sinh us«l by a Fihc r Giga-          outs for its connectors, which was a wond erful
                                                                                                                   ~re" h;ls made m(xlilicaliollS fO the U.S. eopy-          abu~d as it is so today. The DMCA wa~ en-
bit Ethl.'rnct adapter and two CryptoSw ift SS L         he lp. I was ab le 10 find the keyboard interf....

                                                                                                                   Winter 2002-2003                                                                                     Page 27
Page 26                                                                                 2600 Moga z;'".
acted to clear the gray area of pirating copy-        the DMCA to punish Skly urov for speaking nUl            after SDMI had g iven Felten and his tea m per-        of prosec ution for d isco veries. Securit y ca n
righted digital works ami to ban the "black box"      about his research. After months of lmprlson-            mission to circumvent the ir watermarki ng tech-       again be developed. unimpeded by the DMCA.
type devices intended for thai purpose. In prac-      men: Sklyaro v was finally released undcr lin            nologies. they were Mill able to revoke the right      Proper labeling of "copy- protected CDs~ will
tice it has worked to that end and beyond. The        agreement with the Departmen t of Justice. Aftn-         of free speech with the D j..1CA. Felten's team        also be e nsured. This ne w breed of CDs . mar-
new c lauses and provisions to the copyright          his release the DMCA continued to prosecute              brought suit against SDMI and subsequently             keted as regular CDs. ha ve been kno wn 10 have
statures have been abused aggressively to stifle      his employe r. ElcomSo ft. under the cri minal           made a partial release of their research.              playback problem s and have also crashed quite
and control many legitimate activities, The           provisions of the DMCA. ElcomSoft is ba1>CJ in               Pmminent Dutch cryptographer Nie ls Fer-           a few co mputers with their aggre ssive
DMCA added anti-circumv ention measures to            Russia where there is no DMCA. The DMCA is               guso n recently discovered major flaws in a            protection measure s.
the copyright staunes that forbid under penalty       reaching across co ntinents to stifle free speech.       commercial hi-definition video encryption sys-             This bill has already won the suppo rt of
of law gaining access to a work by "circumvent-            Prior to this. the Motion Picture Association       tem. Ferguson rightly fears legal action under
                                                      of America (MPAA) brought suit against 2600                                                                     many major public entitie s. The suppo rters in-
ing a technological protec tion measure that                                                                   the DMCA and has therefore declined to release
would otherwise effectively control access 10 a                                                                                                                       clude; Intel Corporation . Phillips Co nsumer
                                                      M II /l UZ;Il f:' for publishing DeCSS on its website.   any of his work. He doesn't talk to his peers and
copyrighted work". The DMCA also prevents             DeCSS is an open source application that al-                                                                    Electron ics North Ame rica. Sun Micro systems,
                                                                                                               scientific colleag ues for fear of his research        Veri/on. Gateway Con sumer Electronics Asso-
the import. manufacture. or export of any             lows Linux users to play DVDs, DcCSS's pri-              simply reaching the U.S. which he thinks could
device that can circumvent that protection.           mary use is a DVD player. It also has the ability                                                               ciation. American Library Association, Associa -
                                                                                                               be interpreted as a violation of the DMCA.             tion of the Ameri can Univers ities. Association
     By dlling thi .~ the DMCA gives copyrig ht       to change file rormnts from DVD to MPG                       This shows the beginning of a horri ble trend.
holder; com plete control over their works. no        which is like playing a DVD and record ing it to                                                                of Researc h Libraries, Ameri can Association of
                                                                                                               Scientists are withholdi ng resea rch or simply        Law Libraries. Med ica l Library Associa tion,
mailer what the circum stances. Historically. the     a VHS tape (which is. again. legal under the fair        avoiding the US . out of fear. Scie ntific de vel-
 U.S, copyright laws haven't given cop yright         use doc rnne ). Because it can do this it has te -                                                              Special Liberties Assoc iation. Digital Future
                                                                                                               opment in the U.S. is being stilled for the bene-      Coalition. Consumers Union. National Writers
holders this total control. A major "safety" on       come the target of the MPAA through the
                                                                                                               tit o f the corporation. Scie ntists now fear the
this type of control is the fair use doctrine. Fair   DMCA. 2600 was not accused of being in-                                                                         Union. Ho me Reco rding Righ ts Coalition.
                                                                                                               U.S. They fear the "Land of the Free" because
use allows the end user to make copies of a           volved in the development of this to nor was
                                                                                               ol,                                                                    American Founda tion for the Blind. and the
                                                                                                               corporatio ns are given power o ver individual
copyrighted work for personal usc. cdut'a/ional       lr accused of ha ving used the software for copy.                                                               Electronic Frontier Founda tion. Many of the
use, use in commentary. criticism. and parody         right infringement, The lawsuit was orought                                                                     supporters are library or writer assoclanons of
                                                                                                                   The DMCRA will give that po wer and the
or any other solely soc ially beneficial usc. A       upon 2600 simply for making the source cede                                                                     some kind. It can be inferred that the librarie s
                                                                                                               rights back to the consumer. This bill will re-
 work protected by the DMCA cannot be copied                                                  0
                                                      available. Free speech was denied 1 2600 when                                                                   and writers may fea r the DMCA as the means to
                                                                                                               store the historical balance betw een copyright
 by the end user without the ex press consent of      they were enjoined from publishing the DeCSS                                                                    an end o f an era. an era of free speec h and fair
                                                                                                               holders and the end user. If this hill passes in the
 the copyright holder, This co mplete ly nullifies    source code. 2600 lost the case and lost the ap-                                                                use.
 the fair use docmne and tilts the balance of         peal. Some good can be said to have C1.1me of            next session. the rights that the DMCA
                                                                                                               threatens will be restored .                               The way is now dear - the public's rights are
power dangerously toward the co pyright hold-         this Ihough - il was decidedly the most public                                                                  threatened and the DMCRA is their boon . li-
                                                                                                                   It will reaffirm the fair use doctri ne in the
ers. By the same means the DMCA takes away            display of the dangers of the DMC A yet. The                                                                    braries and writer s acros s the United Stale~
 the rights of First Sale and Limited Time. First     case provided a wake-up call to the hacker com-          digital world. mak ing it legal to c ircumvent a
                                                                                                               technological measurc preven ting access as            gather under the DMCRA's flag. Without the
 Sale gives the end users the right to sell a cop y   munity and gave jhe world a glimpse of what                                                                     DMC RA organizations like the MPAA gain
of a work over and over once it is made. lim-         corporations can do with the DMCA.                       long as the circumvention falls within the
                                                                                                               guide lines o f the fair use doctrine. It adds ex-     more of a foothold in our soc iety. Organizations
 ited Time limits the time that a copyright is in          In September o f 2000 the Sec ure Digital
                                                                                                               emptions for scientific research which reestab-        like the Electronic Frontie r Fo undation have
 effect. The copyright is granted for a limited       Music lniuarive ( S D ~lI) issued a public chal-
                                                                                                               lishes the BetamaJL: standard . Thc Betamax            long known the effects of the DMCA and the
 time and after that lime is up the work goes into    lenge encouraging lhe hacker community to de-
                                                                                                               standard would. in !.he digital world. allow the       ]Xlwer it gran ts to corporations. The MPAA's
 the public domain.                                   feat new watermarking technologies the SDMI
     The power that co pyright holders now have       hoped 10use to thwart piracy. Professor Edward           manufacture and distribution of software or            actions have paid off. but not in their favor. The
 over these rights is shown in their use of the       Felten and his team of researchers from Prince-          hardware that can be used 10 circumvent tech-          average cntzen has at lea st heard o f the DMCA
 DMCA. Dimitry Sktyarov. 3 young Russian              ton. Rice. and Xerox look up the challenge and           nological protection measures as long as it has a      and many have now joined the fight against it.
 Ph.D. at Moscow University. was invited to           succeeded in circumventing the warermurk con-            legitimate use. The reestahlishment of the Beta-       When the DMCR A is enac ted, the power will be
 speak at Dcrcon about some of his research . His     trols on the music tljes. When the team tried 1      0   max standard would put scie ntists at ease and         returned 10 the people.
 speech outlined Adobe's e- Book security and its     show their research at the 200 1 Usenix confer-          encourage scientific research to continue as it            Green: Kahlan , Zim. Rill and Dm·ky. Save
 weaknesses, He and his company had devel-            ence. the SDMI threatened Felten with the                always has in an open forum style without fear         Farscape .
 oped a program that allowed the end user to           DMCA. The threat was in the fonn of a letter
 make copies of an Adobe e-Book, which was            that was delivered to Felten and his team as well
 completely legal in Russia but illegal under the     as their em ployers. Sharing research such as
 DMCA. He was arrested. Not for copyright in-          Felten's is common practice in the computer sci-
 fringement or for helping anyone else infringe       ence field. It shows others' mistakes and can
 upon copyright. but solely for c iting weak-         only lead to better solutions. If Felten and his
 nesses in e-Book security. He was arrested be-        team presented their research the original secu-
 ca use someone he never met might use what he        rity tech nology would o f course be co mpro-
 learned through his research to copy an e-Book        mised. hut many would offer suggestio ns to
 without the publisher's pe rmission. Adobe used       improve or replace the weak techno logy. Even
Page 28                                                                             2600 Magazill~             Wimer 2002-2003                                                                               Page 29
                                                                                                                                                          ,hose of ynu "'00 c are. I am II born and raised Nnnh                                         .'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ,.·It" 1":,f'<'U·...f 1m ohjl'e,i" rw.hl .. fI"i,., pJ."'"" ,,,. mn.'1l
                                                                                                                                                          C urulinian (j ll't in case it sounded lik.. 1 wa s someo ne                  r "'II",I·"".Iial l1    ·eb"it l'. II·.. 're l1"ill8 '0   be f llcilil(
                                                                                                                                                          who didn't ha ve an y in.'eslment in me issue of terror ·                     pmhlmu (,f all 1" 11;"" Jijf..,...,.,    "<I'W~
                                                                                                                                                           rvm}, 'Thanh 10 1UJ() fur co ntinuing tl) lighl th.. good
                                                                                                                                                           tight I hope you guys agree wi th me nn thi s. but if not                    Dea r 16rHJ:                                     I
                                                                                                                                                           I'm ' ure you'll uplain ""hy,                                                    In you r response in 19: I 10 II 1e1l~ ohmn cra..: l inj:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             j mu       bank accounts (· Tra.:ki ng T~m>riSl~~ ) yo u said, "' I'
                                                                                                                                                                 Thi.• mist'J <I numbu "f i,III',...JI;n/? po illl.•. F mm              you reall y warnIn help. the he ~1 thin g yo u can do is Ito'
Spreading News                                                                   hacker co mmunity and I really appreciate yuur
                                                                                                                                                          our undertumding, th.. o ll'lIUJ of al",·da.ct'", Jimply                      ohsen 'anl and notic e thin gs th ai other po:opk JU;olj<.IlI)t
                                                                                 'ITOggle and years of dedication .
                                                                                                                                                          r/iJ,, ', ren..w ,h..ir d"" w ;lI " um.. in Ii", e and some one               notice .ll1enlet people know what yo u see ." It see ms
(),.ar 1600:                                                                                                                        C) ""' r n a rd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        to me thai this goes against you r upposition to the
                                                                                     W.....ould,,', /w ,'r gotten ull,no'hae willu"'t o<lf                <'I.,,' gro hh ..d i l . Ir'~ 110/ qui'.. 11r. sa", .. IlIinX o.• u t!al·
    Some readers ma ~ already know Ihis. but sneale-
                                                                                           , l''''''''
                                                                                           m                                                               ;lIg 'h I" d"mllill: ;I '~ l?'l ily j ll.• <I rOMI"Sl '" ul'     ,,'m,'J     TIPS program. 'The TIP S pmgram is rea lly nothing
man.com is a service that allows one 10 genenll~ dis-
pm able email add re.<.-.e<. tJu,1 forw;vd to ~our rea]
add ress, 11 provide s a sel f Uocunlt' nting method of
                                                                                 reader i '            I
                                                                                                    11r'.I'\ 't' mwIr i'I't'')'tlt i nJ/ pms;hk

                                                                                 Terrorism Related Issu es
                                                                                                                                                      )                                             1
                                                                                                                                                          '''lying <1111'111;" '1 u ndo unl.. u Ih.. " uml' i~ ('<Irt "f II
                                                                                                                                                          muJ..n",rl lltl'll' ·s nor a 100 IhuI eun ".. don.. ubout i l.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        more than a way to gath er information that peo ple ttad
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        II easy way o f reporting be fore . But of course peopre
                                                                                                                                                          II may Ul'n' unf<lir bur if u domaill i., n pil?d. it ""                      can't handl e the ra.:t that instead of having impunant
trading who ""lis your email address sO thai you can
con front those co mpanies wuh prnuf thai they sold                              ""'8f 1600:                                                          J   /imgu h.-1<mgs II> <llI)Y         "''', Whal ~'It<p,um,rs d""j is             criminal activi ty info reponed 10 rbousends of differ -
                                                                                      Anyone else notice the eerie resemhlaRCt' ht'lwecn                  in/t' Il'"' i,, g - Ihey ""j/[ kul' Ihi j fm", /rlll'f"" ing 'o yo u          ent sources. they wa nl one contact po int . There have
you r add ress ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                        been anon ymous tip line s for othe r thi ngs for a lung
                                              So."ipah m
                                                                                 9/11 and its. aflerma th and Bruin [fflffWll l" S 219191                 if ) Y' " IHl.V Ih"", wrd ,II..y will all..nz,'1 III gr<lh name s
                                                                                 hr\>a<.!ca.sl ?                                                          W J U l>ct. .. rh..m for ,h t m",n..1II Ih..y r.rp il? W.. ...... 110
                                                                                                                                                                     .                                                                  time. One that may help SIUp and solve cri me dl lr~n't
                                                                                                                                        TrtS.~ r          reason "1 " <l11 1I' rhi.' U.\' 11r".!'·". lIor J oillJ<: w')',hill X
                                                                                                                                                                                1I                                                                                 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ,\lund lhat threatening 1 me .
o"ar 1600:
   In 19:2.      ~ouprinted a letter from one "MW" who                               Ym, '1? ,...faring   It>an I'arly rodio h,,>IJl1" UM on              "''''''/1. Ultinrmrl,v fh..ir ....rvic.. lI'ilI "" c<I",r Inl'ffrc-                                                                          PLMS
wa s asking ahoul how 10 send anon ymou s faxes. FlIr 11                         our "'rbJilt' rlu,' Ih..ori;; d " " thl' pouihiti ty of .m ", ...
                                                                                                             ..                                           m'l" us "'''Il' ,f<leh c""'runi..j ('<'I' up. If ir eUll hI'                       TIt..re's u dif!t ..." ,·l' hr' wee n "<'ill/? "h.fl'n ·,mt <UrtJ
small fee. this person l~ ..,d d use an e-fax serv ice such                      tind "f /u lu"" ufluck " 'I u.s. j"it (U u Il'.ful, n/tllr G"lf          / mJlY!n Ilwt Iltl',v're U("<'rpl;n/l nwll ...!'/ m nr bmlt Ihe Ju-           bei llg <111 if/fi,,,,,,m'. W.. " " e" " r" /?,, Ih.. /"m ,r r ". .. all~
as wwwmaxemail.com 10 send a fax any where th<:                                  \\iu: MUllY I't'"pl.. urmurd tl,.. "oorld hadubo eonj iJ-                nwin holJ ..r <llId Iht' person " 'h" ...alll.. Ihlll j <l" '" ,1,,-          illR 1It' btlin"I",,,pl.. ~h"u id n"li ,... rhin Rl' ulld 'rillhr
user accesses the Internet. U sing a 811111I proxy serve r                       I'll'd llutl pm .fihi lit,., A'id ""ltr n lit.. ulluc h came. ;,          mai n. IIUlt lI'ould qualify Uj a ripoff in our bt>ok..lt. jfor              ..."rld II'hul th..y S It 's kind ,,[ ""r rll l'lIl " . EnmuraR'
or ot her anon ymou s access point wuuld all ow the user                                    m
                                                                                 ...o kl"a 1 ",,,re/.WOpl.. up 'o Ih.. fuet thai our f Ol?ig"              ...II"t's I·urrrml.v ,m Ih....il.., il·.f u fft.. .1,,,....I·h i.Hue .       ing pr"pl.. I" 1l'('<>11 WI )' .... USf'ieill<l.l uc ,il';ly" <lf lMir
to send an anon ymou s fax.                                                      p"liey rlln , '"",1' bud ro hUl1n1 us ri/?hl hl"l?                        From 1I'1r<l ' II·.. ·W Ut'lI. un ,.." n.. ij W
                                                                                                                                                                                                .          I'!<:Q11lt' 1 purriei·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        0               lIt'iXh" " r J (flT ' ''1U1 ..lrullK..,j ) ' 0 rill' u Wh"ri,In is
    Along th<.'-e lines, uscrs wishin g tn rece ive anon y-
                                                                                 llt'or 1600:
                                                                                                                                                          (>lilt' (n<>l Ih," IIl..y·,...   obJigultd /(J all"lI' 1     M..}. WIt<ll     ab.'u l ,h.. m"n u"h"<llth)' thing " ur -'fH'i.. ry lIud.1 at
                                                                                                                                                           Iht' p",.wll(j) hf-lti"tJ il don for <I livi"X ;J "aily i", ·                Ilrij p<li1l1.
mous fales may find the free scrvil'es of                                             Th is jeuer probably won 't be the only on e yoo get
www.faxwave.ct.m to be useful. 1lIcy ass ign you a                                                                                                         IIIl1/rrial /O Ihi", <IS i.< id..mif f!. lI'lull .\ /0 1" ytJu Itap~
                                                                                 o n Jobn Messne r, who ha' been gettin g a hit of anen-                                                                                                llt'ar 1600:
unique pho ne nu mber (no ntensiOllS!) and receive the                                                                                                    Ill''' I" bt fmm . N,>boJ,1" " "p;lI;"",r al? "' Ol? fIr I..Js
                                                                                 lion o n the news lalel y fOf "had ing" atnccacom. an                                                                                                      So I was there wai ting in line at            ~ Incal n :JEx
taxes fur ~oo . Upon recei pt. the tran smi ssion is con -                                                                                                 I'd lid h",·a" se Ilf Ih..ir b<ll.'kgmulld Ilr lo,-yl/;OI1. What
                                                                                 AI-Qai da wehsite. He didn 't really "hack" anything                                                                                                   for my laptop to come ha..:l from bem g serviced. 1
verted to II.lif file and ema iled!ll any emai l address of                                                                                                ,.... C<llI ag ru " " i.. rllm this l?u /1I' don ll'l hm'l." u
                                                                                 and it's ju, t ano the r example of how loo >cly the term                                                                                              "'liS behind three gClllleme n of Middle Ea.stern nalion-
yn ur chous ing. A ll nu mhers are issued from lhe 775                                                                                                     l1'h,,11" 1m 10d" lI'ilh hu/'kinl: - i' ·.f .•i';"'ly <lhow f'<-Iyi nK
                                                                                 is used . He j usl deo:ided 10 gi ve one of those domain                                                                                               ality, Twu nflhem were al the co untcr talking In a lady
area code and the exc hange varies but is u" uall~ local                                                                                                  ,1II1'1IIi" n,
                                                                                 snatchi ng !;Crvices (snapna ffil's.co m) a try and got                                                                                                 who worled the re. 1 lhin k the ~ wen: Ir)'ing to ligu re
to Reoo . Nevada.                                                                lu..:ky when the owne rs uf alned a tried to switch name                 Ilt'a r 1600:                                                                 (HJt ""hen a pack age wa s gu ing to arri ve at ils deslina-
                                                                                 ""rvel"S. I'm ",'ritin g because Messner is bein g llUIdc                     f kno w a., do al l of your uther rcader.;; that yuu are                 lioo . Anyhuw. ""hill' I wa s looking at Illy slip. I
                                                                                 ou t to be some kind Ilf ~eel hero in the new s. I don 't                agai nMeven Ihe so ca llcd "white hal hal'kin g" eve n if                     glanced ove r at the vny qui et lhird man whll wa s sit-
llt'ar 161 J:
                                                                                 thin l he is , In f8\.'1, I think he's the exact opposite of             Ihe site bein g attacled is an e nemy of the stal e. BUl l                     ting in a l'hair in fro nt of me . He had a pie..:e of paper
    This is regardin g the fax from Direa Med ia
                                                                                 whal co mpuler l'111hu,ia.'IS want to be iUtntified with ,               wuuld hav e to say lhatthi ' is j u"l the kind of thing Ihat                  and a man ila e nvelope in his hand . On the whit e pil'l:e
America un page 13 of 19:3. Lool s lil e Ihere's an on-
                                                                                 First of alL he's II porn king (ha ving started "nne n:.                 we in the hal:ling com munity shou ld be duing.                               of       paper       he     had        written        every where
go ing inve stigation of Di ret.1. Media Ameri ca hy the
                                                                                 aUy ' ucce\sful g i rl- ne ~ t -dIK,r type site) whieh sume                     I do agree w ith you how ever thai the allocling and                    "INS.DA.DO J, OOr (I cnuldn't male (lUi lhe last
Florida Anomey ('n:MmL
                                                                                 people mighl find to he ClII,1 or whate ver. I think if.                 reJi recting of their funds i ~ crossing the line . But                       ..:harac terj . This was wrincn ..I·I'')...·'' .. I? on hoth s ides
                                                                       , .."tt                                                                                                                                                           too. 1lIcn he flipped hi s ha nd uver and on the en ve-
                                                                                 just di sgusting. Seco nd uf all. lhe unly thin g he did                 there's nHthing wrong wilh galherin g "intel" on Iheir
    W.. n-rtuilll.vI'U j<l)'
                      lI',         ...,.. 'I?   j"rpriud.
                                                                                 wa , [tet lul'l y wilh that name 'nak:hing $Crvice. which                age nls, their movcmcnls. their 'lre n~th, etc.. and pass-                    lope he had a bunch of words wrinl'n lilc a Iisl or ad·
Ilt'a r 16fJO:                                                                   takes f.ero intelli l!erl<.'e and ,mly ..nou gh "skill" to fire          ing il on 10 tile appropri ate channel s ilU that app ropri·                  dre ss. l1Ic o nly words I co uld male oul were
    Man y people prohabl~ al read y l nuw abo ut Ihis.                           up Internet Exp lorer , I had my name sna tched by one                   all.' plans can be mad e. as well a, the monilnrin g of                       1'\I.rnelhing ] Middl e School. Thal's 11.11 1 cou ld gel be-
but www.payphnne -proj ect.com/ is a website with tlK-                           of tho "" thin gs about a year ago and had to pay 150                    ,heir elec lru nic fund transfe n; as thaI will al..., give us                 fore he got up to lea vt' w ilh the other tw o mcn . I don 't
phnne nom~rs to !h1'USand, of payphunes 311 around                               bocks IUgCl il hack . Not coo l al all . they should he il·               ,ml'1 nn what they a re planning.                                             think the enve !<' p'" had been se nl yt' t Ilccau se the
the Stale~.                                                                      legal. Regardless of whelhcr it wa.~ II t... mrist wcb<.ite
                                                                                                                                  r                              I wuuld alsu hav e to say thaI we should suppon                        stamps did n't app"'ar to have been ('ros~d out yel hy
                                                              S ardooku~         or not (actually il was jU\t a pro--lslum site. bol hey                   llm,e ""ho likc Jon Messner throu gh legal mea ns t(K)k                       the post o ffice. 1'1K-re we re bi g stamps o n it wilh pic-
    H(lp~:f<lll.l'   thr killd thu t MJII       tuk~' i1l< m ill l1 r ull.f.
                                                          'o                     wha t's the diff erenc e after tIM: 11th an ywa y?). tho!IC              " vcr OWr>e", hi p of a parti cu lar domain name . And                         ture s of a man wilh a hat on lile Edd ie Murphy wore
                                                                                 types of service s are just hull and explniling thent like               ..:un ~ ide ri ng that he did legall y purchase lhe afOll'men -                in Tit.. GoltI"lI Child. llll' firS! thi ng Ihal ca me 10 mind
Ileal' 161JO:                                                                    that is co mpletely againsl wha t bein g a hacker I ~                     IInr>eJ domain name when il was not bein g used (even                         when I saw the charac ters on the letters wcre tho se
     I uu ly oomire your magaz ine and how hard the                              abuu t. I'm all fnr fighting tcrroris m bol this i, jU' 1 an·            ,fit ""as just for a " splil-r;.ero           oo," it wa ~ fair game ). he     ICll~rs with the anthrax . I didn ~ gel their Iicen >c: plate
staff of 1flOO worh to s!low us tile information which                           ulhcr example of 'iUm         eone laking il 10 0 far lind the           .I,d sO in a fair and legal OI>ve.         <                                  for funher tra(:l ing but Illey were dri vin g a lale RO'~
Ihe go vem ffil'nt and (",,-porations try In co ntro l and                       media glnrif)'ing it. We've already gu t the DMCA and                                                                                     Hl'rmlill    silve r Honda Accord. My sec ond thou gh t wa s why the
di stort. Yuu'w a group Ihat the gow m lTK'l!t lries to                           Palr iot AI' IU worry about - I don 't want to have til                        AJ 11'" j llid ,lb.",.., uj inK UlI txi.flinR syllrm 10 gain            hell would an illlemational terrori sl ju st wall illlo a
suppres., lile lUIy gro up that stands against the sysle m.                       lnul over Iny sho ulder for vigilante porn bus -e~ llull                '/11 <l<11'<A1II<l11" ij n ', l l>.. /m"'II'''~ HUlllw u who "../i......       building lw'lding "cvide n<.:e·r So whal thc h"11 do I
one that will be ta!l1eled hy !hose in "con trol" ju st to                        want 10 get ahold of my website heo:'ousc they lhink                     Ih..\· , /m uld ad U.f j udgl'. j ury. ulId ...tt"CllI;onrr u ....d.._
                                                                                                                                                                    1                                                                   dll? If I lei il go and th... kill somrone. I am a bad per-
pro tect their own intcrest S, Soon I'll be stan ing a 1(j{)(J                   they are some""'w light ing:terrorism. It al so shuuld he                fu"i",~ IIr..m....fvl'.f. Ho ll' d" you     jUl''''','''    "",,'I? Ii" ing   "-'n. If I call the poli ce and he turn s o ut III he prac tic-
ITk"Cting here in Pu...n o Rico wilh technological                                noted lhat alneda.com nnw links to a forum when:                        I" hr uM r 10 trark: d" "," "enl'my ag"",u " in Ihl' fi r.. ,"                ing his Englis h or 1M: wa ~ ju sl se nding mune y to his
themes aoo politi cal issllCs too. highl y inftuen l'ed by                                                                 '
                                                                                  people di ...:uss world is.u;: s su..:h 3. tl'fTUri sm. Must " f
                                                                                                               ,                                          /'/aa? Thl'Y d" o ', l'.tarlly athu,is.- ,lrr;r pIl' UlI " l',                 famil y. 1 am a had person. I haven 'l j udg..d :fN. but
yo ur magazine. Ynu people are an inspiration for Ihe                             the la lls there are one ·sided a' can be e lpe~,tcd. f-Iur               1
                                                                                                                                                            , 11.1 if .1'" ..'... li"i ll/? II> tu'" <In.''OM illlO ,h.. uulloon lin     whal wuuld you do ? I turned to you guys becau-e

Page30                                                                                                                2600 Ataga, ;,,#'                    IVilller 2002-2003                                                                                                                     Pag e 3/
you' re I"fUh.ably til<' mo"t n.:u lral people I knu\\-. Any               we allow our govcmmem to take away an y of these                         ....t>tking fI>t the govemmeru. Their lives gnt de~                    in the alt.dumpsler rlewsgnHJp ;11 U _ for 1111 sons
 inptJt would be appm:iated,                                               freedoms. then the lemlrism will have won a great                        , tmy ed. He asked peupl~ lU tum in anyone !hey                        of discussion . ere. There's a lUI III learn and we sha{\."

                                                                                                                                                    thuu ghl was II commie. lllt.. only way OUI of il once

                                                            I .('l·l oid   victory.                                                                                                                                                                                     ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           information with all. No f1amc1 o r 1Ri1ls please.
       This "IIIY '"' Ihr firsl time ...r ·vr ever I>rr" cutted                   In Wil-shinglOn it is sad to sec Ibm many politicians             you 801 called in Wil-S 10 name other people, If you                                                                     Stin ky
                                                                                                                                                    didn'l name other pe<.",te , then y"u were a commie
neutral. fr's im".matll in a case like'Ihis to /ilkI.' a SIe'P             woo claim 10 support small and Iirnited government
bark find IOflk fll Ihl! nmc/IIII""s w"'\'r alrtmdv                        have worked to ex tend government pm"er 1U such a                        I..u. I D,...sn·tlhis kind of stuff[ust piss yOlloff un how                                        ","d, ,h,                  'mil,
 fl'uchl'd. I'roplr oj Mlddl.. &""",,, d~)J<'l'nl of't' ,.",;-             hug e exter n. lhe few vnil-~s of di"senl have hcen for                  dumb p'-'t'ple are'!)
. idnrd )J" . l' iciou)J by Jt'fflulf, Would )~'" lul\''' gil ·"n
•                 '                                                        the rm,.,.. part drowned oUI, Al tbe' same time though, it                                                                       n ....ts-own
Iht' .m mt' flmmmt "f scruliny 10 ,<omt'''"t' ...J". It,.,k"d              has made for odd alliances. Fur example. ",'me righ t-                          Ollt' Ihin/( l/w l <1IM"(VS hal"",n" Juring Iht',It'dark
I/I()"'" like' )~'II ? Th, guy bt'lng qllit'f ,,1m lIt... lt' ,WJU         wing Repu blicans and liberal groups lik~ the ACLU                       1"'rl,l<1s i .• Iht' ..m..rgt'''c t' /if ,·ollaoor<1"".< ...h" K"          ll
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           l ko r 26fH/;
,' u.•pt'cf , r>mr lhins . 8 11t ,,'h"f ', so IInllsu ,,1abo'" soml'·
             <                                                             have foun d cummun ground in opl'n"il i"n to tlI;W                       " I"n/( ",ilh ~'udl thin gs and itulio'idual s ",h" ,Irlnd up                I hav e bee n following thc topic of right click sup-
" n.. bring q"ln "'hill.' fhey ...ail in a "hair for same'-                guvemmem powers. The only way Ior us to fighl this                       mId jillltt Iht'm. Ont' Ihing "'" can '1Immf IIl1<lff m lt'<' i,       p"',,,ioll ill yo ur rnaga;/,inc fur !he 1a.'1 couple of issues
0IIt''' A.p'r 11,1' It'lun h.....<ls scribbling. Qrr' ",,,,,,,,lIy         e~tens iun of government authori ty is 10 firtd people                    Ih'Jt yo,,'U IJt' I't'')' .Iurp ri,lrd ,,/10 ,,·ind.l up in t'''''h   and decided to pul my 111'0 cents ill, I am a photogra-
tI / hrlit'l~ Ihm ..u,·h a Ihing i s a suJpid<luJ ac"Viry?                 woo lbink likew i"", in all parties, ill all organi /at inn ~,            ,."mp,                                                                pher and on my website . my gallery im ages bave rigbt
 Evt'n if hI.' "'a.' '\'n'finl1 ,/" "',, Ihr n"mr of ..very IIOV'          and juin together 10 "",mi a message to our govern-                                                                                             click suppressiu n on tjsern. The reason fo r Ibis i"
                                                                                                                                                    1lf;,lI r lMHJ;
ernme nt ag/'llcy hr L'rw, , 0 ...hat ? Havillg Ih.. 'tmm"
                                     '                                     me nt thaI we must notlet the terrorists will by altering                                                                                       rather interesting , I fee l that if you reall y appreciate an
                                                                                                                                                           JUSI wanted to ter you know - your brighl light is
 ' Middlr . '<"/" '0 /" 'm a" "nvt.'I"f't' ""lIy i.•,, '1 lhal
                \                                                          our way of life.                                                                                                                                image lhal 1 have and wan t 10 have a copy o r it. you
                                                                                                                                                    soon 10 be extinguished. One more major terrorist at-
Ullu.,w,l"ilhrr.                                                                                                               l .u rd Kham ul      lack and YOllr (and your type·s) relevance wil1l-'ease.                sho uld euhcr coraecr me Of. even better, fimi a way In
       w..·,.... n<ll f""ltillg y"u fi,r hal'ing Ihi.. Ihoughl                    8~ c" "'f ,,1nor If} fall inl<l Ih" p"'fNJ!fand" pjf rr-
                                                                                                                                                    yo ur moment will have pes.....d . This is lhe price you               wllrk fur il. This is o ne of lhe basi c pan.. to backing in
process. Whal ......'" doillg is a"'killg yo" to r:mmint' n                              'h"
                                                                           !farrling M is t'vil and Iw Is 'WI. Th.. re "'" mun v                    will pay fur your arrogance and ignorance uf human                     my book . find ing IlC'W ways of learning . It is 1101
and If)' and mwerJland " 'h.v Ihne si"'pl.. a("/i'ms                       ('",,,,,,in ...ilh <I.' bud (jr -orse humatl righu fl'cords              nalure and his,,>l1" Th illkillg an y socicllIl structures             harmful or dl',truclive . and if you find a way around
 C</uM s","rho... planf 11,.. sud. of su,'pic;on in )Y'Ur
                                            •                              us Jruq ,,'ho our goo'e"''''rlll SU ' 'S. Wt' ct'n ,,;nly
                                                                                                                      PlN'                          arc infinitely perfectible - what dreadful nonsense .                  so ltlCtbing, than yUII have learne d sometbillg new,
 mind. Thm imagiflt' fht' t'nl;"'"C</u'llry fhinkin g alUflg               J,m 'l ...ont 10 defrtul Iht'i, '/e,,,,,'i(' rr!fim.. b", 11</ de -      (:I n't blame anyo ne el se (da man ) for klM. of civil lib-
                                                                                                                                                      o                                                                    Props lil y' HJ" and keep up the good work .
 Iht' lnmt' lint'.                                                         finilil'l' pnN'f h,u "I'e' bf't'" p{{,"t'ltIrd linking Ih..m 1<1         ert ies - Ico k at da marl in da m irn>t When security and
       Tht' fut' l is .w'u ...ill '101 know if sVlnt'<"'r is up 10          Ih" af/acts n...r hal't' Ih...v 1><-.." caughl urling aggres-           law and (>tde t are re<:kles.ly neglected and chao s and
 ,wmt'lhing nil ullit'ss )v.u.blo... Iht'm "t''). well fIr a"'"            si>."l,v rJl<lSldl' Iheir !><ml"rs ur planning It> .Iim·r fhl'                                                                                  Dear l fi#O..
                                                                                                                                                    uncertainly threaten. lhe balance of societal priori ties
 higlJly trained in -,,,.>lflllI stich o<,ti"II)', Thrrr o re a            Gulf War Somt'lhitrN "I.<t' st't.'mJ /... br UI won in "ur               sbins, To q uote Aragom : • Are yoo scared'! You 're not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                III respom;e 10 Erovi's comment aboer script kid ·
fr ... luck)· U Ct'pl;,m., /(l Ihis bUI Iht')· Il'nd to inmll't'           1a1t'.I1 Jri .... uguilt.\t lilt'III.                                    -.cared enough." Belter #t used to your night mares.                   dies ami the ratio of master 10 newbles:
 ralha lafJi" elut's. ,,,,nt.' of ,,'hi,'h wt'ft' IJppa,..nl here.                Nul Iha, it'.1 un.v cnmfon Q/ al/. bill I..,,,,ri.<f acts         they ain 't going away anytime soo n. Enjoy the dark-                       Tl1e way our world is now is fine when il comes 10
       y"u ,'un " ..I US.lUft',IIN.U _I~'U didn 'l do 'lIIylhing t"        Ul/Uln," Our pt'opl" ha..e pmbabl)' 1/'" nvthlnl/ '" do                  nes. .
                                                                                                                                                         s                                                                 tile scrip! kiddies and Ihe maslers rat io. Bu m bave dif-
 ftkJkt')'Ol< a ffll<J pt'rson .                                           "'ilh 'Jllr "'<Jy "f lift.' unJ ......,ylhing 10 d<l M "'hm 'ilh               P.S. I hear BuSpar is good.                                      ferenl goals. Tl1e maslcrs' go al is 1 e~pand their abil-
                                                                           " ,,' I/O>'r"'mt'm is d"inK in 'lUr nU"I e in " ,h" r (·'lUlI·                                                                 KrtIOln--O       ities ami show nff by crea ling the program ,
I>n.r 16()(J:                                                              IriI'J. 71ul1 maJ.:n II ...<f't'cially imp"noll/ W know rx -                                                                                    Recoglliliorl for lhe program is amollg peers. 1101 hy
                                                                                                                                                          II m<l.V hr a fNJ,unr.id ('t'arli"n bUI MJmrflmn I>'t'
       So why not pul the lInny of 1 {)()(J 10 good lIsc?                  acll)' .../wl 'hal i.. urul lOkno ... ,,'ht'fl' "'e 1' .1 imli vwun1:s                                                                          lhe ignorant majorily thaI is cluele ss to the tru .. art of
                                                                                                                                                    1It'1 Iht' di Jli",'1 fulin K Ihal Iheft' u,... flt'"plt' 0111 Iht'"
Have you scc n sites like www,jehad.l1Cl? lhey hla-                        "Ialld. Wr also hm '" kup "ur e,\'I'.1 of"t' n fiJr Im,st'                                                                                      any tbin g they do . Mast .. rs are baPl'Y how Ihey are .
                                                                                                                                                    "'h,, don 'llikl' Us.
tamly advocale lhe killi ng of American ci vilians and                     righl hI'" <JJ h,,,.,           ho "pp<JSt' Iht' Am t'ril'lln "'U.I' -                                                                          programming.
praise the September 11 th attach Il.S act. of God. Why
nnt pv inl the ll'adIl.'Nbip 10 a cou ple of these w..bsites
                                                                           nollhou ...11<' ,li",.t'III -'}J<'uk Iht'ir mind,l. ur "'p""'St'1II
                                                                           ,,,,,,,elhing difJt'rrnt. TIlt' rral rnrmjrs all' Ihr rJnl'.l
                                                                                                                                                    Dumpster Diving                                                             Script kiddi es lind joy ill .IuS! breaking inlO schoo l
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           l'Ompulers and hy pe tty ao."1S of mal ice tha t bring
and leI til<'mprllClice lMi r skill s?                                     ....ho all' Irying 1 chan Kt' Ih.. rules and wlf"t' a...ay an)'
                                                                                                 0                                                  [kil l.' 1(j(J(J:                                                      reoognitiun by !he ignoranl masses . That 1I1,akes the
                                                         SurfRods          .If'mhlance 4 dut' procl'SJ IhmhaJn'l ulrf'udy hrt'n dl"                       In rcspon"", to your anicle 011 d umpste, divi ng. ill           scrip! kidd ies happy.
       Skill... Y m..<ln Ukr tlt'lfing lima to fUll prol"
               ' ou                                                        slroy"d - all In Iht' n<llflt' oflhrir rwi,l/t'd dt'finili"n ,if         llle UK a (creepy) chap ca lled Benjamin Pell did this                      As lung as everylJllt: is happy. what's the problem'!
t',I.y or illSf<lllillg l reu,... rlle')·pli'... .. Or ~rhap.1 by          J""ri"fi..,,,. A" .vou\' l' ",,1/II..d "UI. figh ling Ihis goe.l         f, >t a li ving. feedillg info 10 the pre"s and h e"limaled                                                                   Xil.'bi mos
.l k ill,1 )YIU n",un wmrlhinl1 dt'~ffUl·,il·t' ",hieh i$ apptJr.          orr<l.ls all fNJr1)' linn <mtJ {{'""irr.< only inlrl1igl'nfY             to have made over one mill ion poullds from i1. Test                        Wt' wr,...n ·t awaf't' Ih<ll t'~'Y"'nt' "'u.< .1<> huppy.
rml)" M'hal you Ihinl< Ihr had:l'r M                    ts
                                            'orld H i .• fi, r rtJU        and "f"t'n minds.                                                        cases in til<' UK have decided lhal even thuugb tr asb                 Ptrlwp.l 14'.. muldj"in in a ,'ho,us <Ifad.. To )'J)' iflhr
haVl' '" ....u liu Ihal Ih" Im l''''I'1 ...·p....S..IIIS Iht.' I'm;f't'                                                                             hilS be.. 11 thrown away, it still belongs 10 !he tbrower.
                                                                           flot,ar1600;                                                                                                                                    ~"plt' rtm,m,ll in/( ""..tty a<"ls ofmuli<'l'HSf<Jp"..-J cal/·
 world. nol j W I fht' Ullited 5I<1tt's. And Imll "'<'<11I.1 ull                                                                                    and is oot ' pu hlic donlllill." FunllYold world.
kinw of phi/(I,I(lpilin - .1<> ,if ...hieh may ,It't',., ab-                      I was jll"t reading your new eSI issue ( 19:3) and in                                                                                    in/( Iht'fns<'i,'t'.. "',curs 10 Ihl' I/(rn>rallt ma:;',,'''! .
                                  "1"                                                                                                                                                                    Pitddy
hor,.,nl · <I" ",prr"t'R/rd. 1Jt'slrucli"" ;s,,'I'fht' all,""<"            you r intro (" Freed u m's Riggesl Ene my' ) something
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           [kit!" 1 M HJ;
 • ;rou havt' <I" "l'l",nu"lry I" su sot1!l'lhinfl fir.fl/ra"d             callgh l my ey e. • ... Oper~liOf111 PS (TefTUri ~I lnform a-            Dear 1600;
                                                                                                                                                         J u~t thoughl I'd add to GriFter's brilliant article in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I just finished watching Ff't'r dom DU "'mi,,~ lWO
and U('('rpl Or ,.,jeet ilfor )YJU ffl'" rras",u - as <In in ·
                                      "                                    tiurl arid Pro!ection Sy~tem) wbich prorooses ha\'illg
                                                                                                                                                     19:2 about dUml"l~r diving , Anotil<'r grcal placc 10                 minllles ago. I filia lly got around to on1ering ;1 and a.s
di.'idual. rt,,, mm'l lIud S"" l>! gmltp u,'linK on )"U'                   memher-s of lhe gene ral public spy on people they
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SUOIl as 1 gol bome and saw lhal package in my mai l I
 brhalf or tellinll ),OU whul to think , How M'{luld il br if              cumc ill COntact wilh, looking fur anyone or anylhillg                   dive is bebi oo ~mall insurance <;ales businesses. No
                                                                           UIlI of lhe ordinary."                                                   lock.~. 11<) shreds. and es~iaJly, no food . I've found                opened it up artd pnppcd it in lbe VCR. I jU,'1 wanl to
 I" rt'Ullifr a group offrl/I.... citize n.. M'r,,' artJlJnddt'·                                                                                                                                                           say l lhougbt it was great. I especially (,njoyed the Mi-
 Slroying }J<'''plt' bt'ca" ,'r Ihl';r didn'l li~ wha, rhrv                       Well. I'm no hislory buff bu lthis really ""ulI<h e~ ­            ~I&'ks (h ig stac ks ) of peNltllll info like addres.....s.
                                                                           ",,:Ily like the same thillg lha l Hil ler did . I remember              phone numllers , MJCials. credit repvrts. elC, Grifter                 null.U protes.l and your across the C'MJlIlry lrip lu gel
 M'I"f't' In:iing a"',ul u., or !>rca u.lt' of nu,j"r dlift'"nri,
                                                                           readillg a book (arid I c:an~ remember .... hich) .... here              hrnugblup a nifty idea wilb Ihe canJhvard benes as an                  the word nul aboul Kevin. I plan 011 m3king copies
 In philmoph)'''
        OK. Ihm M',U Q ft'al ""d f!mmplr....                               tile kids would even lltm in theit pare ms fur doi ng                    ellcu",:. 1llal tidbit wou ld have gOllcll me OIl! of a few            and giving lhem 10 my frielld" 1 illso !lu f'C' 10 bav.. a
                                                                           so mething kind of su~pH:iou,. And I'm hotlCstly 11'011-                 jams ",hell I found running 10 be very necessary, Ap-                  showing at my school. Thanks for lak illg lhe lime 10
0.....1.' 1 600;                                                           derillg. arid ba ve been wondering for a while. if this is               parently backpacks aren't a good ide~ .. ilhc r. Happ y                mak .. sllCh a greal liim alld kl'ep up til<' guud work ,
     We mUSl never forge l thal. 11K' auacks uf Sept..n>-                  the direction ou r coulllry is headillg in. Havell't we                  div ing!                                                                                                                              j~
her Il th were abewe all e1s<: an allack on the American                   leamed from hislofy ? I wouM like to thirlk JiO. but                                                                        Nomad
way of life arid a1l 1 il stand!; for. Our Con,lilulivn
                      hal                                                  somehow I ean't SC'I'm to convioce myse lf w.. did.                                                                                             Dear 2600;
protel-"1s us frum abllses of power by oar guvemmt'nt.                            Oil. bUl it's /lot like Ibis hasn't happc:rted befon:.             Hea r 2fi#O;                                                               I jusl read the anicle in 19:2 abolll doI.,bleclick.net
the vet)' aOO,..." thal. are "'l COmmOn by the g<Jvo:m-                    EV heatd of M~-eanhy ism? II all staned with S..na-
                                                                                l'l                                                                     Greal article un Dump'ter Di ving by Grif,cr in                    and bow ev il il is , as we ll 3S lbe letter wilh a "",Iut;on
menlS of countries like Iraq which back terrorism. If                      tor McCam y who had a Iisl of ' kno wn' commies                           19:2. OlbeN ",'ho are interesled can juin fclluw di vers              illvolving iplab les. Thi s is all fine artd da ndy . OOt it

PageJ2                                                                                                            2600 IMagaune
dehnil<' ly look s hke killing II d"'il ....ilh II ~i'>C nus-       riu a p:nally of up ttl five ytars in pri!lOf\ for a fir>t of·                 IFSTVI ~nd Wl\ amazed to learn IIbout the delai ls o f                 daliom and the ind ispu lal'tle lru th , ..........Id he -.1 -
~ik . "The fin! thinl! I did .. a.'i , tafl up M"...ill.. and sec   feno;('. VKllation of the NFA of 1934 IfnI' t umplt                            \ Ir Kevin Mitnick. The reason for my leiter is 10 b;ui-                                                       ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          dn:,"I'd and tllamined by prof..... KIf);II., 11-' well ~ pit-
.... hoIl il ~ in ils prd~ and I u .... thal nuc only               owning .... haI!he DoD ealli an as\llUll rint.......,inl! off                                                                                         Iiljcill rrpfnCTllali'telo 0( !he peupkl \thett' Me sl ill
                                                                                                                                                   "~lly e ~ pre..' my opinion on !he U'lC'.
don Mw: iU.. hoIve re&.wnoIbIy tkl.i~ cooLie: block-                a dMJIgun. or making your 0lIl"0 gun of any Lind) cer-                                                                                                -.orne ~ ono 001 thcn:) , A levd .... here the k~1
                                                                                                                                                           FIN t1l ..II. .... heR: is !he American CIvil Lihm~
ing !IIuff. il has i~ blocking !IIuff as well, Ik r6                ries II penalty of up 10 10 yean in pn"tll\. I abo fed                                                                                                i ) stem should tale ~ 10 C'OlTl:\.'1 it~ lf and publicI)
                                                                                                                                                   t 'moo ? H.....e they ignored Mr. M ilnick's CII-"I'? Thi , is

the eny lWo-sI<'p proceu thM ~'t Rquire fire ...i111                (a1lhougb lbii is roore sub,icctive l thM the pk\hnnl of                                                                                              adrnuni!>h ~ ... ho .... ere involved in th.is ClL~ . 0}.-
                                                                                                                                                   definitel y a CII-~ fOl" the ACLU.
...fl.....re or mol ecce III defin ite !lenin, fwure on             1IIW1 gO"croing firearms ~p are man: onerous :                                                                                                        crwise ...t Me all in great trouhk.
                                                                                                                                                           ~<:Cdlt." 10 Wly ..hal Mr. Mitnick had to endure
                                                                    I've nt~er bee n fingcrprinlCd in onkr 10 buy a pKket                                                                                                       I conclude ....'here 1 \Ial1cd . W~ is !he AC1..U-n
1tM_lovdy uRi"",,ily unilllabs):                                                                                                                   .... lL' Ul1tlecr>o~ and illtf!:iII. I ftcllhat!he film ,houkl
                                                                    ....iffer. or had10 appear in peroon at the ""eriff~ office
        I ., o-.~ your cooLie setup. On ly aettpl!hem                                                                                              ha,c conctrllraled a lot lTItJre on the cUfI-..:ilUliOfUll i~­
                                                                    for a license 10 cany II p--",word hash crad.er. I do Il<lI
 froPl the oril!inllting ",eb sil<' and 1<'11 ilto ..k hefOR'                                                                                      , "'" and made it clear thaI one of oo r inalie nahle                       Ali ,if th~ <{u~.,imu Yffl/ ....J;~J urr OlIn Ilwt " 'r
                                                                    risk five yeao impri wnmenl for fOl'J!eui ng 10 clear
 stori ng II rookie. M.... il1a ca n relTll'mbc1" your deci sion
                            .                                                                                                                      righb t!iven 1 tvCf)' ''nc living in tbe United StalCII of
                                                                                                                                                                         0                                                msa Jlrugl!/~d ..'i,h Ihrolllllu,u' Ihl' f1I(JJ;jng of, h~ fil m.
                                                                    some .oftwllfC otT my laplop ...hen I go 10 visit my
 1I <1U oooLies. ,;0 lhe d umb POPUP' lite a one4 ime
    h    1                                                                                                                                         Ame rica by the U.S , Constieuuon Ithe ,u~mc la... of                  It'sl r,,slral;" g "",t 10 lit'! d~ar m id J~Jiniti~'1' <In.....r r. .  '
                                                                     pMCnl S in New Jersey; if I accidentally lea ve any
 affair fur i ites you visit reg ularly.
        2.) Find a ,ite ... ith doublecl ick,nd ads. l goo gled
 for "funny puppio " and won "" my Ilrsl ll)'; "bloc k
                                                                     ~tandard hunl ing am mo in my car. I ri, k lh;tl.
                                                                                                                          C hark!l
                                                                                                                                                   Ih< land] i, Ihe rig hl lU a speedy trial.

                                                                                                                                                   nO fully uplorc is ho ... an y jurisdio.:1ioo "'iI-' able to
                                                                                                                                                           What I fail 10 unJcrslalld and Wh~l !he film dl1e~             uft~r .u" ","Jiltg il. For /w ..·. ...~·II "" I'~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          And ...e ...i,,1t il "'~11" ,hal I'''.'OY ItI //("IU a I/)" g~1 j",,'i,.~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .-rU!1' I'"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   III I'd""'ut, IJr~ 1rI<1... ~S. P/~t'-'~ Mlp sf'rruJ 1M
                                                                          1f)'O" IKI lii<- <III idi"r "'ilh d~udl.v "'~""'HlJ. )'0"
 ill\llge5 from thi~ sile" on lhe ad (righl clid. du h l. f m
 moder.lldy annoyed thai !hey didn't Iel: ytlll Ildd silCS
                                                                    s,"",/d lit pTrW"t~d          I"'''''   C'OfItinui"8   kI   Jt. w . It'J       l l"1:"p a man incaro:<'raled for 'oc h a long time wi lllou t
                                                                                                                                                   a trial . 1lIe film kads me 10 believe tha i M r. Mitnick
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          W(mJ and ,",,-,'bit ,..", '11 mtUIll1/" '" X.., "",.,. ",n of rr·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          sf'O"Jl'lf"QII/ l/w" rrJportJihl~.
                                                                    aIIWl:inll" how _ .1' ~>pI~ s~~ ,hoI UJI a I·iolati_ of
 10 block i~ from in the preferencn mmu. but                                                                                                       "' Ob deprivtd 0( hi, frtcdom unlil he aetjuic;.ced to a
                                                                    Ilttir rights ft' " 'i/f hlittd/.v ~ iJioq Uk ,1tt Pa-                                                                                                Dnrl600:
 yuu CaD). win than all I ~.                                        ,riot Mr "'itltotd a ucvnJ tltoolght 14-""",,, .. '.. dOff', SMP"
                                                                                                        .                                          f!:uilly P'eI- h thi~ the CII--e? WII!> !he go\~ltI('nt
        I don). know .... haI!hey manage to oquealr. by with                                                                                                                                                                   I 19\'C 10 <:ornmeDd KC'V in Mimick md " 'i1Iiam
 ;'vtiCript. but Marilla Ins you di~ jav...mpl·' /11:-
                                                                    pon u,M.mitwk ,ho' lUIyon<' ..·ItoSWll"lI"tJt.llUIYjomI
                                                                    of rrll"MhJtiOfl offirramu        U WffW.......· tJdo_ iJlS Ju-
                                                                                                                                                   hn lding him ho..lagc in udlangt for a JIIilry pIta~
                                                                                                                                                           Should thi\ be the case, lhen the cntire mrn'tlTlC"Tll
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Simon for their amaring ~ : ~                   "n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         of DrrcptiO#/.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We 19ve hegun h,'ing in an era of secrecy and of MIS-
 cess. to cookie dal&. ili abillt), to ma.Lt cookies.               a .... inS 'M p<",..hxe. "" .It,.,},t in funlvfUllu of -                        ;wi M r. Mitnick rJJoukl fik suit agains1 all ~ in-
 chan~ images.. and !;O forth. !IO il. eVl probably be              himkn a1/rMa II's a" h~'surit:1J1 rrocli_ lhal only                             Hllvtd in the unl a....,ful de1enlio.lII . and the ci vil lihtr·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          p;e;un. and >Iii! the ",cake-t: flll.'1orin any S.ilual ion I'e+
  ~tly curbed. The prerer          ab1e !lOlulioo wou ld be 10                                                                                                                                                            main~ the hu lTllUl e lemen !. II's hard 10 give thi s. bunk
                                                                    """"'JltJ to d~,",,,,s"au hi,..' bad ,h~ ,.mbl~m is.                            lie' and cun""i lUhonal ahu-n to erd Mr, Mitnick.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ju, 1 praisc ....'ilho ul \OUnding li l e lUI ad vcn isc men l.
  igl\()fe java'oCl'ipland imeges ba...ed on II con ligurablt       Th~" art oJ/liMs <J1/~K;timt'U rrwom ro o"'n gu" s.                             lltoc film l·ur....'emrared heavily IlII wha l Mt. M ilnk L
  lisl llfLey"' ol'lh.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Amaz ing work , Ke vin. simply anl v -ing .
                                                                    8 ul . l>f'inll J~I.ld/)" "'fUI''''U. th~ ca" mll n>nJfiet " 'ith               did not 00 . lin Ihe lies various wri ters ...ere ", riling
        Ope ra has simillll'fca tures . but I dlm'lthink the y're   th~ nud.•ol,mdl'tl'. TlUl" S ,,'h)" w~ 1m"'" ul''''' 00',,1     1-              ;,ht,ut. o n the hac kc r co mmunily. ami Mr. M itn ic k'~
  as COlllplex. IE's apprtNtCh tu this see m. lU be alo ng          inR am uM uhod s (lIW ,·hu","hn wilh ji,."am,s, rt·                             Jell'n lion ....ithllUl a tria l ~ But I hel ieve il failed l<l       I)(,a r 1600 :
  the lines oftcl ling the use r. "dllll't ll)' 10 hide from my     gardl~JJ PI..'/wI . ',. thi"l lhl' C",wi/llli,,,, ....ys you
                                                                                             w                                                      .triVt the nai l do ...n 10 the con: by Il<lI mcn lioning lhe               I'V pic ked up your last four is.w c s and ha\C found
   money grubbin, 1JIa-'1e11l or I ...ill era.... your              mn J<>. I,.s ..·hv J~fUnR~J indi~'iJ",,/s ,nul to ",. Jis·                      " "nsl i l ulioo~1 emsKln his ca-.e ~nled and the                     my..elf ~nctrCly enjoying them • becau'>C of your ia:k
  eompulCf_ I hnm't chec ked konqutror ya-
               ·                                                    COf' fUlI" fi/ fmm-brronU"lI" BU" hobI>yisu _ TM.~ Ji m -                       .Janger of his . ilualioo for the .... t 0( all Americans_
                                                                                                                                                                                                 k                        o r bib. In jo um a.h srn ir s difficul t 10 li<:'parale ) '0111' p:r·
                                                       BobU         Ii....' art rom"'l1 Imm IItt pt<JplO', _ lmon _                                          Plcla!le do not gel me wrong. I re;pecI all of the           '\tIR&I feclinC~ "'.... ard a Mlbject from the writ in, you
 IliNr 161J(J:                                                      in radtll8 gm ..." """"',                                                       liard wor\ thai werll inlo !he film and the mo'emcnl                  do 00 it. and 1600 is mainly for.:uscd 01\ loptcs peop6e
     This Vi a respoo.~ 10 a k1ler .... ritlCJt by quel in
                                                                           If ..... etuf gn IfWJjot" poi,tici<uu c/ontori" lI" for IIw              ~ a ....-hole. I am jUSl offm nl II ptnpective .... hich I            feel 'lU'ongly ahoul. BUI ..-t\aIl1Tlllles yuur publication
                                                                    rights of IwJchon and 1M "Num-J Hackr AsWl'ia ·                                  be lieve .... uld Bel a l>lron~ rnpoo..... from the iepl
                                                                                                                                                                     o                                                     wperior. or unique in Vly <:lI'oe , i, lhat you usu.oIl)"
 19:2 .... hich 5Ug:N~ blocking wtb ad images by                    li_ - cho flrnRiJls ,Iw lI"m...nlIMm '0 pry owr ky-
 Ilddin, each ilJlalile tefVer IP 10 Linul. nelfillCr ruk ta-                                                                                       .md polujcai communily. I would no! WlInt 10 mink                     c;an'1 be c:wghl punin, do'An tllher propIc's view s or
                                                                    bt,.. ,I, "If"QII/ 0111' roIJ. Mud htutth - 1M" mtn·lw
                                                                          "                                                                          lhat all of lhc hard ...ort; of lhe <:ivil htlCnics move-
 bles . There Me ~veral moch ea.sier "'lI y'lO Muck ad-..  .                                                                                                                                                              campaignin, your own. 1 5 the mar\. of a ~lIlhouglu
                                                                     Irm·l~rs ..-i/f Iw.... a ,.h<l.. ... of l>f'i"1/ 'rtut~J Mtt~r
                                                                                                       .                                             men l of the 19hO:« or lhe inju't~ and lhe Mfffcring of
 Ml('h 11-\ :                                                                                                                                                                                                             001 OI'J!anil.alion of anicJe,; lha t alltl"'s yllUr q wuter1 y
                                                                     ,hall gun _.,,~n. Until tlta, day. ;,'s u" ahsurd                               lb<:......... ho lhe n fou ght very hard Itl kee p lhe inl<,grity
      I.) Add the !leJ'\'tr's name and the address                                                                                                                                                                         10 maintain II ca lm oomr-" uno du ring day~ of civil un-
                                                                     mmp<triw".                                                                      nf Ih<, U.S_ CI,n'litut inn and tht Bill of Rights .... re    e       no"' ..• days lhal wo n'l end whi le wc are alivt simply
 127.0.0 .1 to you r lelc!htv.ls file. (WindllWs ha ~ a ho<;l~
 file too at C:\",'illdnw'l'l/lo">sl! or C;\winnl\.,y'lem321dri·     1k-.. r1MIO:                                                                    wIlllenly fllfgnUen when Mr. Mitnil'l was de nied his                 ht:cau l'C' the puh lic nomain, np lllhtlic while po wer-
 vers'(olCIho<IS.)                                                          Rt garding lhc: cuvt r uf 19:2, I w..~ wonderi ng if                     treedom. plat:ed imn ""I ilary l't>nfinemc nt fill' eig hl            hun gry faleal.'l gl"l>w fan er. I'm ntl t gu ing 1 lhe c~ ·
      2.) U'IC' a brow .....r (suc h a.~ MOl illa) or bro w..:r      tholl "bu ilding" tha I kinda look~ liLe the U.N . i~ lICIU-                    ",,>nIh,. and leO incarccraltd fur ahuu t fOUT yt~1'\                 lre me he-rc - in,um:ction is oo ly DCt.:l'ilklt)' .....hen Wt
 plug in th<oI can c ive you bellcr con uul oVtl' the im-            ally an inlcgrated ci~u itthall"ve seen in !lUITIl' tuucb-                      ...llhtJUld ut pmce"!                                                 agret iI's f"IC\.'C:''lII'). but reader. and .. ritcrs of your
 ~ thai me browsa-do.... nIOollfs and dl_'P'a)"S.                    ICJrOe phones from lhe 70's and SO·s. anJ the round                                     Any !IUl<: ICJ'R"scnta/ivt. Senawr. Ill' Cnngres....          pub lica lion 'i«ffl10 be of the inldlig~nl puup that 1,tD-
                                                                                                                                                     tndtI , hou k! hear Mr_MiMick's slor)" and all pu1ics in·
      3.) M~ imponanlly. II)' out II peNlftaI web pro~y              "bui ldinl( being II recei ver or speaker of lOOInc 'iOI't. Is                                                                                        deNands. their righLs and WOO'I give Illem up "'lthou1
 such as Priwily. Aduppcr. Wt bWa>ber, or                            tbaI righ l? 1 TItlIio.:ed ~ the "bu ildin," is no! fac -                       ."htd in thi S a/'Iusivt behavior should be JII'O'IeCulCd.            a iInIggle.
 Guidnoopt . U you 19,'m'l heard of any of m.c"c.                     inc !he ume dim:lion IS an)" of lhe CJIhtn. Nicely                              This i~ of"..,ruJftOfUI1 Unpt 'WItU_ Ptthap!. I am nai\C
                                                                                                                                                                                           H                                                                                           :"iictL..rnt
 Goosk Po your friend-                                               done! Th.ank-, for your magazine - lov t cveT)' minUIe I                        .and I ha\'c tlJO rnllctt faith ;n our Constitution and I                  Thants frw tM lind .. ~mJ.• ",., ...... orr ntO~ drfi·
                                                            F.il      read il.                                                                       ,'annol bel!in 10 imag ine how Ihr..: abuse!> could ha ve             Ilild.v biturJ. I,.s rrul/y impouib1~ IlOl' fO ~. ~Jpt .
                                                                                                                           Shado.. (u()               been!lO blatantly t\ectlltd by the lIuthoril ir-s.                   ria/I~' " 'ith ,hu bnd 01 sM         bfrc' -.."~,, What ·s ""JI
 Onr 1MJO:                                                                  y",, 'rt ''''''' OOS""'·lUIl. But ...~ rrafl v .It", ', JO',..", ...              An)' COftIpeI<'nl ron"itutional III~ should hut              i'"l",nlJllt. as .w,,, p<';nt   til"'. iJ· r" rr.pre' <I/hrr " ,n,, -
   T1lanks for publi-'ting so much disc uuion of the                  Ih~ crl'dil Ihi-' ti".., . 1M "",.M pui/Ji"lI" is IK' ....//\·                  lIcen ahle to ha~t him released. It is very very di fficult          ;ons. Ofh......·i,.~. ,h,,.,, ·, /j,,'~ chu",·~ 01" rtu'Ilnill~ul
 g un eOllU'Ol issue:. Dt~p;le Ibe fael. it ii I1tll dim:tly          M,tJim " SqlUlrt Gu rJ~" wilh ,h~ s,.rm,.OOi", OlIn                             t"r m<''" ""'liev<, lhe eve Dls as they .... ere upl~ined in         diu.I,,!(u~.
 l'('M\IleI.·led 10 hacking ur frctdo m o f mfonn atinn . YOllr       m-ing pt. " 01 thO' /' fll"' .I'/va,,;u Sluli"" Cf""p/~.. in
                                                                                   '                                                                  III.: film. I gnoal ly respecll he cITon, lime. ~ nd energy
 reyde l'!i liee nl hi hr very inlere sted in it. I'm a IlC W         M" nhultu" . Aem u ,h.. n r....' (I" thl' miJ,II~ <J/ lh~                       HUH ..... nl ht-hind lhe "Celie and the eDlire Fno Ke vine           I)(,ar 1MHJ:
 reader ... ho picked up a bunc h of back issuts a11l2 K2,            cowr) iJ th~ Hot~/ P, nnsylm " ia ,,'hi,'h i.• ,,'hn.· Ih~                          '.n..
                                                                                                                                                      '''·l ....     Htlwever I cannot untkN and why ()II(' of lhe              Wh at'\ up ...ilh pu blish ing an o utdaled anicle tin
 and I've bee n f{)llowing lhe debale bac kward'l W 18:3.              HOPE con/~rr,"'~J "" lu<IJ. " trwn~d ~.u C ,," S~I' IItt                       ",,,,I r- ,wtrful ...eapofls ano1 prole.:tion nhe U.S _Con -         -hopping ean na .... ~ 119:3)? The llaw lha t M r. Moun'
  I'm !IOn)' you don 't SIIpport the righ l 10 be.... anll-~ Ibe       'itfl~ briJg~ lhot lH~s two PItlu< con/~rrlK" ~ moms                           , lIIuli" n l .....' ne ver ITIl'nli,1I\td in !he lilm .             di'iCIISSCli ha.~ been around for iI-~ klllg'" I can remcm-
  .... y. lilY. ,, __rit'an Ri/k_
     .                                (!he main l'\RA maga-           .... IItt Wp floor " ,gUMr                                                              \-Ir. " " nick's liheny .' ...t l1 &l' an uf uur hbertie\    htr and ha..\ btcn filed. for the rT1O'>t part. by ~inr:
  l ine ) ""ppnrts freedom of informouion .                                                                                                           M"C al Itrtol n,l . Hii ca>ot should oot Ilc fOfJOllm and            C¥t ""ltMn thai arc worth mythlnr: . As a former SIIC'
        I would like 10 poinl out a          ~ -.:mmt: "If            Ilnr 1600:                                                                      lhe Fret Kt~l<I tnm"C'U\C'IIt should e".ave 10 the ne\!                                 n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           designerlncl ...... admin I ran inlo this problem .... ith
  only hIdcn \I\'tf'e lrealCd IS ....cll .. ~ 0WTII"f'§ in the             I am a 2600 suMeriber. Rccmtly 11)' chana I                                                                                                     -omt ""win, can >oft ... Me "'a)' bao:l in 1991I. I can-
                                                                                                                                                      Ir...l , A I<:\d nf a....' ~s. edIlCIIUOIl, and reilliutXln
  Uniltd SlaIn!- Vtoblion of the D MCA (If 1998 car ·                 vie ...ed Frt~dmft D<.,..."tu.... on FItt Spcccb TV                                                                                                  ...:ted the IUIhtll" and the probloem w r. palchcd up
                                                                                                                                                       .. 1..-.., hI' ,-....... "-.lUkl he made Ll\OVlo on legal foun-

  PageJ4                                                                                                        2600 Magazilfr                                                                                                                                                      Page JS
within day s. (" wonderi ng if Mr. Muo re has in-                      idealistic and good-sounoJ ing as 26CIJ is. Iltat doe sn't              All the bt:Sl with your endea vo rs. Thanks for                           boys o"·er. l1Je y told me tha I I was inrnftorins Wilh an
formed the co mrmny in the IIrlide about Ihdr pn lh-                   make it 100 percent ~"OITCCt. I'm not ",, cusing 1600 of
                                                                                                                :                         td ling like it i, instead of 110'" they want us to think il                   officer' s line of dut y and \hat I co uld he th rown in jail
lem'llf not. as an ethical "hecker," 1 think that would                anything. I'm ju .st saying thl y'>U should que stion                                                                                             for such behavior, I am nol one 1 gel thrown in jail
be 1hc hon orable thing to 00 . Our job is to help people              everythin g to male sure il worh for you. Being                    "                                                   dt"f-"jllyn-d2tMfI         (espec ially al tile age of III , slill livirlg w ilh parents).
learn from !heir miSlak~ s, nUl punish th..m fur il!
                                                        JlI!'IIm.' r
                                                                       spoon-fed by oth<..,. h;Kkers is the la,t thin g we need .
                                                                       Que ,tion This, Ques liuR Life. Qoe stion Star T rek. BUI
                                                                                                                                               It"       hm 'e 110 doub l In'" s,HlIt' of Our tr',ul"ts " 'ill
                                                                                                                                          ,{i,'o.~ rrf' hut ....e jim! Ihf a!>t..... Irr fllmf lll " II t,I(' ....'''.
                                                                                                                                                                                  ·                              '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         so I stepped aside . After a 3tl minut<l search. they de-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         cided the car wa. fine and there Was &< reason 1 ho '-i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              "                        1         0
     14-t- l'r i51 to ""1'0'" "n   discove ries and findin gs.         more imponaml y, Question Evel')'lhing .                           ",on Und symf'l,mlU "I w mf' uriou, probln "•• in
                                                                                                                                                                       /ic                      .                        me ally long er, 11Iey even had dru g dogs Ihere to sniff
AnVlhillg bl')'t,lUllhnl. g,I(I<1 or "'ld, is t'.llra(" urrimlur                                               Resu r rrction 20          /If"       ,·uIIU,.,.. Unku )~'U .. '''" .• " licilillll r-u..romf'rs          evel')'t hing <lut... klOkillg for thaI kilo of cocaine thai
A'-fl,r tbi.~ a,.,iell', you uem 10 M uBainII it" br ing                   W" could,,'1aJiffe m"". U"'Iu f .,.,imwbly.                    Im m Ibr fl ..m"lllll l)' st" .! or lelJl'illX b",,:huff' s i"
                                                                                                                                                                            ht"                                          evel')' cop ju st 1<n"....s is in t1K're somewtere. NtedIC'!ls
prillll'd rrg<lrtflt'JI ,if "'bethl'r 'If nol il ""/1.' oUldmrd,                                                                          ,Il" I"·..... of rhe ch urrh, .IY ,'h"ufd M'" b....n Itr'fltt'd
                                                                                                                                                         .                     >U                                        10say.Lthink that thi s i, a perfect uample o f what lhe
If " II "f Iht' bugI were fi tit' I><-f " ....e primed Ih"m,
                                   d     "                             Inj ustice Departm ent                                                .
                                                                                                                                          rI ' uny lJlhf'f' "'t'lnMr "I Ihe ("<'mmunily. 11,i.' kind uf                  media has done to "hac l en." alld the image the y have
th" , .." " y'uld indud be prinung "utduled in/" "lid                                                                                     ",,<,xis/en,., Iklp                                        I
                                                                                                                                                                  ,...". in mhl'r n>ulllrie5 I-lJ Ihe time               drawn of us. I would love 10 pre ss c harges, " ulheing
                                                                       Dt-lir 160(/ :                                                     ..·ill" "'1 ""y 'ld,'uu <'/ feCi" We. em lift' mht't ht", d,                   an III year u lJ enteri ng co llege . I s im ply don 't hav e
8,lIinf/. ",,,rr Cl''"I'IIJinlS like .WlU rs. HUI mm 'Vlllduud
                                                                              Wh ile you nmy feel lil e this letter is an aUem(ll at
info lead5 1 i",plic(l/ion.~ {like yOllrs } 11",1
                 0                                    ,..1""   pun ·
                                                                       sorneune using yl>U a\ a souooox to runt aboul repres ·
                                                                                                                                           ,.,'<, (11 ' " be "" >I"ing .. ve t du~er to I-lluMa,""IllIl/i.,.,
                                                                                                                                          hf f!.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         the fund, .
ishing JW" pl" and 'WI M illg n hit'"I. II ,e ems ....e <'(m',
                                                '                                                                                                                                                                                                                                E v n~liun
                                                                       ,ion o(thtir right of free speech. it is aclually my 1IC-                                                                                                rOlf dcl,d f'ntirdy prof"'rly b)' tJu" u inmng Ih~lII,
,,·in.                                                                                                                                    U('lIr1"00:
                                                                       knuw ledging some intriguin g si m i l aritie~ I>clween                                                                                           ""l'pin~ )'t,ur Cl Of. Itn" ing whm to 00.·1< d" w" , and
                                                                       y,>Ur law, uits and my jub (i f Ihm male, IIny "",lise).                  Thuu ght I w\luld tdl you guys about my web host
Dr..r 1600:                                                                                                                                                                                                               Itt/illS Ihe world b,ow lull iJupP<'IIed. Un/o rrum""ly
                                                                              I worl utan aJ olt video/toy .store in Cali fornia in a         anJ how they ha ve annoyed me. 1lIey were fine for
      Thanl. yuu for your reply tu my leUer rr garding                                                                                                                                                                   thi.. killd of IlIi" 1: ....iII n mlim ,.. la IutJ'I"'/I. It 's "Iwap
                                                                       town of less than 10.000. ahhough we se.... approxi -
                                                                                                                           e              ,,!lI>U t half a year. then sudoJenly a few J ays ago my
people's !WIved emai l filcs being xhared n Kazaa,n                                                                                                                                                                                                     .'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         o 8'W ideo 1 Xl'! II "U/cn i"f"rmllti"" as "'.....ibl"
                                                                       mat ely IlXl.lXlU-+ clie ntele from all ov er the area , Due       " te d isappeared , A1IIhe files hav e bee n delete alK!   d
While I don 'l agree mar reading other people's email                                                                                                                                                                    f ",m Ih" .•   ct'ne - cur "li mber, "'wgt' "m,,""r. name s.
                                                                       to ~ nt event s. uur store will be fon.'eoJ to shul hs             all lhat is visible is a plac eholder. l have been loc ked
which lhey are <haring is "clear ly an invasion of pri-                                                                                                                                                                  ell', ill th , fl',,111 thlll y" " dccide ((J I''''.'u" nUllI"fIl
                                                                       dlx)/"S fore ver due to ignorance and lIalrttiaimcd at us.         \lU of the IIdmin interface, t." I. What annoys me is
vacy " in the same way that reaJing private mai l my                                                                                                                                                                      Illtl'r MO, 1 I"'ople drl",,~e nol 1 a"d ...I' ..,' m" I<,lel)'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      '                              0         .
                                                                       simply because we life looked down upo.m by ou r local             th"t 1 had no warning. no e~planalron. aed nu ,' hanc e
lIeighbor posts 011 a billtlo.ard on his frunt lawn wou ld-                                                                                                                                                              und"rMand wh,v.
                                                                       gu vem mtnt and ....veral religi ous circles. In more de -         " f tmdup. It simply switc hed off. 1 have tried comac i.
n't be. I respel.1 your opinion OIl Ihe maner. Also . I                                                                                   tng ,h..rn. They won't ge t back to me via email and
                                                                       rail. the town govefl\ me nt instated II law that prllh ihits                                                                                      Drllr 161111:
shou loJ have iId&..-d that it's always best to e mailthose                                                                               thtoi r ph.HI<' nllmber dI>esn work . It is co mpanies like
                                                                       any adult related sOOps Imm conducting hmirlCss                                                                                                        First off. grea t ma gazin e - y<>u 'v<, managed to in-
fouoo affect ed and lei them lnow mey're shari ng the:                                                                                          "
                                                                                                                                          tll... , that really disappoint me. It's gotten hankr 10
                                                                       w ithin 2CXlO feel of a schoo l and 1500 fed frum an y                                                                                             form the hocker world of many new law s. new s. ideas
w/1lng .\ tuff. I've gou both thanked and threa tened                                                                                     tin,t dec em. prope r co mpanies lhal don 't tn:at
                                                                       church, Thi s is iruni c becau se we are Iwo block s awa y                                                                                         that otherwise we wou ldn't experie nce Ihrough main-
in respon..e 10 thaI. which is nice.                                                                                                           "
                                                                                                                                          <:U orno:Tli as if llIey we re meaningless .                                   .strClUJi media. I had closely followed yo ur trouble
                                             Ruh T. n nU y              fnlm an elementary schoo l and four blocks awa y from
                                                                       our local Presbyterian church. and the law wa"                                                                                  Ma n              over lhe domain fue kgeneralnlOtor s.com , Upon hear -
       W, didn ', lII'on '0 imply Ihat Ihe pril'acy illv <l.Ii",.                                                                                Thuf' a" a "' >ul"e 'if /e.u"",, he ft'. AI"'a. '. kUI'
                                                                                                                                                                                                   \                      ing thi s. I too wa s outraged that he<;:ause a big ' "l.1I"JlO"'
                                                                        instated two yean; after W had opened'
" 'UJ ",mr l oull. Ami ...ha, y' >u did Cf'rlai" ly i,''' '1 a
("rimt . Blft lnuu ..·ht, gu amlf"d lL~ing mhfr JW flp ft" s                  An yway, ,>U' , tore has alw ays obe yed the .stricl        1" '"   OW" f>udup s. Ne ver rely on f't'lIpll' .m u d,m 't re-                 ration saw some offen.. .. to thi s, they shou ld SO strip
                                                                        law, that Iht slale regulates our indusll')' by. and W       I'   oltv 1<n".... '" d" "")"Ihinll f'X    <'f!pt n u l< your chech.                awa y a co mpo nent 10 Out FIrst Amendment. So in
str' pidiry 10 in",ui e Iheir I'ri~'IlC)' orr 51i11 invuJillX                                                                             An,/ lI'hf'"e\·t' r f'l'u ib fe, Iry 10 rUII yo ur ~il" yourself.              support of you r effon. 1 regi stered ww w.grnentl __
lheir priw~ry. ulM, t ill a p<lU iVf wuy m,"'h likt' tinen-             have alwa ys been in coopereuon with these as well a,
                                                                        any ci ty ordinances, with cxCt.'p1ion 10 the ( II\(' sraled       n"n..'OY, Ih.. nu'SI w'u cun Ime d" e " ' somf'olle eb ,'s                    lors~ueks.cjb_nel. 1 successfu lly mainlai!l<'d the .. ile
ing in Oil pril'llte ph'H1t ro lls b""uJcw.'1 in Ihe d ear.
                                                                        h«ause uf ~mvinu, reasons. We have been in co n, taBI             "''''''''P~I''1f,·e. ill will, "'m1<ruplcy, l'l< i" a lem""rory
                                                                                                                                                                                          ·.                              which I linked to ford .com. RUI llO! I,,, ) long ~u. I
B.v I"/lin,~ 1M ...orM bmw, )'t'u p",ji""'lf'd d WJluublt'                                                                                I , "fhamlwidth.                                                               foun d thai my pag e had been sh ut OOWII w ithout n0-
                                                                       COLlli ball II's, won every single appeal. ami still our kl-
$, ,,,,·ict'.                                                                                                                                                                                                            tice. my ",,">sword lu my ",,:cnunt ""as inval id. and I
                                                                       cal gO"em"""nt has us in Ihtir Cnlr-shain.                         1 ·lIr 261HJ:                                                                  hav e had no oonta...1 from any .cj" rep , 1 am co nside r-
o.-..r 1600:                                                                   The clincher lien: is a recen l ov ernighl an;('n at-          I work as IIdeli veT)' driver ht'Te in        Nn~lh Camlina
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ing filing a lawsuil or al leasl nOlifyin g the publi c or
    Th is is in respon .... to tu H's article" A Na.~ty NT              tempt on ou r slnre wllich did appro~immcly S45.000               ,mJ I usuall y gel home rather late. 1 live in a fairly                        thi ~ so they can al so vo ice lhe ir corn:em . Any
Bug " ill 19:2. ("mhappy to .o;ay !ha t the bug n'ptn1ed in             in damage ami alSl' mined OUI alr eady tarnished im--             , rn,l 11 town a.cxlO residems all<! 1O      .()(x}4 'tllleg e lids)           thought/word wou ld be appreciated .
lhc article hll-~ b«'n rmlched. Wherea~ I an uns ure                    age when lhe new spapers printed the cily's respoRse              ,,,111 my car is vel')' easily identifiable by lhe nunl<'m us                                                                         Im_so ulTC'
when Win 2OllO was patdled, Win XP wa, fi~ed by                         to il: "Th aI is the lind of peu ple that ...... Video            ~'ompu ter re lated stickers Oil the bacl of it. I was                              Sin,." .I~", 're tL.illlllhi.•(wmf'lmy',. "m" , . thl!Yhave
SI'1. Also . 1hc current Beta of Win .NET is cum-                       World allrac ts. It is lhc ir own fllult for bringing             'h 'ppe d I'> y the law ul a 1i~'t'nse chc:t:k... a fa irly roulino:           Il'f ability to limply di....'m"et" )'t>U (" llho uf/.h Ihe,~'
pletd y imm une frum this bug . I gu~~ il ju st goes to                 low life trailer trash into the c ily. and they get no sym-       lI"ppc ning. They lnolC<i at my licen se aoo then asled                        se", n I'(."hl'r imllllllurt'l or do ing i l ,he wa.v lh".y d id/. if
show, when 1600 talks . Microsoft liM . Good show,
                                                ens                                                                    I
                                                                        pathy from u' ." That is dire<.·tly OU of our local               Ill<' hI pull olf to the side - an officer w.>Uld be with me                   >" m wo" , I" nUl"" u" y kinJ of .ltU/l'm t'''' u. i"l1 0 d,, ·
and leep up the good work .                                             newspaper.                                                        ", hurlly." After waiting fo, ten mi nUles, the officer                        "uJin num e. }VU should " ghlt'r Ill" "nli". d"mai"
                                                J lI..son Argnnaul             The store uwner Oe<: ided to ,hut dnwn in (),:tooe r.      who put me a,ide a.sled me 10 sU::po<>t of the car. Now                        nu...... UJUJt'r .C "'''- .Ilel, nc. ond Ihell find . en 'ice
     fI's 'Ilfil, ptJssihif Ihi, ,,"',,"' " porlt'd ill m frle "ther
                               .                                               I now have 1 take two jobs to match lhe salary I
                                                                                            0                                             't nK'm tlt'r. 1 am a delivel')' dri~ef, ami common sense                      thlT>Ullh IIIf' pm l'id fr 01 )'t'lfr chIliC<'. If Ihey Jh"t IfU   I/
wuy bUlllwnbfo, lilt' go"d Iht'uJ/I" .•,                                 WII-' making in order «) keep n:nt and afford tui lio n,         "/fluid lell you thaI I have a valid driver'~ liceose ami                      off, iI's a ",,,rh bigJ(f'r issu...
                                                                         My insuranc e has alread y bee n C    llllCeled and I have to    dl..u thaI I would no t be under lhe inlltlCnce of any
IN., 16110:                                                              pay $95 every other wee l for a boltle of insulin so I           _ut-..lance l pemaps caffeine?), So naturally. I was IIhit                     O""r 16110:
     I ligrec with the p/tilosophies of your magazine on                can live. Vel the mo,1 hurtful thing of all is that I have        puu led by lhis. He then aslC<i me if he ,oulJ search                               I was in Wal-Mart in Hammo nd. lod iana llle uther
 one level. I'v,:, alw OOIieed il is ea., y to get caught up            lost close frielK!s. some family members have lumed               my car and of course I said (in a po lile fa;,hion). "No.                      da y - the day lhe Spidt',·M,,,, D V O and VHS came
 in. And SOiTlClimes I find my.....lf agrreing with whlll                the ir bad s on me. and I hav e even bcl:n refu.;cd 1iCf-        y"" may n.. t. I do lII..t fed that the re i~ any reason fot                   out. So l ligurt'd rd go pid up a cop y"" long a~ I had
 you ad voca le and othe r times questiooing il. Whi le I                vice al a IocaJ grOlel')' ,lore beca use the owner lnnw ~
                                                                                              :                                           y,>U to 'If'arch. ami certai nly no probable cause." 011.                      the cash. So I walked over to elec tro nics and slood in
 Inve the info. I have 10 que stion it If we never 'l ues·               where I world                                                    hut this linker foun d probable cause... there was a                           lino:. Nul e Ihat I am 14 yearli o ld and I inok more lil e
 tioned. we would all be sheep. Wh ile 1600 is defi -                          And why euctly1 Reh giou.sly inUuen~'Cd and hi-            "I '", ~ of ZfJ()(): Thr Hocb r Quarll'rly in my t-acl .... t     a            16. J asled W buy the Spider ·MUIl nvn (they had il
 nitely an authority in the hack ing world (or                          a'Cd govem menl taking a stranglehold on a priva lely             ,I:o ting fmm 1998lhmugh 2(Xl2. He said thai this wa~                          beh ind the cou RlCT) and the y said "You hav,:, 10 Ile 17
 unoJCfWIJIJd if thal is easi er 10 swallow ). I urge the               ow ned adu lt shnp simply because they oc'Cided 10                ~ "suspiciou s magazine" ami lie was baffled lItat I                           or order wi th 10 1 be abl e to buy Ihi ~ mov ie." Now
 readers to mill over and ultimalely ques lion what they                conduct busirtC>S. Nul beca use they did anything                 ",,, ,,1 1 e\'en thinl to have suc h a thing in my posse s-
                                                                                                                                                  0.                                                                     the mllv ie is freaking 11I1etl P(j· 13 and 10 tnp il off
 read . Because nen if they Ill'e fellow hackers, you                    "'mng, but ~imply bc<;auSl' il exis ted and certain              _" 1lI. 11010.1 him that 1 did "m be lieve lhis was any rea-                   they had til<: VHS silling right on shelves nellf the
 don 't have to agree: with IlIem or their ideals. And as.               peop le didn 't "'ant it to.                                     "" " or cause to searc h my car, so he called one of his                       cash registers out~ide eloc tron ics and by mu~ic in

 Page36                                                                                                    2600 Maga zine                 IVilller 2002-2003                                                                                                                  Page37
electnlflin. W hy in the Mil ",ol.lld the y card I!lC' f",                  yount.. I' m 00Il trying 10 SIlUest .... ),th ing nq:at i\'e               lOau"," of you the ideals .nd principll"s of many hav e                     hil,..,:::Ii"g. 1)0 .",," lhi,,1; a hm-tt'T ""'1ft'Z'''"' ''' ~
.~,·MQIf" JI.l" anotbu <:a.-e of morons powa                                a'-" your maguine . It may b >L •• though I am. I                                n
                                                                                                                                                       ....... changN.                                                                                     .... ._ fn, ~UI,l(' <I"nmpI..,.. It\l• ...,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1" ,l('OOIl)' .. tJ!>it'T
- ' ing.                                                                    just enjoy tJ1is Iype of' reading m.ltt"tW and I JcI                                                                            QuIc1 Riot             ''''''' ....' DiM' PtJ" of :wciny'! NlII libly. ""'.....u,/rr·
                                                                                                                                                             IlIUlO"f'''';'',l(' 1~Jl' q....srion.t ..vu/J MNlotJ>t..JI"                                                                               """'WHIr'
      lXfin llt l.v .-.-iC' Iwhtn'iot: If 'fOIl',... "'" i" 1M
ItltJrH1 f or <I crHIflUffUltWtt ,,'illl tM    "'0fF
                                                       Du M Tanao

                                                        mIlll<lxtr. .....
                                                                            through your maguinn pmI)' 'luid.l)' bl"causo: of

                                                                                                                                                       lrod to ".",... <fUl'J1jOft.l GIIJ1 ","dfor """"' _
                                                                                                                                                       and a pouihl.. Sl'lUJlr l"'{u;0; U t 'j jllll IUV it's II
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ....,rJ i" """,,-. tlw ,.....Iuw:>h>V ...... b li4.- .....',
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   eb.. rrodi"l/ lhu. B ill t1rlrr 'j 0 1'llIMr mojordijf..,..._
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   he""· " IhtR OI"';",i", and .... ucri,," IM t pal.< pr.
                                                                                                                                                       p,.,.trypit·tll'" <I"dI..Ul"f' il <ll lhul.                                 pI.. ·s /; , <ll TiJl: • ''''' jlnt P<'opI.. ,\f lld : ill troffic "
"" KX..SI ...,,..;ti,,x Q I"'/it.. 101'1 fiffll I.. n.., '" III. 1/14i"
                                                              .                  n",.,. a,.,.pi..,,!}' rif I"'t'm" ~",,,j flUl llI..,... bUI .....
h../ul'1"<1""" 1t'lli"X ,h..m of.Vi'''' ""plro..w tl u l'f" ;-              1I1l""n', fi llJ,nd all.v 0/1,.., 1"'''''''' p"b/....ati""., Ihaf u,.,.    'koll r 161  10:                                                            <J,.,f"" o" ce J nlll lh" .... ... ho d....id.. " , igm ,,... Ih.. h.ln'i .
' 11<"". OJ,em;mf'.!lhl,I' l..ml.I' ' " "Om" ,WN <>f "",w l llli" n.                                                                       "
                                                                            dl'l'" u J It> lit" ha,·k.., " ·,,rld. l)c""."'m", liI" ..." .'. .. ,m          Maybe I ha vc so melhing wn mg o r ha v~ Alisunder.                    ,",S ufl'" ,,'</ilinlt f" ' " v..ry u mJl li _.                r.... •_ ',    .I..
                                                                            ah.'Ni,'" """mpl. 171... , u,.u"lIy d" n't .",~."tt1 fr" a
                                                                                                         \                                             _lond H.R. 54M. Why an: r.!diu slat ions lhat broa d-                       allylhlllK 0h<1I<1tlr" f" HI hUI.W'" run , ml <I ."1"1"" Ihil
Urllr 1600:                                                                 ""m/>(', of rra.<lHU • liIl'y Iry' to K~I "'.. hiX "'" frUl,               cast an FM signal 10 my car a1lo"..ed to (Jt fllinUC' 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                          l         0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ,",ap "        amI I" fh.. fU III,... bf'fi ..... I' ""<ll /.v h l" ..... J up i"
     I ga~'e a ~ today aI PSV and ~ancd by .oJJow-                          t"'y g..' ~d IFy In.. It'gal thtrul,I'anti Mit maif. or                    s'rnlllcil\l over the Inltm<"1 wi rh 110 proposal Ie~isla-­                 WIM, fac
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   _               I/ Ihat <lC/lllllly gUl lhmllgn 1        0     ' IJU.  he JU'"
in, propIc 00.... Uloy il is 10 get on Wll1: ~ no:1",or\.s-                 Ihrr ,impl.v rroIi;... "'/eata wmmil""m il rroll.\'iJ. Mo-r                ".m    ill!am ... them? Wh y have lhe Inl<'md radio Slit-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   '0 ..100,... ._ , ~ll/ilthl""'fI..nt "lth ._ , fri~nth.
even tho.;.e thai. arr cncryplcd. r m """"-II no:rlIOU~ no ...              tWW G ,t>Od fkul mil'" VMJ 00I"''';'',l(' fhu "'Uff, _                     I..>ns hem ~ingled w i? Did' mi~s !oOII1I:Ihing?
lhaI nJ be hauled a....ay in a bIac.. ";aD toniglK. I ju'll                 jlnl M~ bw all amunJ lilt' ... .,rlJ. .                                                                                       dd.'hrlby
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Observatio ns
fell the eeed to wrilc' '\OfMthing in ~ 1 nl:"CT    '1lI                                                                                                   Airy I" tr"", b..-klUt is. lllft'CtrJ ill            u_
                                                                                                                                                                                                               IO'aY.              IlNr 1600:
heard from agalll'                                                          Unr 1600:                                                                  H......Jcast "'I',iotu a.... 110 Ucrptil>rL B IU il W"'<" 10                      A fe w ....~h .,., I ord<:r.-d the DES en,,:rypti<.1fl
     It's a W I!lC' thai " e mw;( hv e feating lhal our aca-                      I ju,1 read the an ide on l102. l l b ( 19:2) and illuld            p....... t1rl aluomliry of t1rl1"l/iJwtilJlr <U b"J<JJt.·<J.• , ta· '.        Vi i" aiongsido: my ' UbscriptiOCl of your mag a.ti...... and
de mic .....oris .... ill come bac .. 10 n..unt us.                         I!lC' ~ percent of everything I war ned 10 know ah"lll                    li,m.! cu" Ito..... as "",,,y fJ<:"{'I.. Ii..t",,I"lt In Ih..m "'-e'          receiv ed it all witbout prohle ms. 11I3.nh for llIe ra-~t
     (I also plugged 1600 durin g tile speco;h,)                            S02, ll h tlCtwOl'ks e xcept ror tile o         ne thing I n:all y         ,h.. ui "" a,',,", ,ull,..y can gr l ",ilh" ul int:u'''';''R un,' ",(_       se rvice, but.. the shin doe sn 'l seem to feature a DES
                                                         Tudd               warned III know . In the article il said the y used •                     1m fe rs. Bul f '" n'.. ". 1i.!lr nn " " Ill.. Im"m" l / ..:hi,'h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Eru:rypl ion .sc he m'll ic to me ! Th e da y Il<:fon: yo: sler -
                                                                            "maltmou nl an t..nna on lhe roof. " How 00 I hool. tJ1i~                 ulTt'ud)'corrirs a htJnJ",,·itJlh COlIf'" ..uell Jtmlml, <I"                  da y I had dln n<:1' ...·ilh 1w 0 friend s who questioned lhe
                                                                            up to lhe card - Ill" do...., the cant ju sl 1.1... the . nle nna         ,,,M   "itm<JlI.... i , /n·ird. Ima Ri" r ..'hal wuulJ MI'f'l''' if           t;ehenlatil:" to be DES . Sll ....h en I had !he: ti me yester-
Thoughts On Piracy                                                          through ~s? 1 would love to ""lIl\ the !>llm1llnd-                         .,.u imu IO'.. ,... dW''1Il'l1I/eat f.... fi'" .......ry·lu/......r uti·    day nil!ht I re~ throu gh Appli..d C0·",ogroplr.v and
                                                                            inS am. but need sigMI slrt'ngth.                                                        M
                                                                                                                                                      ..../1<'<1 by 1 Arbit"", roli"II' ill'''·;ce. 1M Mint I">pfI-                 fOllnd OUI DES i~ not ....ork.ing this .... y. A lthough I'm
IlNr 1600:                                                                                                                       In a Tr..\ nC..      fu, . ,miotu .. _IJ prohtJbl,v,l('O b"h. (Mll.vbl' ifJ IWf
                                                                                                                                                             •                                                                     delinilely not a aypc anaIy,", I cou kl lc'1I oomeIhing
    1am;aD a~1d !iOf1....arepinte. Mudl of the !iOf1"'-~
that I II-'IC is pil'*Cd 11«
                           ....... I am one poor ba-urd.
                                                                                 ",''''_  802.11 C   llrW Io<n-e   ""'''fUlll   juds .... 1M'"
                                                                            bul for ,Itos.. 1h<J1 tIt",'1 __ '", {',...tty 1tIU<.,. aut ofluc!.
                                                                                                                                                       II,,: h o bud iJl'u-J
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ..-as ..-rong. So , tean:hed w book f.. _                 alp-
                                                                                                                                                       'kollr 2600:                                                                mltm. and k-amed aboul the: ID EA .algori INn. lIS
Uo.....e"CT.bei ng a Mlfiware dl:velopcr mylol."lr, I rea lile               r,oM ""'.v ... lnt In lUI: 11'<..,,/.. a/NoMl )'f"" cord aNI ~un·
                                                                                          Y                                                                    I ",, 'iL'> "'ondering ir an article ;Jh"ul Offia:Mu                schcmatio.: lol>ks atlllO!\! uaetly like                 m..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       one on my
lhe import allC1.' of ge lling .... ha t is d ue for you r hard             ,..nM jUf.i ~ to 51'" if th..nr i, a "uv .w," m l,l('ltl uJd "', .         "'lllld be of intcrl"S1. he read I~ IIrtkles llbtJl.lt Radio                stun . "The 's on ly one diff..rcnc e : The XOR . nd Ad-
....ur k. Wait . minulc? Huh ? Ho.... ClUl I dC' vclup su rt-               hUI it'J /I..llnal1.v "'" a ,.,.li M.. ht,,<l;lIp. E,..."
                                                                                                                      a                        .      'i ll....:k and recenll)' the <me aho.lllt Targ et.. lind I .... .,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .             dition silln, n.. vt hc-rn .•w itc hed in lhe' eJtpJallalion on
.... are lmd co r" .I"I1I: piracy? 11 n:'s my thinking on the
                                      ..                                    y(>u·l1ulmo.<1 c..N<ti"l.v " ..rd WI ",lapIn (wmm.",I)'                   .... "ndcring if your mag ui ne woo ld he inlL:Tl'sled in an                 til<: "ullom of lhe sllin. Now I'm co nfused. Is thi~
nloilllef. Firsl of all. when I he ndil in any ....ay tither                mll..d <I "pigl<lirj t" KlI fm", y"'" anl""""" j ad                       .ut id c ahnUl 011 .. Ma:t. Th ings such as Slon: !!<:C urity.
                                                                                                                                                                                k                                                  tJ1ing un purpose? In a qll ick S<'arc h 00 the Imo:rnc t I
than purt'ly ..docaliona!, I ITllI\.e a puinl of purchasing                 (p,,>h<JhI.v <I" "N- jlld.. I",,,k fi" p....,U,....!' 10 "" ""            tweak ing through lhe: SC'Curi ly on the UP Cuslom                           ca n't find .. vidl:nc e I)n Ihis, SQ I'm M, II con fused . Can
a full oopy of IlIha1cvcr pI'OlIram I'm using. I had a pi.
....Ied "Cnion or Dream....eavcr f.. qu ilt .....hile. When
l linally l>W1cd po-cins real web ~ developed in il
                                                                            earJ'Jjlld (pmb<JhIy SMA-I.
                                                                            0..01.. 2600.-
                                                                                                                                                      ('," npu ler Cen~ing in as adm ini...I1111.... the
                                                                                                                                                      ll"' \ lermiD.lI ~. lIIId other re latN lopics. IllIvuld be
                                                                                                                                                      ...on: th.an happy to whmit '\tIChan artier.: if it ....o ukl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   yuu plea.s.e be lp me Ollt on th is one?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        r_'rr "';gh, uh...., I~ID EA oJ~>nrlun. Aj
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        /l1 ,1.-
I purda.o;ed the full vcoion tVeNun J, but that'~ ~                              I ...-as wondering .'lIy then: is .onw:thillg ..tnn,e                he  or     u.so: . Pka.so: let me ~ '0 I eoukI ft:l SIart<:d.                rn-..rsuL P<'rlwlpJ i"~ -.. of tItnw '",iJl<lI:t's ..... kHp
enough fDr I!lC' riJIM _ ' I. 1 011<.0 ""~'e a pirataJ ropy                 on pqc J3. the huttom of'the page where it -bould                          Il\;ank y (1II .                                                            _b",l(' '"     u..p,.....",.. "" r/tri, I_J.
of 3D Studio Mu 1Iw h .. hiId fOf yC"oIIS. ~ v~ion                          say "Pille 33?" F.-h lil!lC' then: t. _ tJ1i ng d,rr.. n:rn                                                                           GlIIYaSl        l»nr 161JO:
I ha ve is old, bu t I ha ve fu n ....i th il. Willi cn" r U'IC it in       bul il   i~ ne~·eT~1.
                                                                                                                                                            If .. " I'''';'''U'' <lnirl.. abt>«t ...... ",,'aiIOlltl..t.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I ju... 'ound Illlt ", mJelhing 'l uite dislllrbing al my
• pm rC'i-sinn.1 ...n'IC? No. Shuu ld I pa y lJIlI-"ive                                                                      Quil"L'\hlld.....        wll,    '"
                                                                                                                                                             M',,,       ;nI..",sr ..d i" DIn.." . nwr'j "'" a g...,'anl....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .... rkplace . I'm J.tI llllal y" fur a m.ljor ISP in Canad a
amnu ms of nK' tK"y In use 'lOlIlething th,U I j usl fan                          I+r /1'" m" ", "",ill'" Ilti, lhan " " <IllY m it", IlIhj"" 1       '1"" ..,,"II('rim Ihi, "p«ifi.. <lNid.. bUI Ih.. '''I'i.. ,...,.             and I had J.tI inl<:restin ll L"On ver s.aliun ....itJ1 my fricnd
arou nd ....itJ1 o n .... ca.~illn? I dun'l think ,-,01 Do.. , lh..
                          :                                                 byfaT. Altd yn " ''<'')IImr ..hll "', iltS i" ,I.. " "'" '" kn" ...       r"ml,· q"<lliJir~. 'f Ir" 1I"       """a l rul" ,if Ihllmh i.I' ,hal if
                                                                            ...fu.tl f'<JK" numha 11t",V'", wltlng ,W" UI .. ,'e" 1h<"'K II
                                                                              '                                                                                                                                                    al the: ahllse dcpanl!lC'nt . It S('<;:m , tha i the IU AA is
dcv .. IOf'C"I" lose <JI.II lI«au!iC I didn 't pa y fur my cu py?                                                                                     , 'I' Ittl"" ,m ,mid.. I" ....rilt'. ju ,t ....,..;,.. il a",1 "..nd il
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   pn:ssuring uS to sh lll down cuslumcn; who ha"e hccn
Ui', put il th is w.y.•. if I ",ere rorud 10 d.-.:tdc lod;oy                I~)' claim 1M f"lll" "",,,wr in/",,,,,"'i,,,, i:< fuul,,·.' II            ,n " f- ""'." ""t I"i,,' it bul <II kU.II .",," ....iII MI '" .. ,nl-        IIlvol vcd in lil.- shari ng, especially 01\ !he Kv.aa no:1 .
he\"'ecn t.«ping il lllld paying the money, Of J iving il                   J"M' <l1I1''1Iie,                                                         u"" .. hien i. ,l('rnc',all~' a,l('Ol>d Ihi"J( III do.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   wort. . APP"I'C"ntly, the vo lumt of threats by           RIA A,m..
Ufl, ifd be no C'OIIICSl. r d give;1 up , I don't n«d ilthat                l»nr 1600:                                                                               J
                                                                                                                                                      1"". 1' l fJI(J:                                                             Sony. and OIhtr orpni.lalms i~ arou nd 1000+ email.
bad. I"d neVeT u--' II in a ..... y kt jlDlify the price. So                    I ha.'e. roKlcr on my rornpuler that ' canllOf open                          I Ihm\. 1M yOlUtnapLiJlC' is lbt: ~ I re.ad il                       per month. 11Io:y ~ m:ei\'ing dcuil.-d klgs w,tJ1 IP
.,.hat does the de .....kJpcr ~" Money thai: they'd                         .. manipulat.. in any .,.ay. II i~ \ocaiN in my C :\drive                 "'11110: ti l!lC' ;at my local ~ 8oolM..... I al ways                       ao:Jdrn,se>; and lhc naJfJeS vf             m..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             fi~ I~ have bcaJ
neH'l" tu.ve ....Y"'.y ir tlx' ir proJI1IIm w~ completely                   and IlIhen I doubk--dick it. an error 1!lC'~...ge pt'P'> up               n-..J " COH 'l" t O L'OVeT. Il" lbe best .
                                                                                                                                                                                           s                                      tnded (e~'en though e\"e:t)'one kJlO\ll/ i iI's no proof).
piralt proof? If the day come~ .nd I duutll it will,                        thai 'lays "1lIi~ foldcr dolts oot eli....• Can yoolell me                       I tulvr It ~ilual ion that I d<ln~ " no w wn..t 10 do                1b:y've in~taJlcd a ne", ~p1 un lhe Radi lU .o ener 10
..... l1o:n I u!iC whal I cre"lc' in 3DS MaJt ror ">mo.:thing               what l1ib ha ppened?                                                      of_",.      In my ne ighllt>riw;..ld w.. n..ve a fu n game:. "'"c           bn: ak do .... n k'ils in sma llo:r chunks so they ca n be
mUTe tJ1an idle run, l"11 p;ly f", iI. Vnti lllJc:n. I Sl.'C no                                                             1'h1l11!_2 U              pI.... r n m, Oil the: rai lroad tr.«:I..~ to make lhe traffic              Sl"archcd fast..r. Necdle~~ ( 0 sa y. tha i is quilc' diSiurb-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ing. So fat, Ih..: ha" o: 1M)! ~hu t do ", n anyulIC. llnl y se nl
h ISS by anyu nc. I hope OIllers U the so ftware J n ea te
 in the urn<: manner
                                         'I,"                                     r,,"r I' roM" tl ul'I~u". '" /,.. llull you'", """'rintl            , -"", 'IOn cu me dllwn . 1bf: .... inJlt"r is the nno: ", hll
                                                                                                                                                      ......k ' ~ Ihe I" nltcst hroo:up uf CUf!; .                                ....a rnings by ~ mai l to the ·oITo:mkn." 1b:y're in the
                                                                            Wi"'/" ..... O,h.., ,han lhat. lhil is on.. ..... ",r,...n'l u bi"
                                                              11269U                                                                                                                              , 0.
                                                                                                                                                             I .." .... ee L I ......s "llre I ....,1.11 1 ...in the comcsi. I    pmcc~s of dt:t.' di ng .... at tu do ........1_ I'll kCt:'p you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      i           h
                                                                            10 ImJ un ift/ll1f!'dialr a 'u"',,, fll'- W.. ·/J 1 .WIM kill'"
                                                                            .. lIot .....jintJ.                                                       p, kr.l . hIlsy day at 5 pm. I d id everything prop.-rt y. I                poslc'd. IlhtIllgh l you W'Ollkl find tJ1i~ inlo:l'<'stmg .
Qllestions                                                                                                                                                      .... ~ and c.me b;ock an hour lala" 10 malt sure                                                                                      Qu<b«
                                                                            D.- 1600:
                                                                              ar                                                                              I ...... !he klflJnl car hne up of al l my fri.-nds.                    It mil/I" 1Jl' i"'..rrJlin,l(' iii finJ "", ..t<Jl1/y Itoot·
IlNr l 600:
   Does y<'lUT rnap.lil"ll: have any compelition
cl.",? I'm 'IUI"C )'ou know nv.ny maguine, do have
                                                                 In it~
                                                                                 I ...... 'IrofIdtnrlJ ir yoll could ~'IC tell me ,...00
                                                                            is the IOiUI on the rigllt .ide of covet" 19:3. AI§(J if Y"'I
                                                                            L"OUId plea..: enlighlen I!lC' a, to ... hal "migh ' " be on
                                                                                                                                                             no.,. an ;unhulanco: in the 1ilUl;" car line . I f~1
                                                                                                                                                            , om 'll,lty allt...1 tJ1i .. \\11;,,1 should I do?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ihry ',... ~ttirrt 1Mill' Ittg~ ill 11rI first ~r. A,... thry
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  prrllllp, """.,i"l1 :r.<>IrW ,il"j of In..i,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ISP _""tM'i",l(' .../eat Ihl'i, lH..n dt.~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     0, is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ?             _I'
(;()fTlJlC1ilOn. oo llle \'er I've IlC"VCl' .ecn corn pc:lIlillfl to        the disk and ro ll of lilm . Ke.-p up the good fighl _ ht'
                                                                                                     ,                                                     "It. "'It /u l ..."",...U..J '" ,ul: ... a/N,.,t Ihi, i.I'      G                  continued on page 48

Page3S                                                                                                             26()(J       Maga zim'                                                                                                                                                       Pag e 39
                                                                                                                                 = :~I:~::'~                    =:::::::r.o.. .        L~         ::::.:.:.:~ .,~i' .."I ::=.'i':=1'~··411


                                                                                                                                - ,~.......m...... ll..'
                                                                                                                                -,     , ,
                                                                                                                                                 '" 'if '::l    _-..I..
                                                                                                                                                                -'''' '.
                                                                                                                                                                _'II ':':I..
                                                                                                                                                                                       03j        -1:001
                                                                                                                                                                                                  - I "'1Ol
                                                                                                                                                                                                  -_I""'l _PO"'I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -I" I

                                                                                                                                -, ......
                                                                                                                                       , ,
                                                                                                                                 - ' " '''',                    =::~~                             =''io':~....           ~.:J..
                                                                                                                                                                _'::"'I"ii1                       =.:;~.;,~
-=      ..
                                     _....••              -·1
                                                          ..' ",.
                                                                                                                                 --.", 'if"
                                                                                                                                -,.".  ,
                                                                                                                                -'.,... ..                     -"=
                                                                                                                                                                =':.':1,                          =r;;'"'                 5!:=,~

                         _..•.                            -,
""",               ~

                                                          -'   ..                   -:-r.~~
                                                                                    =::=..                 =I~~~                 _001''''
                                                                                                                                 _ , . 'V,
                                                                                                                                -'.. ... ,.                    ::;... '...                        -I' ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                  :.r.... =0IIl           -":1:'''1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          :::::z:-I t';
Cl·" """-"_Il_             I··'l'I   _"·"1                                                                 ~II.""
                                                          -                                                                     -,


                                     - ..
                                     = ::~

                                     --                   --  .....
                                                          _•.....'                  - I- ~                 -,..''1
                                                                                                           --1--                -,.,
                                                                                                                                 _,a,..,,                       =:.=U....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .,.,..... ,'

....-.ocu::t':'!"', ..,                                                                                    =~~~                                                                                   ; "

                                                                                      ~ x,
                                                                                    -. :"'                                                                     ='i,I:o~..
                                                                                    =rr,.. l               _I,... ,r·
                                                                                                                                      ' ,                       _I''''"                           _
     __ .
       ~ m

                                     --'"       tOO

                                                          ...                                                                   -,.,

--'_1"                                                                              _                                            _'.'if'
                                                          -                                                ::!Z ~I~:"::t        -'."                                  = ..


                                                                                                                                -,,.. _,.. .
===i::l..                            -            "EI                                                                                   ,                      -""'!J.
                                                                                                                                                               =.~~                                       JI~'            ~     0
"'" ,... ,
--                       -,-
                         --.•        --
                                     _.,                                                                                                                       _ _ 1"00)                          _        1''''          •••

                         _.".•                                                                                                  -                                                      . . ... '..""
                                                                                                           - """
                                                                                                           -, " "
                         --          =.~~

_'0                                                                                                                                                     ,      -"""'j                             _I''''''''              -'0
-- -'-                                                                                                                          -".,                                                           ". .. '
                                                                                                           - " ''"                                             :.....r..."                       =r."~~
_ '0
--.. --- --In.. . --...
                                                          ::::,,~                                          _'I "                -,,.., ,                       -
                                                                                                                                                                         ~                     '"_   f''' '.'1
                                                                                                                                                                                               ". ,.. "
                                                                                                                                                                                              ."., "",.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ' '

                                                                                                           " " '""
_'0                                  _tOO"
                                     _   tOO'             =':"J'~'"
                                                          -_.~                                             -      '"
                                                                                                           - ; , . ~.           -,,.. , ,
                                                                                                                                -,,.,. , ,                     ..-., ,.                          --~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ..s .. '

...     ,
          --- .. --      - .•
                                     -,tOO'               _ 't""1
                                                                                                                                                               -' -'...' ...........
                                                                                                                                                                            :::r.r."~:;'''il "''''''

          _,"". --- _.
                                                          i ·l"-                                                         ..
                                                                                                                                ~: .... !
                                                                                                                                - ~l~fJ':~,"'                  --   _ -_.                    .-_
•"      1

......                                                                                                                          -,,._
• 11 . .. .
"" '                                 - I ' ...''1
                                                                                                                                                               - - !1, -_.
                         _..•-                            --:~'f~\                                                                                                          -,., _ •
••,         1
                                     ='1':'.. ....
                                     __                                                                                                                                                                                                  '

-- = ...", -- - .•..     _                                                                                              ·
 '                                   _ _a
... .                                                                                                                                                                       =-"li"' _..
                                                                                                                                                               - -'.' ....,
oU ' " ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ft_ •

                                                          -"'                                                                                                  ;rEi
            '                                                                       -"'"      .....                     ·"
                                                                                                                         "                                                                       -",                      ~-•

                                     _ _ I"
                                     -:-:. - r'"'o!                             ~
                                                                                                                         ••     -,"'-"
                                                                                                                                                                                   .. ..,..
-- _
-- s:r -" .•.. -                                                                                                                                               _ - -, _
                                                                                                                                - ,...
                                                                                                                                :' ,...
            "                                                                                                                                                               -",                ~-"                  '
                                     __ ,'J:.," '"

-- -_.
-- _.
-           ....         -,.•
                                                          - ' ' ' . ''"
                                                          -''''                                                        .·
                                                                                                                                -:rgl~j.. "
                                                                                                                                 _.,, ,

                                                                                                                                                                      _     =':i =-.::-~..,,..
                                                                                                                                                               = '..I ',:., - , .•

                                                                                                                                                                                                        .•               •

                         _                                                                                 "::,,,," ,::..:      -'OO_',                        _            'ot,                 __

-. _
_III"" ••
- ~,

                         =           :::::::"~ma
                                                          _ 1""'1
                                                          -1:;'.::1                          -~
                                                                                    -'~ 1 '...
                                                                                                                       .. .
                                                                                                                                     : : ~' IL.
                                                                                                                                --.-J'" ...J
                                                                                                                                     I'.                       -" , - f'. _.-..

                                                                                                                                                               =:::," =""1:'-
                                                                                                                                                               _...   --
                                                                                                                                                                            _        ••


                                                          rr:,: ;k~~:~~             _ JI'1"II'1
                                                                                    _ __ -                                  •   1_ ".... I                                                                               _'a ,

~~-~ -. -

- - --. ....... --"'"
                                     =':~ ~
                                                          _ _ 11141

                                                                                    J....F'~               ~§f......
                                                                                                              ...: '
                                                                                                                                -_' ~\::' n.1

                                                                                                                                $ f:f
                                                                                                                                      ' '' -      ii'hI!       -""

                                                                                                                                                               .. '"



                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ...   I>_ '411

                                                                                                                                                                                                 -.. .'
                                     _"II                 =r.-."':'.' I                                                                                                                                I'.,"'I -"'1-........
- -I'
-='1"'.'. -,.,. -'.....•
-. _'I. _
-                  ~                  e.        I... ~
                                                          _ ltw''''
                                                          _(''''ll                  "':"""
                                                                                             ~   ...          .
                                                                                                                   .•     •
                                                                                                                                - '"~~
                                                                                                                                _  :...
                                                                                                                                    ~                          .'.... ''

          _.                                              -,", ,
                                                                                                                                -... . '
                                     - "f..'                                                                                                                    -'"
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ......                  ==t!t'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ... .•.ir"l

                                                                                                                                - '"
                                                                                    s,it                           ."
                                                                                                                  ..                                           ...      '
                                                                                                                                                                                                 _... ' ,
                                                          - ' '"' ',
=1::::1                                                                                                           ....                                         ...',... "                        _...
                                     : :;: ; !i-I··'ll,   -'"                                                                   -       " '"
                                                                                                                                :::.':.~ :r..                  ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                 "'0".' ',''
_'"'1                                _.~

                                                          - ''" ~                   =-5.~                         ."".·.        - , '., "" "'I                 .'."".
                                                                                                                                                                   ...... "                      _.. ..                  - ..
- "II
    , "..
=.~: .
                                     ::: t;::
                                     =-~                  - ''.,.......
                                                          - '..,...". .....
                                                          -                         ==p',",
                                                                                                                     ... ..      .
                                                                                                                                                               ." .. '"

                                                                                                                                                               ."'.,... ".
                                                                                                                                                                                                 .' '0. ''               -l*oI'l..
                                                                                    -'''...... · !~~~~!I"                                                                                                                =.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -, 1'..1,..
                                                                                                                                                                                                 . ..
                                                                                                                                       '0. .

   ..                                                     -,.",.','.,

                                                                                                                                                               ... ''.. ""
                                                                                                                                                               "" '" "~"                          .......
                                                          - ,.......
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ." '
                                     - "                                                                                            10' "
                                                                                                                                    ..                         ..' ...                           ..                      =, ::~

                                                                                                                                    ". "
                                                          _ 'ot ,.. ,
                                                                                    - ,...           ',
                                                                                                     ',                ...          '00'
                                                                                                                                                               ... '.. ..,                       ." '.'',",
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ,                                 :1
                                                                                                                                                               -'.......' ,'
-               t ••                 _ _ 11.
                                                                , ,
                                                                                    -'."                                                                                                         """"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         :::: ..
                                                                                    - ,~             ""

                                                                                    -'... -" .
                                                                                    - = '".                                                                                                                                          ~:=
- " 'I
                                                                '                                    '"~                                                       ""0.'                             ." ''' '''
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ." '.,,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         _,          0
_ ' j'.                              """":'t'" ... ,                                                                             '0 't, ..
                                                                                                                                 " '0' "

                                                          -,.... ..
                                                                , "                 - 'OO "                                                                                                      ., '.''' ,,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 " "
=:;i:\                               =--
                                     :z::....~"l1l        -
                                                          - "
                                                          _ ,0\ , ',
                                                                                    - ''I'',,
                                                                                    _ '41 ' '
                                                                                    - ' " , ..
                                                                                                  "        _~Iolo'.
                                                                                                           _ '''all
                                                                                                                                     • 10" .
                                                                                                                                 . ..,
                                                                                                                                 '. 00' "
                                                                                                                                 " ..,n
                                                                                                                                ", 00 ' n

                                                                                                                                "" . ,..
                                                                                                                                                               _ '0. , It
                                                                                                                                                               _ "'II

                                                                                                                                                               - , '.. ,.
                                                                                                                                                               .. '.. 'II
                                                                                                                                                                                                 "" 0. '
                                                                                                                                                                                                 _ '0' lO'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         S ,..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         :::: '.1ll"
                                                                                                                                 '" '0' "
                                                                                                                                 " '0' ..                      =1;:::1.                          :: ::::
-I\" "~                              ?:;;' ~
                                          nk·             -H" ~
                                                          _ ' m'
                                                                                    = IF 'Iiiol ...'
                                                                                    = ,.. '''.. ,'         ="'r.:->f"                                          - f:!"1. ... '.' ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -' ""l:!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - -n.o,     "
                                                                                    - ,,, ,,.. ,                                 ..·," ."
                                                                                                                                    00' ..
                                                                                                                                 .. 00' ..
                                     ==i!o.!C             - 1''''1                  =,~':'l..,             =~: :!!')             ., ,t, ..
                                                                                                                                                               - '               "'I             ..,   00' ,

                                                                                    _                                                                          ='' '
_ _ '''' ' '1
_ ''''"01
_ ' '0 'I                                                 = r'.:I
                                     _~_ l''''bi
                                                           ~"      ..               --,,,,''',
                                                                                    __,. ''11.'"
                                                                                                                  fH 1
                                                                                                           _I ''' '~             .. It ,n
                                                                                                                                                               £:'t!!   oil ''''                                         _ _
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ''' 'Il

                                                                                    _ "'
                                                                                                                                                                            ot,                  - '."

                                     .. ,"".,.t'...
                                     "_1' 0)1>01
                                     ...                                                                                         .. '.'''''                                 ''' ':\              -       "" "
                                                                                                                                                                                                         1- '1\                              1' '
                                     _                     ~

                                                                                       . •.
                                                                                    -'.'.....                  '. .....
                                                                                                           - ',,"',,I'''',,~
                                                                                                           ~:J''''\                                                                              -                                             '"
                                     . ., 10.
                                                                                                                                    '0                                                 ..
                                                          r::am:,: .
                                                                                    _ '. '11 '.
 _               '01 ..
                                                                                    - ,.".,                ='U:::,t                                                     '~ "'. ,                 _ I "~

                                     - '"                                                                                                                      =100 :::1                                                 _                   '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ....... 1 ' Ill
       ..,00 ,

 - ,."" ~
                       I                                               IOn
                                                                                                       '                         "• '0'"
                                                                                                                                    00' "
                                                                                                                                       '", ....
                                                                                                                                       ' .. to                 =       ,.!.':"i'lI!
                                                                                                                                                                                                 =r,~ iI" '"
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~ l"I .l                :::::J'::;h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .. .. I'"..'"'I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ..... ,"
 - " """
 - " ""                                                    ::::;::::                                       -
                                                                                                                                                               - ~'.,,,...                       --r.~'
                                     ... •0.
    .                                                                                                      - ,,'if.... ,,"
                                                                                                                .                                                                                                        -'.. ".,"'1..
                                                                                                                                 "     00'
                                     .... to.
                                     ... ,.'"                                       =::ra                  -                                                   :::"',J," lrn                     _   '1\
                                                                                                                                - '"~:t~..~
 - "''' ~ '                          . . IqI

 _  " ,ao
 - " ""
                                     ." ''.
                                     .,. .
                                     .', '.,..
                                     ' to to,

                                     .,.. '"",.
                                     .'. '0"
                                          '.'             -"   I '!.
                                                                                    - 1I:;:"
                                                                                        '11                -,.,
                                                                                                           _' ~''''''
                                                                                                           _ ".
                                                                                                            mn::fl!:t~.         =
                                                                                                                                -               '
                                                                                                                                             '" ""
                                                                                                                                                               - ,.. ,nt

                                                                                                                                                                        " 'I                     - _ '"
                                                                                                                                                                                                 _ ' 'Ill

                                                                                                                                                                                                 _."'1 _ ....
                                                                                                                                                                                                 = 1.rJj- '101
                                                                                                                                                                                                       _.n     -'''- ' ._
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         _,a "'     "">11
 = ::~
 _ '00"1
 -  _ n·....
    ,oo"                             .'...'
                                     .', '0'
                                     ..........            :::;:::'ll~·
                                                           ::.ti, '.'''' '1\
                                                                                    ::::: I.~
                                                                                    = .;:' .               - ".,..
                                                                                                            _ "" if'
                                                                                                            _'"'if ,            :::::'.:1:L
                                                                                                                                                               _ I''' '
                                                                                                                                                                                                 _ _ - -'''-'
                                                                                                                                                                                                 _ 14O '''l

 Page 010                                                                                                  2600 M agazin t'     HillIer 2002a2ooJ                                                                                                     Page 011
              .. .
............, .,,,1
...,,,....'" ,.'"
                                                           ='l:.' r,!,{''''l
                                                           _         I""t)
"""-''" " ,..                                              =~;:J
                                                           =.,IJ" ..,

                                                           _ 1 M 01

:::fr=1ffif: ~..                                           51." ''' '1
.'" lOt'
    ,•.. ,
"'" '.'.t"
                                                           _ I......,


... '."
""' ,.t '"
... '01'
,., ":! ;;'                                                =~]:T
"'" '.'
~ "!J"E'
. , . lO t
."" ,.t
on I . ' =!
. ",-
. " 'Ot
." to•
.,. ,,to.,,,
." '"

      t.' ...
                                                           l::''' ' ,..,
                                                                 " '..'
                                                           _t>. :::-'
                                                                 "', ' ,
$>' '.' "
.,. ,.'"
,.,.' . ' 71'
... t.,
... ,.,,,
                                                           = ::
                                                           l::,'" ,'..,..
                                                                 '.      ...
                                                           ,.....,.. '.. ,,,,
... TO'"
                                                                      : : :;
                                                                'Sf ' .. , ..

... I.,' 'Ii lii"                                          =~~

                                                          -''"...... .... ....
po '0'                                                     =:~;: :'
." '.',,,
... I.,.                                                  =::: ::::-
~ "ii~"'
. . . lOt

~ "~::i'
(II' '~!!:!!'
...    ,~!~

~ """",'
                                                          -,.... ...... .
                                                                 , ,. ,
                                                                 , ,. '
                                                                 ' ' '
                                                          ......., , '"
                                                                ,., , .

                                                                     ' '

"*" '"
...,., ...
..' t. ,..",
... '.'..,
..' I.''''                                                -,.. .
                                                          -,., :C
                                                          1=::: ,    ''' :..
                                                                      ' '

11'I '.,                                                         ,,., ::
                                                          -:* 15 ,,.
..' ,'"......
... '.'24'
     "I:E-                                                       "" '',.. '"
                                                                 "" , ,   ',
... ,.,....                                               _"" ""'    '

                                                          8 ... .. ..
"'" 00' ....
    "'"                                                   _'00

-,    'm
..' 'I.t "':
... to.

"' I"""'·"' '....,
                                                          -'  . ..
                                                          -", '' "
                                                                 , ,.. ,
                                                                 '0> ,

                                                                 , ' '
                                                                     , ,

...........,,, ..,,)
                                                          _\I... ,,,,.,"..
                                                          -", '.,..  ... ,
_      1"·1 I
_ t           '1
                                                           _ '10'''.'

 _ I.....
      1'''·1.,                                            =:::.."
=~".:i                                                        .,."' , ...
                                                          ,"""",,"  ,

:::':;-:=';1\.. "o!
-l ,0.
                                                          - ,",,' ,"
-(>''1                                                           II ,       '.

-,                                                        -'.......
                                                          -,... ,

                                                              .. ,
                                                                     '      "
_=1;>:'1.::1,,                                            =::=; ::::


 -,. ,
 ...-,M '..
 _ ,t.. '..

 -'" .,,,"
 _"0 lill"


                         ,.                               -'
                                                          _   ..
                                                          - , ', ...
                                                           .     ,
                                                          _'11'''''.' 10"1

 ...........',. HE"
 _ 'f< ,                                                  _ ......        ~io\

 - ' ' ' ' ~!!!
 - " , ",,"ii'
                                                          ..... 1
 ===r.:,"                                                 -~' ...I
 _100'1                                                   -   ""1
                                                                      ~. ,
 :""":,1"::'/.. ..1
 -...-·.. I'·...t)
 "'..- I '....
 Page 42                      2600 Mogasine
                                                          =  '" ,..
                                              1\,;"ler 21102·2003
                                                                     '          '..

                                                                                      Page 43
                                                - '''.''
                                                - ' ' ''
                                                ~ 'f
                                                _" 00.'
                                                -..0 ,,,.'
                                                _ ··W
                                                   .. '


                                                     .. ,.. '
                                                =:: :::11   ,~
                                                -'j,.. .
                                                _ , " 0 21

                                                - " ' 00'

                                                _ _ _ I"··'UI
                                                _ I'.'-J
                                                _   II01.lQl
                                                - 1,:01"'1


                                                ~1:l ..
                                                _      ... ...' ..I
                                                _ I'·
                                                - '."",,'..
                                                _,. ,00."
                                                _ II , "
                                                _    '''''''

                                                _ •• ''00 '"
                                                _ •• 00'"
                                                _ •• ,ao "
                                                - " '''''"
                                                     , "  "

                                                _. .....
                                                """'00 '
                                                ...". ,'''''
                                                _ '00 ''
                                                _ '00 '
                                                _ '001
                                                - ,' ,  ....
                                                - ...
                                                _ ' . ,1101
                                                _ ,",,,,

                                                - " ""
                                                -      ," ''''''
                                                =: =.: ;,j'.'
                                                - ' " ' .,
                                                   - ,","
                                                _ "","
                                                _            "'.2>

                                                - '..
                                                =), ;~~
                                                _     .
                                                  _ "", 1
                                                =- I:::~

                                                       """ 1
                                                       1".:1 '...

                                                _t.,.· .,

                                                -     " ,
                                                _ " 'A,'"
Page44   2600 Magazj",.   " 'i" ter 2002-2003                         Page 45
                                                                        One Time Password option . relocated from Hy-                  uninstall Decpf-reeze . eve n while it's on and
                                                                         p er Technologies 10 the console . However. if

  A Introduction to DeepFreeze
   Brief                                                                 you want to have a static password. you have
                                                                         the option of selling up to five and the option 10
                                                                         change any of those five passwurds. You also
                                                                          have the option 10 free z individual drives or all
                                                                                                                                       frozen, by simp ly restor ing the co mp uter 10 a
                                                                                                                                       point before when Dcc pf-rceze is installed ! It
                                                                                                                                       basically doe s to Dcepf reeze what Dccpftreeze
                                                                                                                                       does In the rest of the co mputer. A ny sysad min
                                                                         drives to schedule "mulmenance time" (times o f               should disable Sys tem Res tore in such a public
               by Th e Fla tHne                                          J ay where the co mputer reboots and is automat-              setting as would juslify Dccpj-re eze fro m bei ng
   With the past few issues . I've noticed a few                         ically thawed for a set period of time), an idle
queries abou t a program called Deepltreeze . Be-                                                                                      used , With those two precautions in e ffec t. it be-
                                                                         reb oot timer (after II number of minutes of no              co mes very d ifficul t 10 get around Decpj-reeze .
ing someone who works with it on a day to day                            keyboard/ mou-e activity, the computer reboo ts
basis . l thuug ht l might dear up a few murky ar-                                                                                     With the imple men tation of a central. unique
                                                                         .1111" refreshes itself in the process), the crronv-
eas and discuss some of its reau   rrevdraw backs                        niry to create a "      Thawgpace, ~ which is basically      conso le, security involv ing the OTP is a Imte
10 help illuminate both users and admins who                             a mini-file give n a drive letter that isn't frozen           better (admins have co ntro l over it now at leas t),
might be using this software,                                            hy Deepf'reeze . and the ahilily to lock out ac-                  Finally one note on the usage o f Deepl-rceze
     Dcepl-ree ze is a program made by Hype r                           n' ~ s to the clockzcalendar. and disable the Clr l-          on NT based machines. Fo r so me reason, Deep-
Tech nologies (www.deepfreeze usa.co mj for                              Hreuk function at bootup. After all this is done,
Windows platforms. and is des igned 10 be a de-                                                                                        Freeze seems 10 be depende nt on the SID. In an
                                                                         you save the configu ration, create a setup file ,
tcrren t to "hackers" [quoting the website here) ,                                                                                    environment that uses image-casting soft ware
                                                                         and lap it to your diskette. You can also disable
virus solution. and maintenance tool. Essen-                             the freeze icon in the system tray, forcing the              to deploy images to mult ip le co m puters Deep-
tially, what the progr am does is take an image of                       user to use the keystroke combination of CtTI-                Freeze screw s up roya lly a fter runnin g Sysprep
your hard drive on installation and "freeze" the                         All-Shift· F6 to get to the password prom pt.                or refreshing the S ID, usua lly req uiring a for-
system, making any changes to the system aner                                  On the com puter side, the computer now                mat to till the problem . It's importan t to pull it
bootup temporary. I have bee n hard pressed \0                           h.." ts up frozen . If you hold dow n Alt-Shift and          off before refreshing the S ID, and then put il
find someth ing Deepl-reeze couldn't undo afte r                         J " uhle-clicl.. the freeze icon (or use the above
taking basic precautions (more on those later).                                                                                       hack on. Spea king o f imag ing, one we ird qui rk
                                                                         h'ystroke combination), a window w ill po p up
Form atted drives are back on reboot. programs                           prompting you for a password . At the top of the             with Syrrumtec Ghost and Dee p f-reeze is thai
installed over a freeze are gone, a virus can eve n                      wmd ow , you can see you r OTP token to get a                occeslonauy, when performing a hard reset o n a
 infect the system , and on a restart, it will be                        1';I~ ~ w n rd from the co nsole, as we ll a. the vcr-
                                                                                                                          s           co mputer or rebooting after thc co mputer has
gone. However, the computer isn't permanently                            -ron number. The latest one rm aware of is                   reached the ~ ; t is now safe to shut do wn your
 frozen. The program can be uninstalled of                               «uncwhcre around V4.:!O. Enter the password                  comp uter " scree n. it will pro mp t you with a
course . once the com puter itself is "thawe d,"                         .md )'011 get three radio butto n option s with the
 but pee prreeze can also temporarily disable il-                                                                                     screen saying "Opera ting Sys te m not found."
                                                                         Ill" labeled ~st at u s on next boot. " The options
 self for a Lime so that one may make changes as                         .rrc "hoo t frozen ." "boot thawed for X reboots "           It's a minor annoyance. as a reboot fixes the
 needed. It quickly becomes apparent that it is                         t :\ i, contiguruble j. and "hoo t thawed" {until             problem. and it's rather rare ,
 vital on installation of Deepj-reeze to have                            ~''l l say otherwise). Also, it appears thatthe 13t-              I actua lly kee p a copy of Dcepj-reeze around
 everything perfect on your computer before                             ,' ~ I vcrvicn will automatically allnw the updat-            for my horne com puter. Why? It makes a great
 freezing it. Disabling Deep j-reeze can be a pain                       lUIl .. f daylig ht savings. without having to thaw          sandbox to p lay around in. I can do an ything I
 in the ass and lime consu ming. so gell ing a                          tln- computer to change it. Pe rhaps this is the
                                                                                                                                      want and screw up my system us much as possi-
 good. clean, working install right out the gate is                     "·,l.~"n why Deepf-rceze wi ll bloc k access to the
 vital. Obviously, for an open lab/school envi-                         .1,>,:1.. now,                                                ble, and the fill is on ly a reboot away . Anyone
 ronment, Deepj-reeze is incredib ly useful in                                 Uniusrallunon for all three versions involve s         wanting to fool around on a co mputer with
 keep ing computers running with relative ly few                        lh;lwing Deepf-reeze. With the first two versions             Dcepf'reezc on tt can do so without worrying
 problems . Unfortunately. I haven 't taken a peek                       \ " 11 can then go to the co ntro l panel and add/re -       about messin g up the software. You can eve n
 under the hood as it were to see just how Deep-                        mu\C programs and remove it that way. The                     power o ff or reset the co mputer without the
 Freeze does what it does, but my bosses and I                          lIl",t recent version now requires that you ron
                                                                                                                                      proper shutdown procedure . DeepFn"C/ e doesn't
 would be very interested if SOIIlt.'One OUI there                      Ih,' setup file from you r insta ll disk with o..'CP-
 would take a look and get back to us on the                            11,'l'le rhuw ed fur the option 10 uninstall, ~o              care if Windo ws shut down improperly - it
  mechanics of the program.                                             ' ~ >II ' t tns.'o the install disks after you're done with   resto res it to a nice- stale anyway.
      Deepj-reeze currently has three major ver-                        Illl'm.                                                            Hopefully you 've gaine d a lillie hit better un-
 sions rhar I am aware of and have had experi -                               lh cre are still some issue s with Deepf'reezc          derslanding of this program. It's becoming more
 ence with. two of which are outdate d. The liThI                       th,ll I dou bt can he avoided through program-                widely used in the world . and understanding its
  is a standalone install, usable only in a Win-                        11Iln~. First, naturally, is the observation that
                                                                                                                                      streng ths and weak nesses helps the c urious hct-
 duws95198 environment. This version is dil1"er-                        1~~ 'li llg 10 a floppy .....ill prevent DcepFIl."Cle
                                                                        h"m ~ t a r1 i ng. Any adrnin worth his weigh t will          ter use or appreciate th(' prog ranl . It's also a
 enl fT\lm other versions in that it is the only one
  to have the disabling pnlCess before windows                          t" l11 " IT tx"lt from flnppy and password the                great e ~ am p le o f h\1W a stmng piece of software
  stan.s up. Watch the computer txl(lt up. The win-                     ItII1'\ tn prevent tamper ing as is. Scco nd. Sys-            can be bypa'osl.'d due to Ihe ignorance of an
  dows splash screen should pop up for a momenl                         "' m Ih'~lorc in Window s XP ha~ thc abi lity to              adm inistr.Ltllr.
                                                                                                        - -- - - - - - - - - -
 Page 46                                               2600 Magaz;/U'   Hi" fer 2(J(}2·200J                                                                                    Page 4 7
        continued from p age 39                                          l »nr 2680:                                                                 "' ~ have thai lC~ numher. ThaI is !he ...me
1l9r 1600:                                                                   I think Jad v.1enti is .. ~ man doing llreal                            mo m .. hen: the)' held ee talks about !he ('ubu mil>-                 Tale From The Past
     1 ba... found on ..r\len.l Ant'11hal all 1m number
            e                                                            mings. 11Je M..-ker communily ....ill loOOD be behind                      ,,10: CTi<i . Well, hope /his enllgillens.
                                                                                                                                                            ' s                                                            Un .r 1611O:
Uy' have disllJld lonrs and can ras.ily be lDkI 8pVI.                    him.                                                                                                                            R.tarjam                        8 ..-k in 19 n 1 bougbl my lin! c:umputo:r: an
Tbis n thr dumbeli.l thing .. ATM mMlUflll.1unr can                                                                                                       ~ aJMilrrJ/y doft 'l lIotn.. Q .. -ItoIr lot fJl>otu .. hot             Scimlific C IP, Thi. appamu, had II 6502 ch ip, 12"
do. ~ anyone: ...irh • good ~ of lone", Cin ra.,il)'                          /r 'l Iiof' Iogicul ,.lOCI'                                           .c"~1 01'1 Ur ,hal plUl'r. Bul l'f_     '" Sf'...... _IJ die.
                                                                         O\'f'T1tJl.r Itint.                                                                                                                                       BAS IC in ROM.• full keyboard ud "ideo OUI~
gt"I SllfTlOODC r l-e'l PIN wilhuut IOalChing or ...ery eas-                                                                                         '<Ill' lhat "'p<'tJrt'dJ. CQlIillS Iht f'qui.outl'''' t>/ lUI ;'lIrT'
                                                                                                                                                                                 v                                                and 4K of SRAM. u panda ble 10 8K on board arfJ
il)' record lhi... lak e il home. and ana lyl'-C il with                  U~'loIr1600:                                                               ""I crisu ce tltr r ill UII illl'",uinK'J ptJroN>id UN1 32K wilh a daughlcmulltd. Dala 51                             0",ge was ClWit"tk
slalK1ard audio softw are .                                                                                                                          I" ,,,'n fu l K"l't rnm r " r ""'J "".,w/li" 11""1' i;i"d of back ·          lape. The CI P Cll,1 me S4OI.l, an ..ffurdnble-1lIlm rom-
                                                        ]\111....             I jusl rec ived II sharehulder report from UDe uf
                                                                         lhr funds in hi..-h my .$O lk is in ested. I usually                        '" ,h. OfCVUtlr , Ihl' I'a,f' " 'irh ...hi,·h &     wch i"/vmwli""                                                              00
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  pared 10lhr SIlOO ror . TRS· 8lJ and the S1.2 for lin
     A.r I~ I'U Y 11'4\1 , ilCll1l 1w ,ul'd Ii> ''"I'rru (tJ 'ld                                                                                    ",n 1>1' /"..'ld "",11'1 (/Ill' ..~NUit't 10m...&f''';f/W Iht")· Oil"
f rightl''''' fn·I'M.   a.I   I~y   &/rit'1J   r~ 1I'.~,"'>tJrd   from   lh,o", lho: n:pon oul or file n away ithuul re.ading il.                                                                                                 Appk. and il wa, jusl abou l 3li pow erful .., the Apple.
                                                                         Aftcr ruding my eArning. !>laICmmI and lindine rhaI                        1/1>."" kf't'pi"s 111f'l'trf iII llor fi r&r pltM.v    .                             II didn'l iD.e me long 10 add . nd popu lale !he
)'VUr f")'i",g ~L
                                                                         lhr ...a.tuo: cl my 40 Ik had drupped by 20 pm;o:nL I                                                                                                   daugl>lerboard. II 100l me• Iiltle tonga 10 double !he
                                                                                                                                                     I lrorar 1 600:
Dnr l 600:                                                               thought ngybe lhe n:port could Ii e ~ • duo: .. 10                                                                                                      proc;o:uor clod IfIC'Cd-, which J did by lilt §impk ex-
      '(OU pr'imed. IeneJ in 19:1 Kpl'ding IO"JIo: re-                   ...hy dIU had happmcci II eilaf .-low. renom at-                                    I jIN pido:d up 19:3 and rt'*i your rnpon!OC 10                     pNimt 01 CUl:tinl lhe approprialC Ina 10 lhe Ire-
lIIO\I ing . §ito: from their dinxwry due 10. DMCA ...i·                 ~y CO\Iend by !he media. buc thi ..... my f.WJr'ite                        e.:hoIon', IcfIn IXIIin,. phone- number for .l · ituafion                    qumcy di ...ider mil" and rno1dcri ns lhe clof;k QgnaI
oIation which w~ Iikd on bdIaIf c,( !he                                  and Ilhoughl yuu mighl hke to n:ad lhi~:                                   M >m.· When I lried yuur PDf LJ RL I got • 404 . <;0 I                       to !he neu ch ip outpu•. By lhe t i~ I ...... through
SCinnologis .... I lrnd W 110:1 • ch ud.1e out of tbc: Sel-                   "A.nd Nuw for r~ Bad N......·L ..                                     lhou, hl l'd Ie1 you know ...~ 1 evenru.llly found !he                       "'lIh lhal machine. il WI' a klud ge o f add iliom and
enloh>giMS '00 l ligured I"d r.ec' whal lho: ... iolalioo 100.'.              •...J . no.. p''f/Uw r ptJls i,m I" l"'''i.• I~ Cf/rpt>fC<l r
                                                                                                                          10                        on f,.: hnp:Jlw... w.fema.go",/o:-managrr.Jec:d_!<'C,shlm,                  ..-hanges, includ ing an S-I OO bus buard (... hich I lI<lI-
                                                                                                                                                    H : MA docs n'lll.h'o:-n ise lhi ~ kinda ~fU lT. bUl . sean:h                cered myscl O aoo • home -buill pow er ~upp l y III re-
Al Iirst I found n1ol" lly hoiler plale stuff (picture, 1100
doc umeTlls) unlil 1 sc rolled down to tbc: eoo. Under"
"faicnlly Rq:i~ TraoJemark5· we lind 1/1 L Ron
                                                                         t'U/prill i.1 lilf'ly 10 Ul'hi....... ",,/'1 mockll su li,lfiwri"".
                                                                          f'rowd In ti I'<Jrr ../lid I. ha rd It> p""", i" cou n . u Kal
                                                                                                      f                                            "If      ·conl",.:t" pmd uccd il ell~i l y,                                   place lhe originalthat d ied,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1 was whal w.s then referred 1 as a haem. We
                                                                         bu' bud I>t'havi"r ..-orries littll' roll,., rhr p"'p r lralt>r.                                                                             ....nzl
Hubbatd sig~lure .. hich i~ re" istrred with !he United                  ~ U.s. d«& ,.", #W, -e 1M 11 ",,, ·cwllu ,.. of ,Jounw'
                                                                                                                    m                                                                                                            hk ken ...~ hanI"'llfe m all who made changn 10
Slab:!iPalmt lAdTra1emar\. Office: under ~il>lnlion                                                                                                 Ilrorar 1600:                                                               our equ ipmen l by our~I\TIi ...ith add-on.uw "'e,en-
                                                                         ..."iclo rjf«lil't'l) "gulmf'S f'AN/lfi .... bt'hm;'-... ill
numbef J.1l21.7R                                                         JIlpQIl. \+Co loti.... ItO rotrrptdsiclfl 1M ";IWlI upoIoXJ (10                    Thi. " as publ ished in 1JIr ~I cl 0c10b0:r                         tral ly buill nunds-n. ohm with IlCIIsmgt'd fW'S.
     Now kt me Bd tim ~gIw;. This idiot .llCtwIly                        oaw _/o;"'g of roIMJISMitidf'I ill IIIiJ roouolry; 114_ .' of              ~fo Counuio:s 'Wtn: nnked K'Ulrding w pn- me-                               Mw ollhe minp...-e made wen: kludges.. thal i.. lbry
...ena and ~NJ II" lipmwrr~ Wow, 1 "'lIIIdcT                             I~ ~X#OIti'...I """" Wit Qfi>n- ft>r Ihr sltaf'f"ltoltkn                  " om. 11Je lop fi..-e WCIt' Finland. Icdand. lhe Ne!her                   -  looked like II "1 nest of bilS and piecrs .lOcI wire.
.. tIar happem wheft be l ig... for. Fed-Ex package.                     ...,." lru.r1f'd IhrlfC &                             ",i"_
                                                                                                    impI.... ..·ill suil ,,/1 imo                   land •• Norw.y. and e-b and !he: boot>m Ii"'r (135                          11Jey wemo'l preny. bul !hey we:ri.o:d. W II'I: ~ ng
                                                 TJw !"ih",""                               .
                                                                         /ill IMi, ...... IIrL•                                                    'tl    139, wrn: Rhulan. Turk mmisla n. Myanmar. China.                      -        one popular klud,e mo:mo.Jok>sy and p1ugt.nanls
     11 prvbaNy CtJ......1 q"i,f' If l'f"","",,W<L                             Thi ~ 'TqlIlft came frum lhr (,h ppcr Fund . II ha. .               .,><1 North Korn . Pres. freedom i~ not ~ly lhe                              .....ere anolher, bul lhoso: ,-.pec  ially des igned kludge
Ilro:Ir 1(,(10
             :                                                           ...eh sile al www.c:lippcrfuntl.com.                                      '''o:-serve of rit: h des'eloped c:nu nlrie... accord ing 1 lho:    0        boord, thai r ...enluaUy camc nut .... en: jU~1 lou "Of'hi....
                                                                              This repon roay 11<>1 have much of an impllCl bul                    " ,,<l y oonc.lU<.1tcJ hy R" l"'-,l1cn Wilhoul Borde.....                    lical~'<.l fur u~.
      I...II.le one Tueliday nighl I c me 10 . fCal i..... lion. As
I finiihnl • N'S of Che\'l· l I reali/cd lhat if one                     hope fully il lt'Llly open t~ ert'" and ran nf Iho~ who                    n l< >u gh the hesl and WOf'<! incJutit:dfe... ~utpri-e ... !he                    'Il1rn;e uld ~-omputrn broughl ne w meaninC 10lhe
haI... td tbc: bus II an anglo:. il males 1"'"0 ~m hnJd..                refuoo: w liqo:n 10 lhr!llllllr infonnalion ju..' l becauloe il           1 rUled Sla l~ in 17th platt. came in helow CO!ila                          Cl preS ioo "ope n ""hilectun:" .nd ga..-e IIli hackrn;
en. for OUl" I i....un of 1600' Sadly. I OIIly had eTlOUPi               ume from • hack" magazi~. Than b 2600.                                    lI....a; 11aIy. lhe k""eq ranled G7 rountry .. 4Olh."~ IOh CJf opportunily 10 e.l.pt'rimcnt and impro ...e . 8 U1
~,o,ua 10 fill one. bul: 1 b'u.~ n ili lllhe other.                                                                        jasonburt.              ."'.~ j u~ abcwe Mali; and RU " languisheJ .. 121st
                                                                                                                                                                                               ""                              CIIll% the Com~ 64 ume OUI. I I", i... htd my m-   -
                                               SpoQk,nris                                                                                          k h.oo both Sudan and Haiti ,                                               rrgin 10 .-.ofj"'an: and machine bnguagr prograno---
                                                                         Ilro:Ir 1 600:                                                                                                                                        minI· II w.. jusI_ wd l. because !he ICnn "hack.er"
      PrrltDpl _ '" .. Wtrl .... g 1M 1HT11t of Q .......                                                                                                  '(OU knew mil already. dicln'l you?
                                                                            I jlr.l:l lilL'nJly ..a:umbled on mil ....hile rno:an:fJlnl                                                                                        suned 10 lake on ...iloIe DeW . and mud> _ _ ptp.
pIlrrtJhr bo.c - n, CMr: &u (1IOf to bt' ~                                                                                                                                                               Camho  ot.d te2Cl
                                                                         somethiClll. Go 10 www.• inp .com. d ick on lhr "in-                                                                                                  m i.-c. meaning.
" 'itlt tM orig'-l ClouSf' & •.c of Joyl pr1JI~                                                                                                            ,1.-rlM.llly ..... did,, ', buI il &rl'nts uhoou right. I ...·' iI
                                                                         mono:t. bunon al lhr 00It00l uf tbc: 5Cn:CD. Enln
                                                                                                                                                  ,..1.1 lhe'ugh N_ ull nfrM I" f' ji,... evumms Q" /rigll                             I buy 1fJO() every CIIll% in " ...hile, in pan to ""p"
Oru 1600:                                                                "guesl" a.o; both usnnamc and pass.. ~>nl. Voila! You'no                                                                                              pun whal I fo:el is . very worth y and adm irdble ca U!OC.
     While I IOU at FOX 's web sik lfying In find OUI                    in tho: Singcr ('ompan)"s      inmlD~'1 .                                HI' Ill ,hI' N"T1h ,,'IIilr IIII' I>.nwm fil'" 0." all in .. ;u .~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and in pan 10 Iry and , lay ahrea- o f so me of 11M.- many
..'hen I mighl he .hle III buy r pisodes of FtJmily G w,1'. I                                                                            Jmk       llorwr 161m:                                                                sc<: urily and pr'ivacy thn:-3.1S lhal ~ being ...isiled
ran across lhi. gem:                                                          Or    rhf',· III.Y. Thrrr d' ><"' " '1 .rrm ,,, bt'
                                                                                    ,III                                            Q   ,,'he"~
                                                                                                                                                           In 19,2 Dildo ..uggc...k'C! using ww.. , prosy~ilc._                upon us hy governmenl'. '(tlU an: " ...oice in lhe
     ·S. CIUI I grt rQ{'f'1 of FOX Nt'tW<orl!. Pri"... " ",..                " /l1I
                                                                         lot .'''' C do 4. · g " f'l l."                                                                                                                       ...ildeoneJ.s . Thank yoo .
                                                                                                                                                  , ,on 10 hypas~ Wo:b!oo:n!OC, . pmsy C(lffimonly u'Cd.-
Shmo'1 Sf"111 Ie>"... "
   ·AfYSWER: n, FOX Nf',..,.,rt ~I _ p ....-idr                          Dnr1600:                                                                      t".,ls for Iiltering .. "C'b lnffic. Since !hen. pros .                                                                      John K.
"'" Sf'U vidnJJ D{ _ . of ....·1 (Iicl, JI'f"l'itJh or
                        '                                                    1 jlN got dooe no&ling 19:3. In Ihe klIrn-.....                      ''''c',       ho:en hlnd.ed 100. To ... jew • page- ,*",ked by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rrtail    nor/d
".win lhut Qir .... I~ N..,..-t.                                         edk>loa talks about 'o\'h ile Uou..-e nulT>hcn li lt' 201                'h"lso.eose. simpy !oota'rlI for lho: paJ:c on G<qlo: and
   "o..r rre.-ntdatiml u to as.l            IO'OIVII.                    4 ~94 3 1. I called il OUI of ruri05 ily. 11Je guy lit tIIC                 h. l lhtir ca-htd pal!C. Just anocbo:r suggNiun fOf all                   Ulf'llr 1 600:
jrirtWs, fllltlily tJN1 "f'ighhon ftw QII)lOON' 1>0 _ .Y                 phone ..... wen:d ·SilWllion Room ." 1 ..sktd ...hid o.r,                Ihr ", h"ol · ~ ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I Io...e your IIlallvine. ha ...e hem readinl il for
NlVt' IUp<'d "f!·rllr ·oJil 1 .IJu,.., )~'" urr '",JJ;i"gfvt.·
                             M                                           do lhen: and he ~k up a cl"''''rnlaIion abclU l """ ....                                                                          k ldOn          erat years 0010'. Like one of the lo:uer·wri ltn from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        lic: ...
     Now c:ocTa.1 me if f m wrung bul ...ouldn'l tha i be                in lho: Rocky Moun lain ~. l1len he slipped and ....id he                                                                                      lhe pasl isslX', f m afra id lu subsc:rihc , \() I buy c.....h i.~ ­
                                                                         was in lho: While lIum,,,,. 1 ..-alloo aga in laler lonilhl               llorwr ] 61/(1:
slealing or.....me wn of cu pyright infrin):"'' 'lf:nt1 Sat·                                                                                                                                                            SIJC (wi lh ea, h) al " &-N. I'm ll l way ~ amused by the no  -
c....sm fully inlendo:d. It sH:lcn~ me 10 reali/": Ihat this             and a guy atU;wr rcd and ..sked ror my name arkl                                I ""I iced lhal l~ lOlls lID IP addres. if you
                                                                                                                                                  ll,.,...·,j lhe lahle of eo n'<'1Jl.' IW~ in 19:3 undc:mo:alh         aclions !he l.al.... clerks gi"'e when they look " I what
wu my liN thoughl when I relld this. Louk lit hal                        phunc number, or ooune I lla...e him faloo: info (n".                                                                                          I'm buy ing. I've haJ one latIy saR:lIstic.ally say · AI-
~ America i. doi ng 10 propk. Down                       ilh             like ho: cou ldn't ha ...r gOilen il any....y). I ..sked tJw               11 4"h.are RllJ;IiIJband C1ienl Mooilm ng • An
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .. ay.. .. Io... ely puhlic.lllion, ~ Mon ' Ittenlly. tbc: guy
~rulc:!                                                                  guy 'gain .. 'hal !hey do !heR and IIIC put ~ on hllid.                  • h"I' I.. W 1 lypN 11 in and my 1Jro,.~ ,.. e me lilt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Iookcd back and f,lfth -ev'o:nIIl times bet ...een ~ and
    You guy. do • (anwtic job. K«p up !he f,fC2I

                                                                         occ and Wd !hey were • prink fcdenl lIO\o:rnmnII
                                                                         ~ and they iD.c ("an: of so:curi ly lIIaIloen . I
                                                                         10. ("boo: frirnd who i" n-Air ftnoe 1,*lli~                      ,I.
                                                                                                                                                  I ""..n ('orps ...o:t>..ilC. I Ibou,m lhallhis
                                                                                                                                                      ...... l~ silC \0.. lighl undemealh lhe word
                                                                                                                                                    I ...'I"lin,_
                                                                                                                                                                                                       cool bo:-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        !he ma,uine. 11JeClP"C""...... on his face e karly ..aid
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        . Qh. '10 thi~ guy is . realli "'r ha:ko:t!. HI. Thank you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        for pro... idin, me .. ill> /his ptnonal joy e.' cry ~
     u r's jlUl /topf' tloi.c ~1fI _Sf' llppmdl'II                       IOId me !hat il w~ lhe lop military ofIicW.'\ " oW
hf'ocrrrrlf'l ,,,,,,.. of Q 11aNJ.lrJ.                                   oonfertncQ 011 rop mili tary marlen and Ih.al: I ....w.t                                                                                       "'0.""
Page 48                                                                                                        2600 Magati",.                     Wialer 2002.2003                                                                                                          Page 49
                                                                                                                                                                1>1.. If .I"'" !to.'.. ' ''R1f<',,' iOftJ or " '<111/ to h<'lp _t, ..-..il         inlernted in privOlCy or ...:curi ly 01 .,. <'If tt.e ..tr,.l
l linr 1600:                                                                     Parallels                                                                      ".<I'   d<... ."ti""'.1600.CVffL                                                   dudV" u"'"' to dc.".;rihe good haclen. Tl1ey ...'ere a<1d
     I _ Id lile 10 ~y ~in, abu UI fW.lt\;k:k\                                                                                                                                                                                                     are i~ ,n "'''f'Cwing 11-1.. Bell . In II W'Or1I ,
idlei' from 19:2, You're jlbl a link 100 paranotd , l had                        Drl r 16OfJ:
                                                                                        f ro aboUI 10 mw , ,-ompari_ 1hlIl wi ll 'loUTCly                       Critique                                                                           Slca"n,. h·.luolicrou....
Ihr """'" Ihin, baRx"n 10 me aI my kocaI Borden.                                 rai>c "'lffiC h;ocLIe, ''IT"Illflg\t the h.a:\.cr communlly.                                                                                                             The il i",idc Ihr mar-v inc 1hcn'.-e Iollel)' anK le--
, lore . BUI u.ing I lin k obl.cn'lIlloo I dc1nmincd Iha!                                                                                                       l lo-Itr 16fl():                                                                   ahoul timor 10 cheal B klCl.bu, let, WlJ n.aughl y .... rd         o
                                                                                 To Kl \he: stage of bt, , !hi, crossed my mind. I wa>
lhe ca..n~ lh.al nlng me up must ha ve beo:n ne...... incc                       dll\'ing ho me from          n.   and heard ...."''''Ihing 'lfl lhe
                                                                                                                                                                      I mo!d voice my ..bjcclion III IIle: - , ngk- 1600                           on !he ...-un:hnard d unng a f",lt hall , ame ("'It really
he  "'lL' a.,king!he other ca., hier fur belp lllld lhal bulb                    rad "" .... hen: a loc al \1ou,illt: ~, wa' having a lo-dt, <If
                                                                                                                                                                l<~ 'I. on ils coverage " f Sl>enn lln AU_lin's in<l il.' me nl. l
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            l                      ho I if yllU ~...,Jidn't ITad Itml bc lw c.:n tile: !ioc. ge l an
ell,hieN ....ere a,k ing eve ry"ne 1<11" their email il<Idr,, ~. ,               .. "ne kind 10 ho or the fallen fircligh l('n; nom 9/1 1,
                                                                                                        n                                                       I",,,,' alw ays pl",-Cd _In mg faith in 1«JO an'" i l~ Jl<",i•
                                                                                                                                                                                      '                                                            imagin atiu n), , hlve ly pe rsona l ;uJ rur Ii guy wh l'
                                                       l ,>KT.                   (1lll'y made IKl mcnlion of tho.: police lhal dict.l lha l                     u" n uf , uPJl<ll'1 ing free speech. Ho we ver !he way in                           wamo 10l'oreal,; into bt,~. thnlUgh garllge do urs ...'Ile:n
                                                                                 da y., NUl lO me in !he passenger ...:al wI.." my CIl\P                        ...hi,·h your on line art icle ....... ....o rde... ~mi ndct.l me u f
                                                                                                                                                                                                     '                                             he ae '" oul Of priSllfl.lI ... lthcr from , pri..lf'it"I" ... oo i I
l"'at 1600:                                                                      new l:\'P)' of 1600 lh:&I l ha\'cn't e ven lini.tled re.aJina                  I"," lac lin nalional ne",s t:Il~cra.JlC' o flen 11- ': 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       "             «pM.,          vinl-.....tiler .... anl ing hel p 10 be<:tHnc lUI expen in hi.
    In m;pome ItJ SigMl'1. Idler 3bou 1 the potlf                                 yet and u daWllC'd on me: bac kCf'l, and ~ art: • Ioc                         h.a:kCf">. "II i. no! ekar ...h)' Au""-in i.. tlt-ing taflCIt:d;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .                                ehoo;en """ur r.l<iII.. ilfld I lh ird !hal can only Ive de-
pla:t'mcnI of 1(0) I _ Id hu lD..Jd a quk l .-ole , I                             alike in MJIl"Il:~ , You see , r m I cop . And an ..id                        n",", detailed and poccmially ~ve homb-m:tl-                                       scrihcd a' ~i<;. 00 you guy h:avt Ni l''''?
~idc in Princr1On. Nc:... kr-.ey and in !he ~ &t
                            .                                                     reader of 2600. And I anl~ hie....... I ju.\t don't                           ,n,. mfllOJ\alioo is ruddy avaiLahlc 011 public Ilhnlfin                            Do you have- edi lorial 'olandards? I know you live on
Nob&<' localK>m lho= al l of the 1600 maguj~ .-e
e,,"y 10 spot and in from of all OIhcr magui~ .." loM
                                                                                  have the li mc righl             10 deVOlC 10 kaming 00"" 10
                                                                                  prup-am and I re fuse In he a gmwn up .rnpl kidd ie.                          111,,1 lhe   rea_
                                                                                                                                                                .'" un Amaron.co<n," II. 10 me at 1e1L'<l, is very ob~iow
                                                                                                                                                                                    wh)' S ht:nn.an Au ....in i. tlt-ing IllIJeled
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    L.on& I_land. bul pla....:!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           If your magallne is fOf goud hao;kcn. JlK',umahly
proh.:ohl y d ue to !he f;w;t \he: dl mcn ~ion~ of 1600 are                       BUI I di grcos.    H,_      ere we alike, you a...k? HilCkcn.                  " h<.-cause the man ha.. upo,i e tIn""1I lllld hu m ing
                                                                                                                                                                                                         d                                          ttl<N' ...ilh nUlhing 10 fear fn>fll lhc law. lhe n ....h y ~
. maller tlmn lltho:f>" t>tJt I ha ve ne ver see n anyu ne                        lhe real 0/1e§. work hard al becoming ~ood al ..ome·                           " n"'ric,," flags on hi. ....ch site (www.rai"",-                                  lhe        \'a'l majnri ty uf arli d es                   and   k llen;
..hun peo ple pi"k ing il lip or checl ing ou t with it.                          Ihing 11 1 1T"Il",1 "'"_ire o nly re••:t1gnilinn fur achieve-
                                                                                              01.                                                                Ihd i_l.<:um ). M"ke an OU      ll:ry for tilt' man 's righl nf                    aU   llltlf",VsiB-llt:d by f'l'Ntms u~i ng pseudunym . ? Ma y I
                                                            XIChlmt",             !Tk'nts and take plea, un' in di o;clwt"ring \l'Curity hf}lr~                 In','    ,~h.       cite dr         .l!ovemme nt'~ ~'lapo-hke t:l<:-                an~ ...cr7 Your mail-a/ioc, as cum:lIlly puhlished. ca n
                                                                                  and Icam ing hu\lo. 10 1'1\ lhe m (on ly to name 'Ctlu ple                    11
                                                                                                                                                                 ....    hul for pele 's ......e dun.. mar1yr a man ba:lIU"'" he                    ca...i1y be: ,how n 10 he a Ihin ly di. g ui o;ed manual for
 l)cou 1600 :                                                                      thing.). The bacur COIIlmunily con,lanlly tw. 10 deal                         .Jul'<" o;ome ("If your ideas at \he el p" n".., of jouma.li,-                     crim inat.. You have- every righl 10 puNish il and \(I
      In ~ 10Sil1naJ9's k utt aboullhc placcmcnl                                   ....lm , ~ of moron' ""110 prelrnd and cLaim 10 be                            I... IOlcllrily. l ad mil some of Ao",in', ideas are ,pp:a1-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    rani and rave !hal you 're l'l'.uly \he: f:OOd ply'" I main-
 of ~uille'o in ~. I ... OU1d hu 10 ~...me hght
                                 "                                                 backcn bul in~ give eo'ayone e1...: a had name,                               ,nt! hool rigtd· .... lII11-i,m (making bomb<.. ",io;kcn                           Lain lhaI an objccIive (and pmt.abIy even compoler ig ·
 on !he wbjcct, II .... 1.10 ~Tihcd .. though the .....-.n                                                                    ~
                                                                                   And u. cops? Wt . 100. bust our ... , 10 do our jobv.                           411 111g us to arm". b1alanl di,tf'Ci!ardfor lhr ""y tJChcn.                     noranl) ~\ieWff would conclude dUll you're
 arc U)'illg to - hllk- your maganne on the to.:k 1Jlc:lf     .                    ge'! Im k m:op11liUII for iL and the ~ ""00 dio;l                             'h,nll i~ OOIlhc 1600 thai I have come: 10 know. If il                             delo,ional al 1Je,.l:. A. II comp'lIer l no ""kdgc ithlc pt'f•
 .tung wilb M/trn,..,I. NO! 00. AI !he periodical. den.                            the ir head up lhe ir o...n IL'~ and do loOOlClhi nll dumh                          ttlt"l1 1 for 011(' fee l !hal 1600 and I mu "" go OUI                        !Oft ... hn h.lL, bec'n on Ihi.. plat1rl rOfjuol lC"l1 lhan Ol<,w
 f'lf a major lxlt......:lkr. I can ."ure you lhal lhe mag-                         ,wacl lhe ....bt,le C' lUlIU}'\ allcnlit.lfl and ","e, lotI, tIt--            ... par al ~ ""ilyS,                                                               yeaN I aprl.aud your dcfen'C I.f fn"f' ~p«'Ch, fai r U'ot ,
 II/illC'i who pay W Imvc face out, tfronl               ,It"••
                                                       are the                      l:\'me public enemy nUlIlher one . 11lc hig diffcren<:e!                                                                                       ,U a:_18          an'" ot her fr«dom, . I ah hor y.>Ur ....ink an '" notl
 <111"_ who are in lhe hUIII. Thi . i, ",hy lhe nlilga/ inc,                        Peu pk , mile and play niet .... he n I'm am u nd... a                              ),,,, mil.\' h",,~ /11,..",/,1"        ""I!"n   ,Ir<ll jl".m.. ~~ W"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "PJlll>ao:h 1 crimi na l ......tlvily.
 were moved 1 Ibcir pn>per area · 0;0 !hal !hey wou],j -
                   0                                                                ha,: Ltr .... alks thr...ugh hi, high 'iC btltll t aring a f ree             ",,,,d                h, 'lIich ,,"1.1' "I'I'<'"rrd '''' ,,,,r ..... ·
                                                                                                                                                                          1>.1 Ih.. JI","..
                                                                                                                                                                             '                                                      h                      Well . iI's nut fai l 10 erilici/e ...ilhuul offering an
 n'l face a line if di.... -ovned. In my ,,~ . both 1(0)
                                                                                    Ke vin -hirt and gch updled. Oh ye;<h hy wou ld ~                              f,   ,mJ    1I1I1 ill   ' ' .11' fICl/t..              . f
                                                                                                                                                                                                    fl 4' lin l'.1umpl ... h,,..'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     allemlllive .,. ~ il i, . (n!dead of hllt:ken; ("""'1 ilIC
                                                                                    ~'OJ' ",ani 10 Ic¥n bt"'" 10 hilcl 7 Sumcday I hope 10                         ""."n.' "';111 '''I('"{>44Io, •·.....'1 CUlt bo: inJis...,i,.,i -
 and AJ}>1ll1.." are in lhc fmnl . I don't Lno'" ho._ fa-                                                                                                                                                                                            bad and ..l,;_ledged a, badl and 1M-XJ. chow,., !he
                                                                                    .....n. for 1bc Fc.h huming dl,...n lhmoe"'ho ....ould vj,;                    r~h ... ~rUtI fu r pmMcltti"" ""lUI.. ",1>1', "",,,,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     tillc of your group and the name of yuut magujne 1<1
  miliar you are ...-ilh maguine vendoJr1, and De"llo....
                                                                                    litnl/e childn' n lhruullh kiddie pum. I roII'iJcr !hal.                            ".,fl"<UfI .,..fl.."       .1{ 1M _             '~""'I
                                                                                                                                                                                                 1<'' ' ' _LIl,. """'f"r uthi,., if
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 """,,"   >III •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "S",n"JICT"" uke .ul elK II1c!.e lia)'. if~ an acronym.
  ...wxk.. bul .... e arc very upcn mll1ded indiHdual,.. ..                          ""'~ drug l'., one t>l' the 1110!'1 irnpMmlminp 1M                             "hI'J. H.",,· .1 ''''                                                  f/O-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sy ....em Wea knc... EJ.pIontion Explanalion (001 J::l<.
  we.ct up our.aand ""ib mcn:bandl",ng ~y<o.km' 1haI                                g,,,emmenl can fu,:u_ on. So hack on ~ And l eep                                  I hn ,1fld liS. AIlJ if ,_ Irwlv bl'Iil'l~ Ihm .... 1," ,h..
  an:: mlIdc w...:Il, ..... hide, 11Ia$Ui........ By !he "'ay,                                                                                                                                                                                       !,Ioillllion! )       Publ icat >ort    Elhiclll          Remcdi" lion
  ltlOO f1ie. 01T our W h'e .....ilh lll day', of R:t.::Ci,'ing
                                                                                     pu ning out Ihi, liel a'''' mag lno",'ing 1hal. lhere', •                       ·h, I... n~  ,.,.,i......
                                                                                                                                                                                            1 in ,hI' .hinR·' ""II CII.., "'~ I .. ~R..'"
                                                                                     1c1l.....WlC of me OUI \tIt:re \lfl y"ur ,ide.                               • '''''''.~ ....ltll' hi"""." fir ,impl\" R..tlin~ nul fJ hil "".,...
  lhem, We h.ne It, uplhe "'ruw, fmj l>l:n ll ~' ,                                                                                                                                                                                                          Tha i" ...lml "g,ltltl" hock ..,.,. do . T1'Ic y el<plllIC 'ys ·
                                                                  1I\j t.16
                                                                    '                                                                                                                                                                                Ic m~ w illi the pri nc ipal im" nl I" learn, Wh" n h fl lh~ y
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      lind II wcal.nt:s. lhe y el<p in il and, in a no,pnn..ih le
                                                                                   A New Project                                                                                                                                                     ""lIY, publici ze           il anti        ho.'f't' full y   puhhe iu
  Ilnr 161HI:
        I lno.,,. I may ht a link lale un lhi~ bul, aflel <oce-                    1k'lIr 1600;                                                                                                                                                      ....uri.around., (l'l'tnedi"'ionl. A ll lIf lhis i. done in an
  IIIg 00<' Ieller from anOlher ~.kr in 19:2.1 lboughl I
  ....ould email y<lIl. 1 try 10 ret a copy o f 1M-/(} .... hmo:ver
  I c.an a11hc 8&r.N near me and. every rime I hlI\e gone
  1hcr'c. 1hc i~"IlO or 1600 have al...aY"l\cCQ di~layed
                                                                                        Do> you el pr'l.1 II ovo VCf'ion o r F......Jt_
                                                                                   nv..."fl"'" IU tit-a\ajlablc foc \he ho.>Iitby "C-a!.on7
                                                                                        r..s. "'''' dn, ",., rtlofftl' I"" ltc>IiJay U'0U0t'I r/tal jJu.f
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     elhit:al ...ay follt.... inl! pu bli.Jled MandMd.....i!h l'tllin-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      lenl f.lf ITlfWICUry gai n (inlellct.1ua1a.un i.line, iniJ«d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     !he main mntivltlionl. S1andanJ,. f'lf puhlicatioll by ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sweq'lCT <JxJuki include Icn ing lhe ...Ihnr kntno. hrsl .     '
   nghllll\he fn llli of \he: w lf in ' ""II of any ma~iDClo                       ~!>I'd. InflX'l ..'.. 1M.,... 1 Ita, Ih.. f) 'o/[)ftrlisW ..... 1
                                                                                                                  (1                                     1                                                                                            Wi<Jcr pub1icalion -hould tit- done on ly If Ihr aulhur
   lh.al may hide il. arItl al ea,y-Iu-lind eye leve l ... ~                       bl'ft.", 1M M ," ,." Tlris pro) 1 i. J..pt"mJ ..n' ""li",h                                                                                                         fai l. 10 respond and only if a .uitahk wunarountl i•
   an y<>llC can relll.l ily ti nd II. No 0I>t' ha~ eve r Inuh -d III
                                                                                   •."m,..·  much ,im        ,',," ul/flCal.. ,,, il as .....11 .. , Ir'1I4                                                                                           puhli,hetJ al the SII1IIC lime . Absent a suil a!>le
                                                                                                                                         , ..
                                                                                    m,...h m, m<'\' ..'.. CUll m ;.\"<' ,Iml uxh ,'ilIr" . ,,1.1. ~.. .. .t.                                                                                          ..." rl.an 'und ,til'"       lh"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               aU r re_p',nsc , the puhli l'lltiun
   nit' ti ~hY' f" r hIlying il nor a,ked me any 'lll<',tillll'
                                                                                    pt'cl '" aJJ qu,'" a j ..... j ....,,,..... unti a,uli/imlul                                                                                                      ,Ilou ld he hmilcd Ifl '"the re's , pmhkm Wilh pmd oct l<
   alltlUl il.
                                                                                   !tItJ'UR'" us "'..II a .1 mh..r Ihin~ . . w • ..'" JlilI "''<'II III                                                                                               and lbe lIulho.lI" ",",>11'1 tk..1 wi!h it." not: whal !he prob-
         So either Ilk- managcn aI Ihi, parll~"U lar B& N
                                                                                    JUllll<'lIj"n on rhiJ.                                                                                                                                            km i. Of ho .... 1 ~!he sy..em antl.tImor \he: aulbelt"
   don'l care. believe in hting fair , or jo\t dun'l Lno....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      jU!d hu\lo "marl and po....erfu l .... are! ullinll !he
    ",hili. 2600 i. about. Blhcr ...ay. if, nice 10 kno ... lb<t1                   (}lear 1600:
    no!;all n:uilcn arc !he "-ilmc.                                                      11\ tit- IOCJR' lhan haw> 10 1ran,late                 ,..,....JafrI                                                                                         ItKlt"ld k _ lhaI independcrK. tlt-11er·!han-I"cra,e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       beta tt:>oIt:n iour ...ord i. ..... t:J'Cf"1 hao'c ...i>oCOvcretl ,
                                                             pind M'punk            1),1I4I1.i"", inlO ltal ian ...hen you gtt lhe OVD OUI.
                                                                                                                                         fJCQria                                                                                                      .igmlianl prohIcm ...ill. in IOO'o1~. wfficiC"nlly af-
         ~ brli... ~ ' '<JIl r 0/'1'';''''''''' j , _ , ' " 1M II,,,,.,,.,1tmt
                                                                                         .. fhu iJ t>Il' Imo. pmjrcl. ......,.. in ,h.. pnlt'rn lIf
                                                                                          h                                                                                                                                                           fcec "-ilks and the audit....... i11 1Ie1 \he me~~e very
    1M .. tap';",., A., ,,·ill. mOJt                  'whiIlR. 1I../tU"'~
                                                                                    grlfin g u bUill'" u rrur",I"li",n d"n .. u. Sl">11 ,~, "flU;·
                                                                                                         f                                                                                                                                            Quickly.
   ...."",;1'1I<.... , 'UII;'" mo", """"",wi .
    Page 50                                                                                                                  2600 Maga z.ille                     Hil/ter 2002-200J                                                                                                                         Page 5/
    n.-se  Mandanh can be e~ly ~ 1<;1 edl10rW                                otII uf every 250.000       people has a brief momenl 01
~ t i ~ll althOllp lht' map,line mip. I'd
1hinner f.. a Vltlik.
                                                                             glory . one out uf e... ry 500 peupIe ..ill be mroem-
                                                                             bered withi n 10 yean or lbcir glory . but ooly one IMII                   BEATING DOWNLOAD     .
    Iif'''' Iokm,
at ~;lrg
            rompamJ It> Nazh.
                                                    1-'\'1' 0 .
                           _e, ...,\., dKidrd to /QU uJJ~1IM
                                            W..·tr gOUl w I..t tItl'
                                                                             will eva- be le, ...... mbcred ..' the man thai dare bmak
                                                                             the: t<tlUndar1e5 and ruin.. ~ Thil il ..hat wr do . We an
                                                                             IhiItone pm;oo.. U, b I \'lock. a ",hollk. Group' Iknv ly
                                                                                                                                                                 MANAGER PROTECTION
U"' J( IslnnJ ....mart slid...         Th Uf           _
                                               us;d... •   roiSf' SOmll'     fatk. Fa<.hions slow ly die out. We are unlik e any
im ..tr.<,;"g pt,i"I .•. 8u I you til , cl tI,m t tl ~""" /Jm<",~            olhe,. Put us in a 001 and we will '\Cale the wa lls 10                                     hy Strlii~htracy                         terrace s and then you must c hoose the proper
/Jl .., rhin ll. ,l . ho", Ih.. ""IN,I, " ,Id f'l' ,.."('II.,s a IlUn /l.·
   h                                                                         free 'l\Jncl...es. We do nol ero mhle. nu, cry. nor sepa-
                                                                                                                                                                                     o;la @e x. 'i e,('t)m
                                                                                                                                                              st ra i l!h t rucy~an2.-        Ct                  one. Sec the doc umentat ion fur full delai ls.
UWT group of"..,>pI~, wltu", ,winll lhroull.h " " It~~s.
                                                                             rate . We are brothers and we are .iMel". Hath nol the
                                                                              fury of len tt.Juund burni ng .., ns 10 meh u.. . nil' len                  Whi le searching for inte rest ing files on the         Using ,~ niffit: sniff u -t @ -F pppO
cs ...'~II w 1M ml~nliofts of,,'..Y' .......... IP "'nt~' ." to
                                         '            h
IU. Whik J<_ oflM wont ~I~""'III ,hat __ tkKribl'                             thou..-.d blows of lht' hea~ hamrnc:r 10 bruk. u~                        1":1 you may encou nter a file thaI has bee n              U5inll windump: windump - w oulpul .c ap -i I

1Itw, ill'" ~..o;W. ... Jar l#tat it is tltt _             UIId l#tat...,     We an: Hacken and .... e are f'hreuen. J'b3.$r UI now.                   "Do wnload Mana ger Block ed, " meaning that                    Now we are a ll set to capeure the kaders.
 ntroIIfII~ IhU liltJ ofthm,l is wifai, UIId lIighly
 C1fTfll~. r.... ck arQ' ",," '1 1JooM· 1M M lory UIId __
                                                                  1---        toul do IlllI uped the feeling 10 he mutual.                             yUli must use a brow ser 10 ge l the file. If you
                                                                                                                                                       1I11empl to 00 \10111   000 the file with a download
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Go hac k 10 you r brow ser and click on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  proper link for the file . Choose a pl ace for it 10
 CQIINJt .tn.- ,...., pwpl.. ~ oM! of 1 anicl"l IltryM                             It's _ _11/1 W:.. t~Il'''~ illotroml's dl'Qr Iltal                  manager. you will receive a lovely lext me s-              resHk and start the down load. Le t the file
 "ad UIId ,,"'ril" in 011' pag"l. TN .... ,). ad\'ic" _ ('<UI                ,.... (VtIlJ lIOn a nit UNI pmh<JN) I n ....'uy .. ·jtlr all
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  down load a few kilobyt es . the n ~op it. Now
 ojJu is tlwl y"" sl"l' /Us1Uflinll thar ......ryo-..... fhinh               I:ind. "f lhin/1l. Hut .!t'rV"uly. tn's    It",
                                                                                                                       L,1l' W<K wi,h
                                                                                                                                                       -.ajl:e in place o f the file you des ired informing
                                                                                                                                                       ynu o f your "mis take. ~ Some may fee l de-               leI's look at the pac ket s we capt u red . Sniflit
 lit.. yen M, s r oflli('1: in ,h.. nn'''f'l' ' ,,'orid.                     v uT hll"," n o rig in s.
                                                                                                                                                       fc.ued. be t wit h a lillie slight of hand you ca n        wi ll lea ve behi nd so me files with name s like
 Significant Developm ents                                                    Reaching 011/                                                            II "C.' a download manager to retrie ve the tile.          ~65 .23 . 29.34.33 2M-208.4 8.67 .24. 80~ wh ich
                                                                                                                                                              The u nal qcesnon we have 10 a\k ou r-              you can view wirh you r favori te te xt editor.
 Un"l600:                                                                     Iln r 1600:                                                              -c lves is. ~ hovv in the world does. the server           \\o'he n using WinDump. openin g the OIltpul
      Wrill don't bow if you care bull am in the croup                                ~inp. r~ bee1t rading y<1UI' mapri...... for             a
 2600 fur .etiilbome and ironM:ally I jw.I h1t 2tJOO te-
                                   .                                          few ~ _.I~nll at !be ..-rlMite on v~~ 01: .                              know whelm the peogram ma king the do wn -                 file with D ice will give yOlJ a list of all the
 ...Iu ~! JIJ§l ..anaed 10 let ya know. DIll ID-I )'OU                        eaWomo IS ctJrio5jl)' demanded.. I t:IlmIIIIy hve In I:.'Ie              k lillJ request is a browser or not ?!?" The an-           peekers yOlJ cau!:ht. Tbe pac kets of interest are
 probably c.re!                                                               or the ~ citin in AIaNma and through my day job                          ',,"c r can be found by analyz ing the HTfp                usuall y the firsl few leaving your machine .
                                                                  Rw.1I       b«ame flUTliliar .. ilh one uf the: me n nmninl! f.. Sm·                 ht:;tdt..flI the bro wser seods in its.request for lhe
                                                                                                                                                                 '                                                 You ca n tell il is lea ving as the first IP add~s'
      Of ......."" ".,      ('llfr ,   A/I/wNI1l t M't'1'l' quil~ JJUlf."
                                               1                              ;tI,.. here in the SUtt . He approached me ..eekinC in·
                                                                                                                                                        tile. 11K' se rver attempts to prot ect itse lf fro m     port numhe r is prl:u y large . suc h as in the ex -
 1"-'inud lhul ,h 'l mdgic nutrrM r JUJII) "sull ." a .du.                     formation aboul mainlai ning an Inlemd broatka"'-inC
 covert. 11Ii1 is VII" vf fm- m"Sf "'"nh",'h,l.. pm/rcu
             .                                                                                                                                         ,I" wnluad mana gers by ch ecking for parti cular          amp le tile name above. Find the lI TTP rcq ue st
                                                                               _y.at'm (in fact. a few meetings \IIICIIl by w.ilhn'll. nloC
                                                                                                                                                        IIrrp headers. Usually it chee ks the "Use r
 ""',.:a,,,atr (if /Jndfn' lilt,.!"
 unJ l..am a wht* lor              _.n- ,,·Iu,
                                        ""<111110 IIrf in"" II'rd
                                    "hout ;1. Ir" 10 1I11p://s'·
                                                                               being aware tnar he was in lhe runmn g) . TIllS parucu-
                                                                               1M llC'f"C'rIoeemed'" knl ..omewhal famili ar with lhe                   , \~c nl ~ header a nd ca n also chec k for a co kie
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the browser sen t. It will look so mething like this:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GET 1n1)·Dl..ma'Ulll~,hlnc*-edfi/t'.Q\,j HTfPI/ .O
  'ial1t<_.ssl.~""Iry."du.                                                     computer .....Id allhough hi~ IKk or ell~ and                           "r re ferri ng page header.                                Cunn..ction: K..t'p-A/i~·"
                                                                               k_ ledge had me IMlITiedfor a hllk .. h,le In                                  First we mU!>l fill ou r 1001 box with lhe           U5f" ·A8~n,: Mo;J1   1tJI4.78 / ..n! (Lima 2.4.8
  lkat' 2600:
        According lOan article at _..oenli~-com. in lht'                       w lht' law. m:nrtly ~ tNt affect net ~ .                                pn lJlCT tools. We wi ll    nero   a pac ket sniffer 10    i61i6J
  yea'     2tJOO an UIef'Oid lhaI orbib lht' ,sun aklng Ihe                    en. I twoughr this w his attention and e...at k:raned him                kd m how the brow ser is communicating with               Host: nodlttW.com
  Ioll/T"It' JIIIlh .... lht' Earth VI'III in f..., orbil lht' Earth fOf       a few of my 2600iswn in bopn that he'd get a                            lhc server. Sn iffil is a nice o ne for Linu x. If us-     AlT~pl: imag~/llif,     imagf'ijpt'K, imag,.lpjpt'g.
  SO yean ~ I .econd moon. AltlIZing... e~ lht'                                 idea of .. hat he ...1I1i in for. Day~ wenl by and be
                                                                                bad:. 10 me with m~ boob. fuJI or que.a«"" VI'hich I                    lIIg Windows, WinDump wo rts wtll. Be                     inwllf'ip nll, *r
  hea... ens and !he (an h are conm,lkd by 1600.                                                                                                        ,Iware lhe Win Po;:ap libraries are nl"Cdcd for           AC('f'I', .En coding: gzip
                                                                f"' r>lUo       did my l>e;t 1 III",,-eralld a kll l1ltlfl: <kk"rmi ned 1 do
                                                                                                    0                                          0
       I ndJr nf"'h. ",..'" pl"n ning ,>II CUll ing ""T Sill>·                                                           '
                                                                                wha l he oouhl in unlt'r Eo alf.... changes wllhm hI'                   WinDump to wo rk propt.rly and can be fu und
                                                                                                                                                                                       -                          Aca p,·wngu(l!lf': .."
   J("Tipli"n pri,-'" in Iw.lff'" ,h.. t'II/''''' yr(1T (Jf2600 a.I (1          scupe: in Iiii' St'na lc roce. Satl ly l~gh. he o.Ii~n'l win.          ' 111 the Win Dump weh sile. I also e mploy Ihe            Accep l·Charse, : j,fO·8R59· /, *,111/.8
    p«iaJ p..-Jl;("'- SillY lu",Jfi,r ".,," Jnmls-
   .!                                                                           This ho~o:r 1la.""·1 ~'hanged hiS ...IeW, (VI'hlch Wt'R                 Windo ws program Dice 10 read the ra w files              Cootie: j9O&lJr.J=93
                                                                                m:rntiy bro.dened by 2600 I might addl: I guc:", this                   WinDu mp cre ates . We are abo go ing to need a           R../ ,.rrr: ht1p:/~....w.tu}f}lttW.comA'jdt'05 .html
   D~fining            Hackers                                                   lJOCS 10 ~ IhaI while conupt>on lIliIy m fad be all
                                                                                                                                                        IlIce cu~omizahle download manager. For Ihis                   Ah M! lbcre are some odd HTTP header.;
                                                                                 OYer the U.s. and ocher pan-' or !he wortd. there ' "
   Ilnr l 600:                                                                   100..: peopk .. too do ,.'dIII 10 makea cban,.. and .. ~
                                                                                                                                                        I dxll,)t;C wget . It is availab le for both Linu Ji.     in the reques.t. 1he two line s we wan t to pay
       I mI 110 imp:ttam ~ .uf. I mI 110I the: kad ac·                            do ..'<JIIt I Mia- life f... not only thermelvn but rticir            ..00 Windows. free , and ha.. a 'II eI)' small            anention 10 are the ~ Re ferer~ and ~Cookie~
   tor in the: '\ChooI play. IlOf lht' hIghly pungical youth                                                                                            I "'III prin t.                                           line s. We also nee d to include the ·User
                                                                                  chi~ and beyond •
   .. 00 ped;ih the hallwaYI in ..:arch of ~ unlllndy                                    Il lllily not..eem like there i. nn-.tI pni.nl to thi.let·           Ofll.'C we ha ve al l the luo ls ready we ca n      Ag.cnl~ header in our downl oa d manager's re-
   de mise . I am me. I IflI here f,w w ho I am. nlll a fol·                      ter bUI it ha , \>e(,n quite a change nf pace co mpared to            ""'gin to co lll'Cl the pnlpcr HTIP headers.              quest. Now we know ho w In em u late the
   luwcr Ilf a I!ruup nor a piKe uf a pw.zlc. leI me m·                           lhe oormal rnu tinc I run imo thal all "hackn-s" Iln' e... 1     ,
   ' lead he L"Onsidc:red the slli'phcT<! \{I a llud of ,ho....,p.                                                                                       " tart up Ihe hnlwser of yo ur l:hoice a nd hring        browser !
                                                                                  anti thie... s. etc ... Illah blah blah. II has al,;<;l show n me
   'Bul IMt ll,~k \II'eigh~ 50 hea... ly on !he jud gmen ta l
                                             i                                    f'el"'->nall) thaI there are prople try ing 1 gel inlo p;lI>i·
                                                                                                  '                               0
                                                                                                                                                         II tu lhe we h page with Ihe link of the file yo u             Finally. Iel<; se l wgel to relrieve the file.
   I"pecI5 or ,...cicty. You §Ce , this flock D I are .~.nd                       lionS in order It) allect cllan¥Cs that would not on ly                \II ant 10 downloaoJ. Make sure yo u hav e your          The wgel command u.~ ing the ahove l:aptured
    IhiIt Ion!! for .. ~ i, .........er achle ... d. stnve for Vlhat I~
                                                e                                 benc:nl certain cummunilin. hut llItempt 10 undo                     ~ , ..,L.iese nabled on the brolAiser. Now il is lime      packet s will look like th is :
    nc:~a- pined. hope for lht' light at !be md uf the tun-                                                                                             III , Ian up ou r packet sniffer. Mak e sure you          wget --user-a ge nl=' Mozilla/4 .78 (en) (L inu ll.
                                                                                   ..>me of the _ I I ~ made bef~ them.
    nci th;d ~ toO Ion!! 10 VI alk. too \l:m1_~ , 10 ~                                                                                       :"l ypl
    We aR' thooe unhll' ~. We may 110I til KlClny.
                                                                                                                                                        .•re ~n i ffi ng the righl interface. In this example       2.4.8 i686)' \
    II'lOId or lht' convnllioaal " norm." we: may 110I ..alk                                            It..""
                                                                                          Wi"tr KOinll /0         (1 ..1wk bwtclr of I~U P"f'"          th!.' inlerfoce is pppO. Wi nDump requires you             - header=' Cookie : f'J08dkl==93' \
    lhe guideli......, \{I call w; avenge . But the:n ilj!.iIIn. \lllho            pi... IW-'" "roliful f.., Y"'" t'J!"m in pksttlinl J<_               t., lil'<l run it wh h the -0 opt ion for a Iisl of in-    -header='Referer:
     ""lIuki ..anI to be a"'COIl!e~ A fact once sWled. "One                        .lI"l'd-<.

                                                                                                                                                       1\';" ler 2002·2003                                                                                 Page 53
                                                                                                                       2600 Magazinr
     Page 52
hup:/lwww.nodlme.comlvidco5.hl ml. \                          has options 10 dc wnluad a list of files . bu r I                     t tmv-like Iuncnonaluy nn yo ur W indows box,                   you are someone else. Ea..y_righl'! The I\lInI ",,1'1
hltp:/lwww.downloaJme.comlm).DLman                            usually just se t up a bunc h o f wge t comrnends                     "'" lhe lea..t of which is perl, which we will he               j., how we get the M AC addn:... . Ludll)'. MI'
ag erblockedfile.avi                                          in a batch tile .                                                     II lUg taer. Cygwin is free at hup :/Il>OUl"L'CS.red -          cnlW fl ~ provided us wit h an ca\) way III
    The file should begin 10 download prop-                       Have fun with your know led ge of packel                          h.>l.l·omfcyg winf.                                             query M AC addr-eMel> fmm remute clllnru1t'f
erl y. If it gives )'ou ue "No Download M an -                sniffing and HTTP headcl"i! They are grea t                                   "he :'oion-Aut henlkating    oller          Sen er      Nelbill'l. strikes, again! FiN .... e need III ~ner*
agen- message you might have missed                           roots for your own pcNmaI toolbox....                                         Tlii, cou ld al..o be called the -ea~y to fool          a Ii ~t of I"" of computers 1h.iI1 are un nur rouhnrt
anolher abTKIfflla.! H1TP hea&!" . You can ~ ni ff                                     tRb t 'l>C'd                                 IIIIC P server,- simply because il .....i11 hand out            If OIIr IP Is 2.1.64 ,220.20 then we c'an t\C flJ'eIl)'
!he browser's request for !he file and then snitT              Du:t : hn:p:J,.....,,' .II~.ukJdicc:.htm                                                     1.
                                                                                                                                    an IP to an y 01 1 MAC addrn!> , A.. ment ioned.                sure that all of the people on 246-! 220 • twI \ e
wget's request and see how they differ 10 find                 Srliffit: hl1p:JfrepliIeJ1lg ~-eoderf!olliffiIAniffilhunl             \"ur MAC addrel>l> ili w hat the O IlC P server                regi l>lered MAC add.fn!oC!i.. hl"il we Will do 11ft
your mis l>ing header. Simply include the mi~!Y­               "'·Rtf tLimu}: 1IIp1       1n .,lllI. ~ ~                  ·gd1lml   1,1 -c, tn keep trac k of who 's who. Un like the au-           NMA P sc an o n por1 139 (ne thitK port, on OUI
ing header in you r wgel command with the --                                               ll>pact. li ll.iI!COOirut~fhhero\dl
                                                               "' ·,li'c't rloli,u2/: hllp:J                                        thenlicating OIlCP server, we will Ikll need 1             0    suhnel and generate 111 lis t of 1P1. 10 4UCT) fur
beedcr option. For serious dow nload ing . wget                                                                                     perform any real magic to get a new IP. Fo r the                M AC addre sses.
                                                               W    irlDump: hnp:flwindump.puhlo.il!
                                                                                                                                    11.',1 of the aruc te J will assume that WC' are u..ing              'nma p -sS -p 139 -o M ',' 2-!.tl4.23 1.- - -I IK-1'
                                                                                                                                    <" lhO fur our exte rna l in terface nn tlur Lin ux bo x.       open 1cu t -d " " -f 2 I 'o. n.. r' w ill ge nerate um
                                                                                                                                     ~" ... let's dn so me initia l chec ki ng . To find our        list. Thi s sho uld wor k on Linu x an d Wi ndow,

 DHCP is unur friend !                                                                                                               \l AC address we can sim ply do an 'ifconlig na
                                                                                                                                    elhO'. Or, if we: rea lly want to teet like Unix
                                                                                                                                    I1ccl' we can use : 'ifconng -e elhO! head · J J cu t
                                                                                                                                                                                                    (if you have installed Cygwin lind NM A P).
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Th en we need 10 ge t M AC addresses for all of
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the IPs. This can get 11 lillie ugl y w he n you
                                                                                                                                       I I I -d - ". Th is command will become usefu l              have 10 do il man uall y. On our W indows boll .
                                                              the o nes handing OUI the IPs (i nsert 'klfCa'i.l1l                    I"t~'r "hen you wri te a <;cript 10 automate the               the command 'nhl..rat nA li P Address)' will
                        by diOnYl>us
                                                              "ere). So ..... hal if you could ha ve 30 Jifferent                    nc" IP pruce"l>" righl ? We al'oO need ttl lake a              give u.. the MAC addTel>~ of the rernote hol.l as
     Did you ev er wonder \10 hen you tum 00 )·oo r
                                                              IPs in an hourI Th at would sure make traci n,                        l..n L at our D HCP cache. Lets do an 1,                        well alo o;ome other uselev.. info. Here is a lillie
computer 1 su rf lhe web 00\10· the hec k your
                                                                                                                                      l·Iddoc p;'. You will likel y 'iCC the following              scnpt ro genc:nlIe an IP -MAC lable. We will
computer knows \10 hat IP 1 u« ? If you are read - you a Ioc harder. Ea.' y_right ? Ju '>! reqoec a new
                                                               IP from the ma gical D IlCP serve r and rejoice . I                  hb: dhl-pcd-eIhO .cache: dhep:delhO.info. and                   need 10 do a 'cal ip_lio;l I perl thi s_script' 00 our
ing thi.. article_ chancn are you already kllOw.
                                                              wi sh il were thai simple. "''hen you gel an IP                       dl)l.' pcd-e thO.info.o ld. We can safely remove                winooze 1:>0:\.
For those "'00 don 't know . I will give you a lil-
                                                               from !he DHCP wrvcr /I a-,signs you a ka'iC                          tll('''l: fib wi lh an 'no ii.f letddhcpcJdhcpc - e:~
lie b. :lground befexe re'·C'ali ng how Ihis magic
                                                              Thi .. lea'iC is the amount of time thai il will gi\·c                 h..ca u'ol." ....·e don 'l ....-am the D HCP -.ervCT to
                                                                                                                                         ·                                                          .... hik (Ill I
can he: use:d for good ... err... e\ il... we ll... you                                                                              ~lIn w Ihal we e ver had an II'. The neu Ihinl,!: we              chump;
t an choo se: C'Jl.aL'tl y how you U!'C you r newfound         )UU the same IP, AI\,(I. 'iOmC' IS Ps. like m y luca l
                                                                                                                                    fll'~'d to do is "change" the MAC addre~s tha t                    Sip=S_ ;
l nuwlt, dge . This magi cal ulli,m be lween YlItJr
         "                                                     ISP, require you to regi..ter yu ur M AC ad dre-.s
                                                                                                                                    "I II he ..enTtil Ihe sel"\'er. Fi r~t_ make: a nOle of            chlllllp (Smac_raw:::' nbtsla t -A S_1 grep
Clllliputl'r and your ISP' .. scrver is l nown 1I" with them or thei r [}UC P loel"\'er will ne" er give:                            \ lIur MAC ~ddre ..... It wi ll be Sllmelhi ng like            MA C I :
DfI C'P (Oynamic Hosl Clm 'igumtion Pfilwcol ).                yuu an IP in the firM place . The MAC adore"
                                                                                                                                    m;~O: OA:OA; 24: 2 ().               Lei's chan~e it to             (unde f.unde f.undcf. Smac )=l>p lit ('
When you tum on your l'um put er, or anytime                   (Media A eces~ COnlro!l is the unique harJ w ure
                                                                                                                                    (. I:~O: O A: OA: 24: 21 and try 1 get a new fP.
                                                                                                                                                                                 0                  '.Smac_ raw ) :
you requel>t il to. il ~nd.. a reque st via UD P on aJJre, .. given 10 your network tan1 by ils ma nu-                              hr\1 we need to Iale down the interfa..:e with an                   prin t "Sip Smac\n" ;
port 61 or 68 a,ling fur information on 00'" il                faclurer. Th i.. gi, e.. th.:m an e :\lf3 le\·d o f - <;C'\. -
                                                                                                                                      Il".:unfig ethOdown' and then we can change the                     I
..hould L'OOfigure the nelw orl interfact', Infor-             rit y.- Security i.. in qlKl'le.. becau'< I will
                                                                                                                                    ' lAC addre\s with an 'ifco nlig eOO hw ether
 malinn like what O:'>lS ~rv cr 1 use . .....hal IP dc:mon,trate how 10 fOlll the O HCP se l"\CT ioln
                                        0                                                                                           ul:50: DA:OA: 24: 21'. Now we toring the inter-                       RNiret.'t !he outpul 10 a file and wail a few
 and nelma, k 1 U'iC. DlICP wa, crea led by 1hC' Ihinking you are ,umeone ebe. La..lly. you have
                   0                                                                                                                l;fl'e t>ac k up with 'ifeon lig elhO up' and la..t 001         m inutC's. 11Ien run lhc "Crip! agai n and '>Ce
 Dyna mic HO'>! Configuration Wor\ing Group of • cac he on you r cnd thaI al..o says whal IP yoo                                    nllt lea..t we reque~ our new IP .....ith '/!>hinli fup         .... hi.;h IPs don'l Mum a MAC address. 1bese
 the Inlernel Engi neering Ta'k fofcto (wow. that               had la'>! lime you IM..>t.ed up ",ilh !he OIlCP                     ethll' and \ oillll ~ You ha\·c a new IP. If you gOl            computel"\ are no 100gCT 1IIC\.'e'f>,!i.ib le meaning
 W'" I moulhful). In Ihil> an icle I ..... i11 COfN;e n-        l>CTVCT. If YOllr lease: i ~ ' Iill good. the ..ener .... 111       the: !kIme IP you had taefexe, you pnlbahly focgOl              thai the ir MAC can be u..ed 10 authent icate
 tralC more 00 how it won... than '" he're il came              try to gh ·e )01.1 the: !kline aJdm.s ag ain. Thi\ i..              to. dlde le lhe cache in /etddhcpc. At Ihi.. point it           again't the DHCP 'iCr'"CT. FIlJlo..... the SICp' OUI -
 from . Wc will leav c il!> ori gins fur a more boring          nice if you ha ve a domain name re l,!:i'lCfN 10 .I                    hould he- painfully cleaT IMIW thc -.e concept!>             Iil'll-d ahov e u..ing your newfound M AC addre' l>
 articl c anolher limc. I will abo C' ,,-plain how 10 home iiI,:count, I:>ot nn l "Il nice if yuu wanttu do                         , lIu ld he ilX'orporaled in to a M:rip! for things             and yo u are o n your WilY,
 llend il to your will....                                      "ome port sca nning. You would ne ve r du                           ItL\." pun liCanning or whalever you r Je\'ious                                      Fi nli l T houlthb
         Wh y Should I CII~ Abuu l ml c,"!                       anyt hing like thlll. riph!'!                                      11 \11'1 ..1 de..in:s,                                                 While usin g mu ltiple IPs is a good way III
     O ne of Ihe fir;tle.."IlO " e~ ery a..piring <;c ript                Gt'l To T ht' C ;ood S lulT Aln.'itdy!                                 T ht· A ut hl' nlicli li njt OII CI' Srrn r        co ver yuu r lracl s. il is in no wuy a magic ring
 kiJdy learn.. is the importam:e of his IP. Your IP                   So now we knllw a lillie aboul hllw D1IC I'                           rhi , i~ whe re il get .. a little tric ky. So me       that ma les you invisible un the Interne t. Th in k
  i~ what identities yllll to the re~t llf the Intenl el.        work.s. leI's ~et into how it can be u..... ful. ll1i ~             1\ 1', l like my IS PI require you 10 reg i,ter you r          of it mnre as an added layer of confusion when
  When you , pew pack e!" fnlOl your computer, art icle a....ume .. that yuu arc usin g a Linu~ bu~                                  ' lAC addrel>S Sl) they can contnl l w hich com-               try ing lU follow you r lmd s. AI lhe very lea..t I
  thh magi e number is T1. CurdcJ all ov er tho::
                                  "                              3.. a lirewaillrouter for inlemal Windl ,ws bo:\c...               l'uTer; hll\'e a"'L'e"~ III their ne twllTk. So . ",·hat 's a   hope thai you kamed abo.lUl Cygwin and how it
  place. like footprin ts in the- SIlOII! .... ),in}! "I wa ,    I will also a..surne thai ) UU ha \·e in -.lallN tlk'              ..... ,~ to du?                                                 can atkI a whole new di men'iOll 10 your Win -
  here ." 1be onl y people who can 4u klly lr.lCe                Cygwin paclage hum Rcd Hat on your Win·                                    Gr.lh a li..1 of IPl> and ~i AC adJre~ sc". wai t       dow s world. f ha ve wrillen ~vcral <ocriJlb
  thi, numbe r to you r aclUal compu ter are )·our dow.. bl. .1f you ha'·e Ikll inslalkd C)pin yuu                                  t..1' an IP·MAC add rn' to I,!:o dr.)"'n. 11100 use that        aRlund lhe -.e coocepl'i. Feel frtt' 10 email me for
  'iC",icc JlfO,·idc:n . Coi Ol;idc:nlall)· !he y are al..o ..hould reall y check it 01.11. It gh e.. yoo much                       \ tA C 1 fno ltlle OHCP !>CT"Iier into th inlin g that
                                                                                                                                                  0                                                 cup iel>. Uappy ha,Oring ~
                                                                                                                                                                        - -- - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                                                                       2600 "'agazj",               Willler 2002-2003                                                                                           Page 55
                                                                                                                                                                                         '''~ IXIS ........ ~.ngi... for ..'ric.all'lo_ ~.i"" ' Fl....... ",.                           ..'...... 2fdl,"""'~lftbohl   or "" """""'   ,ft tw",h _               "'_
                                                                                                                                                                                         'ot>... ~ lOtd. clI nd~ • •••l..M.... O/I)'<XfO "''''' ""'y fir of ho:lp                       "'"",oiI:.o .. 7.15 lh/_ A" ,     0( alJ oho        "'""                I_ _
                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ oItudp-I lif"'          .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I.,"'n.                                                               fir I""rol .. the 2tJ(1l.. "'    In mp. 1 _1 Y       1                            ,
                                                                                                                                                                                         I ~t: F.l 1 rn Rl 'lt.D ... HlIIUf.,," ( :,l,M. :RA SYHE" ."" Iud.ft.                         """", ."", .261.1).""",,,
                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ ..rol on .. hlMOd bu<I~ "'taU ","h "'" """'y                    .,<i"     "'ith Ill)'        1I .~ {"KJ:RM I "' I I , Dr<J
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ",ot<d to ho,ns)., )'010 . - ""'n. ....     0( _

                                                                                                                                                                                         .n, """ _ _
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HappeningS                                                                                 M Al·,~T(lSll l! ...C " U L.. """ "" all the
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INTUUAINt: II. Apnl II· n. 2<"llJ. Atl"lllO·, luo.:k<r "'>nl!. <loin;                      e lude> tho: Ocr, ....., M """"NI lI« un.) ~ 'ho: ...Mk hub                                   {"h"IlIlOI.. """"inl" l'\<Jue"""';I . M'r.....!IlI ""'.II>aiI.rom if                          \\' IIU' · '" W"'.T()~ Ill SM .AYOF{"()'ORUI . " ~ ll Ul~lt t 1'.
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SA'll U AN( ·l
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                .;{"() OpENRSll l 'SF:lt .. ( ; RIl{I P · ""'" "" "'flnB
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hlp.             .,""""ikn,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ut """""'i """"'Ploj'od indi .idlO&k "'ilh " . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     IOIid ... k, f.ll of . ....... _111"'.,. ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       <iii<>III ....-..I-

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011<1: • mon<h or G". M,lIl'inA fi'" 101,,,,,,,",,, . 1 pm - f'" 'nfo "'"                  ....... ","It. pk1hon ut"",, '... n do<i, Jln. lI.,k M io. ..11,"1,.                          '''''' II<'<dcd 011 PFTlT1 DN ~, u.s . _               ""( """"""", 011 """ Jud,.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  '                                    r ,... ....,...11"""""""00 ndi" f"""""",,,,,, r k""....1hat ~
""p'I"".."'.of"""~-""I.                                                                    ""'" ............" .. and l>ou for JIt "'l'" ' odI .. O<f« Plnd "'os·                         ,'."')" 'o"'.... ipe til< """'kJn~ bulllUe f , of ......,....,....brinH                       of <:a1r'o "",all (.. "'.... """Imi' III•. Y,.. <        WlXTJ " •...,
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10'SII0                                                                                    P           .-d ("rod 1"" .• HNS. H""k................ al.vi_ and N.",                        ..I. yOlO 10 """" .." h ... and k1 '110 ..........e ,>fFr-<r.ktm bot tIl:onf.....             fr-oq_ Jn.lly",doot\ h...e           "'••• radio, yo       """OI"lI ,....
IP.RUN!) I llJT( ; () n~ { ; S M T p nT N ~ U ....,'-'>Ie             f,.,.....
                                                                        11.01_             Order. N
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       'iorI' hnp.-,,,,,..,,,   '.. m Cho<:l out ...... ..-rbr.i'o for """"' "' _
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                                fit"" you<........,..,.... "",..<lit. Send
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TI1F. SI.l{"f:R·S Glil l» , • 1lI<.... 1~     _i"ll r;roup. ;" llII;i"lI ........
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fnr _      fi.. _ o f lho S1"".', e;",1d _              ..... IU CIOIy U IU.s,).                                                                                                         lhOI1ho:~11 "'ani to publiob iI. PIe """.... "'" ..                                           Datrli NIIC ain>d a             iofta\,1JCff . '1""'" ""."""""......... krn·
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       hl ~......"', _.. ""'m.wy................'oSlw... . Rod 114..... AC,Il I'n'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       doa."tiono, 1'0 B... 24Sll. San J_. eA 9S 154--I~21 .
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I'""'"""" the     "u' Ie....,. iII_",an: ••• lu. ol<Js3ol Vc>OdooM. ,...UI= to
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                                                                                                                                                                                         +- the,,~ '" ""I -...;,~ and 1""- ')' , fn l<>Ila~'._"' _                                     """ from u~ UlIl i.... ~ loa                             ......,lrn ....
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                                                                                                                                                                                         l'!t, ma:lti.... 1..$ sip of ...... ~ 12 ""'I' of o."' op. 4() JiBHOE. h
                                                                                                                                                                                         •:<, pk1r ""h"" ',,""lI<y' C""'Pi1e y<lW f.."",. _'Wily Ii
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       """bniIlun )VII k""",. .... "'. b ..inH fut I"~"",al '"'''' _ ,,"""""""
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I""" S IlYmonIh..,," h •
                                                                                                                                                                                           14 <Io.y ""*1 bod JIWlI1lI"O- hllp ~/W", ,,,-,,,,,,.,,,,, l/
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Wri,~ '" ..... . " La<Ty IlnIh wtocr.... S I7Y12. 109Il S. \I '8 h        ~
                                                                                            .,..,    2ttOO ............ by Wutgll", )'_ ~ 'l"-iIoIlI and ooyi", II<JIb-                                                                                                                20l1 . fori Sl,"'l...., T~ ... J911~. All ''''''''''" "" II ho: ..._
No< ' Y  '_ .........m clYnn<l. UlIl ~t.l~ M'V d<p<1Idinl ""                                                                                                                             "'o w n )ll CA N U I.AM : ... f}:~: Iool<'<t:i. i", , fIl"-"I<d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          l;IJ                                                         ...NOTl U:R ll A{''' ~:R l"i PKISO Nl 1lI", ~ cry I,. nlC.1di<lil so
. Y"..... C<m>pk<t"      ,,·,lItIll)oor; _ .. "'pply. 1'un:I....-_                          "'3- C","", """ hole:and ,.. Uor;oI~ 2tallu. ........ 111< 0Ih0rhoi<
                                                                                                                                                                                         <mail. "'''''',r- y 2Kmcl.a>m'' """""""ll 110..•               ""~To.'i"n<f i ••              ",,....U I .....Id 1Ii.c,,,I,,,,,,,,,     ( I..- <'duc.._ _ ""1)-, .'"
IOIe """,""I>o\"~ for """(yUIll """'" ..pera. of _ '" deoo:nml>Ic>.
Ittqu, ... , <_lV ""'>eI\Cf / ,..,~ R.ilill Sh.d) '0 til: _                 '''''It Il1o
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                                                                                                                                                                                         SUSI'U 1 H I lJ R "'(' nISH I m ' " Cl'BUI: M                IMH I'll NY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       <all<"Cl "'''''''' I , ... bu1. 1I0<oI Ii
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ",,""' •• Ii" .. ...,., d<><lr and ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ' kf, de.• XII RF tI<""", '.... 1 «>Ilkf
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Id ""an ond tlea<:nunhlr. .....
                                                                                            .....Ii.... SW .9S. N.~ ""I ~ a coIl"",u'. iltm but a VERY USEHJL
 ""~. c.l>Ic: ",."",." . '" "'" «>n"""«'.1bnt Il1o ~. ....... "'"                           olo>icc "'c.TY_ all ,ntn C..... ,. """"'7 onJn-...ty. MalI.o;                                ( ·A1.IH IR NI"' O R n:Il~: R" I. COl IRT'i' C              l, .."h       _'"                 .......... I'm ......... I ~ ;".n<'lIl<d ill tlti. 'ochllOloc. A nl""'" "'illl
""""" R""'IDT\I ...           ,.ned  "'"",,",,"l l . CD W>2 1 010...,. 1\0>;
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of 'n l       "'" ~ "i"ll in                        ...... inf" or ~ pie..., - - . me: oia .....1mail • .- Marll Camiory
 2II'1'f.!-TS,0I.... "-'I SlIf. M" ""," 6-3131, Emiol, ....l<d<oaombl<>.                    II A MKR{I';( It TT 0 . .... the~ ju" reo
                                                                                                1'-                                                1,..1_ _' !iJIow'                     h... ;'n-, "..d ,.,. .... ~ ... f          C_ 1 Om&.-Flf._               E"'I ~ .             p·l45.lob. 1'2-116L Otlld.",alla V.lley S""" rn..... PO 11>,. l 14~.
 gtIy.~>boo-.<:om.                                                                          ,..... ~ohrto.. .."h " ' C al. ", ~ .., 011 Mim... ",· """kot.                               I lIf()I 9M- ~ 5 9 1   utl.l.\) _5~1,                    (j.~ •. ~"'"-edl>,   ... ..   ~      RI)'Ibo. Calir""". 92226, Will ....""" aU.
 R.:A1. ""', )JIl .ll H" CIUNG : 1 ~ in "'''",...... _ .... ,...........                                                                                                                 Ii.,_oy. SaIII Fronc'_,C"'94IH. hot "..-..-l<X>rt"'h.or"", 1<.                                \'()UNG~ I ...NW,\NTI]l r"' ~ &n<1I.. I""',hl<"'""
 and the 1,1«01 for a cop)" oIl'lfiII_i<... "'" ,i ... """'"           """8
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                                                                                            """ ..... of yow f• ..,., ,,, °ni' tan , F        "dor "made ,>f,<XII1lI<I"'
 )'OII'~-       "'I'P'- "',."""""     U ",PO &" Il . S/.oUfo't l'. Toronio .                cia! pallo . inyl         w"'"
                                                                                                                        Iftol U'I l'O) "",.""", T" _ • _Ie SO10                          toyIl1o"'<>m<y.d ..'" pri_ilqo.                                                               CfaI< or  bo., . ....    i'" IIIIe.... ond                _ DOlI..",""" 1ft 'bei,
 liN Mr,H 4El,C.-..do                                                                                                                                                                    H I R .\I~: R rl'1n: R{"R I ~n: r ItO~En.TTOM """ "'f..-.b '1I<>oe                            ..til        E>p«,all~ ,...."._ '" lIu """"",," l"""'Il """'-Drop ....
                                                                                            hI"'~Iall .._"""'..    ......>I\ ,hypo"""" ..... S7.I.l (US1. Slu.m (US .
 N1T.R .~""'1J IN pIM"n: "N O U :G...L lI().IT. \, lII 'il.O;U.F
 RAIlIll'! H"b/1:t B................. ",",""'''' K d<diealed '" DIY <ali<>
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                                                                                            rn". n... .. riJhl. TIlE MICIlOsOnUX",o IS ~lIP.F.( _ _ .-.
                                                                                                                                                              il.)'I.....                '''''''''lI'*'!   or.'=i<d "'"h lI1i.lyl"" .-.f0"1"". Ho. in. been <XI the
                                                                                                                                                                                         ""'"' oide-. I k_ """ 'bo,~ m ........ anti "'.... """B'...........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Ii (and . 1>01<' '')'<111 darr phoo> 1 .... ",i>ltl~' ""' • .- INoY"".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PO B<Yl 29.!lIf't7.u"'''''ilh:. TX 1 ~20f't 7 .
 UlIlb<oor1<...,• • of al l l ~l'<", 51pqes, SJhamph:. SlJ/4;-1O                                                                                                                         , Ia<Jld YOUl Willt flI'R""""" jWUhobl~ "'"",i", )'<11110_
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 \I...bb~ ~ill" 1'08 f>41.M,>ol ...~'" r ... 11217 .......,h"I...,. -
 _ .....,"11."""                                                                            lWIn USA. CaoIt '" ....... ~ Ml<r> OIIly No do«b, «<diI <          ..n.. or                  1""       'i..... _ - . I a prom>               lrial ..    I<.....,. ..""
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In. .                      U~ U'     SI' RSl ·R IBF.RS C " N "')\'~:Rns[ IN lMJO! Don) e...
                                                                                            l"OO. ...llo-l..-l·l.....u "'" ... li....,. . ia USPS                                        110,,,, 10 handle ........ "'""'"      lID k.-. """ 't> deferd)'t         riglll&.            ............. Il)i.., Io nol. _ XII ad lin""'" _ ~ ! 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    e                                              ...
 \4i\4-' \\- .'IUm: CT-o~ r_C()M .         Pr-l>In-.1 }'OW"O<lf! E~ tw."                                                                                                                 1        D. l.an>n>. f.oq, IIIO.2)l2-CYB ER (lll·923 7). Lomm a ........                      rn:.: and Ihor< iii "',           ut ""-"te)I "'" .. ill oo=pl r          sob-
                                                                                             .elD waDlo'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   _ .WI ·.e""".
 - . I to toe """ rtd <&I. f""" "" _<ide 'O'OlId, W. atT} • fIol1 knt                                                                                                                    c         SlOON . lob PI..,.. SwIo 11. 1'I\o<ft"      .AJ. 1:1014 Fmc"""H .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ""''''''' ad . W. "''I'"                O(~ . "'. "'..,." ,It<: " Ihi so
 ut IeII <IcUn>e."""""'Y. and .......,ill.- .......... . to..                  .                                                                                                         de"""l and "".I..."""'I ....,...... iort                                                      ..... J                 ~   ad UlIl _",nl it if il', .....,'"BI~ 'lupid '"
 E. «yIlti.,. from oIannI.lD m'rt1 """"""" to IekK<>pM: bol'                 ID ....         IllRIN< ...OI..[,ss,O NAI. INTU l 'liH ("l )NSn .TANl'll ",~ b
                                                                                                         ;                                                                               ' : ~:M:R I\lPIiRPOS.: n H lI .lIlf.NTI TY "lITIIU'lll(·...•
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       loa       hinS .. all sodo"'il ~ ,Ito hacL<:T ",..kf, We         e "" • .......,
 ...... and ......' ("b.d, ... 0lIl. all ~...,.." catdo _<pIC<l w.                           job .. kreacro "'dylor the f"llooooinl' "",!>N'" _wity. p<>t"""""""                          n o ,," SUt \' ll"~: r....... frt"" a;1 p"'p"...., u~..."""" """""Iy
                                                                                             ....i .... and        manru.,
                                                                                                                   fl . ""I.... mopzi... ~ 'O<'IId l""'" boo and                         ~. It"".-III,~.eomIn<nn)-"rrJ IS .ltlml
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ... 10.110 _~. right............,           II~._. of.be

 ....p ororldwid<!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ...                                                 fir... C.-I110            ,..... ..... L 11                    futO N!! lS-
 FRU./JO M /JOW/,;rJM I£,tb< 1                     -IrnJ'l> MOO       '"'.""'''''''Y ..      lUll"'" ""  jnhon......... w ~ ~ ')'0'" <01\                 ..orlt   frum """"'. hut
 ""'" . "';lobIe 011 . i<li:ol s"., .... lId       urc ""folol .. ..., '" '"     CO          """'Id Ii .. '" I.. """,lid) NY C. ", JI«' ..,II _              "'....".J •    ..-u'"                                                                                                     SUE ON LY' ff yo                orun ~O ad """" Ihat """" Y"" _
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ",bm;l i, ..,It ,i.",. Don' "1'I'Cl '"' 10 lOIn .... "lIIart """ ad r.. ~ ...

 """ \lnlI<.ool '>f""" Ke.in Miomc """y and ""'...... ....,... moIioa
 ~ from 'f"N'lms """" h....... ailohle 011 V IIS ,n J«SC /U.s"                               /liHD ......~ ls T.../';n; ID~'" "'SOl",.. ~ nidi"",
                                                                                                       .                                                                                 o n ' TI l.: III)(IK i . 'bo "'
                                                                                                                                                                                         ",,"' ed W«lr.<odo n'thI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ .... "''''' ........ <alK'""........
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         7:f1(1 pm lIT "" WBAI QQ_~ f M ift New
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       in • ""210 i           "    I"" tudr ~o... "'""'"' Iobel ......    """""'''I'l'
                                                                                             1""'<'"'1~ ~ p 1 e db~ ......, 'YP< of rorrtIlI<><ial P'<"-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • • k...... ~           "' "loor , Send J'f'II" ad '" lllOO Mark <lpl.oo:c. PO
 f<>nnlll. 121 m'm.. ... S<noI Slll '" lbOO. PO lin, 151. M><lille Wmd.                                                                                                                  Y'K~c;IY, Y"" . ........ ,       "' ..... ltll: ""' .                                         II". QQ. lI4  i.kIL: 1.1    NY 119Sl ['Io.lli ... rut Spn"ll iMur , ,VI.o ,1.
 NY L19Sl "' ."d.,..i..... ""II ....................l6OO.""""                                I"""- M"" fin _ nnbet ,""",. from lOMII I" ob. .. llOOM8. U..
 r age 56                                                                                                                                       2600 Magazine                            lVilller 2002·2003      Page 57
_~I.h tw .. S-

                                              ", . . ".". . . . . =s
                                                             "'E:l. IUI
                                                                            Suh.,                 n. 1.._ _, """,OfII MoII ...-                             _
                                                                                                                                                                              ....., y....
                                                                                                                                                                     ...., GaI~ Moll ...

                                              "In k<- t :~. ' b><alo          S"-
                                              " ,.. II..mr ]01 .... "I""" b1u< Ii ... "           .... _ ;;'1:;                                             _        y......,C; nl"'''I' (1
                                                                                                  I'- ' . U"_~ <>I ~.                                                        '*'o: PO,f'bo
"-'I\I'.. ~
                                              I"'IIriJ" .4 "'A'Jh'                           It        oj"""" ,
                                                                                                  ~,01~"""~ lln"l,oforl                                     ~ .Itd      .
    , ~
                                              ...            0.09-_ .
                                                                                                  Orl .._ f _,,,,     ......t::        ~
                                                                                                                                            /iIlol 1        000 ......
~ St, H'"'I'l Joo.·lo ""_ 101"
          illH!\._ <ho
                                                          O\j f:W 1....".... "                    h .. oJC_ .......                                                  "'1      "'_

              M~ I

1' _..., KC'o VonoaIll,oI;q.
                                                             ,t-!o.. Ilii._,
                                                             S1.... Irl,.C<etnJ
                                                                                                  '_              -':::;'\\'<>0
                                                                                                  .........' 1.«00" "'.II (....t roun
                                                                                                                                                            R~~ v.I'o ,
                                                                                                                                                                         11'.""..... Mol "

                                              '"lOpm                                               1,...                                                                    ""'.."11...._
Cok. 11 J;.aol II\\' , Ci,,,,, 7 P"'-

                                              1' _. mo, J... C",.. """"".                                                    •.. ..011                          ......., o..mo. Md _ .
"1- " ", M<1f>...,. t"""""

                                              lI . p Sl. onol "" "'-_ Sl.. ~ I""
~ C < _..... S..........                                                                                                                                    4:!aolSL
s.- _ _ _ lIIopllN l<                         w.m"", _ •• ~ , , _                                 1_       . " " C"''''' T. ll. cm• .wI'
                                                                                                  W........'"                            n
                                                                                                                             Po'Jh-' ".... 1l.l

                                              '.JO!,,"-        _      ....V                       911Ol. ~ .....                                            A~ """' ",""",,, "" ""
""",", TIl< - . - 1<0_ C<II.
                                              ._ O'h' .........T'r... S""""                                                                                 s.......a--.... ..r llo.....
1", 11.-, I"J M""" !.I.hl"'"                  ,~
                                                                                                  _u..' C...lq<_. ...                        _              _ '._r",,-

,.,....." no.0y0<0I , ...... f"""
....                      ............        ·_     _

                                              ".~ .~A M '
                                                               Il ~·. ·.   c.r...                 ~h"".~"'"
                                                                                                  n ••. ., Uo"",""'..........
                                                                                                     ,        ~-
                                                                                                                                                            ~ _ : (-.>Jy~ QI..
                                                                                                                                                            _ SL I.. ""~n_                   ...   I

                                                                                                   : .....
        ""~ -.(""','"                             ('OI                                                                                                      (...... - ,1Iod_J. ......
S _. • pm                                                                                         ..... I-IoJI _ .... ..,,,....                             ~ nQ _. , -<')O
                                                             ~ ~ All

                                              Slorpod                               c.Il..
                                              ...... _10.....,1"'"                                                                       _ur,               r"", s.,....,C<>nlno"'1
1;.....: Cafe H........ ..
J w.m, " 'f'IoI ~
                                              '"-- 1Iw-JCI 0.--    oaf._
                                                                II U'lSl .•                       .. ...e s On><n Il l. .. R~                               1JoJ1_' A, 01<"''';''''
                                                                                                                                                            II.,..... ~

                                                                                                  W _         ,f'I"
                                                                                                  n. WI'" G _ •.
                                                            . ...-, of S._
                                              .-.IT.. . . . ......-"-'1'"
         YIIUIL                                                                                                ",.Uloool

_JIo.u...oo:""I<p'I II .. .
- , . _ ... ~ .• I"'I-
                                              tAllfTAStJ IT•                                              ,• .
                                                                                                  O' .... . . _

                                                                                                  -...'- -     . . . ..... ,"'- (
                                                                                                  Ik<_of -..._ ""

                                                                                                                                                            n ~_CIt7 : 'l1>< ~

                                                                                                        - - ,-
                CAI~ "DA
                                              UO "'l .... k........ N _
                                                                                                                                                            _        .... ,"""" •.- It M.,.

1:01&0'"1' F.... O"O'fI4If\<If...,                                 u
                                                              lInm.. lD                                                                                     NW 1l<d!ll.
" .... II\I...._""l<>oo ••        U           1....... ,     e-nlI ~ _ po. ·
                                                                                                  ,,- ("IlJ'''_''''''''                                     1'u l-.    _ 1~lh ~ l . .

II......... , .... ' . 11< ....."             1'1«- _ "'""'~_                    I. 1 pm
                                                                                                  Oo.l. P.... M olI I,-..I"""",

-..... _ _  1 _.__
~           .. : ~ CkJC_                                  !KI1'TIIMlll, 'A
......... lAYd _         ....... fU'd - .     J- " " " " IS" ,)U I'"
                                              S_    _   _   ' - ( 1!J'k                           801_ R_: ,. ... U;U u...:..                               " - -' CoJfd<1"NpI< _
~ 'lI<po""",-
                                                                                                                   . .
                                                                                                               ...... .·.,·.-(:m,
                                                                                                  .- . . ....,rn..••......n,.,._
                                                                                                            _                                               _ ' J)~\\' %\ni
                                                                                                                                                                            .....,,- . .
                                                 ,- ...... . .........
                                                           SI' U l f. ..
~'_ •..,        ........e.-. "" ..
                    . .....
                                              G...... ........ _
                                              , _ _, OIIl.!dou..                                  ~
                                                                                                  llf'/.9'l2(j,    " .II!. % 18. 91ll. mJ.
                                                                                                                                                            _pWoo, _ S
                                                                                                                                                                      nr F....

i<vd h>1'0"",""* . , . .. " II'"                          l""rrro nUT.'                           ~.                                                        1                      .,.
                                                                                                                                                             ........... .....1 ..........
                                                          :Th<._ ..........
                                                              .- --
~ _ : F.... "'C_    I... .....                                                                    ~~ M •....,....                           ln5Doo

                                                                                                                                                            'k.. ........ : .·, I1 ..,..l'l ~ Uolo..
                                              A. ......                                           < _S1.~p'"

                                                                                                  ...._,_,...11\1 1 1< _ .....·_tor...
bjo .... '"
                                              .... ,. ... ~" 1/••1<0, 1luJ1&....                                                                            loa1<h"il ,", !b< ~ ~ "'"
                                                                                                                                                                                         a ,......
'I-l_        , 0r0.nI    ,-_,n.
TlU""'.SI                                     .........-' ,k_                 1ioo/lodo

                                                            -- --_llU_
                                              1""01"",, ' ' ' ' '                                                                                           1 - ' ", _                  0<010 "'.
_          ,W,I_      . Q "... P<& 5fllI      H_ ~ _
                                              ...... IWd _ _ ~ """ •                              _                ,_              " "'*"<olIt, •
                                                 ,- --
lu.IIIoo., lot ..... ' - " _
                                                                                                  110< 1_11..10
                                                                                                  __..-....c_,__                                            .... ~ - - -
                                                                                                                                                            (M ·hlA
                                              -n..._           _ _               M.oII r"""

" "'II. p a,...                               ..-._'110 _ .........    .......                    _ Ibt"'............_                                      -~          ....,            "'"'... ..,
T_ .", C _
' .....    f"'-1 1.)lI~t;
                              "'*''1' -
                         ...... S_            T_"" Gonoo _                 •• ""'-                M-......,,_,.,.. _
                                                                                                  110<"........ , """
~ Bo: . ~. IO IlI
                                                                                                  .....-.-, J _
                                                                                                            ..                           C.... ...._
                                                                                                                                                            .......IIo,"'_ IIoo.....
                                                                                                                                                            ..,._ _ _. Jol.on c..c.
GourlI<I"'"     s-                            _ looIi.- _ ~."' ''''''''                                         .....
                                                                                                  """'l'uIo.. , __                                          '1_ _            ~ It "' ''''".

               1Ji:N" .~k"                                                                                                                                  ~ -, a ..,. _
""........ 1" .... 1.. "'....... <>1110<      liJo ""'""' _~                                      " .........., roo 1>011«,.... _
                                                           ~                                                                                                _     k. GIr. J , . u..ut, I Ql l
O1IA , ........ tollwor ...,..
e ............. - . . . . . i I I .....·
                                              l..-~ ........ U..... s_              ._            1Io_~
                                                                                                                         ~ I_-
                                                                                                                                                            8n_ "
               1'..... 1.,0,..
                                              "' '''..'l' It ~ l n .... _
                                              . - . ... -     . . . . . .. I'>y,
                                                                                                  _ _,Mlond_
                                                                                                  _ _ _ ........ !O=U In....                                .~   ..a"" Do>l>oo MalII,"" "'-
            "'=""'''_'"'''                    ~ :lJ I 1 , 4 Jl .~\Q.~~
                                                                                                  A ,..,.. ~ a                ... _..-1IIl'                 u . _ M...... P\I... \ ·""'Po<!1 1l
J'<lpolJllo _ _ ....                          \l'ql, '1'124;" ! J.'JlOl .91"""
                                                                                                  '*""""..."""...... """-                                   -,~

"tiot<><..... _ _

                                              •..... UOOU'I<t _ '-l. . -
                                                                                            .-....._ "_ , , Cool>o . _"....                                 1._    u., N ........ i I I _ 1

                                              l'ialnewn..., 21W1> A!do ,..... ... ~         ~"                                                              _ ....._ : _      .... M all "-'"
B~'"'~ ..... , 17
<>2O'I011.QJ!'HoI . J-.:!O pon.               •                                       ..,..       , ~

                                              ~vq,. ~'IOIiI: ."""'

                                                                                            _ <Ii _
I:......, . . . p o ~ -"'"                                                                                                                                                       U.h
Sot-< , ,"'"
                                              ~ ll<a.Il""SIooppo8
                                                                                                  " - - l1Il (1- . , . . - . .1      '                      _        I...... CioJ' 1l. "'1 .... ~ .. ll><

l _ , ~ ~ e-                                                                                                 NolO<. l QJlIJ fIoot ..... !k                                  _Z_~ ""'"
                                                                                            Il_ - ' ''''_ Hiab"', _

"" ... 1'>aoWlr~1.... ""                      ,. ... (_~ ,.,~,IUll
                                                                                                  'Il. 1_ 100 GoIh-rilo.            .1"
~,~                                                                                                                                                         A~, _ " . 1\.                              ••
'_             r:Th<Qow. a_ ...               -...n.'IIII)I.-. ....
                                                                                                  """- '", _ .... ...n.
                                                                                                  __                         ...                            I-." "._(-.,s""" ",

                                              !i.. J-o K MlplldfI, t _                 d_
H ,_ _ ....     n~l.Aom
                                               le)'C.II''''~ (. . . .  ..
                                                                                                  .~:_Il _ '"                                               _-elh... <lf ......._
                                                                                                                                                            .."...... l ... UIoorid. ( ·.._ ,

                                              _        ni Sf _ ....,Ml E
oT<._ _.. "
                                              ""-',-                                              j~ ..... ,

                                                                                                                                                            s..11lo<- . . . - S_                   C.........
                       ~ 11
                                               _-" , C~ s.... ""                                  ~ ' l lol.                 ...... M oAa _            1l   _ e..-....... Ikon<,
           , Plo<o il< "' ~ _                                    -
                                                                ,-                                -,~

                                               _      .. :   l\oIIy ,.~    ............ lllll     .....   ~ _ C _ "w
                                                                                                                                                            ~ _ , lhIio"' _ I U7                        ...
lIr .......                                                                                                                                                 R.oodo.~ """'I "m.Io_1<vd                         ,.
               "_U:<'f                         "~'p&                                              <...... , ~   f"II ,

''- 00L<0dil *'' ' - .''                                                                                                 _      M- .....                    """_~lt"""......,'"
.............Ib<..-"',..,"'                                                                        U ''''I_                    _                                 I'. ~"",,,,,,,, lOll")
                                                                                                                                                            to, "" ",",pilon<>.

                                               ~:             .......... ~          MoII

"'S-.7pm,                                     10".. -....6 .....                                  lnwI ""'"I'"JI'Io_... . ._
                                                                                                  ........._ _ .... I . . -..... .                          1.<,.\NJ9
                     rrAl.~                          UWrId .U._1oIo                                                                                         "' _.. . 10-..... _1' "'..,.,-....
 \1Il. . ,PIu.. u....'Io         ..... ,.-     \rIIq1_ _ _                  Clt, ,,,.u..          ....,""'f'bo.... 'I"""~·)-'l9h.·.                                    ...;
                                                                                                                                                            ","-, ... 11 11ll .. N' .. b .... ,.
 ~~                                           .... """'""",, ~ .....                                                                                        Il<>:"" 011"",1) 1:--'.~ pm

        mc:dJng'\ l;j e ace on               rot n     ~o                            n~S       l'le       YSW1 ill pm         nne.
 rosaaaeeenn in we d . leave ames>a                                                 nwnberat 6)1 751·2600 ur send email tOlllO.:tins@2flOO.com.

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